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The snowy setting that blankets Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital gives off an air of peace. One that could mislead the most trained of eyes. Within the corridors chaos ranging from pneumonia to fibromyalgia run rampant.

The great diagnostician Dr. Gregory House seeks assistance in his life-saving skills. His work has been going downhill over the past two weeks. His files are becoming heavy with odd-ball cases and there isn’t enough time for one person to go through each and come up with a result in the time he is allowed by the Chief of Medicine, Dr. Cuddy. He needs to hire a team and quickly. Lives are at stake. Tension is in the air... and a mystery is about to unfold....
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#1. No God-Modding
#2. Stay within your character. Some changes can be made should love or anger arise.
#3. Use medical terms if you can. Only a few of you have to and only if you want. I more or less want this to be emotionally based. REMEMBER TO BE LITERATE~!
#4. No flaming outside of the RP. Certain relationships within the story can be strained, even broken if necessary.
#5. If you must disappear for a little bit please inform me. I will not tolerate absence. It just ruins the amazingness.
#6. Should certain characters not be filled you may pick up another. The Mains need to be filled most definitely! OC’s are always accepted. If you want to add a nurse or a patient even just send in the profile at any time! I’ll be happy to look over it and push it into the story.
#7. Have fun! Don’t be too serious. We need the always snarky humor and ever present romance that slides through House M.D. like smoke!
#8. You Wilson/House shippers... (>.> wink Not this time. Later.
#9. Send all profiles to me with the title “Co-Cane.” As the title. Be sure to place a heart in it so I know you read this far.
#10. In profiles I prefer you use real-life pictures. Ages 21-40 preferrably.
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~**~Main Roles~**~

Dr. Gregory House ~ dragonmaster1275438
Dr. James Wilson ~ Yoko Kazumaru
Dr. Lisa Cuddy ~ xX-Twisted-Dementia-Xx


Dr. Robert Chase ~ dragonmaster1275438 ???
Dr. Eric Foreman ~ OPEN
Dr. Allison Cameron ~ Rose Kazumaru

~**~Diagnostics Team~*~

1. Dr. Ayumi Marcion
2. Dr. Luca Hardt
3. Dr. Jia Min Hu
4. Dr. Hateshiganai Kuragari
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~**~Profile Skeleton~**~


[b]Occupation:[/b] ((Doctor, Nurse, Brick Layer, etc.))
[b]Specialty:[/b] ((Patients Should Delete This))
[b]Orientation:[/b] ((Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual))
[b]Love Interest:[/b] ((May Be Changed Easily))
[b]History:[/b] ((Paragraph Form))
[b]Quirks:[/b] ((Weird Things You Do))
[b]Addition Info:[/b] ((Anything We Need To Know))
[b]RP Sample:[/b] ((Show your character’s personality and your amazing powers of literary bliss))


[b]Canon’s Name:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b] ((Show your character’s personality and your amazing powers of literary bliss!!))

Username: xX-Twisted-Dementia-Xx
Name: Dr. Luca Hardt
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Occupation: Lead Doctor
Specialty: Psychology
Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
History: Luca came from Liverpool, England to study medicine when she was a teenager. Her father was a multi-millionaire, her mother a socialite, and she ended up the odd ball that actually wanted to pursue a lively hood. She was quickly hired by PPTH after a few rounds as an FBI profiler during her first few years of college. She developed different non-abrasive techniques to interrogate and receive the truth from anyone she questioned at the age of 21. Since then she has been renowned by medical journals as well as psychologists. She took the job at PPTH as well as gave a large donation of money for the trade of leniency in her work and a large candy machine in her office. She’s been a model doctor ever since.
Personality: Luca is distant but polite, never flinching when she receives abuse from fellow colleagues. She loves to make sarcastic little nuances and disappear before the doctor can reply or even react. She has a soft spot for anyone that can’t seem to show their feelings to another and with usually appear comforting and sweet to them above anyone else.

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Quirks: Luca continually has chocolate with her. She is always munching on a Tootsie Roll or Hershey’s bar. She is clumsy as well which tends to make her an object of laughter for most of the doctors at PPTH. It doesn’t help that she collects old-school memorabilia from the ancient asylums that dot New Jersey.
Addition Info: Luca usually never goes home. She sleeps, eats, and works hard at the hospital most of the time.

Username: Rose Kazumaru
Name: Dr. Ayumi Marcion
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Occupation: Doctor/Intern
Specialty: Neurology/Immunology (slowly working on the second one)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
History: Everyone knows this but Ayumi was adopted...By the Marcion...Which honestly isnt that bad...but She was adopted when she was three with her twin sister named Ayame...Shes the youngest though. Jennifer and Christian Marcion were two very intelligent professors at Harvard University...

Ayumi's first year of college was difficult for her...She attended Yale University to become a law student...But slowly she lost interest in the public affairs and slowly jolted into a new love of medical attraction...She was one of the top of her neurology class...

A year later, Ayumi found herself in the hands of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital...but to say more the hands of the stubborn, sarcastic, Gregory House...Which honestly her dream was to meet him...But since her field of Neurology she spends most of her time talking to Foreman...But she also talks to Chase and Cameron since they're fields are similarly interesting to her....
Personality: Inside the office...Ayumi is level headed, bright, enthusiastic and generally not afraid to speak up when she thinks she is right. She has good relationships with patients...Shes quite knowledgeable...Since she studies two fields....But sometimes she can be wrong and that sometimes bother her concentration...

Usually outside of the office...Ayumi is somewhat shy and but she also comes from a great family though the problem with them is that they never see or talk to each other...Ayumi pretty well versed in traditional Japanese arts and traditions but also German arts and tradition and yet she's still a modern girl in her own right...When shes out with her friends, she can be strong and have a dominant personality...But mostly she's just a very sweet and down to earth girl...She loves to sing and play her guitar whenever she gets the chance...Which usually she goes outside to do...When it comes to love...Ayumi is very distant...But thats cause she doesnt want to get hurt by another man...

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Dont let me die...

Quirks: Ayumi is always lost in a book...One medical book to another...shes also popping lollipop into her mouth and drinking lots of tea...
Addition Info: Ayumi believes in love in first sight...If it actually happens...

Username: Yoko Kazumaru
Name: Jia Min Hu
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Occupation: X-ray Technician
Specialty: Radiology
Orientation: Bisexual
Love Interest: None as of yet
History: Jia Min's parents were native to China, however she herself was born in Wausau Wisconsin. It was when she attended the University of Wisconsin that she discovered her attraction to women in addition to men...and also her interest in the way X-rays worked. Because of this, she pursued a career in the branch of radiology. After receiving a degree, her first job took place as the radiologist of a police department, who examined rape victims, assault victims, the like, until she was 25. She had left the police station to seize and opening in a hospital, in which she learned to identify more than fractures and deformations with X-rays, and became for familiar with MRI and CT scanners. She became top technician in this hospital, and when and opening became available at PPTH, she quickly sent in her information. Although she does not get an office or any personal working space, she has always been thankful for the acceptance.

Personality: Jia Min is often timid when not working, but on the job, she does her best to be social and friendly. She prefers to give her reports in person, rather than fax and can be...a bit of a "dingus" sometimes. Meaning she could place her phone or glasses down for a few seconds, and forget where she had put them there. She also seems to have a distaste for those who show true vanity or believe they can receive special attention due to their status, such as movie actors or singers.
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Our Eyes on the Sky

Quirks: She does her best to keep firm and appear professional, however she is arachnophobic and insectophobic, so anything with more than four legs will scare her senseless. She has been terrified several times when something like a moth slinks in and flies around her lamp.
Addition Info: She loves many things that deal with radiation and ions.

Username: Lord Boltrix
Name: Dr. Hateshiganai Kuragari
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Specialty: Cardiology/Hematology
Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None at the Moment
History: Hateshi started out as a nameless orphan, his real parents having died in some freak accident that he managed to survive, luckily without being injured. A month after the accident, he was adopted by a Japanese couple that, due to another accident that befell them, were unable to bear children of their own. Hateshi was raised in the very city that he was born in, none other than New York City itself. Hateshi’s adopted father was the CEO of a gaming company and his mother was a lawyer, so Hateshi’s adopted parent’s were well off and Hateshi grew up with some things that other kids could get, and he was speaking English and Japanese, both of which he can speak very fluently.

Hateshi’s adopted parents were the one who gave him his first and last name, although he prefers his nickname Hateshi instead of his full name Hateshiganai. Hateshi was well disciplined and during his time in school he became a prodigy in subjects like Math and Science that focused around logic. Eventually Hateshi attended Columbia University due to the fact that he felt it was the best university in New York, and it was there that he began to show interest in anything revolving around the heart and blood, so he began to pursue careers in both Cardiology and Hematology, since they almost went hand-in-hand.

Hateshi soon found himself at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where he soon found himself working under Gregory House himself. Due to the fact that they both focus on the same branch, Hateshi is often seen working with Chase, who may be often seen comparing notes and sharing ideas with Hateshi on the subject of cardiology.
Personality: Hateshi is a very carefree person who believes that rules exist to be broken, despite his somewhat strict upbringing. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind, and he doesn’t sugarcoat things like most doctors might do, but rather likes to deal with the cold hard truth. Hateshi is very loyal to those who earn his trust, and he really could care less about the bad qualities of someone if he likes them enough. Strangely enough, he’s rather shy when it comes to relationships, seeing as all of his past relationships ended in heartbreak for him.
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Quirks: Hateshi has a fascination with weapons of any kind, his favorite being Japanese weapons. Hateshi also has a blood fetish, one of the many reasons why he has pursued a career centering around Hematology and Cardiology. Hateshi also loves anime and likes to watch many popular anime shows in both English and Japanese. Finally, Hateshi has a big sweet tooth and can usually been seen munching on some sweet most of the time.
Addition Info: When bored, Hateshi will draw whatever he feels like drawing, and he seems to be a natural at art.
so if i want to fill the position of house...i should send you a pm?
Oh yes please!! blaugh
Dr. Luca Hardt stared aimlessly at a patient's file, the sounds of The White Stripes blaring into her mind from the small stereo she kept in her office. Today was once again going to be long and boring. No one to evaluate on the list and no one to bother with diagnosis since most of her underlings were of the best trained psychiatric physicians this side of Jersey. Luca pushed away a few stray locks of hair and closed her eyes for a moment to take in the deep bass that rumbled through her nearly sound-proof office. Something exciting was in order. Yet the idea of doing something strenuous made the three hours of sleep she achieved the night before slightly more depressing.

Lisa Cuddy walked briskly towards the office of her head psychologist with a file in hand. This was a woman she knew House was going to want to examine for his team and she was going to push it even if it meant a couple of bribes. The do-gooder known as Luca seemed to be in need of a little more brain exercise considering the fact that she never did much except over-see, correct, and authorize. Cuddy came to the doctor's office and opened the door only to be blasted with music. Seemed familiar but she wasn't going to let her mind run into it.

"HARDT!" Cuddy screamed over the top of the music. She watched the young doctor flinch, spilling papers everywhere as she flipped out of her chair. The music when off with a flick of a switch.

"Y-Yes, ma'am?" Luca responded as she rubbed her head and looked at Cuddy's tall figure through a half closed eye. She slowly rose to her feet and brushed her skirt down awaiting what Cuddy would have to say.

"I have a proposition for you. I'm sending in your resume' to Diagnositics for Dr. Gregory House. He's looking for a team for his fellowship program and I'm recommending you." Cuddy smirked seeing Luca's confused expression. This was going to be interesting so see this misfit socialize.

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