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"Fools dance around fire to be merry. Warriors use fire seriously to their own advantage. You can be both... You just have to choose the right moment."
火 Konohagakure 火 | Hokage Guard | God Of Fire

                                                        As Shuichi tried to justify, why he was making him captain of a squad in the back of his, head Tokujo was day dreaming about the bath house he could be peeping on.


                                                        Tis', a sad day when Tokujo couldn't see the bare flesh of a woman...Maybe Tokujo needed to go out and start dating. give it several months then maybe they could even talk about getting married.Then have a kid. Then retire. Then grow old... Wow. Its was rather quick to see how depressing his thoughts could in his buzzed stupid. A verbal slap brought him out of it as the Senju mentioned instill the Will of Fire into these kids. "Hehe, Yeah. Burn baby burn." Tokujo was wayyyyyy off-topic, still in his own world. The word Jinchuriki, had Tokujo sober up momentarily. "The girl is a jinchuriki? I see a short life in my future." said Tokujo then he raised the sake bottle to his lip and tipped it back. Its was empty. He set it down grabbed another then took a large gulp followed by a decent piece of bread off his platter. "Hmm. This girl just might have become more important than you I-chiiii-kun." slurred the male brunette.

                                                        Shuichi was right when he said that, Tokujo could learn from the kids. They get so interesting every generation. So much more different from when he was young. "Powerhouses? Oh my. I just may have to whip myself into shape. He won't allow myself to be outclassed by some kids." They continued drinking with some minor small talk. Shuichi getting closer to drunk as he consumed his sake more quickly than Tokujo who would eating a lot of bread in between drinks to soak up the alcohol. Just a small trick that make most people wonder how he drinks so much and majors to not have massive hangovers.

                                                        A commotion was started in the restaurant making Tokujo turn his head, in wonder. then he saw Kouga and his partner. The both of them approached, with Kouga saying Hello. "How are ya?!" Tokujo replied excitingly (blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol) When Dieki came forth and sat next to Tokujo the boy didn't acknowledge him how rude. Tokujo would lean over and grasp the young Uchiha and give him a noogie. "Its rude not to address your elders when you're in company with them young Dieki."

                                                        Once he heard Shuichi barking orders at the youngins' that was Tokujo cue to excuse himself. "Well. He's obviously drank a little too much so he's going to need help getting home, and I don't want to be the one getting hurt by him while doing that, soooooo... Have fun my young replacements." He would perform a two finger wave at his Hokage then he proceeded to leave and find his own young team... "Hmmmm. Did I pay my bill? Oh, well. Hehehehe."
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██████ ███ ██████████ Uzumaki,Yosuke !


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                                                    Oh boy, Yosuke was not enjoying all this screaming his Sensei was giving off. He seemed as though he was going to start a bar fight soon and when that happened, Yosuke wanted to be as far away as possible. Looking over to Dieki, Yosuke grinned and gave him a thumbs up with his new position. Reinstating Team Shuichi was probably the best idea, but when Shuichi had addressed the young blonde ninja, Yosuke shrunk some. That meant hardcore and Yosuke did not want to go hardcore. Though, the mission given to them didn't seem that bad which was pretty nice. Yosuke nodded his head at the agreement of the mission and dropped his head. "Shuichi Sensei...we can't drink..." Always! Man, if this man was sober he was gentle and kind and still sometimes a pain in the a** when he was training them, but when he was drunk, you had better hide or he'd find you and not give any mercy whatsoever.

                                                    Looking towards his teammates, Yosuke smiled and looked to the exit of the establishment. "Whenever you're ready, Dieki," Yosuke grinned and crossed his arms over his chest. This was great to be reinstated again! Team Shuichi was by far the baddest dog on the block and their team could beat anyone else down into the ground. It was a dream come true to be in Team Hokage. His grandfather taught the man and now he was being taught by him as well. Training wasn't that fun though, but Yosuke's taijutsu was excellent from dodging his Sensei's furious punches and kicks. Rasengan had been a peace of cake as well and now here they were on their own till they reported back in for training with Shuichi.

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Prodigy of Iron - Mifune, Seishiro

Location - Kumogakure: Secluded Mountains
Health- 100%
Chakra- 100%
Company- None
Thoughts- Focus... [repeat]

Darkness. Everywhere his eyes would attempt to see would only lead to more endless darkness. Entering the cave from earlier was a step into a different world, or more so another realm. A place where ones thoughts would disappear like the dimensions between earth and the heavens themselves. Before space and time even came to be, this was how alone and isolated Seishiro had placed himself at the moment. In this closed space he was truly free from everything. The deep hole he chose to venture into wasn't a place for those who wished to become strong, but to take ones strength back to the beginning and start a new. "From the first step...." He paused knowing this was not the way to begin his unusual test.

"No.... start all over again from zero." Seishiro figured he'd go the long route to discover new strength even if it took him years to do it. Masters of the sword and legendary shinobi of the past didn't accel in the world by taking the same steps as another man, but by creating their own path to tread on entirely. By taking all he's learned which has been stored in the mind and withholding it, the body can succeed without the disturbance of thought, creating anew with those skills within the miracle that is ones unconsciousness mind. Even though he couldn't see a thing inside the cave, or hear the slightest of sounds from a single droplet of water to a insect flying around, his being was still fully aware. Aware that in this closed space he could do anything and become everything all at once.

He was fear, anger, sorrow, happiness, yin, yang and everything else one could imagine. Spreading his legs across the solid floor or what he thought to be the embodiment of earth itself, it felt like he had become the rock he stood upon. Breathing in deeply Seishiro felt as if all the air ever consumed had entered him giving him immeasurable strength. Gripping the hilt of his katana was like grabbing the universe in its infancy, preparing to unleash its epic beginning upon pure nothingness. In that moment before unraveling his discovery there was a feeling which soon took the form of his first vision inside the darkness. The image was simply the village of Kumo, the placed he desired to see most in his heart at the moment. With that truth set in his soul he'd tighten his grip and slash at the darkness with unfathomable skill and spirit unleashing what looked like a ring of white lightning which echoed furiously through the cave until the sound was broken by the overlapping slicing of rock only seconds after.

His eyes remained closed while the rock would shift his way opening completely allowing the blinding light of the sun take over the space he trained in. Sheathing his weapon slowly as he accepted his movements completion, Seishiro opened his eyes seeing the exact image he envisioned regardless of his unknown positioning inside the cave. The top half of the cave had been completely sliced above his full height cleanly without a jagged edge to be seen. Grinning slightly at the amazingly thick mountain he managed to get passed, he knew it was the progress he longed for on this day, however another day would bring him to a new location for him to find inspiration. For now Seishiro would return to the village and take some time to relax, feeling a little drained from his sudden adventure into the abandoned cave for what he figured to be an unknown reason.
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It's almost unbearable isn't it...
I know that feeling,
I've been there,
In that dark and lonely place..

In the ninja world,
Those who break the rules are trash,
But those who abandon their comrades,
Are worse than trash..

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❝ • xxx( )xxou took it when ou left

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthese scars are just a trace
xxxxxxxx xxxx__ xx ow it ωση∂єяѕ lot ∟¶ andouded
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthis heart that I misplaced

                                                            "Not that I know of. I'm not as high of a rank as you, remember?"

                                                            Of course she knew that, but that didn't take away the fact that he could go to headquarters by himself, jeez. Shaking her head a bit while smiling, Yumi would throw a glance at Kai. He had been with her family since they were both young, so Yumi didn't know any better than to be around him. Sure, they had their fights every now and then, but they had a strong bond and when teamed up, they would be an unbreakable force. "Us grunts don't have to come in for meetings unless we're contacted. Come on, I'll walk home with you." Yeah, not on her duty. Those under her command knew very well that they had to come into headquarters at least once a day, just to check up on the briefing or new mission, eventhough Yumi didn't always know everything. Sighing defeat, Yumi would grinn as the two of them walked alongside eachother, their house already coming in sight. "You know the drill Kai, try to put at least some effort into being an ANBU. If you want them to keep you, then you will have to start showing the better side of you, which you have." She just didn't want him to be kicked out because he was too lazy. Kai was a great ninja, but he had a hard time proving that sometimes. "Here's how it'll probably work. I'll actually try to get their on time to avoid a verbal lashing by you... Then any number of things will happen. A black cat could walk in front of me, I could see a kitten in a tree... Or I could take a wrong turn on main street." Yumi just couldn't help but laugh at his comment. Seriously, how did he think of this stuff?

                                                            As they neared the house, Yumi stretched her arms. She wanted to travel sometime soon again, go outside the village while not being in duty.. Now that would be nice.. But impossible, there was no way Shuichi-sama was going to let her go like that. "See, that's already a good start~" Giving her brother a wink, Yumi would head towards the house, sliding the doors open to find that it was empty. No chakra signatures to be detected, so their parents were most likely out somewhere. "Any idea if we're actually getting missions today?" Now that was a good question. Yumi hadn't been briefed about missions yet today, so she would have to find out soon. There was a chance that there was nothing to do, though.. Yumi always had something to do. Maybe they would have to find the Hokage and have him tell them what to do. Yeah, that sounded like a great plan! "I don't know Kai, perhaps we should locate the Hokage and ask him? I'm sure he will have something to do for us." Wavering her hand, Yumi would move into her room and changed her clothing. About ten minutes later, she would come out, all dressed in her ANBU outfit, mask set to the side of her head as she went back to where Kai was. "So, I'll leave it up to you to find the Hokage. As an ANBU, you should be able to do that~" It wasn't the easiest task to perform, it meant searching for a specific chakra signature, something that had taken Yumi years to learn.

                                                            Location Their Home
                                                            Company Kai
                                                            Thoughts Lets have some fun~
                                                            Dee Speaking
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+++Udani,The Strong Fist, Lee +++

Udani laughed as he was told not to be late next time. He was sure that him being late wouldn't be the worst thing ever but he would work on it. He smiled to Keiichi and his dog they seemed nice and he had heard stories of how they fought it made him eager to spar with him. He wish he had known these two more in School but Udani was always more focused on other things and well Inoru was always busy with his head in a book. Udani was about to speak but heard someone call his name and his teammates names. He turned around to see a Jounin walked up to them and tell them to meet him on the Roof of the building.

That seemed fun to Udani and once Inoru ran off to go to the roof Udani was right next to him racing. " Hurry up Keiichi don't wanna be late like me." He said teasing the boy but playfully he was going to have the greatest time of his life he knew it. Theses two guys were already gonna be fun he thought.

Once boys reached the roof Inoru seemed to head to the bench and sit down Udani walked near the Jounin and stood waiting for him to speak. He bowed to Higosha before waiting in front of him.. He wondered what Keiichi was going to do. He wondered if he was a relaxed person or a stick up the butt kind of Ninja. He hoped a mixture of two relaxed but serious to. " Udani Lee Reporting for Duty Higosha Sensei." He said as he looked at his Sensei a small smile on his face as he looked to the man..


lSmexy Cheetahl
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Location: Konoha
Health: Healthy
Chakra Level: 100%
Aflame: No

"Oh, you're too nice. I have no better side." Kai responded, tapping his fingers against his leg in his pockets. Yumi, always teasing, and always thinking him better than he really was. He wasn't exactly complaining, but he didn't really agree with her. Then again, most of the people who knew you better than yourself were the people close to you. Upon her departure he sighed and pulled on his own ANBU equipment, shedding the thick cloak for a moment to pull on the armor and bracers. Though normally the thick cloak burned off after he triggered his bloodline, the armor and mask would remain, lighting him up like an actual phoenix. His armor was custom made to reduce the effectiveness of fire on the thick leather. Kai's head shot up from his bracer, an a challenge appeared, as it may... kind've... Actually it was more like a command. "He's meeting his team." He responded quickly, remembering a few words that some of the men in his outfit had shared. "So probably by the training field, but knowing him..."

Kai trailed off, sighing and looking down at the mask in his hand for a moment. "I hate these things sometime." He muttered before pulling it on, a thick mask with the markings that would indicate the animal of his choosing, a Phoenix. Afterwards he pulled on his hood, completing his normal outfit. "Screw it." His muffled voice came out, "I'll find him, then I'll contact you via comms. Not bothering with call-signs though. I don't care what the boys at the HQ say." Kai listened in on the comms for a moment, hearing all of the call-ins from several of the ANBU operatives placed around Konoha. The daily checks were based off of an act Yumi had pushed through, basically stating that the ANBU should busy themselves off missions on what Kai had labeled 'babysitting duty', due to how they were basically so bored that civilian watching is a thing.

After a moment Kai smiled behind his mask, the sound of his voice brightening considerably to reflect that. "Or, he could make an appearance. The ANBU's your act forces to tail after him spotted him entering a bar, and his squad shortly after." A chuckle that died down after a moment to a more serious note. "This could probably be bad"

What I've felt, what I've known,
Sick and Tired, I stand alone,
Could you be there, 'cause I'm the one who waits for you,
Or are you Unforgiven too?
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If there is no Love.......
███████████ ██ █████████████████████

Kenta Hedai
Kenta's backround Music:Daily Life

With his eyes closed, Kenta listened to the water clashing with each other from the water fountain, resting a bit before his squad gets here. Surprisingly Kenta was the first one here. He was hoping to the be the second or the third one here but surely not the last one. Even his sensei wasn't here to greet the new shinobi of the leaf congratulations for passing the academy. Kenta just shrugged the thought of his sensei not being here, continuing with meditation. After a few moments at peace, Kenta could hear a girl's voice calling out to him, asking him if they were on the same team or not. The young male opened his eyes, finding Narumi infront of him. "Narumi! I never knew we were on the same squad. I didn't really bother with the team info, i kind of just looked at the team number and where to meet up." Kenta said with a smile, rubbing the back of his neck with his prosthetic arm, a bit embarrassed for not knowing Narumi was on his team. " I can't believe we did it though! We're genins. Meaning we are full-fledged ninjas. Think of all the missions we're going to complete as a team." Kenta burst out, excited to finally go out into the ninja world. " It's nice to know you're on my team to Narumi. Since you're a member of the Uzumaki clan we'll surely succeed in our missions."

Another one of Kenta's friendly smiles appeared on his face, happy now that one of his squad members showed up."But i got one question Narumi. Where the heck is our sensei? Don't you think it is kind of odd that our sensei, who we're go to meet for the first time, isn't here to greet us? I say our sensei is a pretty crummy guy." Kenta asked while he searched the surrounding area for any ninja's. "But yet again, this might be my impatience getting the better of me." Kenta slowly sighed a bit. He had to chill out for a second and recollect himself. First day becoming a genin was getting to him. " Anyways, do you want to search for our Search for our sensei? Or wait here for our other squad mate?"

OCC/// X.X Sorry I don't have much to work with since we're by a fountain XD

█████████████████████ ██ ███████████
.......Then hope can never be found.

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水竜(Suirō) Family Eldest _
Miku -- The Longtime Beautiful Sky __

___The last missing-nin was left for Miku to sweep away. With a smile she crossed her Kiba together again, planning to electrocute the final target. However he began to speak to interrupt her. "Legends are true.. so you're the eldest of the Water Dragon family? Ha! You may be strong but watch you take advantage of that power like your parents!" his words caused the woman's eyes to widen. Whenever the topic of Miku's parents was brought up it made her highly uncomfortable. The crime they committed made her very ashamed to be the last blood relative of the Suiro clan. To make things worse the enemy was provoking Miku with words she found highly sensitive to her ears.

"How dare you.." a displeased look of anger replaced the sweet grin. As chakra circled around her sparks flew around while her pigtails slowly floated upwards. "Speak about my father and mother.." The mist was clearing up allowing all to see the swordsman of the Mist who was named the Water Serpent. "Like they're one of you!!" with an expression full of wrath Miku held her Kiba over her head, gathering the chakra around her to cover the branches of the blades with lighting. But instead of launching it she hurled herself towards him before stabbing her Kiba into his liver. "Even though they technically are," she whispered in a chipper yet demonic tone. The ninja screamed in pain while electricity surged through his veins then eventually his heart.

___A job finally done. Miku pulled out her Kiba, blood dripping down the tips of the branches. Snapping her fingers some ninja showed up and took the missing-nins away. Looking back at Fujitaka the woman retained her soft smile. "Yes sir. I'll make sure whomever was on duty gets an earful." she said, almost sound like a mother. Perhaps it was the effect of raising the twins on her own? Walking beside him Miku covered her Kiba and strapped them back to her sides. "Also about the situation in the south," she returned to their previous topic before this intrusion. "Our defense forces are doing just fine. However the terrain is rather troublesome, with sandstorms blocking vision far worse than our misty fogs. I will make sure squadrons are better prepared from now on, Fujitaka-san."
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dσn't líkє sσmєσnє. ℓσνє ѕσмєσиє. dσn'т ѕтαnd υp ғσr чσυrѕєlғ.

ƒíģhτ ƒσɾчσυɾṡєlƒ. dσn't вє strσng. вє íи∂єѕтяυ¢тíвℓє

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Narumi giggled happily when she realized she was right and Kenta really was on her team. She was grateful she hadn't completely messed today up. She probably should have read more of the information she was given about her new team but she had not thought it would really be that important. Apparently, she was very wrong about that though. Kenta had at least known where they were supposed to meet today. Narumi had kind of just been wondering around and happened to come across Kenta. She probably would have been sitting at the Academy until they found her if she hadn't had the sudden inclination for a nice nap after eating all of that ramen. She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, "You're better than me. I didn't even read about the meeting place in the information. I kind of just skimmed over your name and the other teammate's name and closed it. I don't even know who our sensei is." She felt stupid admitting it but she wasn't really good at hiding her real feelings or omitting embarrassing details from a story. It just wasn't in her character.

She flopped down onto the bench beside him, stretching her short legs out and enjoying the uns on her face. She laughed at his comment about her being an Uzumaki which meant they would be able to succeed on their missions. Apparently, he had not heard about her blunders during her time in the Academy. Well, he would probably see those faults first-hand during their very first mission. She shrugged at the mention of their sensei, "I have no idea where our sensei could possibly be. Honestly, I won't even know him or her whenever they approach us." She laughed, Kenta was so easy to get along with. She'd always enjoyed his company. Even in the Academy they talked a bit and she never found herself disliking him, "I don't know. I am definitely ready to get things moving! I wan to train and go on missions! It seems like so much fun!" She contemplated her options. Search for their missing sensei and possible miss them and be stuck wandering al day, or wait here where she might be able to get a nap in and let their sensei find them? "I'm sure our sensei will show up eventually. I just ate a lot of ramen and I feel like sitting for a little while." She laughed a bit at the end of her sentence.

[[sorry for crappy post :/ my meds kind of make me a little drowsy so my brain isn't at one hundred percent right now]

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________________Tatsume, Katsu
________▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

                                          When the three had left, Katsu looked down to the twins and chuckled. "When I was your age, I already have my blade while training. It's time to stand up for your village. Being weak means getting killed and I know you do not want that. Training will be from four in the morning till about six at night. No breaks in between either. I will feed you when I deem you have done enough for a bit and we'll have a five minute break. This means shove everything in as fast as you can. No more candy. No more complaining. If you whine, I'm going to make you do laps and run through the rapids. No more relying on your sister either. While in my care, I am going to be teaching strength and what diligence can earn you." Katsu slammed his palm on the table. He really wasn't a teacher, but whatever his elders taught him, he bet he could teach these two and he was going to do just that.

                                          "Today is work seeing as how Mizukage-san didn't do his papers. I want you two running up and down the stairs carrying these stacks once I finish. While you wait, you will be practicing chakra control in this office. If you make a mess, you will clean it up. A ninja must know his or her own powers and I will be forcing this until your sister comes back. I am only temporary, but you will learn many things while she is gone. Do you understand?" Katsu said firmly to the two children.


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"Fools dance around fire to be merry. Warriors use fire seriously to their own advantage. You can be both... You just have to choose the right moment."
火 Konohagakure 火 | Hokage Guard | God Of Fire

                                                        Tokujo would walk around the village gathering his thoughts. "Now where would a group of brats go around this time of day?" Tokujo traveled around to the various place he went as a child. First it started at the candy vendor. Then the store that sold ice cream, then Academy playground, then to the top of the Hokage Monuments. After that Tokujo was fresh out of ideas. He had no idea who he was looking for except a blonde Uzumaki child that he had only seen a handful of times and this was only because her grandfather was the Hokage. Stumped and slightly tired, Tokujo had no idea what to think of next so he went to the center of town to eat his candy by the fountain. As he sat he pondered for a little bit of time the basically gave up on looking and was going to go ask Shuichi were the ******** he told this brats to meet him at.

                                                        Like how could you tell someone they are a sensei and give them so little information on where they are go meet the one he's supposed to be senseing? " I'm a shinobi not a frickin wizard for Christ sake!...AND ITS MY DAY OFF!" said Tokujo in the middle of town. The sarutobi finally stood up the went to walk away as he was heading back to the restaurant, he saw a blonde child from the look of it seemed like Narumi. Tokujo kept walking as he asked himself "Hey what are the chance's of her being assigned to me and me seeing her so soon. That's... ******** me." Tokujo ran back to the fountain hoping she had not left. When he got back he saw Narumi there with another child. He walked up and addressed her happily. "HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm Tokujo Sarutobi. I am your Jounin leader of Squad 2...who happens to be a wee bit buzzed right now from too much sake. So Ms. Uzumaki where is the rest of our rag-tag Squad 2 huh?"

                                                        As far as first Impressions go Tokujo thought he did awesomely. And while drunk. This is going to be easyyyyyy. Tokujo thought to himself.
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__ The__Water__Dragon__Family
_ 水竜(Suirō) Family Youngest
Ryou -- The Refreshing Distance
Chou --- The Butterfly

___Seeing their sister leaving so soon caused Chou to whimper. Though the mature and smarter twin she was a bigger baby. Ryou on the other hand just complained like a brat. A loud slam on the table rang their ears. Both looked up at the tall man who was their temporary teacher. Their training had already started and Ryou was about to ramble on, but luckily Chou slapped his mouth shut so Katsu didn't have to force them to run like he just said. "So early and so late.. no breaks? I hope that don't include the toilet!" he sobbed inside. As much as neither was enjoying this one bit they had to do it or else the worse may come. "Yes Katsu-sensei," the two said in unison as they stood in the center of the office and began their exercise. Chakra control was something both remembered back at the academy. It should be a fairly easy task since they should be chuunin by now.

___Chou held her hands together in front of her with her doll sitting at her feet. It'd be a terrible idea to separate her from the only thing that reminded her of her real mother, plus the doll stored her needles and shurikens. Taking steady breaths the girl concentrating on her spiritual energy. Once Katsu finishes the paperwork then she could move onto working with her physical energy. Clearly the girl knew what she was doing. Now onto Ryou. "psst, Chou...how do you do this again?" he whispered.
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K a z u m a
███████████ █████

" T h e H e r o o f K i r i "
████ ███████████

T e r u m i
█████████████ █████

I x a m x k a z u m a x T e r u m i x ! x ... . . .

                          Once he was back in his office Kazuma placed Samehada down and sat in his chair looking over at the twins training. So they were working already eh? That was good to know. Looking over at Katsu Kazuma tapped his finger on the desk before rubbing his chin and sighing. Katsu was another person Kazuma was thinking about making Mizukage if he were to die. The man was strong and loyal to the village. And he knew that he would be a great Mizukage. Looking back at his desk Kazuma tapped the papers before sighing once more. he would bring that up with Katsu at another time. Leaning back in his chair Kazuma sighed before picking up his pen and writing on the papers. He might as well get some work done. He had finished the normal paper work this morning so this was the real deal. S class paper work. Looking through it all the work was mostly work from back when Fujitaka went out and took care of missing ninja. He could have sworn that he had did this before. Guess he was wrong. As Kazuma began to write he let out a small yawn before shaking his head. " Katsu. A word. You told me you wish to see the world outside the village yes? Well I might have a mission for you if you are willing to take it. There are a group of bandits to the north of the village. If you were to give them a rank they would rank around A. I would send Miku but since she will be leaving with me in two days im sure she will like to spend as much time with the twins as she can. I see that your starting your training with them now but I want you do go out and enjoy life outside the village as well. There will be enough time to train the twins when Miku, Fujitaka and I leave in two days. I will watch over them while you do the mission. What say you? Will you take on the mission?" Kazuma asked without looking up from the papers. Signing his name on a few more Kazuma placed his pen down then looked up at Katsu to see what he would say.

                          Location: Kirigakure, Mizukage mansion
                          Doing: Looking through papers
                          Thinking: So much paper work
                          Theme: Kazuma's theme
                          Voice: Kazuma's Voice ( Gambit )
                          Energy: 100%

B u t x y o u x c a n x ca l l x m e x t h e xR e a p e r x o f x t h e x M i s t !
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ι ωιℓℓ вяєαк тнαт cυяѕє.,
if there's ѕυcн тнιɴɢ αѕ ρєαcє,
and ι ωιℓℓ find it,

                                                Shuichi had finally finished drinking when suddenly the Sarutobi had went off to get his team that he was probably already late in meeting. Looking at the time he had made the assumption that he was definitely late to his own meeting with his team. The Sarutobi was worthless it seemed just like his father, always goofy and late. Shuichi knew that he would have to leave soon but others would suggest taking him back to the Hokage manor of which he would have violently declined.

                                                Based on his taijutsu fighting style the Will of Kratos he really didn't get challenged on those that he protested in carrying him back. He normally either just passed out at the location he got drunk at or he walked back by himself. He knew that the ANBU watched from a far so he was in no immediate danger. Besides he was cognoscenti when he was drunk and could defend himself somewhat if needed to or destroy things in the process. Getting up from his seat after everyone just left the Hokage in a bar drunk, the man stumbled out of the establishment breaking a piece of the wall off by bumping into it slightly. He then started to walk back to the manor aware that ANBU black ops were around watching and protecting their Hokage.

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