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Wing and Thorn came out from behind the crates, and Thorn sheathed his rapier.

"Thanks--You guys saved me! ...who are you, anyways?"
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pulls a front flip and lands on his feet " hey i'm not the one with the loud mouth that brags all of the time like you do"
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"my name is sinku anaka and this " gestures towards ohka "is my sister ohka and it is a pleasure to meet you."
"But even i know when to shut the hell up." He waved Sinku off and walked over to Wing and the prince. "Me, I'm a mercenary to be honest but my most recent job is to be Wing's guardian."
Thorn was more agreeable upon being shown some respect. "I am Prince Thorn Briar XIII, son of King Briar of Kingdom Couris."

Wing laughed. "I'm Wing--just Wing."

He bowed courteously and gave the key back to her. "In case something strange happens or we get caught by the guards... They know what the key means too."
"Hey...does this mean i get to beat up some guards?" Sion had the expression of a child about to recieve a new toy.
(My...guardian?) Her tail twitched uneasily at the idea. "Now, you said everything was wrong?"

"Yeah." The prince sat on a crate and folded his arms in an unsatisfied way. "Ever since King Briar got that new advisor, everything's gone haywire--Dad's somehow got it in his head that it's in the best interests of his kingdom to take over all the other ones out there--And he's doing it with dragons." He gave a bothered glance at Sion about the guard comment.
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"and what does it mean exactly " sinku asked after ignoring sion's last insult
"I don't know." Thorn paused. "His theory now is that if you take over the other countries and put them all under one wise ruler, everything will run more smoothly--No famines since we all get to share, faster cures since all the scientists and doctors will be working together, and so on." Thorn shook his head. "I don't think it'll work though. From my life experience, you can't enforce equality..."
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"dragon's!" his fur stood on end at the comment "i hate to say this but that is a very cowarly thing to do ......if he wants to take over evrythig then he should do it himself!"
( Heh...sounds like a helluva fun party to me.) "And let me guess...You ran away to find people strong enough to form a rebellion against him and bring some sense to him?" He smiled to himself at the thought of fighting all the dragons.
"Yeah." Thorn rolled his eyes. "But according to the advisor, you're not a good king unless you utilize your resources... And as everyone knows, Kingdom Couris is also the Kingdom of Dragons--When the first king in our family came peacefully into rule, he was blessed with the power to control all the dragons in and around his lands, and that power is passed down to every ruler in our family. Which means, I don't get to do all that cool stuff until I get the throne, and that'll be a while..." Thorn shrugged it off. "With that goal in mind, you think Dad would use a better method too."
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"hey that advisour .....what does he look like cause it sounds like someone that wing, ohka' and I know very well here lately" sinku looked at wing "wouldn't you agree?"
"Rebel?" Thorn looked aghast at Sion. "I'd rather use the word 'help.' I'd like to bring him back without killing him! Because I wasn't his real son, he loved me even more--But he's crazy now...I don't know if I can bring him back."

That was right, they all remembered suddenly: It was impossible for the grand Briar to be Thorn's true father. Briar was a ice-blue cabbit of the variety of a lion and a rabbit. Thorn was a cabbit too, but his cat part was that of a domesticated one, and he'd never grow to gain the noble appearance his father had due to species...

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...the famous story about them was, Briar's Queen had died not soon after they were married, and King Briar was compassionate enough to find a child from a lower-class orphanage and raise him to be his own. Aristocrats turned their noses up at the arrangement, but the common people cheered for it.

The one thing strangely similar about father and son, the thing that had compelled Briar to choose this infant, was Thorn’s blue-green odd eyes--Briar had odd-eyes of the same colors, just on opposite sides.

Thorn turned to Sinku. "Oh, the advisor? Sir Blood Durei Leonne, or something to that extent..." Thorn leaned forwards curiously. "You guys know him?"

Wing remained silent, head bowed, holding tight to her sword...
"ok...i think i missed something here. Who are we talking about now?" Sion's blondeness was in full effect

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