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Along with the other, Ulfang too found himself unconscious in this room. However, due to his constant release of wind energy, Ulfang was stuck to the ceiling. He looked down at everyone else, "Wow, who turned off all the gravity." Ulfang said before once again falling. "Yup, that hurt..." The wolf said as he looked at his palm which was deeply cut by the wind energy that made up his final attack.
Justice wearily lifted his head as he lay spread eagle upon the ground. His head swirled and his fur was drenched in sweat. His entire body ached as if he had fallen from a great height and he tasted blood in his mouth.

"I tink I dit ma tong," the coyote moaned.
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Jezza regained consciousness slowly, aided by a throbbing headache. She managed to roll into a sitting position and proceeded to cough violently and spit a fair amount of blood onto the ground.

"Bloody 'ell," she cursed, "There innit enuff rum in ta' world ta' make that better."
Feeling Jezza roll away from him he suddenly snapped awake wrapping his arms around his chest.

"This hurts like all blue blazing hell!" he sat up and cringed but he looked at her and smiled very painfully. "...heh d-didn't hurt one bit!"
OOC// We're on top of a circular tower above the Castle Gardens, Ulfang. No roof just fyi!


"Prince Thorn!"
...Thorn blinked wearily... His ears pounded has he heard the familiar voices.

"Prince Thorn!" There you are!

...Bartholomew, the priest, and a gang of servants rushed up to meet them.

As Thorn was brought to his knees, his long cabbit ears strained to get even one piece of understandable sentence from the worried attendants.

"All those dragons just disappeared and--"
"It got dreadfully dark, like the world was going to end!"
"Next thing we know you're all here--"
"A show of lights, it was!"

"Guys, guys!" His vision finally cleared, and he was covered in blood--

"Oh, goodness!"
"Bring the healing potions!"
"Get the ER up here immediately!"

Thorn took a swig of a healing potion handed to him and got to his feet alone. "Ladies, gentlemen," He looked up at the night sky--

"...we'll be fine." He smiled.

"Just fine." He looked up at Bartholomew. "I'll explain everything later. For now, get everyone fixed up, and--" He shushed Barthos's starting argument--"If they want, they can come out and finish celebrating." Thorn's voice was filled with command, a sense of duty now.

"...I'm not injured too badly. All of these nation's great peoples did not come here for an empty celebration, yes? Take me to the balcony, Barthos. I must be crowned tonight." He took up his bloodstained rapier, White Rose, and gave it to the tuxedo-d cat for the ceremony...

Barthos blinked, then bowed apprehensively. "Yes, Milord!"

OOC// OK everyone ending scenes GO!
OOC// Kadira is Emily's character. She appeared for a short while earlier and I just wanted to bring her back for a cameo because she didn't have time to continue RP'ing. :3


...The cheering escalated as a prince in bloodied wear walked the steps up to the balcony by himself... Kneeling, eyes closed, he accepted his crown from the priest...

The applause was deafening as everyone took in now that he had been to the edge of the world, warring to protect it, and back, alive...


...Katra leaned on the skyship of Kingdom Lazuli. It had been torn and tattered from the effort to clear the way for the Sea Lycean in the fight of dragons...

A black swan joined her. King Lazuli simply nodded at the warrior cat, and they looked down upon the festivities from the loading docks...
Meanwhile, Queen Alyssa and Servant Mew wove in and out of the crowds, Laine darting on all fours at their heels.

"Perhaps you were mistaken, your Majesty! Many ships rose to protect Kingdom Coeurs from the onslaught!"
"I know our nation's colors when I see them, Mew. Only one other person knows how to drive it--"

"Over there!" Laine spotted it first, and they followed her to the docked remains of a skyship on a knoll, the tattered banner flowing violet and silver...

A golden figure limped out--

The queen and her daughter raced out to embrace him.

The king's eyes widened, unmistakable tears started forming at the corners of his eyes. No words. There would be time for explanations later, so much time... Mew took out a handkerchief and promptly bawled in it.
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Sinku stood next to luther." Hey remember that battleship I showed you before ..Well it arrived just before we left to go after Blood again and now that we're back I would like to formally grant the use of it and the rest of my fleet to this kingdom after all of this is done....just have Thorn meet me down at the docks aftrewards ok." Sinku said quietly to Luther as he excused himself and headed for the docks to inspect his grand ship and to get away from the crowd of people.
"...A generous donation. I'll let Thorn know." Luther bowed, seeing the tanuki into the distance...
ohka stood on one of the roofs where she could watch the cerimony without being in the middle of the crowd. She gazed around at all the people and her friends, scattered here and there.

This would be here last full day in the realm of the living. She had duties to both worlds, and she knew this, though she had told noone else. She could always visit, and secretly hoped that some new catastrophy would happen soon and bring the group back together.
Sir Justice scanned the cheering crowd and sighed with a melancholy smile. It had been two years since he had set off to rid himself of Silveen and regain his honor, and now it was over. With Silveen's destruction and the vanquishing of Armageddon his quest was now complete. But even though he was now whole again, he was still a knight without a king, a wanderer without a home. His victory felt hollow in his chest.

Not being one for extravagant affairs, he thought to simply slip away from the party while no one was looking. Besides, there was something to which he must attend.

The coyote approached Prince Thorn's servant Bartholomew. "Excuse me sir. I have a request to ask of your prince when he has a moment. There is a......possession which is important to me but I cannot bear to take it with me anymore than I can simply throw it away. I would like to bury it in the royal garden amongst the roses. Is that possible?"
"..." Bartholomew looked as disdained as if Sir Justice were asking to bury a dead dog among the roses, but he led the knight to the decorated throne in the Great Hall where Thorn was would sit for the rest of the night until the last guest had left...

Thorn, a little weary but determined not to fall asleep, sat up straight to greet Justice--He straightened the oversized crown that had gone over his eyes even a bit every time he moved.

"Hello, Sir Justice is it? We haven't talked much at all!" The new king extended his hand for a shake.
More accustomed to kneeling before royalty, Sir Justice awkwardly shook Thorn's hand.

"Yes, your majesty. Blessings be upon you and your house. May your reign be long and prosperous," said the coyote as he congratulated the prince on his ascension.

"I have a request but before I ask it, perhaps it would help if you understood why."

So Sir Justice gave the prince an abridged version of his story: meeting Silvy, being tricked by the witch, being exiled, his quest for redemption, and the events which led to his freedom.

"So you see your majesty, even though Silveen seemed completely wicked, in the end she sacrificed herself to save me. Perhaps some part of that girl I first met truly existed within her and, in her own way, loved me. And I suppose that some part of me will always love that girl."

Reaching into the leather pack that hung from his belt Sir Justice withdrew the black color and Silveen's dagger.

"These are all that is left of Silveen. They arouse painful memories within me and I do not think that I have the strength to travel any further with them, but neither do I have the heart to simply discard them. She left behind no earthly remains so I would like to lay them to rest in her stead. I respectfully ask permission to bury them beneath the roses in your royal gardens."

"Roses were always her favorite," the coyote said sadly, his ears drooped as he looked down at the two artifacts.
Seth shook Thorn's hand warmly. "We've never been formally introduced. I'm Seth." He walked away as suddenly as he had come, and shuffled through the crowd. Seth knew that tonight was the night he would return home. Telsaer couldn't have been more specific with his instructions to Telmaro's Savior.
He was back in his ragged traveling garb, and he looked like a beggar wading through a sea of nobility. However, the nobles knew him, and made way for him as he strode to the castle doors and out onto the grounds. He passed by Wing on the way, and grasped her hand.
"For when you need me" he whispered, and pressed a golden scale into her hand. "Speak the name of The Dragon, and hold the scale to the heavens."

Without waiting for an answer he continued walking until he reached the forest. He stopped at the edge and looked back with a sigh. "I wish I was allowed at least to say goodbye" he whispered, and melted into the shadows of the trees.

A flash of light illuminated the forest for the briefest moment, and a soft magical wind blew over the castle.

Seth floated down a river of light that wound through an empty expanse. Above him the stars tumbled through the heavens and began to re-align themselves. He could soon pick out familliar constellations that were only in Telmaro, and as the river took another turn he saw the castle reflected like a mirror in one of the stars. The river suddenly plummeted, and he fell freely through the expanse. A grassy field soon came into view. He landed softly in the field which immediately began to expand until it went beyond his vision. The river faded behind him, and he could see mountains in the distance. He turned around and saw his home looming behind him.

He took a deep breath of Telmarin air and smiled. He was without a doubt home. Seth walked to the door and turned the knob.
"Skye......I'm finally home."

OOC: I know technically I gave the scale to Lena, but she's not in this RP sooooo.........
OOC// Before everyone scatters to the winds, I would like to announce that I am starting the Furry Fury 3 roleplay in the forums. Seth's rp is technically Furry Fury 2 so I don't want to step on any toes. Just be sure to check it out once the main rp wraps up.

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