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Continued from off-line role play...

Paradox glared at Reign right in the eyes with an expression that showed her thoughts far better than words.

"Yeah, pissing her off in her previous state from recent events isn't too smart." Sion said as he inched away from Para.

Reign stared back with glazed eyes. "I don't care."

Sinku's eyes darted back and forth, looking at both Reign and Paradox. "Wing, Ohka, we might want to head back to the tree because this is going to get ugly."

Wing smiled as she watched them talk amongst themselves, hovering in and out of the group... Then, her glance locked on the other side of the street and she froze--

[Insert theme song "Time machine" here]

There was a cream kitsune walking--She started to run towards him--Before she got there, someone called him--He turned around, and another kitsune ran up to him. She had black fur, indigo markings--

"Lance!" By instinct Wing gripped her sword at the sight of a rival clan member--

But instead of looking defensive, the male kitsune wrapped his arms around the black-pelted fox, and they walked into the distance...

Wing stared with utmost confusion, falling to her knees. her sword dropped, and a tear fell with it to the ground...

"So the prophecy's still true." Ohka whispered to Wing. She also had noticed the kitsune.

Sinku stared at Wing and said, "Um, is there something I should know about?"

Reign's attention was redirected at Wing's call. "Wait, that wasn't right... Should we give chase?"

She just shook her head. "Lance, I searched the whole world over for you... I asked, everywhere I went. They said you disappeared, they said you died... I didn't believe any of them--I don't believe any of this!" She grabbed her sword and fled--Down an alleyway, across a small cemetery...

They found her in the large church, kneeled on the center's large carpet, thinking to herself. "He's alive, and he's happy... That's all I need to know."

Ohka walked up next to her and kneeled, facing the same direction as Wing. "So, now all that's left is Blood?" She asked.

Wing nodded. Sunlight filtered through the church--It was as if the fallen kitsune of the sun clan were watching from above, mourning with her...

She had once been valiant, undefeated. Now she found herself cornered, running away from everything. Losing her battles, everything dear to her. She couldn't...possibly stand losing anything more...
She stood up and rigidly raised her sword to the sky. "God, I give you a knight's promise--I'll never join a clan again. I'll never...love again."
For the sake fo self defense, she had finally resorted to islation, apathy as the only thing that kept her alive.

Reign roared. "So that's it?! All this way and you just give up?!" His voice grew solemn and quiet. "Fine...no one can change your mind...except...him(After you've given me so much hope you just quit...I won't allow it) He gave Wing one last pained look, then stormed out.

Sion walked over. "Wing, may I speak alone to you for a moment?" The others regarded Sion with curious glances, some more suspicious than others.

With a careless shrug, she followed him to a side door, and they were standing outside the church...

Sion flipped his hair and looked at his ring while she leaned against a building.

"Oh yeah," Wing smiled, "say hi to Paradox for me--She's been quiet for the most part."

"Paradox isn't exactly...talkative unless you have carrot cake which she'll really only accept from me or Ichigo cause we'll be sure its safe." He held out his hand. "Can I see your hand for a sec?"

"Uh," Wing gave a hesitant glance then finally held out her hand. "Sure."

Sion kissed her hand and put Argon's heart ring on her finger.

Surprised, Wing looked at the ring then at him. "Sion... Is this really how you feel about me?"

Sion blushed a bit and let the hair fall over his eyes. "W-well...i've been thinking about giving you my mother's ring for a while...i knew if i did i'd have to stay by yourside and keep its curse at bay till i could break it...but as long as i can stay near you then i'll spend all nine of my lives protecting you."

Wing lowered her head. "Sion, another curse, after you know all that's happened to me--

"Wing..." He put his hand under her chin and gently lifted her head. You can trust me...I promise I will protect you and nothing will happen to me...but I need you to believe in me. I will find a way to break the curse i just need you to bear with me. I really want you to have that ring because it's the most precious item I hold...will you at least give me a little of your faith?"

Wing stepped back in disbelief. "If faith is all that you ask for, I shall give you all the faith in the world. But, love..." She turned around to think. "After Lance, I have given a knight's vow to never love again...and I never break my promises."

He flipped his hair. "I understand the feeling of a lost love all to well...considering I've been through it twice so I can relate to your decision but..."

She turned to face him and put her hands on his shoulders. "But what, Sion? There's not much more to say. She closed her eyes. "No man is worth the aggravation... That's ancient history--I've been there, done that."

A funny expression clouded Sion's face. "But I..." He closed his eyes. "hm...you're probably right and I know I can be extremely aggravating so I'd just be a waste of emotion but that doesn't change the fact I want you to have the ring so," he lightly poked her forehead. "no giving it back ,meaning you're stuck with me till I break that curse."

Silently, Wing turned around and walked into the church, Sion following... With a stern face, she held up her hand to reveal the cursed object to everybody.
As Sion silently followed behind her, his body and sword seemed to spark with ominous energy. Seeing Wing in such a downed state was quite aggrivating to him because of the causes. [Never broken a promise huh...well neither have I. I promise to find a way to make you smile from the heart again.] He thought to him self as he looked around at the room of faces in deep thought from gazing at the cursed ring upon Wing's hand.
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sinku walked up beside wing and put his arm around her "hey look i might not fully understand what is going on here but if there is any thing that i can do to help just let me know and i will do my best to do it ."
"Once again," Wing took his hand and held it. "I'm afraid there's nothing you can do." She turned around and looked at the main door.

(Reign...) She ran towards the doors and opened them, hoping he didn't go too far--
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Ice-Cold Hunter

"i can only offer my help " takes off after her " if you are going after reign i sereiously dought that he is in a talkative mood right now cause he looked pretty pissed off at you"
Sion glared at sinku and whacked him over the head with his sheath. "Idiot, yea you're being really helpful talking like that!!" he then hurried to wing's side.
Reign peeked around the corner of a building across from the church. (Good they didn't see me...even better they're going the wrong way) He leaned against the wall "this'll give me time to find a few things out. When everyone was well out of sight he returned to the place where they had seen the kitsune pair. He followed their scents and vanished
Reign caught up to the pair--The two kitsune had decided to recline on a slope where the Kingdom's Castle could be seen from afar. They had selected a place far from the prying eyes of the city, and were alone--or so they thought...

Casual chat exchanged between dear ones was what occupied the first several minutes. Then,

"Lance..." The black kitsune pricked her ears as she got up. "That look on your face again..."
He had zoned off, a worried, sorrowful expression--her voice snapped him back to reality. "Oh! Kayla, I'm sorry--"
"No, I understand." She stopped him. "I'm sorry... for everything *I'VE* done."
"What are you talking about?" He sat up too. "Back there, when the Moon Clan ambushed us--You saved my life!"
"Well, yeah, I never break my promises." She shrugged, smiling.
"A promise?" Lance asked, tilting his head.
"Yeah... Remember, when we were kids--You, me, Wing, Blood, all hanging out together when our parents weren't looking? When all of us still believed that the Kitsune War between the Sun and Moon Clans was total crap?"
"Remember?" Kayla continued. "The day before our parents found out that we were friends and tore us apart forever? We four made a promise under those trees--That if the time came when we had to fight, we wouldn't let any hurt come to each other?"
"Oh yes, I remember now!" Lance smiled, then looked downcast again. "I'm sorry...for breaking that promise...for all the Moon Clan I've killed in the past...my own clan drilled their opinions into me, and I believed them... I was one of the strongest supporters of the war."
"You can't blame yourself--The same happened to Blood. I kept trying to remind him of the promise, but in the end a lot of terrible things happened to him, and he wouldn't listen to me anymore--"
Lance put a reassuring hand around Kayla. "...After all these years, you're the only one who's kept that promise--"
"No, no I didn't keep that promise, not completely--Wing's gone, and Lance... I tried so hard, I'm so sorry I couldn't save her..." She looked down. "And I...didn't mean to fall in love with you."
Then, suddenly, Lance leaned over and embraced her, and they both looked into the sky in silence...


"I...ah...don't see him..." Wing sat against a brick wall, gasping for breath. She had run all the way to the pier, and her search for Reign had gone in vain. (This is ridiculous.) She thought to herself numbly, closing her eyes. She had a good idea of exactly what he had gone to do, and was hoping he didn't succeed...
(If Lance knows I'm alive, things would just get more complicated... He's happy, and I don't want to take it away from him--Like the Moon Clan took it away from me... Reign--He can be so blind sometimes. Can't he see? I could have still walked over to Lance if I wanted to! But I didn't...because...)
Her hair fell over her eyes as she murmured to herself. "Sometimes...when you truly love something, you have to set it free."
Then, Ohka walked up behind Reign. When Wing had run after him, she took another direction. She leaned against a wall. "You're gonna leave them alone, right?" she asked.
"Geeze, i had no idea ypu could run that fast." Sion said as he walked up to Wing. He had fallen behind because he had detected other energy sources near by but chose to ignore them to focus on staying with her. "Guess you didn't find the the giant loincloth ey?" He laughed a bit at his own remark toward reign.
Wing stood up still panting, and without warning, slapped Sion across the cheek with a single furious swipe.

"Don't...talk about him...like that..."
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having decided not to waste energy running he changed into dragon form and rlew to where wing had stoped just in time to see wing slap sion and landed beside her "nice one wing " he glared at sion " i didn't say anything wrong to her you where the one who gave her the cursed ring "
Reign rolled his eyes "figured at least one of you would meddle, do me a favor and save your self some embarassment I've got this under control" He trudged forward towards the pair and hoisted Lance to his feet "Your Lance right?" He could see a flash of hostility cross the kitsunes face "Chill I'm not here to fight I just want to ask you a couple of questions" His knowledge of what had happened would seem suspicious he had to find an allaby. "I'm a bard I've been tracking the Sun and Moon clans for a while and you seem to be the only sun member left" he lied.
Lance looked down. "I...guess I am..."
Kayla stepped defensively in front of him. "He doesn't have to answer any of your questions--"
"No, no, Kayla--It's alright." Lance gently took her aside. "He's a bard--If our story is recorded, we could prevent something like it from happening again."
Kayla stared with wide eyes, then finally nodded. "Well, if it doesn't hurt you anymore..."
The cream kitsune sighed and turned to Reign. "So, what is it you would like to know?"
Sion stood there and scratched the side of his temple. "...Ow..." (Man...why do people keep slapping me!?) "Ok, obviously my joking with Reign struck some kind of nerve...so i apologize for that." He just waved Sinku off and walked a small ways away and stood there holding the hilt of his blade. "But like i said...as long as i'm near you don't worry about anything. Its up to you to trust me or not."

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