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                                                            I'm here:at home // I'm going here: to the square // I'm feeling: curious about these paintings // I'm with: noone at the moment

                                                            The paintings had some brilliant detail. There was one she was considering buying. It was an oceanic beach scene where the seagulls were flying overhead and the waves lapped the shore. You could see every feather on the birds' bodies if you looked close enough. "How much is this?" she questioned the man at the booth. "A-twenty dollares," he said, a twinge of an accent showing when he said dollars. Her lips twisted into a thoughtful whisp of a smile and she shook her head. "I'd love to buy it, but maybe later if it's still here," she said. The man just shrugged and tended to another customer nearby. Beatrice didn't truly want to trek back to her home to put the painting away and didn't really think she absolutely needed it. Besides, she didn't have the extra money to spend frivolously. You only earned so much from being the owner of a hot springs.

                                                            "Good morning Bea! Happy new year!" Beatrice turned around and a bright smile lit up her face. "Oh! Henny! It's so good to see you!" She let herself be hugged and embraced the other girl right back. Henrietta was her closest friend and she went to the girl to confide all of her troubles. She was probably the nicest person Beatrice had ever met. When the other woman asked about Henri, she shook her head with a smile. "Well, I've given him a few dollars to keep him busy at the stalls. I don't know how long he'll stay in the square though . . . He knows he's supposed to stay here, but as soon as he sees someone he's gone." She shrugged her shoulders. "Kids! What can you do?" Beatrice chuckled and gasped, stooping to the ground and carefully reaching out to pet Mira. "Aww, such a cutie! Henri has always wanted a puppy, but Lord knows how long he'd play with it until he'd get bored of it. If he's still interested when he's older I just might get him one, but I don't know yet," she said, scratching the puppy behind it's cute and floppy ears. Beatrice stood again and looked at the flowers in the basket. "And how pretty! You always take such good care of the flowers, no wonder they always look so beautiful," she commented in a heart-felt manner.

                                                            Beatrice fixed her friend with a small, quizzical look. "What are you up to today? Just enjoying the festival or do you have something big planned?" She was just wondering, knowing that she herself would be doing the first and then possibly taking a hot springs bath to end the day.

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Location:: Town Hall | With:: Wilhelm Ace,Yuuka, and anon | Destination:: The Square

"Why hello there young miss, it will be a pleasure to be working with you." Theodore pondered a bit as she timidly backed behind ace. "Is there something troubling you my dear? Since you are a part of our work team. Don't you fear, I Theodore Timble Weaver will strike down anything that threatens you. Either that or intimidate it back from whence it came. With techniques handed down in my family for generations." He flexed beneath his uniform a bit and grumbled as he felt himself restricted by it. "Though that goes for you too Mr. Hearts. Anyone gives you any trouble, and you come to me. I will reason with them, or do something I rather not have to do... But do not worry, your mayor was the best fighter in the military." Theodore stated proudly in defiance. "Why I even faced off against the Brigadier General, and he is as big as I am. Though it was over some lude acts that he was going to do to a war prisoner.. That is something I simply couldn't stand for."

The General gave them all a salute and stated "Your first order of business, is to have fun. In the name of the Weaver family legacy!" He stated loudly as he gave them both a small bit of cash. That would definitely keep them preoccupied for the rest of the day. "I personally will handle the festivities. You two just have fun. Ho ho.. Wilhelm.. Oh that little scamp.." Theodore made his way, away from the group and further into the festivities.
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Annabelle | Sandra | Clement
"Harvest Goddess in Hiding"

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Who I'm With: Nobody in particular
What I'm Feeling: excitement
Where I'm At: The square
☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾ ☽☾

"Lurid wizard.... Taking over village.... Consumed by evil"

Annabelle woke with a start. Her back ached from sleeping on the forest floor and the nightmare stood vividly in her head. It had been a couple days since she took on her human form and she was already paying the price for it. She felt pain, and nightmares plagued her dreams. From what she was used to, that was a lot of misery.

Reviewing her plans of action, Annabelle hummed happy birthday to herself, after all, this was the day hundreds of years ago she came into existence. As for her plans of action, The Harvest Godess would introduce herself to the town as Annabelle Clement, and leave it at that. She would attend the festival and meet as many people as she can, all the while watching for The Lurid Wizard. Not that he would necessarily be wandering about in public, but she would look for him all the same.

Now Annabelle being the Harvest Goddess and all, has gotten offerings, some of them quite useful for the task at hand. So she packed them in a bag (also an offering) and started traveling into town.

The trip took an hour or so, but Annabelle made it to the square just as people started coming out. She saw a few people out, but they had already started talking, and she knew how people would react to a stanger butting in on their conversation so she decided to take a look at the stand and wait for someone else to notice her.

Out Of Cookies: Not very good, but I don't know where to jump in
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                                                  I'VE BEEN UP, I'VE BEEN DOWN ALWAYS GOT MY HEAD IN THE CLOUDS:
                                                  HOPIN THAT I CAN FIND ONE OF THEM THAT'S SILVER LINED
                                                  I DON'T CARE, IT CAN RAIN ALL IT WANTS ON MY PARADE.
                                                  BECAUSE WHEN LIFE GIVES ME LEMONS I MAKE LEMONADE.

                                                  I'm here:I'm in the square! // I'm going here: I'm in the square now! // I'm feeling: What should I get for Hawk? // I'm with: Luke! And who was that?

                                                  Still clutching Luke's leg, Henri was surprised to see a H U G E man approach him and kneel. At first, he was utterly terrified. Who was this man? He had biceps twice the size of Henri's head and pectoral muscles two time the size of that. But, if there was one way to get Henri to like you, it was to get a ferret to pin a button to his coat then salute. Henri's eyes sparkled at the man's comments. That was all it took? All he had to do was say nice things to some old people and eat his greens and he could be as manly as this guy? Wow, life was easier than he was led to believe! Henri nodded enthusiastically, and watched as the giant man wandered away. He stared up at Luke, speechless and at a loss for words for the moment. Wow, he was going to be huge when he got older!

                                                  Henri grinned a lopsided grin, missing one of his lower teeth. "Happy New Years!" He felt himself being lifted up and giggled as Luke strugged to do it. Somehow, the boy managed to swing Henri around. He liked being picked up, but had only recently realized how big he was getting. It wouldn't be long before noone could pick him up! It was a saddening thought, having to grow up and do grown up things like clean and pay bills.

                                                  Luke set him down and commented about him getting too big. Henri shook his head. "Sorry, big bro Luke! I made a restitution (ooc: he means resolution, but couldn't remember the word) to eat lots of vegetables because I wanna grow up big and strong like that guy!" He pointed to the back of the Mayor that had just left and grinned. "I'm gonna be even bigger than you! Then I can pick you up and swing you around," he said, matter-of-factly.

                                                  Henri's eyes sparkled again and he exclaimed "Oh!" before digging around in his satchel. "Momma gave me some money to spend on food and a toy! Charlie usually gives me free toys, so I gonna buy one from you," he said, eager. It was one of his first times actually buying things and it made him feel a bit grown up. But in a good way, not the bad way. "Do you have anything really cool, big bro?" He asked, tilting his head. He wanted something really cool he could make Sabrina jealous with or something that would interest Eloise. He exclaimed again when he thought of something else. "Wait! Actually, I want something that Hawk would want! I'm gonna go see him later and I want to bring him something so he can be part of the festival too." Hawk was sick and never felt like playing, so at least Henri would leave him with something he could play with by himself.

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+x+ "Luke" Iria Terrius +x+
State: Awake and Alert Location: By her stall Company: Henri
My Journal

Even a little boy managed to make her blush today...there must be something very wrong, as Luke imagined Henri as a dashing young man, ten years from now, picking her up playfully as she had done to him. But no, in his eyes, she was Big Brother Luke, so it would never come to pass. Giving Henri's hair a gentle tussle, she voiced her admiration on his big boy decision to 'buy' something that Hawk would like.

"Mmmm...Well I also just sent a small token to Hawk myself, but if it's a gift from Henri, I'm sure he'll also be very happy." Luke smiled warmly, inspecting the coins Henri had in his hands. Now though it was true that Henri had enough for several items, she reminded herself that he said the money was for both snacks and toys. Not wanting the poor boy to miss out on the delicious treats that will no doubt be sold during the festival, Luke pinched a few coins out of the boy's hands, and in their place, she dropped three small figurines; a little sculpted kitten, a little wooden sheep, and a wooden horsey as well. "Now, here's a toy for you, for Hawkeye and for Sabrina ok?" She gave him another good petting on the head. "Now what treats do you plan on buying with the rest of your money?" She inquired curiously.
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              One shot to your heart, without breaking your skin,
              No one has the power to hurt you like your kin.
              Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else,
              Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself.
              And now your chest burns, and your back aches,
              From fifteen years of holding the pain.
              And now you only have yourself to blame
              If you continue to live this way.

              Get it together!
              You've got to heal your body,
              Get it together!
              You've got to heal your heart.
              Whatsoever you sow you will reap.
              Get it together!

              My Location :: Hourstone Market
              With who :: Beatrice
              Doing :: Talking
              The clothes on my back :: [x]

The soft feeling of Bea's returning clutch and greeting inched a smile across her lips. Henrietta was also very happy to see her best friend. People like Beatrice tended to be hard to find, but completely worth your while. The young woman adored her, and considered her the sister she never had. As the two pulled apart, she listened closely to the other woman's words. A small giggle eased out of her at her next comment. It was very true. Nothing could really be done to fill the glass of a child's adventurous curiosity. Even more so, it seems there's a hole at the bottom of the cup.

Watching as she squatted down to stroke Mira, Henny nodded at her words. As she stood, the young woman spoke in response. "I think it would be a great idea! Not only will he be kept busy having fun, but he will be able to make a new friend." Deep down the young woman wished she grew up with pets, because she loved animals. She was impressed by the deeper connection man had with animals. It was amazing to her. Her and Mira were already developing a strong relationship, and she prayed it would grow stronger each and every day.

As Beatrice arose and asked her question, Henrietta tilted her head and stared up at the sky for a moment. Come to think of it, she hadn't really made any plans other than coming to the festival. The shop would reopen tomorrow, and until then there wasn't much that she would be doing. "You know, I never really thought of that. I knew I was going to hand out all of these flowers, but otherwise I was just thinking of going home after the festival. Did you have anything in mind?" A short gasp escaped her lungs, as she remembered something. "Oh yes! I almost forgot! Bea, would you like a flower?" Offering the basket to the other woman, she smiled brightly and waited for her to take whichever flower she wanted if she desired to have one. Considering she ran a flower shop, there were all types of flowers. The contents of the basket looked like the rainbow given stems.

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                                                  I'm here: at the square // I'm going here: nowhere right now // I'm feeling: happy and entertained // I'm with: Charlie

                                                  Harley gave a mock-stern look. "Charlie, don't go exaggerating. We all know that the gutter was neither muddy nor near the edge of town. It was the gutter down the road from my house. I don't know why you can't just keep the facts straight," he said, exasperated. Of course, he was just joking in response to Charlie's venom laced comment. He'd never passed out in a ditch, but he was going to play along. From her mocking tone, it seemed as if he had managed to get under her skin in the brief half an hour period they had been together. That must've been a new record! Even though he hadn't ever been found totally wasted in a ditch somewhere, he couldn't really argue with her drunk comment. He had a habit of getting plastered on occasion and people knew it. Still, he wasn't really a drunk and it made him hurt a bit when people assumed so. But Charlie knew different, she was just teasing he hoped. Harley was caught off guard by her productive comment and let out a laugh that usually only she could make him laugh. "You got me there, Charlie. You got me there," he said, holding up his hands in mock surrender.

                                                  Harley was surprised when Charlie came to a screeching stop near the square and was almost offended when she took the plushie back. "Hey, you-" And then she took off into the square, leaving Harley behind, baffled. He laughed again, dumbfounded, then took off after her. She was unpredictable . . . which made her such a joy to be with.

                                                  When they were at the stalls - kind of near a group of others clustered by the town hall - he handed her back the basket and set his own bag atop his stall. He set up a couple of small tiered display racks and began setting jewelry of all kinds on them. "Try not to be too much of an a** to customers today. You need the money to buy...well, everything. You're completely out of food." This made Harley grin and he shook his head. "I'm only an a** to the people I love, sweetie," he commented, setting out a silver bracelet with a dragon etched into it. The dragon had amethyst for eyes. "And why should I keep food in my house I never use? I adamantly refuse to cook. No sense in keeping things that'll rot." he had almost everything set out when he picked up on one of her comments. "Wouldn't want you to lose that womanly figure, would we?" Harley paused, a mischievous grin on his face. "Oh, that was a low blow," he yelled, as he picked her up off the stool and swung her over his shoulder. "Take it back!" He said, swinging her in circles,laughing all the while.

                                                  When he had taken his fill of swinging Charlie around on his shoulder, he set her down and - while she was still dizzy - reached under her stall and into the basket. He pulled out the little plush Harley and walked back over to his own stall. "I never said I didn't want it, I just think it needs a little . . . extra flair." Within moments, the plush was set up on his stall with a couple piercings in it's little ears and one piercing on it's eyebrow. "See? Tons better," he added, grinning. He fixed her with a small, grateful smile. "Thanks Charlie, it's cute," he said, with only a hint of sarcasm. Which was a big step for him.

                                                  ooc:: You all good, gal! > u <

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~~Bo ~~

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWhere i come from

Location: My bed at home.
Company: Campbell
Thoughts: Why are you waking me up?
Feelings: Tired


Bowen was dreaming about his parents, a nightmare was more what he would call it, they had just bought him a toy train and gave it to him. He was thrilled, the six year old carried that toy around with him everywhere, on a visit to his uncles home Bowen had brought the toy train with him to his uncles since he had never wanted to leave it anywhere as long as he could help it he loved that toy dearly. The visit was pleasant his parents enjoying them selves seeming happy for once in his few years of life and memories. Bed time rolled around, his parents tucked him into the bed he now slept in, his dad tucked the train in with him, kissing the small child on the head, he smiled as he hugged it feeling the blankets being tucked in around him. His mother stood by the door watching as she hurried her husband up. He snuggled in close holding his hand on the string his father had tied to the front of the train for him so he could drag it along, he slept through the night, until he woke the next morning stirring to something not being right. 'momma? papa?' he called out in his dream, he hurried from his bed to meet his uncle at the door, the man picked him up hugging him and sighed, it was hard to explain to Bowen what his parents had done, but it had to be done. The man helped Bowen dress and there he stood as the dream faded dressed at his best, looking as if his parents had just stabbed him through the heart.

Bowen heard Campbell's voice but it was the sun that had really assaulted him as he cringed from the brightness. "Campbell.... why must you always open the curtains first thing?" He asked feeling like he was just thrown into the worst place imaginable as he sighed pulling himself up as he looked around the room and finally settled his eyes on his favorite person and smiled. The man had always been so helpful to him and not just that, he never made Bowen feel like he was being used for the fact that one day he would get the home and all the money. Bowen enjoyed having Campbell in his life and never wanted their friendship to end even if it was not professional. Bowen looked to the food and went wide eye'd, "Campbell... always with the big amounts of food." he laughed as he pulled himself from the bed he hated crumbs in the sheets. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat yawning his mind was still fuzzy as he thought about what day it was and smiled when Campbell mentioned it as he stretched, he never slept with a shirt on, it always made him feel like he was being restricted while he tossed around, he was fairly muscular for a boy his age, most of it came from doing the work with his horse and training to make sure they could compete if he desired. He was in a soft fabric pair of pajama bottoms that hugged his waist gently. He stood after rubbing his eyes gently to wipe the sleep from his eyes and gave another yawn as Campbell spoke.

"The new.... oh yes the mayor i nearly forgot about that..... I wonder if he will be decent. The last was constantly out for a stroll did not seem like he enjoyed conversation to much either." He said smirking at his butler and Bowen headed for the food picking up some french toast and then took a seat at his desk chair, his items where all in order which was something he enjoyed doing, Campbell had never had to deal with him keeping things organized since he had come after his young years. His old nanny on the other hand, had a hard time. He looked seeing the train that he kept at the back of his desk centered to keep balance on his desk, it reminded him of the dream as he sighed and shook his head. He turned to Campbell. "Did you eat? Because you know i will not finish all of this." He said laughing as he picked at a bit more of the food. After a while he looked at the train some more before he spoke again, "Do you think that we can head into town? I would love to see some of the booths that are up this year, maybe i can find something to buy....or some candy." He grinned at the thought of some new years candy. The next thing he would have to do however is get into a shirt, some pants and some shoes as he sat still bare chest speaking to his butler.

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☼ These walls are paper thin
And everyone hears every little sound

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┗━━━━━━━━━━━━ Cornelius "Neil" Acton ━━━━━━━━━━━━┛

Okay that was it. Neil was a nice guy, real nice in fact. Just a plain old down to earth guy. But Ace was crossing the line. Neil was still bigger then Ace and had no problem taking him down a peg. As soon as Ace started pulling on his shirt, Neil's own snapped around Ace's wrist and bent it back to break the hold.
"Excuse me, sir, but who the hell do you think you are?" Neil hissed rather bitterly. "I said, I wasn't going. I'd like to see you make me" He snapped. He felt bad for being so crude around Yuuka. She really had done nothing wrong, but neither had Neil to be treated in such a way. Neil didn't take things people being forceful with him well. What was wrong with simply asking him. Who even said Neil wanted to meet this mayor?
"Besides I want nothing to do with that over oiled beefed up weirdo. We work together, we don't have to be 'friends'" Neil huffed, smoothing out the wrinkles in his shirt Ace had caused. Neil was the kind of person who liked to meet people on his own time, not be flung in to a conversation with them. He especially didn't like festivals. The thought of going to one made his skin crawl. All of those people so close together, having to weave in and out just to navigate the place. His stomach twisted at the thought.
If you'll excuse me I'm going to go check the mail room..

Neil walked off. He felt bad about leaving Yuuka with the two, she was a nice girl and all, but he had work to do. He unlocked the mail room and steeped in side to sort though the the new letters that had came in. He picked up one addressed to Henrietta, she always enjoyed getting mail. He stuck it under his jacket. Maybe he'll see her after his trip to the Hot Spring.

He finished his sorting and locked up the room and left and continued his way up in to the mountains.

Location: To the hot spring.
Feeling: Pissed off
Talking to: Yuuka, Ace


▂▃▅▆█▆▅▃▂ ▂▃▅▆█▆▅▃▂ ▂▃▅▆█▆▅▃▂ ▂▃▅▆█▆▅▃▂ ▂▃▅▆█▆▅▃▂


☼They're shaking hands, they're shaking in their shoes
Oh Lord, don't shake me down☼
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                                                  I'VE BEEN UP, I'VE BEEN DOWN ALWAYS GOT MY HEAD IN THE CLOUDS:
                                                  HOPIN THAT I CAN FIND ONE OF THEM THAT'S SILVER LINED
                                                  I DON'T CARE, IT CAN RAIN ALL IT WANTS ON MY PARADE.
                                                  BECAUSE WHEN LIFE GIVES ME LEMONS I MAKE LEMONADE.

                                                  I'm here:At the square! // I'm going here: I'm in the square now! // I'm feeling: I want cake . . . // I'm with: Luke!

                                                  Henri grinned even bigger when Luke praised him for his big boy decision and rustled his hair. But, his face betrayed him when Luke said he had already sent a token to Hawk earlier. Henri wanted to be the first to give Hawk something on the day of the festival. His cheeks puffed a bit as his pouty face began to become more visible. He scuffed a shoe on the ground, kicking up a little dust. It was no fair, no fair at all. But, as per usual, his train of thought was interrupted quite easily and he grinned another gap-toothed smile. "Yeah, he's always happy when I give him stuff! I drew him a picture a little while ago and he said I was going to be a Picso (Picasso) when I'm older," he said, abviously very self assured. Henri dreamed of being a famous artist when he was all grown up and practiced every day. "I dunno what a Picso is, but if Hawk says it I'm guessing it's really good!" He had a never ending faith in Hawk as well as Luke and Eloise as his role-models and older sibling types. They said jump? He jumped. They said run? He ran. They said to jump off a bridge? Well, thankfully there weren't any bridges that were too tall around the town.

                                                  "Now, here's a toy for you, for Hawkeye and for Sabrina, ok?" Henri inspected the little figurines and Tsked. He didn't really want Sabrina to have one - he wanted to boast about his amazing toy that she didn't have - but figured he could give her the cat. Henri didn't like cats because they made him sick. He would keep the horse and then Hawk would get the sheep. "Thank you, Luke!" He said, minding his manners like his mom and the burly guy had said. "I'll play with it a lot!" He shoved the toys into his satchel along with the coins he still had left.

                                                  "Now what treats do you plan on buying with the rest of your money?" Henri pondered that thoroughly for a while. What would he get? Would there be a cake stall? "I dunno Luke, but I hope there's cake! And candies! I really like sweet things, but momma says they're really bad for me . . . Are you going to get anything special, Luke? OH, and I made this for you!" Henri reached into his satchel and pulled out the folded paper with his drawing on it, holding it out to Luke. "It's you and me chopping down trees when I'm all grown up! You'll still be here when I'm old enough to chop trees, right Luke?"

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Location:: Festival Grounds | With:: Alone | Thoughts:: Where's Wilhelm

Theodore went around looking for where Wilhelm had scampered off to, and noticed him sitting on a table looking at assorted snacks and such. The General sighed as he pulled out some money and bought his we fellow a treat. Wilhelm joined him atop his shoulder eating various trail mix from the little paper bag. As his bushy little tail swayed too and fro.

Theo then took note of a woman standing by herself he didn't know her name, but he was drawn to this one that would be known as Annabelle. "Well excuse me madam, I am Theodore Timble Weaver." He stated giving a small flex from beneath his military jacket. "Of the great Weaver family. That once lived here for generations on generations of a great legacy." He stated as he then took the small bag from the ferret. "Wilhelm, give the lady a button." The ferret gave a small sigh and leaped onto her shoulder and took a 'Weaver has your back' button and pinned it upon her apparel. He then leaped back over with his hands extended and received the small bag of mix back. "Be sure to stick around for the fireworks, and have fun. The Goddess will sure to smile upon us this year."

The new Mayor then left the girl with a button and promises of a great time for everyone. Theodore took note of a painting stand and looked at all of the magnificent paintings. "Ho ho, that one there with the ocean beach, the gulls. It will be perfect for our office, won't it Wilhelm?" the ferret nodded as it would agree with anything since it had trail mix to eat. Putting down the twenty that was demanded of it earlier when Beatrice asked about it; he then held it up to get a better view of it in the sunlight. "Very exquisite, wouldn't you say Wilhelm." The ferret nodded as it munched on raisin's and swayed it's tail side to side.
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                                                            I'm here:at the square // I'm going here: nowhere // I'm feeling: glad to see Henny. // I'm with: Henny!

                                                            Beatrice nodded her head at Henny when she spoke of the dog. Those were some good points and maybe the dog would help Henri burn some energy. But still, she was very skeptical. "I agree with that, but I'm thinking of it from a different viewpoint. No doubt you've noticed he isn't exactly very responsible. I don't want him to think he can have everything he wants and not take care of it. I'd be the one feeding and bathing it and letting it out to do it's business. I just think it can afford to wait until he's older and a bit more responsible," she explained, trying not to sound too ranty. "But if I were to get him one, I do think it would be good for him . . I don't know, I guess I'll have to mull it over for a while."

                                                            "You know, I never really thought of that. I knew I was going to hand out all of these flowers, but otherwise I was just thinking of going home after the festival. Did you have anything in mind?" Beatrice clapped her hands together, delighted. "Well, after you're done handing out these beautiful flowers, we could end the day with a special bath. I cleaned the indoor bath last week and it hasn't been used since. Also, I just recieved a special kind of chamomile tea bath salts, a whole bag of rose petals, and some new fuzzy towels in the mail. We could have a relaxing tea-rose bath! It won't be exactly like a hot spring bath, but the water we pump in will be almost as hot and just as relaxing! And the bath salts will make our skin very, very soft." The indoor bath was underappreciated and this would be a good chance for her to use it. As for Henri, maybe Harley could take care of him for a few hours for her? She didn't exactly want to leave him with Harley, but a few hours couldn't hurt, right? Besides, the little tyke was always complaining about wanting to see his cousin more often.

                                                            When Henny asked her if she wanted a flower, Bea nodded enthusiastically. "I would love one!" She looked into the basket and selected a bright red peony she had been looking at occasionally. Beatrice stuck it behind her ear and gave a bright smile. "How do I look?" She was momentarily distracted by a rather large man over by the paintings. He appeared to purchase the painting she wanted and a thoughtful smile spread across her lips. Well, at least it would go to good use.

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Location:: Festival Grounds | With:: Wilhelm | Thoughts:: Somethings... off.

Theodore felt something as he took a quick glance around and noticed the woman that gave the thoughtful smile. Theo looked to the painting then to the man running the stand as he spoke rather hush hush with him. "Tell me.. was there anyone else interested in this painting?" he requested as the man gave a nod. "Yeah that woman over there was going to buy it later." The General then gave a slow nod to all the whispering. He stood up and made his way over to the two women.

"Excuse me ladies, but I do believe you wished to purchase this particular painting?" Theodore asked as he handed it to her. "Think of it as a gift of good will from the new mayor." As soon as she would get a hold of it, he had his hands free to flex again, in his military garments. "As well as the prestigious Weaver family. Take it in honor of their Legacy. For I am Theodore Timble Weaver." As bright pink sparkles would surround his face. The ferret sat there casually eating til he had nothing in the bag and shook it a few times and poked him in the side of his jaw. "What is it Wilhelm... Oh I see.. Well we will get you some more before we go check on the fireworks. Now if you would so kindly Wilhelm, these ladies need some buttons." The ferret prepped his little side bag and leaped upon Beatrice's shoulder first and placed a button upon her apparel. Before giving a small salute and leaping over to Henrietta's shoulder and placing a button on her. The ferret then leaped back over to the General and sat on his shoulder, and jiggled the bag again.

"Well if you would excuse me ladies, Wilhelm is growing quite impatient. Oh and such a lovely little dog." He knelt down and gently reached out with a friendly smile and attempted to pet the puppy as the ferret waited til he stood back up and poked him with the bag. "You all have a wonderful time and enjoy the fireworks."

Taking his leave as Wilhelm kept poking him with the bag, he seized it and threw it into a nearby trash bin, making his way to the snack cart with the trail mix. He purchased another bag and handed it to the ferret who proceeded to munch upon it with delight.
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                    In an unfamiliar white bed, a vivid green peeked out from under messy red locks to stare at the ceiling. The dream was slipping away from his finger tips as his senses were returned to his body from the morning beckoning call. "This...isn't my bed." He muttered voice thick with confused drowsiness as he tried to move to get a better look around the room with his lone eye. Cue the pain that stabbed against his chest an arms like the white hot knives that were forged within the fire of the smithery's hearth. Biting back a grunt of pain, he fell back against the bed from the shock. It wasn't so much of the pain that caused him to lay down, but being hit by it all at once. There was no way you can get into his career choice if you had feared getting burned by fire. Except one can point out that being afraid of getting burns, and being careless while injured are two completely different things.

                    With an intake of air, Llores pulled himself up on the bed to assess the damages done. Even he had to winced at the bandages that covered the expanse his arms and chest. Confusion slowly fading away to charity as New Year's Eve played itself out before his eyes again, a smile slipping on his features as he recounts the fiasco. The skies were lit up by blooming fire flowers as midnight struck, and who was he to resist temptation's when there was something new he could try out to make this year even greater than the last. Fireworks were never on his side, no matter how much he tried to understand their complexities. It was a relationship doomed to failure before it even began, and thus even he wasn't surprised with the handcrafted firework exploded before reaching the skies. Fixing his eye patch that had been skewed by his sleep, Llores recalled the barest hint of a flash and a resounding bang before he blacked out.

                    "That explains where I am." He said with a smile that was too cheerful for someone who had just been blown up by his own creation the night before. Tossing the cover aside with a flick of his wrist, the red head swung himself towards the edge of the bed. The movement caused a hiss to pass his lips from irritating the skin deep wounds. A glanced around to make sure no one had caught wind of his movement, he slowly eased himself off the bed. His legs were find in supporting himself, it seems that it was mainly his upper body that took the main blow. Next was to find where his shirt was kept before he could even leave.

                    It seems no one was in the clinic at first glance, not that there were people careless enough to be placed in there on New Year's day. Even Damien was around, but perhaps that was for the better since he doubt he would get any warm greetings from him. As a patient, Llores did hold a clean record for being well behave. The Clinic was one of the few places he would go out of his way to avoid. If he was sick, he would normally try to work that off and leave it so it will fix itself. As it was, he had two working legs and a stall to run. Now if he could find his shirt, he would be on his way since he wasn't that fond of the cold.

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Clinic_____ With: No one____ Waking up and finding a shirt____ Laughing at himself
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                                                                ❝Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;
                                                                They are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,
                                                                And the most patient of teachers.❞

                                                                Where On the road towards the library. x // x With No one, except for me and my thoughts. x // x Doing Walking.


                                        Ah, the smell of crisp morning air was something the young librarian more than welcomed inside her home. It was remarkable how, by barely cracking her bedroom window, she was awake and alert as could be simply because of the cool air that flooded into the small space, quickly replacing the warm air around her. Perhaps one of these days she should try leaving the window closed in the morning, just to see if she would still be as chipper after waking. It would be a rather interesting experiment, but it would probably be best to wait to conduct such an test until she was not required to be at work.

                                        ”On a day of a festival perhaps?” the young woman asked aloud, almost as if she expected to hear an answer back. ”But the next one isn’t until … “ As she approached a small calendar-like paper hanging next to her bed, her pale brown eyes opened as her eyes landed on the current date. ”Today …” The word left her lips quietly despite her immediate shock, and the girl sighed slightly. She had made plans to go do some things at the library today considering she had locked up early the night before. It wasn’t that she had put off the work more as it was she didn’t quite fancy being alone in her workplace during non-daylight hours. Her co-worker, and dear friend, had left early, leaving her by herself in the massive building, to go somewhere. He had said something about celebrating, though the brunette hadn’t been sure about what. She had considered asking the blonde, but had decided against it, thinking prying would be going a bit too far. And though she was his boss, she was first and foremost his friend and that meant to respect his privacy … even if she had been a tad bit on the curious side.

                                        But back to the present problem! Should she go? Or should she stick to her original plans? It would be smartest to go for the first option, but relaxing for a day sounded nice … Then again she wasn’t really a big crowd kind of person nor was she one to really like being outside … But then there was also the haunting suspicion that someone might have been expecting to see her there, and the very thought of disappointing that person had her already feeling guilty. She had been busy the last few days and hardly talked to anyone outside the library, and honestly she wanted to see and converse with a number of people herslef. ”Is it possible I have a bit of time for both?” she asked the paper curiously as she focused her sights on the little note scribbled in red ink next to the day. It was still early and according to what was written, people should be setting up for a while, and if you wanted to arrive first thing you could. ”That’s—that’s just great!” she exclaimed in her quiet tone of voice. This meant she would have time to go and get the stuff left over from yesterday done!

                                        With her spirits high once more, she headed towards her small wardrobe in search of an appropriate outfit for the day. Settling on a simple dress quickly, the librarian speedily removed her night clothes from her back, replacing them with her getup for the day before proceeding to search through her belongings. She needed a brush. Needed it bad too if she planned to tame her bedhead. Or there was always the cheating way of putting her hair into loose braids. Setting the brush down on her bed, a sigh escaped her lips as she figured it was useless to go to war with her hair. More than likely she would just end up pulling it all out. Then where would she be? Bald, that’s where she would be … And being bald did not sound too appealing to her at the moment. ”So that pretty much settles it … Huh, Eileen?” she spoke softly, ”Braids it is then.” Weaving her hair together, she kept her eyes open for her shoes which she had pretty much just kicked off the night before. Spotting them by her bedroom door, she finished up her hair before tugging the boots on in a hurry. As soon as the shoes were secured she left the room, only to return a second later to grab some form of sweater. And then leaving once again.

                                        ”Alright … I’m not hungry … So I’ll skip breakfast this morning and snatch something from the booths later … I have enough money, so I should be good to go … “ She really had to stop talking to herself so much. If someone walked in on one of her conversations with herself—Eileen’s face flushed a light pink at the mere mention of it. She’d be so embarrassed. Probably enough to want to find a large rock and crawl under it. But it’s hard not to voice my thoughts out loud when I’m alone, she thought as her hand pulled out some keys from her sweater pocket to lock her front door. Satisfied after hearing a click, she had turned to see something in her lawn. A small button had been left to lie in her grass. Picking it up gingerly, Eileen stuffed it in her pocket before directing her legs towards the library.

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