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When you live as long as I have...

"So Agent Coulson, where do we go from here?" Veronica asks the suited agent, quirking an eyebrow with a slightly forced half-smile. She was shaken, but her resolve was as stony now as it had been in the USSR. She also didn't trust anyone, exactly like she had back then. She was reminded of the day her little room in the capitol was stormed, and getting pulled by her extraction team. It seemed life was reveling in digging up old memories as of late. "I can't imagine its anywhere near Agent Carter is it? I would appreciate a chance to speak with her."

...you get tired of loosing everything that matters to you
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At his words, she raised a brow in confusion. However, it soon dawned on her they weren't talking of cats anymore.

"It's a natural response," she told him, placing her food aside. "Someone comes along and shows you an unfathomable kindness, one sometimes you feel you don't deserve. Even if you can't see why, they still seem to. Their presence helps aid you on a path much like theirs and with time, perhaps you will continue the cycle yourself, for another." In the end, she didn't quite see this happening, not fully, but she'd hope he'd try. Perhaps it was Chandler's influence that made him so sympathetic and mild in the first place. If that was so, she wasn't about to derail his course. Slowly, she backed away from the counter and faced him.

"You could sit, stew, and mourn over the absence of your companion, and no one would think any less of you. Again, it's another natural response. But really it's the unnatural occurrences we remember most, and when they return, perhaps it'll be them taking note of your kindness and deeds." A small smile crossed her face. It was time to take her leave.

Offering a nod of thanks for his hospitality, Sif made her way for the door. However, before exiting, she paused and turned back to him. "I'll be watching," she stated, slightly more stern than her other words. "As I assume Chandler will be too."

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Agent Phil Coulson-------

"Then you'll get one," he replied brightly. "Agent Carter's on leave at the moment, given the return of Captain Rogers. However, she's still in the city and I'm sure she'd be more than willing to come by upon your request." Since she spoke of wanting to contact Peggy, then that meant she was showing interest in going to SHIELD once again. Given the circumstance, he decided to stop dancing around the subject.

"The plan, however, is whatever you want it to be Ms. St. John. I spoke to the Director about this situation and your contacting us.." He paused and removed his sunglasses. "Look, I know you haven't seen eye to eye with us in the past, but the truth is, we take care of our own, past and present. You've always have a safe haven with us, and the offer still stands." Again he paused, looking back to their evac.

"Know this is optional though." He then motioned to the helicopter. "This thing can take you anywhere you'd like, no stings attached." He offered a smile once more. "That being said, I think it's you who has to tell me where we go from here."

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She raised her brow momentarily, judging the intent of his words. Given his forward delivery, she knew he had finally gotten the true meaning of the word, and even as cliche as they were, there was something endearing about them. Memories came flooding back of their first cab ride together, and those he wasn't nearly the frail man she remembered, his heart was still as big.

"I think I could manage that," she replied with a small smirk. It was then the cab came to a halt outside her apartment building, as would their date soon enough. She told the driver to wait momentarily as she exited the craft after him, but didn't stray far from its open door. Instead, she stood on the curb and gave him a remorseful stare, her heart still heavy with guilt.

"I wish I could tell you I'd be home tonight."
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Barking Strawberry

There was utter pandamonium in the Parker residence. May the younger didn't want to talk to anyone and blamed herself for what had happened. The elderly May wanted to call the police, which they quickly found that the phone lines where all busy for some reason. Ben Ulrich kept asking why this nut had taken J Jonah Sr and what the young woman had to do with it. And Ben Parker all he could do was first try to talk to the younger May and than attempt to calm his wife down.

After what seemed like hours, the younger May Parker started to speak, telling people simply, "I've put you all in danger,", "I should have never been invited into your house,", "I'll go now," and "I need to take care of this. It is my problem," to which the elderly May Parker told her, sternly, "Nonsense," Peter knew what he was getting himself into. And if he didn't, he should have,", and "You will stay right here young lady until we can all sort this out."

Forcing the young woman to sit down at the kitchen table, the elderly May turned to Ben and told him, "Tell us all that has happened," and going to the stove, dinner completely forgotten by most, she began to prepare tea for any who wanted it as Ben began telling what had happened, end with his evacuation from Manhattan as something big had gone down, possibly involving SHIELD.

As he explained, Ben Parker sat down at the table and listened quietly. When his wife's offered him tea, he politely turned her down and instead started on his now cold dinner, stopping only to get up and try the phone every so often.

The Green Goblin smiled as he donned his mask and the armour. It was all to perfect. J Jonah, for his refusal to sell to Norman, would pay. But to put icing on the cake, Norman had discovered that one of the peons that worked for Sr was the Parker boy and that he was sweet on the wannabe who had dared to stop the Goblin. His grin widening, the Green Goblin wondered if maybe he should also punish Harry, for a poor choice in friends, but than decided to let the matter slide. For now.

Enabling the device that called the glider, he mounted the device, checked the fresh supply of grenades Norman had acquired some time during the day, decided he really needed to upgrade them to something more appropriate and hoping that the poser was gone, he took flight.

Fortune smiled on him as he made his way across Manhattan. Noting that the law was apparently busy elsewhere, he zipped quickly towards the Daily Bugle he lobbed a grenade or two at the exterior wall. The moment it disintegrated, he began to cackle at the destruction it was raining down and moving closer, he stepped off the glider and into J Jonah Sr's office. Immediately seeing the owner of the pitiful rag, he cackled again and the screamed, "Hey, Chuck! We've come not for you daughter, but you!"

Instantaneously, all forms of hell broke loose. Senior began to scream at him, calling him a menace and bunch of other nasty things as some poor schmuck ran into the office to see what was going on. Reaching down, he pulled at a piece of paper he'd affixed earlier to the glider and handing it to the fool, he spat out, "You will find and give this to the woman who was with the Parker kid earlier," and quickly, before, either could react, he scooped up J Jonah Sr and ignoring the screams and curses the man was utter, the Green Goblin stepped out the hole he'd created and back onto the glider.

Moving quickly, he stashed Sr in a safe location, making sure he was properly secured and zipping across Manhattan, he headed for Queens. There, fortune smiled on him once more and finding the Parker kid alone, the Green Goblin made short work in abducting the young man. After securing him with J Jonah, the Green Goblin allowed Norman to once again come forward as he came down a flight stairs stepped through a hidden door and into the private penthouse of Norman Osborne.
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XXXXXXSteve Rogers

He'd kind of actually intended to let it be ambiguous. He wasn't one to be forward about things, of course, but that little in-joke between them was just roundabout enough that he could manage to say it without turning into a mess. He was getting better about that now. When the cab stopped it seemed it was finally, officially the end of the date.
He turned back to face her when he heard her climbing out behind him and stood there at the curb with her as she all but said he wouldn't be seeing her again for a while. Maybe that was why she'd asked him to join her.
"Believe me, so do I.... But you have to do what you have to do. When this is all over and you can come home, give me a call and I'll have a warm meal waiting for you." With that and a smile, he leaned in. Though he didn't have much dating experience - none, in fact, as this had been his first - he knew how they ought to end; a soft kiss.
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As his lips pressed against hers, Peggy matched his tender kiss with a soft one of her own. All things considered, the day was pretty grand thus far, and knowing what she was about to walk into made her cherish it even more regardless of its abrupt end. After moment, she broke the sweet gesture and offered him a smile in returned.

"It's a date," she replied, and decided to leave it at that. As the cab began to pull away from her captain, so faded the lovedrunk haze that had overcome her. It wasn't something she noticed nor regretted, it was simply something that needed to be done. Once she had reached HQ, her ironclad nerves were back in full effect and with good reason- by the look of things, she was going to need them.
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Outside Lenape Park, New York.
Interstate 22.
5:36 AM

It had grown early, and for Tyler Adams that meant it was nearly time to clock out. As he emerged from his booth, so had the sun from behind the hillside as it began illuminating the weight station with its sleepy, golden rays. Really, he didn't mind the early morning shift as most. It was always a toss up for which driver he'd encounter- one just starting his journey or one nerve racked to make his destination- but that was the fun, or so he made himself believe. As he began approaching the flagged freight, he wondered which it would be and as the driver peered out of his opened window with a smile, he was grateful it wasn't the latter.

"Morning sir," Tyler greeted.
"Mornin'," the driver replied with a tip of his hat. Having his papers ready, he handed them down to the officer who began giving them a look over.
"Well, it seems everything's in order," Tyler began again, flipping through the clipboard. "However, according to this you're a few hundred pounds over your load. Several actually." The driver shot him a surprised look, scratching the back of his head.
"That is odd.." he replied. He didn't really have much of an explanation for this and only looked at Tyler with confusion. "Well, let's open her on up and see if we can't find a solution." Tyler nodded given he was going to suggest the same thing. As the driver disembarked from his cab, he followed along side until the two were at the back of the cab. After unlatching the the doors, the driver threw it open and Tyler made his way inside.

"So, what are you hauling," he asked as he began moved through the labyrinth of boxes.
"The usual," the driver replied, calling out from the ground below. "Electronics, specialty good for some super-center, what have you. It's all on the list." As he continued to move further into the darkened freight, Tyler began reaching for his flashlight. Instrument in hand, he began illuminating the boxes and noting the brand names upon them, all the way upon until the large wall of them in the back. So far, the driver's story seemed to check out.
"So far so good," Tyler called. "Might need to check.. check inside.. some of these.."

As he looked down at the metal grating, he noted an odd liquid seeping from one of the bottom boxes. Raising a brow, he began to investigate, prodding the boxes and as he did so he soon found how light they seemed to be, as if empty. Tapping on one in the middle, the wall fell like a stack of dominoes revealing a more hollow area behind. He knew things were amiss then, even before he began shinning his light around, a feat he'd soon regret. Though the large, metallic canisters on each side were odd disturbances, the image that made his gut curl was the sight of several deceased men lying on the ground, their blood pooling beneath them from the entry wounds in their foreheads. Worst of all, they wore the same uniform as him. His first reaction was reviling at the act, the next, reaching for his own side arm, and the third wishing he had done sooner. There was a high-pitched whiz, splitting pain, then darkness.

Any other day for Tyler Adams turned out to be his last as the trucker closed his doors. He had once again taken on extra weight it seemed, but that wasn't an issue. This was nearly his last checkpoint. As the semi pulled away from the weight station, it sped onward towards the breaking dawn which carved the New York skyline into a wondrous silhouette far in the distance. The driver didn't revel at the sight though, for he knew the real fireworks would come soon enough. If this serenity could strike him along the way, he could only imagine how beautiful it would be as when it all began to burn.
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Author's Note: Unless someone needs him, Scott Summer's is leaving New York for a bit

It had happened all as Scott had predicted. He was booked on disturbing the peace and given a night in the drunk-take while the police tried to figure out his involvement in the fire that levelled City Hall, the lunatic in the green armour and why he was fighting the psycho. The only thing they took serious of what he was telling them was when they asked him his name, he told them, "Jack Kirby," without batting a wink.

The next day, he was let out with the stipulation that he was to pay a fine and that he wasn't to leave the city. Scoffing as he headed back to were he'd been living for the past couple weeks, Scott collected his stuff and deciding he really didn't care, he started walking across the city, heading north.

When he past a bank, he collected the appropriate amount money to pay the fine and making a slight detour, he paid the fine, deciding he didn't want New York's finest coming looking for him. Leaving the city, he decided that Maine or Massachusetts would be better. Thinking about the summer work he was sure to find, he wondered if the families he helped previous were still around and following the highway, Scott left the city of New York behind.
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Barking Strawberry


Time had no meaning for the Man-Spider. He was aware of time passing, but the fact that it had been hundreds of years, perhaps more, meant nothing. He hunted, he fed, that was all that mattered. There was nothing within this realm that interested it in the way of a mate, so that part of his mind was pushed off to one side and eventually forgotten. And so when he came across a demon that did weird things with that which wasn't the light, the Man-Spider didn't give it a second thought to hunting, killing and eating the demon's life-fluids.

But from that point on, things for the Man-Spider was different. Having the rudimentary mind of a beast, he could not give word to why he sometimes appeared places he'd never been, or had didn't want to go. He could not explain why sometimes the light vanished and day passed quickly into night and than back into night. He could not explain why the light vanished in specific locations and that which the Man-Spider hunted suddenly died. Nor could he explain why something that which was solid suddenly became vaporous. All the Man-Spider knew that it had something to do with the demon and the life-fluids he had ingested, feeding on the creature over quite a bit of time.

Unsure how he should deal with these things, the Man-Spider put it from his mind and eventually, in time, that to was forgotten. Until the day he came in contact with the ruler of this realm.
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Thomas Alexander Hellsing
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"Oh come on, I know you want a little love bite."

I'm currently: When:Morning What:Sleeping/waking up Where:My Apartment Why:I live here Dingus!

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Girls don't like boys

Thomas woke up, almost leaping out of bed. His radio/MP3 player kicked on. As "Scotty Doesn't Know" began blaring he headed to his bathroom. Ignoring the likely drugged up red head sleeping next to him. The back girl on the other side was a nice touch, but he didn't care. Getting into the shower he turned the water on full blast. Letting the warm water trickle down his body He felt a bit of sting as the shower water caressed the scratches on his back. He rubbed the soap on his body, using a Bio field to rub his back unable to help the occasional flinch as he made sure the scratches were clean. Thomas was singing along with the song. Stepping out of the shower he wrapped himself in his heavy high thread count towels. He came out of his from to see the black woman was gone and the red head had been sneaking out. He smirked and flashed her a thumbs up. He walked over to his closet, Pulling on a suit that was worth more than a car. He'd chosen a almost black green suit, with a dark green button up shirt, with ebony buttons. His tie was the same color as the suit but with a pot leaf on it He pulled on his leather gloves then a hat however the choice was a pain. Finally he decided on a "Stove pipe" hat, that matched his suit. The band was the same color as his shirt and it had goggles over the band. He had a feeling he'd need goggles today. Walking towards the door, he sang, "The girls with the bodies, like boys with Ferrari."

He tried to decide, if he wanted to take his Ferrari or his Bentley. However he knew as he saw her. Getting in, he turned the stereo on. And hit the gas. The very high end car taking of. Most people would call the speed Thomas was driving with insane. Then again, most people didn't' have bio-electric fields to shield himself and the car. Thomas decided to drive to Central Park. Lots of honies, maybe he could pick up a MILF or three. His radio blared "Love the way you lie.". He drifted into a parking spot. Getting out he headed towards the main area of the park.

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Alejandra Cortez

Alejandra woke around dawn, refreshed after the first night's sleep she'd had since signing that damned--quite literally--contract with Mephisto and allowed Kreios into her body. Now that the titan was stuck back in Mephisto's realm and her body was her own again, along with the powers she'd gained from Kreios, she wouldn't have to steal naps in the break room every day at her new job. It was yet another delivery job, but she liked it. She was paid based on commission, and even though she could only transport a few packages at a time on her chopper, she could still deliver quite a bit more in a day than her coworkers. Since the sun wasn't fully in the sky yet, Alejandra went up to the roof of the boarding house she now lived in and lay on the slanted surface to watch the sunrise. Her watch beeped at 7:15, letting her know it was time to get ready for work. She grinned, smelling food cooking, and climbed back through the hatch to the attic room she rented to get dressed. From the smell of it, the landlady was a very good cook.
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Barking Strawberry

Author's note: Unless there is an problem, the story arc I'm doing with May will be moving into day three and will once again be a day ahead of everyone

Ben Ulrich eventually left about eleven pm, muttering something about seeing if he could get back into the city and if whatever had caused people to evacuate had passed. Mr and Mrs Parker, along with May would sit up until nearly one am, tossing back and forth ideas on what they should do.

Mrs Parker wanted to get a hold of someone calling themselves SHIELD and claimed she knew where their office was. Mr Parker wanted to march out of the house and start scouring the city himself for Peter, which the young May could understand considering since they still couldn't get anyone on the device on the wall. May, besides understanding Mr Parker's desire was unsure what she should do and in the end she eventually decided that if nothing better came up, she would return to where she first encountered the Goblin, sure that it was in front of the burnt ruins of City Hall.

When all three of them finally retired, sleep would not easily come to any of the occupants and the young May lay awake until about three or four before falling in a restless sleep. When she awoke about ten and walked to the kitchen, she was greeted by Mrs and Mr Parker, who both looked as if they had passed a sleepless night. Sitting down at the table, May asked, "So what should we do?"

As she pushed an empty cup and a pot of tea towards the young woman, the elderly woman commented, "If nothing better can be decided, despite my feelings on the subject, you may go after this Green Goblin."
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William sat on a bench, eyes closed; listening to the sounds of the park. It was a beautiful set of sounds. Until that is someone in a ferrari parked nearbye. "Nice car, But try keeping the volume down," William said as he continued to stay sitting down with his eyes closed. Some people seemed think they owned the world.
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Mephisto had not truly let the Man-Spider out of his sight. He'd taken greater interest when it tried to attack his special Very Important Prisoner, but nothing had interested him quite so much as the creature's adaptability. From its metamorphosis by the realm's energies to the development of its newest abilities, the creature had by now proven itself to be head and shoulders above almost every other creature of the realm. The only issue, Mephisto knew, was that it had come to the realm through the portal. Though it existed there in his realm, hunted and fought the creatures of his domain, it did not belong to him.
He longed to possess it, and so he waited. It was within his power to will the creature to his location, but such an act could frighten it and make it unwilling to co-operate. He needed its co-operation, and he needed its trust. To possess it he would need to make a deal. He waited, and in time the creature came before him, as he knew it would. He came to meet it lest it wander off again, and in that moment when he finally stood close enough to look into its eyes he saw that its mind was simple and so it would be difficult to fool. Such creatures had little in the way of ambition outside of satisfying very basic needs, and ambition was Mephisto's most valuable tool. It was his hope that the creature had enough intelligence remaining to complete a deal. It remained to be seen.
"Greetings, creature," he said, and awaited its response, whatever that may have been.

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