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Ohka sighed. "Dang. I was gonna ask her to join us. We could use another girl. Oh well. I'll ask her in the morning. Anywho, I'm going out for the night." She turned and headed out. "Come find me if anything happens," she said.
"Eh...i'll be going out too. I feel better outside actually." He climbed out the nearest window onto the roof and stared at the sky till he eventually dozed off.
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"that won't be a problem for me cause i always know where you are at all times." Sinku said as he entered his room.
Lex laid beside a rock. Purring as he slept. Then he woke when he heard footsteps. His ears twitched. Lex got up, and he stuck his head over the rock to see who it was.

-The she-coon dog- Lex thought. -Not the one I want to talk to though.-

He continued his slumber.
Tonight the darkness of the night swallowed up the entire kingdom; the clouds passing overhead snuffing out the stars overhead one by one until all the light was gone... It was quiet; it was almost unnoticeable, but the unusual presence existed; the presence of tension, unbalance hanging so close and yet so far upon the lonely planet...

Morning. Sunlight filtered through the windows, spilling upon the wooden floors, bathing everything in golden aura... Wing awoke feeling much better--The little time she had slept had regenerated her as if she had rested peacefully the entire night, and the nightmare was long forgotten. She had a feeling that she'd need all the energy she could get today... Reign had taken a quick doze in his chair--A great deal of things had happened since they last had a good rest. (He must have been more exhausted than he thought...) Her glance redirected to the long leather strip on the floor--She picked it up and began to re-wrap his glove onto his hand again, hoping not to wake him.
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sinku closed the door behind him and laid down on the bed and looked out the window at the stars" i wonder what had wing so upset tonight ...........hmm and i have to agree with sion abiut that lex guy .......something about him just makes ke feel uneasy." sinku sighed" oh well I'll deal with that in the morning." he then rolled over and went to sleep.
"Good morning, kitsune. Have a good sleep last night?" Lex laying on his back on the the window ledge. He was still a small kitty. His belly shined in the sun. He was basking as he talked.
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sinku awoke when the sunlight hit his face ."oh man that sun is bright this morning." he then got up and went out into the hall and headed down stairs to see who else was awake."hello is anybody else up yet ?"
Wing momentarily stopped her work, still holding Reign's hand, and looked curiously at the talking cat. She squinted, closed her eyes, remembered...


"Hello, what do we have here?" Lex said to himself as a white kitsune walked into the bar. Lex scooted up to her. "Well, hello." He purred.
She looked at him with feigned interest. "And who the hell do you think YOU are?"
The blue wolf bartender scooted beside her and held her close. "Sorry Buddeh, she's taken."
"Nah, it's alright Luther. Not this time." She pushed him away and smiled at the cat. "Kinda young to be playin' the game, aren't ya?"
"I'm not young, I'll show you!" Lex replied as he jumped at her. Halfway there his collar got a bit tight, and he stumbled on the floor, rolling over several times. In the end he was on his back.
"...heh," He smiled pathetically.
"Looks like you could use a little help there buddy." She extended her hand, still looking quite surprised.
He nervously grabbed her hand. "Lex Falcon, son of Great Blue, and you?"
"Wing de Fiancee, of the Sun Clan. I'm engaged to Lance Knightfall." She smiled at the harmless cat--For some reason she felt alright with him, as if they had been friends for a while."
"Would you like to come to our wedding? It's in February."
"Sorry, can't. Important mission I'm being sent on. I'm in the volunteer mercenary group, the Falcons. Blue finally is letting me do something! By the way, isn't getting married gonna stop all the fun for you?"
"All the fun?" She raised an eyebrow. "Au contraire." She winked, tail swishing as she got up and left...

Lex blinked. "...huh?"


"You're Lex..." She murmured, "from the bar!"
The tabby flicked his tail in positive response.
"That was December. December, December, the tragedy in February; it's June now..." She put a hand on her head. "I've turned into a nervous wreck in only a few months..."
"Just me, boy." Sinku turned from the currently deserted main lounge to see the voice come from behind the counter--Seph was sitting there. "Great to see ya bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning!" He chuckled. "Most of 'em kids like you these days party all night and sleep all day--Ain't good for them, know what I mean?"
"Wow, I almost forgot that myself, Wing," Lex flipped over and walked over to her. "I knew you looked familiar. Well, your not that bad off. Got people you care about you," Lex meowed as he flicked his tail in the direction of Reign.
"You're probably wondering how I got like this. I'm lucky you still remember me when I'm not in my real form. The mission-" Lex paused. "It didn't go to well. I don't hang out with the Falcons that much since." Lex decided to stop talking about it. He cracked a bit at the end of that sentence.
"So whose this loaf of meat here? Lance? Doesn't seem like your type."
Wing looked at Reign rather uneasily at the mention of such a thing. "Er, no, he's a friend. Lance--I guess you could say we went our separate ways..." Her ears flattened. "It's a long story."
Lex saw her face, and he realized he shouldn't have said that.
"Aww, sorry, Wing. I know exactly what you mean. My friend and I did that, too. but hey, there are many fish in the sea!" Lex started to walk toward the door. "I'm gonna go mess with that creepy blond cat. Your group is so fun to mess with! You don't mind if I join?"

[Lex has sent a request to join the party.]
"Fish?" Wing sighed. "I decided to toss my fishing rod overboard, Lex."

[Lex has joined your party!]

She didn't even hear his last few sentences...she waved him away so she could think alone.
"I think I should leave soon anyways, your friend might strangle me!" With that he jumped out of the window he came. He shut the window as he left.

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