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                                              There exist many universes different from our own.
                                              Some have subtle differences that would take a lifetime
                                              to detect, while others are so radically different that it
                                              could drive a person mad. At the center of all these
                                              universes exist one keystone to reality as we know it:
                                              a single world named Nexus.

                                              While normally barren of life and simply another
                                              planet, strange occurances in space and time began
                                              to shape the planet. Life and civilization formed almost
                                              overnight, with cities and towns of varying type spreading
                                              across the planet. The people interacted and went about
                                              their daily lives like anyone else, but something was
                                              about to radically change life as they knew it.

                                              Another shift in space and time occurred, this time
                                              transporting people from various other universes onto
                                              Nexus at irregular intervals. While that in of itself does
                                              not post a significant danger, any change in the balance
                                              of the world could radically change any of the universes
                                              and destruction of Nexus would end all of reality itself.

                                              Characters from all across different realities are
                                              brought forth, each with their own story and their own
                                              goals. Some will fight to return home, some will find
                                              glory and profit on Nexus, and some may very well
                                              be up to something more sinister.

                                              Welcome to Nexus...

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                                            oo1. Get along, and most importantly, have fun.
                                            No drama
                                            among other roleplayers, and if there is a dispute
                                            or problem, we will deal with it with maturity and
                                            professionalism. Do not let personal issues interfere
                                            with roleplay.

                                            oo2. Level of roleplay is semi-literate to literate. I expect
                                            at least a well typed paragraph out of each post,
                                            with more being appreciated While formats are not
                                            required, try to put a name and a picture with your
                                            post so we know who you are playing as.

                                            oo3. While I have no limits on the amount of characters
                                            you may join as, you must use them at least
                                            somewhat frequently. This can get complicated when
                                            one joins as dozens of characters, so keep that into
                                            consideration as you pick your character roster.

                                            oo4. Keep characters in character. The tough act tough,
                                            the timid act timid, etc. If something happens in an
                                            event that much change a character, such as a hero
                                            being brainwashed or traumatized, or a villain going
                                            through a ordeal that changes his ways, discuss that
                                            with me and we can work something out.

                                            oo5. Alternate versions of characters are done on a case
                                            by case basis. Acceptable: Peter Parker, Miguel O'Hara,
                                            and Miles Morales all in their version of Spider Man. Not
                                            acceptable: Male and Female Shepard.

                                            oo6. Moderators, for now myself being the only one,
                                            have the final say. Violations of the rules will not
                                            be tolerated.

                                            oo7. Characters can only be reserved on special cases.
                                            When someone drops from the roleplay, their characters
                                            become available once more.

                                            oo8. While it can be commonplace to arrange roleplaying
                                            in the OOC forum, you must respond to a character's
                                            post regardless, even if your action is to ignore them.
                                            Roleplaying should not be by appointment only. Talk
                                            to me if an issue arises.

                                            oo9. Romance, friendships, and rivalries are encouraged.
                                            Make as much as you can of your experience.

                                            o1o. Keep this PG-13. I do not want any action taking place
                                            that would get us shut down by moderators.

                                            o11. To quote Ivan Drago, "If he dies, he dies". A
                                            character death must be approved by a moderator and
                                            all parties involved. Dead characters will stay dead unless
                                            a special event occurs to bring them back in some form
                                            or another. This event may never occur, so make sure
                                            you know what you are doing.

                                            o12. No godmodding, powerplaying, or no-selling, even
                                            if your character is capable of that. For characters that
                                            make this criteria (Superman, Goku, Kenshiro, Kratos,
                                            Asura), limitations will be set unless they fight a character
                                            on equal level. If it helps, plan fights in the OOC forum.

                                            o13. This roleplay is pan-fandom, meaning just about
                                            every work of fiction is accepted. Exceptions would be
                                            troll works, pro wrestling storylines, fanfiction, or
                                            fan-canon works.

                                            o14. Your actions,no matter how small, play a part in
                                            the roleplay. While events may be triggered by mods, it
                                            is ultimately your characters and their actions that determine
                                            how the event plays out. Nexus itself may change depending
                                            on what you accomplish.

                                            o15. When joining, PM me with the completed character profile using the format seen in the post below. No secret passwords required.
                                            I'll know if you read the rules if a problem occurs down the line.

                                            o16. Original characters are allowed, though not entirely
                                            encouraged with nearly unlimited fiction to pick from. I catch
                                            any sign of Mary-Sues and there will be some problems.

                                            o17. Though there will be existing factions and organizations within Nexus, you are not required to have characters join them. You are free to have the characters do and go where you please, provided you keep them in character

                                            o18. More rules may be added at a later date, but there
                                            will be an announcement if that occurs.

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                                        Canon Characters

                                        [b]Character Name:[/b]
                                        [b]Picture in URL form:[/b]

                                        Original Characters

                                        [b]Character Name:[/b]
                                        [b]Picture in URL form:[/b]
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                                        Omega City;;

                                        The ultimate metropolis, this is the center of activity for
                                        Nexus. With skyscrapers containing everything from apartments
                                        to shopping centers, there is never any shortage of things to do.
                                        Most of the roleplay activity will take place here unless an event
                                        happens elsewhere. Sections of the city include;

                                        Shopping District;;
                                        If money is needed for it, most likely it can be found
                                        here. Entire high rises are dedicated to merchants selling anything
                                        that someone is willing to buy. Groceries, weapons, clothes, and
                                        various other items are available in everything from malls to mom
                                        and pop stalls. The standard of currency is the Omega Credit, and
                                        operates on the exchange rate of 100 credits to 1 American dollar. If you need cash,
                                        theres always an odd job to perform.

                                        Housing District;;
                                        This is where the apartments, condos, and other forms of
                                        living are found. Because of occupancy issues (aka dramatic
                                        convenience), regular apartments are offered for free to the visitors
                                        from across time and space. Fancier places are available if you can
                                        afford it.

                                        Industrial District;;
                                        The area of the city most citizens go to work. Not as flashy as the entertainment district, but not as dangerous as the slums. Various factories, office buildings, and power plants can be found. New ideas go a long way here, and each new invention or idea can make a big difference.

                                        Entertainment District;; This is where the citizens of the city unwind during the day or night. Many different establishments offer a good time and include karaoke centers, night clubs, arcades, and many more. The highlight is a grand collesium, which hosts events ranging from concerts to sporting events. Restaurants are also in ambundance throughout the area. An amusement park is currently under construction and will open soon.

                                        Docking Bay;;
                                        Vehicles, airships, and other modes of transportation are
                                        found here. This will become more relevant when events take place
                                        outside the city.

                                        Excelsior Tower;;
                                        Home to a mysterious being working on getting the universe
                                        back in order. For heroes, this makes for a good base of operations.
                                        Assignments and missions may be handed out by the mysterious
                                        leader, as well as key events.

                                        Calling it crime infested is an understatement. Drug lords,
                                        arms dealers, and gangs call this place home. For villains, this
                                        makes a good hangout. For those willing to walk on the wild side,
                                        theres always a black market weapon or stimulant that can change
                                        the tides of conflict. Be wary of the risks involved.

                                        Dark Tower;;

                                        Though far away from it, the tower is easily visible from
                                        the city. This is the base of operations for all things evil, with
                                        teleport options to get operatives in and out seemlessly. Magic
                                        barriers surround it for the time being, preventing any invasion.

                                        More sections to be added later...

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Plot Post: Welcome To Exodus

In the vast reaches of time and space exists but a single planet. This planet is an important structure is that it is a key point that holds all universes in balance. While for untold amounts of time it was barren and lifeless, these days civilization has begun to take hold.

For better or worse, anyway...

In an event which none could explain, a rift in the strain of reality has caused people from all across known planes of existence to suddenly appear in the middle of Omega City, the central hub for all of Nexus activity. Hopefully these people were not in the middle of something important, but freak acts of reality warping doesn't exactly pay heed to schedules. Excelsior Tower loomed high above the normal buildings, and was home to one person that seemed to have a few answers as to what was going on.

Things to note:

-Any currency your character may have on them has been automatically converted to Omega Credits

-Currently, it is the early afternoon as far as time goes

-People of all types walk the streets, from human to demon to volus to elven and more.

-Though the best place to look is Excelsior Towers for answers, you are free to explore at your leisure. Find an apartment, meet some people, do whatever you like.

-Major events happen once in awhile, but mini events and NPC quests are more frequent. Your decisions and actions in these events may play a part in something bigger.
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For the valiant swordsman, it was just another ride on the Epoch to bring his crew one step closer to defeating the intergalactic scourge Lavos. Having lived in 600 AD, everything seemed odd and futuristic to him, but it was something he soon grew used to. He still preferred his trusty sword over a firearm though.

But something went wrong. As the Epoch made another time jump, the scenery around him began to distort and shift. Bright lights nearly blinded him, and he could see the rest of his friends fade away from him. He had no clue if there was a problem with the machine or if maybe Lavos or Magus caused something, but the next thing he knew he was face down in the middle of a sidewalk.

he groaned as he pulled himself up. The pavement reminded him of the derelict streets of Robo's time, but everything seemed more maintained than that. Not quite as futuristic as his robotic friend's home, but easily more advanced than his and Crono's time. "Where...when am I?" he asked himself, looking around. There were people of all kinds walking the streets, so the sight of a talking frog carring a large sword did not even phase them.

Lost in this realm of time and space, he saw the massive Excelsior Tower and began walking toward it. If nothing else, he at least wanted to know where he is. Maybe there could be more than just answers, but that was all he was expecting. He hoped his friends were safe, but each of them was capable of defending themselves so he had much faith in them.
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Ezio Auditore

The past few decades had been eventful for the Mentor. As a teen he thought himself to take over his father's business, but fate had other plans and he was thrust into the life of an assassin. Through many years he befriended the legendary Leonardo, got revenge on the Borgia family, investigated an evil blade known as Soul Edge, and helped through the unrest in Istanbul.

Now in the twilight of his career, it seemed like the aging assassin would be ready to retire and find someone to take on the role of Mentor. His network extended from Britain to Russia, and countless men and women seemed eager for such a position, but he was not yet ready to name a successor.

Expecting to wake up in the inn he fell asleep at, Ezio woke up to find himself in the alleyway of a strange new city. Thinking he had been captured, he checked his inventory to see everything was still there, only his florins had been replaced by a strange new currency. More questions were added when he stepped out of the alleyway and into the city itself. It reminded him of the visions he had been shown, of the civilization that fell.

"I do not know what is going on, but I aim to find out" he grumbled before walking toward the tallest building in the city, Excelsior tower. From the top he could see the city around and get a better feeling of where he was at.
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Life was not easy for the mentally damaged high schooler. Reclusive to the point it often harmed her studies, she often shunned herself away from her peers and was rarely seen around the school grounds. Things have improved as of late thanks to help from her two friends Hiaso and Lilly, the two people that have reached out to her and have helped her as of late.

On her way back to the dorms after the day's activities, the world around the shy girl began to fade. Not having any history of epilepsy, she tried to retreat to somewhere safe but there was nothing to be found. "Wh-whats happening?" she asked aloud to no one as the scenery soon changed to that of a corridor.

Hanako was now inside the massive structure known as Excelsior Tower. After taking a moment to gather her thoughts and take a deep breath, she walked to a nearby window and saw the mysterious Omega City from a rather nice vantage point. It was much different from the sleepy rural town her school was located in. Was this a dream? That was the question on her mind as she saw the different kinds of people go about their daily lives. As much as she wanted answers, she was deathly afraid of moving forward, so she simply remained by the window where she felt safe.
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Sometimes a leisurely web-swing was a great addition to the average day of the not so average Peter Parker. He had been doing this since high school and it still wasn't boring. The cool night air rushing past used to feel so freezing, but Peter's acclimation didn't take away from the adrenaline rush. The way he saw it, how could anyone get bored of swinging around New York City? The lights blazing past, rude New Yorkers hilariously arguing in the ever-increasing distance... Most people wouldn't find high-speed acrobatics calming, but most people hadn't fought all the inner and outer demons that Peter Parker had fought in his career as Spider-Man.

For the past couple weeks, though, New York City had been much less hellish. Just the easy crimes: mostly muggers, with an occasional assault. Any other heroes either weren't picking up their phones or they weren't dealing with anything that would require help. So, lately, night swings had been all he could really look forward to.

Landing on top of a building, he began to miss having his camera around. Why didn't I bring it with the rest of this stuff, he thought, dropping the backpack he was wearing off of his shoulders. It was pretty light. The only things in it were his clothes and other effects when living life as Peter Parker, like a wallet and keys. Tonight's swing started before Pete even got back to his apartment. There were some great views of the city out here, though. Usually there was too much going on for him to stop and enjoy the scenery.

"Well," he said to himself, stretching out and laying back, "I guess this is kind of nice."

But maybe he had spoken too soon. A precognitive buzz spread like wildfire through his entire body. Spider-sense. Something was wrong. Peter twisted his body around just as the building below him disappeared. Mysterio, maybe? But that couldn't be. The pull of gravity proudly stated that this was no illusion. Everything was disappearing. Peter shot out a few webs, trying desperately to grab on to something. Anything. But nothing was catching. There was no world around him any longer, just blackness.

And suddenly, light. Without warning, it was the middle of the day. Pete's eyes slammed shut out of surprise and very temporary blindness, but thanks to his powers, he didn't need them. A simple reach and he was now stuck to the wall of a building that never used to be there.

"Okay... Well, this is pretty weird, but I think I've lived through weirder. Think, Parker. Think." A new city was all around. Completely new surroundings. Down below, people walked the streets just like in NYC, only this crowd was much more diverse. Not only were there different races, but entirely different species, and they all acted as if this was normal. How? How could humans and what could be demons and -

"Okay, did I just see a frog with a sword?"

- many other strange creatures coexist so easily? Nobody running scared. Society functioning in a futuristic city with a sky that just wasn't the same as Earth's, even though it bore similar qualities.

"Different place then. I swear, if I get sent through one more interdimensional space-time rift wormhole thing I'm going to lose it. I guess I should figure out what's going on. Really wishing I hadn't left my cell at home today." Peter let out a confused sigh before zipping himself with webs up to the top of whatever building he was on. There are all different kinds of people out here, he thought as he pulled off his mask, but that doesn't mean they've ever seen a Spider-Man before. I better lay low.

It didn't take long to get down to the ground among all the other people. As soon as he could, Peter asked a friendly looking, blue-skinned female where he was, simply stating he was lost and that he needed to find some sort of authorities. Soon the answer was clear. This was Omega City - wherever that was- and his best bet was to get to the Excelsior Tower to find what answers he wanted. Avoid the slums and don't bother trying to go toward the Dark Tower in the distance. Easy enough. Peter played it as cool as he could and started making his way to the building pointed out to him. It wouldn't be hard to get there, since it was the biggest building in the city, but walking on foot? Hopefully this city needed a hero soon, but until then, stealth was deemed more necessary in finding a way out of this place.

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The lone figure walked through the streets of Omega, seeing the variety of people before him. This was no Republic City. No, this was something else altogether. While the world he knew was in a period of rapid technological advancement, it had nothing on the seemingly futuristic world he saw before him. No one paid mind to the man in the hood and mask. He was far from home. No Equalists, no Republic City, no benders...

No Avatar....

Though he wanted answers as to how he got here and how to return home, he understood there were opportunities that his world would only dream of. No one seemed to be a bender of any kind, and if they were they did not showcase their ability. Then again, with a world full of demons, vampires, and aliens, maybe benders should be the least of his worries for a bit.
Jotaro Kujo: The wielder of the Stand Star Platinum
Simon Belmont: The Legendary Vampire Hunter

Jotaro groaned as he faced off against his mortal enemy Dio Brando in the streets of Cairo. Things were looking bad. His grandfather Joseph Joestar died from Dio's Stand... Kakyoin and Abdul were also dead and he had no idea how Polnareff and Iggy were dealing with Dio's top warrior Vanilla Ice. Atleast now he know what Dio's stand The World was capable of. Stopping Time... how was he going to compete against that? He prepped himself hearing Dio call out THE WORLD. However something odd happened. Before time could freeze a bright flash of light hit the young stand user's eyes. When it subsided he found himself in... a brand new city. This wasn't Cairo... where was Dio? With a growl Jotaro began to walk... though a bit slow... he was still a bit injured from his fight with Dio. As he went, he noticed an odd man with a mask and a hood. "Hm... suspicious... Maybe this is one of Dio's tricks and he's a Stand user..." Jotaro muttered keeping an eye on Amon.

Meanwhile, The legendary vampire hunter known as Simon Belmont sighed as he wandered the corridors of Excelsior tower. He was making his way through Dracula's lair... and yet. Atleast he finally had a moment to rest. However as he walked he noticed a young girl looking out the window, looking just as confused as he was. "Excuse me young lady... could you tell me where I am per chance?"

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