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"I guess it can't be helped...if i'm going to save you then we apparently need another moon clan member and since there are only two we'll have to make another one somehow." He then gave a small shrug "Exactly how we plan to do that i do not know and i'm not even sure it will work. BUT it is better than letting you die so that's all the motivation i need to figure this out."
"I...borrowed it... without permision..." Reign smirked slyly " Can I speak to you privately" he said glancing nervously at Kayla
Wing twitched. "I have no idea what you're talking about..."


Lance nodded at Kayla's dubious glance, and he walked with Reign till they were out of earshot. "What is it?"
Reign stared him down solemly "...do you still love her?"
Lance looked down. "Doesn't matter where she is... I always will."
"what about Kayla?"
"Yes, I love her too..." Lance flattened his ears in embarrassment. "I know, it doesn't sound right."
"Ok so...i have two plans we can either revive a moon clan fox or by make a fox basically have a moon clan fox have a child. There are only two of them so the girl is naturally our best bet. The question is will it work if the child is a half breed..." Sion paced back and forth as he spoke.
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"ok so let me get this straight ohka is going to take blood and the king into the twilight realm and that is just going to make everything alright again ?' sinku shook his head "sis i realy don't thimk that is going to work this time."
She gave the cat a stare of utter hatred. "Sion, what the hell kind of an idea is that?! I'm not going to let you manipulate others for my sake!"
"So if you had to choose..." Reign's voice trailed off
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"I would have to agree with you wing that is wrong for him to try that" sinku glared at sion angrily and said "and you want her to trust you ?!"
"This sounds even stranger, but it would be Kayla." Lance looked up. "She's my true love--I would have known earlier if we weren't separated due to the war."
He completely ignored sinku because acknowleding him would be utterly pointless. "Ok then that only leaves my revival idea." He just smiled at her as she stared at him.
"That'll do" Reign said turning around to leave. He stopped spun and landed a heavy blow to Lance's jaw, sprawling him to the ground "That's for HER I know she doesn't have the heart to do it herself!" he turned and walked away (I have my answer that'll have to do) He tucked the ring back into his pocket and began to search for Wing

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