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                                                            I'm here:at home // I'm going here: to the square // I'm feeling: curious about these paintings // I'm with: noone at the moment

                                                            Beatrice had been up at the crack of dawn with Henri, as per usual. His boundless energy only allowed about nine hours of sleep before he was unable to keep himself in the bed any longer. He was only seven, so she didn't want him getting up and wandering out of their house on his own. It would be another three years or so before she'd just let him wake up and take care of himself. However, even though he wasn't allowed to go out or do anything to loud, he still seemed to feel it was his duty to make sure his mom was awake as he was. It started with Beatrice feeling a tugging sensation on her scalp. Then - all of a sudden - it was freezing! If that wasn't enough, there was an earthquake to ensure she got herself out of bed to pacify the seven year old. It wasn't actually any of these things, merely Henri tugging on her hair, yanking off her covers, and jumping on the bed. "Mommmy! Moooooomma!" he called as he bounced relentlessly. " It's the festival! The New Year's festival! We gotta goooo! We gotta go NOWW!" Beatrice shot upwards into a sitting position and pulled the giggling child into her arms, nuzzling him close. "You terror! What makes you think you deserve to go to the festival?" She asked, a smile on her face. From in her arms, Henri grinned. " Because you love me and people'll be sad if I'm not there!" Beatrice gave her son a skeptical look with a bit of a smile. "And which people will that be?" Henri was silent for a moment, thinking, then yelled, "Everyone!" Oh, he was just so cute! Even if he was the biggest trouble maker she had ever met.

                                                            After helping him change into a suitable outfit - that did not consist half of Pj's and half of regular clothes - Beatrice managed to get Henri to sit still long enough at the kitchen table so he could eat the pancakes she was making. "Nmna, Ihm gowna get losha toys fom Chawlie tooay, Monma!" he said through a mouthful of syrupy mess. "And awl getoo phay wif Sabrhina!" Beatrice smiled, eating hers in a less grandeur manner. "I don't want you bothering Charlie too much today, okay? You already have a lot of toys from her, you don't need anymore," she said, trying to be sensible. He downed a glass of milk faster than if it were juice. "Moom, you can't ever have too many toys. You weren't ever a kid so you wouldn't know I guess," he said, matter of factly. She frowned. "And who did you learn that phrase from?" Of course, the instant response was Harley and she shook her head. He was always teaching Henri how to say things rudely. She hurried him away from the table as she cleaned up - he was in the way - and she could hear him running about through the living room, talking to himself. It was going to be a long day, she decided with a sigh.

                                                            It was a chore in and of itself to get the squirming seven year old in his jacket and to make sure he understood that the money she was giving him was to be used wisely. He wasn't going to get anymore. When they were out the door, Henri was off like a shot towards the square, Beatrice strolling along behind him. "You STAY in the square, Henri! You hear me? You STAY there, okay? Don't go off on another one of your escapades, just STAY in the square!" It sounded like she was yelling at a dog. And it was redundant anyway, he was too far gone with the visions of foods and toys galore. Still, he knew to come find her every hour on the hour or else he was under house/hot spring arrest for a week. She saw the little fluorescent green dot - she dressed him in bright colors so he could always be seen - disappear around the corner of town hall and into the square. She sighed and a weary smile spread across her lips. She' dhave to do a bit of looking around, and maybe later she might go back to the springs. She didn't have to work on holidays, but sometimes she and a few others felt like a good soak to relax.

                                                            In the square, she already saw Damien, as well as Ace, Yuuka, and Luke. henri was bothering Luke, causing her to chuckle. She pondered whether to go up to any of them, and instead had her attention caught by a stand with paintings on it. She loved painting, but didn't exactly have a knack for it. Beatrice crouched by the stand, occupying herself with appreciating the works of art before her.

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                              Yuuka was happy that Ace was comforting her, though she couldn't use his office. It would be an invasion of privacy, as much as she wouldn't to she couldn't. "I think I'll be fine, maybe I'll find some good points about him." she said with a small sigh followed by a smile. Taking the lucky charm she looked at it with admiration before feeling a slight warmth on her cheek. Her cheeks suddenly flourished with pink that matched her hair, making her big ocean blue eyes stand out even more than usual. Honestly the girl liked the mans flirtatious personality. It was cute to her, and definitely never let anything become boring.

                              Laughing at his remark to Luke she soon noticed a small blonde boy wrapped around his leg. It was Henri, Beatrice's son. Seeing him there she just wanted to pick him up and hug him, he was the cutest thing ever. Though that would make things awkward since she wasn't close to him like she was with Sabrina. Looking around she noticed his mother looking at paintings, it seemed like more people were starting to come out. It was nice, she was looking forward to the festival, for now she would disregard the fact that the mayor wasn't the most normal person on Earth.

                              Hearing a loud blaring sound she switched her attention to notice that Ace wasn't next to her anymore. Instead stopping Cornelius the mail carrier from going into town hall. She knew exactly why too, it would be a bit hectic if anything happened while he was in there alone. Making her way over to them she worriedly warned the man. "Neil! The new mayor's in there, and he's most definitely not the most normal one here." she said with a sigh, reminding herself she would be spending her days in the same room as him.

                              Ace was right for stopping him, at least to her he was. The mayor could have been extremely nice but randomly hugging people and ripping off your shirt isn't exactly the brightest way to show people you'd be managing the whole town. Since the three worked at town hall they would have to be the first ones to introduce themselves to him. It would be safer in a group.

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                                                  I'm here: at my house // I'm going here: to the square // I'm feeling: annoyed, but I'm having fun // I'm with: a person who is prone to breaking and entering

                                                  Harley grinned. "A slightly incestuous harem," he said, making a joke at how much he leeched off poor Beatrice. "And don't worry," he said, taking a bite of sausage. "You'll always be my favourite person to freeload off of, Charlie!" She was always pretty good about coming and feeding him when he was in the mood to not do anything at all, let alone feed himself. After chewing the sausage, he grimaced then started to mock choke and bang his hand on the table. After making a bit of a show - which included clutching his throat - he slowly swallowed and frowned. "That was disgusting, but I'll eat the rest just to make you feel good about yourself," he said, taking another mouthful. It wasn't the least bit disgusting, but he wasn't going to tell her that. If there was one person he liked to tease it was Charlie. She was the most fun to do so to. He nodded at the hungover comment. "Is it that obvious? Darn, I was trying SO hard to hide it," he said, sarcasm oozing out of his every word. And - just to spite her - he started to shovel everything from his plate into his mouth. "I won't get sick," he said when his mouth was almsot empty. "I have a stomach of lead."

                                                  With her comment about cleaning up, he waved it away. "I'm not that useless. I can clean, I just don't cook," he said, but was interrupted by her exclamation. What had she forgotten? He waited, eyebrow arched, for her to return to the room. When she did, she handed him a plush of himself. It didn't look too shabby, but did she really peg him for the sort of guy that liked stuffed toys? He cringed and handled the thing like a dirty diaper. "Geeee, thanks," he said, clearly "enthused". He stuffed it into the belt loop on his pants as she pulled him to get his shoes on. "Clearly someone has a lot of free time on their hands," he chirped at her whilst he got his old boots on and grabbed the duffel bag with his merchandise by the door. "Stop rushing me woman! And what makes you believe I'd want to impress him? It's not like I'm going to marry him." He opened the door for her, then grabbed the basket. "Let me carry that," he said, taking the basket in his free hand. "And don't turn me down, this is the one time you'll see me being chivalrous." He gestured forward. "Lead the way."


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Location:: Town Hall | With:: Wilhelm and Strangers | Destination:: The Square

Theodore thought for a moment, and realized his dress shirt wouldn't be enough. He took his overcoat out of his bag and then looked at it again. "Oh yes... the train robbery.. Almost forgot about that fellow's blood I got on me when I punched out his lights and took his gun." He sighed as he set it down in a chair to have it cleaned later, and took out his old military uniform. He put his other bag beneath his desk for later. He soon dawned on his dark blue general uniform. dusted himself off and put Wilhelm's little hat on his head. "Come Wilhelm, it is time we check on the festivities. We have to make sure everything is ready and up to the harvest goddesses approval." He told his ferret as it gave a small salute.

Making his way out the door he saw the small group in front of his steps. His brow quirked as he then spoke, "I am sorry, but if you have any complaints be sure to write them on a piece of paper and slide them under my door, and I will get to them as soon as I return to my office. There is a festival to be ran." He proclaimed as he adjusted his uniform. "It doesn't look tacky.. does it Wilhelm?" He asked the ferret as it shook it's head no. "Excellent, do you have your button bag?" The ferret nodded and pulled on the little strap. "Then we're good to go. Oh my what a strapping young lad." He proclaimed over at Luke as he then knelt down to Henri. "I hope you've been a good boy for your elders. Wilhelm, get this boy a button." he proclaimed as the ferret climbed gently on the boys shoulder and put a 'Weaver's got your back' button upon him and then gave a salute and jumped back onto his shoulder. "You eat your vegetables and mind your elders and you may be as strong as me one day. Theodore Timble Weaver, of the prestigious Weaver family" Instead of the expected taking off his shirt he rolled back the sleeve of his military uniform and flexed his massive bicep as bright pink sparkles surrounded it and his face. The uniform was harder for him to strip off at a moments notice, so he had to prepare it prior to doing a speech or something when he was in it.

Theodore then went on his way as the ferret tipped it's hat at them all, then poked the General in the ear with his tail. "Hmm? Oh yes, sorry Wilhelm, you've been quite the helpful little companion. Truly worthy of the Weaver family legacy." He then handed Wilhelm a brazil nut, as Wilhelm gave him a dirty look. Since Brazil nuts require a really good hammer or a parrot to break open. "So sorry my little friend." As he takes the brazil nut back and cracks it open with his bare hands and hands the center back to the ferret, and puts the shell in a proper receptacle. "Now, let's get something to eat. All this work is making me famished. There must be something on the square to sate my family's legacy." As he went off in his uniform searching the vendors for sustenance.
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              One shot to your heart, without breaking your skin,
              No one has the power to hurt you like your kin.
              Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else,
              Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself.
              And now your chest burns, and your back aches,
              From fifteen years of holding the pain.
              And now you only have yourself to blame
              If you continue to live this way.

              Get it together!
              You've got to heal your body,
              Get it together!
              You've got to heal your heart.
              Whatsoever you sow you will reap.
              Get it together!

              My Location :: Hourstone Market
              With who :: Beatrice
              Doing :: Talking
              The clothes on my back :: [x]

Another beautiful morning! Not just a normal morning though. It was the first morning of a new year! Today a festival was to be held in the Hourstone Market. After earning a good profit the past year, Henrietta decided that she wouldn't be setting up a stand to sell flowers this year. Instead, she would just hand out flowers for free. Perhaps she could get her assistant in on it. That way they could get double the smiles. There was nothing better than the feeling that you get when you make another person happy. Flowers tended to do that a lot to people. There was something about the bright colors and wonderful scents that brought out the joy in people.

Henrietta had already revealed her emerald eyes to the world by the time she could feel nubs probing her through her sheets. Slowly sitting up, the florist spotted her puppy, trying to find a good place to lay down. However, it was difficult for the baby to keep balance on the lumps under the covers that were her legs. Reaching over to the small animal, she grabbed her before bringing her to her face to nuzzle her and kiss her. "Happy new years my love," she whispered to the puppy before setting her down beside her bed. Tearing the covers from her body, she swung her legs over to the side and stood to make up her bed. Everything had to be neat and tidy before she left. She would be gone for most of the day and wouldn't be up for cleaning later in the day she assumed.

While most of Fontania was out guzzling alcohol in celebration of the New Year, Henny was out spending time with her brother and aunt, playing games and having family time. She wondered if Neil delivered the mail yet. She was expecting a letter from her father and stepmother, wishing her a happy new year. They always sent letters during holidays, to check up on her, and she loved receiving them. Her father has always been a very good man, and her Stepmother a very kind and loving woman. She was very grateful for the two. Her real mother... Not so much.

As the young woman dressed, she began to wonder what her friends were doing right about now. The first to pop up in her mind was Beatrice. There was no doubt that Henri would want to go to the festival today, so that probably where they were. The Café's open on holidays, so Mari and Giaan must be there. It would be nice to go visit them and give them some flowers, since they probably won't be able to go to the festival until later. Freddie and Eileen would probably be at the festival too, and she was sure that they'd be going together. No doubt Isabella would be there to enjoy the festivities. Thomas and Sabrina would probably be doing the same as everyone else, along with Yuuki. Everyone else she could think of would be suspected to be at the festival.

After pulling on her black boots, Henny prepared to go but the feeling of something clawing her leg stopped her in her tracks. Gazing down she spotted her little puppy, wagging her tail and whining. Henrietta had a weak spot for animals...

Now, with Mira on a leash and a basket full of flowers on her arm, she was ready to head out to the festival. The cocker spaniel was still so little, she skipped a step when she walked. But it was time for her to react with other people, and this was the perfect time to do so. After locking and departing from her home, the lady was on her way to the Market. She was sure that there would be quite a few stands up, but she was still early so there wouldn't be too many people. It was quite a walk, but once she reached the Market she gazed around, letting her puppy lead her through the place. The first familiar person she spotted was a light haired female, gazing at a stand that displayed paintings. Approaching her, she spoke cheerfully with a friendly smile. "Good morning Bea! Happy new year!" Stretching her arms out for a friendly hug, Henny then wondered here Henri was. "Where did Henri go? Is he going on his own little adventure again?"

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☼ These walls are paper thin
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┗━━━━━━━━━━━━ Cornelius "Neil" Acton ━━━━━━━━━━━━┛

Neil felt his chest tighten up as he heard the sharp sound of a whistle being blown "What the hell.." He mumbled turning around to seeing Ace and Yuuka running up to him. What had he done? It's not like it's ageist the law for him to go in to the mail room. In fact Neil was the only one with a key to it. Besides Ace knew Neil. They worked in the same building. Maybe Ace was already drinking. Who knew. Neil rolled his eyes, but as they got closer they kept saying something about a 'new Mayor'

What? New Mayor? Has he really been hiding away from the public so long that the news of the Mayor had gone over his head? He blinked. A new mayor, and he's apparently already unhinged. The greatest part was that Neil, Ace, and Yuuka had the wonderful task of working in the same building as the apparently batty man. "Well.. I just.. wanted.. to.. uh-.. Check the mail room.. You think he'd be in there?" Neil stuttered as more and more people where trickling in to the area around them. He shifted uncomfortably, and whispered "Do you think he's dangerous?" Neil didn't know the guy and after listening to Ace's and Yuuka's concerns he was a bit uneasy. Neil was a big guy, and he could be threatening if need be, but in his heart he was really a big softy. He was concerned about the safety of his co-workers, and if there was anything he could do to help.

Suddenly he noticed a large man come out and address the 3 of them. He looked.. rather.. weird. Not someone Neil would be fond to see the first thing every morning. He gave awkward smile before the man left. "Im glad in not going to the festival now.." He said.

Location: On his way to Town Hall
Feeling: Anxious
Talking to: No one.


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+x+ "Luke" Iria Terrius +x+
State: Awake and Alert Location: By her stall Company: Ace, Yuuka, Mr. Mayor and a Ferret
My Journal

After what seemed like an eternity, Luke was finally shaken out of her daze by the whimsical remark of Ace's, "NOOOO....I mean....I think I can do without it." He corrected himself, knowing his exclamation sounded a bit too shrill to be a boys. Goodness was it ever hot today....everyone she met had caused her cheeks to glow a bright pink, it was almost as if she had a bad fever. She had never kissed or been kissed by a boy before, and batting an eye bashfully at Ace....at least he was...sort of handsome?....Shaking the thoughts out of her overheated head, she quickly made the transaction for several good luck charms, and placed an extra charm for Hawkeye, a prayer for good health. She wasn't too familiar with the guy, but she knew he was not doing too well, and it was supposed to be a time of cheer.

Luke almost jumped out of her skin and let off another girly scream as she was embraced for the third time that morning, but instead let out a low grunt, as the blond haired rocket rammed into her side. If she looked and acted like a girl, she was sure she wouldn't suffer through this physical abuse, but she kept her chin high and smiled brightly at the young one. "Ohh...Happy New Years to you too, Henri." She smiled, and could see his mother Beatrice looking at paintings in the distance. "Oooof...someone's gonna get extra big and strong this year, aren't they?" Luke grunted as she lifted the youngster up, him being a little heavier than she remembered him being last, and swung him about playfully. "Just...." She added hesitantly as she set him down and remembered her encounter with the mayor. "....don't grow too big....or Big Bro Luke will be very....very anxious."
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Florist's Assistant

        I w i s h I
        xxxxxxxxKNEW THEN what I
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxx know now
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wouldn't dive in
        xxxxxxxxxxwouldn't bow down ;
        gravity hurts
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyou made it
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxso sweet, till

        xxxxxxxxxx i woke up on the concrete . . . .

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        The open windows of the small home let in enough sunlight to make a quaint brunette stir. A kitten soon leaped onto the bed, and pawed at the girl under the sheets. Orchid.. Orchid cut it out.. The kitten was persistent, and Isabella soon gave in, sitting up and scratching behind its ears. As much as she loved flowers, she loved little Orchid. The kitten was a typical house cat, and would never be let out. It was far too shy, so getting out wasn't much of a concern. Picking up the eager fuzzball, Isabella smiled and carried her off to the small kitchenette, pouring a small bowl of milk and placing it within the kitten's reach. Looking to her calendar, Isabella jumped up. It was the New Year's Festival! How could she have forgotten! Hopping to her feet, she scurried off to her room and dug around for clothes. What to wear, what to wear!

        Most of the town was likely out and about by now, and as usual, the small Florist's Assistant would be one of the late arrivals. She hurriedly changed into her outfit, looking about. She'd likely clean later, she was one to do those things at night. She kitten followed the girl throughout the home, and eventually sat on the counter, watching Isabella hurry around. After a few moments, Isabella calmed and grabbed her hat, also placing her scarf around her neck. Now you be a good girl, Orchid. I'll probably be out all day. Placing a bowl of water and a larger one of food on the floor, Isabella patted the kitten's head. How she hoped he'd be good.

        Emerging from her house, she locked the door and went around to the back to grab a few flowers. Henrietta probably had something planned in terms of distribution of them, and she groaned at the possibility of having to help set up a stand. She had just woken up, after all. Walking from her house, she looked around and then out towards the town. Great.. Everyone's there already.. Quickening her pace, the girl began to look at the flowers in the basket. She was short a few, but usually, animals took some, and even the children. Not that she minded, she grew some of them in her own yard. Without really paying attention as to where she was walking, she bumped into someone. Her basket dropped to the ground and she knelt down to collect the flowers back in. Oh, sir! I'm so, so sorry I didn't mean to- Oh... Doctor Damien.. H.. Hello.. Isabella felt her cheeks become warm as she looked up slightly to the doctor. He was a sweet, sweet man, and she had grown attraction to him. She could almost see herself blushing, and internally, began freaking out. Was she being stupid? Maybe annoying.. Oh dear god, please don't be annoying..

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              OutOfCreativity: I really didn't know how to enter, so this is a crappy post..
              With: Damien
              Location: Market/Square
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I am Not PROUD, cold-blooded FAKE xxxxxxxxx
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T h e T h i e f

                  Rolling around on his little rolled up bag he called a bed with some hay and hard ground underneath, Travis smelled the unfreshingly fresh smell of the woods. He's been there so long, he became used to it all and, started to like it. Groggily crawling out of his covers he met eyes with his old pal with crystal clear blue eyes. It was a German Shepard mixed with a Husky. Yeah, the dog was a stray and Travis never really thought of giving him a name. He usually only calls him by Buddy.

                  "Hey Buddy, how are you doing today." he said with a slight grin on his face.

                  The dog just wagged his tail in response happily going to accept the ear rub he was about to get. Travis looked around at his little cave he lived in. The fire he set up last night was still burning, and he had tons of money and impressive items to survive him 5 years at least. It was getting time he'd find a house. Then he could just steal more stuff. Though, he'd have to have help. That was no problem with Buddy. Buddy was cute, friendly and very loyal to whatever Travis needed. He even caught him a rabbit one time when he had no food.

                  Travis got up and shaked his hair a bit, getting it out of his face. He got his bag full of money and decided to set out. He carefully opened his cleverfully disguised door and looked both ways and started heading out. Buddy, sticking by his side faithfully.
                  It was a bit chilly outside and since he was in the Dark Woods it was obviously just a bit darker then other places. Very little sunlight cutting through. He knew there were two other people who lived there. Which also, made it all the better to start packing his bags and leave. He has heard town folk speak about the witch and the wizard. He also heard something about a festival today. Well isn't that nice.. There will be food and.... FOOD!'
                  Travis started running off to the Hourstone Market, Hoping to at least be there by Noon.
                  Buddy, right ahead of him,

                  OOC: Please forgive me for not posting sooner... Sorry if its suckish but.. Anyone interested in running into the thief please PM me c: Ill make it worth it. and going to be working on the Journal a bit more. so, Ill have everything do and done soon. Planning on posting again when its afternoon in this world. >w<

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𝓐𝓬𝓮 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓼

- 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆-𝑪𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝑷𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒆-𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒆𝒇 -

"𝑵𝒐 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔. 𝑰 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒂 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒄𝒖𝒕. 𝑳𝒆𝒕 𝒎𝒆 𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒘𝒂𝒚!"

                          The new mayor made Ace look normal, so Yuuka certainly knew what she was saying when she said that he was not the most normal here. They just simply didn't want Neil to go face the new mayor alone. And if Neil wanted a better description, he could always say what made the new mayor stick out, quite a bit.

                          "I wouldn't say he's more dangerous that I am, but I'd certainly say he does make me feel normal. Haha! But it might not be the best plan to risk running into him alone. He made an odd, first impression... Maybe we should leave that part as a surprise if he does it again..."

                          Yeah, Ace could be a bit cruel, and if there was anyone to worry about, they should be worried about him going nuts and snapping~! Ace could be dangerous when he wanted to. He had been attacked by bears when he got lost after all. But only when he had gotten REALLY lost and wandered off really far. And yet, he felt intimidated by the new mayor. That was kind of a bad sign. Maybe he was growing a bit soft?

                          As the new mayor stepped out, telling them that if they had a complain or something, to slide a note in under his door, it was obvious that the new mayor had absolutely no idea who they were. And with him leaving, Ace let out a relieved sigh. But it wasn't over yet. Since they all would work under the same roof, they would ALL have to go and introduce themselves to the new mayor. No matter they liked it or not.

                          So turning to Neil, giving him a kind of sadistic grin.

                          "Actually, you are. We're all going to go right over to the new mayor and introduce ourselves, no matter you like it or not~! All of us will be working under the same roof, so we all will share the outcome of the introduction."

                          He said in a strangely chipper mood, as he grabbed Neil by the shirt, and simply placing a hand on Yukka's back to lead her along. Ace would at the very least do them the favour of going first. But he had a strange feeling that he might end up regretting it.

                          So, catching up to the huge new mayor, Ace would go ahead and start the little introduction, and hopefully, the guy wouldn't get happy or something and hug them once he found out that they would all be working at town hall.

                          "Excuse us, Mr. Theodore. We figured that since all four of us will from now on be working at town hall together, a proper introduction might be appropriate."

                          He said, extending a hand to shake, hoping that he'd still have an arm after the introduction. Someone with muscles like that could probably snap his arm off like a twig huh?

                          "I'm Ace Hearts, the town Police Chief. I'm the one that has handled some of the mayor's paperwork, so there is a few documents in my office that I'll have to give to you later."

                          He wouldn't introduce Yuuka or Neil. He figured that they could introduce themselves well enough. Besides, some didn't like others introducing them.

"... 𝑶𝒌𝒂𝒚. 𝑵𝒐𝒘 𝒘𝒆'𝒓𝒆 𝒕𝒐𝒕𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒕! "

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Ⓛσcαтισи Outdoors, in town, greeting the new mayor.
Ⓦιтн The "Town Hall Group".
Ⓜσσδ Chipper but nervous.
Ⓣнσυɢнтs Yuuka and Neil is coming along no matter they like it or not. Not going up to go greet the guy on my own.

Sorry for that little godmodd there, just figured that Ace is the type that will drag someone along in this kind of situation. Can just break free if you don't like it. XD
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                                                  OH THE RIVER, OH THE RIVER!
                                                          and i'm
                                                      a satellite heartxxxxxxi'll be true to you
                                                      a satellite heartxxxxxxi'll be true to you
                                                      a satellite heartxxxxxxi'll be true to you

                                                            ! ! and the JOY it b.b.brings to me

                                talking to: harley // mood: excitedlocation: market square

                                                              do you think of mexxxxdo you wonder xxxxif we could ever bexxxx

            Charlie said nothing, but shot him a particularly poisonous glare. She had already been annoyed by his less-than-thankful reaction to her gift, and decided that she could be just as venomous in return. "I do have a lot of free time," she muttered when he took the basket, nodding slightly as a thank-you. "At least I don't waste it getting drunk and winding up in some muddy gutter near the edge of town," Charlie chirped pointedly, tugging her hat over her hair and giving him a stern, withering scowl. "More like 'this is the one time you'll see me doing anything productive'," she teased, donning a poor, imitative tone that mocked his always-bored sounding voice. In any case, she began walking down the road, hanging back a bit to match his lazy, dragging pace.

            When they got within shouting distance of the other people in the square, Charlie suddenly stopped in her tracks, forcing Harley to stop as well. She then turned and grabbed the little plush from the loop of his pants, holding it in front of her nose. "Well, I'll just take it back since you don't seem to be interested~" she said in a sing-song voice, stuffing it into the basket at his arm and then taking the handle. She broke into a brisk run, heading into the square and smiling at people she passed by. Luke, Yuuka, Ace, and a small brown blob that she assumed was Henri were clumped together. Cornelius, the quiet mail carrier, passed her by as she headed into the market. "Good morn-...okay!" Charlie trailed off, figuring he wasn't in the mood to chat.

            When Harley caught up with her, she already had set out a few vases and pottery displays, setting them down on knitted scarves and other items that could potentially blow away in the wind. Charlie kept her the plushies in her basket, bending over to shove it under her stall. "Try not to be too much of an a** to customers today," she said, directing her words at Harley over the other people chatting. "You need the money to buy...well, everything. You're completely out of food." and then, with a coy smirk, "Wouldn't want you to lose that womanly figure, would we?" Charlie teased, finishing off by poking her tongue out at him. Eventually she settled herself onto the stool behind the counter of the stall, folding her hands and waiting for anyone to buy something of the gift shop's. She suddenly realized she'd forgotten to pick up the little sign she'd made the previous night to advertise the shop, and frowned.

            Charlie glanced around the square anxiously, counting the number of people and wondering how many things she'd be able to sell - if any. Her business had never done particularly stellar, but she had always made enough money to scrape by and continue repairs - but she hoped this year would be more profitable. Charlie made a mental note to buy a few more planks of wood the day after the festivities were over, and then found herself scanning the crowd for Sabrina...and Thomas. She blushed a bit at the thought of talking to him, tucking tucked her chin into the collar of her coat when the wind picked up slightly. She was most definitely looking forward to seeing Sabrina and giving her the plush doll she was sure the little girl would love, but she was also admittedly excited to talk with Thomas again as well.

                ooc: ugh sorry. lame post is lame. ; u ;

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Location:: Small distance from town hall | With:: Wilhelm, Ace, Associates | Destination:: The Square

Theodore looked to the young man who addressed himself as Ace Hearts, and gave him a look over before his expression changed to a more joyous one. "Why it's such a wonderful pleasure to meet you Mr. Hearts. I do believe you're wonderful for the position you already have. Though I do believe you already know my name, my subordinates call me General. Though as this is not the military you may address me as Theo, or Mr. Mayor. Whichever tickles your fancy and that you think will hold the Weaver family legacy best." The General took his hand surprisingly gently and shook it as firmly as a man of normal stature. Except for the bright pink sparkles around his head.

"And what of your other colleague here." He stated as he folded his arms with his brows raised, awaiting introduction from her as well. The sparkles dieing slowly after, as Wilhelm also was giving her a stern look as he adjusted his small hat into a more stern demeanor to generally state 'Well?' His uniform was well fitted to him, enough that it gave enough slack that his muscles beneath wouldn't be as imposing as when they were bare and flexed out.
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                              Before Yuuka could answer Neil's question Ace had beat her to the punch. He was extremely right, his first impression was definitely not the best. Who presents them self by taking their shirt off anyway, picturing it in her head sent a shiver down her spine. Hearing a familiar voice behind her the girl jumped a tiny bit before turning around and seeing Theodore standing there, telling them if they had a complaint to put in under his door. He had no idea who she was, if a complaint was sent to him it was her job to take care of it. Once the left the girl watched his giant figure make it's way to the festival.

                              "I've got a complaint. I really big one." she mumbled to herself. Turning to Neil she felt a little sad that he wasn't coming to the festival. It was his decision so she couldn't say anything though, Ace had different plans though. The grin on his face was definitely not a good one. Feeling his hand on her back she was soon pushed towards the giant mayor along with Neil.

                              Yuu couldn't help but feel nervous. Neil and Ace already made her feel short, this man made her feel tiny. She was an averaged sized woman, she wondered how it was even possible for people to grow this much. As Ace introduced himself she felt her chest tighten as they shook hands. Theodore could probably snap his arm in half if he wanted to. Once they were done conversing the pink headed girl swallowed and decided to introduce herself before Neil did since he was a little on the quiet side.

                              Bowing in front of the man politely she tried her best not to sound nervous or uncomfortable. "I'm Yuuka Minamoto, the town's secretary. I'm the one that made sure everything in town has been going smoothly since the absence of our mayor." she said politely before backing off and slightly hiding behind Ace.


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