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Mixyl whispered to herself "yes..it worked...." she then grabbed some rope and escaped from her house out the back door and quickly ran through ponyville jumping from and often jumping behind bushes to make sure no pony didnt hurt her and she then started running straight singing "As we stay from getting hit i gotta find the perfect hiding place then get as far away from ponyville as i can!" she finally reaching a cliff and she said "their just some big bad bullies...what ever happened to friendship is magic! but i cant talk because i desobeyed that saying....my friends were there for me...and now they are against me.....what shall i do....i cant hide forever...well at least i knew my friends once cared for me..... " she then sighed and just layed down on edge of that cliff "i got my heart broken, cheated on, and dumped by the element of "kindness...me and the other me murdered the element of "generosity" i got heart broken and stalk the element of "loyalty" i wasnt really hanging around the element of "honesty" i loved being with the element of "laughter" and she understands what i have gone through...and i straight up HATE the element of "magic".....whats wrong with me....whats wrong with my life....am i so horrible looking and mean that the element of kindness would cheat on me then break up with me....?" mixyl sighed "oh i wouldnt be in all of this if rainbow just liked me and just went on one date with me....." she almost felt like crying.