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Linnae Umbra Adsecula
Beauty such as this can hide deadly secrets...

Linnae had made it to literally right on top of the artifact, though she didn't know it yet, as she was busy dealing with the annoying nuisances that kept showing up. One such was the arrival of a water dragon, but with her armor it was a non-issue. She saw several blades fly high through the swarm, which puzzled her, someone was being incompetent, aiming for her lovely Worldgorger, and missing completely. She shrugged in the heart of the swarm, no one could get her here, not with her bugs hiding her completely from view. She felt the arrival of Chris as soon as it happened, and the thought communicated itself to the Worldgorger, which dove into the ground as if it were water and started to hurtle towards him at high speeds through the earth. The water and shadow flowing around her ground based children was a minor inconvenience, though the massive blast of lightning that struck her and scattered her swarm was slightly less so. It stung, quite a bit actually, and staggered her, surprising considering she was wearing armor fashioned from Worldgorger chitin. The blast apparently upset something however, as she saw what appeared to be a circlet fly into the air, which she snagged and swallowed, storing it in one of her bugs to make sure it was safe.

The swarm had continued to pour from her, keeping her well hidden despite the massive blast and all of the attacks launched at her. The few that managed to hit her through the swarm were easily deflected by her armor, but she was now heading directly towards Chris. She wanted to kill him, to torture him, to eat him alive. She had never killed a Wizard Saint before, it would be a wonderful new experience for her. She kept the large portion of the hive swarming at the Fairies and their allies focused on them, they would be pursue to the ends of the earth, until she told the swarm to stop, and the rest of her children were inflicting heavy casualties on friend and foe alike, forcing them further and further away from her. She would have a nice little one on one get together with Chris, and only one of them would walk away alive, or so she assumed, and hoped.

...So remember, beauty is only skin deep.
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Bow before the Queen!
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[ Kraehe ]
I don't wanna be left
In this war tonight
Am I alone in this fight?
Is anybody out there?
Don't wanna be left left in this world behind
Say you'll run to my side
Is anybody out there?
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Her eye twitch in annoyance when he called her kid, though she didn't lash out at him like she had a moment ago. It was better than being called midget again. At being told that he had already given her some cake, the petite blond rolled her eyes as he mentioned that doing so had practically bankrupted him for the rest of the month. "Not my fault you're so poor." She said with a shrug of her shoulders, not really caring to hear of his financial situation. Seeing his reaction to her hand gesture, Kraehe fixed him with a look that was a mixture of agitation and exasperation as he mimicked her, introducing himself as Cloud. "Idiot!" With a flick of her wrist, her hand was swung out towards his, so as to smack away his dangling hand. "Don't you know anything?! Or has your brain already been burnt to ashes?"

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Seth StormChild
Water Dragon Slayer
Location:Fairy Tail Guild

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Seth Saw as everyone left through the portals,Even chris left when he had finished his choclate sculptures and out them away to cool. Seth couldn't help but wonder what was going on but he wasn't invited to the fight not that he wanted to go he was just curious. Just when almost everyone had about left he saw cloud run after the young girl. Seth walked out with them and stayed within earshot and view staying in the door way to fairy tail listening to there conversation this girls name was Kraehe he felt he heard the name somewhere before but it escaped him and he gave up on trying to remember, He spent the rest of the time listening and watching
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Cloud Sirius Arashi
Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail
Burn Baby Burn!

Cloud's hand was hit, but it didn't hurt. He just looked at her confused and said, "I don't know what you're talkin about. I was raised by a dragon in the forest since I was a 3 years old. I then moved here about 8 years ago to get more fighting experience. That's when I joined Fairy Tai..." That's when he stopped and looked at the girl. He never told her he was from Fairy Tail. He was careful not just go around saying who he was or where he was from. He looked at the girl and backed up from her looking serious. "By the way, how did you find me?"

Cloud's Theme.
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__________xxxxxMamoru Strauss
█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
"I'll takeover your soul, if you allow me.."

Two weeks had passed and for that Mamoru was thankful. For an entire week, he was fighting the urge to just give up and die. Thanks to Medea's magic, his Spawn Soul had been advanced in power up to Spawn Soul: Stiri. Not to mention that his fox soul had also evolved. The process of gaining both new abilities had crushed his will power so much that he did not think he would make it out to see another day. His driving force to survive was Kraehe. The very thought of thinking that he had made her cry because of his death would be worse than death. Due to this, Mamoru's will had restored itself and he was able to pull through. Now presently he was being dragged around by Kraehe in search for the Fire Dragon Slayer, though along the way her motion sickness had kicked in. As they entered Fairy Tail, his hands were in his pockets as he did not want to be in their guild. But their mission was to be completed one way or another. He may not have been an S -Rank, but his magic surely could rival that of an S -Rank.

Mamoru had gotten a good look at many of the S -Class mages that Fairy Tail housed, and they looked pretty formidable in battle. The ones that stood out the most to him, were the Wizard Saint among them, and then of course Fairy Tail's guild master. Moving with Kraehe however led to her yelling at the Fire Dragon once they had found him. He looked weak, patheticaly weak at that. Sighing now he put a hand on Kraehe's shoulder. " Remember Kraehe. Not everyone is skilled or has manners like you do." spoke Mamoru with a small smile to cheer her up.

Mood: Calm, Neutral
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Location: Magnolia Town, Fairy Tail Guild

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Ichiro Fullbuster
S Rank of Fairy Tail

Locaᴛion:Caravan/Ambush Site
With:Lots of people
Status:Focused, ready for combat, serious.
Current weapon:Sword

"Fairy Tail is my home...
= ☠ ☢ ☢ ☠ =
The bugs were starting to annoy Ichiro. These were not the real threat no, they had to be a distraction but for who? He didn't know anyone who could use bug magic nor summon worms. In fact, that power seemed very creepy and stupid to him. In anger and frustration for once, Ichiro dismissed his weapon and stared at the large wave. "Ice Make: Hail Storm!" he yelled as he put his hand together then outward. Using the water from Leita's attack, Ichiro turned the water drops that fell into Ice, sending a hail storm ont he bugs. He knew that his skills with such attacks were not as good as his father but it was all he could do. "Focus on the Caravan and protect it!" he yelled as he switched back to his sword.= ☠ ☢ ☢ ☠ =
"Mock it and your life will end.

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Kenton Yssara
Death's Hand

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Black Sky will Burn
Love pull me down.

Only guards, it seemed. And most of them were swallowed up in the living mist that was so generously provided by Linnae. He remained as clear of her as he could reasonably manage. A number of the foolish dark guild members had already been consumed as well, and so were no longer a problem for him. He had to wonder, however, if this was really worth the effort.
Their leader might well have sent a child and received the same results, he mused. He did not sheath his blade, however, and was reluctant to do so. A black form moved to his side, and seemed to shrug slightly. Then the form stepped closer, seeming to merge and encase the man's form. In this ethereal state he began to stride forward, leaving no more a trace of himself than wind did. He began to explore the surrounding area, mostly to investigate the battlefield as he had been unable to thoroughly explore it before.

Location : Ambush Site

Hate Lift me Up
Just turn around.

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[[ αιkσ Ɔяσω]]
⊹⊱Wizard Saint⊰⊹

x x x x x x▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇▇
_____Can't you see?

_______________There's a feeling that's come over me
_______________Close my eyes
_______________You're the only one that leaves me completely breathless
Sometimes a gift like this you can't deny
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 'Cause I wanted to fly,so you gave me your wings

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                                        xxxxxxx Looking up quickly and raising a pale/cream hand towards the sky, a young girl waved on her friend, umi, who nodded and flew on towards the upcoming town. It helped that umi was an eagle otherwise Aiko wouldn't have made her a friend. After all she hadn't had any friends for a long time now, human or magical beings that is. As of now umi and Aiko were traveling towards civilization. Aiko was currently travelling towards a village in search for some medicine, she had earlier in the week hurt herself to an extreme measure while a bad storm had pushed her off a cliff. Even though her body could heal her wounds by itself, this wasn't the case, this time her body was slower then ever and Aiko was in eminence pain.

                                        When her foot passed onto the cobble stone of the town, a slight shudder went through her body, she was entering new territory. Since she was a little girl aiko had never even thought about entering a town nor village for that matter. If a flashback could happen, instantly Aiko would be running away from her own village as rocks and sticks and even some weapons were thrown at her. Her white plumage dirty and caked with marks of abuse...

                                        Looking back she found that no one could see her white wings, for they where hidden under her cloak. A brilliant red cloak, given to her from one of her many magical friends, a phoenix, The cloth was made from his own feathers and sewn with a very touch leather. The phoenix, miza, promised that if she wore it then her wings would be hidden, even if a gust of wind blew the cape up, her wings wouldn't be seen. Sending a silent thank you to miza, Aiko continued into the village.

                                        Some people were up and about, selling things or entering stores. Despite the drizzle happening. Thankfully she wasn't at all scared like she would have been three slumbers ago...When she would have endured the pain, even if it killed her, just to avoid villages. But it dawned on her, just when she was about to enter a store...She had no money. Nothing.

                                        She glanced up at umi who had landed on a roof nearby and tossed her head about. Instantly Aiko was shaking her head, but umi wasn't having any of it. She flapped her bronze damp wings powerfully and sent a wave of air rushing at Aiko who shrieked and dodged left. Eyes turned to look at her and even some people in houses looked out at the commotion. Gulping, Aiko placed a handkerchief on the ground and stood behind it, now drawing attention to herself. Coughing for a second she pushed back her hood and shook out her long white as snow hair. Some people gasped when they saw her young face and her bright blue eyes. Fidgeting she pulled out something from her bag and placed it on the ground, she also pulled out a bright red gem and put it into the little contraption and then pressed a button.

                                        Music began to play, when it got to the right part, Aiko opened her mouth and let her voice ring. The music and her voice carried up and down the streets, surprising those unexpected and those who were. Her dance movements were rigid and moved with the beat of the music. The song didn't last long and when it was over Aiko bowed to a cheering crowd. Some people left her jewels and other odd sorts of things. Gathering up her loot she bowed again and walked away, her little machine back safely in her bag. And soon after Aiko had medicine and was finally out of pain. She smiled up at umi and as a treat bought some food she never tasted before, Things that looked odd but smelt wonderful.

                                        Turning with her goods she bumped into a wall? No it wasn't a wall, looking up she came face to face with a man in a uniform, Smiling timidly up at the man she offered him an apple, but he only knocked it out of her hand, he turned for support of laughter from his colleagues, reaching down to pick the apple up Aiko's hand stopped short for a boot came crashing down onto the apple. The man began to talk... But Aiko's ears weren't adapt to the new language yet, so it sounded like he was trying to communicate. Smiling again she bowed and walked off. Only to have a rough hand grab her arm, yelping in pain Aiko turned around and punched the guy in his face. Her eyes flashed a blueish green and her hair began to flow a little bit. Taking a step back but then charging forward he grabbed aiko by her capes collar and lifted her up in the air. A loud yelp escape her lips as the young girl grabbed at the mans hand. Umi couldn't get involved and no one around looked like they wanted to help either...

                                        ||ooc..sorry for the long post it won't be as long next time..||


      ωнαт ιм ωɛαяιиɢ:

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      тнɛмɛ ƨσиɢ(ƨ)
      Hotaru no Mori

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      ...oh no...

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      unknown town

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      Aiko's voice
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xxxxxWatch the end through dying eyes

xxxxxNow the dark xxxisxxxxxtaking over

Alister Strauss

User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Image

Show me where forever diesxxxxTake the fall and run to Heaven
███████xxxxxxxxxAll is lost again but I`m not giving in

User Image

                                Alister had been sitting on a bench, half sleep, the white haired male had been waiting for a friend of his. Unfortunately she had been taking longer than he had thought she would take. The young man had stretched and had taken in a deep breath before he had looked off to the side. The woman had said that a friend of hers had some interesting information for them but still this was taking too much time. And Alister could not think of anything to keep him occupied while he was waiting for her to come back with the information that her friend had. "The heck is she doing... We could have gotten the information out of anyone and been out of this town already." He had said to himself as he looked around, still sitting on the bench. She probably decided to walk around town a bit before either going to see her friend or to come back to where he had been. Oh well, whatever the case was it was not helping him in the least. Maybe next town they visit would be Magnolia town, he had not gone back to his home town in a long time so he had wanted to see how a certain light guild was doing... One he had not visited in days.

                                "I swear if she tricked me into coming to this town so she could shop I'm not taking her anywhere again." Then again he would end up taking her with him regardless. The male had shook his head and had sat back. Yawning a little the white haired mage had just watched as other people walking around, they had seemed quite happy, talking and laughing, enjoying themselves. "Why in the world was he sitting here on a bench." He muttered to himself.

                                ((terribly short bout to run somewhere.))
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Cloud Sirius Arashi
Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail
Burn Baby Burn!

Cloud was waiting for a response, but something caught his ears. It was yelp, and it sounded in trouble. Cloud didn't wait for Kraehe to answer he ran off and down the street where he heard the sound. He soon came across a young girl whose necked was being strangled by a man. "HEY LET HER GO!" Cloud shouted running up and pulling out a sword. He then hit the guy in the face making fall back. "OW! you little brat." he said getting back up, but Cloud pulled out his revolvers and pointed them at the man. He stopped where he was looked at Cloud frieghtend. "Get out of here." Cloud said to the man. The man laid there looking at him then slowly got up and went on his way. Cloud then turned to the girl and looked at her. "You alright."

Cloud's Theme.
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Leita Talia Hiroko
Water Mage of Fairy Tail
When the rain falls I've arrived.

Letia growled as she saw the bugs just kept coming. She summoned another wave of water towards the dark mages. She quickly attacked those in front of her sword and dispelled her water sword. She activated her ring which turned into black bladed red hilted sword. She slashed her activated sword and cut the dark mages that were charging at her down. She attacked made her way towards the beast. The water dragon protecting the artifact was trying to attack the woman(linnae) but had no effect. Letia sent a barrage of water to help the dragon out. It's twin kept attacking and was getting hit by spells left and right.

Leita's Theme
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Seth StormChild
Water Dragon Slayer
Location:Fairy Tail Guild

User Image

Seth went on alert when he saw cloud run off he followed in the distance until he saw what he ran after a girl getting strangled by a larger man. Seth ran up and by the time he had got there cloud had already dispatched the man and he was now leavening he walked up behind him at hit his back and said " o ho that's a good job there kid barely heard the screaming my self " He said as he helped cloud lift the girl off the ground and while he was doing this he whispersed in clouds ear "Be careful of that girl I'm getting a strange vibe of her and the man" flicking his head back to the girl and the new man walking up.
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[ Tomo Milkovich ]
I threw a wish in the well
Don't ask me, I'll never tell
I looked to you as it fell
And now you're in my way

User Image

User Image User Image User Image User Image

Tomo’s crimson colored eyes moved over to the blond haired woman as she told her that she had just arrived in time. ”Got it!” She said with a small nod. As serious as her expression on her face was, there was a mix of happiness and nervousness mixing in the girl’s mind. Happiness for arriving just in time before the guild left without her, but nervousness for fighting. You see Tomo, much to what her last name suggested wasn’t a fighter. Sure she was of Milkovich blood line and had a rather impressive magic, but for some reason she just did not like to fight. However, if the time called for it she would fight. Especially if it came down to anything placing her friends in harm’s way.

Something wasn’t right. ”Where’s Shosha?” Tomo said looking around. This wasn’t right, normally they weren’t to go on any missions unless the guild master either accepted it or was going on it with them. And for his presence to be gone, she didn’t know what to think. Placing her hands on her hips, she noticed the quiet Nathan reading in the corner. ”Come on Nathan, you’re going with us too!” She said with a smile as she waved over to the green haired boy. Knowing of the man’s rank, while unaware of how dangerous the mission was she still thought it was a good idea to have to boy joined them. After all how could he get any stronger if he didn’t practice? Returning to her normal stance, the dark haired mage remained silent as she waited for the location of the Fairy Tail members.

Mood: Happy / Content / Curious
Company: Hana, Lan, Tyson, Nathan
Status: 100%
Location: Lamia Scale Guild
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Magical Energy XXXXXiXX 405/500 -40
Mystic Pathways XXXXXX 7595/9500 -760
Mystic Power Marks XXXii 3/3
Physical Condition XXXXiii Perfect

Armor and Weapon Bonus Effects
Speed +700%, +Reflexes, +Levitation

Arthas was in shock, his blades ad passed clean threw where he had seen the person... the bugs were playing tricks on his eyes. What was just a mass of bugs looked like a person inside the chaos. He had to focus better on his surroundings. These bugs were a serious problem, if he couldn't find a way to stop them this fight would be near impossible. He got up and shot away from the approaching bugs, which were almost upon him. He then felt a familiar power, Chris had arrived. Then a huge bolt of lightning shot into the middle of the bugs destroying a huge portion of them. Then the smaller bolts mostly focused on a single point, the bugs around the point were destroyed and for a brief moment he saw a person with horns, one of the wizard saints. He took that moment to target her with his Azoth Dagger, He over charged it.into a Anti-Materialization. it would be just as strong as the first arrow, but this one would be designed to pierce armor rather than magical shields, which was the power of Calibolg. It would still make a explosion around the size of a guild hall. If anything, this would do some harm. No defense has ever stopped his his Azoth Dagger when anti-materialized, but he had heard of her great defenses. A unbreakable defense verses a unstoppable attack, he was curious on how this paradox would end. He aimed at the heart of the storm of bugs which was just reforming. He now thought he knew how to find her, the nearly destroyed hive would reform from a single point, the point would be her. His bow could not lock onto her though, she was shrouded in bugs again. With his Lacrima he says, "Chris, if you can clear away the bugs around their creator, I will hit her with everything I have. After they are cleared, teleport away. I'm going to release one of my power marks" He was speaking the truth. Chris would probably know what he was planning. First Limiter... Release. Second Limiter... at the tenth limiter, his Mystc power mark would activate, a great magic lost over ten centuries ago that had the same power as a tenth of the power of Etherion. He was still moving, still watching, keeping the bow ready with the Azoth Dagger. He had to destroy any defense she had before his greatest attack.

OOC: Sorry Shinu Eru, I had missed the part where Linnae had jumped off the beast.

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Location: Near Caravan
Around: All around Caravan
Mood: Impressed, Aggressive, Focused
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Pegasus Boots
Dragon Launcher
Azoth Dagger ((Over-Charged))
Pegasus Gauntlets
Pegasus Helm
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𝒞𝓁𝑒𝑜𝓅𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒶 the 𝔼𝕩𝕔𝕖𝕖𝕕
Locaтιon:: Mermaid Heel
Wιтн:: Relelia, Chifumi and Sahara.
Tнeмe:: fυи ∂αуѕ
▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬

            Cleopatra glanced over at Relelia with a sympathetic look as she began to get rushed and desperate about finding her sister, and she looked over at the other girls...but then floated over towards Rele, placing a paw on her shoulder. "I'm sure we'll find her." She said, trying to cheer her up.
            But as the girl spoke about back up and needing to be somewhere important if needed, "well mayb-" When her sister began to get angry. Cleopatra had a slightly worried look on her face, and as she stormed away...Cleopatra looked over at the sister who remained, "Sorry..." Cleopatra's ears drooped, however, during the suggestion the girl said Cleopatra's ears rose and looked over at Relelia. "Looks like you get a point in the right direction~!" She said.

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