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Welcome to Monsters Among Us.

This storyline focuses around Dong Bang Shin Ki, 동방신기 / 東方神起
The Korean Acepella Dance group sensation that against all odds has taken root as the premeir stars of Asia.
Our story is somewhat different, somewhat darker; touching on the subjects of obsession, vegenance, violence, cruelty and danger.
This is not your average K-pop roleplay.

If you are interested in trying something a little different, then by all mean's proceed
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✖- This is a Literate-plus role-play
✖- Follow the TOS & all RP rules at all times
✖- Yaoi/slahs/BL, and het are allowed
✖- Please be courteous to all members
✖- Do not post in the actual Roleplay until you've been accepted please
✖- No Godmodding is allowed, unless it is an unclaimed character
✖- No leet, chat speak, or *action* posts please
✖- Keep all OOC conversation in the OOC thread when at all possible.
✖- All Non-band characters must be of the correct nationality. Either Korean or Japanese please
✖- You may play more then one character if desired.
✖- Original characters are allowed for antagonistic roles, company & production roles. If you wish for something outside of that category feel free to ask.

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Are you interested in joining?
If so, please, fill out the character application below and either post in the OOC thread or PM it to the Roleplay Mod.
Please also include an image for reference when at all possible.
Images for your post are not required, but they are appreciated.
If the role you want is taken, but has been dormant for an extended period of time you may apply to reclaim that character.

Character Name :
Sex :
Eyes & Hair :
Profession/Position : (If you are applying for a Non-band role, please specify if they are antagonistic or a protagonist)
Sexual Orientation:
General Appearance :
Personality :
Character Summery :

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What is the price of fame?
What must you sacrifice to obtain that unattainable glory?
To stand in that spotlight, bathed in a halo of color and a riotous frenzy of adoring fans, what would you give?

And, if once captured, it is threatened, how hard would you fight to keep it?

What if, not just your career, your passion, your hearts one pursuit was threatened?
What if your very life was placed in danger?
Would you keep fighting?

Would you?

There are reasons for every action.
There are consequences for every decision.
And sometimes, those mistakes can come back to haunt you.

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It is early summer 2006.
The band is busy shuttling back and forth from Korea to Japan in a rather hectic mishmash of airports, screaming fans and one endless flight after another.
As Dong Bang Shin Ki’s first Japanese tour draws to a close, and they prepare for their latest drama release, strange occurrences begin to crop up all about them.

Queer masked faces haunt the crowds.
Hands reach out as they walk by, slashing cloth and skin alike, or shoving them violently upon the ground to be trampled underfoot.
Odd unmarked packages appear at their door, there insides stuffed with their own stolen belongings and rather creepy photographs of a perversely intimate nature.
Letters begin arriving daily with the never ending flood of fan mail.
Strange letters, unsettling letters, threatening letters...
Unease begins to grow as the missives soon progress into outright proclamations of violence and strange phone calls they cannot even begin to fathom.
The boys quickly become nervous and unsettled.

Before long these happenings turn from harmless obsession,
to out right aggression, putting the entire company on edge.
Unable to abandon their schedule, the band is forced to continue with their day to day lives as if nothing is wrong.

Weary, and apprehensive, this is where our story begins.
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- Protagonists -

✖- Kim Junsu - Junsu Hyung
✖-Park Yoochun - Clown Abuse
✖-Kim Jaejoong - Jaejoong Loveholic
✖-Shim Changmin - xMia Feyx
✖-Jung Yunho - Yunho-Hyung

✖-Band Manager - OPEN
✖-Manager's Assistant - Cheeky_Chill

-Antagonists -

Lee Kwan - Lead Antagonist -✖
cheezkake1129 - Leader's Right Hand man -✖
OPEN - The Inside Help -✖
OPEN - Unhinged Assailant -✖
Hong-jo EeSung - Hired Help -✖
OPEN - Hired Muscle -✖
OPEN - Over-Obsessed Fan -✖

More characters may be added upon request.
There is backstory for the main antagonist, if desired. If you are interested in the position, and would like to use it, feel free contact me for it.
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None Currently

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