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Have you ever seen the My Little Pony show? Either the older seasons or Friendship is Magic?

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Aqiri nods still feeling Ill from all the bad vibes in the kingdom. She was feeling weaker and weaker. On top of it all another changeling showed up! "Oh ancesters..not -urk!- now..." she said fallowing Medic." Beetle..intruder..na-Another queen.. investigate!" She spoke to beetle who turn and flew ather the new presance. After he left Aqiri disguise fell and she appered as a proper queen of changelings. She also found herself leaning on Medic for suport.
"Can anypony find me...
Some pony to love.."

She chuckled and shook off some dizzyness."as a scientist.. I am so going to perscribe you ponys some anger management corses.ew.. and some antacid for myself..-urp!"
She leans on Medic more for surrport draping a transperent green wing over him. Then she closes her eyes and reaches out through the hive mind for the intruder.
"Oi! Oi! Oi! eay you! This... this kingdom.. wait.. if there's no kingl dose it make it a queendom.. wait.. none of those eather..OFFTOPIC! This.. palace is under protrection of.. Queen Aqiri of the everfree hive, Daughter of queen Crystalist of the badlands Hive grandaughter of queen phastasma of the badlands.. yada yada blah blah.. so who the buck are you?" She spoke though through the hive mind all changelings in the area. Can feel their queen getting weaker and needing love to impower herself and the Hive.
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Beatle obeyed his Queen and lift himself off the ground. Then the monseriously large changeling flew up and crashed through another stainglass window as he sniffed the air for queen pheramones. Letting out a confused growl, he flew. Down twords the hedge maze.

Crystal soon sees a Drone Templar land his scars and scent marked him as. The one Aqiri names beetle her personal guard since her hatching. Beatle looked at her confused.".. Cry- Crystal?" the templar blinked and then snorts, takeing a defencive stance." Foe! Beetle Crush Foe!" The templar remembers Crystal from when she was hatched as well Aqiri being the elder of the two. before Aqiri became engrosed in her studys of changeling history and pony scocity. The two where freinds and allies when young then the half breed left and Aqiri took no notice.
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47 fallowed and looked at the ruins and shook his head hissing and pointing back to the old hive. The old hive would make the new queen stronger as well as win her infulance over the old changelings. The old hive would make all changelings stronger, maybe even happy.
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It is no problem. Please, follow me.

Fancypants smiled at Dark Star. Fleur does give the best guided tours in Canterlot. Fleur pointed out a few buildings, telling of the history about them. Of course, they were all related to modeling, social gatherings, and the like.

Dark Star follwed Fleur and Fancypants listening intently as they went she was amazed at how much had changed in Canterlot. She began to think about how things could have been different if she had just never listened to the voice in her mind it was then she heard it once again.

You will never fit in do not fool yourself you belong to me Dark Star Eclipse.

She shook her head and tried hard to ignore the shadowy voice but it spoke again.

Ever since you opened that box long ago you have belonged to me and I will have you.

Dark Star squinted her eyes and shouted. Stop it! I will never belong to you I am my own pony!

She then realized she had shouted out loud she looked at Fleur and Fancypants as she blushed.

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Tick and Nat

The two exhaled in relief and left the shake shop before they lose their cover or get ill from the bad vibes the marshmellow was puting out. As they leave they summoned a note they where odered to deliver and magicly telaported it to Rareity

With a puff of green light the note appered next to Rareity the edges scorhed as well as the counter. The note looked made from parchment paper and writen in crayon, but the handwriteing looked as if a grown pony had written it.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle,
I would ask for your assitance for achiveing peace between ponys and my own family.
I belive celestia would be hard to win over due to recent events. But belive me when I say my true wish is for our races to live in harmony.

On another note, I also need your assitance in reasearch of Flutter ponys. Any information would be helpful.
-Love, Queen Aqiri."

Ounce out of sight the two unicorn. Stalions became twin pegasi mares and flew off twords canterlot.
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Obscuritas followed after, Pinkie; he wasn't sure running towards dragons was a good idea. But his first special somepony wanted to protect her friend, and he wanted to help. "This way" He said as he lead her towards the dragons. He would do his best to protect her if need be. But hopefully it wouldn't have to go that way. He wanted to avoid all fighting as best as possible. Hopefully the dragons would be in a talkative mood. 'so, is this friend of your a earth pony, pegasus or unicorn" No doubt this friend would be afraid of him. So it was best for him not to get his hopes up on making a new friend.

Obscuritas sniffed the air as he followed the scent of Dragon scales. "Their close, we're almost there" he said in a somewhat worried tone. He didn't like getting this close to dragons.
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Out Of Cats: lol, the dark pony can cast a laser spell, but uses it to melt chocolate
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Ethrios flew hard following the scent of Seranip, though as he crossed the border he picked up a very faint scent. It was Hyther's! Eyes going wide he turned in that direction so heading for everfree he also picked up Feins scent and he growled deeply at the scent.

Flying lower to the ground he skipped through the trees taking a bit off the tops. "FEIN! Here I come!" He said outloud as he roared getting close to their location.

Hyther however was not the most pleased with what she heard in the distance. So she stood offensively for whatever may come.

Seranip stood up weakly and looked around the area where she landed and sniffed the air. "My babies..and..Fein!" She shouted as she began her weak run with wings spread as far as possible she began to get air but fell back to the earth. She kept trying to get in the air her dertiminatio of fibding her mate.

Seranip ran following the scent her injuries didnt hurt that much as flames ran through her eyes and sparks flew from her nostrils and out the sides of her maw. She looked a deranged animal with her look.

Fein looked at Breyvor laying on the ground. "Ouch that musst have hurt." He said emphasis on the "must" in that sentence. He kept looking when he noticed hyther stopped replanting the trees. He looked in the direction she stood he could a blue ice bolt heading for him and he ducked down as the ice bolt flew over him. "Ethrios!? Hey woah ive been watching everything on you dont mess with me!" He said as hee stared the dragon down and felt the slam as Ethrios slammed Fein into the ground.

Ethrios held Fein down and growled at him they evenly sized one as big as the other. Ethrios looked Fein in the eye and smiled at him. "Then you know?" He said as he looked at Hyther.
Fein looked at his daughter and frowned at Ethrios giving him a look. "You wish to mate my daughter? Really man you imprinted on Hyther? I mean I know shes that age but still wait a bit." He said to the white dragon as he got up as ethrios got off.

Ethrios frowned and he sat there looking at everyone around him then at Breyvor. "What happened to him?" He asked with all seriousness in his voice. He did not wish to see the dragon before he can do it himself. He actually would feel jealous if Breyvor didnt die by his hand.

Hyther turned and glared at Ethrios when he crashed into her father who she either forgot was there or didnt know at all. "Daddy!" She said with excitement, "Hi!" She was happy thaat her father was there. She looked at Breyvor the only thing that was probably going through his mind were butterflies and rainvows still.
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~Crystal, half-breed Changeling~

User Image Crystal blinked as she saw something moving in the sky. Before it landed she could smell the Drone Templar getting closer. With a shriek she hid behind Midnight. "P-please don't hurt me! I-I don't want any trouble!" She trembled behind the black manticore, mentally begging him to not attack unless he attacked first. The second she heard the voice of the hive mind she froze, there was a queen here?! There was a queen class changeling other than herself here, and it wasn't chrysalis? Wait, did she say daughter? Wait, d-did you say you were Chrysalis's daughter? I-I'm Crystal, changeling half-breed and outcast queen class...I...I think I've heard your name before...I'm not here to cause any trouble, i-in fact I don't even have my own hive...p-please call off your Templar...I just want to figure out what happened...I've been lost in that maze for a long time...
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Lady Aqiri


Aqiri gave the order for beatle to stand down as the templar relaxed his postion. "Queen..Crys.tal." he bows low giveing the halfbreed respect.

But Aqiri herself was conflifted.
" throw her out. I have no need of a daughter." ""We do not trustt any outside our hive for they shall destroy us given the chance!"" No pony will love you for who you are, so make them love you for what they want you to be."
Then her pain ebbed away as a new voice came into her fractured mind as it slowly peaced togter memorys.
"Qiri! Let's play! " " but your always studying." " mouther is out again. Can we go see the stars?" " I love you Sister, let's do this again."

Then through the hive link Aqiri spoke with a shake in her voice." Crystal?.. can it realy be you? Where have you been?" Her voice was calm and soft unlike the previous tone she carryied that was manic and with a twing of fear." I missed you so much sister.. but I'm so weak..so much hate is in the air..it's un natural.. seek sancuary on the husk. The dark green zepplin outside the castle walls. The drones and hunters there are loyal to me now. We can talk later."

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