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    dylan paisley burke
                  pink&yellow collar; lightpinkheart,ball,&brokenheart charms

                                        The petite young girl struggled to stretch in her small cage. Dylan jerked her arm once, attempting to stretch the limb, and ended up hitting her head on the top of the cage & making yet again more bruises on her wrist. She sighed making an oohmph sound, and sat up indian style, her head bent down because of the cage being in her way. She brushed her hair out of her way & pulled her shorts down a bit. Dylan was wondering how long she had to stay in this uncomfortable cage. She hated it. But then again, really, what other slave didn't? Speaking of other slaves, Dylan looked around through her cage bars to spy on the other slaves. She noted one male and a female, but that was all she could see from her awkward sitting position. She scratched her head. This was defintely something that would take awhile to get use to.

                                        She turned her head to the side as she got into a laying position. She rumbled around a bit, and made much noise. Dylan had hoped that the other slaves wouldn't think of her as annoying because of all the moving she was doing. She couldn't help her playful nature. After all, it was just in her personality.

                                        Dylan was now laying down, in a very odd way, her bare legs sticking straight up in the air, touching the top of the cage, her back on the bottom, and arms placed on her chest. She tugged her shirt down a bit, all the moving had rustled it up to her chest, revealing her flat stomach. Dylan sighed once more. She clanked the shackals around her ankles a bit. Then her arms. It was obviously true- Dylan was about to die of boredom. She decided upon something risky. Speaking up, Dylan cleared her scratchy throat a bit, "E-erhm. anyone else as bored as I am? She said sheepishly. Adding as a side note, "I'm Dylan by the way. And yes, it is a girls name." She giggled a bit, trying to strike up a nice conversation with some other slave like her.
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxαℓєxα киιɢнт
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Silence, that's all that there was to her.

She was almost deaf from hearing the terrifying wails and scrams as new slaves came in. She wasn't actually deaf but she drowned everyone out with her rapid fire thoughts that came into her brain like a bullet would enter her heart. Men and women, sat, rocking themselves to sleep or awake even. But Alexa, she was different. She stood in the huge cage, pacing as she planned how to escape. Each plan had a flaw. Each conference she heard, she was caught. What could she do without being caught?

She finally sat down, her legs crossed in what other slaves thought was a very awkward position, she however, thought it was comfortable. She rested her elbow on her knee and her chin on the palm of her hand. She distantly heard another slave talking. She ignored it until she could comprehend what she was saying. Didn't she have anything better to do. "Yes I'm bored. We're locked in cages, why shouldn't we be bored. What do we have to do anyways?" Alexa asked with a frown as she stood again and paced more, back and forth, having to hunch her back and lower her head though to stand straight and fit.


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Trey road swiftly down the road towards the city in the distance. His hood was up, covering the short blonde hair and elvish ears. His bow and quiver clicked quietly against his leather armor as his horse galloped over the open terrain. The long cloak, fastened in the front right below the neck line of his armor, looked like leaves and vines woven together. The hood, made of vines, cast a shadow over the wear's face. Grass green eyes, the same color as the green cloak, stared out at the world. Hands gripped the reins lightly as Trey road along. Green pants covered his lower half and leather boots sheltered his feet. The pants looked to be made of tightly woven vines as well, to the point that without a close look, the pants seemed made of cloth. The leather breast plate covered shirt made of the same woven vines. A belt snaked around trey's waist held a finely carved stone dagger along with other pouches, contents unknown. The city grew closer and Trey's hand tightened on the reins, slowing his horse to a trot that became a walk as the man entered the city. The hooves clicked on the cobblestones as he road up the road, stopping outside the slave shop.

As Trey dismounted he smiled down at the panting wolf. Shelby hadn't even broken a sweat in keeping pace with the horse. Trey felt a surge of pride for the beast who had claimed him as his master, or more like the man who had earned of protection. Trey bent, patting the creature on the head as it woofed quietly in reply. Her fur was a medium brown with a white spot on her chest. "Good girl." Trey whispered to her before turning, unhampered by the bow through which his arm rested on the quiver along his back. Trey was a woodsman of considerable skill. The skill passed down by generations of other elves from his home town. Trey was now a wander of sorts. The large forest of which his village was set in was his homeland. Trey lived there but never in the same place. He had left his camp in the fringes of the woods and ridden out to the city. Now, he turned to his task at hand. Pushing to his feet, calves bunching with ripcord like muscles, Trey turned and entered the shop.

The first assult was the smell. The second was the sound. The place rattled and clanked, slaves moaned and groaned. At his side, Shelby growled in her chest, eyes narrow in the dim light. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy such a thing, but the smell of blood caused the hair to rise on her chest. Trey reached down, patting her head before walking off into the shop, the wolf following and growling softly. The smell of blood put her into a frenzied state, kept only in check by the lack of opponents. Should they be attacked, Trey frowned at the thought, he would not be able to prevent Shelby from attacking. Trey shook his head and reached up, dropping the hood of his cloak as he glanced around at the slaves, looking for one to take home.
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    dylan paisley burke
                  pink&yellow collar; lightpinkheart,ball,&brokenheart charms

                                        The small slave listened as another slave responded to her. She mentally did a happy dance that she could find something entertaining to do. Dylan listened to the other slave talk & noticed the morbid sound to her voice. She could tell that she was unhappy. Dylan was ready to reply when she heart something more distant.

                                        Suddenly, more than 50+ slaves groans & moans started to rile the place up, even louder, as a new master walked in. Dylan herself couldn't help but get excited. Yet, she knew better than to try to beg for attention & through her arms through the cage. Last Slave she saw do that got her arms stuck & was slaughtered. She did not want to be another one of those. She just sighed, and tried her best to smile & look appealing to the master, hoping to herself that he might choose the flirty girl herself.

                                        Her bright smile gleamed, and she brushed through her hair with her fingers. She just wanted out of this place.
The Winds of Change

Grey, Lilcy, Light Blue, Lightning bolt, Leaf, Eye

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Wind looked over as girl spoke up from her cage. She was an odd one. He could tell she was palyful without looking at the collar. His eyes were a cool blue, subtle and round. His blue hair matched them perfectly. He wore a white shirt over which he wore a small jacket of blue. His jeans, blue as well, matched the rest of him. The only thing that stood out was his collar. No one would guess the power behind the eyes. The power hidden within the boy. He fit perfectly inside the cage. It was small, they all were, however he seemed to be younger, more child like as if he had not come into his growth yet. No one would guess Wind to be a made of 21 years and that was how he wanted it. It served a dual purpose of lulling others into a false sense of security and allowing him to remain safe in his cage.

Wind's teeth flashed in the dark as a guard walked by. The man was a new guard and he caught Wind looking up at him. "What do you want freak?" The man growled down at Wind before making the first move. The man's hand lashed out in an attempt to reach though the bars and grab Wind. Wind smiled, listening to the soft humming sound that his cage constantly emitted. As the man's hand reached through the bars he brushed on steel beam. With a shocking force that number his arm and tossed him back, the man was shocked by the unknown terror that was Wind's cage. If not for the eletricty running through the steel cars, Wind would have escaped a long time ago. As it was, the owner was prepared for someone of Wind's species. The man's arm was burned where it had touched the metal and he quickly retreated from the area. A short bark of a laugh escaped Wind's mouth before he returned to his study of the strange slave in the cage across from his. He wasn't about to speak to her, but he hoped his preformance had entertained her a bit. Light flashed by as a master entered, showing off Wind's grey, lilcy, light blue striped collar and reflected off the lightning bolt, leaf, and eye charms as he watched the slave girl and her indecent position.
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Maddie woke up and saw she was in chains, she thought(why and i in chains) then she looked around and saw there was 2 girls and 1 boy, "hmm, this sucks.." she said looking back at her chains.
she was in the dark corner because she ran a way, "maybe thats why i am in this chains?" she said trying to get free, after a bit of clanking of the chains she gave up and just looked down..

♪♫♪♫ ЯΣҜİĐӨ ♫♪♫♪

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"Why must a slave always depict a Master to be mean and scary...?
I am nothing of the sort."


Rekido was new to the slave scene. Quite frankly, Rekido was new to everything modern. Living in the forest showed no sign of ever giving in to the new age of technology, commerce, and worst of all: slavery. She had lived a sheltered life, one free of all the blemishes of war and hatred. She was a timid little thing, too, barely even coming up to five feet. Her white dress that flowed elegantly about her body added to the sense of innocence she radiated. As Rekido opened the door to the slave shop, she nearly took a run in the opposite direction. It was too loud, too scary, and the scent of blood was just too strong. Taking a deep breath, Rekido braced herself and dove into the shop, her eyes shut tightly as she almost ran into another person. "E-excuse me!" she peeped, her voice so small it could barely be heard over the clanging of chains. Opening her eyes, she froze, locking her gaze on a certain cage with a blue haired boy in it. Soft green eyes hinted at curiosity as she forgot about the man she nearly ran into as she walked, almost trance-like, to the cage that held the boy. Reaching out, she was about to touch the cage until the hum of electricity caught her attention. Instead, her hand paused, just inches from the humming metal bars. "H-hello in there...?"


For one so small,
you seem so strong
My arms will hold you,
keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry
The Winds of Change

Grey, Lilcy, Light Blue, Lightning bolt, Leaf, Eye

User Image

Wind shuddered as a cool breeze blew the stench around. He looked up, light glinting on his charms as a new mistress entered. She was a timid thing, wearing a thin dress. Wind's eyes went over the woman's form as he calculated her strengths. She seemed afraid of the shop, especially the smell. He watched her come close to bumping into the other master that was around but the man paid her no attetion. That ment she must be something that an elf wouldn't harm. Something from a forest perhaps? Wind couldn't be certain without talking to the woman. His lips stayed sealed as she walked over to his cage. He watched her reach out, stopping just short of shocking herself. He wondered what her chances would be if she took him as a slave. He would be handed over to her handcuffed and with the remote to his collar. Would she trust the bonds till she got to know him, or play ignorant and risk her life at his hands? Wind's eyes glittered playfully, his child like form hiding the true Wind. "You are a creature of the forest." Wind's voice was soft, young, and plesant to hear. Many masters had wondered why he wasn't a singer. Trey's word held to motives: To learn what she was. Either he was right or he could rule out that catagory. It was a win-win situation. His eyes met hers as he waited to see what would follow, his blue eyes glittering intelligently.

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