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                                                    XXXXAll is lost again

                                                    Location: outside the Gym With: Daniel and Nanami Feeling: Calm and Collected

                                                    Health Level ■■■■■■■■■■ 100%
                                                    Stamina Level ■■■■■■■■■■ 96 %
                                                    Weapon (wooden Sword) ■■■■■■■■■■ 96%
                                                    Battery Power ■■■■■■■■■■ 95%

                                                    But I'm not giving in!XXXX

                                                    “Well one this is for sure these things are not all that fast” Scarlet said more to herself then to the young man on the other end of the phone call before sliding the club door open “Try to keep moving if you can Duncan and I shall see what I can do about meeting up with you.” The young lady added as she walked out of the kendo room her blue gaze scanning her surroundings carefully. It worse then she had thought with all the students that had gone screaming outside the number of these things had only increased outside. ‘Well then let’s get started shall we miss scarlet’ the pink haired senior thought as she left the safety of the kendo room pulling the door shut behind her to insure that if anyone else thought to go into the room for a weapon they wouldn’t have to worry about any of the undead being inside. So with her wooden sword held with well practiced ease in her hand as she weaved through the undead not even bothering to use her sword until it proved necessary. Right now she was more than capable of avoiding the things nightmare or not, that didn’t make these things smart.

                                                    It was as the young woman was moving along that her attention was drawn to a group of the zombies that seemed to moving towards one location just outside the Sophomore and Freshman building. Catching a glimpse of a brief glimpse of a few students. With her sword held in both hands the woman swung the wooden blade down onto the nearest zombie’s skull as she reached the fallen classmate. Blood sprayed through the air as she pulled it free in order to spin around and deliver a hard blow to another zombie’s face ignoring the blood that covered her clothing. “ the young lady is right get moving before you become lunch” Scarlet said calmly as she glanced over at Daniel and the young woman briefly before turning her attention back to their undead company. How did you kill something that was already dead? The blows to the skull seemed to have dealt well with two she had hit but she didn’t want to take any chances, She would lend a hand to these guys then see if she could find Duncan.

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Partying Cultist

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ) ` THE SENIOR ( AGE 18 )
User Image xoxx - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
xox- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - STATUS: ( Vigilant ) | ( Gym ) | ( Students ( NANAMI,SCARLET & DANIEL ) ) | ( Weapons: Makeshift shield, metal pipe and 5 makeshift bombs. )
xoxoxoxoxoxDont run. You will only die tired.

- - - - - - - - x ❛❛ KENJI SATORU ANDERSON ❜❜

Suddenly a sharp pain exploded from his shoulder. The girl had struck him with a metal pole. Of course the girl had probably done this out of self defence, and she was likely spooked from his sudden appearance. However this did not change the fact that it hurt like hell. Just as he was about to yelp in pain , her hand covered his mount in an attempt to silence him. Wise move. Those things were attracted by noise. If she didn't react the way she did , he could have very well given up their location. After he had calmed down she removed her hand:" Sweet Moses that hurt..." He said rubbing the are that was struck. Luckily Kenji was big boned and fit. The hit would probably leave a nasty bruise.But luckily there wasn't anything broken. The girl had quite the swing. At least she was somewhat prepared for such an occasion. She than started to tug on his shirt, in an attempt to leave the gym. However she halted as soon as she realized that it was no safer outside the gym.

Just than he girl ran off towards a newer arrival. Another young student. A survivor. Maybe there was hope. If enough of them could band together they could turn the tables and hopefully survive until help would arrive...that is if it would come. The girl managed to fend off one of the monsters. However all the action was attracting more of those things. This was bad. The wiser move would be to leave these two behind and keep on moving. However he couldn't do that. His conscious wouldn't let him. After all he needed to believe that in times like these people would help each other out. Hopefully somebody did the same for his family. God he hopped they were alight. Than another person made an appearance. This one was more familiar then the previous two . Scarlet. Her classmate. It was good to see that she was ok. A girl with her skill list would come in handy :" God... I'm going to hate myself for this..." He whispered to himself. Darting forward he gave one of the freaks a high kick, knocking them back. Than he held out his shield in order to make some distance between those still marching forward. His shield would bash them away, followed by the metal pipe swinging down. Still they were persistent and would get back up after a few seconds :" Scarlet get them out of here. I will hold them back as long as I can ! Go damn it ! "

xxxxxxxxxxxxGET xxxx OUT xxxx ALIVE

■■■■■■■■■■ 99%
■■■■■■■■■ 87%
■■■■■■■■■ 83%
■■■■■■■■■■ 100%

Height and weight : 6'2'' & 165 pounds

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Һєʟρ ɱє

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⇢ ⇢ σnLınεxxxxxσffLınεxxxxxAωαyxxxxxBυsy
Paint the man cut the lines. Cut the flesh, watch the blood spill.

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                      ı cαn'т εscαρε мysεLf
                      xxxxxABOUT ME ;;
                      Name - Daniel Mayfair
                      Age - 16
                      Height/Weight - 5'10'' 143lbs
                      Occupation - Student, Sophomore
                      Condition - Living

                      sσ мαny тıмεs ı've Lıεd
                      xxxxxWITH ;; ???

                      вυт тнεяε's sтıll яαgε ınsıdε
                      xxxxxMOOD ;; Panicing

                      sσмεвσdy gεт мε тняσυgн тнıs nıgнтмαяε
                      xxxxxLOCATION ;; My Nightmares

                      ı cαn'т cσnтяσl мysεlf
                      xxxxxSTATUS BARS ;;
                      |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|| Health - 91%
                      |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀||| Stamina - 88%
                      |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀| Weapon Endurance - 100%
                      |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀||| Battery Power - 88%

                      sσ wнαт ıf yσυ cαn sεε тнε dαяkεsт sıdε σf мε
                      xxxxxOOC ;; the flashlight requires 2 batteries to power and Daniel only has enough to power it once more after the current batteries are spent (so 2 more)

nσ σnε wıll εvεя cнαngε тнıs αnıмαl ı нαvε bεcσмε
                                                        xxxxxCHAT ;;
                                                                Daniel was sure that death would finally come to him but to his surprise, somebody had come to his aid, a girl he had recognized from one of his classes but didn't really know because he always did his best to stay away from others. He was afraid that they would just laugh and bully him just as Henry did a long time ago. Another girl, much older than him and weilding some Kendo equipment, came to his aid aswell. They were saying stuff to him but he couldn't answer.

                                                                His mouth hung open, completely in shock at what she had done to the student which had just attempted to devour him and also in horror. He stared ahead of him, appearing to not even notice when his classmate grabbed him and began to drag him away, just followed her without speaking. The world around him had turned into a massive blur, his hearing had become stunted and his vision became distorted.

                                                                Daniel's head was pounding and his hands were shaking. His hands holding the flashlight hung down limply at his side and the batteries along with the flashlight dangled from it. He barely made out the shape of another boy and heard him yelling at something. Blackness was closing around him and for a minute, Daniel completely blacked out.

                                                                The enveloping blackness dissapeared and his vision had returned to a crystal clear state. His head was still pounding and his hands were still shaking but it wasn't as bad as before. "W-where are we? Whats happening!?" He managed to ask the girl who had taken him away from the monsters, his voice seemed alien to him because he never spoke to anybody, except for maybe himself sometimes. Daniel's vision would distort whenever he tried to look at these monsters outside and his breath came in sharp gasps.

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N a d i e
P t a y s a n w e e


      Freshman / Student / Survivor
      4' 8 ft / 135lbs / 14yrs

      Nadie had to admit to herself that it was her fault for getting stuck up in the tree in the first place. Coming from the gym to begin with she ended up making her way to the garden and by chance climbed up a tree in fear of getting eaten. Not the most pleasant day she had ever had. Though she had to say her handy work was quite amazing. What laid before her was about twenty dead, well 're-killed' zombies. Each had an arrow sticking out of their eye socket. Nadie was running out of ammo though and had to make it back to the track and field to pick up more arrows. She only had two left leaving her well wide open for a close range attack. But she decided to make a pit stop through the gym for any other weapons.

      So Nadie decided to hop down from the tree. Not in much of a graceful way as she had to roll to land back up on her feet. She had to think to herself about what had happened this morning. To be honest it hadn't been a very good morning to start off with anyway. Nadie had gotten into a fight with another student. It wasn't as uncommon as it would seem. She got into fights regularly because she felt she had to protect her pride. Now Nadie sported a black eye. Either way in the middle of the brawl that she was having in the Freshman building the intercom had come on and the screaming which gave her 'opponent' a cheap shot of punching her right in the eye. In a hot second Nadie was at the track and field arming her self with at least twenty five arrows and the best bow the school could boast which was pitiful at best.

      Which led back to where she was now on top of the lockers crawling through the Freshman and Sophomore center to get to the gym. She was a little pissed off to say the least and in pain. But this was more important. Nadie was a fighter and like hell she was going to let some Zombies eat her alive she had more self liking than that. She had finally made it to the gym door and Nadie being Nadie she just burst through the door.

      (Location: Garden ---) Gym), (Weapon: Bow and Arrow), (With: No one), (Mood: Pissed, but Okay)
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 89% health
      ■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 88% stamina
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 79% weapon endurance
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 100% battery power
      ((OOC: Sorry about the initial incorrect locations of things. If you haven't read it yet good I already edited it if you have sorry))
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▄▄▄▄If you want to get out alive

Duncan Melanchton

Age - 17
Health Level ■■■■■■■■■■ 100%
Stamina Level ■■■■■■■■■94%
Weapon (Nail Gun) ■■■■■■■■■ 96%
Battery Power ■■■■■■■■■ 95%
Height & Weight - 5'8" / 130 lb
Run for your life ▄▄▄▄

As Duncan threw out what he thought was now useless from his bag he heard banging from the class door. Staying as quiet as possible he didn't have time respond to Scarlet's question and was in dismay when he heard the phone disconnect. "Well at least I have one friend that I know won't be eaten. Now to get out of here." Seeing if there was anyway for him to open the windows, he was shocked to see all the blood on some of the windows.

Trying his best to hold his lunch he looked around for any thing when he saw a latch on a emergency window. Jumping out the window, he quickly ran around the side of the school and saw two zombies eating the flesh of an unfortunate girl. Sickened by the sight of this, Duncan pointed the nail gun and shot two nails into the skulls of each zombie. What Duncan did not know was that the nail gun made a loud pop whenever a nail was shot from it, so what he had just done was alerted all the surrounding zombies to his location. Hearing all the moaning and screaming coming from the undead he started running for the cafeteria.
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▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ( S T U D E N T - Sophomore ) ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ Living Survivor

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PEREZ : xxx NANAMI ) 4'11" // 117Ib // 16
struggle, with my tears; blood; and death!xxxstruggle, with my tears; blood; and death!xxxstruggle, with my tears; blood; and death!xxxstruggle, with my tears; blood; and death!xxx
xxxx■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ xxx■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ xxx■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
. ( : Gymnasiumxxx . ( : Kenji, Scarlet & Danielxxx . ( : Confused, Frantic, & Scaredxxx . ( : Metal Rodxxx

            Nanami tugged and started pulling at Daniel nervously as more and more of the Zombies grew closer and closer, her calls had brought them on. And right now she hated herself for the fact that she tried to help this guy, though she felt she might have made things worse. The male ended up going faint on her which made her a lot more nervous, though thankfully a long head of pink hair came down beating up the Zombies. She stared wide eyed as blood danced around her as she used to wooden sword bashing their heads. The girl then said something about getting out and Nanami only found herself nodding.

            It wasn't long till the male she had seen first came over with that shield he was using to push back the new coming Zombies. She quickly started dragging Daniel as quickly as she could back to the Gymnasium. It wasn't easy, she had to stop several times to breath and even had to deal with bashing some Zombie heads to protect herself and the knocked out male.

            The brunette had taken some time to reach the door pulling the male, and seconds before she called out to the others to get in quickly Daniel spoke, awakening from his sleep. "Oh! Thank god you're okay!" She said gasping tiredly, it wasn't exactly easy hauling this guy on her own. "We're in the Gym. ... And um, I honestly don't know." She said honestly looking around in the dark halls of the the entrance. There was a silence as she peeked out the door, to see when the girl and guy would come back in. A pause, "Are you okay?" Nanami questioned as she noticed how the male spoke.

xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀| 100% Health
xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀||| 88% Stamina
xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|| 98% Weapon Endurance
xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀| 100% Battery Power

Profiles by: II_iLina_II©
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Ninomiya Kazuya
Eldest son of the Ninomiya family
"Fight and live for tomorrow."

(´・ω・)っ1: Outside of the Gymnasium (´・ω・)っ2: No one (´・ω・)っ3: Cautious (´・ω・)っ4: Shovel

Status:▄▄▄▄▄ 100%
Stamina:▄▄▄▄▄ 99%
Weapon:▄▄▄▄▄ 92%%
Battery Power:▄▄▄▄▄ 0%

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Kazyua started a light jog towards the track, the sound of keys clinking together became audible. He panicked and quickly grasped the keys to prevent any further movement. Kazuya looked around to see if the sound had alerted any of the monsters. To his luck he was able to avoid being caught due to some other students who weere unlucky. The sight sickened Kazuya as he tried his best to hold in his food. He couldn't help but feel frustrated about the whole ordeal, no one deserved what was happening right now. Kazuya wished he could save them but it was too late for any of that. He clenched his fist making a vow to himself that'd he would do his best to save as many people from this hell as he could.

As Kazuya made his way to the gate of the bleachers he pulled out the keys and began to fish through them. After a few minutes he managed to unlock the gate. Kazuya walked under the bleachers, it was dark but light did shine through the bleachers so visibility wasn't zero. Knowing what he was here for he quickly jogged to the field equipment. Inside the case was a hose, two shovels and two rakes. Kazuya grabbed one of the shovels and made his way down further into the bleachers. At the end was a cart, it was normally used to transport hurdles or other heavy equipment. Kazuya quickly fished through the keys again, however it was quicker due to the unique shape and size of the key. As he reached the cart he tried out the keys that he believed to be the right ones, to his luck the first key fit perfectly. As he turned the key nothing happened, it was dead. He then remembered that due to lack of funds the Track and Field team couldn't really afford to replace something as simple as a battery. Having no real need for the keys anymore he left them on the cart.

Kazuya exited from under the bleachers and shielded his eyes from the sun. His eyes adjusted quickly and he picked up his bag. Kazuya's next destination was the gymnasium in an attempt to find some of his classmates; hopefully they listened and headed there and were with some members of the faculty. As he made his way to the gym he noticed a few of these pale cannibals gathering there. He readied his shovel and gripped it tightly. They didn't show restraint nor mercy, why should he? To kill a monster you must become an even bigger one. Not want to really get in a skirmish he quickly avoided the group and looked for another entrance.

Age: 17
Weight: 66kg
Height: 170cm
Occupation: Student
Grade: 11th

karama_the_fox_demon rolled 1 12-sided dice: 10 Total: 10 (1-12)

User Image
                                                    User Image▄▄User Image▄▄User Image
                                                    XXXXAll is lost again

                                                    Location: outside the Gym With: Nanami, Daniel and Kenji Feeling: Focused

                                                    Health Level ■■■■■■■■■■ 100%
                                                    Stamina Level ■■■■■■■■■ 86%
                                                    Weapon (wooden Sword) ■■■■■■■■■■ 96%
                                                    Battery Power (Cell) ■■■■■■■■■■ 95%

                                                    Other known supplies: Second Kendo sword

                                                    But I'm not giving in!XXXX

                                                    Scarlet glanced back over her shoulder at the sound of a familiar voice the young woman raised a eye brow at her class mates order before looking back at the two younger student as they made their way back towards the gym doors. “It’s good to see you to Kenji dear but I think running might be the wise choice for you and our new friends right now.” she started then paused, sure it was a good enough thought to take shelter in the gym for now there was defiantly plenty of things to use for weapons. But staying at the school at this point just seemed like a death wish to the pink haired young woman even as she admitted to herself that they had no idea what was actually happening. The fact was that there was no guarantee that help would be coming and staying here would only get them all killed. “We are going to have to figure out a plan for getting out of the school” she stated loud enough for the two to hear her knowing that at this point the zombies that were around them had already been attracted to the location anyway and until they dealt with the ones there the chances were that more would just end up being attracted there too.

                                                    “Quickly now you two I still have one of my boy’s to pick up before he becomes a meal.” The Kendo club leader added with a smirk as she suddenly spun around to kick an approaching zombie in the chest knocking him or it to the ground before bringing her heal down on the dead man’s skull. With a strangely satisfying crunch, these things seemed to be strong enough but their heads seemed to defiantly be a weak Point seeing as so far anyone of them that had damage to the head seemed to be staying down. ‘these things are no longer human, or your class mates don’t hesitate’ Scarlet thought as she stayed close to the two younger students in order to defend them until they were ready to fight for themselves. As much as she wanted to go look for Duncan she would have to wait until she was sure that everyone here would be fine without her. Once the two of them had made it inside the gym the pink haired young woman turned her attention back to Kenji were what was left of of the zombies nearby seemed to be gathering at this point instead of coming after everyone else.

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Roleplay is now back in session!
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A Roleplay by Nik-519 & l Sagestar l

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xxxxxx Ҟɑɲϯi Mɑϯsʉrø


Height: 5'7" / Weight: 129 / Age: 16

Where: Gymnasium
With: Nadie
Mood: Panicked!

User Image

                                    Sifting through the bag of softball equipment, along with the bat Kanti was able to find a half empty water bottle and a pink sports backpack. Hmm, not really my color, but it'll have to do for now. ~I think it suits you quite nicely~ I think you look like an idiot The two cat-creatures spoke as they poofed on to both side of his shoulders."Will you two shut up! It's hard enough trying to stay focused on staying alive," he grumbled to both his consciences. From a distant, it would probably be an odd sight seeing as only Kanti could see the two creatures, but that was just one of the things that came with his multiple personality disorder. Now slightly better equipped, Kanti made his way to one of the gyms side entrances to see what else he could find inside.

                                    It was dark and eerie in the dark corridor leading into the gym, Kanti felt his nerves on edge as he watched for any sight of those things. He walked a bit further before he reached the opening to the main gym, unfortunately a few of those undead abominations were staggering around searching for anything to tear apart. Just get past them, and the sports equipment room should be around the corner. He hoped to avoid as much confrontation as possible, which would only become increasingly difficult the more he moved about. Taking a deep breath, he began tiptoeing past Them towards the equipment room, bat in hand just in case. He had made it half way through the gym before he felt his feet slip in a puddle that sent him falling down on his butt. Looking down at his hands, he saw it was blood that caused his tumble and felt a sickening feeling in his stomach. "That is disgust--" he began to whisper, but his words were cut off an unsettling moan from behind him.

                                    Kanti slowly turned his head to the sight of one of them right behind him. A young girl covered in blood from a neck which had been torn out. Kanti's heart sank from his body as the girl lunged down at him, bloody teeth bearing. Crap! he yelped as the girl fell towards him. Remembering the bat in his hand he shoved the end into the girls mouth in a panic, keeping her at a distance and holding her back from falling down on him. In that moment he heard the doors across from him fling open and a young girl wielding a bow standing there."Uhm hey,I don't mean to sound hasty but if you could give me a hand I'd appreciate it. The sooner the better!" He called out to the girl between grunts as kept the flailing dead girl out of reach.

                                    ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 94% Health
                                    xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 96% Stamina
                                    xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ ■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 89% Weapon Endurance (Wooden Bat)
                                    xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 100% Battery Power

Flame the Houkou rolled 2 20-sided dice: 18, 6 Total: 24 (2-40)

User Image
N a d i e
P t a y s a n w e e


      Freshman / Student / Survivor
      4' 8 ft / 135lbs / 14yrs

      Nadie could see that there were some survivors in her still. Good not everyone was with the walking dead. She hoisted her quiver higher onto her shoulder. She knew that she only had about two or three arrows left and needed to be used sparingly lest she want to be a walking meal ticket.

      Nadie had to say that the smell of the gym was wretched. It was hot in the gymnasium with a bunch of dead rotting bodies would definitely make one want to vomit. She wanted to get out of the school and out in the city, but she couldn't do it alone that was for sure. Teammates would make the journey much less dangerous and the feeling of comradery is nice. Nadie looked around and saw the bloody zombies. It wouldn't have been the first time she had seen something covered in blood.

      She saw the boy struggle from close by after he called to her for assistance. That girl zombie was chomping at the bit to eat his flesh. She gave a quick shiver before taking one arrow out of her quiver and stringing it. She pulled back to her chin and aimed quickly, but not before giving the bow string a bit of twist. When she let go of the string and sent the arrow flying it spun and drilled into the head of the dead girl. Nadie looked at the boy. "You okay?," She asked.

      (Location: Garden ---) Gym), (Weapon: Bow and Arrow), (With: Kanti), (Mood: Pissed, but Okay)
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 89% health
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 70% stamina
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 73% weapon endurance
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 100% battery power

Neji Hyuga # 1 rolled 2 12-sided dice: 3, 12 Total: 15 (2-24)

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Akira Akechi

Age: 17
Height/Weight: 5'7"/130 lbs
Occupation: Student, Junior
Status: Living
Location: Hallway of the Freshman and Sophomore classrooms

"Get out of my way."Akira said as he kicked down a zombie. During the whole incident here he manged to hide himself inside one of the bathrooms in the freshman building. As he walked forward he looked seeing some undead moving and some that were not. He than started walking looking around for something he could use as weapon. 'If I can find something temporary until I get to the gym that would be great.' He thought as he than stopped when he noticed a janitor's closet and decided to look in inside. He managed to find a broom and decided to use this for a bit. Akira than quickly ran to find an exit that would lead him towards the gym.

Soon enough he managed to find an exit that would put him close to the gym but some of the zombies were blocking his path. He stayed in his spot as he tried to figrue out a way to get around them or through them to get the gym. 'My only question is what if the gym is locked or if somebody already blocked the exit? I need to find out some how.'He thought as he started to examine his surroundings. "Maybe I should try calling someone from class."Akira said to himself as he pulled out his phone. He than started to call some of his classmates.

Health |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀| 100%
Stamina |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀| 97%
Weapon Endurance(Broom) |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀| 100%
Battery |▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|▀|| 88%

((OOC: Sorry if this sucks I was in a hurry to type this.))

fearabyss rolled 1 20-sided dice: 20 Total: 20 (1-20)

xxxxxx Ҟɑɲϯi Mɑϯsʉrø


Height: 5'7" / Weight: 129 / Age: 16

Where: Gymnasium
With: Nadie
Mood: Relieved/Grateful

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                                    Kanti felt the weight of the now dead, undead girl shift sideways as the force of the arrow sent her sideways off of him. Letting out a sigh of relief, Kanti picked himself up off the ground and wiped his bloody hands on his pants. Turning to the re-dead corpse that had just been trying to tear him apart, a cold shiver ran up his spine, "Yeah, thanks a lot. I'm not sure how long I would have been able to hold that thing off," he smiled gratefully to the young girl. He stared for a bit trying to figure out who she was, which was strange seeing as he pretty much knew of or had attempted to flirt with every female in school. He knew he had seen her around a few times. Maybe around the freshman wing. From the look of it, she didn't seem to have been bitten or anything, aside from the dark ring around her eye which Kanti assumed was from scraping with Them. He definitely would have preferred to come out with bruises rather than bites in their situation.

                                    "You're pretty accurate with that thing, lucky for me huh? Are you on the archery team?" he asked pointing to her bow, then noticed her quiver which had only a couple arrows left. Turning back to the corpse he grabbed hold of the arrows shaft protruding from its head and began to pull, twisting a bit to fit it through the entry wound. Wincing at the sloshing sound of flesh and brain being ripped and torn, he finally got the bloody arrow out and sprayed it off with the remaining water of the sports bottle from the bag. "I don't really know how these things work, but you can never have too much ammunition right?" he smiled as he handed the arrow back to the girl. He was glad to know that he wasn't the only survivor left in the school, in this messed up situation their would surely be power in numbers, especially if those numbers had skills like hers. "I'm Kanti, by the way."

                                    ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 94% Health
                                    xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 76% Stamina
                                    xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ ■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 89% Weapon Endurance
                                    xxxxxxxxxxxx˚ ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 100% Battery Power

Flame the Houkou rolled 1 12-sided dice: 11 Total: 11 (1-12)

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N a d i e
P t a y s a n w e e


      Freshman / Student / Survivor
      4' 8 ft / 135lbs / 14yrs

      "No problem," She saluted to him lazily. Running aroudn the school tuckered her out a bit. She looked the student up and down he was just about a whole foot taller than her. She knew him just in passing as she barely knew anyone. She admitted she didn't know his name, but rumors had it he was quite the flirt. He seemed nice enough though so she didn't really care survivors or not she needed some companionship.

      "No I am not on the archery team, not really my thing,"
      She started. It almost made it sound like it was just beginners luck and she had never shot a bow. "I got my first bow when I was six and have been hunting ever since," She finished quickly. She watched as he pulled the arrow out of the zombies head. She had decided to not reuse arrows from these zombie like creatures as she had no clue really how the virus spread. She smiled as he handed her the used arrow. She put it back in her quiver gingerly as to not break it. "Ammo is nice," She stated. "I was going to the track to pick up some more arrows, but decided to see if there was any other weapons here in the gym," She said looking over the school bow. She had really wished she had a nice re-curve bow or a compound or even her long bow at home, but beggars can't be choosers. "Nice to meet you Kanti, I am Nadie,"

      (Location: Gym), (Weapon: Bow and Arrow), (With: Kanti), (Mood: Content, but a little nervous of the situation.)
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 89% health
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 69% stamina
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 73% weapon endurance
      ■■■■■■■■■■ ▄▄▄▄▄ 100% battery power

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