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Location : Town of Fontania xx With : Sam, Luke, and Henri xxMood : Calm

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                                                              xx Hello ~ xxxxx Mika calm himself down from being nervous, "Oh come on, I only told them that I live in the woods instead of telling them, who I really am so it would not hurt or kill me about it." Mika thought. "Thank you for letting me pet your dog, Mika!" The boy smiles at Henri, "You're welcome, Henri." "What about Sam? It's short, easy to say and remember and it fits a boy perfectly! But it's all up to you if you even want to change his name, anyway. It's your doggy," His eyes blink at the boy's choice of a good name for Doggy ( or Sam ); it sounds pretty unusual for Mika because he never heard that name before but he likes it. "Sam, what do you think? Do you like it, Doggy?" Doggy barks, "Alright, Same it is."

                                                              "I did not know there were houses that were being sold at the woods . . . Can I come over and play sometime?" Mika looks back at Henri, "Um . . ." Before he could continue answering Henri, Luke interrupted. "Henri! Manners...I'm sorry this young one is very excitable." "Oh its fine," "But I am wondering as well...was there a house out in the woods being sold? Ah...but before that, we should bid you Welcome to Fontania, being new here and all..." "Thank you and well not really, I just so happen to live in a cave not a house." Mika replied, "May sound weird but to me its a perfect place for me to stay in."

                                                              Now Mika can reply back to the little boy; he bends his body down to his height, grinning. "Maybe you can or not - but if you ask your mom first to see if she can let you go. If yes then I can take you there but if not then maybe next you could, okay?" Mika said with a wink.
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ა ბ გ დ ე ვ Ƚℓσrєʂ•Яoѡan•Sჟℓua ა ბ გ დ ე ვ
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                    It seems that his convincing skills needed a little bit more work, as it seems that Albireo looked far from convinced on the matter. Shifting restlessly from foot to foot, he looked about ready to bolt if he hadn't felt so cornered. This was the exact reason why he had avoided the clinic in the first place. Before either could really say another word, luck seems to have decided that he suffered enough and stepped in with an intervention clad in red. Hearing the policeman's cheer voice, his shoulder slump visibly with relieve as the medicine was stowed away in the pocket of the house cleaner's white lab coat. With that on it was hard to tell who exactly was the doctor at first glance if the man was to stand side by side to Damien.

                    Blinking, Llores had to wonder why he suddenly got the image of those two going at each other's throats as they were talking to each other. It was hard to tell when they were talking to each other in sort of a strained pleasant manner. Turning his head slightly so he could see the brunet officer better, the ever smiling face was still present upon his features. With the man's always chipper attitude, it was a little hard to tell what he really thought about things.

                    Still as the conversation was going, the red head was starting to feel bad for Albireo. "Hey now, since nothing happened there should be no harm done. Right? " He chimed in with a slight chuckle, trying to cool the situation. "You can't really blame a guy for being concern about others." He didn't know much about the professions of others, so maybe he was overstepping a line somewhere. There was just something wrong about being told off for caring about others.

                    Still, walking over Llores reached out and gave the policed man's shoulder a friendly squeeze. "Thanks though." He added in a grateful whisper. Releasing the other's shoulder, he turned his attention to Albireo's question and nodded. "Unless this town finds someone better, that's right." There was a touch of pride in his words, and why wouldn't there be. He was proud of his craft after all. Still, there was always a lingering doubt whether he should stay within the town. An amused, but sheepish expression took it's place over his features at being called out on dislikes of hospitals. "You would? If you don't think it will be a problem, I guess there's no reason to say no. " Llores answered with a touch of surprise that he would take the length, although a bit uncomfortable with the notion.

                    With the permission for the visit out of the way, there was really no reason to actually linger. "Since it's settled, I guess I should get going. I need to get home to change." He said. His lone eye shone with amusement to match the wiry smile on his face as he hooked a thumb into one of the many holes upon his shirt for emphasis. "I'll see you both later. Hopefully, if you're going to be at the festival, I'll catch you there. " He started to wave farewell at the two as he walked away. Widely swinging his arm was probably a bad choice. Cringing, he settled a small wave before he turned and jogged through the clinic doors.

                    The chill of winter hit him hard despite lingering a season too long. Goosebumps invaded his skin which was only covered by a thin shirt that had been reduced ineffective at keeping the minimum heat with the holes upon it. Letting out a breathe that turned to a white fog before his eyes, he crossed his arms across his chest to try and keep warm. Looks like his luck just ran out. He was sorely not a fan of the cold, but there was nothing he could do about it. Letting out a slight moan, he started to jog towards his house. Abandoning the path of the road was quicker than following along it.

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The Blacksmith

Leaving the Clinic_____ With: Albireo, Ace____ Bidding Farewell to Both, Cursing the Cold____ Alright
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let me turn your sweet dreams to real life
gingerbread man is holding cupcakes
more stuffing for your apple pies
will Choclate Truffles Fall?

Pastry Chef
Find me at the Cafe, Just failing at serving customers, feeling pretty nervous
(Gigi's Journal ⊙▽⊙)

                                                                        Giaan's raised a brow as Yuuka complimented her. She couldn't tell if she was lying or actually telling the truth. Although they did have a mutual respect for eachother, her comment probably only meant that she was planning on outdoing her next time. Either way, she was happy for the compliment and seeing that she grabbed more.

                                                                        Giaan then turned to grab a thin, white cardboard box to the pack the cheesecake, letting Mari handle the muffins to put in a paper bag. Walking over to where the cheesecakes were placed, she couldn't help but feel nervous. She hoped to the Harvest Goddess that the cake tasted good. At least now, if they sold out early Giaan and Mari could leave work early! As she gently packed the cheese cake she nodded at the man with a smile as he told her not to worry. And then she paused. Furrowing her brows, realizing what he just said. 'Old mayor.... THE Mayor?! Did I hear him correctly?' She thought to herself as she frowned. She closed the box, and with a light blue ribbon she tied it up in a delicate bow. Tilting her head as she placed it on the counter in front of him read to take, she tried picturing him sitting behind a desk in the city hall, his large hands holding tiny pieces of paper and for some reason wearing a monocle. Was this really the mayor visiting their Cafe and ordering cake from her?

                                                                        Giaan let Mari handle the money, as she would probably miscount everything. Her eyes went back to the ferret, apparently named Wilhelm as the man addressed it to give them buttons. Staring in bemusement as it saluted and jumped onto her shoulder. Not used to having a furry animal on her shoulder and place a pin on her, she froze. Not daring to touch it she let it do it's thing and once it jumped over to Mari she looked down at her new button. Reading it, she raised a brow as the corners of her lips slowly rose into a confused smile. This must be proof that he was in fact the mayor. Her attention went back to Theodore as the ferret began to eat a muffin. Turning her head slightly, she glanced at Mari from the corner of her eyes, to see if she was having the same reaction she was.
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LOCATION Home xx WITH Daddy, Pets xx FEELING Excited! xx THINKING We're goin' to the festival!

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                              When it seemed like her father was waking up, Sabrina stopped shaking him, a hopeful look on her face. However, it appeared he was going back to sleep so Sabrina once again started to shake him with all her might. She knew her daddy was tired from staying up so late last night, even she was a bit tired, yet Sabrina needed her daddy to wake up. If he didn't get up, it would mean waiting a long while before going to the festival. And Sabrina did not want to wait a long time. By the time they would get there, all the best stuff would be gone! Sabrina couldn't have that. Nope. "Come on daddy, please wake up." Sabrina begged before flopping on top of him.

                              Finally, her daddy said her name, making Sabrina smile as she sat up. Thomas repeated her name a second time before asking Sabrina what she was up to. She wrinkled her nose at her father. "I'm up 'cause it's morning silly. You gotta wake up in the mornin' and 'cause today is a big day!" She ended with throwing her arms up in the air. Lowering her arms, Sabrina watched as her daddy rubbed his eyes. Maybe she should have let him sleep for just another few minutes more?

                              Just as she thought that, Thomas Bennett appeared to be waking up, finally. She frowned at him when her father questioned her excitement. But, he soon caught on quickly, much to Sabrina's delight. Beaming up at her father, Sabrina clambered over to wrap her arms around his midsection. "You're right, daddy!" She told him, hugging her father tightly. "Today's the festival and you promised that we'd go in the morning." There were so many things to do and see, so Sabrina wanted to get there early so she could enjoy the festival all day. Plus, she also had a little bit of money saved up from Charlotte ( the person, not her cat ) selling her figurines at her Gift Shop. It wasn't a great deal of money, but it was enough to please Sabrina a great deal.

                              Hearing her daddy say to get out of his room so he could change, Sabrina giggled, kissed her father's cheek, then rolled out of the bed and onto the floor. Primrose hopped down while Sabrina lifted Bambi up off the bed and set him down on the floor. "Okay daddy, we're leavin'," she told him, but stopped halfway to the door. "I made breakfast all by myself. I bet you'll love it daddy!" With one last wave, Sabrina closed the bedroom door then hurried to her room so that she could get dressed also. Ignoring her more girly outfits, Sabrina dressed in her tom boy clothes that she usually wore all the time. Sabrina disliked wearing dresses and she only wore them when her daddy asked her to wear them. Otherwise, Sabrina hated to wear dresses. They got in the way whenever she and Henri were playing.

                              Dressed and ready to go, Sabrina left her bedroom, ultimately forgetting to brush her hair, and headed towards the kitchen. Bambi running along behind her. Back in the kitchen, Sabrina found it deserted. Andy and Charlotte had probably gone off to roam around the yard or something. At the table, Sabrina sat down in her usual chair and waited for her daddy to come along. Seated beside her was Bambi, who actually just laid on the floor with his legs tucked up under him. Primrose wandered outside through the dog door, probably to root around for anything that Theodore might have dropped while eating breakfast. "Maybe since I made breakfast all by myself, daddy'll let me bring Theo along too." Sabrina commented to Bambi, who merely looked up at her and replied with a "Baa!".
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Florist's Assistant

        I w i s h I
        xxxxxxxxKNEW THEN what I
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxx know now
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wouldn't dive in
        xxxxxxxxxxwouldn't bow down ;
        gravity hurts
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyou made it
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxso sweet, till

        xxxxxxxxxx i woke up on the concrete . . . .

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        Isabella let out a sigh of relief. In a way, it was good that Damien was completely oblivious to relations other than clientele. When he touched his hand to her head, she grew a bit redder. N.. No I'm fine, Damien.. Thank you though.. I uhm.. I have to run.. Find Henrietta.. Here, take one. I'm sure she's handing out free flowers.. She pulled a Star of Bethlehem from her basket, sliding it into his breast pocket on his jacket. Star of Bethlehem is a symbol of hope.. Here's hope to a very happy New Year to you.. I'll see you around, Damien.. Giving a small smile and wave, Isabella backed up from the doctor, eventually turning to walk around the market. Henrietta was probably enjoying a day off, and Isabella would leave her to that. The woman deserved it, running a flower shop that was fairly busy for such a small community. Today would be considered a day off for her as well, and she casually strolled about, handing out a flower or two along the way. She wasn't one to purchase things at the festivals, usually they were items that didn't sell regularly offered at a lower price in holiday cheer.

        Walking along, she took notice to the small jewelery stand, owned by none other than Harley, most likely. There was a fairly thin man standing there, observing some of the fine, handcrafted accessories. She was about to walk away when she saw a glimmer, and turned her attention back to the stand, getting close. There it was, a gorgeous necklace that shined like the sun. In awe, she got close to the portable glass case and looked at it. It was beautiful, to say the absolute least, and she never quite thought she'd wish she had a better paycheck. It had to be worth at least a hundred dollars. The beautifully crafted heart pendant, safely secured by strands of silver, reminded her much of the beautiful gems her mother owned. They would shine oh so brightly, and sometimes, contained a rainbow depending on how the sun hit it. A line of red ran through this heart, and it looked much like the silky smooth petals of a rose. Sighing, Isabella looked to her feet and turned, walking away from the stand a bit. Rethinking, she comforted herself. It was only a silly necklace.. There were other things to spend money on.. Like flower seeds. Yeah.. Flower seeds. Maybe even soil. Maybe a new basket, or even some new gardening tools..

        She strayed away from the small stand, and paced around the square, offering flowers to passerby. Looking off in the distance, she spotted pink hair. Ah... That must be Campbell.. Walking beside him was a younger boy, she didn't quite recognize. Campbell had said he worked in the Mansion.. Could that possibly be the heir to the fortune? Everyone looked down on him, saying he was just another spoiled brat. He didn't seem much like it as she watched him go to one of the stands and purchase a horse statue. But then again, maybe he was just being polite. He could buy anything he wanted, and that's what was now upsetting her. If she had that fortune, she'd purchase a home here for her parents to come live in... I also could've bought that necklace.. Shaking away the deep thought, she walked over to Campbell and the young Heir, coming up behind them. Would either of you like a flower? I have.. Tuberose.. Tulips.. Stars of Bethlehem.. Baby's Breath.. Ranunculus.. I have quite a few more. Pick whichever!

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              OutOfCreativity: Sorry if this is boring..
              oh, also, Star of Bethlehem Flower

              With: Damien // Conrad // Bowen & Campbell
              Location: Market/Square
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                                        ▇▇▇▇ I__WILL__ⒷⓇⒺⒶⓀ __ϻу__( h e s i t a t i o n )


                                        Campbell blinked, but he smiled nonetheless. He wished he could relax and be more open around Bowen, but he had to keep that employer-worker relationship. He couldn't risk it...

                                        "You don't need to get me anything, Master Bowen." Campbell said quietly. He followed the boy down the road until they reached the town. Instantly, Campbell's eyes lit up at all the stalls and the little shops. He followed Bowen with excitement pumping through him, and he forgot about the cold in his happiness. He didn't bother replying to Bowen instructing him to relax, again knowing he couldn't. But in his opinion, it was alright. It was fun.

                                        His eyes wandered over everything and anything until Bowen mentioned Mia's name. She was the artist, right? Campbell tilted his head a bit, a bit unsure. What could they get her? Campbell knew almost nothing about that girl, other than her and Bowen were friends of sorts. Campbell usually just hung back and did his duties. "Um...perhaps something for her art. A new easel or some new brushes?" A safe present was always things to do with work, at least when it came to an artist.

                                        He trailed his eyes over more things until he found himself staring at a familiar brunette. He smiled wide when he saw who it was. "Ah... Miss O'Neil!" he exclaimed quite contently. He looked at what she had in her hand, making a bit of a show of it to entertain the other two. He just wanted them to be happy. "They are so pretty! I don't know which to choose..." catching his eye the most was the Star of Bethlehem flower, but he turned to Bowen and decided to let him choose first. "What would you like, Master Bowen? My treat."
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                        _____________________________________Feeling myself being pushed back into a corner
                        _____________________________________I ran away from the reality that was right before my eyes
                        _____________________________________Without knowing bitter blood and jealously, I was bound by an invisible restraint
                        _____________________________________I needed to see for myself that tomorrow only I can create
                        _____________________________________Because I can't just sit idly by
                        _____________________________________And timidly shrug away my future

                        location: TownWith: Isabella and Bowen mood: Excited
                        ----------████ █ I WILL OVERCOME ALL, WHATEVER MY WEAKNESS

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xxxx 𝔞 𝔩 𝔟 𝔦 𝔯 𝔢 𝔬 xxxx[/color 𝔰 𝔞 𝔩 𝔳 𝔱 𝔦 𝔬

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt is not safe to be around me.

xxxxxxxxxxTell me what's wrong with me!

xxxxxxxxxx⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯xI can't feel your pain.


                  Albireo would have scowled, but he was far above that. Didn't this man know his place? No matter, he'd get him later. Albireo shrugged again and tucked some hair behind his ear just to get it out of his face. He went silent, listening to Ace's question, but he didn't bother to answer it. How the hell would he know? He went to the Sanatorium often, sure, but whether Hawk was awake or not was something Nico would know more of. He looked back at Llores, seeing the man defending him.


                  Albireo tilted his head in thought, before nodding silently to the other. "Stay warm." was all he offered, unable to find it in himself to say more on the matter. Although he hadn't exactly minded the blacksmith's company, it was probably in the stranger's interest to get away. He was probably the only one here who didn't seem to have an underlying hate of Albireo as it was. Although, perhaps even that notion was given too much credit. Albireo remained silent as he watched Llores cringe at the sudden movement in his arm, but said nothing about it. When the man was gone, Albireo returned his attention to Ace.

                  "Tell Hawkeye I said hello." he mumbled, a bit distracted. He usually flirted with Ace or tried to cause a bit of trouble because it amused him to see the officer act on his duties. Albireo didn't find the profession a good choice for Ace, but he never said anything about it. He turned back around and began taking the sheets from the bed to be washed. This job was so boring. "And perhaps I'll see you later at the festival." Not like festivities were his thing, but he'd make the rounds nonetheless.

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      ██ location ;xxThe Clinicxxxxx
      ██ mood;xxUnreadablexxxxx
      ██ with ;xxLlores, Acexxxxx
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                                                        ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ: The Caféxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxᴡɪᴛʜ: People
                                                        ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢ: "....what"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxנᴏᴜʀɴᴀʟ: P-please don't read it!

                                                        Mari nodded as her and Giaan began to pack up the order. Giaan took care of the cheesecake whilst Mari bagged up several of the muffins before serving tea into a take-out cup and placing a lid over it. She rang up the total and was almost shocked at the amount of tip he was giving. "Oh my...thank you, sir." and then, of course, the weirdness happened. The blonde froze when she realised that the man was the new Mayor and she froze even more when the ferret hopped onto their shoulders and gave them a badge in turn. It had to be a pretty smart animal to do that. 'Sabrina would love that thing...' she thought to herself as the animal hopped back onto the Mayor. "Happy New Year Mister Mayor...enjoy your order!" she gave a slight wave but her expression was still one of disbelief. And when he left, all Mari could do was stare at the door. "Giaan....what just happened?" she finally turned her head to the pastry chef before laughing slightly.

                                                        "I get the feeling it's going to be one of those days." her hand rested on her hip as she shook her head. That was quite possibly one of the strangest things that had ever happened to her. "He seems...different." eccentric would probably be more appropriate, but poor young Mari was still trying to process what had just happened. On the up side, the cakes and pastries were selling rather quickly. That was a good sign as it meant closing early if everything sold out. As much as Mari liked working at the café, it was always nice to get a bit of time to enjoy life. After all, the café was open every day, so she had to be wise with her time. At least she could handle mornings after nights before - just as today had proved. Not being much of a drinker was coming in handy.

                                                        "Fireworks sound fun. I'd love to see those." her eyes briefly went softer and more dream-like. Since moving here, she had discovered that her birthday was actually a fireworks night and since then she had learned to really enjoy them. Not to mention that they provided excellent opportunities to spend time with friends....or someone who was more than that. At that thought, Mari felt a small blush creep onto her face but quickly dismissed it. She really had to stop daydreaming at work; especially when Giaan was there to question her about it.
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Location:: To the Beach front | With:: Wilhelm, Campbell, Bowen, Issabella | Thoughts:: Ho ho, more youths.

Theodore made his way going through various streets, exploring a bit. He sighed to himself at how much this town had changed. Til he saw a girl offering flowers to two gentlemen. One of them appeared to be a butler, as the other was probably the wealth of the town. Though not nearly as wealthy as the Weaver family, could he...?

The General came up from behind the girl with the flowers and with a jolly and bolstering greeting "Why hello there, don't you all look like you're having a good time. Wilhelm, get these fine gentlemen and the lady some buttons." The ferret finished his muffin and gave a salute as he gave a small tug on the little bag he wore. He leaped onto the girls shoulder and presented a 'Weaver's got your back' button and pinned it upon her apparel, giving a small salute afterward. He repeated the process upon the butler and the young heir before returning to Theo.
"And such lovely flowers you have there miss, but oh where are my manners. I am your new mayor Theodore Timble Weaver, of the prestigious Weaver family." He boldly declared giving a flex of his bicep before remembering what was in his other arm, stopping him from completely flexing. "Wilhelm, get these nice folks some cheesecake."

The Mayor pulled the box with the blue ribbon out as Wilhelm leaped into the bag and emerged wearing a small chef's hat and carrying a knife. He pulled the box open as Wilhelm took time and precision to cut it into eight slices. Wilhelm then sat atop his shoulder about to eat the cake off the knife. "Wilhelm, you know better than that. It's also crude and not sanitary." The ferret shrugged as Theo held out the cake for them to each take a slice. Wilhelm simply plucked off a piece from the knife with his paw and ate it that way since it was crude to lick the knife.
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    amien xx eroy xxcott

    ' ' octor ' '

                                  An apple a day
                                  xxxι ωσυℓ∂'νє ѕтαує∂ υρ ωιтн уσυ αℓℓ иιgнт

                                        Damien took the flower from Isabella. He smiled at the girl. It wasn’t the best flower, especially since he knew no medical purpose for it, but at least she was being nice. “You’re welcome. And Thanks for the flower. Happy New Year to you too, Isabella.” He said causally to the girl as she walked away. He looked down at the flower in his pocket and smiled, it was a nice gift, maybe the only one he’d get this new year’s. At least tonight would be fun with the fireworks and such. Although stuff like that always made him nervous someone was going to be hurt by fire or something, fire was, after all, rather dangerous.

                                        The doctor was now alone, and considered going to the clinic. The clinic wasn’t exactly closed for the day but he’d figured if anyone needed him they could find him. Damien started to walk towards the clinic, thinking it really would be best to hang out there for the day. People might not need him but it really was for the best. At least he could get a little research done, maybe check up on Hawk and try to sort out the many, many herbs he had bought at the market. As he started walking towards the clinic, he saw a familiar brown haired girl talking to another girl.

                                        Damien walked over towards Rose and smiled. His face felt kind of hot and he didn’t know why. His heart sped up and he felt funny in his stomach at the sight of her. He loved seeing Rose in town and since she hardly ever was in town it was nice to see her here now. Yet he didn't know why he felt so weird... Maybe he just missed her, yeah that had to be it. He really wanted her to stay in town more often, she never seemed to go to a doctor and he wanted to keep an eye on her to make sure she was in good health. She seemed to be rambling with another brown haired woman and drawing something. It was so like Rose to just ramble on to strangers. He studied the girl she was talking to but he couldn’t figure out who she was. She looked pleasant and rather friendly but he didn’t know her. The doctor stood next to his friend and looked at her. “Hey Rose. How are you? Staying healthy? It’s a nice surprise to see you here.”
                                        He looked at the woman who was with her and looked her over before offering his hand to her. “I’m Damien Scott. The Doctor in the clinic. And you are?” He asked the woman as he smiled at her.

                                        OOC~ Sucky post.. Sorry x.x

                                        Keeps the doctor away...xxxxxx
                                        нα∂ ι киσωи нσω тσ ѕανє α ℓιfє...

                                        мσσ∂: Happy... feeling kind of... weird? xxx ℓσ¢αтισи: Under a tree xxx ωιтн: Rose and Annabelle
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    𝓐𝓬𝓮 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓼

    - 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆-𝑪𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝑷𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒆-𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒆𝒇 -

    "𝑵𝒐 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔. 𝑰 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒂 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒄𝒖𝒕. 𝑳𝒆𝒕 𝒎𝒆 𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒘𝒂𝒚!"

                            Ace really much have walked in at the right time huh? Llores looked really relieved to see Ace there. But he hearing what Llores said about that one couldn't blame Albireo for being concerned of others, something in that just did sound horrible wrong. Somehow, he did have the feeling that it really didn't have anything to do with concern.

                            "When it comes to this guy I certainly wonder..."

                            He mumbled, but loud enough for the two of them to hear. Ace really didn't trust Albireo a lot. Felt as if every time he was left alone for too long, he was up to something. Maybe Ace should take a peek at the guys records at some point? Would certainly put his mind at ease to know a bit about him. He probably should have done that before the new mayor arrived huh? Then it would have been enough to only ask Damien for permission, as Ace kind of had been the temporary mayor for a little while now. But with the new mayor, he'd have to get permission from both Damien and the new mayor, and to be honest, he was still a bit weary of speaking to that guy, even if he clearly was a nice and, passionate guy...

                            But turning his attention to Llores, giving the guy a bright cheerful smile as he went to leave. Probably was for the best anyhow at the moment. Maybe he'd be lucky enough to run into Damien on the way anyhow?

                            "See ya later at the festival then Llores. Have fun!"

                            He said in a chipper mood, waving good bye to the guy, before turning to Albireo, his mood changing pretty quickly as he looked at the guy, looking a bit troubled and slightly annoyed. Kind of a rare expression from Ace's part. But at the least he was willing enough to let it slide, since, as Llores said, no harm done. Yet.

                            "You really can't be left alone without being up to something, can you? Oh well. There is no one else here at the moment, so I guess you can't really cause any more trouble at the moment."

                            He said with a sigh, as he turned to the door, before taking a glance back at the guy as he asked of Ace to say hi to Hawk from him, and that they would see each other at the festival later, maybe. Was a bit strained, but Ace still managed to give the guy a somewhat chipper smile.

                            "Sure. Just stay out of trouble, got it?"

                            He told him, before he finally left the clinic, heading straight to the sanatorium instead. Poor Hawk was probably alone right now due to the festival. Maybe with a little luck, he was in good enough shape to go outside for a little while. Ace was willing to carry him if he had to. He really wanted the guy to get some fresh air and be able to enjoy the festival for a while if possible. Of course, if he wasn't feeling any good, it would be understandable if he'd rather stay inside. Then Ace would just go ahead and bring little bits of the festival to the sanatorium instead. Like some tasty foods or treats and such~! Who knows how much time the guy might have left? At the very least he should be able to enjoy life to the fullest while there was still time, right? Kind of felt a bit as if it was his duty as both the police chief and his friend to make sure that he didn't just lay in a bed and whither away. What kind of police chief would he be if he didn't take some risks for the sake of the people in town~?

                            Reaching the sanatorium, Ace went ahead, stepping inside, knocking a bit on the door on the way in, putting on a bright smile as he poked his head inside to see if Hawk was awake.

                            "Honey, I'm home~!"

                            He said, obviously as a joke, stepping over to the other to see if he was asleep or awake. He was trying to keep his voice at a reasonable volume, so that in case Hawk was asleep, he wouldn't go wake him up.

                            "You awake? Brought a present for you~!"

    "... 𝑶𝒌𝒂𝒚. 𝑵𝒐𝒘 𝒘𝒆'𝒓𝒆 𝒕𝒐𝒕𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒕! "

    User Image
    Ⓛσcαтισи Clinic -- Sanatorium.
    Ⓦιтн Albireo -- Hawk.
    Ⓜσσδ Chipper.
    Ⓣнσυɢнтs What to do with this guy... Can't take my eyes off him for even a little while without him being up to something huh?

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    let me turn your sweet dreams to real life
    gingerbread man is holding cupcakes
    more stuffing for your apple pies
    will Choclate Truffles Fall?

    Pastry Chef
    Find me at the Cafe, Just failing at serving customers, feeling pretty nervous
    (Gigi's Journal ⊙▽⊙)

                                                                          With one last glance at the door Giaan turned to Mari, one corner of her mouth raised into hesitant smirk. "That's the mayor...." she said simply, breathing out a chuckle. She agreed with Mari about the mayor being different, but at least he seemed kind and caring. No doubt this town was probably gonna get a little crazier than it already was.

                                                                          Remembering that there were other customers in the cafe, Giaan glanced over at their table. They seemed to be doing fine so far, chatting and not looking disgusted over their breakfast. That was a good sign. With half the muffins, a cheesecake, and other desserts gone, today should be a pretty easy. They could at least relax a little bit now until the next customer comes in.

                                                                          Satisfied, Giaan wiped her hands on her apron and smiled at Mari as she mentioned fireworks. Then she noticed it. Mari's distant eyes. The blush that quickly dissappeared. She knew the girl was lost in thought, as she went off into her own world more often than Giaan. The pastry chef narrowed her eyes slightly while an all knowing smirk played on her lips. Rocking gently on the balls of her feet and hitching her thumbs around her apron's neck strap "Hm-mmmm~ Fireworks with Manuel does sound fuuun~" she chimed playfully, purposefully teasing her best friend by slipping in the tavern cook. She found the girl's crush adorable, and wanted nothing more than the two to hook up quickly and live happily ever after.

                                                                          And then she remembered. Giaan abruptly pointed a finger at Mari, a demanding expression on her face. "Oh yeah! I want details on last night! Spill the beans Mari!" she whispered with urgency. "What happened? What'd he say?Tell me everything and don't you dare leave out anything!" she added. If she couldn't get it out of her now, she'd most likely try later. There was no escaping Giaan.

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                                                          ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ: The Caféxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxᴡɪᴛʜ: People
                                                          ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢ: Very flustered!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxנᴏᴜʀɴᴀʟ: P-please don't read it!

                                                          Before Mari could even control her mouth, she spoke out in agreement to Giaan's statement "Yeahh~" and then it hit her as to just what she was agreeing with and her hands immediately flung over her mouth as she attempted to hide her face with her hair. "Giaan, you know that wasn't fair! I wasn't paying attention!" it was impossible to hide anything from her best friend. Mari didn't like to call it a crush exactly, mostly because she was convinced that there was nothing but friendship between them. If anything, she just liked taking care of him and making sure he was okay. Of course, that wasn't just it but denial was a cruel thing. "I don't know what you're talking about. I - I mean, yes, it would be nice...a - as friends. Just friends enjoying each other's company...right?" oh how Mari tried to sound convincing. And oh how Mari failed.

                                                          She jumped a little at the finger pointing at her. Oh why wasn't there a customer who needed a drink? There was no escaping the girl and right now she just wanted to crawl under a table and hide. Apparently, Giaan was convinced that Mari and Manuel had something going on. Sadly for Mari, that was not true. So, the chef would probably be disappointed by what she would be told. "What do you mean what happened?" she wasn't sure if her friend was implying something. "It was New Year's Eve and his birthday...so we all celebrated. There were plenty of people there, including Michael...who did get quite drunk thanks to the cook in question" she could remember the majority of the night and thus it didn't take much thinking for her to recall what happened.

                                                          "I went to the tavern, gave him his gift - I wish I could have gotten him something bigger but I just had to pay my bills - and then everyone started filing in and the drinks were flowing..." some of the conversations were a blur and she had told herself that any compliments received from Manuel were due to him being both nice...and intoxicated. "Usually Manu is the one who walks me home...but he was really drunk, so I walked him home and made sure he was alright. I think he appreciated it but he was slurring, and I had to stop him from falling over a few times." she felt a tad sorry for him with how he'd been stumbling. But she couldn't say she minded him leaning on her. Either way, the walks home with him were always enjoyable, no matter what state either of them were in. Not to mention that the streets had been quiet as the last of the celebrators had wandered home. Although, she couldn't quite make out what he had said during that time. A lot of it had been mumbled and slurred. "I made sure he got into his house and then I went home and well...slept. I was going to check on him this morning but there was no sign of life. I didn't wanna wake him up...and I had to get here. she bit her lips a little and glanced at Giaan "That's about it really. I don't know what you were hoping to hear"
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.xxxxx
    let me turn your sweet dreams to real life
    gingerbread man is holding cupcakes
    more stuffing for your apple pies
    will Choclate Truffles Fall?

    Pastry Chef
    Find me at the Cafe, Just being nosey, feeling pretty giddy
    (Gigi's Journal ⊙▽⊙)

                                                                          Giaan snorted at Mari's flustering answer. It was too late, she had already agreed with Giaan before. There was no turning back. She raised a brow, giving Mari a skeptical look, "Friends. Suuure~ ..." she replied, doubt dripping from her tone. Giaan was dense and oblivious about a lot of things, but this was one topic she saw right through. Mari could deny it all she wanted, but Giaan saw it. Oh she saw it alright. If they happened to see Manuel at the fireworks later, Giaan knew what to do...

                                                                          Giaan shot Mari another unconvinced look as she played it off like it wasn't a big deal at first. However she listened intently, swearing she'd glare daggers at whoever dared interrupt their extremely important conversation. Then apologize afterwards, but she would still glare. She listened patiently to Mari's recollection of last nights events. Raising her brows when she mentioned giving him her gift, eager to hear how he accepted it. But she made no mention of it, feeling dissapointed thinking that he must not have made much of a reaction from it. Her lips slowly curved up into a giddy grin when she recounted walking him back to his house. All sorts of things could have happened at that point. At least in Giaan's mind they could.

                                                                          When Mari finished her story of that night, Giaan pouted at how anticlimactic the night ended. Though she could understand, not like they could have done much with the guy being drunk. Hmm, maybe it was probably a good thing nothing happened while he was intoxicated. She was still curious about the whole thing, since she wasn't there. "The gift was more than perfect! He didn't say anything about it? Did he like it? When you gave it to him what did he do? Did he seem bashful or was he just like 'Oh hey thanks - Raawr let's get drunk fools!'" she rambled, trying to do her best Manuel impression even though it was completely off. She then laughed at herself as she watched Mari. Her expression turning warm glad to see that Mari didn't seem upset. If anything she probably had fun and was happy by just being there.

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    xxxxxxthoughts ;
                                                            xxxxxxxxxxx| Please, say. Please, say yes. Either that or xxxxxxxxxxxxkill me.

    xxxxxxcompany ;
                                                            xxxxxxxxxxx| Eileen. Wait! Eileen!?

    xxxxxxlocation ;
                                                            xxxxxxxxxxx| In front of the library.


                        мιcнαel frederick cσσρεя

                        LIBRARIAN'S ASSISTANT

                        In his dreams, Michael was alone too.

                        He stood by himself on Willow Station, waiting for a train. He stared at the tracks. It would be easy, he thought, to just step on them and wait for the train to come. It would be easy. He ran a hand through his hair and looked around. There was no one to stop him and he had the feeling that no one ever would. He approached the train tracks and stood there, breathing and living. The train was right around the corner. The ground shook but he didn't move. He looked at it and shrugged. It wouldn't stop for him. The whistle blared loudly and the smoke made him want to cough. It hit him then because the train was not going to stop for him. Michael thought it should've hurt more and he realised why it didn't: he wasn't at Willow Station at all and there was no train. Instead, he was falling. He'd jumped off the cliff and the sea beneath him was rapidly approaching. The wind roared in his ears but he didn't listen to it. He paid attention to the voices. Snippets of old songs and forgotten conversations echoed in the air.

                        "... I should be sleeping like a log..."

                        Courage, Freddie.

                        "... I feel that ice is slowly melting..."

                        The sea wasn't sea after all, he discovered, as soon as he reached it. It was grass and he looked at the sky, gasping for air. The starts twinkled for a moment before he noticed that they were water droplets and that it was actually raining. Courage, Freddie.

                        "I'm Michael. My name's Michael. You're Fred. You've always been Fred. You're not Michael because that's my name and not yours!"

                        The grass began to swallow him whole because it wasn't grass; it was water too. The merciless rain continued to fall. He couldn't move and he watched the water level beginning to rise. He was soaked. His hands were already under the water. He screamed but the rain made him choke. He tried coughing but he couldn't do that either. He couldn't breathe and he was choking and now he was drowning. He couldn't breathe. Help. Please, help.

                        Courage, Freddie.

                        ”Freddie? … Freddie, can you hear me?”

                        "You've always been Fred!"

                        ”Hmm … Michael? … You can’t sleep out here, Michael … “

                        "You're not Michael!"

                        He blinked himself awake. The pounding in his head vanished the dream away and the nightmare was soon forgotten. Disoriented and dazed, he stared at Eileen for a while. In the end, he smiled a bit and straightened up. His back hurt more than his head now, which he considered progress. "Good morning," he greeted calmly. "I knew you'd show up." He got back on his feet very soon and breathed in deeply to wake himself up. He would buy himself a coffee later at the festival. He just had to wait for Eileen a bit more and -


                        - she was right there.

                        "I'm sorry! I just didn't realise... I mean, I did... but I didn't.. so, uh... Okay, scratch that." The shock and inner panic had scared the hangover away. She'd found him asleep in front of the library. Asleep. In front of the library. God, why? Why, why, why, why, why... He tried to explain himself but the words were gone from his head and so was any other form of understandable language. His heart was beating fast and he felt the blood rushing to his cheeks. "Uh, don't mind me. I'm still half-asleep," he said in the end, rubbing the back of his neck and chuckling a bit. "A-anyway, I thought you'd come here. You know, while everyone else was at the festival, I figured you'd rather be here and I was wondering whether you'd..." Okay. This was it. Say it. Say it, you coward. Say it! "You'd go to the festival with me? I don't want to spend it by myself and I heard there'd be someone selling books... We could add them to the library's collection! And, of course, I'd buy you anything you wanted!"

                        He was breathless by the end of it and his heart felt like it would hammer its way out his ribcage at any moment.

    User Image
    B I R D S E Y E xxxx V I E W
    awake the stars 'cause they're all around you
    Wide eyes will always brighten the blue
    Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery
    'Cause after all those wings will take you up so high

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