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                                                        ::Where::Hale House/Livingroom::With::None::Feeling::If the world would turn to s**t and burn would you be there with me ?
                                                        The night was clear. Derek had been kicked down to the ground beaten and torn apart. His sould struggled to wake his body for it knew his heart couldn't handle the mess it would be waking up to. The body was tired, physicality he was weak as ever, it fought not only a battle but was fighting one inside with the wolfsbane. Oh the pain he would inflict on Jakob once he was strong enough. But no wasn't the time for petty fights that he would lose. The body knew better then that and shut down to start the recovery. He was fully in the dark, and no dreams to set the mind to peace. He would be haunted by the darkness for the next few hours.

                                                        Since Derek was alpha and had his pack close to help the body healed faster. Yes it took time but not as much stiles would have to go though. He woke up to Boyd and Elliott around him. His lips a stight line not wanting to speak a word. It was pointless to talk. So he kept his head low not looking up at either of the guys. His arms wrapped around stiles and carried him out of the station. With all easiness he took the body of stiles from the station to Stiles house. Of course his father had a word or two to say but any parent having there child be carried in would say something. It was only human nature. After putting Stiles to bed the long talk with Stiles father had to be done. The longest and most informative talked happen that night.

                                                        Of course the sheriff was in aww to what was happening around him. In all honesty Derek wanted the man to know what was happening. And now he knew. Of course the questions were asked and Derek answered them as best as possible. But once it was all done Derek would find himself sleeping and staying the closest he could get to stiles. He wouldn't move from the boys side. Many times he would sleep head on the bed and hand entwined with the others. He couldn't tell why he was doing this but he didn't want it any different way. It was the right thing to do.

                                                        But one day turned into two and before Derek knew he was on the fifth day. everyone told him to leave and come back. And like a good dog he was he left. Maybe it was because he needed the air or that he needed to get out to recover his mind. It was scattered with thoughts and pain. So he let and found himself back at the Hale house. It had been ages since he had been back and the smells and the feeling of the air was nice.

                                                        sitting in the middle of the living room, he sat on the ground. His hands rubbing along his face and hair a bit. He wasn't sure how to feel let alone how to see and what to do with it. He had let Jakob get the best of him. That was what was angering him the most. He thought he had control of it all even the wolf but it was so simple for Jakob to rip the control away. But then Derek's heart ached for all the pain that he caused Stiles. He would never forgive himself for that. Hell he didn't even expect Stiles to forgive him. Maybe it was best that Derek left stiles side, all he could think about is he wanted to be the last person the kid sees. He wouldn't be able to look a stiles let alone beg for forgiveness. it would come in time, yeah Derek prayed it would.

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                                                              Oh just shoot down my plan! I wasn't very happy about that, seriously what the hell. It would work, it had to right, it's all we had. " No you need to stop whining like a bitchy sour wolf! " Voice strong, echoing as I yelled at the wolf. This was not the Derek I knew, this was a weird other world Derek. Made me wonder if this is how drunk Derek would act. " Just..... " Eyes slid down to that hand, the hand that just gripped my arm. The grip got tighter, causing a hiss of pain to leave me lips. " Der-- " Before I knew it I felt my self being slammed back like nothing. Back slamming into the freezer, that cold chill mixed with the pain causing a burning that I had never felt. The back of my head slammed into the chilled metal as well, body falling to the floor limp. Hand raising to the back of my head, only for a second to feel the warm liquid. Eyes slid up, giving Derek a cold look, before my eyes fell shut unable to hold them open. Unable to fight this feeling taking over my body.

                                                              Void.. Nothing.. Darkness.. A bitter cold, that had a sort of loud echo wind feel to it. "Derek...?" I whispered, eyes opening. My body felt like it was just floating, body some what numb. " H-Hello... " The echo was strange, sounding like it was bouncing off close walls. Ahh' the weak boy finally wakes up. At the sound of the voice eyes shot to the right, seeing white pointed teeth. The white held a glow in this darkness, making them easy to see. Eyes slid up to a pair of red eyes, bright, curved. " Where am I? " The voice didn't answer, leaving me to wonder if I was dead? No you are not dead... How did he.. It know what I was thinking? We finally get to meet, face to face all thanks to your failure of a wolf. I reached out, finger tips going through the shadowy red eyes like smoke. " Where am I! " I shouted... You are inside your own mind, not dead, but barely alive.

                                                              " What happened? " I asked, watching as the eyes and pointed teeth hovered around. Derek, he slammed you into the wall. He got far too rough and knocked you out. You should see your body imprint in the wall. So.. Derek didn't kill me, just knocked me out. " Now what? " I was scared to ask.. I didn't know if I would wake up or stay like this. So weak.. Couldn't get the girl. Couldn't get the guy. Your best friend didn't even think you would be worth saving. I looked around, blinking at the this feeling. Was that really why Scott didn't show? What do you think boy? Eyes glided up back to those red eyes, the red eyes that reminded me of Derek. Your best friend, didn't show, he knew, you are only human and he didn't give a flying ********! What did he want? Where did he go? Who knows, maybe between a hunters legs. I watched as those teeth, the mouth opened in a loud laugh.

                                                              My body felt weird, like I was fading away. But so angry, so sad, so confused. " Shut up... He couldn't help he would have gotten him self killed. " Another laugh was heard from this thing. Is that what you are telling your self? That has never stopped him before, from risking it all for others. Just face it, you are being pushed far away. You will have no one, hell your father even blames you. I reached out, this time trying to punch this smoke, only to yet again go through as it reformed. " Shut the hell up! " Where was he? Your father? Off at work again? Leaving you alone, every night. All you have, as family and he is barely around. Doesn't even know what's going on with his son anymore. Hands raised, scratching at my face, feelings the claw wounds.

                                                              Here is the thing, your so called friends and family mean the world to you. Even if you seem to always be put last. The Hybrid - He wants to kill them all. You do know he will kill Derek, after all you are weak just a human. A human who can be used against people, you only get in the way. Eyes began to look around, look around for any form of light, anything that would wake me up. " I.. I'm... Just human... " What could a human do? Just a human? Sit back, watch as they die, sit back captured unable to do anything. Just like with Derek, you couldn't even help him. Maybe if you had been stronger he wouldn't have knocked you out, haven't had gotten hurt like this. How is he suppose to love someone so weak, so fragile.

                                                              Give in to me... I'll make you so strong, none of your friends, family will be able to get hurt. This Alpha pack. This Hybrid.. They wouldn't stand a chance against you, against us. Take my hand.. Submit to me, fade away. Sometimes to gain you have to first give. I slapped his smoke like hand away, body twisting trying to get away. Upon running the darkness above turned into pictures. Pictures of me... Bloody... Body stopping I turned away, only to see these pictures all around. Derek, Scott, Dad... Looking down at my own hands, I noticed it the red tint along the skin. " No.. No.. NO! " Hands pressed down to the floor, trying to get the blood off. The floor turning into a goo, that pulled me in. My body falling, as the bodies around me began to fall. "Dad... Dad!" I reached out, hand tightening around his arm, pulling him close.

                                                              Once close enough I looked at his face, his eyes open, blood running down his neck. His lips cut to form X's... His chest, clawed.. Pushing from the body, my back slammed into something. Someone- Warmth... " Derek... " The voice soft, as it escaped upon turning around. Derek's mouth was wide, a large grin. His eyes half cut out. Stepping back, I bumped into someone else, Scott- Who looked the same. I tried to run, but my father soon apeared from the floor, followed by... " Mom..... " Head snapped to the side... Derek spoke first - Useless... Scott spoke next - Weak... My father spoke third - Little b*****d... My mother.. Her soft voice, eerie - You killed me..... Your killed me........... They kept repeating themselves, over and over the voices getting louder and louder.

                                                              Bloody hands raised up, fingers digging into my hair, grip hard. " STOP! " Tears streaming down my face, body aching with pain. upon yelling stop the echo caused the what seemed to be darkness and people around to crack, shatter. Like simple glass- The floor cracking and falling out beneath me. I was here again.. Falling further down, waiting for the floor to take my life. Take my hand... I can help you save them all. That voice, that hand.. I reached out, finger tips barely touching the shadows fingers. I couldn't reach.. Head turning to the side, I could see waves, crashing upon waves. A dark water, the air smelling like the ocean. My body was falling and I couldn't stop it, I... I couldn't even save my self. Hand closing, followed by eyes I fell, head first like a torpedo in the water. Unable to breath, but still able to feel. I sank slow, time frozen. The water around was turning colors, a dark black now a light murky red.

                                                              The black shadow hands, I could see them reaching into the water, grabbing a hold of me. Was he saving me? Give me your hand... The words muffled by the sound of water. I didn't think twice, I didn't need to. I was dying, weak and useless. Reaching up I took it - Finally I grabbed his hand. Like a click, a blink of an eye I was standing up. Laughter echoing in the distance getting closer. My finger tips lined with blood, veins running up my hands and arms. " What.. Whats.. Happening.. " The voice.. I'm taking over.. I felt warm, a feeling of power. The veins spread out, to my chest, stomach, legs, back, neck and finally my face where they began to fill my eyes. Everything went blurry, hands closing into fists. A flame erupted around me in a circle, spreading out to reveal a weird pentagram. Symbols along the outside. The Symbols simply floated into the air, smashing against my skin in different areas, burning the flesh. Eyes shooting wide open, revealing nothing but the pitch black of night. Flames exploding, taking in my body.

                                                              Eyes shot open, the comfort of a soft bed, warm soft sheets along my skin. Hands tightened, buried in them. My body was a bit stiff, head turning to the side hearing a slight crack. Hands opening and closing as the fingers cracked, working my joints. The room smelled like testosterone filled wolf. The room was dark, no lights on and a strange silence. Pushing up from the bed, eyes scanned through the darkness. Moving to the closet, I grabbed a few items throwing the clothing on and leaving he room behind. "Dad.." The words left softly, in the kids voice. " What happened? How long was I out? " I didn't once look up to the man, instead he embraced my rushing down the hall. He just kept hugging, tighter and tighter, a warm liquid running down my neck. Tears?

                                                              My answer was given - Five days. I struggled with this little s**t for five days. Hands came up, pushing the man back. " You have it all wrong. " The voice was Stiles, yet something about it was darker. My head lifted, flashing the man black eyes, in the moonlight. Mr. Stilinski jumped back, his lips parted - I raised my hand, throwing the b*****d back, slamming him against the bathroom door. Stepping in, eyes scanned the male, sinister smile. " I might have use for you.. " While speaking, my hand raised slamming down along the mans face knocking him out. Eyes slid up tot he mirror, the marks along the face gone. This was going to be fun, Stiles was gone. " Now I need to gather Chase and Kate. " While speaking, I made my way to the front door, fixing the leather jacket just before stepping out into the snowing cold.

                                                              "Kate.... I need you. Meet me in the woods, at a witch burial ground." Yes I was talking to the air, but I knew Kate could hear me, we had been connected in a lot of ways now. " Chase... Can you hear me... If so I'd like you to meet Kate at the witch burial ground, located in the woods. It gives off a sort of buzzing power, very easy to find. " I could of used our regular names, but what fun is that? These bodies, weren't really us.

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              MAENAD ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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                          A man looked up to the sky, a deep blood-red sky. The sun was black, releasing a strange glow instead of normal light. There were black clouds swirling in the sky. The city behind him was full of agonizing screams and loud gunshots that could continually be heard in the distance. But then he wasn't in the city any more; he was in a field, running from the rain. The rain was like pure acid, killing mercilessly and eating through anything that it touched. A little girl of no more than five years of age was suddenly next to him. She had platinum blond hair and strange glowing blue eyes. He did not know her name nor had he ever seen her before now, but the man felt the urge to help her. She was so small and innocent. They both were, in fact, in this field that was occupied by a mass of dead bodies. There was only an occasional patch of dry brown dirt amid the slushy and mostly red mud; red from being saturated with blood. Dead bodies lay in heaping mounds and completely surround the man and the small girl. They were running endlessly over the decaying corpses when the little girl trips. The force of the fall rips her hand away from the man's and he wanted to stop to help her but the approaching acid rain seemed desperate-- desperate for the apparent last two souls that were left. There was nothing to be done but hope her death was a quick one. Unfortunately, it was not. He turned and called to her to keep moving. "Run! Crawl if you have to! Get out of the rain!" But he was too late.

                          As she finally managed to stand and with a flow of tears streaming down her virtuous face, the acidic drizzled and covered her unprotected body. He knew he should have ran, but he couldn't; his legs were frozen in horror. She let out a torturous scream of terror as the excruciating pain instantly overwhelmed her tiny body. Her screaming was so harrowing and terrible. No one should have to suffer like that. He watched in horror as the bubbling acid ate relentlessly through her soft young flesh, blood pouring down her arms like a red waterfall. Her skin had all but disappeared, leaving only vulnerable muscle exposed against the downpour. Her bare skull was visible, and yet she continued to shriek in torment. The man watched until her bones crumpled and were finally gone all together. A black cloud approached and he turned to flee. "That fate will not befall me!" His body ached as he ran. He could see a cave just ahead as well as a familiar face. A friend greeted him at the cavern's entrance. He acted as though none of this bothered him. Maybe it didn't. He was smoking a long cigarette, the smoke bellowing toward the thickening clouds.

                          He went inside the cave, but the other stayed behind. The man didn't know how, but he knew the other wouldn't die. The cave was dark and he seemed to walk forever. Things too hideous to describe brushed against him as he walked. Inside a gargantuan room there was a huge fire in the center with many odd psychedelic colors bouncing off its damp grungy walls. Many horrific demons danced around the blazing fire in dizzying circles. He hid behind a boulder and sneaked around to get a better look, but one of them heard his movement. The demon was colorful and short in stature and he turned toward the man and imparted a monstrous smile as he continued to perform his strange dance. Even though the other demons were at least ten feet tall, he felt that the shorter one was the leader. The man, stricken in fear, could do nothing but clench his eyes shut. His curled hands were his way of trying to force the fear from inside, his sharp unclipped nails digging hard into the soft flesh of his palm. Drawing a sharp breath, his eyes slowly fluttered open.

                          The once thin slit of light crept open to show a full wide view. As his eyes adjusted a gnarled face stood mere inches from his own. Was it black skin with red smears, or vice versa? He could not tell, nor could he fathom anything more than just pure, unrelenting fright. The demon's yellow eyes pierced through his soul like hot needles, letting out a fierce caterwaul that shook even the stone walls of the cave. Skidding with his feet slipping out from underneath him, the man scrambled like a crab to get away but only managed to smack his head against the cold, hard cave wall. Warmth trickled down the back of his neck but the odd feeling of temperate liquid did not last long. Within another second came a low, crackling cry as a sharp pain ensued from within his chest. Looking down in dazed, swirling vision, he could make out a thin, dark arm protruding from his left ribcage, yanking out something no bigger than the size of his own fist. It was pulsing and contorting and before long a blank, expressionless look formed on the man's young face, as cold arms embraced his tired body.

                          What was left in the wake of the horrifying dream was a young man sitting upright in his seat, fear gripping on the edge of his tired mind with its wrenching claws buried deep within. His breathing was heavy and labored as his eyes darted from corner to corner of the darkened room before slowly rising from his laying position. Andrew had been sleeping on his stomach and propped himself up onto his elbows, frowning as he yawned quietly. His hands were buried underneath his soft pillow and as he looked to his left, Jackson was fast asleep beside him. At some point the previous night, the other had decided he needed to see Andrew, who was more than complacent with the other’s request, allowing him to stay over the apartment for the evening. They had stayed up all night talking, sitting by the fire, watching television and just enjoying each other’s company. Having battled the morning sun together, it seemed that they had been sleeping all morning and afternoon and as his tired eyes drifted to the glow of the alarm clock just past Jackson’s head and he reached over it, turning off the alarm. It was a few minutes past six in the evening and Andrew’s arms fell over the other’s side, drawing him in for a moment to take in his recently familiar scent, leaning in to whisper into his ear. ”Better wake up soon. We’ve got an hour and a half before the rave.” he breathed, pulling the covers from over himself. He resituated them over Jackson’s body, watching the other’s body rise and fall with each breath, before walking across the bedroom.

                          He reached into the top drawer of his dresser in order to pull out a shirt to place over his body, not bothering with anything for his lower half. He ventured into the rest of the living quarters, fixing his boxers on his waist and entering the next room. As though the room sensed his presence, the many candles lit, gradually glowing with flames as he progressed closer and closer to the back wall. It was there that he reached onto the upper shelf to pull down a rather dusty looking book, his hands gripping firmly onto the fur bound grimoire, lowering it to the floor. Sitting cross-legged, he flipped through the contents as the candle light danced along the white walls of the living room. He had this feeling that something unfortunate and potentially dangerous was going to happen at the rave and no matter what he could do, the concern could not be quelled. The maenad searched for the spell that would allow him to be bound once more to Jackson, just as he had kept the other safe in his apartment for nearly three days earlier in the week. Content with the consultation that he had made in one of his old books, he called for Jackson to come into the room, rising from the ground. As he waited for the other to enter the room, Andrew rummaged around one of his cabinets to find a small box of old trinkets. Inside were various rings, necklaces and objects that once belonged to someone else, but had since found their way into his possession. His fingers reached for two matching, silver rings that had a single rune carved into the thick metal. He turned to face Jackson, motioning for the other to sit on the couch. Tossing the rings into the large brass bowl on the coffee table, he picked up a sewing needle from another drawer, sitting down on the couch beside the other.

                          ”I’m not having a good feeling about this evening… something tells me that it’s not going to go as planned. So just to be safe, I’m going to give you a ring. I’ll be wearing the same one and it will allow me to feel whether or not you’re about to turn and hopefully, we can keep you from hurting anyone more than yourself. I can’t keep you from turning… not when someone else has control over you, but this will be some added precaution. Just give me your hand,”

                          Andrew explained this as calmly as possible, holding his right hand out to Jackson. Once the other had placed his hand in his own, Andrew turned it over. With the needle he pricked the other’s index finger with the needle, reaching for the bowl on the coffee table. He allowed the drops of the other’s blood to fall onto the rings inside, squeezing Jackson’s fingertips to get out as much blood as necessary for the enchantment. He set the bowl on his lap, bringing his legs together in order to cradle it between the crease, the cool metal slightly uncomfortable against his bare legs. He took the needle between two fingertips and sliced his palm, a thin line of blood forming within mere seconds. His blood trailed from his palm, flowing into the brass bowl. Within a few seconds the contents lit up as though a light was shining through clear water, lighting up his face in the process. He rose and moved about the room, dropping a few more necessary ingredients into the mythical spell. As the light faded, all that remained were the two silver rings and he held one out to Jackson, flashing some pearly whites to reassure the other. ”Don’t worry. I’m not proposing to you.” he said as he moved past the other, placing a hand on his shoulder.

                          Andrew set the bowl atop a shelf, before leaving the open fire pit crackling behind Jackson, closing the bathroom door behind him. He turned on the hot water and removed his shirt and boxers, tossing them into a basket before slipping into the steaming water.
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Vahn Gregory Torrens
"I Hear Your Heart Beat To The Beat Of The Drums."

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Vahn had not exactly had the most easiest week of the year. The run in with Lucius had left him more then on edge, and not to mention what he saw in the forest had left him more then shaken up. Plus he had trouble sleeping without some kind of aid, such as weed or an actual sleep-aid. Things though had not been all bad, him and Kyle had become closer as friends, after all getting your a** saved from a vampire kind of leaves you feeling close to the savior. Not to mention Kyle was actually a witch, that was completely epic in Vahn's opinion. His friend had even gone out of his way to give him a charm, that would supposedly help him against the vampire issue. Then there was Danny, the guy that Vahn had been crushing on since freshman year. He had been late to a lunch with the other guy, where he ended up asking to go to the rave with him. That had put Vahn on cloud nine, and at least curved his mood to a better setting. They had agreed after school Friday they would grab Danny some stuff from his place then head over to Vahn's. It would also be where they crashed after the rave.

Vahn found himself walking through the hall in just his underwear and trip pants. He and Danny had both finished dinner a little over an hour ago so now it was that big rush of getting ready. He hadn't been to a rave in quite a while, so he himself was full of excitement for this. It had been one of the few things lately he had to look forward to after the run in with Lucius. It had left him with a constant feeling of being watched, that he was waiting for the right moment to make a move. Hell he had been half scared to leave his house at first to go meet with Danny. He now though was more concerned with how he was going to look for the rave.

Vahn looked under the sink and grinned pulling out a plastic bag filled with small paint containers. He put them all down on the sink counter before looking at his face debating about what to do. He quickly though decided on something simple using the blue paint to complete his face. He laughed walking back into his bedroom where Danny was sitting on the bed. He looked at the other guy and laughed. "What do you think, blue my color?" he asked, walking over to his closet and slipping his shirt over his torso. He looked in the mirror before sitting down on the bed, pulling a box out from underneath his bed. He opened it revealing a fairly decent amount of beaded bracelets, aka kandi. He slipped them onto each arms, before at the end putting his vervain charm back on his wrist.

Vahn found himself anxious at this point looking around the room before looking to Danny. "I'm so stoked we're going, by the way I can get us past the line up." he stated, a smile across his face as he stood up again, doing over to his mirror and playing with his hair lightly. The young man was hyper and excited to go out and dance tonight. He had started to forge about most of his problems as it got closer and closer to the rave, although in the back of his mind he knew something bad was happening, but tonight was going to be fun. He would just need to keep reminding himself that everything would be okay. Right now he was safe thanks to the charm, so tonight would go by vampire. He would just need to keep reminding himself of Kyle's gift and he would be fine.

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outfit: hype // location: my room // company: Danny
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Noel Arman Gardien
"Take The Time To Open Up, Your Weary Eyes Are Blind To All The Things Around Us."

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Noel had spent a good rest of the day with Dante catching up with him and just learning about how much things had changed. In all honesty he had found himself enjoying the feeling of being around his friend again. He though still had been fairly stressed, so that same night he had ended up drinking more then he should have, and well it simply ended in a very drunk Noel. It had been an interesting night to say the least that ended with him waking up cuddling with his best friend. Of course the next morning Noel had been cursed with a dreadful hangover and headache. That day had been a lazy day, and once Dante had headed out, he just ended up staying on the couch under his favorite blanket watching movies.

Noel's week had gone by with a lot of time spent either training, reading, or just flat out trying to figure out what to do. He had only left his house for a few hours each day for his daily jog. Although a day after his hang over he had been on his jog when he ended up running into a young man, well turned out was a young vampire. Had he not been a hunter he wouldn't have caught onto the subtle details of one, but he wasn't exactly the type of hunter to shoot first and ask later. He was even caught off guard by how well he and the vampire, Raidon, had started talking so easy. They ended up hanging out for a bit before Noel had to get back to his task, but ended up exchanging numbers. It was nice in Noel's opinion to have friends that weren't normal, after all he was far from normal. The rest of the week had gone by rather fast though, until Friday came that is.

Noel found himself stepping out of the shower as his cell phone went off. It was a little after seven pm on friday. He hadn't exactly been the most social in the last few days all things considering, so he opened the text message seeing it from a high school friend who was throwing a rave. He began to consider going to it, after all he hadn't spent anytime on just really enjoying himself since coming back. He though didn't exactly feel like going alone, and he knew it wouldn't be Dante's thing, especially considering he and his friend were just giving each other a little space. The revelation of a new weapon had left the two on odd terms, so for now they were just giving each other space. He himself had doubts about the new weapon that he was given, but it was seeming that from his research, he would need all the help he could get. He now though decided to give Raidon a text.

TO: Raidon
FROM: Noel
Hey so I'm going to that rave tonight, would be awesome if you came too.

Noel walked into the bedroom going through some of his old clothes, letting out a small laugh he realized how little he had gone out since moving. He could still remembering those times he would party and end up calling Dante while intoxicated. Of course his friend would laugh about it, and so would he the next day. The young hunter though soon decided on the outfit to wear, slipping into it before looking at his reflection. He couldn't help but laugh at how he hadn't dressed like this in years. He looked at the time, seeing it was just after eight pm, deciding now was a good as time as any to make his way to the event. He walked towards the garage, slipping on his jacket and stepping into his truck. He drove his way down to the venue, taking his time, getting there just as doors opened.

Noel found himself moving through the crowd as the music filled his ears and body. He found himself smiling as he started to move to the music, moving his hips to the bass. He though looked around and soon spotted Raidon and smiled walking over. He could tell right now the other wasn't exactly in his element, so of course he grabbed the other by his hands. "You are coming and dancing with me, because I am not being a loner, and neither are you." he laughed pulling the other into the crowd with him. He couldn't help but take in the vampire features, and he had to admit, Raidon was a hot one. He though right now was more focused on just dancing and having fun, and getting Raidon to dance too.

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Jackson Whittemore

                                                So yes Jackson had a little fun with Andrew the night five days ago. And oddly it wasn't odd or weird. So Jackson stayed at Andrews for the next two since the spell or whatever was still on him. But knowing that it might be best to leave Andrew alone for a bit Jackson left. He felt more in powered about himself and didn't feel so weak and sad. Maybe it was all the kindness that Andrew was giving or that the fact he couldn't feel the other half turn inside of him. Yeah most likely the second one. Anyways it didnt matter he found a few days of peace and was able to enjoy them without people in his ear. Yeah it was nice to have that every once and a while.

                                                Jackson only stayed away from Andrews for one whole day. And it has to be said it wasn't the best one. His body ached and hurt. he tried to sleep but then he would get cold then hot then back cold again. He was braking a sweat in a cold room and shaking in a hot shower. He didn't like this once bit. having the sleep be warn off it left him feeling well vulnerable. he still tried to play back everything but only getting back to the fact he had kissed Matt. And that idea was well how to put it kindly....bad. So he ran away again, this time taking a few clothes with him. But running came to driving and driving lead him once again at the door of Andrews.

                                                The night before they had some time to talk. hell the whole night they talked about Andrews past and how Jackson felt so unease about not knowing his parents. yeah it was still tearing him apart. He wanted to know them but it seemed like the world kept them far away from him. It was sicking to think about. So talking came to sleeping and finally Jackson could let himself sleep through the whole night without waking up burning or freezing up. The dreams came all so vary soft, fueling his mind with good. In all honesty it was like being around Andrew was like taking drugs he couldn't be sad or mad he just felt content. Hey it better then nothing right ?

                                                Feeling the warmth on his neck and ear, Jackson slowly rose after Andrew. His hands rubbed at his eyes a bit trying to wake up. His mouth gaped open with a soft yawn before hearing his name. His feet hit the cold floor fist as he started to the calling voice. He didn't bother with clothes, he was fine walking around in his black boxers. His eyes drowsy a bit as he was pointed to sit and listen to Andrew. The man before him seemed well wake while Jackson struggled to stay awake. He did as he was told, lifting his hand to Andrew for his finger to be pricked. He took the finger to his lips to lick at it a bit. He watched as everything went down and how the things changed.

                                                "Damn,I was hoping you were..." Jackson smiled lightly as he ran the ring along his fingers a bit. His eyes looked down at it a bit, rolling it along the tops of his fingers. With another soft smile he pushed the ring down his middle finger on the left side. He lifted his hand up a bit to look at the ring. His eyes fluttered closed and took in the air sharply. Now this should be fun, feeling Andrews emotions. It was almost a small key to see how Andrew really felt about Jackson. And hell he was going to try it out.

                                                Now more awake Jackson strolled though the house. His eyes looked over the many boxes, he was going to have a talk with Andrew about all the boxes scattered around the place. Hell he might even pay for someone to come and organize it all. But for now Jackson followed behind Andrew into the washroom. steeping out of his boxers he moved quietly into the shower, his arms raced along Andrews stomach and chest a bit, his lips finding the nape of Andrews neck kissing softly and to his ear. "Why couldn't we have sleep a bit more. There is no rush to go to the rave. And plus do I look like someone that would go to those things?" Nipping softly at the males ear he smiled pushing Andrew a bit to turn him to face him and press the males back to the wall. His eyes ran along the males body a bit with a dark grin."But I guess it fare for me to go with you since it would be bad to keep cooped up in the house. Oh and just to let you know your the first to make me wear a ring..."

                                                Mood: Why couldn't It be like this before we went to war? Location: Andrews Apartment With: Andrew
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                          Andrew stood in the shower for some time, a servant to his own thoughts. There had been so much that transpired in just the first week-- he never fathomed how chaotic Mystic Falls was, as no one had ever forewarned him against it. There were plenty of werewolf issues that he could see; the town reeked of them but none of regular townsfolk ever seemed to notice. Andrew tightened his fists firmly, pushing them against the cool tile of the wall, allowing the hot water to run down his back. He tried to imagine his thoughts trickling away from the recesses of his mind, just as the water passed through his darkened blond hair to his ankles. His knuckles were turning white, his chest rising and falling steadily. Everything about the modern world was so different from when he had been a child. As an adolescent, there were barely more than Gods, Goddesses, Werewolves and Vampires. And as the years went by and civilizations fell and rose, more and more supernatural creatures arose. It was a wonder how he remembered most of them. And then his mind drifted to the topic of Jackson and how troubled the boy was. Andrew saw so much of himself in the sarcastic, impudent lacrosse player. He had grown so tired of rich individuals complaining about how pathetically dull and boring their lives were, or whenever occasions did not go to their expectations. In his time, wealth meant power, a certain level of self-respect and honor; something that he had witnessed was lacking in many people. Yet Jackson's bitter and coarse personality was something of a defensive persona-- one that Andrew easily saw through. The male was slightly more intuitive than most mortals gave him credit for. And that was precisely what Jackson was: a mortal. Unlike those that suffered the vampire curse, or creatures such as himself, mortality was something that did not phase them. Despite Jackson's alternative form, the mutated lycanthrope disease was not something that abated the sands of time and at some point, Andrew would have to make a decision.

                          He did not want to have to think about every relationship with such little regard, but at his age and experience, it was near second nature to him. Every relationship, every acquaintance was always evaluated for emotional and personal value. Few ever made the cut; even less survived the harsh outside world. There was always a way that Andrew could keep the other alive, but that would certainly involve giving up something of his own. And having his poor experiences with the vampire lord that created him into what he was that day, always left him speculating. Even after all the years of trials and errors, the one thing that he was atrocious at was committed relationships. He adored Jackson to some degree, mostly for his youthful personality and lashing tongue, but it took more than that to make a relationship last. And although Jackson revered him as a God-like creature, how long would such adoration ensue? All it would take was one minuscule error and the other would never speak to him again. Although he was the furthest thing from it, he never felt so mundane as he did whenever relationships were up for questioning.

                          And then the culprit of his serene thoughts slipped into the bathroom and Andrew was instantly snapped from his reflective phase. He made a note to teach the other about being a little bit quieter, but it seemed that the other's mission was not sneaking up on Andrew. He could feel the other's smooth hands slipping around his waist, and a lascivious smile spread across Andrew's face. He imagined the other stepping into the bellowing steam, his slender body slowly revealing itself as the condensed moisture clouds drifted away, and allowed the other to force his body against the wall. A small breath escaped past his lips, the cold marble tile shocking against his warm, wet skin. Running a hand through his darkened, wet blond hair, he cocked a half smile, before reaching for Jackson's body. His hands were placed on the other's hips, pulling Jackson's lower half to be flush against his own. His nose brushed against Jackson's neck as he tantalizingly toyed with the other's nerves, his lips sucking at some flesh just below the other's jawline. "Forgive me... but something told me that waking you up would lead to this and considering how we did not get to finish the other night... I couldn't pass up this opportunity," he breathed into the other, his hands sliding to the other's rear end. "And how no one has given you a ring before, will never be known to me. Surely all the boys on the lacrosse team must know what a catch you are. A beautiful thing like you and no one to love? It's nonsense."

                          He brought their lips together, cocking his head to the side as he turned to place Jackson under the running water. He turned the other around, Jackson's back flush against his chest, as he nipped at the male's neck. It seemed the boy's skin was spotted with popped blood vessels from underneath the skin's surface, from all the kissing that they been spending their time with the past couple days. Andrew adored them like marks of territory, his hands sliding around Jackson's waist. His fingers glided over the other's abdominal muscles, lips brushing over ever spot of skin that he could get to-- from the nape of his neck to his shoulders and back to his neck again. "We've got plenty of time to kill though... wouldn't want to be the first ones to show up at this party. No fun in that-- and royalty is never the first to arrive." he joked, licking at Jackson's neck one last time. "But first, let's get you cleaned up..."

                          He was beginning to imagine the other in ways that were not appropriate, but felt so fitting at the same time. He reached for a bottle of liquid bath soap, squirting some into the palm of his hand. He lowered himself into a crouching position, lathering his hands together. Working the suds into the other's legs, he gradually progressed upward, the other's hair prickling against his fingertips. If it was one thing his witchcraft had done right, it was the control and ease that he did things with his hands. Once he reached the other's rear, he nipped playfully at it, massaging the other's end as he rose to kiss Jackson's neck once more. He manipulated the skin in a teasing manner, making sure to clean it thoroughly, before reaching for more soap. Pressing up against the other's back once more, the next area he paid attention to was the other's frontal area. Bringing soap and water together to create a lathery, silky mixture, he began to toy with Jackson's manhood for some time, feeling the other lean into him and essentially melt against his figure. Jackson's body was like one alluring, piece of perfection that rivaled even the sculptures of famous renaissance artists. He continued to work the other's area, getting him worked into the spot that he wanted him to be, before turning Jackson around once more. Andrew decided to take the brunt of the cold wall once more, bringing Jackson's chest against his own, both their raging manhoods pressing firmly against each other. Andrew and the lacrosse player stood underneath the hot water, locked in a passionate kiss, only stopping occasionally for gulps of necessary air. "Maybe I won't let you go to the party. I'm not even sure I'll let you leave this shower..." he spoke, biting at the other's bottom lip.

                          He paused, examining the other's physique once more, running a hand through Jackson's wet hair. While he was always gentle and tender with the other's body, Andrew wanted nothing more than to do just the opposite to it-- in a sexual way of course. He could kiss the other's lips for hours straight and still not have his appetite satisfied. Holding up a finger for a moment, Andrew kissed Jackson a few more times before pulling away for just a second, reaching out of the shower curtain for the silver ring he had left on the counter. He held it up to Jackson, knowing very well that the other was wearing his as well, slipping it around his finger. As soon as it made contact with his skin, the other's emotions and desires washed over Andrew like a tsunami, and he felt almost lightheaded at first. But it was solely the reason that he was beginning to feel the other's desire for him, that he decided to go through with their shower sourced interaction. "That's just so you know that the feelings are mutual." he spoke, referencing both their rings. He began to kiss the other again, hands wandering around the other's body, before commencing with the act that one would expect to take place.

                          Having showered and partaken in some extra activities, Andrew and Jackson then ventured to the bedroom, where they were considering what to wear. Andrew rummaged through the drawers in his dresser, a towel still wrapped around his waist. His skin was covered in goosebumps from the cool air within the room, his eyes drifting to Jackson's figure. He smiled, before tossing boxers and a pair of pants onto the bed, making his way for the closet. After withdrawing a light blue collared shirt from the hanger, he paused at the foot of the bed, standing behind Jackson once more. He slipped his arms around the other's waist, bringing him close again, taking in his fresh, clean scent. "How do you feel?" he asked, although he could very well feel the other's emotions with the ring he was wearing.

                          He pushed Jackson onto his stomach on the bed, falling down on top of him. Slipping his arms around the other's mid section between the mattress, he pressed his body against the other's, closing his eyes as he buried his face in Jackson's neck once more. He enjoyed being very sensual with the other, but knew that it was time to make their way to the club soon. He wanted to lay in bed holding the other all evening, not letting Jackson out of his sight or exposing him to the stresses of other people, but Andrew knew he was being too much like a worried parent-- and that was not the type of relationship he wanted with Jackson. He continued to hold the other tightly, wishing they could just slip back underneath the blankets and sleep for several more hours in each other's company. "You scared of anything happening tonight?" he inquired, kissing Jackson's neck.
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                                                    Far too many things had been going down, and far too many things kept going wrong. He didn't know what was up with Derek, the guy was just messed up in the head. Clearly not suited to be an Alpha if he can't even lead his pack. The guy needed a good wake up call, sure he understood about the Stiles thing but don't just go nuts on it. That Alpha pack was a problem, he didn't know what the leader wanted with his sister. Could they have a thing going? God Dante knows his sister goes for those Alpha's, she went for Derek. Oh yeah picked that b***h over her own brother. Still he wasn't over that! Looking around, he examined the snow along the side of the streets. It was still falling, pretty hard. In his left hand he had a cappuccino from the small bakery and coffee shop. And a chocolate cookie, with white chocolate chunks. His right arm, well it was around Elliott's waist, fingers looping up in the ends of the mans shirt and pants.

                                                    A smile slid over his lips, eyes looking up to the male. Yes he just came from a date? Could you call it that? Going to the Mystic grill to grab some food, and after some warm liquid and deserts. Yes it could be considered that. Maybe not all things came from Derek's pack after all. Dante turned his head, eyes looking around at a few people walking around. Most of them had kids, taking them out to look at the lights and tree in the square. Plus the figures all lit up, for the Holidays that seemed to be rushing up. He didn't know what he would be doing, he sure as well wasn't going home with his sister and dad. Maybe just spend them alone? He didn't know if Raidon had plans, did he even have gatherings or dinners like that? Lifting the cup up, steam rolled from the slit. The intake of warm liquid felt good, and warmed his chest. Not that Dante needed the warmth, after all he wasn't even cold.

                                                    " You look cute with snow in your hair. " A much wider smile turned into a grin, eyes examining the males head. Lots of snow falling, but nights like these he could really get use to. Nothing happening, pushing his worries away for just a night. Yes he had plans to make some things but doing it worry free. " did you have a good time? " He didn't know why he asked, but he did. Maybe it wasn't just sex, maybe it was more. Although Dante could smell it. That other scent that had been present on Elliott. So he figured maybe it was just sex, mindless moon sex that he really didn't want. So why bring it up? Why ruin this type of moment? He wanted to be refused the questions that wanted to escape. So instead Dante just tightened his arm around the man, pulling his warmth closer letting him self bask in the feeling while it lasted. " Well I had fun.." He gave a slight shrug, followed by a chuckle like giggle.

                                                    Ugh- And don't even get him started on Noel or the Hybrid. This was far too much for his mind, he was nineteen not thirty! He wasn't suppose to have all this on his mind. He really would of loved to be normal, and think of sex and popularity all day. " So tell me more, more about you.. Your past.. " He nudged the boy with his hip lightly. Most - No all of Dante wanted to know why Elliott was so Rawr all wolfed out. Elliott really wanted to kill him it seemed, and that wasn't very good. Just after speaking he took a bite from the cookie, a pleasing noise left him at the taste.

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                                        The past week and a bit had been surprisingly calm. Raidon spent most of his days wandering around Mystic Falls and getting used to the drastic rise of the supernaturals in the area. Thankfully Raidon hadn’t had any run-ins with anything so far, but he had a sense that it might just mean he had become a little more oblivious that he liked. It was better to be alert. But despite his worries, the vampire was quite happy. He did end up taking a quick visit to his sister’s home a town or two over to make sure that she was doing alright without him in her life. But he had to regretfully wipe his little sister’s memory after that.

                                        Besides the small travel, Raidon had spent his time either scoping out the best feeding grounds (hospitals, mostly) or staying at home. He had sort of given up on the whole going-to-school teenage boy (there were only so many times he could learn the same things over and over again) façade and focused more on more interesting things. Like how his “blood bank” was running low and that he was beginning to tire of bagged blood.

                                        And that lead him into the predicament that happened a few nights ago.

                                        Raidon rarely found himself hunting humans, but he guessed his instinctual side got the better of him. Besides, it was only a matter of time before he finally snapped and began digging into people again, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. The brown eyed male could truthfully say that it wasn’t really planned. More of a last minute decision actually. But nevertheless, Raidon had found himself playing with his food for quite some time before clamping his jaws around a compelled, middle aged woman and coaxing the sweet, warm blood from that rapidly fluttering pulse point. And once Raidon had his fill, he carefully placed the woman back into her broken down car and counted the beats of her heart. People may call Raidon a monster, but he was definitely not a killer. Then he had locked the car doors, called a tow-truck, and was on his way. But he had barely even gotten three blocks until he had picked up the scent of another human, Now, Raidon knew that he wasn’t a messy eater (or would it be drinker?) but he still licked his lips and made sure there were no traces of blood to be found on his person (one day, Raidon knew, Oxiclean will fail him). But that scent he had caught ended up being a brunette man around the same physical age as himself.

                                        And that was how he met Noel.

                                        At first, like anyone, Raidon was sort of awkward around the other male, but he easily warmed up to Noel and that little pink elephant disappeared in a flash. Soon enough, Raidon and the other boy (a hunter, he had found out) exchanged numbers and the two ended up parting ways.

                                        Raidon’s Friday night at the moment wasn’t exactly the most exciting, but he was content. He had his laptop perched in his lap and a cheesy horror film playing on the TV in front of him. Sure, the only hot action he was getting was the bottom of the laptop burning his thighs, but he was happy. Scrolling down the list in front of him, the vampire pursed his lips. There were too many decisions. The page was filled with shelter cats, and the vampire really couldn’t decide on which one he would like to bring into his home. Over the week Raidon had found himself sort of wanted a little companion. But dogs were completely out of the question. He didn’t have the time to take care of a canine, plus he just didn’t really enjoy them. So cats it was. Now the only trouble was actually finding one that he liked, and he had to make sure that the cat was okay with him as well. It had to be mutual.

                                        Before Raidon could click on the next page, his phone buzzed loudly next to him. Reaching over, he read over the message and blinked. A rave? Pressing his lips together, Raidon realized that he had never been to a rave before. Of course he knew that it was, the entire thing was just a little foreign to him. But he really had nothing to do and mingling might do him some good.

                                        TO: Noel
                                        FROM: Raidon
                                        MESSAGE: I’ll see if I can make it. I’m not doing anything important right now anyways.

                                        Sliding his phone closed Raidon shut down the laptop and placed it on the coffee table in front of him. He could look again later tonight and make his decision in a few days. It wouldn’t kill him.
                                        After getting dressed in the clothing he deemed appropriate, Raidon stuffed his phone and keys into his pockets and locked the door behind him. Running a hand through his slightly messy hair he shook his head and made his way out into the underground parking lot for the occupants of the apartment. And there sat his baby. God, he loved his car. It had been money well spent.

                                        With his sensitive eyesight it took Raidon a few seconds to adjust to the lights, not to mention the music and people all around him. Blinking a few times to bring himself around, Raidon decided to retreat to one of the farther areas away from the dance floor. He could admit that this place was actually sort of amusing, and he could even call it fun. It was… different. He could at least say that. But before he could study and analyze any more, he spotted Noel coming out of the throng of people. He gave a small smile in return, but paused, his expression slightly thoughtful as he glanced between the groups of people and Noel. Giving a quick nod of agreement Raidon let himself be lead into the throngs of people. Though slightly unsure, Raidon brought his eyes up to meet the other male’s, “I don’t come to these things often, if not ever.” He stated, voice rising a bit higher to be heard above the music. He wasn’t going to disregard Noel’s advance though and decided that maybe he should learn how to relax a bit more instead of being so uptight.

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Elliott Raphael Alden
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Elliott had spent a good part of the rest of his Sunday just recuperating from his incident with Jakob, the Delta Alpha. He had been completely overwhelmed, and it had left him sore regardless. Just because he was a werewolf didn't mean he was superman after all. Although once he and Boyd, one of his pack members, had gotten Derek and Stiles to safety, it hurt more to know that he hadn't been able to protect Derek and his human. His very odd smelling human, there was something not right about the human boy. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he knew something had been off about him. He though respected his Alpha's apparent care and concern for the human. Of course once things settled, well as much as they could, Derek seemed upset and seemed to become fairly distant. He though could tell it had to do with the human, he didn't know what was so different about the human, but he had faith in Derek and that things would be okay.

Elliott's week though had gone by rather smoothly besides the rough beginning, he had at least got to know Boyd a bit better. He had though wanted to get know Avery a bit more during the week, having her been one of the first he met since coming here. He though began to just adjust to the climate here as well as the general set up of the town. It was weird, him being used to New Orleans, and here being very different. He though was gradually adjusting to it, although the snow and cold was something he was having trouble with. The ice though was the worst, he had slipped on a patch and his werewolf senses did nothing to help at this point. He was thankful that no one had been around yet to see him slip and fall on the ice. He had though made it a personal note to avoid any ice patches while here. Though he knew that ice was the least of his worries right now, the Alpha pack was dangerous and powerful, which was something he was wary of, avoiding them in the case their paths ever intercepted during the week. Then there was the case of the one he smelled on first meeting Derek and Avery, the one that smelled tainted and dark. He had gone back to the house once and picked up the smell, along with a few others, and memorized it. He wasn't going to pull anything stupid like attacking an unknown creature.

Today though had been quite a bit more pleasant. He had woken up fairly early so he was able to get a morning work out in then, he and Dante had dinner plans, which was something he had never really done before. He had only ever gone out for dinner with family members and friends, not someone he was sleeping with or more so slept with. So when Dante asked him to go it slightly caught the french boy off guard. He of course though said yes and they ended up going to the Mystic Grill, which was his first time being there so he was fairly excited for it. He enjoyed the dinner though, it was nice to do something like that given what was happening around them. He enjoyed the meal though and the company of Dante, although it was making him wonder why Dante had made him pull back the other night, well thinking of Dante. When he had gone to The Alpha's Bar he had let loose, but when he had thought of Derek, he regained control, he didn't understand it.

Elliott now found himself though outside walking with Dante, who had his arm around Elliott's waist. He would have been lying if he said he didn't enjoy the feeling of being this close to Dante. Despite his dislike for the winter here, he found himself enjoying the beauty of the snow and the simplicity around him. He looked at Dante as he said that he looked cute with snow in his hair, making the blue eyed male blush and turn his head away slightly. He didn't understand why he was being all awkward around Dante, he never blushed like that in front of someone. He responded though as they kept walking. "Ah'm still not really used ta dis snow." he stated, smiling regardless though. He couldn't help the smile, being around Dante made him smile like this oddly enough. He took in the smell of Dante's cappuccino along with the cookie he got from that quaint little bakery. The small town feel was definitely growing on him. When the other asked if he had a good time, he immediately assumed he was talking about the dinner, which he nodded quickly. "Yeah, it was fun ta go dere for dinner." he responded, looking at the falling snow, still not used to that part of it. Sure it was like raining, but came down a lot slower, and a lot easier to watch. He felt the arm around his waist tighten a bit and pull him closer, feeling the warmth of Dante radiate to him.

Elliott finally realized what they had been talking about the full moon, making him blush slightly again. Of course he had a good time, it was one of the reasons he kept that broken pair of handcuffs. "It was different ya know. Ah dunno just kinda been lingering Ah guess? In like a good way dough." he stated not exactly sure himself right now, it had lingered, that was probably the best way to describe how it left him feeling after it all had happened. He thought about it at least a few times a day as to why it felt so different, and why it had made sex with Andrew feel off. He though went to the question about his past and he looked down at first, a flash of the massacre going through his mind. He looked up deciding to just talk about some of the more happy parts. "Well Ah lived on a plantation, ma parents are both human. Ah got turned when Ah was fifteen by ma uncle, but it was ma own choice. Ah used ta play da piano and sing when Ah was younger. Ah never dated anyone before..." he stated the last part quietly, fully aware though that Dante would be able to hear it. He was admittedly hesitant to bring up the huge battle between hunters and his pack, although if hunters knew of each other then Dante would probably have heard about it, depending on how long he had been a werewolf.

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                                                    Dante's hand began to rise, right under Elliott's arm, he would just have to keep the boy warm. A chuckle like grin spread along his lips, at the males accent. It was far different than what he was use to, cute in it's own way really. Most of the people around had a hint but still nothing so strong. He heard it all, everything yet the bit of information that stuck out was Elliott never being on a date. That made Dante his first? Yeah he felt special, or good about him self. Dante him self didn't have much experience in the dating world, nor in any social world. " So you turned willingly, why? " That was something else he caught on to, why would he want to be this this... What ever this could be called. " The way you acted, when we first met.. You wanted to kill me, you would have.... Why would you want to be like this? " He didn't want to bring this up, but it got the best of him and spat it out. Sometimes - Okay all the time that happened him just saying something bluntly. " I mean not that I care, hell everyone tries to kill me at least once it seems. " He chuckled lightly, hand falling from around the boy. " I'm not trying to pry into your past or anything, just curious is all. It seems decent though. " He Elliott a smile, his fingers trailing down the side of the boys arm to his hand. Fingers lined with Elliott's taking the mans hand into his own. He gave off a tight squeeze, followed by another side smile.

                                                    Dante was currently going off of what he watched in movies or read in books. Letting his more enjoyable date like instinct take over for now. " First date, lets hope more to come. " He officially wanted more! Even if this might cause a problem with his ultimate plan in killing Derek. Elliott was but a dot on his radar, Derek kind of made hi feel different, wanted or family like. He accepted him in even though he was a hunter, his own father couldn't even look pass this wolf to see his son. Lifting the warm cup, he took a small sip, the feeling sliding down his chest smoothly. Dante needed to put his interrogation skills away, he could easily seduce Elliott, get what information he needed. He liked the guy though, not like as a friend but possibly something more. It was different than with Raidon - He still felt bad for what he did to Raidon, using his blood like that wasn't fair to him. Wait - Never been on a date before? Suddenly his mind just took a huge U turn back to that.

                                                    What about sex? " Uh.. How many guys have you been with? " He blinked, head turning slowly to Elliott unsure if he really wanted to know that or not.. Elliott was amazing in bed, so that meant he was really only interested in sex right? " What we did... Oh hell the sex, was it just sex? " He swallowed, unsure if he also wanted to know that answer.

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                                                                XXXXXCarlos was happy that he had actually gotten some kind of time with his love, Alexander, during the last five days. He hated the fact that Alex was seeming to be just creating hybrids left and right. That was one thing both him and Lucius agreed on and did not like. He didn't understand why Alex had to do it, were Lucius and Carlos not enough anymore? Wasn't there other family members still asleep? Couldn't they be woken? Oh so many questions were on Carlos' mind, but he hadn't voiced any of them because he didn't want to risk upsetting Alexander.

                                                                XXXXXThe last five days had been pretty good. He had found out more of the world and got to go on a date with Alexander in the town. Had some pretty nice sex too, which he missed. 300 plus years without sex was a little rough and he hoped that neither of them would ever have to go through that again. Though, Carlos was asleep the hole time, he could never imagine having to go that long without Alexander, or anyone to please him. That was why he was a bit skeptical that there had been no slip ups in the last 300 or so years but, he knew that at the end of the day if Carlos seriously asked, and he had, Alexander would tell the truth, and he did.

                                                                XXXXXCarlos sighed as he stepped out of the shower, a new thing to him, but he had gotten used to it in the last few days. Much better than the old way of washing. He was also getting used to washing more often and not wearing dirty, old, nasty clothing. He liked both of these new things. He wrapped the towel around his waist as he emerged from the bathroom, to the bedroom for some clothing. He went into the closet Alexander and him now shared, and found some items to wear. Alexander had been so kind as to go shopping for him and buy him all new things.

                                                                XXXXXCarlos loved the spoiling Alexander was doing. He loved being treated like a king, which he believed in Alexander's eyes he was. Alex would bend over backwards to please Carlos and Carlos would do the same for him. Even though they were brothers it was still a relationship, not weird to them at all, especially because it had been going on for many many years. It just wasn't weird to have sex and be in a relationship with your brother. Though, now a days it seemed to be a no no. Though, he didn't care. Carlos now stood in his underwear as he looked at the clothing on the bed that he had picked out, questioning if it was the right choice of wear for this day.

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                                    So Stiles was gone? No, Stiles was annoying too annoying to be taken over by some demon. "You don't know Stiles like I do." Isaac answered with a smirk, stay away from Stiles? That wouldn't be hard, as long as he wasn't near Derek he'd be fine. It was pretty obvious they had something together since Derek kissed Stiles. But it wasn't Stiles? But was Stiles even his friend? Since he was Derek's boyfriend did that mean they had to be friends? "I don't care how strong he is. We have to help Stiles." War? He looked down at Erica,then back up to Alexander. "So....She wants me and Erica dead too right?" But who was the war with? His mother? "Who are we going to war with?" Stiles? No the demon IN Stiles? His eyes moved over to Erica, she could die... They could all die, unlike most Erica sort of understood him and he understood her in his own way. But he didn't understand Alexander, not yet atleast. Feeling a hand on his shoulder he looked back to Alexander.

                                    His mind didn't want to process much after he told him there was a book for Hybrids? Lead a team of Hybrids? A Alpha Pack? What the hell? "Why don't you turn one of the Alphas in the Alpha pack?" He asked watching him lift Erica "I'll take her." He said softly taking her from Alexander's arms into his own, then she began to yell out trying to find him "I'm right here." He replied shuffling her in his arms getting a better grip on her "I'm right here Erica." He snapped infront of her eyes before his head snapped to Alexander "Shes...She's blind?" Wasn't that impossible? If she was blind before she was turned wouldn't that have cured her? But she wasn't blind before she was turned. They'd figure this out at the mansi- home.


                                    The next five days were a time of hitting the books, well book. He was reading the book Alexander had given him mostly because he wanted to know what he was capable of doing. He wanted to know what to avoid. A throbbing in his neck finally forced him to get up and close the book, he was thirsty. In the blink of an eye he was at the door bursting out of it heading toward town grabbing some poor unfortunate and taking him to the forest and draining him. Before he smelled something, something delicious pulling a small tissue out of his pocket he swiped the circle of blood around his lips before his body moved on it's own to the smell. He soon found himself knocking on a motel room door, where the smell seemed to be coming from. Wait, that smelled like Georgina! She sat next to him in Biology? It had been a while since he had gone to school months maybe?

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                                        Alexander was a bit taken back by, Isaac mainly for that focus of wanting to save this boy. This worthless spec in his way, that needed to be taken care of. The best way would be to kill him - Yet could he risk it? This wasn't the only thing he was sitting on during these five days, Erica was another. Blind? ******** serious? He had no use for a blind hybrid! Alex although had no need for her she was part of the hybrid family now, which meant she was the weak link. He would have to watch her more closely now. As for Isaac he answered all his questions given, one of the biggest was who the war was with. War was with everyone around, humans, this Alpha pack, this demon back from the past of hell. Mainly the humans who think they are far superior, think they are so great. Hunters would be a big part of this and it seemed more had been showing up.

                                        Turning one of the alpha's did sound nice, though he would have to stalk and watch to see which one. He didn't need another useless hybrid like Erica, something he couldn't explain. Right now his main focus was running the town, two days ago he attended a funeral. The mayors funeral that is, this left the mayors right hand man that needed to be dealt with. This man would be at the rave tonight, he had a party life style and this would get him killed. Once he is out of the way he can work his way in, either by force or willing.

                                        Stepping forward Alex found his arms sliding over broad warm shoulders, hands gliding down a nice chest. Leaning forward he leaned up against Carlo's, lips kissing along the males ear. New things, new things all around. Be it clothing, going out, sex it was all so new again and he enjoyed every bit of it. His hands lowered more, scratching down that stomach he enjoyed laying his head against. He took in the males scent, strong, nice and clean. " Me and Lucius are heading to the rave, possible brother bonding time. Do you want to join us. " Alex nipped at Carlos's ear, tugging lightly on it playfully. " Come on, it will be fun. Lots of dancing, grinding against each other, a death, bite to eat after and a well needed ********. " A smirk slid along his lips, hands and arms coiling around the males waist holding him close. " Plus, who will keep Lucius and my self in line if you don't join us. I need the best arm candy. " While speaking candy, his tongue came out licking along the boys cheek and jaw line.

                                        " It would also mean I get to keep you safe, that wolf really wanted some of you. Next time I wont hesitate to tear his heart out and drink it like a ******** milkshake. " By now he was leaning his chin down on Carlos's shoulder, a soft sigh escaping his lips. " I love you, no one can take you from me. " Alexander might not be amazing with speaking or showing his emotions the right way but he was at least a bit decent with Carlos. " Lucius is probably ready, you should get ready. " Alex didn't wait for a yes or no - He knew Carlos would want to spend time together.

                                        While talking his hands dropped from around the warm body, moving slowly over to the window. He pulled the long drapes back, looking out at the snow falling. " I was wondering your thoughts on that boy. Stiles the one with the demon out to get me. Should I kill him or try to save him? " He turned his head for just a moment to glance at Carlos, with a wondering and puzzled look.

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