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"This is the secret technique of the Coyote Clan," Sir Justice said as he quickly began to slash the air around him with his rapier. His movements gained in speed until his arm and his sword blurred the around his upper body. The swish of the blade through the air grew into a low whistle which quickly built into a howl.

"Face the Howling Gale!" he cried as he dashed forward his rapier extended. A tunnel of swirling, howling wind surrounded him and trailed behind him as he blasted through Armageddon like a bullet. From far away it might have appeared that the beast was being pierced by a long, thin blade of pure wind.

It was only as Justice emerged on the other side of the monster that he noticed that the wind was laden with rose petals.

(But......that is Silveen's power.....) he thought before crashing to his knees with the exertion of his attack.
"My turn," Ohka said. "This is what Twilight taught me."

She lifted her gun in front of her and pointed it directly at Armageddon. A symbol appeared behind her. It was a symbol that noone had seen yet everyone recognized: the embodiment of light and dark where they meet at their greatest power. The symbol glowed both black and white, then vanished as Ohka pulled the trigger. A beam of light that was no color yet every color instantaniously pierced through Armageddon then expanded in a swirl of light. Ohka sunk to her knee, breathing heavily.

"The only problem with super powered attacks," she said. "They drain way too much energy."
Reign's muscles tensed. He grinned knowing the end of the journey was near. He leaped at Armageddon and shoved both forearms into his throat and forced all of his spiritual pressure into the beasts body. "This is just how it ends, to brush up against death is the only way to vanquish it." His eyes turned upward as a prayer escaped his lips. "Lord and heavenly Father, if my life be cut to pieces make this my Last Resort. May the spirit of my faith be strong enough to purify even death itself and may the bodies of my comrades be spared if my own be lost."
"Really?" Seth commented as he saw Sinku collapse. "Look who's still standing if not barely." He surprised himself by laughing despite the situation as he helped his friend up. "We've both taxed our elemental reserves quite a bit, and I know I can't pull off another attack like that without nearly killing myself. Let's wait and see what happens."
"It's about all I can do at this point" he thought.
As the green orb in front of Ulfang grew to the size of a basketball, his swords instantly stopped spinning to where the pair were perfectly vertical running along the orb. "Now, lets finish this. Dancing Edge - Finale: Wolf's Rain." The wolf calmly said as the orb shot down toward the beast as the green sphere turned into a thin sliver. However, as it grew nearer to the creature, the single sliver dispersed into many as those turned into violent whirlwinds. These whirlwinds targeted themselves at the heart and were destined to make their mark.
Sion's muscles pulsed and expanded to their peak size for his body type. He kept all the energy he had stored up in each arms and in the pit of his stomach. He looked at Bliss who kept the large ball of energy above them charging with energy until it was a rather ridiculous size. He outstretched his arms and brought them closer in front of him his palms open. He slowly opened his mouth and when he did Bliss threw the massive energy orb at Armageddon. He followed her by firing All of his energy from his throat, the energy of Kogoro from one hand and all of Irodeki's energy from the other. The blasts spiraled around each other behind the Orb and bonded together as a single shining ray of multicolor. The blast was swallowed by the orb but only to propel it even faster into Armageddon until it finally caused a gargantuan explosion that rained down small fractions of energy that resembled flower petals.

"Dragon bomb and Nova Spark....Nova's Deadly Kiss...I like that...."

Bliss fluttered down to his side and held him up as he stood there drained of energy. She had no more energy to feed from so she herself reverted back to weapon form to rest.
"Yah!" Thorn extended his hands, and a thicket of spiky vines ran into the heart...

Wing raised her sword, and leapt off the platform, plunging headfirst into the red miasma--
She could feel the presence of her nine tails still here, in this one moment between life and death. She gave all her power to this one blow...

The energy from everyone's attacks formed a blinding light that met that of the heart's--

"We gave everything, but it's not enough!" Wing thought, but at that moment a beam beside her broke the mist and hurtled all of their attacks through the heart, as Armageddon's death cry rang...
She found she had been thrown onto the ground, bruised and bleeding all over...

Armageddon was gone. The entire place was rumbling, and rocks had started falling all around them...

She staggered up with what was left of her energy. Almost falling a few times, she made it Blood, only a few feet away...

He lay there, face up, looking quite blank. One wing...he had used the other to fuel the final attack.

"You saved us..." She murmured.

"There is no need for this place anymore... Very soon, it will cease to exist. Go while you can."

But she stayed, and drew her sword high above him. He didn't move--if only in expression, a calm acceptance. It was only poetic justice...

"It's not fair..." She spoke.
And then, she sliced off her wing.
"Go!" She flung the glowing limb at him as the ground below them broke.

...it absorbed into him, two shining rays glistening out of his back, he reached out and yelled but it was inaudible--

She stumbled, couldn't catch herself over the floor breaking into a million pieces as she reached out in return, huge rolling flames underneath lashed out to take her in his stead. Finally there was nothing more to cling to, and she fell and fell and fell--
...There was a dim blue glow. Why did everything emit light these days?

Her fingers tightened on sleek marble floor, hard and cold. She raised her fingers to see a hand stained with red--

"..." She blinked, not able to think anything except that she was...well, simply here...

But, where was here? Her eyes focused to find that she was atop Crystal Hold, Kingdom Coeurs, where she had last been earthbound...

And everyone else was there, sprawled out as if they had been thrown down too. She crawled over to the closest two, Ohka and Sinku lying side by side...

She wrapped an arm around each and began to cry.
Reign's body was numb. Blood trickled from his lips as he coughed. "It's finally over." He fell on his back, spread eagle, and gazed at the sky. His very soul seemed to bleed from the strain of his final attack. "Thank God"
Sion managed to use his wings to glide his body directly under that of Jezza's so when he hit the ground she crashed onto him softening her blow. He just laid there unconscious with his blade at his side and his arms somehow subconsciously wrapped around the otter.
Ohka put a gentle hand on Wing's back at she stared blankly into the distance. "So it's over," she mumbled. She wondered what would happen next, mostly with Wing who had given another wing, from what she saw, but she decided now was not the time to ask.

She was regaining her strength quickly as she sat there. After just a few moments she was able to return her gun to it's holster, but still she didn't move.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

Sinku stirred and relized they were back and groaned feeling like he had been hit by a sledge hammer." Oh man remind me not use that attack again for a very long time." He said with a cough as he realized that Wing was crying and wrapped an arm around her as well and sat up and began to try and recover enough energy to get up and move." We did it Wing ...It's finally over." He said wih a sigh of graditude." And how the heck did we end up back here anyway?"
Seth used the Landach pole to pull himself to his feet. He swirled the last few drops of emerald water in his vial sadly. "Just enough to bring everyone to their feet, but what will I do then?" He fell back to the ground and brought himself to a sitting position. "It's over."

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