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Title By: Demon_Lord_Hatori808

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The world is not what it used to be. Freedom, for some, is something unheard of and impossible to reach, Simply a dream. for others, it is just another day. There is a new slave shop in town, to replace the old one that burnt down two years ago. The populous no longer has to go out of town to get a slave, and many who have not been able to get a proper slave for two years without having to travel. Now it is just a short distance away like it used to be.

Two years ago there were people who were protesting against the caging of people, and decided to burn down the slave shop during the night. That day it had been empty, but little did they know that a new shipment of slaves had come in. Every cage had been filled, and they all died. The people responsible were put to death without a trial. Even slaves had the right to life, even if they didn't have the right to freedom. Now, since that incident, no one has ever tried to protest it again. Sure a few slaves have been killed from beatings, but they sometimes killed their masters too. It was never an entire building of slaves.

The new building has state of the art security so that nothing that horrible ever was to happen again. But in the end, it is still a slave shop, the cages are the same, just more difficult to escape. The shackles are still the same, digging into your flesh as you try to escape. Will your new master be your savior? Or will they be your undoing? Or perhaps the masters are in just as much need to be saved as you do. Only time will tell the outcome.

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>--» Follow All The Rules Given!
>--» Follow Gaia TOS!
>--» This is a semi-lit roleplay. (kinda)
>--» Romance is allowed. No cybering. I do not care if you are sexual or suggestive, but refrain from doing the deed in this forum. Kissing is allowed, but once all the clothing is off then that is it. Time skip is the condom of Gaia.
>--» No God-Modding! A slap is ok, but give the other person the chance to react before you start to beat the ever living s**t out of him. If you go to far, you will be kicked out, so keep it to a minimum please.
>--» What should you put in your Application so I know you have read the rules? Twisted evil Icon.
>--» No killing of other characters. If you do so I will kick you immediately without question. Unless the character has quit/got dropped etc and you are getting a new partner.
>--» Anime picture!
>--» Have Fun!!!
>--» All applications will be sent to me. coc0nut5
>--» What shall you title the PM? For master: You will do as I say! For a Slave: Your will be done.
>--» You are not to begin your posting adventure until you have been accepted by me.
>--» Everyone likes a little bit of blood every now and again, and that includes me and this forum. But do not go chopping limbs off
>--» Try not to leave people out. I know it can be hard in these kinds of RP's, but I don't want anyone being left behind.
>--» Slaves cannot run away. They are allowed to escape for a certain amount of time, but they must be caught and be in the slave shop.
>--» What is my take on swearing? I ******** love it! Go batshit crazy, but I don't want every other word a swear word.
>--» No hostility between people, characters, yes, the people behind the characters? No.
>--» If you have not posted after a certain amount of time, and you have not informed me of the reason, you will most likely be kicked. I send post warnings on a semi-regular basis, but I don't always have time to do so, and room needs to be made for active members. I will send a message to inform that you have been dropped from the RP, if you would like to rectify yourself and be added back on, then you may message me and we can talk it over.
>--» Pretty up your posts a little, at least character name and pic please.
>--» I am the supreme master of this RP, what I say goes. I have every right to add and get rid of rules as I please, so check regularly.


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What Color Collar(s) You Prefer:
What Color Charm(s) You Prefer:
Shot Biography:
Appearance: (Anime only)


What Color Collar(s) You Wear:
What Color Charm(s) You Wear:
Shot Biography:
Appearance: (Anime only)

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Pink = loving/caring/flirty/romantic, can be used as a love slave, and must always be kept around the owner.
Red = outgoing
Orange = energetic/hyper, will be very energetic, and will need lots of exercise, and time to play.
Lilcy = wise/smart
Green= easily made jealous, not likely to accept another slave, and needs to be the center of attention almost all the time.
Yellow = happy/cheerful
Blue = honest/good listener
Light Blue= quiet or rarely talks, must be given time to warm up and speak to master or mistress, must be patient with these slaves in order for them to feel comfortable.
Brown = hard worker/very obedient, will do whatever the owner asks, and will not disobey when asked to do anything.
White = pure/innocent
Black = impure/killer/dangerous, is not to be trusted and must always be watched.
Gray = violent/doesn't listen, is likely to disobey orders given and should be worked with for good slave.
Purple= depressed or shy, should not be pressed to hard, and will need some time to get used to master or mistress.
Turquoise= calm, is likely to do all that master or mistress says, and does not need much pushing to become obedient

light pink heart = loving/flirty
rose with thorns = protects self from others
lighting bolt = powerful/destroyer
shield = protective/body guard
sword = fighter
horns = hatred/evil
ball =playful
pan = chef
pen = writer
music note = singer
Leaf = Outdoorsy/nature lover
White wing= Pure
Black wing= Impure
Spool of thread= Can sew
Eye: Good at solving problems
Bird: Good with animals
Heart: Virgin
Broken heart: Non virgin
Teddy Bear: Always wants sex
Skull and bones: Dangerous.
Broom= Good at cleaning
Red Heart= Lover
Pink Heart= Companion
Trebble cleft: Musical talent.

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White List

coc0nut5 - Creator
Elivear - Sister / Co-Creator / Moderator
TurtleMan37 - Has been a good RP and is keeping this RP going ^^
xXTears of InsanityXx - Has been a good RP and is keeping this Rp going ^^
Der Schweiz - Has been a good RP and is keeping this RP going ^^
SabakuNoToraLuvsAnime - Has been a really good RP-er and is a good sport
Black List

You don't want to be here....And i don't want to put you here
So Be Good!!!
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