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                                                  I carry the gift ↱ ♛ ↲ That I have been blessed with
                                                  lSmexyl I will make the greatest sacrafice Repairing the rift you created

                                                  lSmexy Cheetahl Location: Amegakure xxThoughts: Let retribution begin!xxCompany: No-OneChakra: 100% Active Kei-Kei Genkai: Nonex

                                                  Yin's Voice / Yin's Theme

                                                  Amegakure, otherwise known as the village hidden in the rain. The central nation of all the other nations, and the place where battles take place if a war is waged. In the center of the village, there was a tower with a face coming from it. The face had it's tongue coming from it's mouth, and coming out slightly below the face was two hands that had their palms facing upwards to the sky. Within the mouth of the face, a man stood in clear view, although to the people below he would be nothing more then a silhouette. In the darkness of the everlasting storm, two ripple pattern eye's were clearly showing. These eye's were the legendary Rinnegan, eye's of the father of all shinobi. This man was known as Yin, at least that was what he called himself. In reality no one knew who he was, and at the time no one would dare approach the tower. Yin had taken control of Amegakure through some unknown means, forcing them under his control for future use. Staring up to the sky, Yin held his hand out and let the rain run down it. His eye's slowly reverted back to the normal look of human eye's, having deactivated the Rinnegan. "The sky is crying again, this world is in pain from the people. No matter, soon this world will vanish and a new one will begin." Yin spoke silently to himself. Now lowering his hand, his eye's peered down to the village.

                                                  He grew tired of this place, it was time to move for now. Stepping off the tongue of the mouth, Yin begin to fall down towards the ground at a rapid rate. "It is time I check on the villages, nothing must interfere with our plans." Yin spoke and before he hit the ground, he vanished in a poof of smoke. Yin was now heading across the rooftops of Amegakure and towards the edge of the village. What could these plans he spoke of be? Once at the edge of the village, the two gate keepers felt a surge of wind shoot passed them as Yin entered the forest, leaving the baffled group of shinboi wondering what was going on. While in the forest, Yin proceeded to continue on course north towards the land of fire. It was there that the Nine Tails Jinchuriki most likely resided, and thus he would examine them from afar. Perhaps they were the one that they were looking for. Quickly leaving the area of the rain clouds, Yin came upon a bright blue sky, something he hasn't seen in some time. Coming to a halt, the masked man stared up at the blue sky and peered at the sun as well. The world would soon be looking at nothing but darkness, and the sun wouldn't return to normal until they had cleansed everything. Shinobi, all of them needed to be eradicated for their transgressions. Having the eye's of the creator of shinobi, Yin had the power to undo what was created, and so he shall.

                                                  He would bring the world back out of the days of ninja, and push them into the dark ages. There he would forcefully take control of everything. Still though how he would accomplish this is unknown. And it was questionable what his motives were. Why would someone with such power fall into darkness? There was a simple answer to this question, and soon the world would find out just why he did, or why he would allow it. To him, the world was still in it's infancy, and he would force it to grow up and embrace the leadership he oh so rightly deserved. Yin and his partner would soon claim retribution on the world. Then and only then would he be satisfied and his goals would be complete.

                                                  Out Of Character:

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