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Hi biggrin
Welcome to Kakariko Village.
We are a well protected Village with a large amount of Soldiers.
WE are short of workers though so if you'd like to help out
then please be my guest. I am the Mayor. Call me Kid.

Please no Bumps...spams or anything like that.
You can just post here as well, but no bagging unless it's
friendly. biggrin

Need a profile?
We need members again, many of the originals have left this thread.
You do not need to pm me to start, just post a profile and go for
it. Violence is allowed along with romance.

I am thr mayor of this Village, we have many defenders and a
potion maker. We are a growing village and we welcome all new people.
One thing, Pure Darkness Warrior is this threads official bad guy
and therefor has certain privlages over new members who choose to
be bad so keep that in mind ok biggrin
Powers if any:
Send me your details
Name: Zorian Knight
Nickname: -
Job: Soldier
Powers if any: -
Skills: Very good with a bow and a good swimmer
As Mayor of Kakariko Village it it is my great pleasure to welcome you Zorian Knight. You are also a Knight so you are above the foot soldiers.
Thankyou. My horse is strong as am I
Name: kitty
Nickname: Kitty
Job: Horse Trainer
Powers if any: black flame
Skills: many

She lead the black stallion into the stables and whispered to him softly to clam him down.
I'm heading back to Zora's Domain. Don't forget about it!
Sweetie of the Angelz
As Mayor I welcome you. Thankyou for taking the position. It is much appriciated
Name: Selene sama

Nickname:Selene (Sel Sel to those she is close to)

Job:Miko- or in other words, a Japanese shrine priestess.

Powers if any: she seems to carry a bit of an electrical charge and attracts lightening. Unfortunately, she has little control over it (sometimes leading to comical effects sweatdrop )unless in serious distress, in which case, the lightening ability becomes only slightly more focused.

Skills:she can use simple wards and charms which Mikos are normally trained to use. Blessing, healing, purifying all tend to fall within her domain.

((is that alright with you? I had assumed by the name that it was of Japanese origin. Sorry if I am wrong. whee ))
You have a way with the horses. He has been trouble for quite some time.
Name: Nina
Nickname: -
Job: Soldier
Powers if any: Fire and shadows
Skills: Many
Selene sama
As Mayor Welcome. Your application has been accepted. Feel free to set up your shrine in anypart of the village.
Nina sat on a wooden stump just outside her hut. She was a strong fighter, but no army of any sort had ever taken her in because she was a women. But what did they know? Woman could fight just as well as women and she would prove this to them all!

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