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1. Introduction

Fourty years have passed since the incidents long ago involving The Wave virus and the .hackers that vanquished it with the help of the CC Corp Administrators and the Famous Hacker, Helba, along with a cooperative of other Online Players in The World. The year is 2057 A.D. and the real world as we know it is at an even greater technological breakthrough. A new version of The World has been released in Japan a little over a year ago, and it has just been released in other countries around the world a week ago. Online gamers from all over are joining in on the hype and the obsession of this new Virtual Reality world. Some use it as an escape from distress in the real world, some use it to satisfy their own personal needs, and some use it to bend the rules of virtual reality to their own whim. But in this new Genesis of online gaming, little is known whether or not another tragedy that happened fourty years ago would reappear with this new Technological Masterpiece that has been created. The only known truth is that history has repeated itself in the past...Will it happen again? Enter The World to seek the answer.

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1. Introduction
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3. Classes

Blade Brandier
Blademasters are among the strongest class of The World. They wield a medium, one-handed sword in combat and boast in physical strength coupled with relatively fast attack speed. In terms of their class, they are third in rank because of their fast attack growth and ability to reach peak in maximum statistics at an early level, although their growth is proven slower than Heavy Blades and Heavy Axeman. Blademasters are fairly average in their skills. Their attacks skills are fairly powerful, and have multiple hits. They have a fairly diverse range of attack elements as well, utilizing Darkness, Earth, Fire, and Water elements in their skills. (Blademaster Class no longer available.)

The Blade Brandier differs from the Blademaster in the terms that it is not as powerful or fast as the Blademaster. It's a much more average class in terms of attack, and in terms of speed, they're not near as fast as Twin Blades or Tribal Grapplers. Their attack power is somewhere in between the Twin Blade and Edge Punisher, though. Blade Brandiers use a medium, one-handed, katana-like sword in battle. Blade Brandiers get a special trait from their programmed alterations called "Weapon Types". Their Weapon Type is called "Hold and Release", where after a successful hit the wielder pulls the sword back and then unleashes a single, very powerful impact attack.

Blade Brandier Skill Levels
Sword Flash (Normal, Job Level 1) - A single enemy strike with a small radius that is a simple, fierce lunge on the opponent.
Ogre Sword (Normal, Job Level 4) - A small ranged strike where the player quickly draws out the sword to slash the opponent.
Lateral Moon (Aerial, Job Level 7) - A single enemy strike with a medium damage rate that is a powerful strike upward into the air.
Aerial Death (Aerial, Job Level 9) - A powerful upward strike followed by rapid strikes on the enemy.
Razor's Edge (Normal, Job Level 11) - A lunge followed by multiple strikes.
Disaster Sword (Normal, Job Level 15) - A sword draw with an upward strike.
Devil Sword (Normal, Job Level 21) - A large range attack that draws an infinite amount of rings in midair.

Axe Dragoon
Axe Dragoons are fast and powerful attackers like a Blademaster and they wield one or two handed axes with expert precision. They have to wear leather armor like the Twin Blades because their weapons are generally too heavy to support plate armor. They have average hit points and defense against magic while they are good against physical attackers because of their speed. Their hit type is a Rapid Attack, which is a follow up multiple attack after their first chain of combos.

Axe Dragoon Skill Levels
Iron Crush (Piercing, Job Level 0) - A powerful vertical swing used to crush the enemy.
Radiant Axel (Piercing, Job Level 3) - A strike utilizing centrifugal force that attacks in a horizontal motion.
Punishing Flash (Aerial, Job Level 5) - An upward drawing strike that knocks the enemy into the air.
Swift Steel (Normal, Job Level 7) - Multiple blows in horizontal and vertical strikes to deal cumulative damage.
Six Rising Dragons (Aerial, Job Level 12) - The Dragoon first knocks the enemy into the air and converges in from six different directions to attack the enemy multiple times.
Magic Breaker (Magic, Job Level 15) - A technique that drains a great deal of SP in order to break through magic attacks and redirect the attack back at the opponent.
Saint Dragoon (Piercing, Job Level 21) - A wide horizontal arc is swung from a far distance before the weapon is drawn back to drag the enemy towards the Dragoon and the enemy is picked up into the air to be slammed down on the blade of the Axe.

Edge Punisher
Heavy Blades are one of the strongest classes in The World. They are notable for their use of huge, double-handed swords and katanas. Heavy Blades are among the three strongest classes due to their ability to equip the heaviest, highest level armors. In terms of physical attack growth, Heavy Blades lose only to Heavy Axemen. They generally have higher physical attack and accuracy than their one-handed counterparts, Blademasters, but they sacrifice attack speed and defense growths in the process. Heavy Blade's have four different types of skills. Two are accessible when using Katana type weapons, and two can be used when wielding other types of swords. While powerful, their skills are limited by their small number of hits. Also the elemental attributes of their attacks are limited. Heavy Blades are only able to make use of the Fire, Thunder, Earth, and Wood elements in their attacks. (Heavy Blade Class no longer available.)

The Edge Punishers are quite similar to the regular Heavy Blade. They wield huge, double-handed swords, but the alteration program of their weapons gives some of their blades the ability to act as a chainsaw blade, dealing extra damage and hits when used. Edge Punishers are much slower than Blade Brandiers due to the fact that they normally wear heavy armor, but they are given the added defense rating over the other. Edge Punishers also get the "Weapon Types" advantage over the Heavy Blades, and they have two Weapon Types. The Hold and Release, where after a successful hit the wielder pulls the sword back and then unleashes a single, very powerful impact attack, usually producing a large shockwave and flinging the opponent into the air; And the Rapid Attacks, such as the chainsaw sword "Oomukade", which deals a quick series of successive blows upon impact.

Edge Punisher Skill Levels
Tiger Blitz (Normal, Job Level 0) - A powerful, single enemy strike V edge slash.
Twin Moons (Aerial, Job Level 3) - A powerful, single enemy strike upward.
Armor Pierce (Piercing, Job Level 5) - A powerful, piercing strike upward.
Bonecrusher (Piercing, Job Level 7) - A powerful, piercing whirlwind attack.
Tiger Strike (Normal, Job Level 12) - A swing attack leveraging the sword's weight.
Shell Breaker (Piercing, Job Level 15) - A large ranged attack that breaks through the enemies defenses.
Armor Break (Piercing, Job Level 21) - A large range single attack that unleashes a rapid attack on the enemy from midair with the sword.

Long Arm/Lord Partizan (Choose whichever one you like)
Long Arms are a physically strong class in The World. They are best known for their pole arm weapons and light movement. Long Arms are considered to be near equal to Twin Blades, differing only in that they have greater attack and defense stats as well as far superior range while sacrificing the magical capabilites and multi-hit skills of the Twin Blade. Long Arms also share the same HP and SP growths as Heavy Blades and Blademasters. Long Arms are capable of naturally reaching their max statistics for physical attacks. Long Arm skills are multi-hit, but don't hit as many times as a Twin Blade. The Double Sweep family of skills employs the Long Arm's massive range by dealing two strong hits of damage to all enemies within range of the spear.

Lord Partizan utilizes giant Polearms instead of Spears like their Long Arm predecessors. Lord Partizans have good medium range attacks, but don't excel at "sweeping" attacks like Flick Reapers. Their physical attack and defense are very high, but their magic attack is pitiful. They're also more monster-oriented, with a lot of good armor-piercing and anti-air weapons and skills. Their skill progression for low levels is also among the lowest. Overall, this class can cause the most immediate damage. The Lord Partizan also gets two "Weapon Types" traits. The Hold and Release, where after a successful hit the wielder pulls the sword back and then unleashes a single, very powerful impact attack, usually producing a large shockwave and flinging the opponent into the air; And the Rapid Attacks, which deals a quick series of successive blows upon impact like a drill.

Long Arm/Lord Partizan Skill Levels
Air Raid (Aerial, Job Level 1) - A powerful thrust upward.
Thorn Dance (Piercing, Job Level 5) - A piercing attack that breaks through the enemies defense by force.
Piercing Heaven (Aerial, Job Level 11) - A medium range single attack that lifts enemies up with multiple strikes.
Scarlet Thrust (Piercing, Job Level 15) - A large range single attack that is a lunge attack that lifts enemies up.
Heavenly Raid (Aerial, Job Level 21) - A large range attack that strikes the enemy multiple times from midair.

Tribal Grappler

Tribal Grapplers are a class that has the advantage of a very high attack speed, allowing it to achieve normal Rengeki extremely fast, in addition to very high HP. Their defense, however, is very low. They have one "Weapon Type" trait for their weapons. The Rapid Attacks, which deal a quick series of successive blows upon impact.

Tribal Grappler Skill Levels
Rapid Attack (Normal, Job Level 1) - A powerful rush with a strike and kick.
King Hammer (Piercing, Job Level 3) - A piercing pursuit attack to break down enemy guard.
Thunder Fist (Piercing, Job Level 5) - A piercing, single strike punch to the chest of the opponent that can shatter through any enemy defense.
Tiger Bite (Normal, Job Level 11) - A medium range single attack that consists of a rush assault with a chi-blast and kick.
Palm Blast (Piercing, Job Level 15) - A medium range attack that is a forward chi-blast.
Shell Shock (Piercing, Job Level 21) - A large range strike that slams the enemy down afterwards.

Twin Blade
Twin Blades are the most balanced class in The World. They are noted for their superior traveling speed and hit rate. Twin Blades are the proverbial "jack of all trades, master of none" due to the fact that while they have decent attack stat growths and have decent magical stats, they are unable to equip the strongest armors, have lower attack growths than the other classes, and do not have access to stronger magic skills. Their greatest strength lies with their multi-hit skills. Each skill has several elemental versions, and as a result are capable of dealing massive damage to enemies weak against those elements. There are three basic types of Twin Blade attacks: Staccato (deals over 15 hits to a single target), Tiger Claws (deals over 5 hits to targets within the player's vicinity), and Saber Dance (deals 4 strong hits to a single enemy). Although the non-elemental versions of these attacks don't do quite as much damage as one would hope, the elemental versions can deal ridiculous damage to monsters with the opposite element. Unfortunately, none of these attacks have versions dealing Earth or Water damage.

Twin Blades of the new version of The World are on exactly the same level as the previous Twin Blades, but they are different in terms of skills and weapon types. They get four "Weapon Types" traits for their fast weapons. The Hold and Release, where after a successful combo, the wielder can charge their weapon before dashing past their opponents, as the opponent is caught in a series of hits trailing the wielder. The Rapid Attacks, which deals a quick series of successive blows following initial impact. The Pincer, which entrap the opponent between both blades and then unleash barrage damage. This type of weapon is very effective against single opponents; And the Spinning, which during a combo the wielder can spin one blade, move, and then spin the other one. This type of weapon is extremely effect against multiple opponents.

Twin Blade Skill Levels
Gale Blade (Normal, Job Level 0) - A single enemy strike of three conescutive attacks.
Sparrow Counter (Aerial, Job Level 3) - A single enemy strike that knocks them into the air and then slams them back down.
Sword Dance (Normal, Job Level 5) - A ranged attack that attacks by creating circular air on the blades.
Tri-Strike (Piercing, Job Level 7) - A single enemy strike that is a powerful lunge.
Diving Driver (Aerial, Job Level 9) - Deflect the enemies attack, then jump into the air and perform a dive with the blades onto them while they are exposed.
Whirlwind (Normal, Job Level 11) - A six hit whirlwind attack with medium range for a single target.
Blade Blizzard (Piercing, Job Level 12) - Dash by the enemy mulitple times and unleash several rapid attacks with the knives.
Chaotic Strike (Aerial, Job Level 14) - Fly up and attack airborne enemies.
Ghost Falcon (Aerial, Job Level 21) - A large radius rapid-attack on the enemy from midair.

Wavemasters are the mage class of The World. Although they are physically the weakest class, being capable of equipping only the lightest armor, they have outstanding magical stats and can equip rods capable of using the most powerful Lv. 4 spells. Wavemasters are considered a party staple due to their high SP rating, and are among the most popular classes.

Wavemaster Skill Levels
Summon Wryneck, the Spirit of Darkness (Summon, Level 30) - This summons Wryneck to attack a large radius with a Darkness spell.
Summon Yarthkins, the Spirit of Earth (Summon, Level 30) - This summons Yarthkins to attack a large radius with an Earth spell.
Summon Vulcan, the Spirit of Fire (Summon, Level 30) - This summons Vulcan to attack a large radius with a Fire spell.
Summon Lanceor, the Spirit of Thunder (Summon, Level 30) - This summons Lanceor to attack a large radius with a Thunder spell.
Summon Merrows, the Spirit of Water (Summon, Level 30) - This summons Merrows to attack a large radius with a Water spell.
Summon Krake, the Spirit of Wood (Summon, Level 30) - This summons Krake to attack a large radius with a Wood spell.
Refer to Harvest Cleric, Shadow Warlock, and Dance Macabra Skills.

Werewolves are an elite class in The World. Only given to extremely powerful players the Werewolf class allows its user to transform from their original class into a wolf form, and vice versa.

Werewolf Skill Levels
Killing Fang (Level 0 Skill – Single/Instant Kill): A simple, yet effective attack in which a werewolf in beast form kicks off the ground with his back paws and lunges at the enemy, fangs bared in order to tear out their throat. It kills the opponent instantly if it hits, but has low accuracy, and leaves the user open to counter attack. This skill automatically fails if it’s attempted against an opponent at a level that is higher than the user.
Gale Claw (Level 3 Skill – Single): A simple, yet powerful long-ranged attack in which a werewolf sweeps upwards at his enemy with his claws, sending three arc-shaped blades of wind flying in their direction.
Lunar Blessing (Level 5 Skill – Support/Self): A support spell which utilizes the power of moonlight in order to gradually recover the user’s HP over a period of time. The recovery rate is faster than that of Rip Main, but it can’t be used on other people.
Tornado Fang (Level 7 Skill – Single/Piercing): A powerful, armor-piercing attack in which a werewolf first kicks off the ground before spinning rapidly through the air, building up speed and momentum before their body forms into a whirling mass of fangs and claws powerful enough to cleave through even the toughest of armors.
Rage of Fangs (Level 9 Skill – Area/Piercing): A more powerful version of Tornado Fang in which a werewolf utilizes the power of moonlight in order to create four copies of itself before using the Tornado Fang skill in order to burrow under the ground and come up underneath a large group of enemies, effectively attacking all of them at once.
Rage of Fenrir (Level 12 Skill – All Enemies): Attack used when a werewolf’s anger reaches its peak. The user first let’s out an ear piercing howl, summoning down a massive cyclone of wind from the heavens which branches off into four smaller whirlwinds in order to throw all enemies on the field into the air before the fierce winds tear them to pieces. It’s a dangerous skill to use in a party, however, as one’s allies can be caught up in the attack as well.
Crimson Moon (Level 15 Skill – Single): The most powerful werewolf attack known to date in which a werewolf first bathes his body in a stream of crimson-colored moonlight before launching into a blinding fast combo of lunges and claws swipes, tearing his enemy to shreds leaving little if any room for a counter attack.

Dance Macabra
A strange class, they wield fan-like weapons. They are compareable to Twin Blade in armor wearing. They cut their enemies with the bladed tips of their fans in a battle form that resembles a dance, and also manipulate white and black spirits to cast healing and attack spells. The setting of The World considers them the "Flowers of the Battlefield". Dance Macabras are the expert class for status effects and parameter changes, and are very balanced casters, learning both healing and attack spells.

Dance Macabra Skill Levels
Dance of The Wind (Self, Job Level 0) - Dances and disappears with the wind by twirling in place.
Dance of The Sickle (Piercing, Job Level 3) - Unleashes several blades of wind that diminish in strength as each blade comes from the Fan.
Dance of The Stars (Status, Job Level 5, SP: 5) – Dances and stuns the enemy, for 5 seconds
Dance of The Shadows (Status, Job Level 5, SP: 5) – Dances and inflects darkness for 5 seconds
Fan Swipe (Normal, Job Level 8 ) – The user has to be up close to the target, and then you strike the target 3 times. On the third strike, it sends out a strong gust of wind which makes the target fly a few feet from you(Only works on a person with weak armor)
Hidden Kick (Normal, Job Level 15, Range) – Dances and spins around, on the second spin he/she gets cover by the wind and disappears, and then appears behind the target and kicks them on the back.
Spirit Hawk (Aerial, Job Level 18, SP:15) – Dances around and summons one black spirit which attacks from above.
Healing Spirit (Magic, Job Level 19, SP: 15) – Dances around and a white spirit comes out healing the party by 100 hp.
Icicle Dance (Magic, Job Level 20, SP:20) – Dances towards the target as snow falls on them, once he/she is up close they stop dancing and a large spike appears beneath the target. (Isn't very accurate, only works with Dance of The Stars)
Speed Dance (Status, Job Level 27, SP: 5) - Does a short fast dance, during the dance, the oppent agility and evasion decreases by 5 points.
Spirit of The Health (Magic, Job Level 30, SP: 10) - Dances slowly, and a white spirit comes out protecting the party from magic spells, and status effect. Only lasts for a short time.
Illusion Spirit (Magic, Job Level 38, SP: 10) - The user begins to dance swiftly and calmly, during the dance a black spirit comes out creating 2 fake illusions and goes towards the enemy for a strike.

Spell Based Dance Macabra Skills

Dek Corv (Target: Unit, SP: 12, Lowers target P. Atk. temporarily by 3, Job Lv. 1)
Dek Corma (Target: Unit, SP: 12, Lowers target M. Atk. temporarily by 3, Job Lv. 1)
Ap Corv (Target: Unit, SP: 15, Raises a friend's P. Atk. temporarily by 3, Job Lv. 1)
Ap Corma (Target: Unit, SP: 15, Raises a friend's M. Atk. temporarily by 3, Job Lv. 1)
Repth (Target: Unit, SP: 16, HP Restored: 100, Job Lv. 2)
Dek Vorv (Target: Unit, SP: 12, Lowers target P. Def. temporarily by 3, Job Lv. 5)
Dek Vorma (Target: Unit, SP: 12, Lowers target M. Def. temporarily by 3, Job Lv. 5)
Ap Vorv (Target: Unit, SP: 15, Temporarily raises P. Def. by 3, Job Lv. 5)
Ap Vorma (Target: Unit, SP: 15, Temporarily raises M. Def. by 3, Job Lv. 5)
Duk Lei (Target: Unit, SP: 15, Poisons target temporarily, Job Lv. 8 )
Mumyn Lei (Target: Unit, SP: 20, Sleeps target temporarily, Job Lv. 8 )
MeDek Corv (Target: Area, SP: 28, Temporarily reduce all enemies P. Atk by 3, Job Lv. 12)
MeDek Corma (Target: Area, SP: 28, Temporarily reduce all enemies M. Atk by 3, Job Lv. 12)
MeDek Vorv (Target: Area, SP: 28, Temporarily reduce all enemies P. Def by 3, Job Lv. 12)
MeDek Vorma (Target: Area, SP: 28, Temporarily reduce all enemies M. Def by 3, Job Lv. 12)
Ap Do (Target: Unit, SP: 20, Raises one friend's speed by 25%, Job Lv. 15)
Dek Do (Target: Unit, SP: 20, Lowers one enemy's speed by 25%, Job Lv 15)
Ul Repth (Target: Unit, HP Restored: 200, Job Lv. 16)
Rap Corv (Target: Area, SP: 40, P. Atk. of all friends is increased by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 17)
Rap Corma (Target: Area, SP: 40, M. Atk. of all friends is increased by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 17)
Rap Vorv (Target: Area, SP: 40, P. Def. of all friends is increased by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 17)
Rap Vorma (Target: Area, SP: 40, M. Def. of all friends is increased by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 17)
Rip Maen (Target: Unit, Same as Resurrect, Job Lv. 18 )
Ol Repth (Target: Unit, SP: 80, HP Restored: 350, Job Lv. 19)
Dek Orv (Target: Unit, SP: 36, P. Atk and Defense of one enemy is lowered by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 20)
Dek Orma (Target: Unit, SP: 36, M. Atk and Defense of one enemy is lowered by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 20)
Rig Geam(Target: Unit, SP: 35, SP replenishes over time, Job Lv. 21)
Rig Seam(Target: Unit, SP: 35, HP replenishes over time, Job Lv. 21)
Rap Do (Target: Area, SP: 55, All friends' speed is incresed by 25% temporarily, Job Lv. 22)
Gan Bolg (Target: Area, SP: 32, Element: Earth, Armor-Piercing, Job Lv. 23)
Vak Don (Target: Area, SP: 36, Element: Fire, Type: Drop, Job Lv. 23)
Ani Zot (Target: Unit, SP: 48, Element: Dark, Type: Raise, Job Lv. 23)
Ap Orv (Target: Unit, SP: 25, P. Atk and Defense of one friend is raised by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 24)
Ap Orma (Target: Unit, SP: 25, M. Atk and Defense of one friend is raised by 3 temporarily, Job Lv. 24)

Flick Reapers
Similar to the Heavy Axemen from The World, Flick Reapers use large weapons such as Axes and Scythes to attack with. The only difference between the two is that Flick Reapers use Scythes and Heavy Axemen do not. Flick Reapers are very weak to long range attacks. They're the medium range, "area attack" class. They "flick" multiple enemies and push them away before they can get close enough for melee attacks, but a good Steam Gunner or Lord Partizan could overpower them by attacking from afar. Flick Reapers get two "Weapon Types" traits with their powerful scythes. The Hold and Release, where after a successful combo the wielder can charge an attack that will produce a series of explosions causing damage to all enemies within the range of the scythe; And the Rapid Attacks, which deal a quick series of successive blows upon impact.

Flick Reaper Skill Levels
Ring Punishment (Normal, Job Level 1) - A ring of energy is blasted from the Scythe when the Flick Reaper sweeps it around.
Sunset Flip (Aerial, Job Level 4) - The opponent is knocked into the air by the Scythe with a wide arc sweep and then taken down with an even quicker strike from above.
Lotus Flower (Aerial, Job Level 6) - A circular slash followed by an upward strike.
Reaper's Touch (Normal, Job Level 12) - A medium range series of multiple, circular slashes.
Heavenly Wheel (Aerial, Job Level 16) - A large range aerial attack consisting of circular slashes
Reaper's Dance (Normal, Job Level 21) - After a combination attack, the Reaper summons a giant demon's claw from below the enemy.

Harvest Cleric
Being one of the two classes specializing in magic, Harvest Clerics focus on defensive and healing magic, while their counterparts, the Shadow Warlocks, focus on offensive magic. They are considered a spinoff of the original Wavemaster Class. Their favored weapons are staffs, which give bonuses to their magic and elemental stats, and can be used in melee combat, being considerably stronger by level than tomes but weaker than any other type of weapon. In exchange, Harvest Cleric staffs give a much lower magic bonus than Warlock tomes, though the elemental bonuses are around the same. Like bayonets, neither staffs nor tomes have special types (i.e. "barrage", "charged".) for melee combat.

Harvest Cleric Skill Levels
Repth (Target: Unit, HP Restored: 100, Job Level 0)
Rip Duk (Target: Unit, Cures Poison, Job Level 2)
Rue Kruz (Target: Unit, Water Elemental Attack, Job Level 3)
Rip Mumyn (Target: Unit, Cures Sleep, Job Level 4)
Ul Repth (Target: Unit, HP Restored: 200, Job Level 5)
Zan Rom (Target: Area, Anti-Air Wind Elemental Tornado Attack, Job Level 6)
Rip Maen (Target: Unit, Same as Resurrect, Job Level 7)
La Repth (Target: Area, HP Restored: 100, Job Level 8 )
Rip Maj (Target: Unit, Cures Bad Statuses and Confusion, Job Level 9)

Shadow Warlock
Being one of the two classes specializing in magic, Shadow Warlocks focus on offensive magic while their counterparts, the Harvest Clerics, focus on defensive and healing magic. They are considered a spinoff of the original Wavemaster Class. Their favored weapons are tomes, which give bonuses to their magic and elemental stats, and can be used in melee combat, although with very little effect. Shadow Warlock tomes give a much higher magic bonus and have a much lower physical attack than Harvest Cleric staffs, though the elemental bonuses are around the same. Like bayonets, neither staffs nor tomes have special types (i.e. "barrage", "charged".) for melee combat.

Shadow Warlock Skill Levels
Rue Kruz (Target: Unit, SP: 20, Element: Water, Job Level 0)
Duk Lei (Target: Unit, SP: 15, Poisons target temporarily, Job Level 2)
Zan Rom (Target: Area, SP: 24, Element: Wind, Type: Tornado, Job Level 3)
Mumyn Lei (Target: Unit, SP: 20, Sleeps target temporarily, Job Level 4)
Gan Borg (Target: Area, SP: 32, Element: Earth, Armor-Piercing, Job Level 5)
Repth (Target: Unit, SP: 16, HP Restored: 100, Job Level 6)
Vak Don (Target: Area, SP: 36, Element: Fire, Type: Drop, Job Level 7)
Maj Lei (Target: Unit, SP: 15, Curses target temporarily, Job Level 8 )
Rai Rom (Target: Area, SP: 10, Type: Tornado, Job level 9)
Rai Kruz (Target: Unit, SP: 10, Type: Converge, Job level 11)
MeAni Kruz (Target: Unit, SP: 20, Type: Converge, Job level 14)

Multi Weapon
Multi Weapon users do not specialize in a single weapon, or form of combat. Instead practicing in the use of the various types of weapons inside the game. A Multi Weapon acquires several forms as he levels, each of which allows him or her to use a different weapon type. The first form of the Multi Weapon is given when you start your character, the second form is obtained when you reach level 20 and complete the job advancement quests, and the third form is obtained when you reach level 70 and complete the job advancement quests. At the time of creation, the user picks 2 to 3 classes using a point-buy system, which restricts certain "unbalanced" combinations, such as Shadow Warlock and Harvest Cleric. The Multi-Weapon starts out in the game with their first chosen class, and must unlock the remainder through Job Advancement. A Multi-Weapon is given 4 points to use to choose from the following job options:

Blade Brandier - 1 Point
Edge Punisher - 1 Point
Heavy Blade - 1 Point
Twin Blade - 1 Point
Ring Berserker - 2 Points
Flick Reaper - 2 Points
Axe Dragoon - 2 Points
Long Arm - 2 Points
Lord Partizan - 2 Points
Tribal Grappler - 2 Points
Dance Macabre - 3 Points
Wavemaster - 3 Points
Harvest Cleric - 3 Points
Shadow Warlock - 3 Points
Steam Gunner - 3 Points
Snipe Hunter - 3 Points
Dual Gunner - 3 Points

Steam Gunners
Steam Gunners use bayonets to attack, both as melee and as ranged weapons. Steam Gunners are the physical equivalent of Shadow Warlocks. Their shots are skills that operate the exact same way spells do, but deal physical damage instead. Steam Gunners' shots have greater range than any other physical hit, and their physical attack stat has the fastest progression of any class. In exchange, their melee hits take the same penalty as those of the other "caster" classes in that they lack any of the special types (i.e. "rapid attacks", "hold and release".) that most classes have access to.

Steam Gunner Skill Levels
Thorn Shot (Normal, Job Level 0) - A small range, normal damage jump and sweep with the gun.
Thunder Spark (Piercing, Job Level 4) - A small range double shot.
Plectra Bullet (Aerial, Job Level 7) - A small range rapid fire in an upward direction.
Tempest Blast (Piercing, Job Level 12) - A large range, powerful piercing shot.
Sphere Bullet (Aerial, Job Level 16) - A small range, upward scatter shot.
Dust Bullet (Aerial, Job Level 21) - A large range attack consisting of three consecutive shots upward.

Dual Gunners
The sibling class to Steam Gunner, the Dual Gunner is a Hidden Class only available through Hidden Quests or special circumstances, such as Events or Special Limited Edition CC Corp Giveaways. Little is known about Dual Gunners because they are not a populated class. All that is known about them is that they wield dual pistols and have the same armor class and stats as the Steam Gunner.

Dual Gunner Skill Levels
Prelude to Battle (Normal, Job Level 0) - A multi-hit skill in which the user draws both guns and fires both in rapid succession.
Storm Waltz (Area, Job Level 3) - An area skill in which the user first tosses a handful of coins into the air, and then fires in quick succession at them before they hit the ground, causing the shells to ricochet off of the coins and rain down from above in order to strike multiple enemies at once.
Moonlit Serenade (Piercing, Job Level 5) - An armor-piercing attack in which the user first focuses a large amount of spiritual energy into their weapon, and then fires it out as a focused beam with the capibilty of piercing through most defensive spells and armors.
Archangel's Requiem (Aerial/Area, Job Level 7) - A powerful, multi-hit area attack in which the user first draws both guns, focusing his spiritual energy into the weapons before flipping into the air and firing a rain of beam-like bolts of energy upon the enemy.
Aria of Chaos (Single, Job Level 9): A skill in which the user first engulfs his enemy in a thick cloud of smoke-like fog in order to reduce visibility before circling around and firing explosive rounds from all directions, making it near impossible to determine where the attacks are actually coming from.
Mystic Nocturne (Support/All Allies, Job Level 12) - Not an attack technique, but rather an extremely powerful support skill. The user focuses the power of his aura in order to greatly increase the physical attack power, defense, and speed of his entire party.
Last Symphony (Piercing/Single, Job Level 15): The most powerful Dual Gunner skill known to date. The user first traps the enemy in a magical field which temporarily slows time, reducing their opponent's movement to near zero before using the same type of magic in order to greatly increase their own speed, dashing around their enemy several times while firing several powerful, beam-like shots from all directions in order to utterly destroy them.
Justice (Normal, Master Arts Level 3) - A large radius attack where the users slashes the enemy with the blades on their guns from above, and then unleashes several rounds upon them. This attack usually precedes Double Trigger Judgement.
Double Trigger Judgement (Normal, Master Arts Level 3) - A combination attack that is only available after activating a Rengeki of any skill, assuming one is a Dual Gunner as a secondary or tertiary class. The user unleashes several rounds at point blank range on the enemy before backflipping and firing two powerful beams of energy to knock them into the air and do severe damage.

A mysterious class not normally available to normal players of the world. Much like Snipe Hunters, Archer’s specialize in deadly ranged attacks. Their ability to mentally control their arrows even after firing them, and to strike multiple targets from afar makes them one of The Worlds most deadly classes. Currently, the only known Archer in The World is Sengetsu, the ‘Archer of the Moon.’ The previous Archer before him was a man known as Lunar, who had existed during the days of R:1.

Archer Skill Levels
Scattershot (Job Level ???) – A powerful beam is charged into the bow and released, sending several bolts of energy flying in order to take down a group of enemies at once.

Shock (Job Level ???) – A defensive technique in which a powerful shockwave is released from the body. It’s normally used to knock back enemies that get too close, but it can also be used as a mean to disperse spells and knock aside projectiles as well.

Silver Ray (Job Level ???) – An extremely powerful beam of moonlight is fired from the bow, completely obliterating anything in its direct path.

Fall From Grace (Job Level ???) – A powerful three-hit combo attack in which the enemy is first knocked into the air with the shaft of the bow before being trapped in a crystallized prison of light. After being trapped, an arrow is fired from above in order to shatter the crystal and bring the enemy back to the ground.

Lunar Cry (Job Level ???) - Similarly to Scattershot, a powerful beam of energy is charge into the bow before it is shot against the sky, shattering apart as radiant arrows of blue-colored light rain down upon the battlefield from above.

Light of the Heavens (Job Level ???) – A recovery skill which utilizes the divine power of the moon to completely removes all adverse status affects (including KO), and restores full HP and SP to the party. It may only be used once per day.

Ring Berserker
The Ring Berserker is a new class released with the system updates that CC-Corp had added after the maintenance took place. It is a medium armor wearing class like the Twin Blade, and usually relies on leather armor to defend itself. They have boosted speed and accuracy stats because they use a Chakram as a weapon and attack from a mid-range distance, but they can also attack at close range while using their projectiles as blades. The Ring Berserker has two attack forms, which are a Rapid attack and a Hold and Release attack. The Berserker can also augment elemental spells that they may have into their weapons in order to create an elemental based attack.

Ring Berserker Skill Levels
Ring Fang (Normal, Job Level 0) - Releasing both Chakram at the same time, they fly outward and converge inward, gnashing against one another like fangs. They will bounce off of one another three times before returning to their master, hitting anything that gets in the way of its onslaught.

Rising Break (Normal/Aerial, Job Level 3) - Charging up power into chakram, the weapons are both released at the same time, rolling along the ground before rising up at the last moment to strike the enemy.

Flying Sawblades (Piercing, Job Level 5) - Charging up power into the chakrams, two large discus-shaped masses of energy are thrown at the enemy at supersonic speeds, piercing through even the toughest of armors.

Falling Star (Area, Job Level 7) - Both chakrams are thrown from the sky, creating a fiery explosion which spans out from the point of impact in order to damage all enemies caught in the blast.

Aura Field (Area, Job Level 9) - A protective technique in which both chakrams orbit around the users body at high speeds, generating a protective barrier which repels most magic and projectile attacks as well as damages anyone who gets too close.

Dancing Fang (Normal, Job Level 12) - A close ranged attack which several hits are dealt in a lightning fast manner before the chakrams are tossed at the opponent before returning to the user who then finishes the combo with a spinning blow from both weapons at once.

Volcanic Ring (Normal/Aerial, Job Level 15) - An extremely powerful multi-hit technique in which both chakrams are surrounded in a powerful veil of fire, generating explosive blasts of energy with each blow struck as the enemy is knocked into the air and struck respectively before both rings are tossed from above in order to pierce their body and pin them to the ground as a pillar of lava bursts from the earth underneath their bodies.

Azure's Unique Skills
Angel Discus (Unique, Skill Level ???) - Two, blue-colored, angel like wings sprout from the ends of both chakrams, surrounding them in an aura of blue colored light as they fly at the enemy. While this technique may not seem like much, it deals far more damage then the basic Ring Fang technique, and is capable of purifying players and monsters infected by the Tri-Edge Virus.

Orchid Blossom (Unique, Skill Level ???) - Both chakrams are tossed out before splitting out to form 10 separate blue-colored discs of energy. Each disc can be manipulated separately from the others, enabling Azure to use them to attack the enemy from all sides at once.

Binding Ring (Unique, Skill Level ???) - Several ring-like bolts of energy are fired in order to wrap around their enemy and bind their movement. Once in place, there are extremely difficult to break, even for one empowered by a Zodiac God.

Inugami's Howl (Unique, Skill Level ???) - Two, spectral wolf-like creatures are summoned to Azure's side in order to fight with him. Much more then just common familiars, both are extremely powerful, and won't be brought down by normal attacks.

Azul Storm (Unique, Skill Level ???) - Both chakrams are tossed into the air as several bolts of lightning rain down from the sky, striking the weapons and sending powerful bolts of electricity flying out in all directions.

Snipe Hunter
The Snipe Hunter is a new class released with the system updates that CC-Corp had added after the maintenance took place. It is a medium armor wearing class like the Twin Blade, and usually relies on leather armor to defend itself. The Snipe Hunter is primarily a long range fighter while its counterparts can serve as both close and mid-range fighters. Armed with Sniper Rifles, the Snipe Hunter has one type of attack, a Charge attack. They have the highest accuracy ratio of all classes, but lack in defense and other attributes.

Snipe Hunter Skill Levels
Stinger (Piercing, Job Level 0) - The Snipe Hunter loads a clip of spiral ammunition and fires off bullets that can rotate and change direction depending on the level of control the Snipe Hunter has over his weaponry. The Stinger has a high damage ratio and can pierce through strong armors in order to decimate its opponent.

Shakujo Esoteric
Armed with a Shakujo and O-fuda charms, the Shakujo Esoteric is a hidden class that results when the sweeping motions of the Flick Reaper and the thrusting motions of the Lord Partizan are fully combined, creating a complete attack range around the body of the Shakujo Esoteric. Wearing heavy armor, the Shakujo Esoteric has a slower movement speed than classes that wear lighter armor, but it's attack speed is quite high for such a class, specializing in rapid attacks.

Shakujo Esoteric Skill Levels
Frenzy Drill (Normal, Job Level 0) - A powerful forward thrust creates a shallow vortex of wind around the tip of the Shakujo, causing four hits and pushing the target back.
Pray (Stance, Job Level 1 SP: 5) - Assume a stance and channel strength into another target, increasing their attack power so long as the stance is held.
Hell Jab (Piercing, Job Level 3) - Ten rapid forward thrusts are unleashed upon the target.
Nirvana (Normal/Aerial, Job Level 5) - Knock the target into the air and unleash ten rapid upward thrusts into their vulnerable body.
Enlightenment (Area, Job Level 7) - Spin the Shakujo at high speeds around yourself, alternating between sweeping and aerial attacks.
Thunderclap (Area, Job Level 10 SP: 30) - Create an explosion of mystical energies near your enemies, sending them flying.
Charm (Homing, Job level 15 SP: 10) - Throw four O-fuda charms that home in on targets and explode after a short delay.
Enchanted Dagger (Piercing, Job level 16 SP: 20) - Throw a dagger with an O-fuda charm attached. Explodes on contact and stuns the target temporarily.
Space Warp (Area, Job Level 17 SP: 30) - Plant a hidden O-fuda charm on the ground as a trap, which will explode as soon as it is stepped on.
Light Arrows (Piercing, Job Level 21) - Perform a dash towards a single target at amazing speeds and skewer them on your Shakujo, flinging them off afterwards.
4. World Servers

(Δ) Delta Server - Aqua City Mac Anu
Delta Server is the newbie server of The World. The Dungeons and fields located in it are the lowest level in the game. As the newbie server, its Root Town Mac Anu is one of the most populated Root Towns in The World. Mac Anu is Delta Server's Root Town. It is a large city with numerous canals running throughout, boats and gondolas allow access to all areas of the city. The two key landmarks in the city are the Chaos Gate which is located in a large plaza, and the city's clocktower, where event notices are often posted. As the newbie town, it is the only Root Town that lacks a Grunty Ranch. Due to the large amount of people here, it is usually used as a gathering place for most of the large events that take place inside The World. Mac Anu is also the city where most of the Guild Headquarters are located, since it is free to create Guild Headquarts there.
Level: 1-20

(β) Beta Server - Bejeweled City Hari Tou
An ancient city crafted completely out of crystal and other rare gemstones. It’s name roughly translates to “Crystal Tower.” During the day the sunlight reflects off of the buildings, causing them to sparkle brightly enabling travelers to spot the city from far away. As another newbie town, it is highly populated with several players of The World.
Level: 1-25

(Θ) Theta Server - Highland City Dun Loireag
Theta Server is the second Server that players usually visit. The Fields and Dungeons here are higher level then those in Delta Server, though they're still not much of a challenge. Dun Loireag means "the Weaver Guardian." It is the Root Town of Theta Server. The city is carved into the top of incredibly tall stone spires. Bridges made of wood planks connect the spires to each other allowing players to walk between them. Steps carved into the side of the spires allow access to higher levels of the city, which includes many benches and terraces where players can relax and enjoy the view. In the backstory of The World Dun Loireag is a city city protected by sprites with buildings made of rocks coexisting with nature. This is the first place where players can find Grunties. A Grunty Farm is located on the edge of the city, and stray Grunties roam around within the town itself.
Level: 1-30

(Ψ) Psi Server - Castle of Fire Vulcan Inferno
A large castle built in the crater of an active volcano. Powerful magic keeps the boiling lava inside of the mountain from damaging the town, as well as keeps the temperature inside the city fairly cool. The area surrounding the city, however, is so hot it’s relatively unsuitable for human life, and thus this city has remained somewhat isolated for thousands of years.
Level: 25-40

(Λ) Lambda Server - Cultural City Carmina Gadelica
Lambda Server is the third Server that players usually visit in The World. The fields and dungeons here are much tougher then those located in the previous servers. Players who plan on adventuring here must be well prepared if they want to have a chance to survive as the monsters here start making heavy use of tolerances, forcing players to have a wide variety of skills in order to defeat them. Carmina Gadelica is the Root Town of Lambda Server, it means "the Song of Gael." The town is a large metropolis bathed in eternal night. The streets and canals of this town are lined with numerous shops, bars, and parks. Airships fly around the city though players are unable to ride on them. The city is generally used as a gathering point for more experienced players and is a center of trade within The World.
Level: 30-50

(Θ) Theta Server - Dol Dona
Dol Dona is built atop a fallen fragment of Fort Ouph. The city itself is controlled by the Beast-dominated Ogmios Faction and their leader Bipu Bapu. Because of this Beasts comprise most of Dol Dona's population. Dol Dona is known as the "Celestial City." Most of the medium sized Guild @Home's are located here, and is the next step up for Guild Leaders.
Level: 1-50

(Υ) Upsilon Server - Mysterious Garden Flora Eden
Also know as the City of Flowers. Flora Eden is built in the center of a large forest. Most of the buildings in this small city are crafted either from trees, or large, elaborate hedges that bloom with colorful flowers. Despite the cities somewhat peaceful aura, powerful monsters lurk in the forests and dungeons surrounding it and thus it’s advised that only experienced warriors venture beyond it’s walls.
Level: 40-65

(Σ) Sigma Server - Aerial City Fort Ouph
Fort Ouph means 'The Fort of Elves.' It originated as a fort built in preparation for a war with Carmina Gadelica, but since the peace agreement, it has acted as a watch tower for monsters. Fort Ouph was used as a lookout area to make sure no monsters escaped through the Spirit Shield. Also used by Carmina Gadelica. Due to magical powers, the city is able to float in midair, thus making it a mythical city in the clouds.
Level: 50-70

(ζ) Zeta Server - Steel Metropolis Guia Machina
A large, bustling metropolis built with advanced Magi-technology. Much like Fort Orph, Guia Machina floats in the air, high above a desolate desert. Other than the Chaos Gates, the only means of transport into or out of the city are the large shuttles which fly out to other cities such as Hari Tou in order to collect supplies.
Level: 65-80

(Ω) Omega Server - Relic City Lia Fail
Lia Fail means 'The Stone of Destiny.' This city was a holy ground of the Tartarga people before the Great War, but it was destroyed by the Carmina Gadelica forces which did not like the idea. The Omega Sector holds the highest level of monsters and dungeons, as well as the Arena.
Level: 70-99

(Σ) Sigma Server - Breg Epona
Breg Epona served as a last resort weapons factory made by the Humans during their conflicts with the Beast Tribes. Breg Epona appears as a technological city that is a large steel city much like Guia Machina, but it is not as sophisticated as it. The largest Guild @Home's exist within this Server, and some of the more powerful Guild Leaders who do not have a private server exist within this Server.
Level: 50-100

(α) Alpha Server - Broken Land Scar Interra
The Alpha Server is a destroyed land, ripped by the Wave of the Virus and never repaired except for digitally, but the buildings and citizens are still distraught and damaged. Scar Interra is not a nice place to be, but the monsters and the dungeons are of such high level, that most players go there to reap the fruits of their labor, obtaining some of the greatest items in the game.
Level: 80-100

(Ξ) Shinka Server - Death Valley Shinu Mai
A hidden server only accessible to the elite players of The World. The city of the Shinka Server is a black castle on a floating platform that hovers over a bottomless pit. The area around the castle is surrounded with vicious, terrifying creatures that will destroy any single player, despite their level. It is unintelligent to travel there alone, so a party is recommended. A secret creature lurks beneath the lands of the Shinka Server, granting the players who slay him the best items in the game as well as the recognition as the most powerful and the best of the best in The World.
Level: 100-200

(Ω) Lumina Cloth - The Arena
A special server that has no battle level because it houses the Arena where Players can go to battle other Players as a team or a solo function. Lumina Cloth houses the Arena and the Guild Home of a guild consisting of the Arena champions, or Emperors. Having no fields, the only PKing that can occur in Lumina Cloth is in the Arena. Since it houses the Arena, Lumina Cloth is frequented by players of all levels, and is an ideal place to obtain rare items through trade.

(紅魔宮) Demon Palace Arena - Levels 1-50 (Emperor Level: 50)
(碧聖宮) Holy Palace Arena - Levels 51-100 (Emperor Level: 100)
(死の宮) Death Palace Arena - Levels 101-155 (Emperor Level 150)
(竜賢宮) Sage Palace Arena - Levels 156-200 (Emperor Level: 200)
5. Characters List

.hack//Genesis Character's Thread

Blade Brandier
Silver Fox Gin/Kouji Yusa (Blademaster/Deleted - Level 80) - Vashie-kun
Kamui/Kaoru Kamui (Blade Brandier/Head Administrator - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Exodus/? (Blade Brandier - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Axe Dragoon
Zeffrea/Nobutoshi Jegan (Axe Dragoon - Level 200) - MonsieurCopperpants
Edge Punisher
Bastion/Sebastian Carter (Edge Punisher - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Long Arm
CrimsonXIII/Ender Rydell (Long Arm/Hacker - Level 105) - Rei Ryoko
Lanceor/Hiyama Nobuyuki (Long Arm - Level 123) - Vashie-kun
Leviticus/? (Long Arm - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Baldur/? (Long Arm - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Lord Partizan
Tribal Grappler
Nicolo/? (Tribal Grappler/Deceased - Level 6x) - Rei Ryoko
Ragnarok/? (Tribal Grappler - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Twin Blade
Ryusuke/Morgan Misawa (Twin Blade - Level 125) - Cid_Luneth
Mint Cream/Aya Hisakawa (Twin Blade/Lost One - Level 103) - Usagi Kuro
Seraphim/? (Wavemaster - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Dance Macabra
Merrows/Mai Touma (Dance Macabra - Level 123) - Usagi Kuro
Sakana_Yama/Masamitsu Saka (Dance Macabra - Level 70) - Vashie-kun
Flick Reaper
Gunzi/Allen Walker (Flick Reaper/Death Palace Emperor - Level 155) - Vashie-kun
Krotar/Nathaniel Karuyama (Flick Reaper - Level 108 ) - Krotar
Amarok/Usagi Nakamura (Flick Reaper - Level 1) - AssRape Dingo
Saitou/Shinjiro Agaraki (Flick Reaper - Level 120) - Mikami_X_Kira
Harvest Cleric
Kotaru the Sun God/Kisuke Tsugimaru (Harvest Cleric/System Administrator - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
NightwingsFall/Melody Manning (Harvest Cleric - Level 1) - Lily Wong
Shadow Warlock
Shinja the Serpent God/Hebiza Tatsu (Shadow Warlock/Deceased - Level 105?) - Rei Ryoko
Eschaton/? (Shadow Warlock - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Multi Weapon
Fate/Hoshikawa Yumikuro (Multi-Weapon - Level 151) - Vashie-kun
AzureFang/Zev Vacierello (Multi-Weapon/Werewolf - Level 135) - Rei Ryoko
Pyron/Asimov Rose (Multi-Weapon - Level 156) - Vashie-kun
Yojimaru/Aidan Carson (Multi-Weapon - Level 150) - Yojimaru
Nefarious/William Gooding (Multi-Weapon/Deceased - Level 175) - Vashie-kun
Genesis/? (Multi-Weapon - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Steam Gunner
Aranna/Kouji Yusa (Steam Gunner - Level 50) - Vashie-kun
Zenneth/Katashiro Saeki (Steam Gunner/Tri-Edge - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Dual Gunner
Eclipse/Hunter Coolidge (Dual Gunner/Werewolf - Level 151) - Rei Ryoko
Marionette/Tucker Theodore Cherenkov (Dual Gunner - Level 1) - xXBaitos-KamaelXx
Sengetsu/Hunter Coolidge (Archer - Level 155) - Rei Ryoko
Ring Berserker
Shishiou/Asuza Morrison (Ring Berserker/Player Killer - Level 125) - Vashie-kun
Snipe Hunter
Diavolo/? (Snipe Hunter - Level 200) - Vashie-kun
Shakujo Esoteric
Falken/? (Unknown - Level Unknown) - Vashie-kun

Made-Up Character Code
Gaian Name:
Character Name:
Real Life Name:
Online Gender:
Real Life Gender:
Online Age: (Optional)
Real Life Age: (Optional)
Race: (I'm going to be leniant on race, but there will be rules posted down below)
Level: (I don't care if you want to make yourself a high level, but it's better if you start out low so most people can interact)
Guild: (Optional)
Grunty: (Optional)

6. Guilds

Guild Name: Blades of the Roseo
Guild Symbol: Two swords crossed over a red rose.
Guild Description: A group of various level players of The World who attempt to keep some form of peace and justice throughout the different cities and amongst other players. They have a strong dislike against Player Killers and Hackers. The @home is a machine fortress located in ζ Fallen Machine Vengeance.
Guild Leader: Cerenarius
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member: Kotaru the Sun God
Guild Member: Aira the Red
Guild Member: Bastion
Guild Member: Krotar
Guild Member: Ryusuke
Guild Member: Yojimaru
Guild Member: Vidai
Guild Member: Gunzi the Red Scythe
Guild Member: Aranna
Guild Member: AzureFang
Guild Member: Kamui
Guild Member: CrimsonXIII
Guild Member: Zenneth (ex-Member)
Guild Member: Shinja the Serpent God (ex-Member)
Guild Member: Genesis (ex-Member)
Guild Requirements: None, everyone is welcome

Guild Name: Icolo
Guild Symbol: Unknown
Guild Description: A private Guild only for high ranking Arena competitors and Arena Emperors.
Guild Leader: Taihaku
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member: Sirius
Guild Member: Gunzi
Guild Member:
Guild Member: Fate
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: You must be a High Ranking Arena Competitor or an Arena Emperor.

Guild Name: Canard
Guild Symbol: http://www.dothackers.net/carnard.gif
Guild Description: Canard is newbie-friendly group, aiding newcomers to The World, but is often the target of Kestrel PK's.
Guild Leader:
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: Character cannot be a player-killer

Guild Name: Kestrel
Guild Symbol: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Guild Description: Kestrel is the largest of the guilds in The World. The guild has over 5,000 members. The former Leader Gabi used to say that it was so large because Player Killing was just another part of The World. Bastion is the temporary Leader of Kestrel while Gabi is missing from The World.
Guild Leader: Gabi (Leader); Bastion (Temporary Leader)
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: Must be a Player Killer.

Guild Name: Catalyst
Guild Symbol: A large circular symbol with the 12 signs of the Zodiac lining the outside of the circle while the symbol for Serpentarius is blazoned in the middle.
Guild Description: A mysterious guild whose true intentions are unknown. They seem to be searching out players with certain special ‘characteristics.’
Guild Leader: Shinja the Serpent God
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member: Aranna
Guild Member: Nicolo
Guild Member: Eclipse
Guild Member: Fate
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: Unknown. It’s rumored than you can only get in if the Guild Master sends you an invitation personally.

Guild Name: CC-Corp
Guild Symbol: The CC-Corp Logo
Guild Description: The Official CC-Corp Guild for System Administrators of The World
Guild Leader: Kamui
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member: Kotaru the Sun God
Guild Member: Shinja the Serpent God
Guild Member: Cerenarius (ex-Member)
Guild Member: Nefarious (ex-Member)
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: You have to be working with CC-Corp in order to be a part of the Guild. Either that or you get a special invitation from a System Administrator.

Guild Name: Cobalt Knights
Guild Symbol: Doesn't have one.
Guild Description: A guild for admins/players who want to restore order to The World. Each member gets a Divine Spear of Wotan, or a Divine Sword of Wotan, they are use to delete vagrant AI's, debug people/item/etc., and also to ban hackers.
Guild Leader:
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: Must be above level 50, class must be Long Arm, or Blademaster. Must be loyal to the admins, and also you have to follow your missions, you must also have to restore the order in The World. Must not mind wearing a certain type of outfit.

Guild Name: Dominion of Babylon (Fake Name) || Kyuubi Ring (Real Name)
Guild Symbol: A fortress type Castle with a Fox lying atop of it.
Guild Description: An informational Guild meant to help the Players of The World. The Guild @Home hides out in the Field of Υ Hidden Forest Genesis and is a giant Fortress guarded by several Players at all hours of the day, so making an entrance without an invitation is strictly prohibited.
Guild Leader: Silver Fox Gin/Aranna (Though his name isn't registered as the Leader)
Guild Co-Leader: AzureFang (Registered Leader, but Gin/Aranna is the true Leader working from underground)
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member: MintCream
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: A personal invitation from the Guild Leader.

Guild Name: The New Generation
Guild Symbol: A dark blue TNG above The World logo. The TNG stands for "The New Generation."
Guild Description: A guild based only around new Players coming into The World recently. Located in Σ Rebirthing Genesis Revolution.
Guild Leader: Nefarious
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer: CrimsonXIII
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements: Personal invitation from Nefarious when a person starts a new character in The World.

Guild Name: Hasshoudou
Guild Symbol:
User Image
User Image
User Image
Guild Description: Zenneth's Hasshoudou. They are his most loyal and powerful warriors. Their location is hidden somewhere in the Outer Dungeon.
Guild Leader: Zenneth
Guild Co-Leader: Genesis
Guild Enforcer: Ragnarok
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member: Exodus
Guild Member: Leviticus
Guild Member: Eschaton
Guild Member: NightwingsFall
Guild Member: Seraphim
Guild Member: Baldur
Guild Member: Diavolo
Guild Requirements: Unknown

Guild Name:
Guild Symbol:
Guild Description:
Guild Leader:
Guild Co-Leader:
Guild Enforcer:
Guild Treasurer:
Guild Messenger:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Member:
Guild Requirements:
7. BBS Log


While I was speaking with Apathetic, I came to a decision about a better way to keep BBS Forums tied in with the Roleplay so that they won't just be crammed all into one little post, but also not spread out through the Roleplay in other peoples posts. I made a separate forum strictly for BBS Posts, so when you wish to make a BBS Post, you simply need to go here:
This will make things a great deal easier.

Topic: Dual Gunner Sighted
Author: AzureFang

Message: Did anyone else see him? A Dual Gunner's been wandering around Mac Anu lately. It's pretty rare occurance, right? After all, it's a pretty rare class. I checked the game logs and there are only about 200 or so of them registered out of all the players.

RE: Dual Gunner Sighted
Author: 1337Blademaster2000

Message: You mean that guy with the wolf tail and crescent-moon jacket? Yeah, I saw him. He denied my party request T.T. Too bad...I really wanted to see how powerful he was.

RE: Dual Gunner Sighted
Author: Maya: Cleric of Peace&Love

Message: What?! Only 200 in the entire game?! How the heck did a newbie like him manage to unlock such a super-rare class?

RE: RE: Dual Gunner Sighted
Author: Risei

Message: Idiot! Didn't you hear? About a month ago CCcorp and Megagamers ran a special promotion where the 1500th customer reicieved a free copy of The World along with imediate access to the Dual Gunner class as well as a few unique avatar items. He's probably the winner.

RE: Dual Gunner Sighted.
Author: SilverNova

Message: Ah. That guy. I saw him pull his weapon on some other kid who was bothering him. Is he a PKer or something?

RE: RE: Dual Gunner Sighted
Author: Maya: Cleric of Peace&Love

Message: Doubt it. His level is too low for him to be much of a threat to anyone but newbies. He's probably just anti-social.

RE: RE: Dual Gunner Sighted.
Author: GritsNGravy

Message: Doesn't surprise me with the way you people harass him all the time. Leave the guy alone, for gods sake. If he want's to solo, that's his decision.

RE: Delicious
Author: Iyoten

Message: What a delicious sounding player! I totally can't wait to PK him!

Re: Delicious
Author: Eclipse

Looks like you were the ones who got their asses handed to them. Think about this next time you decide to PK someone. If I hear about you and your little friend causing trouble again I won't hesitate to come after you.

Topic: Seeking the Twilight
Author: Eclipse

I'm looking for info on the Key to the Twilight, the PK named Tri-Edge, and the mysterious symbols refered to only as 'Signs.' If anyone has any information regarding these things other than simple rumors please contact me. I'll try to reward you if I'm able to, but I don't have much...

RE: Seeking the Twilight
Author: Bordeaux

That fairy tale crap doesn't exist. Give it up.

RE: RE: Seeking the Twilight
Author: Sugaru

I agree with Bordeaux. Stop being a noob and just play the game.

RE: Tri-Edge
Author: Genesis

The rumors were that Tri-Edge has not appeared in over six months, but one of my friends was PKed by him today...I had to run away so that I didn't fall to the same fate, but I still don't forget the look that he had in his eyes when he did that weird move on him...That green light everywhere, and then nothing...Tri-Edge and my friend were both gone, and nothing was left but that weird "Sign"...This wasn't even in a Lost Ground, but it was a normal area...Delta - Eternal Bustling Bulwark.

RE: Not Worth It
Author: Proteus

Message: Neither the Twilight Key or Tri-Edge is anything that anyone should be bothering with. 99% of it is nothing but boredom and a waste of time; the other 1% is much, much worse. Tri-Edge acts on its own timetable, and we're already deep into Midnight, so you're better off just playing the game and forgetting about these anomolies.

Topic: Dual Gunners
Author: Apollo

If any of the 199 dual gunners would like to meet/train with/battle me please contact me...

Topic: Grunty = poison!?
Author: FishForMe

Message: So, I was walking by just stored stuff at the bank, and all the sudden a grunty castes poison on me!? What!! Since when could grunties cast poison!? And when I looked around to see who grunty it was, she ran off! Somewhere into the city of Mac Anu! Anyone knows who this person is? So I can Player Ki-... Nevermind... Just tell me the name of this person...

RE: Grunty = poison!?
Author: Bordeaux

HAHA!! Noob!

Re: Grunty = poison!?
Author: Mrs Sarcasm

Uh.. I dunno who your talking about.. but there was a Dance Macabra who just jumped onto one of the gondolas... she was carrying a black grunty. I almost feel sorry for the person who fell into the water, he said he lost some of his money.

Subject: Noob Killing Party!
Author: Trip

My partner and I are having a n00b killing fiesta at Delta: Burning Golden Rememberance. Bring your own n00b and have some violent fun as they hoplessly scream in terror! Hahaha!

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13. Character Profiles

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Fate
Real Life Name: Hoshikawa Yumikuro (Yumi)
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Female
Online Age: 17
Real Life Age: 16
Race: Human
Class: Multi-Weapon (First Stage: Twin Blade, Second Stage: Flick Reaper, Third Stage: Blade Brandier)
Level: 13
Appearance: Fate is very color coordinated with a red and black color scheme. He wears a tight, leather black topwear armor and red and black leather bottomwear armor with black leather boots that are colored red along the bottom. His shirt is sleeveless, so he wears a set of long gloves with the fist portion colored black and the arm length colored a dark red and two black wristbands, and his pants are just normal Twin Blade pants. He wears a black headband to emulate his favorite character from the old days of The World, when the Player Killer Sora was still active, although he only wears the headband to look like him. Fate's hair is short, black and spiked up with bangs coming down on all sides; it makes him look pretty wild. Despite her age, she only stands about five foot five inches tall in the real world, but her height in The World does not match that of her true persona. Fate in The World is about five foot nine inches tall. In his first form, the Twin Blade form, he wears his usual clothing and is equipped with two daggers of relatively low level. In his second form, the Flick Reaper form, he takes on heavy black body armor and a giant red scythe weapon of moderately high level. In his third form, his black armor grows spikes from the shoulders, knees, and wrists, and blood red scratch tattoos form across his eyes vertically, and his hair vanishes beneath a black skull helmet. In this form, he wields a large, one-handed black sword of exceptionally high level.
In the real world, Fate is actually a girl, and she has short, black hair that is usually tied into a ponytail with a red hairtie. She has a slightly pale complexion, but isn't as white as a bedsheet, and she looks healthy for her age. Fate is very attractive and has ice blue eyes and a beautiful complexion, making her a very popular and desired girl at school. She dresses like Fate does in The World, except without all of the armor; her clothing style follows a black and red color scheme, and she is always seen coming to school in one stylish outfit after the other.
Strengths: Fate, being a Multi-Weapon, is a Jack of All Trades. He is quick on his feet due to his First Job as the Twin Blade and is able to attack quickly as well as unleash a powerful series of combos. His second and third classes grant him the abilities to have a high defense and powerful attack skills, but also slow him down considerably when he wears heavier armor. In the real world, Fate has a rather warm heart for her companions and people that he is close to. As a result, she is trusting of most people and would die to protect the people she cared for if given the chance.
Weakness: Being a Multi-Weapon also makes Fate a Master of Nothing, considering the Multi-Weapons stats are seperated according to what Class he is at the time, so it makes them rather unbalanced, but he is still able to make due with his disadvantages. Some would say that Fate is too kind and trusting for her own good, making her vulnerable to Player Killers and other types of bad people both inside and outside of The World.
Personality: Fate, inside and outside of the game, is a generally friendly person. Se is easy to get along with, she has a lot of friends, and she is especially helpful to any of the new players that have joined The World. Fate detests Player Killers since she has been killed by them on more than one occasion, and she vowed to fight against the threat of Player Killers and stop their threat against The World. Recently, she got into the habit of being a Player Killer Killer, but due to this change in stature, some of her friends have started to waver away from her...as a more darker side of her comes out when fighting against Player Killers.
Background: Yumikuro's family history is pretty normal, but her Father does work as an honest, hardworking, and very successful Lawyer, and her Mother is a certified Doctor working at the local Hospital in Kyoto, Japan. Due to this comfortable lifestyle, Yumikuro has a lot of money just in general, but she has a job of her own watching the neighborhood children when their parents are at work, and they all play The World together. Fate, or Yumikuro, in the real world, has been playing The World for a little over a month, and she has progressed nicely in the new online craze that is spreading all over the world. Although she is only level 13, she is quite popular among the lower level and even higher level Players for being a kind hearted and generous player. Fate rarely ever sold her leftover items and would pass them out to all of the noobs in Mac Anu when he saw them wandering around. However, one day when Fate was travelling with a party of a level 9 Flick Reaper and a level 12 Dance Macabra, they were attacked by a large group of Player Killers on a Field after they had finished killing the Field Boss. The Flick Reaper was a girl that Yumikuro knew in real life named Tachibana Asano, and the Dance Macabra was a classmate of Yumikuro's; a boy named Makitari Ichitora. Both of them were killed by the Player Killers, and their bodies faded away like most of them did when the Players were killed. Outraged, Fate drew out her Twin Blade weapons and rushed in to attack, managing to kill off every single one of the Player Killers in a mad assault and several vicious, rapid attacks. When she was fighting, her anger and frusturation came full circle, and she showed no mercy to the Player Killers, branding her as a Player Killer Killer. Before the last Player Killer died, they vowed to kill the character known as Fate, saying that would be "his" last mistake. Fate logged off after that and decided to call up her friends after their incident with the Player Killers, however when she called, all she heard from both families were hysteric cries saying that their "children" had suddenly died in front of the computer screen, and that "they knew those games would be the death of them". True enough, on the local news the next day, Fate's two friends turned up dead after apparently having an epileptic seizure due to the extreme real life graphics of The World. No charges were being made against the CC Corp company, though, because the visor and the game clearly state that The World can cause epileptic seizure if played for too long. Yumikuro was guilt-stricken when she heard of her friends deaths, and she didn't play The World for a week, but after receiving an anonomyous e-mail saying that if she didn't return to The World within twenty-four hours she would die, she logged back on in fear of her own life. Now armed with a new desire to figure out what caused her friends deaths, Fate plays with a new kind of ambition, even though nothing has swayed her from being a generous and kind-hearted Player. But if someone were to look past those kind eyes of her character, they would notice the scorned heart of a emotionally traumatized teenager.
Guild: None
Grunty: None specified

Gaian Name: Rei Ryoko
Character Name: Eclipse
Real Life Name: Hunter Coolidge
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 19
Real Life Age: 15
Race: Human with a few wolf-like characteristics.
Class: Dual Gunner (Won rights to use class in a promotion that CCcorp was running at the game store he frequently visits. As the 1500th customer, he received a free copy of The World along with a special upgrade which gave him access to the Dual Gunner class.) He also seems to be interested in the Werewolf class, although the exact requirements for such an upgrade are currently unknown to him.
Level: 12
Appearance: Eclipse is somewhat intimidating to look at despite his relatively low level. His character stands little under 6 feet tall, with slightly long, raven black-colored hair which grows down a little ways past his shoulder blades. As his username implies, he normally dresses in dark-colored clothing, consisting of a black-colored sleeveless top under a black-colored leather jacket with a large, white-colored crescent-moon shaped symbol blazoned on the back. Along with the jacket, he wears a pair of leather slacks with white-fur lining the ends of the leggings, and a hole tailor in the back for his long, somewhat shaggy, black-colored wolf’s tail to poke through. Along with his tail he has a few other wolf-like characteristics including vibrant, golden-colored eyes with somewhat narrowed pupils, and a set of fang-like teeth. Eclipse also has a single, black-colored tattoo under his left eye which bears the same crescent-moon shape as the one on the back of his jacket.
Strengths: Passion and determination. Once Eclipse starts something, he doesn’t give up, no matter how tough things get. Seeing as his class prioritizes speed, much like the Twin Blade class, Eclipse is fairly fast on his feet, and normally has no trouble evading attacks. His weapons also allow him to attack at a distance, making him quite deadly seeing as he utilizes the dark color of his clothing and quite adept at moving stealthy, sniping down his opponents before they even see him.
Weakness: Recklessness. Eclipse will often rush into things without thinking them though completely and often gets both himself and his friends into danger because of it. Despite his speed, he has relatively low stamina, and doesn’t do well in close ranged battles. He’d probably do better if he teamed up with a ’tank’ player such as a Heavy Blade, however, ever since his sister Aira left the game, he’s normally been going at it solo, refusing help from other players.
Personality: At first glance, Eclipse seems very gruff, cold, and uncaring. He often seems so wrapped up in what he’s doing he completely ignores everything and everyone around him. He has a bit of a hot-temper, and is quick to lash out and get impatient with others. Despite all this, if you manage to crack through his rough exterior, Eclipse actually cares deeply about his friends and will go to great lengths to ensure their well being. Of course…he’d never actually admit to that.
Background: A relatively new player to The World, Eclipse joined the game about 2 months ago after being hassled by his older sister to join. Her character, ‘Aira the Red’, was already at a relatively high level, and, seeing as she was a Flick Reaper, was one of the more powerful and well-respected members of the World. Aira was also a prominent member of the Blades of the Roseo, and was quite well known for putting both hackers and PKers in their place.

One day while visiting his favorite game store, Eclipse happened to, completely by chance, managed to win a free copy of The World along with a special upgrade for his character through a random promotion CCcorp was running along with the game store. At Aira’s urging, Eclipse grudgingly downloaded the game onto his computer and began to play, although he never did seem to share his sister’s sense of ‘justice’ or ‘fair-play’, and simply thought of the game as a way to kill time when he wasn’t in school.

A few weeks passed, in which Eclipse slowly fell into the swing of the game. At first he only logged on about once or twice a week, and even then only played for an hour or two at a time. Eventually, however, he found his passion for the game growing, and occasionally even accompanied Aira in her quests to take down PKers…although most of the ones they hunted were of relatively low level. However, one day when exploring a high level dungeon, a somewhat odd-looking, high level character appeared before them. His class was unknown, and he didn’t appear to be armed. It was fairly clear that we was some sort of hacker. Her sense of justice being as strong as ever, Aira told Eclipse to run while she handled things. Knowing he’d only be in the way if he attempted to fight, Eclipse grudgingly gated out to the Root Town, thinking Aira’d be back in an hour or so. Even if she did get killed, she’d just respawn later…right? Hours passed with no sign of Aira. Eventually Eclipse got bored of waiting for her and logged off the game, figuring she must have done the same. After checking her room to see if she was alright, Eclipse received a nasty shock when he found his older sister collapsed in front of her computer, still strapped into her gear for The World.

A few weeks passed, and Aira was hospitalized, stuck in what appeared to be a comatose state. The doctors were stumped as to what was the cause, and their only suggestion was that perhaps she had gone into a seizure while playing the game. Naturally, Eclipse began to suspect something. He had heard rumors about events like this happening many years in the past, back when The World was still in its prototype stages. After surfing the BBS, he found stories scattered about a mysterious item called the ‘Key to the Twilight’, which apparently gave the user great power, and perhaps even be used to rewrite the rules of the game in and of itself. Putting the pieces together, Eclipse figured that Aira’s condition must somehow be related to the Key to the Twilight. Bound and determined to solve the mystery of his sister’s odd illness, Eclipse returned to The World, seeking out answers, about the Key to the Twilight, the mysterious group known only as the ‘Dot Hackers.’
Guild: None. Although the Blades of the Roseo seem to be interested him, and know that he once had a contact with Aira. A few even suspect him of being responsible for her comatose state. Few know that he his actually her brother, however.
Grunty: N/A

Gaian Name: Rei Ryoko
Character Name: Nicolo
Real Life Name: Unspecified
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Unspecified, but likely Male.
Online Age: 45
Real Life Age: Unspecified. But it’s doubtful that he’s a child.
Race: Cat-Person
Class: Tribal Grappler
Level: Exact level unknown. He’s been playing for a while so likely somewhere in the mid 60s level.
Appearance: Standing about 5’7’’ feet tall, with vibrant golden-yellow colored eyes and brownish-gray colored fur covering his entire body, Nicolo resembles an anthropomorphic version of some odd feline creature, with paw-like hands and feet, as well as a long tail growing down from the base of his spine. His most distinguishing features, however, are probably his ears, which are large, pointed, and somewhat bat-like in appearance. Seeing as he can’t be bothered to be burdened with heavy armor when he fights, Nicolo normally dresses in light, loose fitting clothing, consisting of a long, brown-colored, cloak-like robe over a pair of loose fitting cloth pants with a hole tailored in the back for his tail to poke through. In the rare event that he goes into battle, however, he normally sheds the robe so as not to be weighed down by it.
Strengths: His wisdom. Nicolo seems to know a lot about the happenings going in inside of ‘The World.’
Weakness: Dislike of battle. Although he’s aware of the conflicts and problems threatening the world, he prefers to sit back and simply watch things unfold on their own rather than go out and do something about them himself.
Personality: Calm and collected at all times. Nicolo almost seems to be an observer to ‘The World.’ He seems to know a lot about the events going on inside of the game, and sometimes chooses to share this info with others, although only if he takes a liking to them first. Although he’s a relatively high-level player, he seems to dislike the combat aspect of the game and instead focuses more on the social, building his relationships with other players and occasionally offering them a word of wisdom along the way.
Background: An enigmatic figure in many ways. Nicolo, much like his idol, the Harvest Cleric, Phyllo, rarely goes out into the dungeons and fields anymore, and rather spends most of his time around the fountain area of the Beta Server Root Town, simply watching other players go by. He’s gotten a bit of reputation for being a ‘Wiseman’ of sorts, and people often come to him with questions about the mysterious happenings that always seem to be going on inside of The World. Sometimes he shares what he knows…sometimes he doesn’t. At times it seems like he gives or withholds information on the sole basis of his whims. He does, however, seem to care deeply about those he has formed a relationship with in the game, and tries to look out for them the best that he can.
Guild: N/A
Grunty: N/A

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Gunzi
Real Life Name: Allen Walker
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 22
Real Life Age: 18
Race: Human
Class: Flick Reaper
Level: 155
Appearance: Gunzi has blood red hair that grows down to the small of his back and is just left as such without any kind of hair tie to keep it in place. He has yellow eyes and tan, leathery looking skin with two red scars marked across his eyes; it is unknown if they are scars from battle or simply part of his character design. Gunzi stands at five foot eleven inches tall and has a rather imposing looking body structure. Like most Flick Reapers, Gunzi wears heavy armor all over his body. His armor is dark blue with red gauntlets and red boots, and on the back of his chestplate is a red eye with a green pupil in the middle and an "I" above, signifying his allegiance to the Icolo Guild. His weapon is of an incredibly high level and rare brand, being a silver scythe with a crescent shaped blade that is coated in an emerald color to give it a bright green hue.
In the real world, Allen is a fairly normal looking kid. He is only around five foot six inches tall and has short black hair with glasses and hazel eyes. His general appearance makes him seem like a computer nerd, but he isn't. Allen always wears long sleeve, button up shirts and expensive looking pants, which makes him look like some kind of rich kid, but he really isn't.
Strengths: Obviously his high level in The World makes him strong, and he is an incredibly talented player, getting from levels one to fifty in little under two days of game playing.
Weakness: Gunzi, or Allen for that matter, is far too gung-ho when it comes to fighting. He will take on anyone that stands in his way without even considering what level they are. He also has a bit of a temper when things don't go smoothly.
Personality: Gunzi and Allen are both one in the same. He has a short temper and wants things to go his way all of the time, which is why he got to such a high level so it would be difficult for him to be pushed around. However, Gunzi is not a complete jerk and does help out those that are in need of help, especially if they're lower levels. He doesn't like seeing higher level players pick on other players, so he takes action and challenges them in the Arena of Lumina Cloth, where he stands with over two-thousand victories and zero losses.
Background: Gunzi has been playing The World ever since it was released, because his friend sent him a copy of it from Japan and he translated it on his own with the programs on his computer. He is a computer whiz kid and knows how to work one better than most computer programmers would, but he doesn't boast on his abilities all that much. In two days, Gunzi got from level one to fifty and was immediately recognized by Antares of Icolo. Gunzi fought Antares in the Arena and beat him rather quickly, and from there on, he went to fight against Alkaid, Sirus, and Taihaku. He managed to beat Alkaid and Sirus, but he was quickly put in his place by Taihaku. Despite losing, Gunzi was given an honorable position in Icolo and made an Emperor of a newly created Palace, the Death Palace. To this day, Gunzi goes about all of the Root Towns challenging any noteworthy opponent and assisting other lower levels in The World.

It has recently been discovered, that despite all of Gunzi's denials of Tri-Edge's existance, he has actually seen him in a Lost Ground in the Shinka Server. He claims that his brother and girlfriend were killed by Tri-Edge, and in result of that, died in the real world as well.
Guild: Icolo
Grunty: N/A

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Kotaru the Sun God
Real Life Name: Kisuke Tsugimaru
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 23
Real Life Age: 16
Race: Human
Class: Harvest Cleric
Level: 199
Appearance: Kotaru is a tall male Wavemaster with long, blonde hair and radiant blue eyes that sparkled like the ocean and were as clear as the sky. He stands at six feet and has a long staff that is just as tall as him with a golden sun for a staff head and six runes placed around it in a circle. The Cleric wears a long white robe with white boots and a pair of white gloves to complete his ensemble; every now and then, he is seen wearing a white mantle with golden trimmings on it and a number "6" engraved on the back with a golden thread.
In the real world, Tsugimaru is a short, five foot six inches sixteen year old boy with wavy hair that goes down to his shoulders and is dyed a light shade of blue with black tips in the front and back and green eyes. He is usually seen wearing a pair of black pants with a black, zip up jacket that he leaves open and a white shirt beneath it with a pair of black boots; the complete opposite of his character in The World. On the back of his jacket is a red "6" painted on with what appears to be spray paint.
Strengths: Kotaru and Tsugimaru both are incredibly intelligent, despite the fact that he is only a sixteen year old kid, he is capable of running programs and designing certain aspects of The World that no other CC-Corp Administrator is capable of.
Weakness: Kotaru and Tsugimaru are both lazy and lacking any kind of motivation whatsoever; he calls everything boring and doesn't even like to lead, host, or create Events since he says they're a waste of time and good graphics.
Personality: Kotaru/Tsugimaru is a lazy individual who would rather just lounge around in The World instead of doing any real work, because he just thinks everything is a waste of time. He even automatically set his level to 199 with only one more point of experience to reach level 200 just to save him the trouble of actually playing. The teen doesn't necessarily abuse his powers as an Administrator, mainly because he never does anything with them anyways, even when Hackers are on the loose. His motto is "Justice and administrative powers with laziness!" Other than that, Kotaru/Tsugimaru is an intelligent programmer that knows a lot of information on how to design things in The World that other Admins are jealous of.
Background: Tsugimaru first worked as a volunteer Mod for The World R:1 when it was around and didn't have much contact with the CC-Corp except for when they sent him Flash Mails asking him to host special Events. He always thought that they were terribly boring, but he decided to do it anyways. One day, Tsugimaru was playing around with his Emulator and Modifier programs and ended up creating a perfect copy of Balmung of the Azure Sky in homage to his great achievements and set it up in the middle of Mac Anu for everyone to see, but it was destroyed by a System Administrator and Tsugimaru was taken into custody in The World by all of them. However, he didn't stay there for long as he proved his worth by using the Modifier program to deduct all of the HP and Levels of the Administrators down to one and make himself level 100. Due to his prowess and prodigal skills in the art of the Programming, they hired him as a CC-Corp Administrator despite the fact he was only fifteen at the time. After the destruction of The World R:1, Tsugimaru was fired shortly, but rehired in order to help create a lot of different aspects of The World, ranging from World Servers to the Character Classes, and he was given the title of Sun God when he created the Level 200 Boss Monster that lurks beneath the surface of the Shinka Server with the other Boss Creatures; The Boss was known as the Sun God, and to this day, has yet to be defeated by anyone, making it Tsugimaru's crowning achievement in programming.
Guild: CC-Corp
Grunty: Sun Grunty - A Yellow chibi grunty that he occasionally carries around on his head. It looks and dresses exactly like Kotaru...and sleeps a lot like him too.

Gaian Name: Rei Ryoko
Character Name: Shinja the Serpent God
Real Life Name: Hebiza Tatsu
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 32
Real Life Age: 27
Race: Human (Zodiac Catalyst)
Class: Shadow Warlock
Level: Unknown. His marked level is 105, but he seems to possess powers that far surpass that of his level.
Appearance: Standing at about 5’11’’ tall, Shinja has navy blue colored hair that grows down to about the tips of his ears and is short enough that it can be kept in a messy, unbrushed state. He normally dresses in a somewhat flamboyant kimono-like robe, which is the same dark-blue color as his hair and bears an elaborate design of a long, green-colored serpent that wraps around the garment so it’s head meets it’s tail right around the wearer’s chest area. Due to his outfit, Shinja has the slight tendency to stand out in crowds, however, his most striking feature is his eyes, which almost seem to glow with an unnatural looking bright green color.
Strengths: Knowledge of the Zodiac God legend. Extremely powerful magic. Ability to call upon the Heretic God, Serpentarius.
Weakness: Low physical defense and stamina. The fact that he cannot fully control his own power.
Personality: Mysterious in more ways than one, much like his predecessor Ovan, most players who know Shinja simply describe him as being ‘weird.’ Perhaps even more of an enigma than the ‘wiseman’ Nicolo, Shinja is often cryptic and hard to read, speaking in riddles and metaphors. His motives, much like his true power, are unknown…
Background: An employee for CC Corp. Although Tatsu is not officially a game admin, he works as a programmer for the company, designing events, areas, and special character models in order to help the admins in the game and attract new people to play the game. He used to be a loyal worker just like many of the employees of the corporation, however, recent events have caused him to rethink his opinion of the company. After surfing the BBS and several other fansites, Tatsu slowly but surely familiarized himself with the story of the Zodiac Gods. Fascinated by the tale, he became obsessed with finding them, and instead of seeing the gods as dangerous AIs that needed to be either destroyed or controlled, rather viewed them as the seeds for a new era that was emerging inside of the game.

Eventually, Tatsu’s fervor led him into the game itself. He created a Shadow Warlock character by the name of Shinja and dove into the mystery of the Zodiac Story, searching every nook and cranny of The World for clues that might lead him to one. Eventually, he uncovered the Epitaph of Serpentarius, and managed to decipher the poem, following the clues to the lair of the 13th Zodiac God. The Heritic, Serpentarius. A cataclysmic battle ensued, one in which Shinja was almost defeated, however, but some miracle, the Warlock managed to defeat Serpentarius, in turn gaining the Zodiac God’s powers and becoming it’s Catalyst.

His quest did not end there, however. Shortly after gaining the power of Serpentarius, Shinja created a guild under the name of Catalyst, with the soul intention of tracking down the other 12 Zodiac Gods and their respective PC Catalysts. So far, his search has been largely unsuccessful. However, using his influence as a programmer, Shinja has planted seeds which he hopes will eventually lead others to the lairs of the remaining gods. One of which has been placed in a certain Dual Gunner PC design which was given out as a promotion event sponsored by CC Corp and the Megagamers video store…
Guild: Catalyst (Guild Master)
Grunty: N/A

Gaian Name: Usagi Kuro
Character Name: Merrows
Real Life Name: Mai Touma
Online Gender: Female
Real Life Gender: Female
Online Age: 23
Real Life Age: 26
Race: Human
Class: Macabre Dancer
Level: 123
Appearance: Merrows
Strengths: Water Spells, a high tolerance for water. Hacking abilities.
Weakness: Fire spells. Horrible at battle.
Personality: Calm, collected. You will not know her intetions untill they are hallway to fruition.
Background: A computer proffesional Mai has made her living in coding, and hacking. A fan of a the legend behind the game, she oftens spends hours searching in the bowels of the internet for information. As soon as she created a character she hacked into her account, modifying it. She enjoys messing with peoples stats, so do not cross her. Her previous account, Arche Koelen, was deleted, per her own request. Now she wishes to remain neutral in the growing conflict between Hackers/PKers and CC Corp.
Grunty: Aqua Grunty

Gaian Name: Willie Wilcox
Character Name: Roland
Real Life Name: Will or Willie
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: About 25
Real Life Age: 15
Race: Human
Class: Long Arm
Level: 28
Appearance: Roland
Strengths: Good Tactician
Weakness: Gives Up To Easily
Personality: Willie is an easy going player that just plays the game for the fun of it. He is always willing to help other players who are in trouble or need help.
Background: Willie played the game for a month or two, but then grew tired of the game and quit for several weeks. Until one day he decided to give The World another chance and logged back into his old account.
Guild: N/A
Grunty: N/A

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Nefarious
Real Life Name: William Gooding
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 17
Real Life Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: Multi-Weapon (First Stage: Blade Brandier, Second Stage: Twin Blade, Third Stage: Dance Macabra)
Level: 45
Appearance: Nefarious wears a long, dark blue robe in his second stage as a Twin Blade, but his appearance before that was unknown. With the rest of his ensemble, he wears black sandals that split his toes down the middle with the string that attaches them together. He also wears a pair of long, dark blue gloves that go up to his forearms and a black headband tied around his head. Nefarious' skin is a milky white color, and his wave signs wave signs are two red, sharp edged lines that come down from his eyes, curve, and then go down to the point just above his chin. When he reaches his third form, Nefarious' outfit will change from the long blue robe to a sleeveless blue shirt with a hakama for his lower portion of his outfit. The sandals will remain, but the headband will be removed and replaced with a pair of thin glasses to represent his real self. His hair is long, black, and goes to his shoulders, which he promptly flicks out of the way to show his distaste in other people. Both in The World and in reality, Nefarious' eyes are dark green. In real life, William is a normal looking school kid with short, blonde hair, glasses, and normal every day clothing.
Strengths: Intelligent
Weakness: Arrogance
Personality: Nefarious is a firm believer of the New Generation of The World, and thus, that makes him seem angry towards the veterans of the game. He is very arrogant and thinks highly of himself above others. Seeming to have no morals, Nefarious will speak out against anyone, even the CC Corp Administrators.
Background: Recently joining The World, Nefarious created a Multi-Weapon to be balanced, and he excelled in levels quickly, reaching Level 45 before even going out on any Quests. Afterwards, he became a regular in the Arena's Demon Palace rankings and currently fights on his own. Nefarious has encountered Eclipse and Fate, and is now in the workings of making a Guild based around the New Generation of The World players.
Guild: The New Generation
Grunty: Young Grunty

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Silver Fox Gin
Real Life Name: Kouji Yusa
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 19
Real Life Age: Unknown
Race: Human (Appears to have fox-like facial features)
Class: Blademaster ||
Player-Killer || Hacker
Level: 166?
Appearance: User Image Gin carries a long katana on his back, which gives away his class as a Blademaster. He has never actually unsheathed it, though, and has just used magic to defeat his opponents.
Yusa's real appearance is unknown, because he lives alone as a Hacker and simply steals people's money from the online world in order to get what he needs. Those who have seen him have only seen fleeting glimpses before he is nothing more than a memory.
Strengths: Yusa, in the real world, has incredibly fast hands due to certain instruments that he plays, thus, he can control Gin with a intense level of quick reactions.
Weakness: Yusa is especially arrogant, rude, cocky, and self-centered, which leaves very little to be desired from him since he has no friends and over one-thousand enemies (all of which he has killed or betrayed). His true weakness in the game is being ganged up on by multiple groups of individuals, because he is used to confronting his opponents in moderately safe, one-on-one battles; that way he can kill them and not have to worry about any stragglers escaping to speak of him.
Personality: Both Gin and Yusa have a rebellious nature to them, and they are extremely arrogant, rude, cocky, and self-centered. He believes his Hacking abilities to be the best in all of The World and will stop at nothing to take credit for other people's works if they didn't claim it for themself, which he has done on numerous occasions in the BBS Forums. Yusa seems to have no compassion for those beneath him, and will use any kind of underhanded method to bring enjoyment to himself, even if it means manipulating lower level players to do his bidding.
Background: Yusa lives alone and plays The World on his computer, while he has two others on each side of him that he uses to run various hacking programs that allow him to break the boundaries of The World, which includes warping without Chaos Gates, jumping to inhuman lengths, flying, and even having the ability to administer one-hit kills on his opponents only when necessary due to the length of programming he needs to run. He has been playing The World for as long as it has come out, and was constantly on the run from System Administrators who want to have his character deleted, so he is very elusive, and only makes rare appearances in the Root Towns every once in a blue moon in order to collect items that he needs. Normally he uses his Guild's Home Server to do his buying and selling and other information gathering, and even though he is the Leader of the Guild, he sent an emissary of his to consult the Administrators and obtain the Server for his @Home, therefore he was not caught up on owning the Guild. Yusa has had several encounters with Nicolo where he tempted him to join his Guild so the two of them could own every bit of information in The World together, but the enigmatic cat player refused his offer without a second thought. Now, Yusa usually spends his time withholding information to himself on several dusty notebooks and journals scattered about in his house, and in The World, he spreads a seed of doubt and turmoil throughout the Game, while taking his chances to pester and generally irritate other Players for his own enjoyment. Gin also hides his real level, since if his Player were to be inspected, they would only see that he was a Level 166, when his real level is unknown, though one could imagine that it was rather high due to his skill as a Hacker. In the Real World, Yusa plays the Guitar and the Piano, which is where he acquired his ability to control Gin with incredible speed due to his quick moving fingers.
Guild: Dominion of Babylon (Fake Name) || Kyuubi Ring (Real Name)
Grunty: Foxy Grunty - A yellow and white Grunty wearing a Japanese Kitsune Mask over its face that speaks in a rude, slang type Japanese dialect, thus making it impossible to understand.

Gaian Name: Usagi Kuro
Character Name: Mint Cream
Real Life Name: Aya Hisakawa
Online Gender: Female
Real Life Gender: Female
Online Age: 18
Real Life Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: Twin Blade
Level: 103
Appearance: [Minty!]
Strengths: Her earth and water-based attacks are quite strong.
Weakness: A low HP, and a forgetfullness to stock up on restoritive items.
Personality: A touch arogant online, but genrally friendly in real life.
Background: Aya is a senior in Highschool with her 18th birthday slowly approaching. Her boyfriend, a college freshmen, is often to enthralled in The World to pay much attention to her, so she decided to join in with him. He sent her this character open her request. She tends to stay on the BBS more than play the game, but when she plays, she's mostly PKing.
Guild: Player Killers {Messanger}
Grunty: Milky Grunty, Juku

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Pyron
Real Life Name: Unknown
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Unknown
Online Age: Nineteen
Real Life Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Class: Multi-Weapon (First Stage: Tribal Grappler, Second Stage: Edge Punisher, Third Stage: Blade Brandier)
Level: 156
Appearance: User Image The only time Pyron's appearance was different than his current one was when he had first started playing in The World, and nobody had even known who he was at the time, therefore, it is unknown to his peers. His appearance in the real world is also shrouded in mystery, not even knowing if he is male or female.
Strengths: Pyron has always been adept at killing large groups of enemies, whether they be monsters or players.
Weakness: He gets sidetracked and thrown off a lot, causing him to confuse and agitate himself to the point he does not think before acting.
Personality: Pushy and easily pissed off, Pyron is the typical, run of the mill Player Killer, but beneath that, he is a very intelligent individual when he wants to be, going so far as to know every bit of information about Cerenarius, Fate's former character. He is also fiercely loyal to his comrades Saka and Komamura, who he is fighting to bring back to The World.
Background: Everything before knowing Saka is unknown about Pyron's past. He first encountered Saka in a Field where she PKed him multiple times, simply because he kept coming back to fight her even though he was weaker than her. Despite having lost all of his equipment, he still showed up to fight her with literal gear that a newbie would wear. Seeing how resilient he was, Saka let him join her team and gave him everything back, forming the deadly Triad that would soon be simply called "Fish Mountain".
Guild: Fish Mountain (unofficial Guild consisting of only himself, Saka, and Komamura)
Grunty: None

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Zenneth
Real Life Name: Katashiro Saeki
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: Twenty
Real Life Age: Sixteen
Race: Human/Tri-Edge Virus
Class: Steam Gunner
Level: 200
Appearance: User Image In his original form, Zenneth made a character based off exactly how he looked in the real world. He had natural blue hair, which was unnatural in the sense that it did not run typically in genes of normal people; his eyes were also a natural yellow color. Zenneth had a very odd sense of dressing, constricting himself to wearing two different types of colors at one time and combining them together by means of crafting. One half of his clothing style was a light color, mostly white, and the other half was a dark blue color. He matched that in The World in the same fashion.
User Image After becoming the Tri-Edge Virus he created, Zenneth had literally turned into a monster. His hair shifted to a green color, both online and offline because of his android body. The eye color stayed the same, and red and black markings appeared on him in order to signify what he had truly become. Other than that, not a lot had changed about him.
Strengths: With the Tri-Edge Virus, Zenneth is an Ultimate Hacker, allowing himself to become any Class he wishes, making him a literal godlike figure in terms of battle in The World.
Weakness: Being a machine in the real world, Zenneth would be easily taken down by an Electromagnetic Pulse, but because of his android body, he can sense when anybody is coming, and uses his superhuman strength to kill anyone that tries to stop him.
Personality: When he first started, Zenneth was a rather cocky and headstrong person, but he had a special place in his heart for his allies; despite getting into fights with them all the time, he always fought his hardest to stay caught up with them and protect them. After becoming a souless piece of metal, Zenneth lost all morals and emotional thoughts, thus making him insane, sadistic, and driven by hate and murder.
Background: Zenneth first played The World as close friends to Cerenarius, Kotaru, and Shinja, where the four of them formed the Blades of Roseo Guild. Shortly after, he met Aira the Red, and took an instant liking to her, almost to the point that he had fallen in love with her. However, she would never look his way, and that got him to be rather depressed. When he had fallen into a comatose state, it was learned that he requested to be part of a new experiment where human brains would be put into a prototype android body. After having his wish granted, Zenneth's soul was eternally gone, thus making him lose all human thought and morals. Taking initiative, he immediately killed the Doctors and his family before retreating back to his basement and locking himself in The World to become the Tri-Edge Virus.
Guild: Blades of Rose (Formerly)
Grunty: None

Gaian Name: Rei Ryoko
Character Name: CrimsonXIII
Real Life Name: Ender Rydell
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 19
Real Life Age: Unknown
Race: Human with cat-like traits.
Class: Long Arm
Level: 105
Appearance: User Image
Strengths: As a Long Arm, Crimson has the longest reach of all melee based classes without being limited by the heavy armor of the Lord Partisan. Due to his hacked character status, he is also able to take on a lion-like beast form which possesses the same basic skills as the Werewolf class.
Weakness: His arrogance. Crimson tends to think of himself as better and more skilled then other players due to his high level. A bit of an elitist, he’s quick to shun and make fun of lower leveled players, thus sort of isolating himself from potential friends.
Personality: Crimson would almost be a likeable person if it wasn’t for his arrogant nature. Although he’s generally good natured, and isn’t adverse to lending someone a hand if they ask him nicely enough, he tends to act in a condescending manner to those around him. Always wanting to be the center of attention, he’s quick to become moody and snappish if people ignore or outclass him, and is quick to pick fights, even with people beyond his level of skill. It seems the only person he truly seems to respect is Nefarious, his Guild Leader.
Background: More or less your average highschool student. Ender is more or less the same person both offline and on, always demanding to be the center of attention, and often showing off in order to do so. An avid player of The World, he rose in level quite quickly, skyrocketing into the hundreds after a short 4 months of playing. It was around this time he met up with Nefarious, and joined his guild under the prospect of one day forming a ‘revolution’ in which the newer players of the game would have a great impact on the games future. Never one to pass up a chance to become famous, even if it’s just in an online game, Crimson quickly signed up, becoming the Guild Enforcer, and often working as a right-hand man to Nefarious, carrying out his dirty work from time to time.
Guild: The New Generation (Guild Enforcer)
Grunty: N/A
((Out of space...Character profiles continued a few posts down...))
14. Extra Features

Quest Shop
Description: The Quest Shop is available in every city, and is a new feature in The World that allows Players to take on different kinds of quests with their Party Members in order to slay a powerful boss, crawl through a deep dungeon to find the hidden treasure, or to accomplish a special task assigned by a NPC. This is a great way to gain experience and rare items!
Location: Quest Shop in every Root Town.

Quest List
Name: Rejoice of the Dream.
Description: An exclusive CC Corporation Event! Sail an air ship to fend off groups of monsters to get to the final destination, The Tower of Memory, a place where your character will be the level of 20, just for this quest. Walk the heavens to scale floors of puzzles and hack and slash against monsters to finally slay the ultimite beings that are: The Daughters of Delionyx3. Work together with fellow players to get through this marvel and purify the tower!
Location: 1st: CC-Event Airship 2nd: The Tower of Memory
When: November 17th, and doesn't end until they are defeated.
Reward(s): -20,000EXPx3
-Alpha Despair: The user utters a chant: "Nos decens , proeliator ut defaeco polus , scisco apon pro vestri succurro Alpha Despero!". The heavens will receive the call and will cast a stong version of a poison and sickness type spell that will continue until the player/monster is defeated, or has logged out.
Requirements: None, all is encourged to participate!

Name: Job Advancement
Description: The Quest for all Multi-Weapons to get their Job Advancements when they reach Level 20 or Level 70. The Special Xth Job Advancement Quest will appear later for the higher levels.
Location: Level 20 Job Advancement - β Holy Land's Twilight Crusade
Level 70 Job Advancement - Σ Bleeding Banshee's Scream
Reward(s): Second or Third Job Advancement and an Experience boost by 2,000.

Name: Tears of the Moon (Werewolf Class Quest)
Description: Legend has it that hidden deep inside of The World, there is legendary spring that has been filled with the tears of the Moon Goddess, Luna. It is said that if one drinks from this spring, they are cursed with a frightening, yet formidable power, gaining the ability to change their form into that of a demonic, wolf-like creature. Despite this, there are still those who seek the spring, hoping to gain the cursed power of the Werewolf in order to increase their own strength. Finding this place won’t be easy, however, as the area’s location is a closely guarded secret, and only those who have met certain requirements may enter. The gate only stays open for a limited period of time. If you seek the beast’s power, then you’d do well to act now. But beware, powerful monsters guard the spring from intruders…
Location: Λ Sacred Moonlit Holy Ground (Only those who fulfill the requirements may enter)
Reward(s): Addition of Werewolf class skills in addition to your base class, and a 3000 exp boost.
Player must be at least level 50.
Player must have a skill level of at least 7 in one weapon.
Player must possess the quest item ‘Vial of Fenris.’ (Hidden in various dungeons scattered across The World)

Petitioner: Maya, citizen of Mac Anu
Description: I have a very important package that I need to get to my friend, but I’m too busy to take it myself. He normally can be found around the field Δ Lazy Humbling Daydream, so if someone could deliver it for me I’d really appreciate it.
Location: Δ Lazy Humbling Daydream
Reward: Level 10 Helm for your job class, 500 GP, and 250 exp
Recommended Level: 1-10

Quest Name: Lost Pendant (PM REI RYOKO ABOUT THE QUEST)
Petitioner: Illia, the mayor of Hari Tou’s daughter
Description: A group of goblin bandits attacked me while I was on a picnic and stole my precious pendant. It has a lot of sentimental value so I’m offering a reward to any brave adventures that can track down the thieves and retrieve it for me.
Location: β Spring’s Sunshine’s Bohdi Tree
Reward: 5,000 GP and 500 exp
Recommended Level: 10-15

Quest Name: Trouble in the Mines (PM REI RYOKO ABOUT THE QUEST)
Petitioner: Byant, miner of Dun Loireag
Description: A ferocious stone golem has taken residence in the mines, and none of the workers can get inside in order to mine the ore we need to build our weapons. We need a brave group of adventurers to eliminate the beast so we can get back to work!
Location: Θ Rough Song Marble’s Twin Rocks
Reward: Text of Power and 250 exp
Recommended Level: 15-30

Quest Name: The Ultimate Weapon (PM REI RYOKO ABOUT THE QUEST)
Petitioner: Watts. Blacksmith of Vulcan Inferno
Description: I’ve heard somewhere deep in the dungeon Ψ Roaring Wrath’s Phoenix there’s a rare type of ore containing the power of fire. Problem is, there’s a large dragon nesting in the area and I can’t get by it. If someone could only get that ore for me, I’d be able to forge the ultimate weapon…
Location: Ψ Roaring Wrath’s Phoenix
Reward: Choice of a rare Level 45 Fire-Elemental Weapon for your class and 500 exp
Recommended Level: 30 - 45

Description: Rengeki is a special skill that all Players can achieve during a battle. It is a simple process of hitting your enemy a certain number of times to trigger the Rengeki finisher move, which is used only in conjuction with your Class Skills. When used, Rengeki will power up your Class Skills and make them do more damage to the opponent. Rengeki also raises the Battle Morale.

Beast Awakening
The Beast Awakening is unlocked during battle only when your Battle Morale reaches its maximum, and when this ability is used, it prevents the opponent's counterattacks and movements by sharply increasing ally attack power and movement speed.

Demon Awakening
The Demon Awakening is unlocked during battle only when your Battle Morale reaches its maximum, and when this ability is used, the Party Leader rapidly taps the action button on their controller to execute a powerful magic attack that attacks numerous times until the Battle Morale gauge runs out.

Divine Awakening
The Divine Awakening requires three Party Members all at an exceptionally high level. When executed, the Party Leader must work in sync with his teammates and hit the action button at the moment the moving bar hits the middle of their synchronization meter. If successful for both members, the Leader will then unleash a powerful magic-melee attack depending on their weapon wielded.

Recruitment Thread

.Hack//Genesis Recruitment Thread

Character Thread

.Hack//Genesis Character's Thread

Lost Ground Megathread

Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground - The Huelle Granz Cathedral
Δ Hidden Forbidden Dead Wood - The Dead World of Indieglut Lugh
Δ Hidden Forbidden Radiation - The Arche Koeln Waterfall
Σ Hidden Forbidden Sin Realm - The Land of Sins Ran Badhi/Forest of Pain (Currently off limits!)
Δ Beautiful Golden Paradise - The Island Sanctuary
Δ Hidden Forbidden Staircase
Σ Hidden Forbidden Moving Castle - The Bastio Sumie Marching Castle
Σ Hidden Forbidden Holy Castle - The Inner Sanctum Bastio Sumie
Ξ Hell's Unbreakable Door/Hidden Forbidden Hell's Door - The Inferno Door to Hell
13. Character Profiles (Cont.)

Gaian Name: Rei Ryoko
Character Name: AzureFang (Normally just goes by ‘Azure’ when around his friends)
Real Life Name: Zev Vacierello
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 25
Real Life Age: 22
Race: Beast Man - Wolf
Class: Werewolf
(Base Class: Multi-Weapon: First Form – Tribal Grappler, Second Form – Flick Reaper)
Level: 95
Appearance: Being of werewolf class, Azure has designed his character accordingly, taking on the appearance of a large, wolf-like beastman with blue and white colored fur. In his first form, he dresses fairly lightly due to the fact that heavy armor would just weigh him down, wearing only a simple, blue-colored hakama bottom tied with a metal chain instead of a sash. Around his wrists and ankles he wears red-colored metal bracers which he uses to parry enemy attacks. In his second form, Azure’s outfit doesn’t actually change that much aside from the fact that he gains a long scythe which is forged from a mysterious, sapphire-blue colored alloy that seems to glisten even if there is no light present in the area. He also gains simple breastplate made of the same blue-colored alloy in order to protect his body from attacks and compensate for the loss of speed, as well as thick metal guards to replace the bracers around his arms and legs.
Pic of Azure in his first form: [X]
Strengths: A highly skilled player, Azure’s character seems to be a perfect balance of speed and strength, combining the powerful swift strikes of the Tribal Grappler and the werewolf with the strong defensive powers of the Flick Reaper. Not only that, he’s also gone out of his way to master a variety of thunder based skills, although his magically ability still pales in comparison to a true mage. However, despite this he can adapt his fighting style to take on most any type of monster with ease.
Weakness: Azure can occasionally be naïve, and typically is too trusting of others, making him a fairly easy person to betray. He was often a target of PKs when his level was lower just due to the fact that he normally doesn’t question a person’s background before joining up with them.
Personality: Easy-going and somewhat light-hearted, Azure’s the type of player who’s fairly easy to get along with, more or less acting friendly towards everyone despite whether he actually knows the person or not. As a result, he’s often been the target of PKer’s and other players who pray off their own party members, but hasn’t seemed to be discouraged by this, continuing to work his way up slowly but surely. Despite his somewhat gruff looking appearance, he’s more than willing to lend a helping hand to newbies if he has the time, and seems to enjoy doing so as well.
Background: More or less your average college sophomore, Zev began playing The World causally in his spare time during his freshman year, seeing it as a way to kill time. Eventually he became more immersed in the game, enjoying both the social aspects of it and the game play. Despite the fact that he was a bit of PK magnet during his noob days, he refused to give in and continued to play, eventually rising up and becoming quite the powerful player. A few months ago he even managed to unlock the hidden quest in order to obtain the power of the Werewolf, joining the ranks of the few players who had actually managed to meet the requirements and accomplish the quest. Shortly after, he was approached by Gin, who was looking for a powerful player with a good repuatation in order to represent his guild on the outside while he pulled the strings from underneath. Despite the player’s shady reputation, Azure agreed to join, figuring this would be another good way to offer his services to other players, even if he didn’t fully agree with the Kyuubi Ring’s method of information retrieval. He and Gin butt heads on a regular basis, but oddly enough Azure has yet to leave the guild…and Gin has yet to kick him out.
Guild: Co-Leader of Dominion of Babylon/Kyuubi Ring. (Due to the fact that he has a clean reputation, he acts as the guildmaster on the surface while Gin gives orders from underneath)
Grunty: None (I think he’s too big to ride one anyway. xD; )

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Aranna
Real Life Name: Kouji Yusa
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 19
Real Life Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Class: Steam Gunner
Level: 1
Appearance: User Image Aranna wields a hidden handgun inside of his jacket that is not becoming of a Steam Gunner, considering most of them wield large bayonets, but he keeps his weapon secluded and his class secretive.
Yusa's appearance in the real world is still a mystery, as he never talks about himself.
Strengths: Hacking and an intuitive nature. He is also good at hiding his feelings.
Weakness: A fear of Administrators and large groups of Players, especially Player Killers or Player Killer Killers.
Personality: Aranna, much like Yusa, is seen with a rebellious nature, causing him to go against the normality and be sought out by Administrators even though he only recently started playing. He is very quiet and does not speak or portray his emotions often, which makes him a mysterious character.
Background: Aranna is truly the second character created by the infamous Silver Fox Gin after he was 'deleted' by means of Hacking Kotaru's Virus Data and merging them together in order to destroy them both. He has returned in his true form in order to take on the true evil that looms over the horizons of The World.
Guild: Catalyst
Grunty: Air Grunty

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Kamui
Real Life Name: Kaoru Kamui
Online Gender: Metrosexual
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: Nineteen
Real Life Age: Nineteen
Race: Human
Class: Blade Brandier
Level: 200
User Image
Apollo's Appearance:
User Image
Kamui's mask and other features of his original Metro character disappears when he takes the appearance of Apollo. His wild hair falls down into a long, flowing mane that reaches the small of his back, but still retains its pink texture. A golden shawl drapes itself around his bare shoulders as a steel cuirass covers his chest and a girdle of the same color as the shawl forms around his waist and extends down the back to his knees. Producing from the front of the waist and going down is a dark green chain chausses. He also wears a pair of golden graves with leather sandals that give him a more Roman look in his appearance. His weaponry consists of a golden shield and a slender, steel rapier.
Strengths: Intelligence, computer hacking, and creating some of the most powerful anti-virus programs
Weakness: Kamui's parents were killed while playing The World, and he has had a lot of emotional insecurity ever since.
Personality: In the real world, Kamui is considered to be the nicest person in all of existance, but he simply uses that as a facade to hide his distress for the death of his parents. In the online world of The World, Kamui is a rutheless instigator of justice and shows no mercy to hackers, Player Killers, or anyone that breaks any of the rules in The World. Although he may not notice them right away, he takes action as soon as possible to those who break the rules. Kamui is also very cryptic and seems to be one of a very unique personality, pretending to be both male and female at the same time to confuse and throw people off, though he claims it is only a joke and does not reflect his real life self.
Background: Kamui had always been into computers and video games, and his father worked for a Altimit and CC-Corp in order to help for the programming of The World, so he was introduced into The World when his family started playing R:3, the newest version of The World that was R:1 and R:2 combined. Kamui had been playing The World for two years since he was seventeen, but around that time, his parents had been killed by an unknown virus that had attacked the three of them. He was the only one to survive, and through their deaths, he had become absorbed into his video games and in two short years, became the Leader of CC-Corp after he took down the Hackers Conglomerate that tried to destroy The World.
Guild: CC-Corp, Leader
Grunty: Metro Grunty

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Sakana_Yama
Real Life Name: Masamitsu Saka
Online Gender: Female
Real Life Gender: Female
Online Age: Twenty-one
Real Life Age: Twenty-one
Race: Human
Class: Dance Macabra
Level: 70
Appearance: User Image
Strengths: Saka is an infamous and powerful PK. She is charismatic and loyal as a Leader to her comrades.
Weakness: Saka is a loner and can be emotional like most females are.
Personality: When she first started playing The World, Saka was always working alone and was a heavily sadistic Player Killer. She cared nothing for the feelings of those that she killed, no matter what kind of person they were. After she acquired the friendship and alliance of Komamura and Pyron, despite her best efforts to keep them at bay, she began to open up more and slowly turned into a more compassionate person on few occasions.
Background: Saka had a long list of victims, but Komamura and Pyron were two of the notable ones. After Komamura was killed by her, he began to trail after her and keep her alive during battle with his powers as a Wavemaster. She constantly denied him, but eventually gave up trying to get rid of him, and started to party with him. Pyron was the next one who started to follow her, but for different reasons. He wanted to fight and defeat her, but he lost dozens of times until he was stripped of all his equipment. Respecting his perserverence, she returned everything back to him, and they all formed a deadly Triad of Player Killers that became rather infamous in The World and created an unofficial Guild named after Saka.
Guild: Fish Mountain (Unofficial Leader of an Unofficial Guild)
Grunty: None specified.

Gaian Name: Rei Ryoko
Character Name: Sengetsu
Real Life Name: Unknown
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: Appears to be in his upper 20s. Although it’s slightly hard to tell with beastmen.
Real Life Age: Unknown
Race: Beastman - Wolf
Class: Archer (Unique Class)
Level: 155
Appearance: Being a beastman, Sengetsu more or less resembles your typical werewolf, standing at a rather impressive 7’4’’ tall with black-colored fur baring no visible markings other than a solitary crescent shaped scar under his left eye. A mysterious player in many ways, he normally remains hidden under a thick traveling cloak and hood when travelling in public, his only distinguishing features being the impressive long bow he carries in a leather sling across his shoulder. On the rare occasions that he does remove his cloak (normally for battle, and nothing else) his outfit resembles the tribal wear typical of a barbarian or feral warrior, consisting on several leather straps, a simple loincloth, and protective steel plating along his knees, elbows, and shoulders.
Sengetsu without his cloak. Just imagine him with black fur instead of white. ^^;
Strengths: Sengetsu is an extremely swift footed individual. More often than naught, he can simply weave his way around his enemy’s attacks. His skills with the bow enable him to strike multiple enemies from a range, and due to his strength, he has no trouble eliminating normal monsters with a single blow.
Weakness: Sengetsu’s offensive power seems to break down in close combat. Due to his low defensive capablities, he tends to take heavy blows from classes such as Edge Punishers and Lord Partizans.
Personality: Quiet and extremely withdrawn, Sengetsu normally keeps to himself, rarely communing with other players unless it’s absolutely necessary. He seems to have several contacts within the game, including but not limited too both hackers and CC Corp admins, however, no one is really sure who he really is or what his motives are. He rarely talks about himself, even with those people he claims to ‘trust.’ More than likely there’s some deep secret he’s hiding, but no one can be sure as to what it is.
Background: An enigmatic figure whose air of mystery rivals even that of players such as Nicolo, Gin, and Aranna. Sengetsu seemed to one day appear in the game without any explanation at all. A warrior of shadow in more ways then one, he seems to have some important mention which he is hellbent on completing. He seems to bare a deep interest in both the actions of the CC Corp admins, as well as the guild Catalyst, although he’s fairly discrete with his investigations, leaving little if any traces of his work behind once he’s finished. There are rumors floating about that he, rather than Eclipse, is the true Catalyst of Sagittarius, however they seem to be rather ungrounded. Although Sengetsu has powers which seem to be atypical compared to other players, none of them seem to be on the scope of a true ‘god’.
Guild: N/A
Grunty: N/A

Gaian Name: Pylopa
Character Name: Lady_Vi, Vi
Real Life Name: Vivian Valencia
Online Gender: Female
Real Life Gender: Female
Online Age: 20
Real Life Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: Dance Macabre
Level: 76
Appearance: Lady_Vi
Strengths: As a Dance Macabre, she's able to cast a variety of spells, some that can give negative status effects to enemies. Her intelligence helps her survive longer in dungeons because she can judge fairly which spells to use at a good time. She also values friendship, which means she's willing to do favors at no cost.
Weakness: She's not very reliable, because she has a lot going on in real life. There will be times when her character will just stop at a pivotal moment in the game because she gets distracted. Even though she has gotten used to the game, she still gets creeped out when playing in haunted mansions/dungeons and may even run away, which adds to her lack of reliance.
Personality: Vi has a very determined personality in the game. When she decides to do something, such as hunt for an item or solve a quest, she will give it her all to complete the task. As long as it doesn't run to any haunted places, she's fine. As her real life isn't that glamorous, she never takes the game for granted. The World always manages to awe her so much that she can just watch the scenery for and relax. It sometimes makes her feel like a newb that she's so impressed with everything, but all she wants to do is take it all in. Vi is always grateful for the escape the World gives her.
Background: Vivian first heard of the world from advertisements on the internet. Back then, she was so stressed in her life with school and her family. Basically, she was looking for some kind of escape, some way to forget about the pressure for awhile and just have fun. Her friends never really went out, so she had to find it on her own. Drugs were also not appealing to her, they just seemed too gross for her to try.
So, Vivian decided to look for games or websites that would allow her to interact with many people and have fun conversations. When she found out about the World, she saw so many great reviews, she just had to try for herself. With some money that she saved through tips at her mom's restaurant, she bought a used version of The World from a friend who had grown tired of it. It was instant inspiration. Her first jump into the world was entirely breathtaking and she felt she was actually there. The people she met were all pretty unique, but they were mostly nice. This was the escape that she was looking for.
The pressure was alleviated by her hours she spent playing the game. Her parents both showed disapproval for the Game, since it meant that Vivian would not help as much at the restaurant as she used to. The father, who was a drunkard most of the time, would attempt to take the game away, but after relentless pleading, Vivian convinced her mom to allow her to play the game. Eventually, the father did give up trying to take the game, but he still remained a drunkard.
Unlike most people, Vivian's school didn't entirely suffer from obssessing over the roleplay. Instead, Vivian was more determined to get work done, because if her schoolwork did drop, her mother would instantly throw the game out. Her fear for that made her set time for homework and studying while she played the World. However, the World did convince her to take less harder classes. Vivian is not at the capable level of academics as she could handle, her classes mostly consist of basic classes and an AP course. Her teachers wished that she would challenge herself to take more AP courses, but Vivian knows that would take all her time and she would not be able to balance that with the World.
Guild: None
Grunty: BabyV, shortened to Baby or BV. She is a cute baby grunty who bares a lot of similarties to Vivian especially in clothing. Although BV is quiet and shy around guest, there are times when she becomes rather spoiled and throws tantrums to get things her way. She may even run away or ignore Vivian until something is done.

Gaian Name: Vashie-kun
Character Name: Shishiou
Real Life Name: Unknown
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 19
Real Life Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Class: Ring Berserker
Level: 125
Appearance: User Image
Shishiou is a tall Ring Berserker who is dressed in attire not typical for The World, but with all of the special events and character avatar hacks, it is not unlikely to see them wearing something odd. He wears a white jacket with a red lining along the inner portion where the buttons were and has red going around his sleeve in a fixed area. He also wears a pair of red pants with a chain dangling down from the left most belt loop and black boots. Around Shishiou's neck are a pair of goggles that had red lenses that he obtained from a CC-Corp Event. He has short, black hair that is spiked up and has two bangs that hang down in front of his oddly colored red eyes.
Strengths: Shishiou is ambitious and quick to think on his feet, which makes him good in a battle situation. He knows how to get under people's skin with the things that he says, and he uses that to throw them off psychologically so that he can have an easier time to beat them.
Weakness: Despite his strengths, he is brash and arrogant, which means he will rush into things without thinking about the long term consequences. Shishiou has a bit of a selfish streak to him, which will cause him to act in his own best interest instead of that of others.
Personality: Arrogant, brash, selfish, and spontaneous, Shishiou does not get along in social situations and prefers to work alone and for himself. He will accept missions and quests when he needs them, but he won't do anything if it does not produce some kind of reward. When Shishiou's mind is set on something, he believes it to the very end that his logic is correct and everyone else is wrong, so he won't listen to reason.
Background: Little is known about Shishiou outside of The World, but inside of the game, he has taken on the title of Epitaph Hunter and makes it his job to hunt down the Epitaphs of the Zodiac Catalysts. His true motives behind these actions are unknown for the most part, but he is a skilled Player and even worse as a Player Killer.
Guild: Unknown
Grunty: Unknown

Gaian Name: Dark_Panzer_Dragon
Character Name: Amber
Real Life Name: Amber L Melrose
Online Gender: Female
Real Life Gender: Female
Online Age: Twenties
Real Life Age: Twenty-three
Race: Human
Class: Blademaster
Level: 10
Out of game: [x]

In game: [x]

Strengths: Amber is a really hard worker off the game. She always makes sure to go the extra mile in everything she does and she’s never afraid to try new things. This hard working nature rubs off into her life in the game. She’s always willing to go off on some adventure even if it’s only to do some exploring in a place she’s never been before. Though she’s inexperienced as a gamer she strives to never make the same mistake twice and thus far she’s succeeded.
Weakness: Sometimes she’s too fearless for her own good and gets herself into trouble. She’s also got a horrible sense of direction leaving her to get lost if she finds herself in a new area. Also she lacks real gaming experience so she’s always prone to either hesitating at a key moment while she tries to puzzle her way through it or look for the right key to hit on her keyboard or jumping the gun and acting before she thinks about it.
Personality: Amber is a cheerful young lady. She’s very personable and easy to talk to. She has a good sense of humor and is always trying to lighten the mood around her regardless of the situation. In the game Amber is the same cheerful person but with a bit more steel in her then in real life.
Background: Amber isn’t much for games online or otherwise having a rather busy schedule. What prompted her to buy the World? Well she had won the hardware set for the game as part of a package from a radio station promotional contest and she decided to give it a shot as it had been sitting in the box for almost a month. She had been trying to win the CD’s that they had been also giving out during said contest. She tried a few different classes, the Wavemaster and Twin Blade but those never lasted past level five before she decided that she didn’t quite like the way they played. The Wavemaster was to soft a target for her tastes and the Twin Blade was just a bit much for her level of skill to handle at the time. So she then tried the Blademaster class and found it more to her play style and easier to handle at her skill level. She’ll have a better feel for that once she advances beyond the beginners’ quests and gets into some different zones and doing some different things.
Guild: N/A
Grunty: N/A

Gaian Name: Krotar
Character Name: Krotar
Real Life Name: Nathaniel Karuyama
Online Gender: Male
Real Life Gender: Male
Online Age: 18
Real Life Age: 15
Race: Human
Class: Flick Reaper
Level: 100
Appearance: Krotar
Strengths: Krotar's quick on his feet for a Flick Reaper and pretty good ant manuevering his scythe in stange ways. He tends to use his scythe as a tool more than a weapon, using it to climb things or hook onto stuff.
Weakness: Krotar's not the brightest or most tactical of players. He falls for traps and bluffs easily and it takes him a long time to realise a change in battle plans is needed. He's also gullible when dealing with other people, but his grunty copmanion, Duke, is usualy around to stop him from doing something stupid.
Personality: Krotar and Nathaniel's personalities come pretty close to one another. The both do stupid things and tend to overlook the obvious. Over all, Krotar's a goofy and fun-loving kid, but he also has a strong sense of loyalty, and likes to think he has a strong sense of justice. He'll help others when asked with a smile and is always ready to lend a hand to people in trouble. This isn't always a good thing, though, since his help isn't always...helpful.
Background: Nathaniel's a slightly above average student with a few close friends. His home life is good, and his school life bearable. He tends to compete with his little sister for game time on The World, and sometimes things between them can get pretty intense, but Nathaniel almost always manages to outsmart her and plays much more than her.
Krotar started off as a normal player. He met a friend anemd Ai which he partied with often until she stopped logging in, and even went on to complete the Rejoice of the Dream exclusive event. It was in that even that he met Destiny, a dance macabre. Ai, Destiny, and himself joined forces so they could al get the prize. What they didn't expect was the prize to be Ai being sent into a coma by who he had believed to be Tri-Edge. However, he eventually encountered Azure Kite, and was told he wasn't to blame. Left with more questions than answers, as he often is, he and Destiny's old grunty, which Krotar named Duke, Krotar set off to find out what happened and to hopefully bring Destiny back so he could return the poor grunty to its former owner.
Guild: None
Grunty: Duke, a strange purple grunty with black hair. It was given to him by a dance macabre, Destiny, right before she was sent into a coma. Duke seems to be very different from most grunties. He can't talk, and he has the unique ability to cast Duk Lei and Repth, although he enjoys causing mischief with Duk Lei far more, hence his name, Duke. Quick to be angered, Duke expresses discomfort through biting.

Gaian Name: Monochrome Hearts
Character Name: Sage
Real Life Name: Cecile Woodrow
Online Gender: Female
Real Life Gender: Female
Online Age: 20
Real Life Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: Flick Reaper
Level: 20
Appearance: Sage
Strengths: Her kindness and determination. Sage treats everyone with the same amount of kindness she would for a friend. Because of that, Sage has earns the trust of another ever so often.
Weakness: Optimism. Sage will only see the good in a person even if said person betrays her. That way of thinking often gets her PKed and/or scorned by the more hostile players of "The World".
Personality: She can be sweet one moment and mischevious the next. Though her sharp tounge often throws people for a loop.
Background: Having recently bought the game, Cecile thought she'd give it go for a while to see what all the fuss was about. Thus Sage was created and all her crazy little adventures began. About a few weeks later she was addicted to the game and would spend what free time she had playing the game.
Guild: None
Grunty: None
15. Thirteen Zodiac Gods

For those who need information on the Zodiac Gods, the link to Nicolo's grand speech and explanation on it can be found right here. It's at the top of the page and is headed with a gigantic reminder for everyone to see.

♈ Aries (The Flames of Vengeance) - Zenneth (Formerly Nefarious)
♉ Taurus (???) - Reserved for Yojimaru
♊ Gemini (Scorned Reapers) - Fate
♋ Cancer (???) - Open
♌ Leo (The Omnipotent Sage) - CrimsonXIII (Formerly Nicolo)
♍ Virgo (???) - Open
♎ Libra (The Scales of Judgment) - Krotar
♏ Scorpio (Spectrum Dragon) - Gunzi
♐ Sagittarius (Archer of the Moon) - Eclipse
♑ Capricorn (???) - Open
♒ Aquarius (The Air of Mystery) - Aranna
♓ Pisces (Melodious Tide) - Mint
Ϡ Serpentarius (Heretic God) - Zenneth (Formerly Shinja)

*New* Forms of the Zodiac

Each Zodiac is different, but they all experience the same powers in that they have three forms depending on the level of control and strength the Catalyst has over them. The first form is the weakest, showing a minor connection between Zodiac and Catalyst, the second form is moderate in terms of strength, showing that the Catalyst has learned to control their Zodiac to a great extent. The third and final form is the purest combination of Zodiac and Catalyst; the user becomes one with their Zodiac and takes on some of their qualities as well as absolute control over their power. Only a select few have gained this power...and even less survive long enough to use it for very long.

First Form: Ethereal Form - The weakest form of the Zodiac. The Catalyst can only channel their Zodiac in an Ethereal and mostly shapeless form, or they will only be able to execute some minor abilities in conjunction with their Zodiac while the God itself remains unseen. Examples of this are Nefarious' Aries being only visible as a mass of flames and Eclipse using Sagittarius' Arrows while hiding out as Sengetsu.

Second Form: Spectral Alignment - The second form of the Zodiac. The Catalyst can channel their energy after strengthening their connection with their Zodiac to call upon its true form to become part of them, fight separately aside them, or the Catalyst can turn into the God itself. Any damage done to the Zodiac when the Catalyst is fused or transformed into them will do damage to the immediate controller and is very risky to perform such actions. Examples of this form are Aranna using Aquarius to create an armor of wind around himself, Nefarious summoning Aries' Ram form and fusing with it, or Gunzi transforming into Scorpio the Spectrum Dragon.

Third Form: Divine Transcendent - The third and final form of the Zodiac. The Catalyst fuses with the Zodiac in its entirety and the Zodiac becomes one with the controller, giving them and increased affinity with The World to the point that they can effect things in ways that alter the very essence of The World itself. Qualities of the Zodiac start to form on the Catalyst in various ways, but this is also the most dangerous form to control. If the Catalyst does not retain complete control of their emotions and the God itself, it will start to degrade their sanity until they will become nothing more than a mindless beast of destruction. Examples of this form are Shinja the Serpent God, who is the only Catalyst in existence to have formed the Divine Transcendent formation with his Zodiac despite the negative effects it has on him.

Zodiac God Rules

1. If you want to become the Catalyst of one of the Gods, you must prove that you will be a Regular Player or your position will be taken away.
2. You must PM me asking to be one of the Gods. First come, first serve.
3. You must create a mini-profile for the Gods which I will post below.
4. Even if your Character is a Catalyst, do not abuse your powers and use them constantly, or else your Character will fall prey to the madness.
5. The Zodiac God does not need to follow the true characteristics of the Zodiac Name...so Taurus does not need to be a Bull if you do not want it to be.

Zodiac God Code
Zodiac God Title:
Zodiac Catalyst Name:

Zodiac God FAQ's

Q: Who is going to be playing the God and Catalyst?
A: I get this question a lot, and I'm going to say right now that since I'm not going to just allow the Player striving to obtain said God to control him/her themself and practically own them without any kind of challenge, I will be controlling the God except for Gemini, who will be controlled by Rei-san, since he is my second-in-command for when I'm gone. If you don't like that, then that's too bad.
Q: After we manage to overcome the God, then can we control them?
A: Yes, you can, but don't overdo it...
Q: Can the Zodiac God be used multiple times?
A: I'd advise against attempting to summon them during every battle, because it has already been explained in the Roleplay that multiple summonings will eventually drive the user mentally insane, and yes, that means in the Real World.
Q: How do we find these Zodiacs?
A: That is an excellent question, and although most of you will probably be confused about how to go about doing it. You must consult me first before even being able to allowed to look for them, though. Anyways, in order to find them in The World, you will need to speak with Rei-san's character Nicolo and get the information on the specific Zodiac God you wish to locate, and then you must scour The World in order to locate the Epitaph of the Zodiac (depending on which one you're looking for), and it is physically impossible for you to just come upon it...There's no set way to find them now, which is why I'm not even starting the Zodiac God storyline yet except for Rei-san's introduction of Serpentarius, Shinja.
Q: What do we need to do to become a Zodiac?
A: You need to be an active Roleplayer in the Roleplay that is damn worthy to be a God. I don't expect you to be some noob with illiterate Roleplaying skills who will suddenly leave their position for whatever reason, because I don't want to deal with the plot hole of suddenly making someone else the new Catalyst for the God, especially if they wanted a different Zodiac design. Anyways! You must show that you have good Roleplaying skills, and that includes originality, creativity, and grammatical correctivity.
Q: What do we write for the Background of the Zodiacs?
A: That's pretty simple, so I don't know why people keep asking me that. I want you to give me the Background of the Zodiac during the time that he was a God of The World. Tell me what he governed over and whether he was considered a benevolent God or a Tyrant among the people that he rained his blessings down upon. You must also include that he did all of this while in the guise of a Human/Player Catalyst, and include the Background of his life and history as the Human Catalyst.
Q: When will the Zodiac Gods become available?
A: I do not have a set time when this storyline will bloom, so I won't even be accepting profiles, so DO NOT send me them right now. I will decide when they appear, and it will be whenever I want to, so until then, just continue Roleplaying normally.

Zodiac God Profiles

Zodiac God Title: Heretic God
Zodiac: Serpentarius
Zodiac Catalyst Name: Shinja the Serpent Giod
Age: Unknown. Possibly as old as ‘The World’ itself.
Appearance: Seeing as he dwells inside of Shinja’s body, Serpentarius no longer has a tangible form in which he can use for an extensive amount of time. When Shinja releases his full power, however, occasionally the god will appear in his true form, taking the shape of a massive, green colored serpent with silted, yellow colored eyes, and fangs as long as sabers which are capable of secreting a deadly venom.
Strength: Magical power. Serpentarius’s skills with attack spells, especially those of the poison or fire element, are second to none.
Weakness: Physical strength. Cold attitude towards others, thus distancing him from those who could potentially become allies later.
Abilities: Serpentarius’s main abilities seem to revolve around summoning a venom green flame which his catalyst can use either to attack, or defend himself. These flames are exceedingly powerful, and, when released with their full strength, have the capability to destroy entire fields. Although Shinja rarely uses it, Serpentarius can also secrete a powerful toxic gas in order to inflict other players with several different negative status effects at once.
Personality: Cold and calculating, Serpentarius is the type who is blunt and to the point, speaking his mind plainly to others no mater how harsh his thoughts towards others may be. He seems to be quite ambitious, not caring who gets hurt or dragged into his plans during his quest for domination of The World. Due to his somewhat evil nature in this regard, however, he is not on very good terms with the other gods of the Zodiac.
(Shortened excerpt of the ‘Legend of the Zodiac’ listed in the archives of the ancient history of The World)

Former leader of the Zodiac Gods, Serpentarius once had ambitions to defeat the other 12 gods of the Zodiac in order to become the sole deity of The World. Working along side the Prophet, Leo. his right hand man, Serpentarius built up his power, and nearly succeeded in his goal before he was found out by Scorpio, who had ambitions similar to his own. A massive battle between the Gods soon ensued, one which nearly tore the fabric of the world apart before the goddess Aura appeared and sealed the power of the Zodiac away so it could not be used for evil. Due to these events, Sepentarius was isolated from the other 12 Gods and is now referred to as the Heretic of the Gods.


Recently, due to Aura’s disappearance, Serpentarius and the other Zodiac God’s powers have slowly been returning. Using an ancient ritual, he’s managed to fuse with a player known as Shinja, and has slowly began the search to find other suitable vessels for the remaining 12 Zodiac Gods to occupy. After nearly 50 years, the Heretic God’s quest for domination of The World has finally begun anew.

Zodiac God Title: Archer of the Moon
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Zodiac God Catalyst: Eclipse
Age: Appears about 20 in his PC form.
Appearance: In his PC form, Sagittarius resembles your average character, dressed in a light blue-colored tunic along with a pair of matching pants, a feathered hat, and a pair of simple leather sandals. The only thing which sets him apart from other players is the large bow-gun he carries on his back, which isn’t a standard weapon most players can possess in the game. In his god form, Sagittarius takes the form of a large, werewolf-like creature, armed with a gigantic crossbow which can fire powerful beams of blue-colored lightning capable of completely obliterating targets, even from a good distance away.
Strength: Speed and range. Using his abilities, Sagittarius can snipe most enemies from a distance, eliminating the need to get close in order to deal a good amount of damage. His high agility enables him to evade most attacks with ease as well.
Weakness: Doesn’t really have any close ranged attacks other than his claws.
Abilities: Sagittarius’s abilities normally involve utilizing bows and guns in order to strike at the enemy from a distance. His catalyst is granted with flawless accuracy, being able to snipe opponents from afar while rarely missing their target’s vital points. He also seems to have control over the realms of thunder and wind, allowing his catalyst to summon powerful bolts of lightning and gale of wind to attack, as well as granting them the ability to teleport themselves short distances in a veil of wind in order evade enemy attacks.
Personality: Extremely calm and laid back almost to the point of being apathetic to everything going on around him. Unlike the other Zodiac Gods, he doesn’t seem to lust for power, and rather seems quite content to just watch events unfold around him idly. A bit of a pacifist, he prefers to talk his way out of situations rather than fight when at all possible. This doesn’t mean he is a weakling, however as he’s quite a powerful fighter, and will battle fiercely to protect both himself and his catalyst.
(Shortened excerpt of the ‘Legend of the Zodiac’ listed in the archives of the ancient history of The World)

One of the warriors which fought under Serpentarius during the war that erupted between the Zodiac Gods. Unlike some of the other gods, howver, Sagittarius did not lust for power, and rather attempted to act as a peacemaker of sorts, trying to resolve things between Scorpio and Serpentarius. His words would not be heard, however, and in the end he sided with the Heretic God, feeling that despite his cold manner, he would make a better ruler than Scorpio. His power was sealed along with the other 12 Zodiac Gods by Aura at the end of the war.


Instead of instantly seeking to regain his lost power like many of his comrades, after being released from his long slumber, Sagittarius instead took the form of a PC character and began to roam the world, content to just play among the normal players. He’s recently been approached by Serpentarius, who claims to have found a suitable catalyst for him, but as always Sagittarius seems indifferent to it all. He figures he’ll test this person when the time is right for him too.

Zodiac God Title: The Scales of Judgment
Zodiac: Libra
Zodiac Catalyst Name: Balan
Age: 27
Appearance: http://www.ffinsider.net/final-fantasy-12/pix/exodus.jpg
PC: http://na.square-enix.com/md/ml_go/img/gabranth.jpg
Zodiac: http://www.figurines-cine.com/catalog/images/07AFGJVO004 final.JPG
Strength: He's, naturally, a very balanced fighter, no specific skill outclassing the others. His speed, strength, and endurance all match each other well. To put it simply, he's a bit like a Multi-Weapon without the ability to change weapons. Also, being a Zodiac God, his skills are all above average. He utilizes his balanced capabilities in perfect harmony to deliver an intense battle worthy of a God.
Weakness: Although he's clearly above average in all aspects, his skills individually can't truly be labeled "Godly". All his stats would be on par with the average Death Palace Emperor's highest stat. It's the curse of a balanced fighting style. He can do a little of everything, but he doesn't truly excel at any of it.
Shifting Weight: Causes the victim to fluctuate between feeling light as a feather and heavy as lead. Wears off after about the 8th shift.
Tipped Scale: The ground tips and shakes, causing massive slopes and inclines to appear without warning. After a short while, the ground returns to normal.
Eye for an Eye: The differences in Health and SP of both Libra and the victim are dealt to each other as damage. Any Status Ailments on either combatant are also added to the foe.
Final Verdict - Innocent: After much time has passed in battle, Libra may gift an ally with every status enhancement in the game at once. Only one verdict may be cast per battle.
Final Verdict - Guilty: After much time has passed in battle, Libra may curse an opponent with every Status Ailment in the game at once. Only one verdict may be cast per battle.
Personality: A very logical thinking person, Balan never judges on first appearances. He'll likely stay silent for a long period after meeting a new person. This time of silence is spent judging their strength, personality, morals, etc. Only after careful consideration will he decide whether to ally with or against someone. Although he has a strong sense of justice, his justice is based on facts, not emotion. If a woman were being attacked by several men, he'd just as likely ally with the men than the woman. It all depends on the circumstance and the details of the people involved.
Background: As a god, Balan served as a judge. He ruled harshly, but fairly, not being swayed by sympathy and judging solely on concrete facts. Many considered him cruel, but deep down they knew his verdicts and sentences were always right. As a PC, he would rotate through PK and PKK. His role was decided by his opinions of who needed judgment. He currently seeks someone worthy of obtaining his power. The burden of a judge weighs heavily on him, and he believes it's time for another to take up his work.

Zodiac God Title: The Chained One

Zodiac: Taurus

Zodiac Catalyst Name: Yojimaru

Age: Unknown. Possibly as old as ‘The World’ itself.

Appearance: http://www.white-wolf.com/Retail/RetailDownloads/2004PDFs/10October04PDF/ExHousesoftheBullGod.jpg

PC: http://cika.deviantart.com/art/Taurus-92911537

Strength: Physical Strength and Endurance. Possessing immense strength and stamina, Taurus is unmatched in raw physical power.

Weakness: Magical Power. Berserker tendencies - While Taurus is generally considered to be benevolent and slow to anger, he can become furiously mad if pushed enough, and in his rage can be quite dangerous.

Abilities: Due to his many long years of imprisonment, Taurus has become one with his bindings, gaining the ability to manifest and control chains. These chains are endowed with his strength and durability, making them near unbreakable. His physical strength and durability make him, and his catalyst, a juggernaut, unstoppable by most means. While he isn't as magically gifted as the other gods of the Zodiac, Taurus can cause upheavals of the land with his colossal strength.

Personality: Having learned from the past, Taurus has mellowed through the ages. No longer is he self-righteous and controlling in the extreme, but kind and self-conscious. He works hard, has a sense of humor and is generally dependable. He has realized the error of his ways, and seeks to change, but change is difficult for him, and he isn't all sunshine, rainbows, and puppy dogs. Taurus is as stubborn as his namesake, and it can be a Herculean task in and of itself just to change his mind on something. He can still be somewhat controlling, jealous, possessive, and resentful, especially towards Serpentarius. Some would say that Taurus doesn't trust Serpentarius as far as he can throw him, but that statement doesn't work because Taurus could toss him very far indeed.

Background: A former member of Serpentarius' army, Taurus was as arrogant as he was strong. In his self-righteousness, he believed that his place as a God was meant to be above the 'lesser beings' that worshiped him, and thus did he fight for Serpentarius to ensure that this always remained the same. He was a terror on the battlefield, his brute strength cleaving the land asunder. None can truly say how the war would have turned out if Aura had not intervened, putting a stop to the fighting and sealing away the Zodiac Gods. For fifty years he remained sealed, until he was found by the Blades of Roseo, only to be absorbed by Zenneth and then set free again, to wander the world as a human.

This irony was not lost upon Taurus and after awhile of experiencing what it was like to be a 'lesser being', he realized that his past actions were wrong. In time however, Taurus became corrupted by the vices associated with mortality, becoming a hedonist in every sense of the word. At around this time, Serpentarius was released, and seeking to gather together those that had served him before, he sought out Taurus. What he found disgusting him so much that he banished Taurus to the deepest, most hellish depths of The World as punishment for his decadent ways, imprisoning him in such a way that if he were to attempt to break his bonds, he would destroy the world that he had come to love. And thus is Taurus imprisoned, far from the warm embrace of the sun light and the clean smell of grass and earth, waiting to be freed.
16. Schedules and Times

Vashie's Schedule and Times
IMPORTANT NOTE! Hawaii Time - Generally three hours difference from West Coast Mainlanders (California, places like that). Five to six hours difference from East Coast Mainlanders (North Carolina, Virginia, etc...). Twelve hours difference from London, England (I have a friend there, so that's how I know).
Mondays - I generally work Mondays from 10:00am my time to 5:00pm.
Tuesdays - School. 7:00am - Wake up, catch the bus, arrive to school and class at 9:00am. Class ends at 10:15am. I go get a bite to eat and end up in the LRC (Learning Resource Center) at about 10:25pm to get on the computer and do what I'm doing now. 11:45-11:50am, I leave and go snag a laptop for my next class at 12:00pm. Class ends at 1:15pm. Next class is at 1:30pm. Class ends at 2:45pm. I catch the bus, and get home at around 4:00pm if I'm lucky, sometimes it may be later. 4:30pm at the latest, maybe even 4:45pm.
Wednesdays - Same as Mondays, mostly.
Thursdays - Same as Tuesdays.
Friday - I generally go into work at 5:00pm and close. Meaning I'm lucky if I get off at 10:00pm, and unlucky if 10:30pm. Arrive home at 10:45pm.
Saturday - I go into work at 3:00pm usually, and close again. 10:30pm. This Saturday I have a staff meeting at 7:00am in the morning.
Sunday - I go into work at 4:00pm usually, and close. This week, however, I work my Monday/Wednesday schedule for Sunday. So, it's subject to variation.

There, that's my schedule. Any other time is spent sleeping, studying, gaming, or Roleplaying.

Ikarus's Schedule and Times
IMPORTANT NOTE! Arizona Time - Our schedule is pretty weird, since we don't do daylight savings time, so it's never the same. But, to convert times, you can use the World Clock Time Zone Converter. It's pretty self-explanitory on the page.
Mondays - Wake up at 6:00am. I almost never have time to get up and log in between then and catching the bus. Class from 8:00am to 9:32am; can't log in here. However, in the next class from 9:36am to 11:08am, lunch from 11:08am to 11:41am, and another class from 11:45am to 1:17pm, I'm in the Art Room with a very lax teacher who'll usually let me get online. After that at 1:21pm to 3:00pm my next teacher usually doesn't have anything for me to do, so I might be able to get on here. However, getting online at school all depends if I can borrow my sis's laptop because our school has an internet filter that won't let me browse Gaia. And my sister just recently told me I can't take her laptop to school so often anymore, because she doesn't want me to. stare But after I get home off the bus, usually around 3:45pm to 4:00pm I can almost always get online. Dinner's at 7:00pm, so I'll usually be gone again until 8:00pm or so. Then I have to go to sleep at 10:00pm.
Tuesdays - Same as Mondays, but bedtime is 11:00pm to 12:00am, depending on if my parents send me to bed early or not.
Wednesdays - Usually up at 8:00am or 9:00am. School starts late at 10:30am, so I may have time to post and dash a little during this time if I get ready for school quick enough. 10:30am to 11:27am I have class so I can't log on. Lunch at 11:27am all the way through my next classes until 3:00pm. I may be able to get on. Again, it depends if I can get to an unblocked computer... usually my sis's. I wish my laptop didn't get stolen. crying Usually have Anime Club after school until 6:00pm, so I may or may not be busy. dinner at 7:00pm-8:00pm, bedtime at 10:00pm.
Thursdays - Same as Mondays.
Fridays - Same as Mondays, but I can go to sleep practically any time I want if I don't pass out first! whee
Saturdays - I can usually get on anywhere from maybe 9:00am to lunch and from lunch to 12:00am, but this is a family day, so I may be out.
Sundays - Wake up at 9:00am, go to Mass until 11:30am, then lunch with the family until usually around 1:00pm or 2:00pm. After that, I usually have the whole afternoon to myself until 10:00pm bedtime.

So basically:
9:36am-3:00pm - maybe online
4:00pm-7:00pm - usually online
8:00pm-10:00pm - usually online
9:36am-3:00pm - maybe
4:00pm-7:00pm - usually
8:00pm-11:00pm - usually
9:00am-10:30am - unusual, but maybe
11:27am-3:00pm - maybe
3:00pm-6:00pm - maybe
8:00pm-10:00pm - usually
9:36am-3:00pm - maybe
4:00pm-7:00pm - usually
8:00pm-10:00pm - usually
9:36am-3:00pm - maybe
4:00pm-7:00pm - usually
8:00pm-Whenever - usually
9:00am-12:00am - usually
1:30pm-10:00pm - usually))

Monday: Wake up around 7:45 am, and have class at 8:10. I may check the forums breifly before running off to class, but normally I don't have time to post. Have classes till 10:00, afterwards I normally come back to my dorm and sleep till noon, when my next class is. After 1:00 pm I'm free till 6:00, when I have another class that lasts till 8:00.

Tuesday: My easy day. I only have one class till noon, and after that I'm normally free unless I have homework or studying to do. I also have anime club which I go to at 7:00, and normally lasts till 8 or 9ish.

Wednesday: My busy day. I'm normally busy with classes or labs right up until 8:00.

Thursday: More or less the same as Tuesday. I've got class till noon, but after that I'm free.

Friday: Got class till noon, and then a lab from 2-5. Sometimes I get out early depending on how easy it. My anime club has showings on fridays from 6-midnight, and I normally go to those, meaning if I do get on on Friday it's normally not till very late.

Weekends: More or less free, unless I have other plans or need to study.

Login Name: Fate
Password: ******

Welcome to The World!

You have 15 new mails!

Yumikuro's eyes widened as she stared at her screen. "F-Fifteen...?" She gaped at her screen for a couple of minutes, and then opened up her Mail Inbox. "I was only gone for a week...How could I have gotten so many?" When she looked at all of the messages, they were all from the same person...Anonomyous. She started to read them, and they all said the same thing:

Your two Friends are dead in real life...They died because you weren't able to protect them from those Player Killers...But those PKs were just normal Players...Aren't you curious as to how they ended up dead in the real world from dying in a game?

In any case...You have been gone from The World for too long...I'll be sending you an E-Mail soon if you don't return...When you get the E-Mail, you will have twenty-four hours to return to The World or you will die in real life as well.

This is not a joke...Do not take this message lightly.

~The Slayer

That was the only true sign of a name from this Anonomyous mailer...He called himself The Slayer in all of his messages. Was he a PK? Or a PKK? Or just some deranged madman in real life looking for kicks? Yumikuro was left with so many unanswered questions, but for now...she had to don the disguise of Fate, her Male Multi-Weapon and re-enter the world that had claimed the lives of two of her friends.

The three rings signalled Fate's entrance into Mac Anu, and now posing as a boy, he was garbed in his typical Twin Blade gear that he had chosen when creating his character. Fate looked at his body to make sure that nothing bizarre was happening to him, and hoping that he wouldn't just drop dead suddenly for logging in. Well...I guess I'm okay... He sighed a sigh of relief and started to walk along as the familiar, peaceful music began to resonate from the speakers in the real world. "It's been so long since I've heard the sound of Mac Anu's waters...I almost forgot what it was like..." He said to himself as he stood on the bridge and looked out into the water.

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