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Isaac - 021


Isaac saluted the blackness of space as the ship shot out the bodies of his team mates, being laid to eternal rest in their black coffins. He wasn't sure how to feel, he had lost comrades before, but he had grown use to it. He hadn't been with them long enough, they were caught in a Covenant Elite ambush. He remembered watching, he turned to the private just as a plasma bolt ripped through his shield and smashed him in the chest. He dropped the salute but stood at attention, his black dress uniform made him stand out from everyone else as the twenty-one gun salute sounded. He had his team wear black instead of the regulation white, he wanted them to know they were different, he wanted them to accept it.

He was so in focused he didn't see Captain Swafford walk up "It never gets easier does it. I can't begin to know what it's like to be a Spartan but losing a man is never easy." Issac turned to face him, snapping off a perfectly drilled salute "It's what we do sir, but Spartans never die, remember." Swafford chuckled and turned to walk away. Seeing nothing more he could do here, Isaac walked off to meet the other squad meets.


Captain Adam Swafford
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Slipspace ruptures announced the oncomming Insurrection fleet. As the independents lined in formation the Commander of the fleet had to wonder what could be bad enough that the UNSC would need their help.

Commander Stone looked over the systems on the bridge and decided that he could safely take a Pelican to the other fleets flagship to meet with those he was told that he was covering. The Commander casually walked to the hanger of his flagship and found the Pelican that was prepared for the task. A squad of ODST escorts were already waiting for him. The Commander had everyone load up and the Pelican took off for the UNSC fleet.

The small transport weaved between the large UNSC warships until it reached the Flagship. Before it tried to come in for a landing the Commander had to go through ID verification as well as a warning about weapons. After a quick word with his men he was allowed to have the Pelican land in the vessel.

Vossler and his escort stepped off and found that they were surrounded. "I see they are trusting as usual." One of the UNSC soldiers stepped forward and held his gun up. "The captain and others will be down shortly." Vossler had to calm his men down as they waited.

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Spartan William-344, had left the ceremony for his comrades as soon as their pods had been out of eyesight. He had gone done to the bay where all the Spartans kept their gear and changed from his dress uniform in the standard easy fit elastic suit that all Spartans wore, it was to identify them as such and was worn as a underwear for their armor, made it more comfortable and faster than having to change from whatever they were wearing. He was sitting on one of the benches in the room filled with lockers, his shotgun on his lap, and then in less than a minute was laid out in front of him on the bench, completely taken apart for cleaning. Will was in his own little world, zen. He didn't know when the next mission would be but his mind was racing with scenarios.
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The Scarred

Scott had watched the ceremony held for the fallen. Although he admits he did not care for those certain comrades he showed his respect. As the ceremony broke off he moved quick to get back to the maintenance room where he tinkers with his armor and the ship systems. He rarely ever took off his armor. It has pretty much become part of him. He walked through the halls still making his way to maintenance.
As he reached his little work space corner he accessed data on his tacpad. The KIA's had already been updated the the network. He let out a simple sigh. He checked around the Maintenance bay seeing no one he removed his helmet. His hair specifically fell to cover the scarring on his face. He rubbed his head. The past few days were tiring. Sure advanced recon is fun and all, but he rather do more engineering work instead of running ahead of everyone taking pictures of aliens, then running back to everyone. He felt more like the paparazzi then a hyper lethal super solider.

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