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After Riku and Sora defeated Xemnas and are reunited on Destiny Islands with everyone, including the King, they sat around and talked for a while. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy eventually went off and returned to Disney Castle to go about their business. About a year after all this had transpired, Kairi found a message in a bottle resting in the sand on their island. She handed it to Sora, knowing it was for him. This is what it said...

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Will Sora listen to this strange figure's advice and look for these girls to help him? Will the group find the girls before Organization XIII does? What will happen if he doesn't? Will it mean the end of the worlds? And who is this mysterious figure?


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All rules WILL be followed! If you don't, you'll be blacklisted!!! ALSO, all rules are subject to change, BUT we'll try our best and let you know if and when they have been. More than likely I'll make an announcement in the OOC thread.

              [] xxxxRespectxxxx

                    It's a simple thing, really. What this means is, at the very least, listening to advice if and when given. We only want to help you get better as an RPer. Be tolerant of things you might not like: yuri, yaoi, etc. Don't be insulting to other RPer's or characters; even if your character is a jerk, there is a limit! You should know what that limit is.

              [] xxxxObediencexxxx

                    We--DuChess S o u lxxx, Likewise Borne, Memory Manipulator Namine, Moment`s Indecision`, and AquilisNoctis--are here to help and keep peace in the RP. We would never ask anything of you that we didn't think you were capable of. If you think something is unfair, please let us know in a mature PM, stating your problem in a solution-orientated fashion. We're all very understanding and will help you work out any problems you may have.

              [] xxxxLiteracyxxxx

                    This is a literate to advanced literate roleplay. Please, use spell-check. They do amazing things. They aren't perfect of course, but they should eliminate 90% of the spelling errors. I am also dyslexic, so it really helps me out if there aren't that many spelling errors. Minor grammatical errors will be forgiven, of course. That includes things such as proper punctuation for dialogue and mixing up commas and semicolons.
                    Things that will not be forgiven: tense changes in the middle of your sentences/paragraphs, that irks me to NO END; missing words, I will be lenient, just DO NOT make it a habit; not using punctuation, commas are your friends; proper capitalization. All of this will be forgiven in the beginning, but if it becomes a regular thing, like you never capitalize, you will be asked to leave my roleplay.
                    If you have issues with spelling, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome all provide a spell-check function that is free AND automatic. I use Chrome, myself. Microsoft Word also has spell-check. Internet Explorer has a spell-check add-on, just Google "Internet Explorer Spell checker"
                    PLEASE re-read your post BEFORE you post it. I expect little to NO errors, so please just re-read your posts. Simple as that.
                    If you are worried that you’ll fall behind if you write a long post, simply post that you are writing one and then go back and edit it with your actual post.
                    Posts should be around three paragraphs. A three sentence post is NOT acceptable. There must be enough content for other people to respond to. I know there is a little thing called writer's block, but just try your best guys.

              [] xxxxGODMODDINGxxxx

                    NONE OF THIS! EVER!!! This includes but is not limited to: reading thoughts; traveling vast distances in the blink of an eye; avoiding every hit; LANDING hits--that is up to your opponent unless you have already worked it out with the person you are attacking; knowing the plans of the villains and finding them easily; never getting tired; being perfect; Power Playing; and moving other characters around without permission (which MUST be given in the RP to count). What is Power Playing? It's making your character overly strong and powerful. Sephiroth from Final Fantasy is a good example of a "power playing" character. You do something like this and you will be blacklisted IMMEDIATELY, KICKED, and BANNED from this roleplay.

              [] xxxxGaia ToSxxxx

                    Follow the ToS. You'll be kicked off Gaia if you don't, so why break it? This especially focuses on the PG-13 rule. Simply, just follow the rules. That's not hard, right?

              [] xxxxApplicationsxxxx

                    Title your reserves: LBMMNMIAN. You must send in a reservation for the character that you want to play BEFORE sending in the profile. Make sure to send it to DuChess S o u lxxx. Your reserve will be posted in the Profile Thread. You will be given 4 days from the time it is posted in the Profile Thread to get me your actual profile. Title your profiles: Insert Witty Title Here. You might want to play it safe and highlight this post, also! ^^

              [] xxxxDecorationsxxxx

                    Please include your character's name in a prominent location. It's also helpful to have something telling people where your character is and who's with them, but I'm not requiring that. Make your posts as fancy or as plain as you like. I'm more concerned with the content than the prettiness. Please use size 11 or 12 font. This might seem nitpicky but I do have my reasons. Anything smaller is hard for just about EVERYONE to read. Also, use whatever colors you feel like for any decorations. When it comes to actually writing your post, though, I request that you use colors that are easy to read. Yellow and Gold are not easy to read. Bright colors like some of the greens are not easy to read also, along with light colors like the pale blues. I will ask you to change your posting colors if I have trouble reading them. Along these same lines, please make any dialogue bold and italicize all thinking. This is mandatory for people who only use one posting color (black counts as a second color if your first one is different) and optional for people who use color differentiation. I just want it to be easy to spot any dialogue within your post.

              [] xxxxActivityxxxx

                    Post at least ONCE A WEEK FOR EACH CHARACTER YOU PLAY. If you play two characters, you MUST make a minimum of two posts per week, one for each character. If you only play one character, you must post at least twice a week. There are NO exceptions to this. If you can't make it, all I ask is that you let me or one of the mods know. Please and thank you! If you consistently do not post, you will get a PM from me reminding you to do so. If you still continue to be inactive, you will be removed from the RP. Simple as that.

                    If you read through my rules, you'll also be very smart and highlight this. Good for you! All I want you to do is add one of the Cat Emoticons to your profile PM. Preferably at the top. Please and thank you.

                                                  Memory Manipulator Namine, I thank you for allowing me to use the basics of your rules. Yes, I did change them around a bit to suit me better, but I still thank you. You, Moment`s Indecision`, and AquilisNoctis have helped me TONS. I thank you all for that. MWAH!! emotion_bigheart


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xxxxWorlds Open to Everyonexxxx

Beast's Castle
Castle of Dreams
Deep Space
Destiny Islands
Disney Castle
Dwarf Woodlands
Enchanted Dominion
Halloween Town
Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
Never Land
Port Royal
Pride Land
The Land of Dragons
Twilight Town

xxxxWorlds Open to Sora and Friendsxxxx

100 Acre Woods
Space Paranoids
Timeless River

xxxxWorlds Open to The Org Members and Other Villainsxxxx

The World That Never Was


User Image

                              User ImagexxxxxSora
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Keyblade Hero
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; 16
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; dodgerblue red
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Lovely 86







ALSO;; I'm open to adding more canons, but you'll have to give me a very good reason as to why I should do so. Basically, convince that it's a good idea. I will take everything into consider and get back to you on it.


User Image

                              User ImagexxxxxXemnas
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Superior of In-Between
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxRank;; I
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #001847 ; slategray
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMemory Manipulator Namine && kitzu-jama





                              User ImagexxxxxZexion
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Cloaked Schemer
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxRank;; VI
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #9492b0 #3A5FCD
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMemory Manipulator Namine && kitzu-jama





                              User ImagexxxxxMarluxia
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Graceful Assassin
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxRank;; XI
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; indianred & #FFA3A3
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cyanide suicide



User Image

                              User ImagexxxxxStella
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Healing Light Princess
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxSweetInnocent Cheerful
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; Seven
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #FB8C9F #BE4964
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMemory Manipulator Namine

                              User ImagexxxxxMischa Belikov
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Honorable Sentiment Princess
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; 20
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; Pale violet red & dark orange
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxLikewise Borne

                              User ImagexxxxxEmarie
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Comet Breaker Princess
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; Nineteen
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; mediumpurple & orchid
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMoment`s Indecision`

                              User ImagexxxxxShey
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Lunar Eclipse Princess
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; Twenty-Three
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; teal & #825acc
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMoment`s Indecision`

                              User ImagexxxxxJezebel
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Tidal Crest Princess
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; Eighteen
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; Lightseagreen & Lightcoral
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxShin~The ladle monster!

                              User ImagexxxxxAiden
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe August Dominion Prince(ess)
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; Seventeen
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #5C755E #336699
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Lovely 86

Princess Seven

User Image

                              User ImagexxxxxAeron Jacque Delora
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Azuriel Hero
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; 22
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; Hot pink, Turquoise
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxLikewise Borne

                              User ImagexxxxxDj Hixxy
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Cosmos Hero
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; Twenty-Six
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #9C56D1 & darkslateblue
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMoment`s Indecision`

                              User ImagexxxxxAlexander Levant
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Magic Card Hero
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; 22
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #7AC5CD #1B5051
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMemory Manipulator Namine && kitzu-jama

                              User ImagexxxxxMalik Ishtar
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe DiaDhank Hero
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; Twenty Four
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; purple & goldenrod
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cyanide suicide

                              User ImagexxxxxRoux D. Tigre
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe LURE OF THE SEA Saber Retired Keyblade Master Old Man
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; 130
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #20B2AA #008080
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMemory Manipulator Namine && kitzu-jama

                              User ImagexxxxxOrion Stellazzio
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Scorpio Hero
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; ???
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; indigo & teal
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx starfall & moment`s indecision`

User Image

                              User ImagexxxxxTouzoku Bakura
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe DIADHANK Villain
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxSadistic VengefulPower-Hungry
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; 30
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; #D00504 #3A070B
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxMemory Manipulator Namine && kitzu-jama

User Image

My profile skeletons are simple. Just fill out your posting color, which is clearly marked, and anything that is in double-parentheses. Ex: ((BLAH BLAH BLAH))

Also, you have to fill out the reserve first, THEN the profile. I will NOT accept them at the same time. The keyblades for the princesses MUST be original concept keyblades. NOTHING from any of the games. I will not accept any reserves for the princesses if they have a keyblade from the games. And yes, I will check. You can easily find an OC keyblade, so just go look. No, you don't have to rename it, I will allow the names that were given to them by the artist.

xxxxReserve for Org Membersxxxx

User Imagexxxxx((NAME))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe ((TITLE PT 1 [i.e. Graceful])) ((TITLE PT 2 [i.e. Assassin]))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxRank;; ((RANK NUMBER))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; ((POSTING COLORS))
xxxxxxxxxxxxx((Role-playing sample, Must be in character, Please link out))

[size=11][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]The [color=postingcolor1]((TITLE PT 1 [i.e. Graceful]))[/color][color=postingcolor2] ((TITLE PT 2 [i.e. Assassin]))[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]((PERSONALITY TRAIT))[color=postingcolor2] ✕ [/color]((PERSONALITY TRAIT))[color=postingcolor2] ✕ [/color]((PERSONALITY TRAIT))
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Rank;; [color=postingcolor1]((RANK NUMBER))[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Colors;; [color=postingcolor]((POSTING COLORS))[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][color=postingcolor2]((Role-playing sample, Must be in character, Please link out))[/size][/color]

xxxxReserve for Canonsxxxx

User Imagexxxxx((NAME))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe ((WEAPON [Name of Weapon])) ((ROLE [Princess/Hero/Villain]))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; AGE
xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; POSTING COLORS
xxxxxxxxxxxxx((Role-playing sample, Must be in character, Please link out))

[size=11][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]The [color=postingcolor1]((WEAPON [Name of Weapon]))[/color][color=postingcolor2] ((ROLE [Princess/Hero/Villain]))[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]PERSONALITY TRAIT[color=postingcolor2] ✕ [/color]PERSONALITY TRAIT[color=postingcolor2] ✕ [/color]PERSONALITY TRAIT
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Age;; [color=postingcolor1]AGE[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Colors;; [color=postingcolor]POSTING COLORS[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][color=postingcolor2]((Role-playing sample, Must be in character, Please link out))[/color][/size][/color]

xxxxReserve for Princesses and other Non-Canon Heroes and Villiansxxxx

User Imagexxxxx((NAME))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxThe ((WEAPON [Name of Weapon])) ((ROLE [Princess/Hero/Villain]))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxAge;; ((AGE))
xxxxxxxxxxxxxColors;; ((POSTING COLORS))

[size=11][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]The [color=postingcolor1]((WEAPON [Name of Weapon]))[/color][color=postingcolor2] ((ROLE [Princess/Hero/Villain]))[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]((PERSONALITY TRAIT))[color=postingcolor2] ✕ [/color]((PERSONALITY TRAIT))[color=postingcolor2] ✕ [/color]((PERSONALITY TRAIT))
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Age;; [color=postingcolor1]((AGE))[/color]
[color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color]Colors;; [color=postingcolor]((POSTING COLORS))[/color]

xxxxProfiles for Princesses and Non-Canon Heroes and Villiansxxxx

Hey, the name's ((FULL NAME))
Though, I do go by ((NICKNAMES; Or what your chara likes to be called)). So, let's talk a little about me...

User Image

                                                ✕✕✕xxCandles on my cakexxxxx

                                                ✕✕✕xxI happen to bexxxxx

                                                ✕✕✕xxHome is where my soul isxxxxx

                                                ✕✕✕xxWeapon of choicexxxxx
                                                    ((WEAPON/S; List any and all weapons your character uses, You can add a description or link it out, if you want.))

                                                ✕✕✕xxSleight of handxxxxx
                                                    ((MAGIC; List any magic that your chara uses. Please don't make your chara OP. Limit six (6) spells.))

                                                ✕✕✕xxIt's my birthrightxxxxx
                                                    ((POSITION OF BIRTHMARK; if applicable.))

                                                ✕✕✕xxAttitude problemxxxxx


                                                ✕✕✕xxGimme more, gimme morexxxxx
                                                    ((LIKES; List a minimum of three (3) likes))

                                                ✕✕✕xxEwww! Noxxxxx
                                                    ((DISLIKES; List a minimum of three (3) dislikes))

                                                ✕✕✕xxYou just gotta knowxxxxx
                                                    ((OTHER; Anything else you would like us to know about your chara, put it here.))

                                                ✕✕✕xxI feel prettyxxxxx
                                                    ((POSTING COLORS; List at least two))

                                                ✕✕✕xxI am but a puppet ofxxxxx

                                                ✕✕✕xxHere's how I like itxxxxx
                                                    ((ROLE-PLAYING SAMPLE; Must be a sample as the chara you are applying for. Simple as that. If you want, you can link it out to another post, but it MUST be in chara.))

[align=center][size=17][color=silver]Hey, the name's [/color][color=postingcolor1]((FULL NAME))[/color]
[color=silver]Though, I do go by [/color][color=postingcolor1]((NICKNAMES; Or what your chara likes to be called))[/color][color=silver]. So, let's talk a little about me...[/color][/size][/align]

[IMGleft]http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k117/imperfection_1010/RP Characters/Placepic.jpg[/IMGleft]

[list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=11][align=left][size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[u][color=white]xx[/color]Candles on my cake[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]I happen to be[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]Home is where my soul is[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]Weapon of choice[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list][color=postingcolor1]((WEAPON/S; List any and all weapons your character uses, You can add a description or link it out, if you want.))[/color][/list][/list]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]Sleight of hand[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list][color=postingcolor1]((MAGIC; List any magic that your chara uses. Please don't make your chara OP. Limit six (6) spells.))[/color][/list][/list]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]It's my birthright[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list][color=postingcolor1]((POSITION OF BIRTHMARK; if applicable.))[/color][/list][/list]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]Attitude problem[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]


[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]Gimme more, gimme more[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list][color=postingcolor1]((LIKES; List a minimum of three (3) likes))[/color][/list][/list]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]Ewww! No[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list][color=postingcolor1]((DISLIKES; List a minimum of three (3) dislikes))[/color][/list][/list]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]You just gotta know[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list][color=postingcolor1]((OTHER; Anything else you would like us to know about your chara, put it here.))[/color][/list][/list]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]I feel pretty[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list][color=postingcolor1]((POSTING COLORS; List at least two))[/color][/list][/list]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1d]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]I am but a puppet of[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]

[size=16][color=silver][u][color=postingcolor1]✕[/color][color=postingcolor2]✕[/color]✕[color=white]xx[/color]Here's how I like it[color=white]xxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/size]
[list][list]((ROLE-PLAYING SAMPLE; Must be a sample as the chara you are applying for. Simple as that. If you want, you can link it out to another post, but it MUST be in chara.))[/size][/list][/list][/align][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]


User Image

xxxxWhite Listxxxx

xxxMoment`s Indecision`xxx for being so damn awesome and helping with ALL of the plot-related stuff. Also to Jazzy, for sticking with me through all this.o3o
xxxMemory Manipulator Naminexxx for being so damn awesome and going along with my crazy schedule. Also for helping with the crazy plot-related stuff that we've all been cooking up. And thank you for Stella. She's a sweetheart! >3<
xxxAquilisNoctisxxx for helping with this. I know you only got to post once in the last incarnation of this, but it was a great post. And we love you for making an AWESOME villain. ^^

xxxxBlack Listxxxx

No one. Keep it that way!!


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