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Team Rocket's Reign of Terror
to Invoke Understanding and Compassion for their fellow pokemon
and to unite all people within their nation

This is the world of Pokemon. The delicate balance between humans and pokemon is about to be destroyed. With the fall of Giovanni, Team Rocket was said to have been broken apart, its members disappearing into everyday society to blend in until once again the organization built on crime would rise. That time has come. A new leader has come forward, calling upon all former members to rejoin Team Rocket and face the challenge of once again attempting to dominate the world.

This leader is much different from Giovanni however. He is sneakier, more evil, and colder than Giovanni could have ever been before Red came along. Using the vast resources brought to him by the loyal Team Rocket scientists, the new leader of Team Rocket has started up a research project. Pokemon Hybrids. The experiment: to fuse a pokemon with a human. The idea was revolutionary among Team Rocket members. Some thought the idea was absolutely ridiculous, others thought it was sheer genius.

Team Rocket managed to stay under the radar of the police forces throughout the world, but recent escapades has brought it out into the public eye. With a large number of humans, both well-known trainers and local trainers alike, being kidnapped, as well as their pokemon, the police have begun to investigate Team Rocket, sending in spies and detectives to force the secrets out. However...none of them have returned. Just what is going on inside Team Rocket and just where have they all gone?


- Introduction //You are here//
- Rules
- How To Submit A Profile
- Our Story So Far...
- Team Rocket Member Ranks
- Team Rocket Pokemon
- Team Rocket Announcements
- Team Rocket Base Layout,
- Deserted Island Layout
- Vermilion City Layout
- Locations of all roleplay characters
- Announcements Regarding Posting
- Banners to attract new roleplayers
- How to file a complaint

Colosseum or XD or mystery dungeons have no reference here at this point in time. Please stick to red/blue/yellow, silver/gold/crystal, ruby/sapphire/emerald, pearl/diamond/platinum, rubyred/emerald green, soulsilver/heartgold, black/white, black2/white2 for character referrals or references. I do not mind if your character is from the REGIONS of colosseums or mystery dungeons (if that's applicable), just nothing Team Rocket or other Teams can be derived from there to further influence your character at this time. Subject may be changed at a later date, just at this time, nothing that those lines of games references are subject to be approved here.

This is in no way shape or form intended to be a ripoff from Cherryblossomgoodbye's thread "Is This To Be My Destiny?". It is affiliated to it but not actually a part of her storyline. I do have her permission to tag this as such, which is why it's called "Is This To Be My Destiny? Space Sea Division". The way it is run is similar to hers as we are sisters and why fix what isn't broken? Her thread (now burnchris' thread) and mine may or may not connect in the future. We shall see where the roads lead us.
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Rules to Roleplay By

- I am the creator of this roleplay. I do not tolerate idiots or drama queens very well.

-Other moderators: Lia Syuki

-OOC Thread for any discussions. currently taking ideas/suggestions for topic listed in the main post of the thread.

-This pokemon thread, unlike a lot of others, does not run on the Honor System for battling. We have our own Battle Thread. Follow these rules and you will have no problems.

-We also have our own Item Thread to prevent anyone from picking up a mass of items that would pretty much make them invincible.

-If at any time you want to see the Profile Thread to look up information on people, just click the link.

-Escapees may join Team Rocket at any time during this roleplay, just see a Team Rocket member and they may or may not decide to trust you to allow you in the ranks. You may have to join up with them to prove your worth.

-Team Rocket members can turn traitor any point during the roleplay, usually by helping an escapee or attacking a fellow member of Team Rocket.

-Pokemon fusions can evolve in this roleplay. They cannot switch back and forth between human, hybrid, and pokemon forms however.

-If you are a fusion that gets captured, Team Rocket members can get approval from their leader to re-fuse you into a different hybrid, you have been warned.

-Movesets can be changed if you so desire. You're not stuck with what you choose if you decide to change your mind.

-All that being said, please use "" for speaking, and no text speak or ** for actions. I also prefer third person but it's not required.

-I am a grammar nazi. They invented the period (.) and comma (,) for a reason. Please use them correctly.

-As you can probably tell, this is a long term roleplay. Do not join if you're not planning to be in it for the long run.

-Before you submit a profile for a Legendary Pokemon, make sure it is not one already being played by someone. I will not allow double legendary profiles except under special circumstances.

-Posting guidelines are as follows: post at least once a week, if I see you're posting on day 6 of 7 repeatedly, I may PM you and ask for a reason.

-I will delete profiles if I feel you are not posting enough to keep up with others who are waiting on you.

-If you are going away for a couple days, PM me and let me know ahead of time so I can warn the other roleplayers, it's common courtesy.

-Do not complain about the roleplay creator with other roleplayers in the thread, that's just rude and you're pretty much just asking me to kick you out.

-This is not a dark roleplay. Do not post anything of graphic nature/description, and no trainers/fusions are permitted to kill anyone whether it's another roleplayer's character or just a random NPC you created. If I have to warn you more than once I will tell you to edit your posts. If you do not comply you will be removed from this roleplay for failure to comply with the roleplay rules.

-Questions on any of these rules, PM me and ask. I probably won't snap or bite.
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How to submit a Profile

Profiles that are accepted at this time are:

Team Rocket: fusion and trainer (legendaries (fusions) are accepted at this time.)
Escapees: fusion and Trainer (legendaries (fusions) are accepted at this time).
Failed Fusions (legendaries are not accepted at this time.)

Legendaries already in play: (I only accept one male and one female for each pokemon. Shiny's are the only exception to the rule as they look different than the normal type)
Articuno female
Kyogre female
Ho-oh male
Lugia male
Jirachi male / Jirachi female
Deoxys unknown
Manaphy unknown
Celebi male / Celebi shiny female
Giratina male
Virizion female
Cobalion male
Terrakion male
Darkrai male

Eevee Evolutions already in play:
Umbreon male / Umbreon male, shiny
Espeon male
Glaceon male
Jolteon male
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLeafeon female / Leafeon female, shiny

-Team Rocket trainers and fusions will be given their pokemon in which to battle, capture, and subdue escapees as well as other trainers out on the mainlands. If for some reason, your pokemon are taken away from you, you do not get them back. They are on loan from Team Rocket and if they can fuse you to a pokemon, they can also change the will of the pokemon in the pokeballs.

-Escapees are both trainers and fusions and there is a limit to what one can have as pokemon. You may be able to get your pokemon back if you break into a storage room, also note however, that if you are caught, you could also find your pokemon taken away and/or fused to one of them.

-There is also double fusions and triple fusions in play.

Double fusions are characterized as:
a) your character doesn't know that he/she is double fused
b) double fusion means you look like the first but also have moves of the second. so eight moves yay! which you don't realize you have, so if you get a 1, 4, or 8 in the battle thread you discover a hidden move and upon which you roll again to see which one it is, since you have no idea what hidden moves you have. that's why they're called hidden moves...
c) there is no physical attributes of the second fusion. you just have the four moves which are hidden or unknown in this case as once again, you don't realize that you are double fused.
d) you lose all memories of your human self, which ironically means, you have no idea how you ended up where you are, with what you are.
e) you are plagued by headaches if you try to think back or remember why you know something specific

Triple fusions are characterized as:
a) your character doesn't know that he/she is triple fused
b) triple fusion means you look like the first, have moves of the first and third, and have the weaknesses of the second. (cannot have sableye or spiritomb for the second fusion to bypass having no weaknesses.)
c) there is no physical attributes of the second or third fusions. you just randomly discover knowing four extra moves and different weaknesses than what you should have
d) you lose all memories of your human (past) self, which ironically means, you have no idea how you ended up where you are, with what you are.
e) you are plagued by headaches if you try to think back or remember why you know something specific. If you are, for example, a fire type, you will have a hot head more than someone say triple fused with the base (first fusion) of a water type.

-Also in play, failed fusions. All failed fusions will be considered in favor of Team Rocket and won't be part of the Team Rocket Rank structure. They may also be kept separately due to circumstances beyond their control but others are allowed to wander, providing that they are able. They do not have moves and therefore cannot join in any battle that is on scene. They may provide items to Team Rocket members but they are mostly characters walking around to have conversations with. If you would like such a character send me a profile. This is for personnel that want to join but don't want the battle thread to bog them down and that's completely understandable.

(Note however: that failed fusions cannot battle so you can't switch from failed to working fusion. Also: failed fusions are also not allowed to be attacked and if they are attacked, it is considered cruel and unusual since they have no ways to defend themselves and all personnel seen to be hitting such a creature is to be taken out .)

PM Caomhnoir Angel with all profiles, unless otherwise stated. If I'm busy, I may forward them to [add name later] and they will add you to the profile thread/approve your profile.

-I will allow multiple profiles per person, but make sure you can handle to rp with all of them.

-Title should be "What did you do to me?" if you were taken against your will *fusion*.

-Title should be "Is this what I have become?" if you are a team rocket member *fusion*.

-Title should be "Who are the strange among us?" if you are a human trainer, team rocket or not.

-Title should be "What went wrong?" if you are a failed fusion.

-Concerning pokemon if you are Team Rocket, once your rank has been decided, you may then choose from the list available.

-Concerning pokemon if you're a trainer, please keep them reasonable. I do have the right to refuse a higher evolution pokemon and may devolve it, if need be.

-Concerning if you want to be a double fusion or not, I will determine if you can be a double fusion and what you can be fused to. Double fusions are marked by memory loss and headaches.

Please fill out the profile codes below.

This code is for all fusions:

Your name now *in hybrid form*:
Your name was*in human form*: (names can be the same if you wish)
Pokemon you were fused with:
Image reference: *please; so we know what you look like now*
Moveset: *TM/HM moves are allowed; TMs not limited to one generation*
Team Rocket? (specify yes or no):
Experiment: For or Against?
Roleplay Sample:
Pokemon if you want them (Rockets only and after I decide your rank, you get to pick from the corresponding list):

This code is for all humans (trainers):

Your name:
What you look like:
Pokemon you have:
Member of Team Rocket? *pick yes or no*:
Do you agree with the experiment? *Yes or No*
Roleplay Sample:

This code is for failed fusions:

Your name now *in hybrid form*:
Your name was*in human form*: (names can be the same if you wish)
Pokemon you were fused with:
What you look like:
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Our story so far...

The organization of Team Rocket began the experimentation of fusing humans with Pokemon. It is believed that the current leader of Team Rocket, who stepped up when Giovanni disappeared, plans to use these fusions to take over the world and succeed where his/her predecessor failed. While scientists worked around the clock to build a device that could fuse the two races together, the new leader sent out Team Rocket executives and Team Rocket grunts alike to bring the strongest humans and pokemon they could find back to Headquarters. After the first experiments failed and the lab was almost destroyed by a pokemon's rage, the Team Rocket Leader ordered a new science lab to be built, one much stronger than the last one, and capable of withstanding even a Legendary pokemon's might.

Eventually this machine was built in the form of three columns, all linked together by a mass of wires, computers, and machines. The first column on the left was for a human, which the Team Rocket Leader decided should be for a certain age range during the course of the experimentation. The second column, standing directly to the right of the first, was for the pokemon that was to be fused with the human. The Team Rocket scientists discovered it was much easier on the machine if the pokemon was in a pokeball at the time of the fusion. They quickly found out that the fusion would be more susceptible to joining Team Rocket if the pokemon was in a dark ball prior to beginning the fusion process. The third column was where the fusion would be at when the process was finished. Though it was too complicated to be explained to him/her, the Team Rocket Leader accepted this with a burning desire to have an army of which to control.

However...the Team Rocket Leader overlooked one minor detail. There were very few humans willing to participate in such an experiment, and they were ridiculed and reported to the police many times. So Team Rocket had to resort to kidnapping, abduction, and theft of humans and pokemon alike to complete their experiments, rocketing them up into the stratosphere and beyond into space, where the new Lab was located aboard an ominous looking space station.

Throughout the different phases of the experimentation, it became quite clear which ones were more successful. In the first phase, they tried to fuse human and pokemon together, with the pokemon being the dominant soul in the body, and so controlled the body's movements. Unfortunately, a lot of fusions couldn't adapt and were quickly "lost". The second phase that was begun was where the human had the control of the body's movements. This phase proved to be the most successful, but unfortunately a lot of the humans were grief-stricken to find that the pokemon's lives were lost. The third phase, which is the most common in the HQ now, is where both the human and the pokemon souls have equal share in controlling the body's movements.

Recently however, a fourth phase began. One in which there is more than one pokemon fused with a human. In an effort to make sure s/he had absolute control over the world once the takeover would commence, the Team Rocket Leader ordered this phase to begin so his/her army would be built as quickly as possible. In this phase, there are two pokemon fused with the human, so the fusion ends up knowing eight moves. Still in the experimental phase, there are very few fusions who have survived so far. As it is, once the fusion steps out of the chamber, or is otherwise taken out of the chamber, the fusion has no realization of knowing the other four moves. It only realizes that it has these moves through battle.

With the number of fusions breaking out of their cells in an effort to escape from Team Rocket HQ and to not be experimented on any further, the Team Rocket Leader issued a shut down of the entire facility so no one could escape. However, this doesn't stop a large group of experiments from trying, even if they get hurt in the process, so the Team Rocket Leader ordered all-hands-on-deck, which ordered all Team Rocket members to stop whatever task they had been working on, except for the scientists, and go capture the escaped experiments.

Will the escapees manage to overtake Team Rocket and takeover the Spacestation or will they have to fight their way into the limited amount of escape pods located on the lower decks and shoot for freedom amidst the stars?

That answer was decided for them as the space station took a deadly quarter turn of the earth's rotation straight into a meteor shower. Most of the personnel aboard the space station, both Team Rocket and Escapees have made it to the escape pods. Some personnel were lost forever in the fiery explosion of the Space Station's demise.

13 and some odd pods were accounted for as they fell towards earth's gravitational pull. Some were knocked off course by the meteor shower and they fall to earth, we know not where. One thing for sure is, Team Rocket will stop at nothing to get all of them back. Most of the pods have reached the new hidden Team Rocket hideout. A Sea Lab that looks innocent enough on the surface but darkness and danger looms below it's depths, much like an iceberg. What is their plan? Who is the boss? And why exactly are they concerned with recovering all the escape pods and personnel?

Teams were designed and created for maximum recovery and dispatched to find all the lost pods and personnel. The two teams are heading for an island, the status of people to pokemon on the island is unknown, and the mainland, close to Vermilion City, where Lt. Surge is known to be suspicious of anyone who even wears the letter R somewhere on their person. Will the two teams find and recover everything and everyone they are supposed to or will they have an upcoming fight and discovery on their hands? While these two teams are going out into the Kanto region for the first time as Team Rocket operatives, the Sea Base is undergoing a drastic change as a dark plan slowly comes to fruition.

The plot, now revealed, has taken place. The contamination of the waters and the air space, from the highly experimental radiation rays shooting off from attenaes have effected Kanto and Johto regions. All people in the regions have been affected and victimized by this crime. All personnel that were Team Rocket and not fused have now found themselves fallen victim along with the others. Team Rocket had gained control and now two regions have felt the might of Team Rocket. Team Rocket is now looking at other regions to spread this understanding and knowledge of what it is like to be a fusion, a hybrid of human and pokemon, to other regions. This chapter is now closed. And soon, the fallout and dealing with the aftermath, will begin.
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              Team Rocket Ranks/Members
              Boss: ??
              Acting Boss: ??, ??
              Boss's Right-Hand:
              Boss's Left-Hand:
              Executive: Cuno, Magnus
              General: Aria
              Asst. General:
              Leader: Odessa, Void, Lexus
              Asst. Leader: Leo, Eclipse, Sabine, Lucifer
              Security Guard: Electrika, Phantom**, Myra, Moxie, Uriel, Kōtaishi, Aaron
              Hall Monitor: Oshawna, Crystyl, Stratus, Lurk, Jinx, Knockout
              Grunt: Boyle, Dusk, Prudence, Bambi, Illu, Mitzi, Lute, Fier, Goka, Talon

              Team Rocket Special Ranks
              Boss's Secretary: ??
              Overseer: Grace
              Mercenary: Cuno
              Head Scientist: Xan
              Scientist: Doc, Aura
              Nurse: Narcissa
              Scientist Assistant:
              Lobby Associate Information Guide: Luxxy
              Cafeteria Chef: Running Tree
              Police Officer: Maverik
              Gym Trainer: Richard

              Team Rocket Dark Pendant Wearers
              Talon (pokeball - Executive Cuno)
              Fier (accompanied by Grunt Dusk)
              Raphael (pokeball - Leader Lexus)

              Team Rocket Deserters
              Leader: Talon (was "fixed" by the Dark Pendant and time spent in pokeball, stripped of rank and demoted to Grunt)
              Security Guard: Myra (unknown traitor at this time)

              Team Rocket Failed Fusions:
              Running Tree

              Hours of Operation (6am-6pm) Dayshift Personnel:
              Executive Mercenary Cuno
              Headhunter Magnus
              Head Scientist Xan

              General Aria
              Leader Lexus
              Leader Void

              Assistant Leader Eclipse
              Assistant Leader Lucifer
              Assistant Leader Sabine
              Security Guard Moxie
              Security Guard Myra
              Security Guard Uriel
              Security Guard Aaron
              Hall Monitor Jinx
              Hall Monitor Stratus
              Hall Monitor Knockout
              Grunt Illu
              Grunt Prudence
              Grunt Mitzi
              Grunt Lute
              Grunt Fier
              Grunt Goka

              Hours of Operation (6am-6pm) Nightshift Personnel:
              Overseer Grace
              Scientist Doc

              Leader Odessa
              Nurse Narcissa

              Assistant Leader Leo
              Security Guard Phantom**
              Hall Monitor Crystyl
              Hall Monitor Lurk
              Grunt Dusk
              Grunt Boyle

The personnel marked with an ** are listed as MIA and need to be recovered.

The personnel that are wearing Dark Pendants can only be ordered around by anyone that is a member of Team Rocket. The only exception is if the wearer of a pendant is also caught in a pokeball and then they fall under the trainer's orders. The only exception to that is that the trainer has to be Team Rocket in order for that to work or they do absolutely nothing. Since they can only obey Team Rocket and the Dark Pendant can only be removed by Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Deserters are to be treated as escapees and must be brought before the Overseer and Mercenary to be dealt with.

Failed Fusions can not be captured in pokeballs or used in battles. They are merely there for the company and to show you that it's not an exact science in the fusioning process. What? You really thought we got the process right the first time? Oh please.

The personnel that are Human are marked by an underline.

Human Team Rocket members can fill any given rank.
It's about skill and leadership and not necessarily what you are able to do ability wise (like a fusion can inflict more damage by itself than a trainer can without pokemon).

Ranks can be determined right away, be taken away (demotion), or be given (promoted). It all depends on how your characters work in the thread.
If they lose a lot, they face punitive punishments such as being demoted or re-fused to something else to see if that would work better.
If they win a lot, they can face rewards such as promotions, new pokemon, and a maybe a chance to be re-fused to something better.
If they turn traitor and they are caught, the pokemon that was given to them, (all pokemon are given to them by Team Rocket (if fusion)), will be taken away and you can not reclaim them if you break out of your cell. You can also be re-fused to something else NOT of your choosing. Fair warning for all who want to jump ship, so to speak.
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User ImageTeam Rocket PokemonUser Image

User Image

(Place where this list was generated from: Team Rocket Pokemon List, as well as Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma from Bulbapedia. If I'm missing some from the list that you know of, let me know please and I will add it to the list.)
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Team Rocket Announcements

Team Rocket is acquiring "applicants".

Team Rocket Newsfeed:

The Base is now in SHUT DOWN procedures. Proceed to the escape pods before the detonation of the highly experimental radiation fusion ray that is set to go off in TWO MINUTES if you value who and what you are now. We cannot guarantee a safe fusion process for everyone. Time has now run out.

Side affects may include but are not limited to: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, changes in appearance such as color, size, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and even death may occur.
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Team Rocket Base Layout also known as the Tentacool Resort

User Image Surface and the two floors up, are spacious observation decks although floor three does have some rooms for "premier guests". These floors are designed to look like tourist centers. There is a main meet and greet station on the first floor as well as a gift shop if you come in through the front door. The elevator located behind the desk will take you below the surface. The stairwells located on either side will only take you upstairs. You must have proper authorization to go down the elevator.

Deck 1 is the Team Rocket Quarters. They are located beneath the water surface. This is also where a Med Bay, pool, and gym is located. The pool room is more of a concave stone room with mini waterfalls and rocks and small vegetation to mimic a cave area to keep the water and the room constantly cool. You can swim with various water pokemon as they frequent the pool or swim in small "spring" style pools. The large deep pool with the water pokemon also connects to a vast network of water tubes that run through the ceilings of decks. The gym is for where you and your pokemon can train or spar with other people or just your basic gym equipment which also includes sports equipment. You do not need an ID card for accessing the stairwell between Deck 1 and Deck 2.

Deck 2 is where the main offices, cafeteria, Storage Room and garden are located. The garden is a "column" room. It's fairly large and is deep seated in the middle of the deck. Runoff creates small waterfalls to fall into the room and go down a "lazy" stream to disappear into another water tube. There is trees that reach up around the room to reach an area on Deck 1. However only flying pokemon can safely get down from Deck 1 to Deck 2 through those doors as it'd be a hefty fall. Flying pokemon and fusions need room to stretch their wings too. The garden room is also where you can harvest many berries for consumption. You do not need to use your ID card to pass through the stairwell from Deck 2 to Deck 3. However to get back onto Deck 2 from Deck 3, you will need to use your ID card to open the stairwell door.

Decks 3 through 5 are prison cells with steel doors for lower power fusions. No ID is needed for the stairwells (unless you're going from Deck 3 to Deck 2).
Storage Room is located on Deck 5.

Decks 6 through 8 are prison cells with energy fused steel doors for stronger power fusions. No ID is needed for these decks. However you will need a ID to open the stairwell to Deck 9.
Med Bay is on Deck 6.

Decks 9 and 10 are containment areas for legendary fusions. The prison cells are cages powered by energy volts going through the bars. Must have authorization to enter this level. You do not need an ID card to get to Deck 10. You will need an ID to open the door to Deck 11, however.
Med Bay is on Deck 9 Storage room is on Deck 10

Decks 11 and 12 are the Science Lab Experiment Containment Levels. Must have authorization to enter this level. There is no stairwell between Deck 11 and 12. It was removed and sealed off. Can't have escapees from Deck 11 heading down to Deck 12 to create some trouble after all.
Med Bay is on Deck 11 and 12 Storage room is on Deck 11

Deck 14 (there is no Deck 13 (as far as anyone knows) as that is an unlucky number) is where the submarines and sea pods are to navigate the vast unknown of the sea depths.

Note: Elevators (VTS) and stairs are located on every floor. Some doors are locked and elevators won't allow you to get off on some floors without proper authorization from a key or passcode card. Everything aboard this Sea Lab is made out of titanium steel. There are no portholes, windows, on any deck containing cells. To break into a VTS, med bay, or storage room you will need to get 8 - 10 in the battle thread.

Only Decks 1 and 2 will have portholes as they do not contain cells. On the same note, all three floors above the surface also windows.

User Image

This is the cafeteria.

You can see many exciting water pokemon species while you dine.

User Image

This is your bedroom area. It is small and compact and so there's only one to two personnel per room.

It has a lovely view of the sea and you can wake up to many different sightings of water pokemon outside your window. If you have an "outside" room. If you have one of the "inside" rooms, you will be viewing, through one way glass, the pool for the tourists who are staying at the Hotel above you.
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Deserted Island
Directed by: Caomhnoir Angel and Lia Syuki
We will be handling all NPCs and wild pokemon in this area. Any questions, refer to us. We can send a wild pokemon your way if you'd like.

User Image There is no towns or small villages on the island. The island is stranded and there are no humans here.

The island is made up of trees, lagoons, and sand bars.

Edible things to find on the island consist of berries and fresh water.

You may encounter a wild pokemon or two.

Since there is no towns or houses, you must make your own habitats in order to survive.

Or come up with a way to get off the island.

Or stay in deserted paradise.

The choice is yours.
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Adored Phantom

Mainland - Vermilion City
Directed by our very own: Akumu oukoku Lia Syuki
She will be handling all NPCs in this area. Any questions, refer to her.

User Image Vermilion City is located in the Kanto region.

It is home to Lt. Surge and his electrifying gym.

The townspeople here are unaware of Team Rocket's diobalical fusion plans and therefore will find any new arrival looking like pokemon to be "evil scientists" and will attack you if they are carrying pokemon at the time, regardless if you are Team Rocket or not.
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Location: Sea Lab

* - in a cell
** - captured by TRAP!
*** - captured by pokeball

Deck 3 through 5 are prison cells marked with cages for lower power fusions.
Decks 6 through 8 are prison cells with energy doors for stronger power fusions.
Deck 9 and 10 are containment areas for legendary fusions. The prison cells are cages powered by energy volts.
Deck 11 and 12 are the Science Labs and Pokemon Fusion Experiment Rooms.

Floor Three: Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers

Floor Two: Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers

Floor One Lobby: Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers, Ace, Zack, Nick

Deck One - Team Rocket Quarters (all decks are located beneath the surface of the water): Dusk, Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers
Nightshift Personnel Sleeping:

Deck Two - Cafeteria and Offices of the Lower Enlisted and Bosses: Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers
VTS: Eclipse, Lurk

Deck Three: Rayne, Prudence, Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers - Bravo Group

Deck Four: Mitzi, Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers - Bravo Group
VTS: Lute

Deck Five: Christine, Violet, Buzz, Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers - Blue Group

Deck Six: Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers - Blue & Red Group

Deck Seven: Shade, Wisteria, Knockout, Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers - Red Group

Deck Eight: Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers - Delta Group

Deck Nine: Cion, Zion, Vermilion City Police and Gym Trainers - Delta Group

Deck Ten:
VTS: Shellby, Lt. Surge

Deck Eleven:
VTS: Lucas

Deck Twelve: Richard, Thomas, Blake
Hibernation Units (A): Oshawna, Zane, Sora, Mayla, Sparks, Ushio, Bambi, Myra, Subject 1132, Virizia, Imperior, Paisley, Max
Hibernation Units (B): Goka, Boyle, Uriel, Fier, Crystyl, Sirion, Medea, Susan-o, Williard, Maverik, Running Tree

Deck ? (accessible only by VTS located in boss offices on deck 2):

Deck Fourteen:
VTS: Luke, Aaron

Out to Sea: Kōtaishi, Narcissa, Odessa, Luxxy, Electrika, Stratus, Sparks, Talon

Team Rocket Summit: Grace, Cuno, Xan, Sabine, Magnus, Doc, Void, Moxie, Jinx, Illu, Lexus, Raphael***

Deck Colors: Rocket ID Key Card Carriers:
Grunts to Assistant Leaders - access to menial areas only
Leaders to Generals - access to menial areas and Decks 9 and 10
Headhunters to Boss - access to all areas

Name Colors:
Team Rocket Personnel
Dark Pendant Personnel
Team Rocket Deserter
Team Rocket NPC / Failed Fusion Personnel
Caged / Captured Personnel
Escaped Personnel
If the name is underlined, they are Human Trainers.

Location: Deserted Island

North Part of Island (Beach):
North Part of Island (inside mountain):
South Part of the Island (mostly trees and sand bars):
Recovery Vehicle: Vera, Dox, Jean-Claude, Damion, Phantom, Kinetic***, Vapor***, Frost*** Leaves***, Fallen, Aria, Lucifer, Leo, Viore***

Name Colors:
Team Rocket Personnel
Team Rocket Deserter
Captured Personnel
Escaped Personnel
If the name is underlined, they are Human Trainers.

Location: Vermilion City

Outside town: Northwest Cliff Waterfront:
Outside town: North: West Forest of Rt 6:
Outside town: North: East Forest of Rt 6:
Outside town: East: Rt 11: Diglett's Cave:
Inside town: Harold
Inside town: Docks:
Out to sea:

Name Colors:
Team Rocket Personnel
Dark Pendant Personnel
Team Rocket Deserter
Captured Personnel
Escaped Personnel
If the name is underlined, they are Human Trainers.
Caomhnoir Angel's avatar

Adored Phantom

Announcements Regarding Posting

I will not post in the middle of the roleplay thread. It's annoying to have to keep posting the same warnings every week. If you lose a character because you couldn't keep up with posting, then you have two options: You can send me a PM and politely ask for the character back with the promise that you will continue posting, or you can just keep going in the roleplay with the remaining characters and try harder to post more often. However, if you do send me the PM that says you will post more often and you want your character back, and the same thing happens a second time, I am kicking you from this roleplay, this means ALL of your characters are out.

Suspended/Removed from this Roleplay until further notice:

Roleplayers on hiatus (will not be posting right now):
Nights Vengeance - (Sora, Oshawna) : real life crisis
Spikka XD - (Mayla, Zane) : real life crisis
Serlien - (Ushio) : school
Caomhnoir Angel - (a lot of 'em) : drill

Roleplayers who have relaxed posting schedule (pm me to be added):
Jason Sangoku the Hero - (Magnus, Doc, Knouckout) School
Blibbering Humdinger Cat - Prudence (school)
XxiNSaNiTYwOLfxX - (Leaves, Fallen, Eclipse, Zion, Buzz, Sparks, Stratus, Lurk) Every other weekend no posting + School
Lia Syuki - (a lot of 'em) School + family
Caomhnoir Angel - (a lot of 'em) Life

Characters in danger of being removed:

Characters on watch *If someone is on this list, they will remain on it until I feel they can be taken off*:

Strikes for Not following Battle Rules/Guidelines: Only people who have been here a long enough time to know the rules by this point will be on this list. Three strikes and you get a warning. If all three strikes are against the same character, that character will be removed from the roleplay.

Warnings *these are permanent and will remain here*: Three warnings and you're out.
Jason Sangoku the Hero - must post more with the character he has, people are waiting continuously waiting on [Magnus] III, [Doc] III, [Hachi] II
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Adored Phantom


User Image


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User Image

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Adored Phantom

How to File a Complaint

Perfectly easy to do but I am making this quick an easy form for you to fill out and PM to Caomhnoir Angel. (yes you can file a complaint against me and I PROMISE I will look over my posts to make sure I didn't do anything out-of-bounds. If it is me you're filing a complaint against, kindly tell me what I did so I can take a second look at it.)

This is COMPLETELY anonymous when you send the PM to me. I will NOT give out your username to anyone in this rp thread [not even the roleplay moderators] or "rat you out" to anyone. And I promise to be completely unbiased, no favoritism at all, when looking over any complaints. I will put on my I-Have-Never-Met-These-People hat.

[b]Your Username:[/b]

[b]Username(s) of the one(s) the action was AGAINST[/b]:

[b]Username(s) of the one(s) who made the actions[/b]:

[b]What page(s) the action(s) in question are on[/b]:

[b]If you are filling this out for someone else, why aren't they filling it out?[/b]:

[b]Desired outcome (if you have one)[/b]:

[b]Action could be taken as: (choose one: Godmodding, unfair play, overall rudeness, other)[/b]

This form should be taken seriously. Any not serious forms filled out will have a warning issued out to the one who sent in the form. c: I expect as many of these questions to be filled out as you possibly can so I can get back to you with a response easier.

Godmodding includes (but is not limited to): auto-moving characters without permission, automatically knowing things about other people that they should not know, auto-hitting other people

Unfair Play includes: not following battle rules/guidelines, knowing things about other people that they shouldn't know (like a Plasma member in disguise as an escapee or something), not following item rules/guidelines

Overall Rudeness: Self explanatory. Refers to the ooc comments specifically (including the ooc thread), but can go into characters if you think someone is taking it too far.

Other: Please specify what the action was so I know what I'm looking for.

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