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                                                                  His face remained frozen as he felt magic power build up from Cedric. It wasn't that simple. Bravery? More like desperate. Katten took off his glasses and cleaned off the lens with his vest, sighing somewhat. " Well, there are a few things that you need to know; even if you killed me, there's going to be another one of me. So, why am I doing this? I got nothing to lose. I kill myself, I'll be back. Why? Simple. Jacqueline has a connection to my own brain waves, but your fight with Jacqueline managed to somehow injure enough to hinder her psychic abilities, as I said before. To simply put it, you blinded her. I'm only doing this because I'm done being a slave." It was torment, if anything. Trapped in a hole making shoulders. Multiple failures, few successes.

                                                                  He turned off his archive, cleared his throat, and clapped his hands once. " As in control, its certainly possible, but there's only a few things that she can control about me. In fact, Jacqueline can't control freewill. But the influence she has on the younger versions are pretty threatening. I recall that there was a large man with Jacqueline, who was responsible for fighting with Lucifer. He's one of those clones. In fact, he's only thirteen years old. There are two others, and these two..." He cleared his throat again, " Hold possession of a Dark Arts chapter in particular locations."

                                                                  As Katten just kept talking, it just kept getting worse. Not it was getting serious, " What I'm trying to tell you both is that Jacqueline is basically trying to put you in a corner. Her plan, I don't know. She probably foresaw me coming to side with you, I don't really know. All I know is that she'll be using these Dark Arts chapters to get to the one you're holding." He went to go sit down back in his seat. Katten bit his lips, " One of them has the power to revive the dead... No matter how I look at it, all she does is get benefits, left and right. Because as you know, she's having her guild collect the dead bodies of mages that her guild members have killed. Jacqueline will most likely revive what she can and add that to her plans as well..."

                                                                  All Katten knew was that in a few months things are going to go down hill. " I have to investigate myself half the time. The more and more I know the more and more things seem to point to her getting 'Truth.' Fighting harder is a understatement..."User Image