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                                                                ❝To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.❞

                                                                Where Home. x // x With Sabrina and pets x // x Doing Talking.


                                        The smile that fell upon the little blonde girl in response to his suggestion had the corners of his lips tugging in response. Though tired and in bed moments ago, her enthusiasm sparked to life once again. But that really shouldn’t surprise him. Nothing seemed to keep her down long, drowsiness included. In fact, it was almost as if she had never been tired in the first place, and Thomas would’ve been convinced as such if it were not for the memory he had of the moments prior.

                                        Thomas finally allowed the smile that had been threatening to spread across his face show and he watched as his little girl took off with one hand behind her back as she lead him towards their kitchen. ”So what’s Bri in the mood fer today?” he questioned curiously, an orange brow raised as he finally entered the small cooking area to see the small girl already setting the table. Taking that as she hadn’t heard him, Thomas started up the stove, placing a pan on top of the small flame. Busying himself with preparing something, he heard Sabrina answer a question he had asked not long before. You love it, huh?” he asked with a chuckle as he looked over his shoulder at the child, ”How much do ya love it?”

                                        Probably a lot. That was his guess. She seemed to love anything focused around wood. Thomas had shown her how to carve once on a whim, and countless begging, and she took a shine to it.

                                        Turning back to his cooking, he moved the scramble eggs around a bit in order to prevent burning them. ”Almost done, Bri. How ‘bout you?” Switching off the stove he turned around once again to see everything ready, and Primrose greedily licking at the floor. But that wasn’t really what had his attention. Right in front of him with her hand stretch out was Sabrina. In her hand was a small pendant and on her face one of the biggest smiles he had ever seen. ”For me huh?” he responded without much thought. Thomas lowered himself to his daughter’s level as she handed him the small object. When had she gotten this? And how? Well, whatever expression he had sitting on his face must have worried her a bit because he heard her voice once more.

                                        “Do you like it daddy?”

                                        ”’Course, Brina!” The lumberjack raised his eyes from the amber colored pendant to stare his daughter in the eye. ”I love it, kiddo.” With a soft smile, he gathered the small girl into his arms, giving her tiny body a tight squeeze before laying a kiss on her forehead. From there he proceeded to ruffle the blonde hair atop of her head. ”Thanks, baby girl. I wasn’t expectin’ this. A nice surprise to get. Perhaps I’ll wear it to work today ~ But first let’s eat!” Standing back up, the male grabbed the pan containing the food before making his way to the table to dish it out. ”We’re already startin’ the day late,” he said, taking note of the time, ”and dinner is a ways off…”

                                        [ ooc ;; Wrote a bit much ... D: ]

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LOCATION Sanatorium xx WITH Nicholas and Kotensa? xx FELLING Groggy

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                              Not entirely surprised at how quickly Nicholas had come to his aid, Hawkeye allowed Nico to help him over to the bed's edge where he sat down. When it seemed Nico was relieved nothing was wrong, he went on to explain to Hawk who was downstairs. A girl named Kotensa, who came by to play her instrument just for him in hopes of cheering him up. That actually did surprise him a bit. A complete stranger offering to cheer him up? Hawk wondered if Nicholas had informed the girl of what ailment he was suffering from. If he had, Hawk wondered curiously if the girl would still be interested in playing or would just leave, not wanting to risk being around him.

                              If that ended up to be the case, Hawk wouldn't have been angry or upset. Just understanding. Really, he couldn't blame anyone for not wanting to be around his sick self. Tuberculous is a dangerous and contagious disease to get. He would feel terrible if someone else got it because they were to close to him or had come into contact with him.

                              Despite these doubts, when Nico asked if Hawk wanted to hear her play, Hawkeye nodded his head at his caretaker. It would be nice to be visited by someone and listen to Kotensa play for him, rather than stare at the same wall all day long. "I'll go downstairs, I don't mind," was his reply to Nico's suggestion of him staying in his room and Kotensa coming upstairs. If she had her instrument with her, Hawk didn't want to burden her with lugging it upstairs and then back downstairs afterward. Besides, he was getting tired of sitting in his room. He probably saw enough of it as it is.

                              With his dizzy spell long since passed, Hawk stood up from the bed using the bed post as support and shuffled forwards with a blanket in his arms. Down the stairs he went, taking one slow step at a time until he was at the bottom of the stairs where he had to stop to cough into a hand cloth. He wiped at his mouth, removed the blood, and carried on into the living room where he made himself comfortable on the couch. If Kotensa played for him, Hawk would have stayed awake to listen, but he had slowly begun to doze off despite his best efforts to stay awake. When he woke up again, Hawk groggily gazed around the living room while he wondered how long he'd been dozing for. "Did I fall asleep?" Hawk asked out loud while he rubbed a hand over his pale face. He hadn't meant to fall asleep, but it was just one of those things he couldn't help doing these days.

                              The next question that he thought to ask was, "How long have I been sleeping then?" Although he did glance at the clock, Hawk wasn't sure how much time had in fact passed since he had not looked at the clock when he came downstairs. Well, according to the sun shining through the living room windows, it was still day and not yet nighttime. But still gray looking though, so that meant the rain clouds hadn't quite left yet.
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xxxx 𝔞 𝔩 𝔟 𝔦 𝔯 𝔢 𝔬 xxxx[/color 𝔰 𝔞 𝔩 𝔳 𝔱 𝔦 𝔬

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt is not safe to be around me.

xxxxxxxxxxTell me what's wrong with me!

xxxxxxxxxx⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯xI can't feel your pain.


                  Albireo almost smirked but kept his straight face. Llores was looking more like an airhead right now than anything, but perhaps it was because of all the blood flow becoming unbalanced in the way he was situated on the tree. Albireo looked down at the eggs wrapped up, still trying to imagine what they would look like when they hatched. What if they hatched while Llores was busy with something else? Who would feed them or take care of them?

                  "Are you sure you're able to handle this?" Albireo asked, his voice more curious than he had wanted to sound. He watched as Llores moved his shoulders around and tried to even out and dull the pain. Maybe Albireo really should have checked on his shoulders instead of making small talk and failing at blacksmithing. He tilted his head, just watching the man for a moment. He almost missed his comment about getting something to eat. Ah, yes, that was what they were heading to do, right? But what about the eggs? ...Why did he care so much about eggs?

                  "Perhaps we should pick something up to go." he didn't know if such a concept was known out here in this backwater town, as it was small enough where everyone probably ate in all the time. He didn't wait for Llores, figuring the man would probably follow, and turned on his heel to head towards the cafe.

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      ██ location ;xxThe Streetsxxxxx
      ██ mood;xxDistractedxxxxx
      ██ with ;xxLloresxxxxx
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ა ბ გ დ ე ვ Ƚℓσrєʂ•Яoѡan•Sჟℓua ა ბ გ დ ე ვ
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                    Irresponsible was a word Llores had heard directed to him on multiple occasions, often coupled with careless. With those words echoing in his ears like insects that he couldn't swat away, it was hard to answer Albireo's question. Instead he took his time to stretch his arm out and give it a shake to loosen his muscles. Buying time is what he was trying to do, but it might not be as successful when the other had previously been a doctor. "Honestly, it's hard to give any promises." The red head said as he stepped closer to Albireo and reached out to adjust the jacket around the eggs to keep them from getting too cold. It kept him looking down and away from the unnervingly sharp gaze of the other. Trapped in it once, Llores didn't want to see if it still had the same effect a second time just yet.

                    Moving away, he nodded at the suggestion to just pick up some food and leave. It hadn't been his first idea, but now they couldn't just walk around with the crow eggs in tow. Walking along a step behind, watching as the blonde man carry the eggs in arms as the wheels in his head churned his thoughts. "I can make an incubator for them." Llores said suddenly as the thought came to mind. He hasn't made one before, but the idea was simple enough and slowly the thought was forming in his mind. It was basically a box with a light bulb for temperature, and glass can be used to help observe the eggs. "Too bad it's Monday. The library might have some books that could help as well." Llores mused, slightly tapping his chin in thoughts.

                    Idly, he noticed someone passing them before they reach the street. A brunette girl that seemed to be in a hurry. Llores hoped that she didn't have any plans to head to the blacksmith. His eye flickered over to Albireo once more, or more towards the man's expression for a moment. "About before, I honestly have no idea how capable i am to take care of those eggs. " He admitted with a devil may care grin. "I'm almost never home, and my work place is a hazard." As he spoke, he ticked off the points upon his fingers. Staring at his fingers he waved his hand as if to fan the thoughts away. "You seem better suited to take care of them since you've mentioned you are rarely leave for anywhere else, but your home and work. Ah, not that I'm trying to pass responsibility. If you're opposed to it, then maybe we can see if the rancher is willing to." He was rambling, filling up the air with his thoughts as they leaked out of his mouth without a filter. It was a bad habit that was easily started when he was uncertain. Maybe if there were objections, it would be hard to say it when he was speaking none stop.

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The Blacksmith

On a path_____ With: Albireo____ Talkative____ I'll drown out my thoughts with words
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Tora Zakurako
A dishonest profession to earn an honest living.

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Find me here: {beach}xxxx Friend or rival?: {Quinn} xxxx Outfit: {white tank top, black mini skirt, black high heel boots, two gold bracelets, gold hoop earrings}

xxxx xxxx

The hiss in Quinn's voice caught Tora a bit by surprise, yet not enough to scare her away. Ooohhh you playing hard-to-get? hehehe I bet you can't hide those pretty eyes forever. She was bound and determined not to end this little chit chat so soon. With that flirty smile upon her lips she clasped her hands behind her back and leaned forward ever so slightly. All the while trying to get Quinn to look at her. Like a kitten poking / swatting a sleeping dog she followed the wizard. When he mentioned that he lived on the beach, the lingering violet gaze glimmered with curiosity. Just because she didn't like swimming and scared of drowning didn't mean she couldn't admire the view from the shandy shore.

"Come back in the summer?" the raven haired girl pondered on his words in an oblivious manner. There was only a few seconds of peace and quiet before Tora snapped out of her trance. "But then I wouldn't be able to enjoy the beach in the spring. hehe I bet you get to find a lot of neat treasures. Come on, seeing that you live around here, why not show a pretty lady around hhhmmm? Is it a secret place? I promise not to tell."

((Sorry, short-ish post.))

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                  That girl wasn’t going to give up, was she? As the girl leaned forward, trying to get a better view of him Quinn just looked away even more. He couldn’t believe how he was forced to do that. No one forced him to do anything if it weren’t his own choice! Now he turned towards her where he stood.

                  “What if I don’t want to?” He said just as rude as before. In more usual circumstances Quinn wouldn’t hesitate to greet a newcomer who came up to him like this. Newcomers didn’t know who he was and he could tell them anything and they would believe it. He could make them believe he was rich, or even the mayor and all kinds of things. Of course that alibi would be smashed if that person mentioned him to someone else living in the village. But upset people were ever so amusing, and the look on their faces when they find the truth is priceless.

                  “Secret places tend to be secret because they are secret. And I tend to keep them to myself.” He snorted and turned his back at the girl completely, pretending to view the ocean. But he tried to figure out a way to get rid of the girl. Who were she anyway?

                  ᴍᴏᴏᴅUnwelcoming ʟᴏᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴBeach ᴡɪᴛʜTora
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                                                            HEAD ✎ LIBRARIAN

                                                                ❝Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;
                                                                They are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,
                                                                And the most patient of teachers.❞

                                                                Where Flower Shop x // x With Whomever is there x // x Doing Talking People


                                        The young librarian awaited the strange man’s words, but when no answer to her question came, she grew disheartened and wondered if she should have kept the idea to teach him to herself. Eyes nervously averting themselves to the floor, her left hand raised itself to grab her arm as her nails unconsciously began to leave indents in her pale skin. A wave of embarrassment washed over her small body as she raised her head to look at the unknown male once again, only to realize he had disappeared without leaving any evidence he was even there in the first place. Deeply confused and at a loss for words, the brunette just stared at the spot he had been standing in with a raised brow and wide pale brown eyes. Had she somehow offended him? Her cheeks grew hot as she began to worry over this possibility.

                                        The grip on her arm tightened slightly before her hand dropped to her side completely upon hearing the soft chime of the shop door go off. Curiosity building, Eileen turned her petite frame around to see the newcomer. Standing there was none other than Manuel the cook for the inn’s bar. Eileen gave a soft smile and a wave to the blonde male then turned to Henrietta who had set down the bouquet she had prepared behind her. Approaching the delicate flower bouquet, she gingerly picked it up while sending a glance in her friend’s direction. The other woman was in her work mode, making sure to tend to her customers need with, of course, a welcoming smile on her face that seemed to light up the room.

                                        Eileen laughed silently as she watched the two blondes, waiting for a moment to speak to present itself. ”Thank you, Henrietta,” the brunette thanked gratefully as she took a whiff of the flowers she held. ”They’re beautiful ~ “

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William A. F. Ryder
Roving Drover

Will finally decided that it was long over due to head to his farm. The message he had sent to his friend was still unanswered, but he was done waiting for the response. He stopped at the stables and picked up Horse, and then with Dog and Horse in tow he set off. He passed a women in overalls heading into town, but only nodded to her not knowing who she was. After a short while he saw the farm. 'By all that is great what is this! I didn't think that it would be operational and everything but this!' He sighed and looked at the ramshackle House that was all his, then he looked at Dog "Well what do you think of that? Think that the seller made out like a bandit on this sale, teach me to trust a lawyer." Dog shorted and looked towards another house 'well shack really, maybe cabin if I was feeling charitable' that showed signs of life, and upkeep. "Who owns that I wonder? What's-his-name didn't say anything about someone living on the property, I wonder if they pay rent or something..." he trailed off and started towards the broken down house.

It was worse then it looked, Will had his foot sink through a particularly rotten piece of the floor, and he could easily see the sky threw the roof. 'well, that is nice, what do they call these? oh sunlights, no skylights.' Will shook his head and took Horse to the paddock, at least that was in one piece and let him loose, then headed to the barn to see about tools, seed-stocks, and material to replace the roof. "I hope that there is something to use, otherwise I am taking the damn roof of the barn and using that." Will looked at the barn and shook his head, well time to get to work.


With- Dog
Feeling-Disheartened, curious, and determined
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xxxxxxthoughts ;
                                                          xxxxxxxxxxx| Oh, family...

xxxxxxcompany ;
                                                          xxxxxxxxxxx| ... Hazel

xxxxxxlocation ;
                                                          xxxxxxxxxxx| My house.


                      мιcнαel frederick cσσρεя

                      LIBRARIAN'S ASSISTANT

                      He didn't answer her first questions. He merely limited himself to shrug and grunt non-committally, hoping she would let it go eventually. To be honest, he had no idea why he decided to stumble through the forest, of all places, until he passed out due to fatigue. He just got caught up in his writing, that was all... And it had been for nothing anyway, because his notebook was ruined by the rain, so it didn't matter now and he doubted he could explain all of that to Hazel. If she wanted to believe he ended up surrounded by trees thanks to a wild, drunken adventure, then so be it.

                      When he entered his home, the last thing on Freddie's mind was to take off his shoes and preserve his floor. He approached the nearest bin and he threw his ruined journal inside, purposefully avoiding any feelings of loss and frustration. He'd written so much; every word, every sentence, was a bit of his soul and and a bit of his heart, and now it was gone. All gone, and he couldn't allow himself to feel yet. Otherwise, he would be overwhelmed because not only did he have to deal with the loss of his journal, but he now had to deal with his sister too and all the mixed feelings she brought along. She was all right, and she seemed happy, and that was relieving. But she'd been gone for too long and she'd left her family behind, and that hurt.

                      "How has Michael been?"

                      Her voice broke the silence he'd been stubborn enough to keep, and he looked at her for a while. At first, he'd been confused. He almost told her that he'd been doing fine, and that he'd missed her and that his back was sore because he'd slept on the ground, but then he realised that she wasn't asking about him. It was the other Michael she was concerned about. In this town, he'd been the only Michael for so long that he'd almost forgotten about the second Michael in her life. He cleared his throat and shuffled his weight awkwardly, trying to think of a proper reply. Her presence threw him off and he needed a moment to think. To gather his thoughts, he approached his stove and knelt down in front of it. He took his time lighting it, and he justified his actions by thinking it was both for her benefit and his. He was drenched and she was cold, and they needed a little warmth.

                      In the end, he stood up again and smiled. "I haven't heard much from him. He left our parents' house a bit after you did and I've only seen him a couple of times after that. You know how he is, always the rebel, that one. Confrontational as only he can be... I heard he's doing well wherever he is." He rubbed the back of his neck. "We don't talk much," and he sounded terribly guilty when he allowed those four words to escape him.

                      "Do you want anything? A coffee, tea? Have you had any breakfast? I can make us something!"

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B I R D S E Y E xxxx V I E W
awake the stars 'cause they're all around you
Wide eyes will always brighten the blue
Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery
'Cause after all those wings will take you up so high
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William A. F. Ryder
Roving Drover

Will was tearing out part of the Barn roof when he heard someone in the courtyard, He stopped at listened to them approach the barn. 'Woman, average height and weight, the owner of the other house?' He looked at Dog and motioned for her to stay. Then the woman he passed on the way to the farm walked into the barn and said a little out of breath that she worked at the farm, and that there was another person who worked here. Then she said something about trying to fix up the farm. 'Help fix up the farm? what does it look like I am doing! Wait she works here? and another guy works here? I bought a farm not a Business... But then again a farm is a business an't it? Hmmm... But it is something I didn't sign up for... But does that matter?' He pondered that as he climbed down the ladder to the floor and walked up to Her.
"Hello there Miss," Will gave an abbreviated bow and looked back up at her "My name is William Ryder, my friends call me Will. As you say I bought the farm and wasn't expecting anyone to be living on the land, I will have to figure out what arrangements you had with the last owner and such naught. You said you where the harvester does that mean that you are the horticulturalist here? if so I have a few questions to ask you." Will thought for a second then walked into the court yard and looked at the sun then turned back to the woman "you must have been heading to town for lunch, you didn't turn around to introduce yourself for me did you?"


With- Woman I passed on the road, Dog
Feeling- curious, and determined
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Gideon Burrows - Miner

        Weeks ago when Gideon first arrived in Fontania he was something of a bum, he planned to leave to find work, he was going to leave the next day. Then the next day came and he didn't go anywhere or do much of anything, and he told himself he would leave the next day. He found himself captivated by the peaceful place and how no one here seemed to know or care about what was happening outside the city. Even though he enjoyed the place he didn't think he could find work anywhere, until he saw that some work would be needed down in the mines since... someone didn't work there anymore. Gideon couldn't recall his name but was grateful for the work he had now.

        Covered in dirt from head to toe, he glanced over at his lamp that was sitting on the ground and took a moment to think about how lucky he was to find work here. Though he wasn't sure how lucky he was in finding decent ores and stones today. Some copper and a little bit of silver, two moon stones and one topaz. If he kept going on like this he'd just wear himself out completely before he found anything truly worthwhile. Having decided to call it quits for the day he packed up his findings, his lantern, his massive hammer and headed back up the sloping, slightly dangerous path back to the surface of the mines. He could tell when he was close because it was easier and easier to see what was above him.

        As soon as sunlight was clearly visible he turned off the lantern and prepared his eyes for the intense brightness of the day, though admittedly he usually came out of the mines towards sunset so it didn't hurt his eyes as much as it did now. Gideon figured he would drop off his findings at the Smithy before heading home, he thought he passed his boss on the way, walking behind a tall blonde carrying eggs in what looked like a coat or jacket but didn't stop to ask the obvious question. What the man decided to do in his own time was his business, Gideon merely nodded to the both of them and continued on his way.


        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageWhere I'm wandering: From the mine to the smithy
        My current thoughts: What's with the eggs?
        Anyone with me: Nope
        For the scopophiliacs: Journal

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