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                    I N T R O D U C T I O N

                    x Welcome to the third installment of Mass Effect X: A roleplay that has been on-going since January 1st 2011,
                    New Year's Day. Lemme' just tell you the story. This wonderful roleplay is the product of a last minute decision
                    of mine to make a shitty little makeshift Mass Effect roleplay to see who would join, rather than go to bed. I sent
                    out a few PMs to some people and got two replies; one from The Blurry Surrealist and Gemini Pollux (Badge
                    at the time), respectively. Gemini Pollux is still with us, and The Blurry Surrealist was with us for more than a year.
                    At the beginning of it all, most of us thought it would be a quick thing that lasted maybe a week with no real plot direction
                    and just occupy a small part of our time. Even I thought so, but I'm proud to say we were dead wrong.
                    x At the end of Mass Effect X-1, just before we finished the final arc, I made the split second decision to make
                    our antagonists far more dangerous and numerous than I'd originally let on, and turn Mass Effect X into a tetralogy.
                    Why? Because it's a rare thing on Gaia to take a roleplay from start to end, and it's another thing entirely to do it
                    four times in a row. A couple of people said I couldn't do it, but here we are now. We're getting there.
                    x The Amazon crew -- and us -- have been to all ends of the spectrum; from unknown goodguys
                    to traitors to falsely accused galaxy-wide heroes. And since the beginning of their adventure we've lost
                    people and gained new ones. We've nearly died more times than I can count, but we always kick it back up twice
                    as hard and come back fighting with as much hilarity as we have badassery. This is the best roleplay I've ever
                    been apart of, and these are the best roleplayers I've ever had the honour of working with. Welcome to Gaia's
                    longest running and proudest Mass Effect topic ever: Mass Effect X!

                    W E x D O N ' T x K N O W x T H E x M E A N I N G x O F x ' R E T R E A T '
                        HEY GOD; TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON !
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                        x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
                        IT SEEMS LIKE ALL THE GOOD IS GONE . . .

                        ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━ ━ ━

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          T A B L E x O F x C O N T E N T S

                  x Background
                        Sets the scene and includes summaries of Mass Effect X-1 and Mass Effect X-2.
                  x Story & Updates
                        An introduction to the story of Mass Effect X-3 and chapter-by-chapter updates on what's happened thus far.
                  x Guidelines & Rules
                        A list of rules and guidelines for members and those who apply to follow. Includes the profile skeleton.
                  x Characters & NPCs
                        A list of the current characters and NPCs. Also includes a list of those lost on the journey.
                  x Weaponry
                        Guidelines concerning and a list detailing the weapons.
                  x Powers
                        Guidelines concerning and a list of what powers each class may have.
                  x Terminology
                        A dictionary of terms to know upon applying for the RP.
                  x The Amazon
                        Details what's on each deck. Includes a picture of the USV Amazon.
                  x Quotes
                        A list of quotes from current and past characters.

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          B A C K G R O U N D
                    Events of Mass Effect X-1: "June 5th 2187, two years after John Shepard's death. A team of soldiers led by Spectre and Captain Owyn Skipper were sent to investigate a cruiser that went off the map during it's celebration and rememberance of Hero Commander John Shepard. On the ship the team found all party-goers dead along with Human Councillor David Anderson. Cause of these people's death was originally unknown up until the team investigated further and found two things: first a megaton bomb, live. And second they came across a mob of carnivorous nanobots that drove them from the ship. This little adventure ended with the cruiser (and nanobots) being blown up by the Megaton bomb and the Amazon crew making it to safety.

                    The Amazon Crew then went to Omega to pay off a debt to Aria T'Loak, who'd given them the hint on where the Derelect Cruiser was. The terms were that Captain Skipper and his crew would assist them in getting rid of a nuisance merc band trying to uproot Aria's control: The Dark Moons. Then the Dark Moons stormed Afterlife and after the ensuing battle the Amazon Team was joined momentarily by a wanderer named Ira Fairweather. After a brief but fiery conflict with Captain Skipper,the team set off leaving Ira behind to take down the Dark Moons base. Upon arriving, battle ensued and it became apparent that The Dark Moons were in possession of Geth troopers and were somehow controlling them. As the battle drew to it's close the team came across a Geth Colossus, which was swiftly destroyed by the timely arrival of Ira. After this, Skipper interrogated the apparent leader of the Dark Moons: a salarian named Yolan Terris, only to discover that Terris had no clue about the Geth and that they were probably smuggled in by an old accomplice of his named Victor Kreen, who had broken off from the Dark Moons three years before and started his own branch of the Dark Moons, a now Galaxy-renowned slaving organisation.

                    The crew arrived on Illium. Thanks to a tip extracted from a local informant named Mouse and brought forth by Captain Skipper's old friend and drell Vance Therion, it was discovered that Victor Kreen had brought his own towers on Illium. Immediately, Skipper and his team stormed the tower and worked their way up to the top floor where they found Kreen escaping into a shuttle guarded by a hulking turian named Lerax. Lerax proceeded to assault Ira before being tackled by Skipper. The turian and the Spectre then fell through a window and hurtled fourteen floors, and after a scuffle on a construction apparatus Skipper was rendered unconscious and kidnapped. Meanwhile, during the Amazon team's escape, Ira was shot and killed.

                    Following protocol, the Amazon returned to the Citadel for the Council to decide what to do with the ship's head missing: Velorix was named a Spectre, and his first mission as such was to find Skipper and either rescue him or recover his body. While the party was dealing with business on the Citadel, however, Veronica stayed behind on the ship to discover Abraham, a non-hostile geth platform and their newest teammate.

                    Shortly after the crew had been briefed, the crew received a tip from Nali's sister Lyrana, a powerful business tycoon on Illium, and they followed the lead to the Roman Colosseum on Earth. After taking care of the wave of Dark Moons upon infiltration of the underground base, Nali, Veronica, and Abraham painstakingly faced the monstrous krogan super soldier Mungo. When the beast was put down, the little party was joined by Velorix and engineer Aquila Zidel, and they discovered a database to point them to another arena on Tuchanka.

                    Meanwhile, Skipper woke up on the dry, disconsolate krogan planet in the company of one quarian Zan'Tholos nar Idenna and several other prisoners. There, they were forced to fight for survival against other units given the same position. After a few rounds, Skipper and Zan devised a brilliant plan to escape, just in time for the Amazon team to arrive and assist in the flight. After a successful getaway, they released the survivors on the Citadel, and Velorix relinquished the captain's chair to Skipper and took his position as the Amazon's XO. The returned captain was tasked with finding and ridding the universe of the notorious Dark Moons leader Victor Kreen.

                    After some well-deserved downtime and a period of nursing hangovers, the Amazon crew returned to work, but a session of inventory was interrupted when they discovered another stowaway, this one a vorcha by the name of Jask. Before they could decide what to do with him, the ship was attacked and boarded by several Dark Moons accompanied by three of the super soldiers, a drell, a salarian, and the titanic Lerax. The fire team was able to fend most of the mercs, but in the end, the battle took a turn for the worst.

                    The crew woke up on the Union's Lionheart, thanks to the recently-promoted Corporal Veronica Locke who'd used the last of her strength on the Amazon to call for help from the passing carrier. While the team was only patched up from their defeat, the Lionheart's staff discovered Kreen's escape path. Rather than taking the time to heal up and giving Kreen another chance to hide again, Skipper and his crew decided to hunt him down with the help of the esteemed Admiral Faust, second human Spectre and founder of the Union.

                    Once docked on Kreen's stolen carrier, they fought through waves of nameless Dark Moons mercs before once again encountering the reconstructed Mungo. After dealing with the krogan again, the party split up into three teams of three. Skipper took on Lerax while his two teammates Jask and Velorix went after the fleeing Kreen, granting the turian Spectre the kill shot. Meanwhile, Faust, Veronica, and Abaraham were busy at work freeing the captured slaves and inadvertently activating a self-destruct sequence.

                    Fortunately, the Amazon team managed to get out safely with the slaves, and the Council studied the Dark Moon database retrieved by Nali's team on the carrier. They'd determined that Kreen was merely a figurehead and that the real Dark Moons leader was still out there and still plotting to destroy the Citadel to gain power over the entire galaxy. In turn, the Council charged the three Spectres, Faust, Skipper, and Velorix with leading Union troops against the bulk of the Dark Moons' forces on Antirumgon while the reassigned Amazon was to scour the galaxy for the real leader."

                    Events of Mass Effect X-2: "The year is 2187. With Spectres Roderick Faust, Owyn Skipper, and Velorix Arkasus on the front lines on Antirumgon and the crew having suffered great losses from the last of Kreen's attacks, the restaffed Amazon found themselves following a lead to Tuchanka under the command of Acting-Captain Nali T'Roa and First Officer Duncan McFarrell. Hoping to get closer to finding the true leader of the notorious band, they met with one Yolan Terris who'd informed them of a Dark Moons watchtower. On their way there, the shore party was met by an attack from snipers atop the structure, but when they fought through the defense, they found inside the building...nothing but dead bodies. Their curiosity was sated when the murderers revealed themselves and attacked the crew: the same nanobots that'd been seen on the derelict ship just months ago.

                    Able to defeat the crowd of bots, they were directed to the Citadel to speak with Timothy, a C-Sec officer who'd previously been on the Dark Moons case. While the officer was gathering information for the crew, the party was allowed a little downtime before they managed to capture a would've-been assassin who'd targeted Duncan. They took him to an interrogation room, but a cyanide pill assured that they wouldn't get much information. Timothy later arranged a meeting between Nali and a quarian known as Turk who'd previously been a Dark Moons investor. His involvement with the group, however, had not been terminated as a small lot of Dark Moons were there to cover his escape escorted by a certain super-soldier Lerax.

                    Barring the loss of a new recruit in the confrontation, the party obliterated the little group and got away in one piece, returning to the ship and soon responding to an Alliance distress beacon on the turian planet Invictus. From the abandoned beacon and the crash site (where a video log showed a woman approached by scavengers), they were able to trace the intruders to a hidden, underground facility where the lone survivor was being held captive. She was promptly freed and showed her appreciation by attacking the party and disappearing into the vents just before an angry krogan arrived to reveal that the woman had been working with the Dark Moons.

                    With the woman nowhere in sight and Nali sent back to guard the Amazon's shuttle, the rest of the party followed the krogan and few vorcha to learn that they were ex-Blood Pack who were close with Faust. It was then that the group engaged the woman again, and were handidly defeated. Nali was also defeated by the drell, and the drell and woman escaped together.

                    The crew returned to the Amazon, and soon came under attack again by Lerax, the woman and the drell. Nali, Krogan, Veronica, Grace and Jask were all knocked unconscious by the trio, who then split off to fulfill their assigned tasks: The woman killed the Yeoman: Fiona Reyes. The drell tried to assassinate salarian doctor Sindrest Taelon, but failed and was killed by Taelon, who then managed to survive a kick from the woman that rendered him unconscious.

                    Up on the CIC Lerax shot down navigator Michael Ganning, and revealed Duncan McFarrell to be the Dark Moon Leader. Joined by the woman, whose name was revealed to be Clara, they set the Amazon on a course on autpilot away while taking a shuttle and heading to the Citadel, where Duncan's grand plan was unfolding.

                    On Antirumgon, Owyn and Velorix have been framed to be the Dark Moon Leaders. Faust has ordered both of them under arrest by SWARM. Velorix was forced into custody, but Owyn escaped. To where is unknown.

                    On the Citadel, Lieutenant Timothy (one of the Dark Moons, secretly) and countless other Dark Moons released nanobots upon the Citadel, slaughtering people all over the Citadel. The Council too were about to fall, but Duncan crashed into the Citadel and shot Timothy dead, betraying him and taking the Council to Safety for his own designs..."

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          S T O R Y x & x U P D A T E S
                    "This is Citadel News, Khalisah al-Jilani. We're here today to discuss the... questionable events surrounding the Union vessel SSV Amazon. With us is the esteemed Spectre and Admiral: Roderick Faust. Admiral Faust. Thank you for joining us." spoke the news reporter as she sat down at a chair opposite the lanky, smoking figure of Admiral Faust. "Not at all, not at all." he spoke calmly, before gesturing for al-Jilani to ask her first question. "So, Admiral. Would you say that the soldiers aboard the Amazon were merely pawns in the Dark Moons' game up until the very final victory?"

                    "No, no! Far from it my dear." spoke Faust as he leaned back in his chair puffing on his pipe. "What's been said so far couldn't be further from the truth of what really happened. I should know. I was there." he said with a bristly chuckle, to which al-Jilani replied with a coy brow peaked. "Why don't you tell us what really happened, then?" Faust raised an eyebrow and smiled again. "Certainly my dear. It all started with the escape from Purgatory..."

                    "Velorix Arkasus is a prisoner in Purgatory. The Amazon has been banded a treason ship and is to be brought to the Council. Duncan McFarrell has been made a Spectre and is acting on his own agenda while the Galaxy is dustracted by the search for the Amazon. Owyn Skipper has all but disappeared off the face of the Galaxy. What's going to happen? Will we be able to save the Galaxy once and for all? What song will we sing next!? Hop aboard, newbie. Let's rock."

                    Chapter I
                    Everyone's Favourite Turian

                    Our story begins in 2188 with Velorix Arkasus successfully escaping from Purgatory on a stolen shuttle, assissted by Admiral Faust turning a blind eye and giving the Amazon crew a chance. Back on the Amazon, the crew decided to head to Omega in the search for their former Captain: Owyn Skipper. Tensions flared as Jask accused Nali of bad leadership, and the two got into a scrap before being pulled apart by Krogan and Veronica and calmed down.

                    The team arrived on Omega, where they found themselves being forced to get an audience with Aria by ridding Omega of Dark Moon influence once more. There, a video of Duncan penalising Victor Kreen for letting Owyn escape from Tuchanka roundabout a year and a half ago was found. The team then returned to Afterlife, seeking an audience with Aria. Aria then told the crew thatt Owyn spent his days in Lower Afterlife, drinking himself to death.

                    Chapter II
                    Second Piece Of The Puzzle

                    The crew were shocked to indeed find Owyn not only drunk and smoking, but apprehensive and jumpy enough to pull a gun on Nali out of surprise. The former Spectre then ran off into the slums of Lower Omega, and even after Nali's frequent attempts at coercing him remained as stubborn as ever, choosing to return to his run-down shack in deep Omega that he now called home. A minor fight with three muggers halted Owyn (and Nali, who was following him anyway) in his tracks, but he soon continued and found himself in his house.

                    After many attempts by the other crew members, Velorix finally managed to convince Owyn to return to service as the Amazon crew's irreplaceable Captain. Unfortunately, enraged at this fact and viewing Owyn as a 'weak' and 'unfit' leader, Krogan returned to his old stomping grounds: An arena on Omega called Valhalla. Upon Owyn and the crew's arrival to this arena, Krogan challenged owyn openly to a CQC fight, which Owyn immediately accepted.

                    The battle was bloody, and brutal and brought out more cheers and gambles than probably any other anyone else would see. But in the end, Owyn would by glorious K.O. Owyn had the crew return to the ship where he could be properly treated for his wounds, after which he gave an angry speech about how they were going to track down Duncan and obliterate him for what he's done. With Owyn now once again recognised as the Amazon's leader, they set off for Illium in the hopes that Nali's illustrious sister Lyrana would be able to help them out.

                    Chapter III
                    We Weren't Expecting That!

                    Upon arriving on Illium via shuttle from the Amazon, the team were immediately led to Lyrana's tower by a contact of hers. Upon arrival, the team was met by Dark Moon troopers. Upon defeating this small team Owyn found a datapad, illustrating that Clara was heading up Lyrana's tower and towards Nali's sisters Lyrana and the infant Eralynn because Lyrana held some sensitive Dark Moon intelligence. The team split into two: With Otium and Jask heading up the vent system to find Lyrana and Eralynn with the rest plowing their way up the more direct way and straight through the Moons.

                    Nali lost her temper at the worry of her sisters Eralynn and Lyrana being in danger with the infamous Clara in the building, and while jumping out to save her Owyn was shot in the shoulder. Velorix quickly ran to his rescue, applying the medigel and shooting his attacker through the chest. Owyn then proceeded to yell at Nali and Krogan for falling out of line. The team then continued their march; meanwhile Otium and Jask found Lyrana and Eralynn hiding away in Lyrana's office.

                    The team nearly caught up with Clara as she ventured up the tower, and Nali rushed ahead once again leaving Owyn and the team to deal with a group of krogan. Nali and Clara had a quick fight before Clara escaped into a shuttle out the window with Lyrana and Eralynn in hand. After making quick work of the krogan, Owyn and the team entered the room where Owyn confidently signalled Taelon to arrive with the shuttle. Owyn took the driver's seat as the rest of the team sat down. The chase was on.

                    Ducking and weaving through the streets of Illium (and making one very dangerous maneouver up and upside down over a skyscraper), Velorix soon shot a round from his Widow through the Dark Moon shuttle, bringing it to an early land. Unfortunately the shuttle managed tor each it's destination on a skyscraper occupied by the Moons. Their constant fire forced Owyn to land the shuttle on the roof of the skyscraper, away from their targets. After a short think, Owyn told Taelon to fly the shuttle around until signalled. The team was then split into three and they all set off down three separate ventilation shafts to try and locate Lyrana, Eralynn and hopefully eliminate Clara.

                    Team One: Owyn and Jask slid down their vent and came under attack by a bunch of Dark Moons. Mid-battle, Owyn's medigel wore off, forcing him to stop using his right hand and therefore all his firearms. Owyn resorted to charging the Mech with his knife recklessly before getting swatted to the side, leaving Jask on his own to fend with a YMIR Mech. When it came to the point of seeming hopeless for poor Jask, the YMIR Mech and all accompanying Dark Moon mercenaries were flawlessly taken down by the coming of the Galaxy's most famous mercenary since Zaeed Massani: the volus Dar Vidnu. Soon after this they were joined by a quarian: Aryn'Fei nar Moreh. With their new team together, they advanced through the skyscraper and after taking down a squad of mercs together they then waited for the elevator to take them to their next destination. Team One arrived at a storage room, where they found a large number of hostages and a caged Eralynn. After releasing the hostages and Eralynn, the younger asari was sent back to the shuttle with Aryn and Owyn and Jask proceeded to answer a distress call in the penthouse of the skyscraper.

                    Team Two: Velorix and Krogan emerged from their vents to find a room filled with a few Dark Moons, after disposing of them in their own, unique ways. The two went on to try and complete their mission of finding any of the three targets only to find themselves being stalked by a mysterious girl named Aimée who was requesting to speak to the Captain. After a brief confrontation Velorix agreed to allow the girl to tag along. It wasn't long before they found Nali's elder sister Lyrana held by the Dark Moons. After a long and brutal fight, wherein Aimée distinguished her skills greatly, Velorix spoke with Lyrana, revealing a terrible plot.

                    Team Three: Nali, Veronica and Otium slid through the vents to find themselves in a break room, host to several members of the building's staff being held captive. After some reluctance, they went up the shaft to await rescue while Nali, Otium, and Veronica advanced into the halls and quickly dispatched a group of Dark Moon guards. Soon after, a fight ensues with Dark Moon Super Soldier Clara. A fight ensued, during which they were joined by the enigmatic drell: 'Ghost' as he called himself. After a fight that could have gone both ways, Clara was defeated and killed. Nali's team was the second to recieve the distress call and make their way to the penthouse.

                    Up in the penthouse, Nali's team arrived to find Skipper's team happily drinking away. Ghost made himself known to Skipper, who soon demanded that he know the drell's real name. The drell complied, and was from then on known as Myrrias Khar. And then the crew returned to drink. Before long, however, the power in the entire building Velorix sent in a message via omnitool to Owyn revealing what Lyrana knew; of a terrorist attack on Illium. Particularly the skyscraper that currently housed the Amazon team. While the Amazon Team's arrival wasn't anticipated, the distress signal in the penthouse was one meant to distract the team and catch them in the explosion that would bring down the skyscraper. Leaning of this, Owyn and Velorix's teams ran towards the 264th floor, where the shuttle would be waiting at the landing pad.

                    The teams both reached the floor without a problem, and met up while running the long stretch to the shuttle. Unfortunately, the building exploded from under their very feet and a large chunk fell off of the building, the Amazon team riding it down the side. As luck would have it another, angled piece of debris stopped their fall and slowed them, giving them the time to leap from this falling slab and onto a nearby stable building. Looking back, the team saw the skyscraper begin to fall down towards the, threatening their lives once more. The team ran, to where wasn't known right now. Just ran.

                    Thankfully Taelon then pulled up in the shuttle, and the team all leapt into it one by one. Unfortunately Aimée, who was injured from her fights before, didn't make the jump entirely and only managed to grab the edge of the shuttle's door. Aryn tried to help Aimée up but instead found herself knocked off by a piece of debris hitting the shuttle, falling to her death. In a fit of adrenaline Owyn managed to hoist Aimée up before taking over driving the shuttle so that Taelon could tend to the human's wounds. The team then returned to the Amazon.

                    Chapter IV
                    A Battle of the Gods

                    While exploring the remainders of Antirumgon for anything that could clear the Amazon's good name, the still skeptical Admiral Faust came under attempted assault by the infamous super soldier Lerax. After foiling his initial attack, Admiral Faust and Lerax engaged in a terrific fight of Biotics and Close-Quarters Combat. After a long and painful fight for both involved, a floored and almost paralysed Faust managed to pull all of his strength together and burn Lerax's eye out with his cigarette, causing Lerax to retreat in pain while Faust fell unconscious.

                    Wounded but later conscious, Faust managed to haul himself back to The Lionheart. What happened after that is unknown.

                    Chapter V
                    Flaring Tempers

                    Back on the Amazon, everyone was relieved to have gotten back to the ship in one piece (those who had made it back in one piece). Unfortunately some casualties were taken which included Dar Vidnu, and the team’s would-be new quarian member Aryn. The loss of the two along with the act of narrowly escaping death themselves left many of the crew on edge after the whole ordeal.

                    Jask in particular hadn’t taken the events very well, believing that the newcomers weren’t to be trusted, as well dealing with the stress of everything else had to put up with. Eventually Nali and himself got into a fight, to which Owyn was quickly notified and rushed in to put an end to it, interrupting his interview with Aimée, their new Shadow Broker agent.

                    After sending Jask to the brig to be questioned by Velorix, and questioning Nali himself, Owyn took a walk down to the ship’s engines for some alone-time to try and process everything that they had been though. He didn’t have time to however, as he was soon attacked by an asari assassin named Nymera Talis that had stowed away in the Amazon’s shuttle as the crew was escaping the collapsing building on Illium. She was quickly knocked out by the Captain and taken to the med bay, where she was escorted to the brig by Otium to be questioned later.

                    After that Owyn concluded the interview with Aimée, where they learned of a party being hosted by Duncan that they would have to infiltrate to gather more information about his plans. Then he began his interview with their other new crew member, Myrrias the drell. That interview didn't take long and within the hour Owyn had persuaded their prisoner asari Nymera to help them infiltrate Duncan's party. Owyn explained the plan to the team in the conference room. They'd split off into four teams: Party Team would be Otium and Veronica posing as an element zero mining tycoon and his wife to cause a security blackout with an EMP device then to monitor the party itself, while Teams A, B and C would be breaking onto the cruiser and searching for Duncan's secret cargo.

                    Chapter VI
                    Breaking And Entering

                    The morning before the party Owyn took Team B to the loading bay for Duncan's cruiser: The Venice where they stowed away into three crates and were loaded onto The Venice and told to wait for the blackout. It would only be a few hours.

                    Party Team - Otium and Veronica: Veronica and Otium successfully infiltrated the party, setting off the EMP Device without a hitch. After this, veronica and Otium kept the team updated on the Council and other big names at the party; specifically Duncan leaving the room.

                    Team A - Owyn and Velorix: Owyn and Velorix entered into the Upper Decks of The Venice and successfully took out the two security officers, opening the team to roam the halls freely. Owyn and Velorix soon split up, only to find themselves captured. Velorix having been snuck up on and Owyn getting into a fight with a krogan and being unable to defend himself effectively after the fatigue of his victory. They now stand captured at gunpoint before the entire party of The Venice, Council, Duncan and every other important figure there included.

                    Team B - Nali, Myrrias and Nymera: After waiting for several hours in the crate, Team B finally made it to the Venice's cargo hold. With a quick kill of a guard from their fake Dark Moons' guard, the three piled out to take a few real Moons out, hide the bodies, and begin rifling through crates in hopes of finding something that even a Spectre would have to smuggle. Much to their luck, Nali wrenched a particular crate open to find it home to a geth unit who promptly activated itself. With a scan of the team, it revealed itself to be non-hostile for the moment and alerted Nali that they were needed on the party deck. Before any interrogation could be made, the Geth tapped into the security systems and revealed to Nali Owyn and Velorix's situation on the deck, and the team rushed to help.

                    Team C - Aimée and Jask: Aimée and Jask infiltrated the Engine Deck successfully, disabling a huge number of LOKI and YMIR Mechs before noticing a number of men discussing reinforcements being sent to the upper levels. It would turn out that these men captured and detained Owyn and Velorix. They too made their way to the party deck, where they learned of Owyn and Velorix's plight.

                    Team Re-United: Otium soon raised a ruccus, firing some shots off and causing a distraction long enough for the mysterious quarian: Karii'Lianah vas Idenna, who released them from their cuffs giving Owyn the opportunity to punch Duncan in the face and hold him at gun=and=knifepoint, ordering the team to gather with their weapons at the ready. When they had, Owyn backed them behind a door and threw Duncan to the ground, shooting him in the foot before having Karii lock the door behind them and ordering them to run. The team successfully made it to the cargo hold and after a quick battle with some of the disguised Dark Moons, made off with a cargo shuttle truck and got back to the Amazon. There, Karii and Nymera were properly inducted into the crew and the fight against Duncan and the Dark Moons. Their victory was short however, as soon Owyn recieved a tipoff from the Shadow Broker once again that an important agent of his; Vikenti Piersche, had been captured by the Moons and was being interrogated on Erinle, a salarian colony in the Osun system. Celebrating as they went, the Amazon soared for Erinle on the way to its next mission.

                    Chapter VII
                    "Bite Me, a*****e"

                    The team landed on Erinle by shuttle, splitting up slightly to begin their own trek through the jungle and towards their target. Their search didn’t last long however, as they soon came in contact with three LOKI mechs that were patrolling the area. Luckily, the team wasn’t spotted and were able to take out the mechs without detection; and from there, they continued on.

                    Soon after they arrived at a building: the one they knew to be housing their captured target, and after Velorix took out the lone human guard standing watch, they ascended the ladder and came to a stop at a locked door. Though with some help from Karii, their new quarian engineer, the door was opened in no time. The team entered the building only to find that it was empty, so they split up again to search the place for any information in the form of a terminal, or datapad. Jask located one, which was soon after hacked by Aimée, and found to be schematics of the building, allowing the crew to get a better idea of where they were going.

                    They headed into the mines, and were soon confronted with numerable LOKI, FENRIS and YMIR mechs. Though with a quick hack again from Karii, the YMIR gunned down all its allies and the crew were off again. The crew had to give up their silent advance as they came in contact with a large squad of Dark Moons, which were handily defeated. The crew was then able to determine the status of the human male named Vikenti, their target. Alive, though being interrogated. Violently. This knowledge sent the crew full force towards where Velorix had deduced the target to be, though they soon came to more resistance in the shape of a huge number of geth troopers, ranging in rank from regular soldiers to a single Colossus.

                    After a nice flurry of attacks, a few combined powers, and a lot of spent clips, the geth forces were dispatched, and the fire team advanced to where Vikenti was being held. He and Skipper acted quickly to deal with his two interrogators, one of whom was a krogan and was thrown over Vikenti's shoulder, allowing for the human to reveal he had cybernetic implants. A short introduction was presented, and they soon decided to get themselves out of the mining facility; however, once they left the interrogation room, they found themselves face-to-face with a large troop of Dark Moons in disguise, led by one Matriarch Asta T'Roa, a powerful asari politician who had thrown her lot in to support the Spectre savior Duncan McFarrell.

                    Fortunately, before the order to fire could be uttered, a SWARM team burst through the roof and rappelled into the room, firing a spray of bullets that would wipe out most of the Moons, though a few of them did manage to escort the Matriarch out of there. With the Dark Moons either dead or gone and the crew lifted out of the mine, the crew learned that the few members who'd saved them were not acting for SWARM but for Staff Sergeant Tom Freedom, a well-known figure in the Union, and none other than Yolan Terris, Commander and XO of the Lionheart who'd been undercover as a former Dark Moons merc for the past few years.

                    Chapter VIII
                    Laying The Foundations

                    Once the team got back to the Amazon, they were dismissed to down-time while Skipper and Terris caught up on information.

                    Freedom made his way to the shooting range with Otium on his heel to keep a lid on the human, though he was eager to learn of his history. Aimée had a quick chat before she and Jask made their way to the mess hall, and there was a brief conversation between Karii and Nali; however, when Terris revealed news of some sort of machine Duncan was using to control the geth and that they may have had information on why he was so concerned with the particular unit they plucked from the Venice, he and Skipper pulled the quarian away to help with data extraction.

                    The geth unit, to be referred to simply as "Geth," told them of information Duncan didn't want it to share. The Spectre traitor had cut it off from the geth mainframe and, in doing so, wiped several of its memory banks. The information was there, but Geth could not access it. Thus, Karii was ordered to get to it while Skipper dealt with a situation on the CIC: the Amazon had caught an escape pod who hosted a rather battered and bruised batarian. The batarian was promptly taken to medical, and Skipper--in need of some down-time--wound up in the mess hall with several of the others, and a game of Kings began.

                    The next morning, the tired captain met with Velorix in the shooting range for a bit of a needed chat before the human made his way back up to the med bay. Having treated the batarian, Taelon shared his concerns with Skipper: the batarian must have received his injuries from none other than Kreen's salarian super soldier. Breakfast and conversations around the ship were cut short as the team gathered in the armory for a quick briefing, and they were soon on their way to Tuchanka, from where the batarian's escape pod had been ejected.

                    Chapter IX
                    A Horrifying Truth

                    The team all piled into the MAKO along with their new Batarian guest and dropped onto Tuchanka's surface. It was a bumpy ride, no thanks to Skipper's reckless driving, and got even more treacherous when the Dark Moons facility came into sight and the massive cannon on top began to fire upon them. Thankfully Owyn managed to swerve out of the way as it blasted at them, and quick-thinking coupled with Velorix on the MAKO's gun took it down just as everyone arrived at the base entrance. All was dark and suspiciously quiet when the shore party entered, much to everyone's discomfort, then all of the sudden the door burst open to reveal a group of Varren and Krogan, extensively modified with cybernetics of unknown origin. After an intense firefight and occasional bouts of close-quarters struggles the team finished off all bit one of the enemies, a Varren whick Taelon wanted to take back to the Amazon for research purposes. Skipper declined, saying they could take samples and possibly collect a specimen on the way out, but for now it was deeper in the facility they went.

                    The team soon came across the back of the facility, filled with more containment tanks. It was here that they ran into a terrible, terrible enemy: One of the Super Soldiers allied with the Dark Moons: The salarian from Kreen's ship that had attacked Kaon, the batarian that now allied with the Amazon. A lengthy fight ensued and during a botched tactic, Nali ended up being used as a living shield by the salarian. Skipper ordered to cease fire, but Kaon didn't listen. In a revenge-fuelled rage he fired off a concussive round, missing the salarian but hitting Nali and giving her a concussion. The salarian threw Nali to the side and tried to escape and recharge his barriers, but was then shot and killed by the Amazon team. Owyn, furious with Kaon and knowing that he couldn't let him go after that, shot the batarian in the head for endangering his team-mate. The Amazon team then returned to their vessel.

                    It was now that the team got their results back from Karii and the geth. A video was given to the Amazon team depicting Duncan showing rage at the Amazon team escaping Illium's skyscraper and assaulting Lerax before shooting the informant that had told him about the Amazon's survival and ominously implying that everything was going to come crashing down. The word "Precursor" was also mentioned in the video. Upon investigating the geth, Owyn discovered that Precursor was what the geth call an "Old Machine", or better known as the terrifying bringer of destruction that the late Commander Shepard openly campaigned against: A Reaper.

                    Upon briefing the team and Admiral Faust of the involvement of the Reapers, Admiral Faust promises to look into it and gives the team information on the Super Soldiers, something on an Asteroid orbiting the salarian colony of Nasum. This information was relayed to the Admiral from a quarian named Ai'Xing located on the Asteroid who was subsequently captured and imprisoned by an N7 Marine: Major Bambi Ayers and her team of N7s along with Lerax who stood on the Asteroid awaiting the Amazon to catch them in a deadly trap...

                    Chapter X
                    It All Hits Home

                    The Amazon team arrived and disembarked at Asteroid G62 where they then found themselves driving the Mako to the designated facility encoded in Ai'Xing's message. The team entered the facility, finding it filled with biological tanks containing countless numbers of every race. Upon inspection of a datapad left behind by one Chief Bio-Engineer Jones, the Amazon team discover that they were standing in one of likely many Super Soldier breeding facilities, and that the Super Soldiers are actually foraged corpses of any promising alien race fixed up and made more powerful by Reaper Tech, taking all free will from them and turning them into mindless husks that follow their orders without question. Before long, the Amazon team were caught at gunpoint by Major Ayers and her team of N7s, with the majority of the team locked away while Skipper was taken to be further interrogated by Bambi and two of her men.

                    Bambi wished to know how Velorix had escaped Purgatory, how Owyn had evaded capture for a year, how Owyn did all the things he'd been wrongly accused of, and after a long and rather ineffective beating from one of her men, he finally gave them Duncan's name. Before the major could be completely convinced, however, she received word of activity in another, previously-unknown facility. Leaving a few men to guard the prisoner, Bambi and the rest of her team went to investigate.

                    Meanwhile, the rest of the team sat, behind bars, with their informant Ai, devising a cunning escape plan involving a disgruntled vorcha and a well-placed headbutt. Once freed, leaving behind an unconscious guard, the team made their way through the facility, found their weapons, and quickly dispatched the two soldiers watching Skipper.

                    The Amazon crew caught up with Major Ayers and the rest of her men outside the other complex where they learned of a departing shuttle, likely holding the escaping Lerax, while the asteroid was set on a collision course towards Nasurn. Agreeing to a temporary alliance, Bambi permitted for the crew to do their job. Inside, they came into contact with Sampson, the station's VI, and Jones, the head of the G62 project who also happened to have been indoctrinated. Owyn managed to talk him down into a moment of clarity where he divulged the cancellation code. Unfortunately, he fell back into indoctrination before he could give the last digit, and the captain was forced to shoot him down when he lunged at the soldier. Then, with a lifetime of luck, the captain put in the code and managed to guess the final digit just in time to reroute the asteroid back onto its original track.

                    To break their reverie of survival, however, they were then met with a new hologram: Precursor. A brief exchange of words revealed the Reapers' desire to harvest organic life, thought it failed to give anymore details as to why. It did, however, share that their time was at an end before the hologram shut down. With nothing left to do on the asteroid, Ai was ordered to extract Sampson onto her omni-tool, and they returned to their ships, the crew to the Amazon and Major Ayers and her men to theirs to make their way to the Citadel where they would be heard by the Council.

                    Chapter XI
                    Give Me Back My Rank!

                    Greeted at the docks by Admiral Hackett (who had relinquished the Council seat to Udina) and led to the Presidium by Major Ayers and a guard of C-Sec officers, the Amazon team faced the Council for the beginning of their trial.

                    After pleading not guilty, they were presented with the video file found in the geth they'd taken from the Venice, proving that, not only where they not the ones behind the Illium attack, but that it was a failed plot of Duncan's to frame and end them that'd killed the hundreds that day. Unfortunately, while it was enough to clear the Illium charges, there was still the issue of whether not not former Spectre Owyn Skipper was the Dark Moons mastermind. The trial continued.

                    The Council was then presented with a testimony from Major Bambi Ayers concerning the events on asteroid G62, claiming that Duncan had sent her and her men to apprehend the team of fugitives on a rock that was (unbeknownst to the N7 team) going to have been propelled into the nearby Nasurn. Even coupled with Sampson, whose integrity had been checked, it was hardly enough to sway the Council, though Councilor Valern was holding back the magnitude of his appreciation for their actions.

                    A recording Karii had taken, though, seemed to take the Council off guard, though: the conversation between the team and the holographic Reaper. In full denial, Councilor Sparatus declined everything, but even his protests were silenced when Faust entered the trial with Commander Yolan Terris and Staff Sergeant Tom Freedom in tow, claiming what he'd just found of his Spectre "colleague." Duncan had fled, leaving his computers quite empty. He then called them out on their refusal to look bad in having risen McFarrell to Spectre when it was the Amazon's help they needed.

                    This revelation came with the departure of many of the Amazon's crew for various reasons including Krogan, Shan'Toren, Myrrias, Aimée, Vikenti, Nymera,Taelon and Velorix. Reasons varying from wanting to settle down for their twilight years to personal Union business. The Amazon team took some heavy blows with this loss, but it truly opened up the team to reach their full, unhinged potential.

                    Finally, after a year of running, the Amazon crew was free of all charges, and Owyn's Spectre status had been returned to him. They were soon faced with their next mission: much needed down time.

                    Chapter XII
                    Back To Business

                    The end of the team's two-day visit to the Citadel was marked with a public send-off where Faust gave them their first mission upon returning to the galaxy as Union operatives: in spite of the place having been cleaned out before, there had been Dark Moon activity in what was once Saren's labs on Virmire, and they needed to investigate and clear the compound. So, they were off, and upon boarding the ship, their navigator Staff Commander Frederick Caesar introduced Captain Skipper and the newly-appointed XO Lieutenant-Commander T'Roa to the new members to the crew: their pilot and co-pilot Flight-Lieutenant Thomas Ganning and Flight-Corporal Sagran Irin, the mess sergeant Private Ivan Aleksandrov, and the scientist and doctor they met on the Citadel, Salarian First Fleet Sergeant Na'al Verdan and Turian Blackwatch Lieutenant-Commander Korvis Paldoren.

                    As soon as they were dropped onto Virmire, the squad found themselves against a group of Dark Moons; however, while they were defeating them, the team noticed the mercs seemed to have been running rather than charging, though nothing was made of it. Once they'd been dealt with, they got inside to see the very end of a scuffle between Lerax and a Justicar named Orina Xantos who agreed to assist the crew when the turian escaped. Karii was able to open the door through which Lerax had fled thanks to the power of her new omni-tool, but when they were in, they soon realized it was another trap. They were quickly met and overwhelmed with a horde of what they recognized as Husks, humans repurposed for Reaper schemes, and as the last of them fell, a familiar voice ordered they were to be captured alive.

                    Only slightly worse for wear (as opposed to dead), the Amazon crew woke up in a makeshift cell, though escape was rather simple and kind of gruesome thanks to Skipper's ruthless ingenuity. The group quickly gathered their confiscated weapons and gear, which were conveniently kept nearby, and ran through the winding halls of the facility before finally finding themselves in one particular room with red doors. A small group of Dark Moons had been waiting for them along with one Duncan McFarrell who was only a grotesque shell of the man he once was, filled with Reaper tech.

                    In a conversation with Skipper, the former human revealed his plans. If they could make such potent fighters like the notorious Lerax to the Reaper cause from old corpses, he was determined to make unstoppable Super Soldiers from the prime warriors on the Amazon. Opposed to this plan for obvious reasons, they quickly defeated the Dark Moons who were unable to incapacitate the crew according to Duncan's orders. Unfortunately, another challenger entered the field: the yet-again reanimated and augmented corpse of Mungo (or Krux as Duncan had called him), the terrifying Super Soldier that the Amazon team had already defeated on both Earth and on Kreen's carrier.

                    The fight with Mungo took off to a bad start, the combined forces of the Amazon's mighty team doing very little to hinder the beast of a krogan, and their forces were only divided when the dreaded turian Lerax showed up and ruined the equation. The team was divided and all seemed completely lost when Lerax physically tore Korvis: the team's field medic's head from his neck and tossed it to the side. Owyn and Lerax began to take one another on, the Spectre's rage at the loss of his companion fuelling him as best it could while the rest of the team finally began to turn the tables on Mungo thanks to the joining of the boisterous and oh-so-rugged Sergeant Tom Freedom's incredible entrance. On Mungo's side, victory seemed imminent. However against Lerax... things weren't so good.

                    Lerax had gained possession of Owyn's knife and had the Spectre on the run. After a small scuffle, Owyn noticed Duncan taking aim at the team from above with a sniper rifle. Disarming Lerax of his Carnifex given the opportunity, Owyn took aim and shot Duncan through the upper right of his chest. Not fatal immediately, but enough to get him off the team's backs. Duncan gave the order to retreat but Lerax wasn't done yet. Pinning Owyn to the floor, Lerax cut Owyn's right hand clean from his wrist but was taken forcefully back to Duncan by Mungo before the human could be finished off. Owyn was forced to cauterise his wound using the searing heat of his omni-blade, and as the team began to lick their wounds Lerax took Duncan's sniper rifle and fired down on the team. There were no casualties save for one: Karii, who had been frozen in fear from witnessing Korvis' head be torn from his body. Shot in the chest, the quarian's life was barely saved by Tom Freedom administering medigel as she fell unconscious. Owyn called for pickup.

                    From the clouds suddenly came a Reaper, the gargantuan and fearsome Precursor. It warned the team that they wouldn't pursue as Duncan and his two soldiers boarded it and as the Amazon came into distance for pickup, the Reaper fired on the ship. However the Amazon's skilled duo of pilots managed to avoid the lasers and get the entire team back on-board, narrowly escaping into the Hades Nexus cluster. The team was safely aboard the ship, all were seen to by the on-deck medical officer: Shass Olkah, including Karii's surgery. She and Owyn now lay in the medical bay awaiting Karii's recovery and Owyn's new prosthetic, as well as the arrival of their new field medic: a human biotic named Maxine Bradley.

                    Chapter XIII
                    The Illusive Man

                    Once the crew had eaten and recovered from their various injuries it was time for them to receive some new orders. They were all herded into an UT-47A Kodiak Drop Shuttle on their way to a place called Aite and their drop off point was to be a Cerberus Facility. John Ackerty had greeted the crew instead of Admiral Faust as he had some important business on Thessia to deal with. Ackerty informed the crew that there was an insider from Cerberus who had defected, and was now willing to help out the Alliance in something that the brass were calling Operation: Pheonix. The Amazon crews objective was to meet up with the operative inside the facility, his coordinates would be sent to the crew once they had landed. The moment they crew set foot on the roof of the facility they were greeted by a small force of Cerberus Troopers including three combat engineers and their formidable turrets. After a short skirmish involving barriers, a bubble and some excellent hacking, the welcoming comitee was defeated and the crew were free to press onwards.

                    Before any sort of progress could be made Cerberus dropped an Atlas mech right on the crews heads and due to the lack of cover on the roof, destroying the Atlas wasn't an option as the explosion would most likely severely injure, or even kill one or more of the crew. So the crew began to distract the Atlas in any way they could while Karii began hacking the only way off of the roof. In their zeal however, the crew briefly forgot Skipper's original order and actually started to try and destory the Atlas instead of distracting, but the situation was brought under control by a stern order from Skipper. Karii eventually managed to get throught the doors security and the way was now open! Unfortunately not everything went as well as it should have done and Otium took several bullets to the shoulder and on top of that, an unknown assailant had engaged the Atlas and managed to destroy it with a rocket before fleeing from the Amazon Crew. The crew were now in hot pursuit of this mysterious attacker and eventually they reached a very long corridor with plenty of windows. But before the crew could figure out who he was or what he was doing he quickly incapcitated them with a Shockwave and some other unusual biotic whip attack.

                    Before the crew could recover the culprit had flown off using a stolen jetpack, it didn't stop Tom Freedom though who leapt after him with his own jetpack. Now all the crew could do at the moment was take care of the injured and press onwards. After a brief period and treading lightly the crew found themselves in a large loading dock that was absolutely packed to the brim with crates of all sizes, this was to be their hub for a while. Karii was ordered to go and grab as many schematics as she could, while Na'al was incharge of locking as many doors as he could. Everyone else was merely ordered to stand down and thus they did until a rather spectacular entrance by one Sergeant Tom Freedom, who had managed to catch the escaping Cerberus operative and crash through the window resounding a very patriotic rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. After being held at gunpoint for a few moments the operative revealed himself as Pheonix, the target defecting operative of the mission, otherwise known by his real name Musashi Miyamoto. After giving himself a rather good first impression with the women (and Ivan) Musashi revealed further that he didn't know The Illusive Man's exact location, but he did know where he might be if he was still present. Karii had managed to grab hold of the schematics for the area so Mushi was able to point out The Illusive Man's potential location on the map: The highest tower with the best view.

                    So, the crew saddled up and got moving. The crew were then met with two elevators that were most certainly too big to carry the entire crew at once, so they would have to break off into two teams. Skipper was in charge of Team A, while Tom Freedom was in charge of Team B. Team A consisted of Skipper, Mushi, Ivan, Orina, Jask and Karii. Team B consisted of Tom Freedom, Veronica, Nali, Maxine, Na'al and Otium. The elevator trip went smoothly until both of them stopped abruptly and the power shut down. Team A was greeted by a Mysterious Looking Ninja, who Mushi quickly identifed as Kai Leng, Leng revealed that he was the reason for the elevators stopping and that him and some goons would be coming to finish off the crew. The teams had no other option but to exit the elevators via their maintinence hatches and climb the ladders leading up to the top floor.

                    The crew began their climb unhindered until the elevator they had just exited, started to pick up speed and threatened to crush the crew against the ceiling. Thankfully, Team A made it to the top first and quickly assisted Team B who had fallen behind slightly. Once all of the crew were safe and sound they proceded onwards torwards The Illusive Man's office. Once they arrived they found the office to be empty, until three Phantoms emerged from the shadows. A brief fight started with Veronica being incapacitated by one of them but it ultimately ended with The Amazon crew being victorious. While Veronica was being treated by Maxine, Skipper was greeted by the holographic form of The Illusive Man and after they had a brief conversation Kai Leng had revealed himself. Karii, who had wandered off from the group and Leng had taken advantage of her vulnerability and taken her hostage. Skipper quickly intervened and engaged in a short hand-to-hand brawl with Leng, he put up a good fight but was unfortunately stabbed by Leng who beat a hasty retreat. Skipper had blacked out from the pain and Nali called The Amazon for pick up.

                    Chapter XIV
                    It Ain't All Bad

                    Veronica and Skipper both awoke in The Huerta Memorial Hospital and their injuries had been treated. Veronica had woken up before Skippper and had a small conversation with Nali who had stayed with her until she woke, she eventually left to go and visit Skipper once he awoke. After a small conversation and their most passionate kiss yet, Owyn and Nali both admitted their consensual love for one another and it seemed that a relationship more than sex was in the making. Meanwhile Veronica was talking with some of the other crew members she and Orina got a little bit aggressive with eachother, but they were broken up by the timely intervention of Faust! Faust was here to inform Skipper that they had a new crew member joining the team. His name was Jal'Hak Bakeera and he was to be the teams new mechanic.

                    Once Jal had been introduced to Skipper and Nali by Faust, the good Captain ordered him to report to the Amazon so the Navigator, Ceaser could deal with him. Orina also departed from the hospital and decided she would sit and talk to Na'al and also Jal, who was disregarding Skipper's order in search of food. He was short on funds though so the burger he was craving remained out of his reach. That is until Orina graciously offered Jal some credits for a meal. Once Jal had returned with a burger and a drink, he introduced himself to Orina and Na'al. While that was happening Maxine entered Veronica's ward to check up on her and Otium, who still had an injured shoulder. After some brief flirting (which Otium politely objected to) the doctor left after getting the all clear from Veronica. Meanwhile, Nali was dismissed by Skipper so she could go and get ready for the date they'd be having later, then a nervous and upset looking Karii had gone to visit the still recovering Skipper, the poor girl was quite upset about Skipper's stabbing, she felt like it was her fault. Skipper was quick to reassure her though, and after a short talk Karii was feeling inspired to become the best she could be!

                    After come interactions with Orina, Nali and Na'al, Jal wanted to enter Veronica's ward and meet the rest of the team. Despite Nali's reluctance, she escorted him there and let him inside. He was met with hostility from both Veronica and Jask and quickly shooed out by Nali. A Turian named Zaternius Lucanas showed and wanted to meet Captain Skipper, Faust had sent another one to join the crew/ Since Skipper was still busy dealing with an upset Karii he had to go and see Veronica and company. Like jal before him, his introduction was nearly as bad. Zaternius went so far as to pull a gun on poor Jask. The tension was disarmed by an angry Veronica and Otium who were growing tired of all the abuse Jask was recieving. Zaternius was quick to apologise, but Veronica wasn't buying it, while Otium and Jask seemed more agreeable.

                    To make matters even more interesting, a third person wanted to visit Skipper and this time it was none other than Major Bambi Ayers herself. She hadn't been seen in a good while ao her return was quite unexpected. After a brief reintroduction and explaination as to what the crew was doing right now Skipper hoisted himself out of bed and walked into the waiting room. From there he addressed the entire crew with an inspiring speech that amounted to every single Moon dying and Duncan's plot stopped!
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          S T O R Y x & x U P D A T E S
          x P A R T x I I
                    Chapter XV
                    Yes It Is All Bad

                    A few hours had passed, and the crew had split up to have their well deserved final moments of peace before the final battle. Nali had prettied herself up and was awaiting Skipper's arrival for their date, Ivan had gone out clubbing, Zaternius and Jal were drinking together, Veronica and Otium were going to visit her dad, James Locke. All these litte moments of fun quickly came crashing down, when Precursor itself appeared to wreak havoc on the Citadel. What followed then was a mad dash back to the Amazon by the entire crew, with each of them going their own way. Owyn and Nali used brute force to force their way out of the restaurant, Jal, Zaternius and Bambi hijacked a shuttle to get to C-Sec with (With a suggestion for some takeout later). Ivan was quite drunk so he had to be assisted by his new dance partner, a Krogan named Kraag who was carrying him out while trying to kill as many opponents as he could. Veronica and Otium'd method wasn't as elegant for they had no weapons and weren't as imposing as Skipper or Ivan. So the two had to run for their lives, barely batting an eye to all the innocents dying around them. While all this was happening, Na'al had encountered a young woman armed with a Widow! The two were quick to team up and combine their efforts for an easier escape. Nali and Skipper split up for a moment, as Karii was still out there and on top of that Bambi had been badly hurt when the shuttle crash landed. SKipper was the first into C-Sec with Bambi in tow. Karii had managed to figure out that something of the geth's was blocking their communications, a jammer of some kind. So she and Nali went back to destroy it.

                    The elevator up to C-Sec was soon boared by SKipper and Bambi, and to their surprise they ended up facing down several gun barrels when they made it up. After impatiently trying to defuse the situation, Bailey himself showed up and let the two through. Bambi was taken away by Medical staff to have her injuries treated while Skipper was left with Baileyt, waiting for the rest of his crew to show up. While he did that he took the time to re-invite Bambi back into the crew which she accepted immediately. Veronica and Otium were the next ones to arrive, and then Nali and Karii, who had succeded in destroying the jammer, Ivan, Kraag, Iara and Na'al were next, and finally Jal and Zaternius made it up safely. There was only Jask to wait for now but their wait wouldn't be all that long. Bailey got Skipper's attention and presented him the body of Jask himself. He had put up one hell of a fight, but the geth overwhelmed him. The entire was stunned into silence at the loss of their beloved Comrade, with Veroinca breaking down sobs at the site. This only inspired the vengeful crew even more.

                    The crew made their way to Amazon and Skipper was quick to gather them all inside the CIC. All 140 members of the crew were stood at attention, as their Captain briefed them on what was going to be done. They were going to fly into Precursor itself and destroy it, along with Duncan and Lerax, and every Dark Moon out there. The crew were dismissed and left to suit up for the upcoming fight. But to their surprise, the fight came to them a little sooner than expected. The Amazon took a good few hits, and the team were all rushed about the ship to get rid of boarding parties that had planned the crew's downfall. But none of them were willing to give up, the notorious crew of the SSV Amazon were ready to prove they were worth all the trouble they'd put up with to get here.
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                    [b]Written Description of Character's Appearance:[/b]
                    [b]Four Words to Describe Character:[/b]
                    [b]Desired Position on Ship:[/b]
                    [b]Character Class:[/b]
                    [b]Weapon Attachments:[/b]
                    [b]Skills in Battle:[/b]
                    [b]Skills out of Battle:[/b]

                    ✧ Don’t put all your character's detail into the skeleton. Reveal some of it as you get closer to other party members. Make sure it won't distract from everything though; like I say, no spotlight hogging.

                    Template Rules
                    ✧ Templates are a requirement in this RP
                    ✧ They cannot have too many lists in.
                    ✧ Pictures can't be photography, digital/sketch art only.
                    ✧ They cannot stretch the page in any way.
                    ✧ No blinding colours such as hotpink or cyan.
                    ✧ All must be written in past-tense.
                    ✧ The template must include a picture of your character and their name, at the very least.

                    Other Important s**t
                    ✧ Only one character is allowed per person.

                    exclaim I reserve the right to change, delete or add to these rules at any given time.

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          C H A R A C T E R S x & x N P C S x x x x x

          T H E x T E A M

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      C A P T A I N x O W Y N x S K I P P E R
                              Glorious Captain Steve

                                Human | Male | 40
                                Soldier | Captain

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      L I E U T E N A N T - C O M M A N D E R x N A L I x T ' R O A
                              Gemini Pollux

                                Asari | N/A | 315
                                Adept | First Officer

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      S T A F F x C O M M A N D E R x Z A T E R N I U S x L U C A N U S

                                Turian | Male | 36
                                Infiltrator | Field Medic

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      G U N N E R Y x C H I E F x O T I U M x A R I S
                              whirlwind 090210

                                Drell | Male | 27
                                Soldier | Armory Officer

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      S E R V I C E x C H I E F x K A R I I ' L I A N A H x V A S x I D E N N A
                              Nocchi Honda

                                Quarian | Female | 25
                                Engineer | Head Engineer

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      S E R G E A N T x S U R ' K E S H x L E x T A Z Z I K x G A L x S E L U N E x A R U x V E R D A N x N A ' A L
                              Oversoul Matamune

                                Salarian | Male | 23
                                Engineer | Science Officer

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      S E R V I C E x C H I E F x V E R O N I C A x L O C K E

                                Human | Female | 28
                                Adept | Infantry

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                      P R I V A T E x I V A N x A L E K S A N D R O V

                                Human | Male | 35
                                Sentinel | Mess Sergeant

                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        S E R V I C E M A N x I A R A x K A T S U M I x S E R E L L I A N
                                The Mad Revolution

                                  Human | Female | 35
                                  Vanguard | Infantry

                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        J A L ' H A R K x B A K E E R A

                                  Batarian | Male | 32
                                  Sentinel | Mechanic

            N P C s

                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

            A M A Z O N x N P C s

                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

            x D E A R L Y
            x x x x x D E P A R T E D ,

                    Aryn'Fei nar Morei
                      Quarian Engineer. Fell out of the shuttle and died during the escape from Nos Astra.
                    Aquila Zindel
                      Turian Lieutenant, Engineer Class. Former Chief Engineer aboard the Amazon. Died during Victor Kreen's attack on the Amazon.
                    Clara [NPC]
                      Human Super Soldier. Killed by Nali, Veronica, Myrrias and Otium on Illium during the T'Roa Rescue Mission, just before the Dark Moons terror attack.
                    Dar Vidnu [NPC]
                      Volus mercenary. Killed in the destruction of the skyscraper on Illium.
                    Dave Kale
                      Human. Former mercenary, convinced to join the Amazon team after proving himself in combat against Owyn Skipper. Was killed during Duncan McFarrell's betrayal.
                    Dr. Fiona Reyes
                      Human yeoman, psychiatrist, and recent addition to the fire team. Killed by Clara during Duncan's betrayal.
                    Halavans "Vance" Theiron
                      Drell reconnaissance officer. Died during Kreen's attack on the Amazon.
                    Ira "Irish" Fairweather
                      Human Former Alliance Spec-Ops, Soldier Class. Died after being shot off the top floor of Kreen Towers on Ilium.
                      Vorcha Soldier, former Blood Pack, Union private. Died taking down geth on the Citadel during the escape to the Amazon.
                    Kaon Narralex
                      Batarian Soldier, former Blue Suns merc. Saved from near-death in an escape pod. Shot by Owyn Skipper on Tuchanka for endangering the team.
                    Korvis Paldoren
                      Turian Infiltrator. Killed on Virmire at the hands of Lerax.
                    Michael Ganning
                      Human. Former Navigator and First Officer on the Amazon. Was killed by Lerax just before Duncan was revealed to be the Dark Moon leader.
                      Human. Taelon's assistant. Died during Duncan's betrayal.
                    Mungo [NPC]
                      Krogan Super-Soldier. Possessed incredible strength, durability, and biotic prowess. First defeated by Nali and Veronica after having temporarily paralyzed Abraham. Showed up again and was defeated by Skipper's crew on Kreen's stolen carrier.
                    Veta Taang
                      Human Engineer, former Eclipse merc. Saved from Kreen's coliseum on Tuchanka. Died during Kreen's attack on the Amazon.
                    Victor Kreen [NPC]
                      Human trafficker, former Dark Moons figurehead. Was killed by Velorix Arkasus on his stolen carrier.
                    Unit III [NPC]
                      Drell Super Soldier. Killed by Dr Taelon during Duncan's betrayal.

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          W E A P O N R Y
                    Guidelines for Weapon Selection
                    ✧ Every class is allowed one primary arm and one secondary arm, or two secondary arms, or a single secondary/primary arm. However, the soldier class - due to their lack of tech and biotic prowess - are allowed two primary arms and a secondary arm, or a single primary arm and two secondary arms.
                    ✧ Some weapons (such as the N7 series) are limited to certain races/organizations for the sake of having some form of limitation. This eliminates the element of mixing and matching whatever the hell you want. It makes for bad character bones. Sorry, that's just the way it is.
                    ✧ Certain weapons are harder to come by than others, such as the Paladin. I will judge these weapons myself for the time being. When I think more about them I'll probably update this list. Though, if you're applying now you won't know. Therefore, I may need you to provide an explanation as to how your character came across any rare weapons.
                    ✧ If I believe that your combination of weapons is overpowered or too heavy for your race/class/character I'll make you change it. The likelihood of that is rather slim though.
                    ✧ Some weapons are exempt from the list, such as any weapons that would belong to the Geth or the Reapers. These are inaccessible because of the fact that some are overpowered, or that us having access to them may damage the atmosphere of the roleplay.
                    ✧ We have included the statistics of every weapon for comparison and choice. Further research may be required on your part to get a real grasp of your choice, but this is more for our benefit than yours. However, I'm sure you'll find a use for it.
                    ✧ The melee function of the omni-tool does different things for every class, and the only classes it is available for both in-game and in this RP are the Soldier, Infiltrator, Engineer and Sentinel. Adepts and Vanguards get a Biotic blast.

                    Primary Arms

                    Secondary Arms

                    Melee Weapons

                          The Soldier class can extend an "omni-blade" from the omni-tool, and use it to impale an opponent.
                          The Infiltrator class shapes the omni-tool into a forked "omni-blade" with the addition of an electrical current.
                          The Engineer class activates an incendiary attack with the omni-tool before backhanding an enemy.
                          The Sentinel class extends "omni-blades" from omni-tools on each arm to slash an opponent.

                          The Adept class performs a powerful palm thrust amplified with biotic energy.
                          The Vanguard class executes a strong punch amplified with biotic energy.

                          The batarians extend an "enforcer gauntlet" from their wrist equipped with spikes in a similar fashion to omni-blades, used to impale or pummel an opponent.
                          The vorcha extend two "blade gauntlets" from their wrist equipped with heated blades in a similar fashion to omni-blades, used to stab or rapidly hack away at an opponent.
                          Krogan do not use omni-tools or biotics in their melee attacks, preferring to use their own brutish strength

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          T E R M I N O L O G Y

                    The SSV Amazon
                      One of the first ships to pledge allegience to the Union. Originally an Alliance frigate under the command of Captain Gill Sawdust. When Captain Sawdust was relieved of his position, captainship was handed over to Owyn Skipper upon his return to the Alliance. Almost five years later, former XO Velorix Arkasus took command of the Amazon in absence of it's former Captain: Owyn Skipper. Velorix remained Captain until Owyn Skipper's return. Upon defeating Victor Kreen, the positions of Captain and First Officer were given to Nali T'Roa and Duncan McFarrell respectively in the absence of their usual leaders while Skipper and Velorix were on Antirumgon fighting the Dark Moons and the Amazon was tasked to find the genuine Dark Moon Leader. A year after the Amazon was framed and made fugitives, Owyn Skipper and Velorix Arkasus took up their usual rankings permanently.

                    The Union
                      A new branch was formed in militaries of just about every race, and they come together to form the Union, an agglomeration to protect the galaxy during and to prevent times of crisis. It was established in 2186 thanks to one then-General Roderick Faust who was made the second human Spectre and admiral of the Union for his efforts. The Union leads the assault against the Dark Moons forces and is now responsible for the search of Duncan McFarrell and his flagship: The Reaper, Precursor.

                    The Lionheart
                      A massive carrier-class starship that acts as Admiral Faust's personal ship and the flagship of the Union. It's staff are as follows:
                        Admiral Roderick Faust - Acting Commanding Officer of the Lionheart, Council Spectre
                        Yolan Terris - Acting First Officer of the Lionheart, Salarian Spec Ops

                      Specal Warfare and Reconnaissance Military. An elite group of marines under command of the Union. Known units of SWARM are as follows:
                        257th Squad - Led by Sergeant Thomas Freedom. Assisted by Admiral Faust and his First Officer Yolan Terris, they assist the Amazon Team as best they can, their operations in helping reveal the Amazon Team's true colours are kept a secret from the public. Officially, they are still by-the-book SWARM.

                    The Dark Moons
                      A mercenary group formed in 2167 and currently led by Duncan McFarrell, and they've been mostly quiet in building their numbers since then. It wasn't until around 2184 that they began delving into slavery and other plans that would later classify them as terrorists. Though they started as a human group, the Dark Moons currently contain members of every race, even of the elusive quarians. It was revealed that with their leader Duncan McFarrell's allegiance to them, they are effectively a puppet of the Reapers.

                    Dark Moon Super Soldiers
                      A group of genetically altered soldiers used by the Dark Moons. Engineered to have superior strength, agility, biotic ability and obedience. They are extremely powerful and takes great effort to injure one to the point that they flee, let alone kill one. It has been revealed that the Super Soldiers are really dead bodies taken and spliced together with Reaper technology in Breeding Facilities. A list of the known Super Soldiers are:
                        Lerax - The leader of the Super Soldiers and Duncan's personal bodyguard. He is a turian with a cloak and Vanguard abilities.
                        Mungo - An immensely powerful Krogan that was near invincible and weilded two M-300 Claymore Shotguns, brought back from the dead once only to be killed by the Amazon Team with the addition of Admiral Faust during the assault on Victor Kreen's carrier.
                        Unit IV - A salarian adept, killed by the Amazon Team on Tuchanka where they first encountered the early stages of the Super Soldier.
                        Clara - A powerful human biotic equipped with cloak, killed by Nali, Otium and Veronica on Illium during the skyscraper collapsing.
                        Unit III - A powerful drell biotic killed by Doctor Sindrest Taelon during Duncan's betrayal on the Amazon

                    The Venice
                      Duncan’s luxury cruiser. Mostly used as a front to keep up appearances, though was actually being used to secretly transport illegal goods. It's current purpose is unknown.
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T H E x A M A Z O N x x x x x

User Image x x x x x

          History of the USV Amazon

              [MEX]The Amazon is a Union Space Vehicle formerly of the Alliance Navy. Upon becoming the flagship of the Galactic Union its service tag was changed from SSV to USV. Before joining the Union, the Amazon was a regular ship serving in the Alliance Navy. It was originally captained by a man named Gill Sawdust. Serving on it at the time as XO and Shore Party leader was N7 graduate Owyn Skipper. Owyn Skipper was discharged dishonourably after assaulting Gill Sawdust on the grounds that he'd shot a begging turian in cold-blood. These charges were dismissed by the Alliance Navy, and after a six year absence from the military, Owyn returned as the Amazon's Captain. A few years later, Captain Owyn Skipper was named a Council Spectre, the third human to attain the title after Commander Shepard and Admiral Roderick Faust.
              [MEX]After the forming of the Union, Captain Skipper registered the Amazon as a volunteer Union vessel. Due to its captain being a Spectre and an open supporter of anti-racism movements, the Amazon was taken from the Alliance registry SSV and replaced with USV, and to this day it still flies as the Union's premier flagship. It bears numerous upgrades to its original Alliance model gained from the Union's variety of races' engineers making it a larger, faster, and more durable frigate.

          The Amazon's Staff

              Commanding Officer
                  Captain Owyn Skipper
              First Officer
                  Lieutenant-Commander Nali T'Roa
                  Staff Commander Frederick Caesar
                  Flight-Lieutenant Thomas Ganning
                  Flight-Corporal Sagran Irin
              Armoury Officer
                  Gunnery Chief Otium Aris
              In-Field Medical Officer
                  Staff Commander Zaternius Lucanus
              On-Deck Medical Officer
                  Operations Chief Shass Olkah
              Science Officer
                  Service Chief/Sergeant Na'al Verdan
              Mess Officer
                  Serviceman 1ˢᵗ Class/Private Class Ivan Aleksandrov
              Head Engineer
                  Service Chief Class Karii'Lianah vas Amazon
                  Jal'Hark Bakeera
              The Grunts
                  Service Chief Veronica Locke
                  Serviceman 1ˢᵗ Class / Private 1ˢᵗ Iara Katsumi Serellian

          The Amazon's Build
              ᵃ ᵇ ᶜ ᵈ ᵉ ᶠ ᵍ ʰ ⁱ ʲ ᵏ ˡ ᵐ ⁿ ᵒ ᵖ ʳ ˢ ᵗ ᵘ ᵛ ʷ ˣ ʸ ᶻ
              The USV Amazon consists of the ideas of many scientists and engineers from numerous races, collaborating in making a ship that truly embodies that for which the Union stands: Races from all corners of the Galaxy working together.

                  Deck 1: Captain's Deck
                    Captain's Cabin
                      This is the only room on Deck 1. It is the residence of the ship's CO: In this case, Captain Owyn Skipper. When the man has work to do or is sleeping or perhaps even just having some alone time or a one-to-one with a crewmate, this is where you'll find him. It is filled with a music player, the Captain's personal computer and study, a fish tank, VI station, a two-person bed, and various other effects personalised by the CO such as the framed certificate recognising his graduation from the N7 training programme at Arcturus Station.

                  Deck 2: CIC
                      The bridge is similar to that of the SSV Normandy SR1: of turian design. The Galaxy Map and CIC is located at the rear of the bridge, near the elevator, and is accompanied by a computer available for all officers of the Amazon to use. Along the length of the bridge are the weapons, shields, monitoring, and all manner of other equipment's stations, each manned at all times by a member of the Amazon's crew. At the very head of the bridge and the ship is the helmsman and co-pilot. The bridge leads to the elevator as well as the XO's office, med-bay, and cockpit.
                    XO's Office
                      Currently the home to First Officer Nali T'Roa, the XO's office is second in quality only to the Captain's. It too bears a music player, double bed, personal computer, and study along with plenty of room for personal effects. The only real difference is its size. From the XO's office, Nali T'Roa has a link to the rest of the ship, much like the Captain, and even has use of the PA system from her computer and a VI station, again much like the Captain.
                      The usual roaming grounds of Doctor Zaternius Lucanus. The Amazon's Med-Bay is of salarian design and makes use of the galaxy's most cutting-edge medical technology. It houses six medical beds, all of which are equipped with a small array of surgical equipment and a medigel dispenser. There is a large medigel tank in the back of the room, next to the med-bay's computer and VI station.
                      The cockpit is very similar to the schematics of the SSV Normandy's. It bears two seats, one for the helmsman and one for the co-pilot. It also bears a VI Station for direct conversation and orders for Sampson. It is equipped with a master-console that control the weapons, rudders, and piloting of the ship.

                  Deck 3: Crewman's Deck
                    Mess Hall
                      The Mess Hall is the largest single room on the USV Amazon (save for the shuttle bay) and the Shore Party's primary hangout while on-board. There are numerous vending machines scattered about, as well as tables. This is where the crew of the Amazon go to get their daily meals and to socialise. Against usual military protocol, the Mess Hall is well-stocked with alcohol, as the crew of the USV Amazon have a particular liking to it.
                    Crew Quarters
                      The USV Amazon has an extensive crew and therefore much of its increased size was used to store more sleeping quarters for the crewmen. Save for the Captain and the First Officer, every room has four beds and four inhabitants, making every Amazon crewman have three room-mates. For each crewman the room accommodates for, there is a footlocker located at the base of their bed containing their uniform, belongings, and other personal effects.
                    Firing Range
                      This is the Amazon's state-of-the-art firing range, the only other one like it based on the Lionheart itself. In terms of technological advances, it far surpasses the simple one located in the Spectre Offices on the Citadel Presidium Embassies. It is equipped with a small armoury, nothing compared to the one on Deck 5 but substantial for it's purpose. The firing range itself consists of six lanes, each equipped with numerous holographic projectors that bare various sensors on each body-part. Each hologram can be adjusted to represent the image and vitalities of any known race that one might come across in the field with enough detail to make the crest on a krogan's head take less damage then its fleshy skin. After the holograms have been "defeated," so to speak, they disappear and a score is given to the shooter. This score includes the accuracy percentage of each shot fired, the damage dealt, and the effective speed of each shot fired, relative to the weapon of course.

                  Deck 4: Engineering
                    Engine Rooms
                      This is the home of the Amazon's engineers. With their operations headed by resident quarian Karii'Lianah vas Amazon, the Amazon's engines operate at optimal capacity at all times. Incorporating turian and salarian elements, these engines can fire on full cylinders for longer and move faster than any other frigate engine in known existence; even surpassing the speed of the SSV Normandy in its day. However, these engines require constant surveillance and maintenance and therefore different engineers are assigned post-watch on a rotor, posted anew every morning.
                    Cargo Holds A + B
                      The Cargo Holds aboard the SSV Amazon are of increased size compared to the regular Alliance frigate (but then again, so is everything else). The two are identical and posted at the starboard and port sides of the ship's fourth deck, A and B respectively. This is where any cargo will be stored until it can be properly assessed and approved the ship's Captain, First Officer, or any other official. The kind of cargo the Amazon gets (other than food, water, and other living essentials) is heavily military-based: always a fresh stock of thermal clips, medigel and the like. This is also usually where any special requests are sent.
                    Science Lab
                      Placed on Deck 4 purely for the sake of space, the Science lab is fully equipped with almost everything that a scientist could need along with some person requests to the salarian First Fleet by it's keeper; Na'al Verdan. Here is where any data found in the field is researched and concluded, the science bay is here for the sake of quickly figuring out the biological and mechanical state of any subjects under Dark Moon control; despite the fact that the Union and Council know they are implanting many troops with Reaper technology, very little is known about the Reaper technology that is being used.

                  Deck 5: Shuttle Bay
                    Shuttle Bay
                      The Shuttle Bay is in itself an entire deck. From this room is where the Shore Party of the USV Amazon make their entrances and exits to the ship when docking with a spaceport isn't possible. These trips are made via two vehicles; the M35 Mako is used when landscaping is going to be the main focus of the landing such as on colonies with heavy wildlife, nasty terrain or asteroids. The second of the vehicles is the UT-47A Kodiak Drop Shuttle. Based around the stealth system of the SSV Normandy SR1, this shuttle is superior to its predecessor, the UT-47, in numerous ways: The main two being its stealth capabilities and its dual, front-mounted mass accelerator cannons. The frequent battles that the Amazon crew faces are a factor in this choice of shuttle. This form of transport is the team's most widely-used, other than the Amazon itself, and is deployed when docking is not possible and the team have to enter from orbit.

                      Aside from this, the Shuttle Bay also houses the ship's main armoury, holding multiple standard-issue weapons ranging from assault rifles to heavy pistols. This armoury also accommodates for the Shore Party's on-shore armour and any special requests they may have made in the weapon department. This is also where the Amazon's entire crew gathers when the ship is presented with any on-board combat situation to arm up and prepare for battle.

                  Other Facilities
                      The USV Amazon totes only the best in ship-to-ship capable armaments. Aside from its numerous mass-accelerator cannons, the heaviest in armour-plating, the best shields money can buy, and high-octane targeting systems, the USV Amazon most impressively sports a high-powered Thanix Cannon as its main armament. The Thanix' core is a liquid alloy of iron, uranium, and tungsten suspended in an electromagnetic field powered by element zero. The molten metal, accelerated to a significant fraction of the speed of light, solidifies into a projectile as it is fired, hitting targets with enough force to pierce any known shield or armor. The gun can fire reliably every five seconds. The weapon's relatively small size allows it to be mounted on most fighters or frigates, including the USV Amazon.
                      The ship's recent addition to its systems is Sampson, a high-tech VI put together by the salarians to serve as an advanced running mechanism for an element zero mine. After being abused by the Dark Moons for his highly advanced abilities, Sampson was rescued and presented as evidence to the Citadel Council. From this point on he was considered useless to anyone but a ship in need of a VI, and the Amazon was such a ship. Sampson is capable of extremely high-running speeds and memory capability, and is also installed into all parts of the USV Amazon's systems so as to assist with everything ranging from weapons to getting coffee from a coffee machine.
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          Q U O T E S

                    Owyn Skipper
                        "I have a very, very sexy asari on my ship. And the last thing I want to see before I die, is that a**."
                        "Evening ladies. Ready to go chomp on some krogan?"
                        "I am Captain Skipper, and that is my favourite a** on the Citadel."
                        "LIKE. A. BOSS."
                        "I'm hungry! I want my krogan burgers!"
                        "I'm a God-Damned Spectre."
                        "My nefarious plan is working! Soon, all the women on this ship will be mine!"
                        "I'm a goddamn Spectre! Your Council business can suck my Council business' d**k."
                        "He's dead now."
                        "Run, Dark Moons! For we have moody, decrepit turians aboard this ship! Rawr!"
                        "Ira, good news. I got in contact with the Alliance military, you're being reinstated and put into my crew. Welcome, private Fairweather. As your first order. Stop being a ****** and leave the baby asari alone."
                        "I leave you in charge for one hour, and the biotic lesbian goes half-naked around the mess hall!"
                        "Nice to see you, too. How've you been? Me? I've been teabagged by a krogan!"
                        "Alright, people, let's go get yelled at by the Council for some such which."
                        "Wh-why...does C-Sec...get an el-elevator...and you ******** don't?!"
                        "This thing is the enemy of all freedom in the universe."
                        "Ah, talking about me behind my back, I see? Well. Now, I don't feel half as bad for renting you out to that horny volus outside."
                        "So. Which of you pathetic losers is going to take me on in a drinking contest?"
                        "You, with me!"
                        "You look like s**t."
                        "Aw, s**t. I'm a glorified trashman."
                        "Good news. We get to save the galaxy from slavers. Yaaay!"
                        "Posterior? Really? How have you managed to turn HER a** into something virtually unattractive with the use of one word?!"
                        "Why do I suddenly feel like punching a quarian in the bucket?"
                        "And why do you carry cotton swabs with you into battle?"
                        "License expired."
                        "You. Over there. Go kill."
                        "The ******** you doing here?"
                        "Shut up and leave."
                        "You here to tell me I have to save the galaxy, too?"
                        "I'll see you back in Afterlife, Commander."
                        "All right, listen up. For every word that comes out of your mouth that isn't telling me where I can find a turian, an asari, a vorcha, a human and a drell all travelling together, I'm going to break a bone."
                        "Evening, bitches. I'd ask if you missed me, but I know you did."
                        "As Captain, I hereby decree that all who find themselves punched by Nali can squeeze her behind! But only the left cheek, right one's mine!"
                        "C'mere, big guy. Try and fight someone who can reproduce."
                        "Bite me."
                        Ding ding ******** ding.
                        "Yes, yes, I know who we are! And if you try to turn us in, I'll hunt you down and eat your children!"
                        "Who wants to kiss my boo-boos better? Come on, y'know you wanna."
                        "Hey! Now neither of us can see s**t!"
                        "Ooohh.... it hurts to insult people..."
                        "Hey. Owyn Skipper. Former Spectre and galaxy-renowned badass."
                        "So. I hear you want to join our merry men? Plus lesbian and asari."
                        "My booty."
                        "All right, bitches, listen up!"
                        "If you don't mind a giant disfiguring scar, I have a pretty ugly turian who's probably not gotten laid since boot camp."
                        "What's funny now, b***h?"
                        "You people are useless..."
                        "Just some asari trying to kill me because of something I didn't do. Not a big deal. Happens all the time."
                        "She was kinda hot... before I broke her face..."
                        "So. Building just fell on us."
                        "Can I get Nali, Jask, and my wife to my quarters?"
                        "Kick 'em in the crotch. Simple."
                        "Now, run like s**t!"
                        "Bloody Shadow Broker, makin' me do his s**t."
                        "Everyone! Listen up! This here is our new bucket. Everybody be nice to her."
                        "If we hit a tree and crash, try and aim for Veronica's chest or Nali's rear end. They both act as axillary air-bags."
                        "So! When's the last time you got laid?"
                        "They are kicking the crap out of that guy!"
                        "Somebody ******** shoot this thing!"
                        "Well ******** you guys!"
                        "How did you flip that krogan? They weigh... a lot."
                        "When I get out of this, I am going to ******** you up."
                        "Someone head down to the firing range, keep that Sergeant out of trouble."
                        "Meet me down at the firing range. And bring me coffee."
                        "This is gonna be big."
                        "Somebody slap the drell, I'm workin' here!"
                        "We are doing ******** down here."
                        "Someone come sit in the passenger's seat. I'm lonely."
                        "The plan? Same as always. Shoot the bad guys."
                        "I have serious blue balls right now man. She kept... touching me. It was weird."
                        "I told you. It's Captain Owyn Skipper."
                        "McFarrell is mine. End of conversation."
                        "How's the word 'adventure' sound to you?"
                        "Betchur sweet purple a** I do."
                        "You're a man who enjoys a bit of tail, right?"
                        "Come back when you can convince me you're worth my time."
                        "You're a man who enjoys a bit of tail, right?"
                        "Are you touching my butt?"
                        "We're not a research ship, we're an a**-kicking ship."
                        "- and when the rachi were defeated, they put that statue up to commemorate the krogan who'd just saved the Galaxy. ... And then they made them sterile."
                        "********. My right elbow? Have you ever seen the kickback on those things?"
                        "Everybody shut up. We're about to witness history in the making."
                        "The Hurricane is a weird model, you've gotta go through training for it. Hell, even I'm not sure how the little s**t works."
                        "Plus I really like this gun..."
                        "Shut up I'm a Spectre!"
                        "Pff, please! You guys didn't do s**t for a year, then I come back and look where we are now!"
                        "It doesn't smell of alcohol and smokes anymore... I'll soon fix that."
                        "Well, I just did you. There isn't much better to do."
                        "Somebody told me once: You give a man a rifle, he fires it for years, his hands remember it. And whatever else he'll do with those hands; build a house, hold his child, love a woman, they will always remember the rifle."
                        "All work and no rest, huh? Look where that attitude hs gotten you."
                        "Oh, fantastic."
                        "Just another day on the job..."
                        "I dunno, Duncan's an evil b*****d."
                        Thank God for armour.
                        "******** subtlety!"
                        "My a**."
                        "Alright, big man. Round three."
                        "It's war, y'know? s**t happens, you lose stuff."
                        "Are you gonna gas me or stick me with a needle? Because I don't like needles."
                        "No fraternizing on my ship!"
                        "Well, check out the welcoming committee."
                        "Sorry. Don't know why I thought that'd work..."
                        "I hope you damn idiots heard that."
                        "They know we're here, ladies. Look alive."
                        "Then, what use are you?"
                        "I really need to stop running into people that can beat me up."
                        It never ends...
                        "Hear that? Famous human."
                        "I'll be fine, go away!"
                        "When you tie someone to a chair and shake your a** in their face without them having to pay you, and then have said person kick you and your squad's a**, you tend not to forget them."
                        "Lerax cut this off, too. Fun times."
                        "No time for rest. Anderson's dead. Shepard's dead. Council isn't doing s**t. Galaxy's running out of heroes pretty quick. Nobody's stepping up to the plate."
                        "Stop playing dead, Snow White. I'm not gonna kiss you."
                        "Don't get the wrong idea, I'm just trying to help you not die."

                    Nali T'Roa
                        "I love Omega!"
                        "I think I might've broken something, and it's hurting like a bi--err--female varren."
                        "Please. I've been doing this since before your parents were born."
                        Stairs. Why did it have to be stairs?
                        "Did you miss the part where geth equals bad?"
                        "Meet Abraham, the friendly geth! We're trying to think of a chummy nickname for him. Got any ideas?"
                        "Tell me where he is, or I swear the next round I shoot is going between your legs!"
                        "Go after the fleshy guys!"
                        "Oh, come on, ya b*****d, just die already!"
                        "Goddess, after facing that krogan monstrosity, I hope there's nothing but bunnies and rainbows on the other side of that door..."
                        "You idiot!"
                        "Skipper has a habit of making things better, and that includes making sure everyone gets out okay."
                        "If there's anything I've learned, it's that you will always lose people, and it never gets easier."
                        "Hold on. Since when are we not allowed to talk back to you?"
                        "Oh. That sounds like work..."
                        "...son of a b***h."
                        "Ooh, big computer."
                        "When our mission is done, we can duke it out, but until then, I am your captain, and you will do as I say, starting with not shooting, killing, or otherwise harming me, anyone else on this ship, or any of our allies."
                        "I'm just a glorified baby-sitter for you guys and the ship until [Skipper] gets back."
                        "Rush in and hit 'em hard? You always know just what to say to brighten my day."
                        "Trouble seems to follow us like the tail on a varren."
                        "As for Skipper...he's a human. Egotistical, disrespectful, pretentious, pompous, insufferable... Err. He's a good guy. Really. ...when it counts. I guess."
                        "We've all got our scars: they're lessons."
                        "You repeat the Dark Star stunt, you're not allowed to walk around the ship without pants anymore."
                        "Stand down, soldier."
                        "You will not attack my crew."
                        "Your tag is sticking out, dear."
                        "So...let's not do that again, thanks."
                        "Remember this, you eidetic goon."
                        Who, Aria? Nah, she's cuddly.
                        "A year. A whole damned year, Skipper, and you couldn't even ******** contact us? Every single time we landed or docked anywhere, I didn't know if that was the day we would find you or your corpse or if we would finally hear your name on the news vids, and now I find you here, pissing your credits away at a bar while your ship is scraping by just to keep everyone fed?"
                        "I need to express my displeasure with this deal."
                        "I found a new techie. Can we keep him?"
                        "Augh, why do you feel the need to share these things...?"
                        "I just got out with a little scar. Again."
                        "Well, what now, oh fearless leader?"
                        "I don't get paid enough for this..."
                        "You all are so utterly hopeless without me. Couldn't leave you guys if I wanted to."
                        "May our aim be true, our barriers strong, and the ground slick with the blood of our enemies."
                        "I think Veronica is very interested in meeting--and possibly mating with--the asari assassin who just tried to take care of Skipper, and I'm cranky 'cause I haven't had my nap."
                        "We get to hide a body!"
                        "We're supposed to be all...stealthy or something."
                        "Lady, gentleman, and toaster, I do believe that's our cue."
                        "Ahh, guess we'd better be good little drones and do as Captain ordered."
                        "I wouldn't wanna be running from the entire galaxy with anyone else leading the way."
                        "Have anymore of that dextro-booze? I'm afraid I'm out."
                        "You newbies still have to go through the gauntlet. Jug of Ryncol. Chainsaw. Krogan. 'fraid I can't say more than that."
                        Goddess, it's like the beginning of every bad horror vid...
                        It might be a concussion talking, but I have the sudden, inexplicable urge to shoot a batarian.
                        "Did we win?"
                        "Liernus was the 'captain' of the Bosh'Tet. The ship I was on before I joined you guys? He was also my--uh... We were close."
                        "Little, blue children, dinner cooked in a proper kitchen, armor hidden away in the back of a closet... All that stuff."
                        "Only on the Amazon can you have a building thrown at you only to return to work the next day, same as always."
                        "First round on the Citadel says a building gets thrown at us again."
                        "You didn't see them take one more of us elsewhere? Human? Male? Brown hair, probably punching things?"
                        "Hey. Ow. b***h."
                        Skipper will be Skipper.
                        "I tripped. Had to catch myself. Would've fallen. Very scary."
                        "Mm. I do enjoy a nice fringe, though..."
                        "Well. I'm fairly certain you didn't floor 'im."
                        "Can't believe I gotcha to come shoe shopping with me."
                        "I swear, the next time you complain about your boo-boos..."
                        "Congratulations. You are officially more obnoxious than I am. You win a prize: the opportunity to watch me finish this toast. As a bonus, you get an angry redhead."
                        "I'm the new XO, right? I...don't know if I'd be able to face the person whose bed this is, otherwise."
                        "It's alright. I'll protect you guys."
                        A crack in the fortress!
                        "I brought a doctor!"
                        "You fiend."
                        That looks fun...
                        "The drugs she gave you certainly know how to charm a woman."
                        "Careful, Private. You might be winning my heart with this food."
                        "I suddenly miss being a freelancer. So many rules to follow..."
                        Capture this "Illusive Man." Because we've shown so much proficiency in capturing organization leaders so far.
                        "...his hair matches the stripes on his armor."
                        Why can't they ever just walk in and say "hi" like normal people...?
                        "Is your pillow fluffed enough? How's the hospital food? Do you need something more palatable? I can make a vending-machine run if you need me to."
                        "Felt kind of useless back on Aite while you and Skipper were bleeding out and Karii was caught in that predicament. The least I can do now, I figure, is pester the s**t outta you until you heal, right?"
                        "Uh. Yeah. Too. I mean, me, too. You."
                        If she thought you were worth killing, she'd've done it by now.
                        "She's right, you know. I've seen it happen. All over the window. Would not envy the guy who'd have to clean it up."
                        "Come, now. We're all friends here. Friends don't waste ammo on friends. That's what fists and biotics are for."
                        "When everything is at stake, I need to know that when you look at these guys, you're not seeing vorcha, you're not seeing humans. You're seeing your crew."
                        "You're not going to be some guy who gave his life to protect his store. You're going to be a corpse."
                        "Move fast, think even faster."

                    Veronica Locke
                        "I can almost feel your erection."
                        Steady...here he comes...alright, NECK SNAP!
                        "OH NO! Tremble in terror! It's gathering non-critical data and sitting down! OH GOD, blow its head off before it stands up or kneels down!"
                        "Oh, good. There's a rather nice sandwich waiting for me back on the Amazon."
                        "Hey, you can't dodge my throwings! That is SO cheating!"
                        "Dammit, Captain, we've been over this. It was that one time, and she can see almost perfectly out her right eye now, and I managed to clean up the jam and glitter...so I reckon the newbie is perfectly safe."
                        "Is that vorcha annoying you? I could chuck him through a window if you'd like."
                        "I'm still conscious, aren't I? Relax. I can...I can handle this."
                        "That's right, you ain't worth my time anymore! As a corporal, I can't associate myself with you. Maybe if you grew a pair of boobs, I might give you a second or two..."
                        "I reckon we should set a vending machine on fire and toss it out the window! Viva la Resistance!"
                        "Pants, pants, pants, pants..."
                        "I'm Veronica, resident corporal and pantsless wonder."
                        "They certainly went out with a bang."
                        "Oh come on, you think I'll get drunk again? I mean... I think I can handle it this time, sort of... I don't even like apple juice."
                        "Walking without trousers is liberating!"
                        "Staring at her butt helps me cope."
                        "And that is the story of Lerax the Turian!"
                        "Calm the [********] down."
                        "Now that sounds like a plan! Nali go grab a coil of rope, I'll go find a burlap sack and some oranges!"
                        "You'd think these guys would have learned by now, everytime they see, or hell, even think that we are in the area they should get the hell out of there!"
                        "Hey... we aren't all crazy! I myself am pretty sane... right?"
                        "Yup that's our dear Captain, a violet semi-sane man with a knife fetish."
                        "Our slightly-insane and maybe-hungover Captain is getting into a brawl with our man- eating Krogan."
                        "I know right? This is such a cramped area, someone who knows us could easily sneak and slit throats and remove our corpses before anyone even figures out what's going on... but you shouldn't worry about such things."
                        "You'll get your credits by the end of next week... give or take a month. Bloody useless people eater.. can't even beat- cursed Skipper resistance."
                        "Have any of you seen Otium? I have credits to not give him."
                        "Is it too much to ask that everything goes according to plan just once?!"
                        "Ok, that was pretty damn awesome!"
                        "Argh! Oh no! She bleeding and looks rather scary, I've voided my bowels in sheer terror!"
                        "Got my nose cleaned!"
                        "Tried to kill you, eh? I assume she failed?"
                        "Captain, I'm in the ladies room. Now, how do you work this damned thing?"
                        "It beats sitting around and drinking crappy wine."
                        "I had no idea I was married to such a bad a**!"
                        "You think we can lose when we have Skipper with us?"
                        "Heh, a Reaper eh? We're moving up in the world!"
                        "Is it too much to ask that something doesn't try to kill us everyday?"
                        "Is this all I am to you? A pillow?"
                        "Morning, could you lower the volume, please?"
                        "I throw bad guys across rooms and eat all the food."
                        "Uh, sword fight. I won."
                        "Yes, you're old. Very old, you might wanna get it looked at."
                        "That's Wife Forever to you!"
                        Oh, that did not taste good.
                        "I know I'm gorgeous, but there's no need to stare!"
                        "Speaking of nibbles... Hubby, I'll need to borrow your handcuffs."
                        "Pipe down! You're disturbing the peace!"
                        "Okay, what the hell?!"
                        God, why am I so ******** fat?
                        "Is he all there? You know, mentally!?"
                        "It's because I'm just so darn cute!"
                        "This is like the start of every bad horror movie out there."
                        "You know, the ad said that Tupari's meant to bring the dead back to life, but I don't see my mum anywhere. I'm calling false advertising on that."
                        "I survived a sword attack and all I got was this lousy scar!"
                        "Nobody ******** with our captain!"
                        "Yeah? Well, you're funny-lookin'."
                        "Do you need a hug?"
                        "I think you just wanna see me naked."
                        "We can have sex later. He needs your help first!"
                        "******** off."
                        "Sorry, big guy. I'm not dead yet."
                        "This is Zaternius, he's new. He also tried to kill Jask."
                        "Dad, not in front of my husband."
                        "I'm fine, just peachy."
                        "Whoa, whoa! Do we look like bad guys to you!?"

                    Duncan McFarrell
                        "Is it just me, or does your ship have a reputation for getting nutcases on board?"
                        "Nurr...urk. Um. Tell you what."
                        "Cookie, little guy?"
                        "Heh, I'm gettin' old..."
                        "To Flux!"
                        "Please keep a lid on your actions, Veronica. We're trying to save the Galaxy here."
                        "Seriously, dude, grow a Quad."
                        "Not you, Jask!"
                        "Knock it down."
                        "It's so easy when you're evil."
                        "You think this will save you, traitor?!"
                        "Soon. Very, very soon. It'll all come crashing down. As it should."
                        "Handle the body, and get me the press."
                        "Bravo, Owyn."
                        "You still think you're the good guys, don'tcha?"
                        "I don't think he likes that name."

                    Otium Aris
                        "Acknowledged, Captain."
                        "This crew has to be a magnet for all sorts of people."
                        "Considering our objective, I'm just glad I'm not filled with holes. Not a fun feeling."
                        "Duh, er, blle.......Hel-lo MA'AM!"
                        "Come and sit through a tale of confusion, mystery...and someone's pants being removed."
                        "Tell me Jask, is there any more surprises I need to know about so that I can avoid waking up to see holes in a wall?"
                        There really is no end to the weirdos that this crew can attract...
                        Guy was a smooth operator, I'll give him that---New guy who has no idea of what he and his crewmates got themselves into. Future Spectre of the year, while you forsake your friends. Dirty, rotten, son of bit--
                        "What can I say? I have a tendency to refuse people who sucker-punch me get away with it for long. But enough about me."
                        "Oh, I should have brought my favorite handcuffs!"
                        "Well, here we are. Omega--a nice, educational haven for the naive, and a convenient tourist spot for criminals."
                        "Ouch. Just...ouch."
                        "Well, everyone, I think we have just walked into something awwwkwward."
                        "...I heard he was a brutal combatant, but damn."
                        "Our leader over there is a lady. And I'm afraid that when you anger a woman, bad things happen."
                        "Oh, won't this be a lovely tale of bonding."
                        "Funny you should mention them. Amongst all the mercs--hurr?"
                        Gotta remain positive or some jazz like that.
                        "Bondage videos for everyone!"
                        "And this is why I hat...hat...hate...hat... Oh, this just isn't fair."
                        "KEEP YOUR BEAK SHUT."
                        "Fade to dust, moron."
                        "I like seeing new things, but this...I wish we were fighting organics again."
                        "I know this is kind of a bad time, but of all the accused things for the moons to be, did they have to be this damned diverse?"
                        Note to self: Learn the mod which gives synthetics a DAMNED unpleasant day.
                        "Taste some Popsicle bullets!"
                        I see the galaxy has ******** us once again.
                        "His success comes from the bodies and blood of the people he betrayed. Regardless of what he thinks of himself, he's no better than an egomaniac. But when the comes comes, he'll get his reward."
                        "Bottoms up, buddy? Or is it sweet things popping? Please do tell."
                        "Hope they like incendiary."
                        "What's hanging, Jask? Meet anyone? Kick some a** on the mission?"
                        "Ugh. Of all the times to get sucker punched again."
                        "Did I miss anything while I was on the floor? And who's our new arrival? Might as well get to know each other...since we've been blessed with this bitchin' turn of events."
                        "To remain professional Captain, I must decline. Both Nali and Karii are very..very well-respected members of the crew and I will not state how difficult it is for me to come to a decision."
                        "I mean, she's a lovely addition to the crew and her buttocks are exquisite-I mean her butt..butt..sexy butt."
                        Oh, ******** it.
                        "Oh, absolutely fine. And owww."
                        "Otium Aris. And just of curiosity good sir, would you mind telling me who you are?"
                        "Well, I suppose that--Syntethic zombies!"
                        "Oh, this is just dandy."
                        "How you doin'?"
                        "...lay it on me."
                        "If this is about my vids...uh--they're too private! And expensive to share..yeah that, its."
                        "..You had your arm chewed off by a Vorcha? Ouch."
                        "...How do you know I have a pair of handcuffs?"
                        "Absolutely Captain. So, let's make the galaxy a safer place and kick some zealous terrorist a**."
                        Stupid damned machine. Stupid damned machine. Stupid damned machine...
                        "Can you give me something to shut my mouth now?"
                        "Musashi. Would you care to elaborate on the likes of well...the bodies on the floor?"
                        "Oh, I am so feeling the love here."
                        "You have other things to deal with..like resting. And maybe dreaming about flying lasers or pyjaks...just throwing ideas out there."
                        "Now, all we have to go is get to the others and find a way to shut that damned Precursor down forever."

                    Karii'Laniah nar Idenna
                        "It can never be easy."
                        "I'm not sure if I should be honored or concerned."
                        "Make sure everyone is in cover... this is going to get messy."
                        "Shut up."
                        "Is it safe to assume that this 'little detour' isn't as little as the Captain says..?"
                        "Remind me to open a vent-port next time they throw a grenade."
                        "Since we're going to survive getting off this, I am Karii'Lianah vas Idenna."
                        "Is the Citadel as beautiful as the images show?"
                        "Isn't it fantastic? Its so crisp and smooth! And its sensor analysis is nearly double the capacity of-- T-that's what I've heard."
                        "This place is really loud."
                        "We have the best sharpshooters, but do we have the best dancers?"
                        "I really don't want to be on the other end of that."
                        "Not everyone is in it for themselves. You just haven't been looking hard enough for those people."
                        "That's what armor is for."
                        "I'm sore..."
                        "The far turret is mine!"
                        "If its anything like unlocking that door, I know what to expect, and they'll learn that I don't like being kicked out."
                        "Everyone should have the schematics now, Capt--Except for them.. they don't have it."
                        I should have done something...
                        "I won't let you down."

                    Verdan Na'al
                        "I bet there's never a dull day on your ship."
                        "You know how stupid these humans can get!"
                        "That looked painful..."
                        "I think my punches would be worse than yours however. If I tried to hit you, the damage to me would probably be greater."
                        "I can assure you that I know to have a little fun as well."
                        "I did not consider punching through a solid window in my escape scenarios. Well done!"
                        "Are you insane, human!?"
                        "...I think the scent of the food is drawing everyone here without them even realizing it...It does smell appetizing, doesn't it?"
                        "How do you require my assistance, friend?"
                        "I am surprised that did not do more damage."
                        "And here I almost thought you were the rational one."
                        "Damn...I liked that couch."
                        "Personal note…wear armor the next time I get into a conversation with Jal if at all possible."

                    Ivan Aleksandrov
                        "Nice shot!"
                        "Ooooh, Doctor. You are too kind. I will repay you when we are back on ship. Whateeever you want, I will make!"
                        "Gospodi, za chto? Why can't we open door and have something nice waiting for us..."
                        "... big biotic explosion...?"
                        "Hurry. I need your help to ******** them with my omni-tool."
                        "... Let's go on adventure, yes?"
                        "But you have interesting scar. How did you get it? Wrestle batarian? He ended up worse, yes?"
                        "Augh! Forget it. I kiss beards! Our love story on the Amazon. Doomed!"
                        "Human meat is tough, need hours of slow-cooking to make nice and tender."
                        "Sorry, I do not know your name. I am Ivan. You are 'hubby,' right?"
                        "Mrrmphff? Fffmm, fhmm--"
                        "Veronica, is okay to visit? Or guts still falling out?"
                        "Everyone will stop fighting. I do not give s**t. We are team. We will start act like one or I will become very angry. And I handle all food."

                    Orina Xanto
                        "Anything world-shattering happening on the Citadel?"
                        "Politics are something best avoided, in my experience. At least out here I know who my enemies are."
                        "It's like living with a group of small children..."
                        "The galaxy gives a capable soldier all she needs to survive."
                        "Well, this has been a wonderful was a waste of time."
                        "Maybe humans aren’t as fragile as I thought. You surely seem a cut above the rest."
                        "You should give your brain a rest before your head explodes."

                    Jal'Hark Bakeera
                        "Hey! I need twenty credits for food."
                        So much for the brave and fearsome Batarian.
                        "I would gladly gut you where you stand and do the world a favour!"
                        "Anybody call for a shuttle?"
                        "Let's not speak about what I just did."

                    Zaternius Lucanus
                        "Tried to kill. Didn't try to kill. All the same thing really."

                    Bambi Ayers
                        "Where is your little rag-tag team of explorers and what happens when a Quarian's suit tears? Just a little? Or if you feed a Turian cotton candy? Always wondered that myself. Do you think they just, you know, pop? Or is it all froth at the mouth and seizures?"
                        "Chinga a tu madre, cabron!"
                        "Oh, sweety, not that I'm offering but you really need to get laid!"
                        "Owyn Skipper...son of a b***h..."
                        "Oh honey, what can I say? I like it rough."
                        "Oh, honey, you look so old just sitting there staring. Where's your sense of adventure?"
                        "What did you do before the whole big damned heroes gig?"
                        "You look like s**t. What'd you do? Step in front of a truck? Jesus."
                        "I hate politics."
                        "Take whatever respite from this war that you can before the s**t really hits the fan. Rest, heal, have a few drinks and say whatever needs to be said without having to yell it over the sounds of guns firing and death."
                        "C-Sec, huh? Sounds like as good a place as any. Well, what you waiting for pretty boys? Make like gents and clear the lady an exit, no, better yet cover me."
                        "I swear on all that is holy if he does not land that thing right now I will shoot him from the sky!"
                        "...still here am I? Funny."

                    Iara Katsumi Serellian
                        "MERRY CHRISTMAS, LADIES!"
                        "Shen sheng de gao wan!"
                        "Ooooo hooo~ Nobody knows it~ (no body knowowwwwsss it)..."
                        "Mind joining me, smurf-man?"

                    Tom Freedom
                        "You are gonna ********' love this."
                        "I don't believe you're responsible for these Intergalactic ******** for one cotton-pickin' minute."
                        "How'd we find ya? Hell if I know. The boss did all the thinkin'. He just told me to come in and save your asses."
                        "What in Hell's fiery a** is a 'Precursor'?"
                        "Well waddya know, her a** is sweet!"
                        "Hey, sweet thing. Miss me?"
                        "Ain't nothin' standard about Sergeant Tom Freedom."
                        "Batter up!"
                        "USA! USA!"
                        "I don't like 'im. Slippery b*****d talks too much."
                        "I think I'd prefer that. Gimme another reason to punch him in the face."
                        "Oh great, the ********' pixie's come to save us!"
                        "Freedom Smash!"

                    Sagran Irin
                        "The ******** is that!?"

                    Musashi Miyamoto
                        "Oh, s**t! The fuzz!"
                        "Wait wait wait I'm conscious!"
                        "Fine. Be that way."
                        "Well. I'm gonna go over here now. Gimme a call when your bodyguard gets less... bodyguardey."
                        "Husk gave me this scar. Sticky little so-and-sos. It ain't so bad though. Ladies like a bit of wear-and-tear."
                        "Cool. Race ya."

                    Admiral Roderick Faust
                        "I'm sure this conversation is fascinating! But there's a nine foot krogan over there throwing us all around like ragdolls! Focus!"
                        "It seems we have some momentum, Doctor! Now, if you'll excuse me!"
                        "Or is it boys with you Geth? I have to be honest, the whole 'hive mind' thing always gave my brain a run for it's money."
                        "Jolly good!"
                        "Top notch!"
                        "Of course I am, old bean! Can't have an injured crew running into oblivion without the likes of me, can we?"
                        "Biotic Charge? Quite right, old boy. L2 implants."
                        "Sounds dreadfully inconvenient."
                        "Of course it's a trap! That's why we're walking straight into it!"
                        "...well. I'm not charging that, thank you very much."
                        "Nobody panic. It's only pain."
                        "You can panic when you're safe at home."
                        "Direct that anger towards them, my boy. Towards the Geth."
                        "Owyn Skipper. Velorix Arkasus. You are hereby placed under arrest in the name of the Council and the Galactic Union for fraternizing to assassinate the Council and destroy the Citadel."
                        "That crafty turian! Tricked me he did! I was powerless! Shot me right in the foot!"
                        "Oh, the pain!"
                        "Let me start off with saying... even I didn't expect that to happen."
                        "Well. That certainly looks painful. You might want to get some medi-gel on that."
                        "You there! Get this man some medigel, he's been injured defending us all, as is his Spectre duty!"
                        "It seems your hero has far more going on around here than you previously anticipated. Councillors."
                        "The Galaxy needs the help of the Amazon crew."

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