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"That's a much better idea you jerk" sinku shook his head "man you need to get a new view on life cause yours sucks big time....."
"That's still manipulation as well as breaking my respect for the dead..." She snarled, disgusted at his smile.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"calm down wing and just ignore him for now"sinku said flatly.
Lance shook his head, trying to get up but slipping again as the mysterious bard left... Kayla hurried over to help him up. "What was that about?"

"A few nonsensical questions." Lance said. "Don't worry, it doesn't hurt as much as it looks..." He groaned. "I swear, his presence was like that of an old friend's but I guess I was wrong..."
Sion just slumped over and shook his head. "Man...i have never known a woman that was this difficult to please. Heh...and i use to think Hanako and Paradox were difficult." He perked back up and spun around. "Then i'll think of something else but i can almost bet you won't approve of any of them. My techniques can only go so far."
Ohka sighed. She was finally tired of listening to this stupidity. "Yo, morons," she said. "How bout this. The king stays here, and I seal Blood in the twilight realm. Then, he's out of our hair, but still alive and everyone's happy. Simple enough?" she said.
Wing's ears flattened--She didn't even have to *guess* what those techniques were. (I wonder how Reign could have picked such a jerk for a friend...)

"Thanks Ohka, for being the only one throwing out at least semi-rational ideas..."
"Sealing..." Sion never liked the thought of sealing spells. He always related them to what happened with Seana. He looked up and softly mumbled to himself "I can never protect anything i care for..."
"We're here." Thorn stopped at a tall, elegant building with a large sign, "Wayward Inn," amongst the medieval arches.

"Wait!" Wing stopped them from going in as she noticed a familiar figure approaching. "Reign!"
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"oh great I wonder what he has to say?" sinku looked at wing and said "not to be rude but i can give some good ideas too but no one will ever listen to me to hear them."
"I'll listen, Sinku."
Sion had been lost in thought and mumbling to himself for quite a little while now. A strange glow emitted from his right palm but it was soft and hardly noticeable.
"Reign..." Wing took one look at his expression and frowned. "You...told him I'm still here, didn't you?"
Reign gave a look of discust "It wasn't my right to tell him that" He withdrew the engagement ring and reluctantly returned it to Wing "However you can now be assured if your paths do cross he'll regret it"
(Regret?) She wasn't quite sure what he was talking about, but she was grateful to have the ring back--She returned it to her sword's feathery hilt.

...all of them walked into the inn, past rouge chairs sprawled all across the lounge. Yet, unlike the expected bustle in a busy hotel, there was almost no one in it...
"Thorn! Running away from the castle, as always." The jolly gray-haired cat behind the counter, the owner, said to him after he made sure the other guests were out of earshot.
"Aw, Uncle Seph, I've only done it once before--or twice..." He turned around to some of their confused faces. "He really isn't my uncle--"
"But I sure treat him as if I were!" Seph came out from behind the counter and chuckled, patting Thorn's head and ruining his perfect hair.
"Seph, you know how dad can be--" Thorn said, rapidly moving his hair back into place.
"As of lately, everyone's been knowing." Seph frowned. He changed the subject. "I see you brought some friends--"
"Can we stay in secret? Again? Please?" Thorn begged.
"Well, with all the crazy stuff happening guests have been dwindling, and the inn won't have enough money to keep going--I'd be grateful for a single silver coin! Also, I'm afraid your father would really take my head this time if he found out..."
"Seph, he doesn't even know a person like you exists, or that I've stayed here at all. I haven't told him anything--Look, they're here to help!"
Seph scratched his head and chuckled. "Of course, of course! I'll even let you show 'em around! Just be careful. I care for you that much, Boy."
Thorn picked the last strand out of his eyes and smiled at them. "This place's got three floors--Rooms with open doors are unoccupied, so you can take any of those ya want. I'll see you guys in the morning!"

Thorn hopped up and down gaily, ears twitching in glee that he could help someone for once.

(He let us stay here free of charge--He must be a really good friend to Thorn...) Wing thought, smiling. Trying not to make the action visible to anyone, she leaned against the counter and put her hands behind her back, quickly slipping several gold coins into the tip jar... (The inn should be alright for a few months.)

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