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Wing thought about that first sentence for a moment... She looked at her hands... She thought again--She wasn't quite sure what to think. Everything had gone downhill so fast; yet, she knew what she wanted now: escape. She must have lost her mind; she didn't care. To get away from this place, these people--Of course, they were at a pier! Take a ship, run away, forget about everything that had ever happened... She'd be happy.

Wing turned and started to run again with the intention of never turning back, but she didn't get very far--In her haste she hadn't looked where she was going, and she crashed into a black-cloaked figure who was also running; they both landed on the ground.

"Ah, I'm so sorry Sir..." She got up and extended her hand.
"No, no, it was my fault--I was running." He took it to get up.
"Running where?"
"Away." He mumbled. As she pulled him up his hood fell to reveal the face of a young light-brown cabbit, 15, at most 16--
"Running away...Aren't we all?" Wing mumbled, still a bit disillusioned. She squinted at his odd eyes--One was blue and one was green--
"Y-you--!" A bit startled, she had shaken his shoulders, accidentally pulling the entire cloak off--to reveal his majestic clothes and the famous silver rapier, the White Rose, at his side in a sheath--A trademark symbol of the Royal family of Kingdom Couris.

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He took two steps back, then landed on his knees to beg.
"Oh, don't tell my father, please!"
Ohka walked up now. She had left Reign, he seemed to have it under control. Ohka blinked and looked at the cabbit. "Who's you're father?" she asked blankly.
"I...he..." The cabbit stammered, his voice giving away that he wasn't sure of whether to trust these strangers, and now that he found that there were four of them and one of him he was beginning to get a bit nervous.
"Prince Thorn, right?" Wing asked, quickly glancing at the White Rose's shining hilt. She kneeled, taking something out of the feathers of her sword. "We may have never met before, but I might be able to help you." His eyes widened as she took out the silver key that Luther the Bartender(a.k.a. Learli Ettwight the Scholar in his time off) had given her--So much had happened since Sionopolis that everyone else had forgotten all about it...
Thorn's eyes widened as he took the key from her. "That key--Dad gave it to Captain Lear! Any friend of Lear is a friend of mine!" His face darkened. "Lear said he'd only send the key to us if--"
"Something was wrong?" The white kitsune asked.

The cabbit's ears drooped. "Oh, not JUST something's wrong...everything's wrong."
"Wow, how dramatic," Ohka said.
Thorn gave Ohka a glare of disbelief--Being a prince, he wasn't used to this sort of talk.
"Are you mocking my words?" He asked, suddenly standing up and drawing his rapier. "I've won kingdomwide tournaments in fencing--I can take you on!"

"Calm down! Ohka's always like that!" Wing flattened her ears in alarm, getting up.
Sion's ears twitched as he listened to their conversation. His back was turned to them but his hand never left his sword.
Wing could feel the atmosphere tensing up as the second alarming thought entered her head. (Ohka's main weapon is a gun... And I doubt Thorn can take her on if he's been training with swords only... Aw crap!)

She let the other reason be the one to come out of her mouth.
"Ohka, don't take up his challenge! He's the prince of this entire place--He's got the royal power to do away with us all!"
Sion just continued to stare into the forest. His tails flicked in an amusing pattern. "Hey Wing, I sense other energy sources coming from that way." He then stuck his thumb out to point in the direction the prince came from. "Don't ya think we should move out of sight for a while?"
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sinku steped infront of ohka and looked her dead in the eyes "look i've already gotten us thrown into jail once so we don't need to any of us put back in so just let him say what he's going to say and that be the end of it this time .....ok?"
"Energy sources?" Wing pulled the irritated prince out of the way and to the other end of some inconspicuous old stacked-up crates--She'd leave the others to hide for themselves, but she was afraid that he'd (unfortunately) be the type to turn his nose up even at the word "hide."

"What the--" She covered his mouth and peered through one of the small openings.
(Hell.) She silently finished his phrase, wondering what Sion could have possibly sensed to give them that warning.
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"um sionm what is it that you smell that has you twitching so much "
Sion grabbed Sinku around the head and covered his mouth as he grabbed ouka around the waist and hopped into the nearest tree. A few moments after armored soldiers, that almost resembled royal guards, had rushed by. Some had stopped to look around for a moment before catching up to the rest.
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sinku said in a muffled voice "oh that's what" he then pulled sion's hand off of his mouth andgave sion a death glare and whispered "you couldn't have just said hide could you?"
"Not with that loud a** mouth of yours." He then proceeded with kicking sinku out of the tree and hoping down beside him.

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