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Reign grinned, (it worked) he withdrew a very familiar engagement ring "Tell me about this then I'd like to know how a Sun and Moon kitsune can be together"
Ohka thought for a second, then said, "Definitly him. We have a common enemy. Blood ain't our allie, that's for sure." She pulled out her hand gun and looked at it. "Tell me something, do you know anything about the twilight or dead realms?" she asked.
"Uh, twilight? Dead realms?" The prince said, eyeing the gleam on the gun. "I have no clue." (Wow, my tutors at the castle were right when they said there'd be a lot of strange, weapon-cracking rogues walking the streets...And I'm hanging with them--This is so cool! I gotta get out more!)

(Blood, the four of us, under those trees, that promise--Look at what became of it...) Wing reached at her sword hilt for the comforting object... The others heard a startled scream. "My engagement ring--it's gone!" (How...symbolic.......)


True to his word, Lance began to talk.
"I had known her ever since we were childhood friends... Yet, I still wanted to win my lady's approval in the way that knights in love always do--valiantly. So, I told everyone that I was going away to train for a few months. That's when I searched the entire forest, its mines and caverns, for what I needed--The garnet in the ring's center, the eighteen diamonds surrounding it--I carved all those pieces. I did it from my heart. And though my swordcutting skills are good, let me tell you... I could never surpass those of Wing's." He shook his head. "That was the main problem... Some of them called her the Perfect Knight. I didn't know if she'd ever accept a guy of a lower caliber than her."
He laughed. "But I kept with my plan anyways, and proved to the clan that I had been 'training' with the self-inflicted cuts that I accidentally got from working too furiously with chipping the diamonds. And as soon as I got back, I challenged her to a fight... By now she could take out or at least match just about anyone in the clan, so she courteously let her opponents choose the terms. So I said, 'If I win, I get to ask you a question. If I lose, you get to let me ask you a question.' As strange as the terms were they were pretty harmless, so she accepted them... The entire clan gathered around to watch because I could actually match her from time to time... But once again, the outcome didn't go as I had wanted. There I was, pinned to the ground when I took the ring out and proposed to her... The entire clan watched her acceptance."

Kayla smiled. "That's Wing, all right... I regret that I couldn't be there to see it."
Lance put his hand around Kayla. "And as for a Sun and Moon Kitsune together... Well, I really don't know. We've been trying to find an explanation for that, but we haven't really figured it out. The important thing is that we are together though, so the kitsune war's come to an end, and that's all that matters..."

...he suppressed his question for last. Eyes fixed intently on the ring the entire time, he finally looked up at Reign. "...Where did you get that?"
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meanwhile back in the town...
"yeah my sister is right about blood and I was right on my guess on where he got all of the dragons that he attacked Wing and Ohka with a few days ago.''Sinku glared at thorn "you tell us where to find him and we'll take care of Blood and let you handle the king." sinku pulled out his shotgun and rested it on his shoulder after dusting it off "well ohka it looks like we're acctually going to get to use these on someone other than reign and each other."
Ohka sighed. "You dumbass," she said. "This is a special kind of gun. I'm not going to kill with it. But I have an idea that may be able to resolve two conflicts. With Blood out of the picture, the prince could get a petition from the people to stop the war and the king may reconsider, and if I take Wing and Blood to the twilight realm, Blood may reconsider his position as well."
"It's getting late." The prince looked at the sun dipping into the horizon. "I think it would be better if we stayed somewhere for the night and gave some thought to this before charging into my father's palace." Thorn turned to Ohka and tilted his head. "Uh, now tell me what the twilight and dead realms are?"
"Well, the Dead realm is the place most dead people go if their not ready to die yet. It's basically another realm like the living realm, which we're in, with a few minor differences. The twilight realm, though, is completely different. It's a place that, whenever you enter it, you're clothes change to reveal your heart. Everyone will be wearing a robe of white, black or both. Depending on your heart determines the clothes, but it's not based on deeds but intentions. For instance, Blood would have near black robes while you're father would have near white robes."
Sion walked around scanning the area to keep a look out as they spoke. He figured he'd make himself useful since he was lost as to what they were talking about now.
"I know a good place we can stay overnight without alerting my dad...I can't believe he has the guards out already." Thorn rolled his eyes--This wasn't the first time he had escaped from the castle walls. They followed him uphill in the direction of the kingdom's center again, except this time through dimly lit alleyways and corners to stay out of sight...

"Oh, I see." Thorn nodded to Ohka. "I bet Sir Leonne would have a robe of pure black." He flattened his ears. "But still, why would the color of his robe make him reconsider if he already knew he was evil?" Thorn turned to Wing. "And what's he got against you?"

Wing closed her eyes, trying to relate the main story without sounding biased. "His clan members ambushed mine, then I murdered all his clan members, and now we're hunting each other down for our double-revenges..." To her, it all sounded too simple to be true--But that was exactly what was going on.

"Oh!" The text from Thorn's studies that his tutors had forced him to sit down and read came back to him. "You mean, the kitsune war? This is all about the kitsune war?!" He looked at her in awe. "And it's being battled out by the last one of each clan?!"

"The last one--Yeah, I guess you could say that..."

"But, the prophecy--" Thorn stammered. "If he dies, so do you!"

Sion appeared infront of Thorn in a flash of red light. "What you just say?"
Thorn took a step back. "Ah, geez! What's your problem, man?!"

"It's okay, Sion...Thorn's right." Wing looked up. "That's the nature of the prophecy I'm bound to: When the Sun and Moon Clans were created, a curse was put over them both... The number of Moon Clan members would always equal the number of Sun Clan members, as one of the many mechanisms to keep the universe in balance." She shook her head. "So whether Blood kills me or I kill him..."
"And what would happen if one of you were to live anyway?" He asked with a very concerned look. (I can think of a couple ways to help her but one is never gonna happen...)
"Then, the other would remain alive too--According to the prophecy, anyways. And, so far, it's proven itself true." Wing looked intently at Sion. "But that's not going to be for very long. If I refuse to kill Blood, then he'll kill me. And I'm not going to give up--My Clan's murdered, Sion, and I'll fight for them to the very end...even if it means my own death."
"Ok...so exactly how hard do you think it will be to break this curse and if it were broken what would happen then?" He had completely forgotten about consulting Kogoro, His inner demon, who very knowledgable in curses. He was almost certain he would know something about the Sun and Moon clans.
"Perhaps the word 'curse' is too weak of a word to use for it... It's more like a law of the universe--it can't be broken."

(Actually, I guess it would be broken if all of the Sun and Moon members died out...)

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