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Where do you go when you listen
to nobody else but yourself?
Where do you go?
You're so far from the willing
You're in such a rush not to tell
So where do you go?


Sagira Dragneel
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Sagira waited for Stella, Cindy, and Ramona to come to her, she was mentally preparing herself for what she had to tell her closest friends. She wondered how'd they take the news of her being pregnant, she still hadn't got all of the shock yet herself. Seeing Stella and Cindy head her way she waved them over, "Hey you two, where's Ramona?" She asked. "She's flirting with Ulzeal, I swear she acts like she's in heat or something." Cindy replied shrugging slightly, "So what did you want to tell us?" Sagira sighed heavily and shook her head, "Have a seat you two, I got a doozy of a bomb to drop on you two." She said waiting to see if they sat down, "Well you two, something....unexpected has happened to me and, well, I...am...pregnant...." She said mumbling the last part. "You're what now?" Cindy asked as she looked at Sagira funny. "I'm...pregnant...and the baby's...Kid's!" Sagira said, Cindy's jaw just dropped upon hearing that and she was real shocked.

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Can I wish you away
Until you find your place
in this world it's so hard to get a feel
And all you do is wait for that one little taste
You're so caught up inside to know what's real
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Irisviel Dreyar
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"A Dreyar always fights."
Hearing that Mercer's family was alright was good, but whatever his issue was, Iri was still very worried. Was it something he himself was struggling with? Did he maybe cheat on Rele and was asking for help!? Such a thing was horrible to think of, but her mind was racing to think of what the issue could of been. Thats when he explained the problem, and Iri let her face sink with sadness at the news. She wasn't close to Miroku at all, but he was family still so such a thing was heartbreaking. She didn't cry, but it was clear she was upset by this. Mercer then mentioned Miroku's family too and someone else, she didn't know who, commented that she was here too. After a moment, Iri slowly nodded, deciding she needed to find her and speak with her. "Let me go find her then, go be with your family." she said as she began to head to the training hall. She noticed a woman with a child, noting it likely was the woman Yuna. "Are you Yuna?" she asked with a soft tone, a attempt at hiding the sadness she felt.

"Don't let my appearance fool you."

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