Hey, all. This rp takes place in an alternate reality where you can do magic and summon monsters,etc. Anyone is welcome to join, jsut PM me a few things, EX:

Name: Haru Beta
Age: 21
Race: Human/Elf
Ability: Can call upon the gods of the elements to enchant his weapons with fire/ice/lightning/holy/and darkness.
Weapon: Long Bow/Buster Sword

If you Pm me this info then ur in.

Here is a description of the world. You stand in the middle of a field, to your right you see a small village with shops, and inn, pesants houses, and any other things you can think of. To your left you see a dangerous mountain pass which leads to the volcano of sacrifice. If you look straight you see a massive forest with all kinds of beasts roaming around. Behind you is another forest which leads to the ocean beyond it.

Have Fun All!!