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[ Welcome to this Final Fantasy Role Play! ]

This is a mash-up between both Final Fantasy 10 and 8.

Prior knowledge of the Final Fantasy series gives you a hefty advantage.

Click here if you need information

Click here for accepted soldiers


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[ _ T H ExxxxS T O R Y _ ]

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Once upon a time...

The skies were dark and melancholic, heavy on the shoulders of those who walk on the Earth. The city of Zanarkand had been destroyed by Sin, any many people were left homeless, some were left to die. People hid in the rubble where their houses once stood, and children were orphaned. A few brave souls, affected by the wrath of Sin, tried and failed to pursue the monstrosity known as Sin and bring it down. The high tech metropolis of Zanarkand was on its knees. Sin needed to be stopped.

Hovering above the devastation, its many eyes scanning the battered city, was the airbourne SeeD academy of Balamb. Its many dormitories, full to the brim of hardy students ready to assist the citizens below. With its ability to switch between Spira and Zanarkand, Balamb Gardens has the opportunity to recruit as many soldiers it needs in order to bring stop to the creature, Sin.

[ S I N ]

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[ Summarised Plotline so far... ]

(This will be updated daily...ish!)

Current active characters:
Garnet Stronghart (summoner)
Dollet Kramer (warrior)
Tiranoua Vyrim (thief)
Caius Ballad (warrior)
Aimi Fantom (summoner)
Kipa (blue mage)
Shifra Latika (black mage)
Yuffie Kisaragi (ninja)
Koda Sweetbox (songstress/aeon)
Hyde Sweetbox (gunner)
Zell Dincht (berserker?)
Hope (white mage)

Everything began when...

- Balamb Garden students Garnet and Koda meet in Balamb Garden's cafeteria. They decide to train in the training center, and they are joined by Koda's older brother Hyde.
- They meet a passive, smoking Dollet where a battle between boys vs girls ensues. There is no winner. Koda becomes weak and is taken to the infirmary.
- Hyde, who is an instructor in Balamb Gardens, teaches his class.
- Garnet hears enchanting music outside, and follows the sounds. She meets Kris the Bard.
- Dollet finds mysterious markings on Koda's skin. He becomes curious about them, but Koda runs away.
- Kris accompanies Garnet to a classroom. Garnet is given the opportunity to complete her level 0 SeeD exam.
- An announcement tells the students that Balamb Gardens is heading towards Besaid Island. Garnet's mission is then relocated to Besaid, where she has to kill a Garuda.
- The students all leave Balamb Gardens and wander around Besaid.
- The summoner students head towards the temple, they enter and begin their pilgrimage.
- Kris and Garnet are joined by Aimi the summoner in Besaid temple. All three recieve new staves. Garnet recieves Ixion.
- Dollet receives a message that he qualifies for the level 0 SeeD exam. He recruits Hyde and Koda in his party and goes to find the Garuda.
- Garnet recruits Kris and Aimi in her party. All three summoners head for the Garuda.
- Garnet talks to NPC Wakka and he tags along.
- Caius Ballad, a travelling instructor from Bevelle walks out of Besaid temple and overhears Garnet and Wakka's conversation about wanting to defeat a Garuda.
- Caius offers to assist Garnet's party of 3 and Wakka to defeat the Garuda.
- The Garuda was on top of a large hill, Dollet suggests his party climbs up the steepest part to get there before Garnet's party.
- Dollet's party gets there first, and initiate battle with the flying beast.
- Garnet's team arrives at the scene and helps Dollet's team.
- An Iron Giant jumps into battle and helps the Garuda, they are both defeated.
- A thief named Tiranoua watches both parties from the forest until she strikes and holds Caius at knifepoint. Caius lets her slit his throat, but he doesn't die. Tiranoua faints.
- Shifra rummages around Hyde/Koda's belongings back in the garden.
- Caius, realising that people have seen his dark abilities, walks towards the port and leaves the parties to deal with a sinspawn, spawned from his infected blood.
- Both parties manage to kill the sinspawn. Caius kidnaps Tiranoua and takes her to the airbourne Galbadia Gardens which comes to pick him up.
- Sorceress Edea is on board the ship and questions Caius' motives for bringing an Al Bhed girl onto the ship. She is guarded by her guardians, Kipa and Maerl.
- Shifra has a battle with Melene on Balamb Gardens.
- Tiranoua runs into Edea's throne room and is almost choked to death by Edea. Caius threatens Edea, and she releases the Thief from her grasp.
- Galbadia Gardens heads towards Kilika island, as Caius wants to claim the Aeon Ifrit and utilise his power.
- The hero party are told by Balamb Gardens that it is departing in an hour. The students decide not to go back, and head to Kilika as Garnet has a "feeling" something is wrong there.
- Arriving in Kilika, Tiranoua sees total devastation as Sin had just visited the island.
- Koda finds Melene and they reunite.
- Shifra tells Tarik to change his appearance with a dressphere so he can spy on the hero parties.
- Fang, who was in the Kilika jungles, arrives at Kilika temple and sees Caius. They seemed to know each other and they catch up.
- Suddenly Ifrit appears with two Iron Giants. Caius, Tiranoua and Fang defeat them, aided by Tiranoua's ability to deassemble machina. Caius claims Ifrit's fayth.
- Kipa and Maerl are told by Edea to kill Garnet as she has the Aeon Ixion. They head towards Kilika.
- Fang, Melene, Rhain, Hyde, Koda, Cid Raines, Delita all battle, there are no victors.
- Caius runs into Garnet at Kilika temple steps and wants to help her defend herself. They initiate a battle where Caius utilises dark Ifrit.
- The battle is harsh and Garnet gets really hurt, Dollet jumps in to help.
- Garnet, wounded, crawls into the temple and finds a priest near death. He gives her Shiva's fayth, to replace Ixion.
- Kipa and Maerl keep a close eye on the battle from a distance as they don't want Garnet to be killed just yet.
- Edea teleports from the throne room to outside of the temple. She casts Hold on Koda and takes her away.
- The battle between Caius, Garnet and Dollet ends when Caius sees Koda being taken by Edea.
- The whole group decide to make a camp and rest on the docks at the other side of Kilika.
- Kain (dragoon) kills Maerl.
- Caius and Tiranoua travel to Bikanel island to find Tiranoua's family.
- The Hero party go on board Hyde's airship and start to travel to Luca.
- Caius reunites Tiranoua with her family. Caius then makes plans with Tira's father, Cid, to build a new home for the Al Bhed. A fortress called the Bahamut.
- The fortress is built, and the life of the Al Bhed is improved. In celebration they have a party.
- Edea finds out the Al Bhed have created new machina, and Edea wants the machina to make herself stronger - not asking permission from Ultimecia. She sends Galbadian troops to kill every last Al Bhed. A huge battle ensues.
- Tiranoua gets stabbed through the heart by Edea's icy shards and falls to her death.
- The Hero party arrive in Luca and see the horrible atrocity of Kain's dirty work. He had slain lots of people.
- Kain kills Edea.
- Koda is being held by Shifra and makes her way back to Luca.
- Caius takes Tira to the farplane and reunites her body with her spirit. She comes back alive.
- Dollet recieves a weird black symbol on his upper arm as soon as Edea was killed.
- Vulcan fights with Koda and makes the whole group feel on edge.
- Caius has a drink with Cid Vyrim, then returns to Tira's room where they...ehem. o_o They then travel to Macalania as Tiranoua needs to claim Diablos from Macalania Temple so she can power her machina.
- Vulcan is having disagreements with Shifra and Kain. Vulcan tries to ride away on his bike with Koda, but Shifra stops him. Shifra and Kain want to destroy Luca, but Koda won't let them.
- On Mi'hen Highroad, Kain walks towards Melene and Hyde. A battle initiates.
- Tiranoua and Caius reach Macalania temple and fight Diablos. They win and Caius absorbs the Aeon's fayth, saving it for Tiranoua later.
- Dollet and Garnet help Melene and Hyde on Mi'hen Highroad. Kain is extremely strong, and Dollet's mark on his arm glows and grants him the skill to use black magic.
- Zell arrives in Balamb Gardens and is riding around on his aeroboard. Kipa is there, disguised as a student. She mistakes him for being an enemy of the Gardens as she is getting revenge on Ultimecia.
- Yuffie stumbles upon Caius and Tiranoua coming out of the Macalania temple.
- Melene is killed nooo! D': and Tarik helps Dollet fight Kain.
- Kain summons Tiamat and uses Dark Flare on the group. Everyone had been knocked out.
- Hope Esthiem wanders around the mostly destroyed Luca and sees people knocked out. He helps them.
- Macalania temple starts to crumble and so does the Forest Trail, so Caius, Yuffie and Tiranoua slide down the broken trail to safety.
- Koda returns to her brother and to the safety of everyone else.
- Hope joins the group.
- Caius' group head towards Bevelle. They enter the sewers to pass the guards and sneak into the temple. Once in there they enter the main chamber holding the Aeon Bahamut.
- Hyde, Garnet, Dollet, Hope, Koda, Aimi all go into Hyde's airship to head to Bevelle so the summoners can claim Anima.
- The airship is attacked by pesky Nebiros, and the airship is forced to land somewhere unknown...
- The hero team run towards a forest to safety, where they are met with some familiar looking yellow birds...
- The Chocobos take the team towards Bevelle.
- On the bridge to Bevelle, Kain appears and fights the team.
- Kain breaks the bridge, and the Bahamut comes and rescues the team.
- The team train to get stronger for Ultimecia.
- Kipa/Setzer/Zell all escape from Galbadia, leaving it immobile from a self-destruct mission.

(Last update: 25th September 2012)

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[ B A L A M B xxxx G A R D E N S ]

An airbourne academy consisting of:

|| Over 100 dorimitories ||
|| Cafeteria ||
|| Training room ||
|| Library ||
|| Social Areas ||
|| Garage ||
|| High tech classrooms ||

Dormitory Rooms available:

oo1. Dollet Kramer
oo2. Aimi Fantom
oo3. Vulcan
oo4. Kronos Paradisa
oo5. Garnet Stronghart
oo6. Rhain
oo7. Koda Sweetbox
oo8. A v a i l a b l e
oo9. Kristopher Alleon
o10. Zell Dincht
o11. A v a i l a b l e
o12. A v a i l a b l e
o13. Kano Repede
o14. Tiranoua Vyrim
o15. Hope Estheim
o16. Yuffie Kisaragi
o17. Melene Rithus
o18. Shifra Latika
o19. Fang
o20. Caius Ballad

Extra accomodation can be made for special circumstances

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[ A n n o u n c e m e n t s ]
User Image

02 April 2012 - OPEN!

02 April 2012 - For extra inspiration - Go onto Youtube, and watch the Aeon/GF summonings. It truly shows the full ferocity of the Aeons, and gives me tingles :3

02 April 2012 - IMPORTANT! I have now made it possible for anyone and any class to claim an Aeon. PM me to claim! I don't want the Aeons going to waste haha...
16 April 2012 - Anyone who is a fan of the Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack REALLY should give this a listen. My favourite song on the whole game, with added oomph! - Clicky!
17 April 2012 - AEON VALEFOR is now available due to someone claiming her, and not posting! Also I have adjusted the levelling system (except level 0>1), and the number of battle/normal posts have increased due to people posting more than I expected, and the fact that people would be levelling much too quick. Don't worry, it's achievable! =)
27 May 2012 -
- There is a new levelling system that is being built, this doesn't affect levels 1-5. There are higher levels being introduced with ability bonuses as well as the usual magic.
- ALL classes from all FF games are being introduced and given their own levelling system. Might take a while to perfect and polish the system, but will be worth it.
- Due to the increase in the number of available classes ONLY SUMMONERS MAY NOW POSSESS AEONS!
- There will now be large time skips everytime a storyline has run its course. In other words, once a storyline equivelent to 1 FF game is completed, a new one begins with a new set of characters. e.g. Once Ultimecia and Sin are defeated, a new storyline will begin. Don't worry, I will post the link to the page where the skip takes place in case any newcomers are confused.

2 June 2012 -
There is now a summarised plotline for those who are confused about the storyline or for any newcomers who need a quick catch up.

[ R u l e s ]

|| No God-modding!! No-one is invincible.
|| PM me your character profile
|| PM me if you want to claim an Aeon
|| Keep this thread PG-13, no porn please!
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[ C H A R A C T E RxxxC L A S S E S ]

Click HERE to go to the thread for more information regarding the abilities/techniques of each class, and to also see their job branches.

S u m m o n e r s

User Image

"The summoners are practitioners of a sacred art, sworn to protect the people of Yevon. Only a chosen few become summoners, who call forth entities of greater power: the aeons. The aeons hear our prayers and come down to us. They are the blessing of Yevon."
—Monk in Besaid Temple

Summoners are able to summon Aeons, powerful beings, however these are of limited availability to only one Aeon per summoner. It is first come first serve to the Aeons available. Summoners can also use Level 0 black and white magic. Summoners can also attack if they wish, although their attack power is extremely low.

B l a c kxxxM a g e s

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Black mages wear similar outfits to classic wizards. Their primary ability is to cast Black Magic, which consists of attack spells such as Thunder, Blizzard, Fire and Aero upon their foes. Their magic increases with levelling until they are powerful enough to cast devastating spells such as Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga and Aeroga. (See "Levelling up" section)

W h i t exxxM a g e s

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The white mage's prominent ability is to cast White Magic, which includes healing and support magic, upon their allies or themselves. The White Mages have the ability "pray" which allows them to heal their allies, and their own, HP, with no MP cost. They are the only class which can ressurect a fallen member of their party without a phoenix down.

T h i e v e s

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Thieves are a class with high agility and the ability to steal and mug items from other player and enemies. They have the ability to "flee" from battles whenever they please.

W a r r i o r

User Image

Warriors are an incredibly strong class with high HP and defense/attack stats. They usually equip armour, swords and shields. They deal damage using their swordplay and also have the slight chance of casting spells. They have the ability to "cover" for an ally, which means they take the damage for an attack directed at the ally.

B e r s e r k e r

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Always berserk in battle, these feral warriors sacrifice commands to gain attack strength and power. The Berserker has no actual job command, because of its innate ability Berserk. The Berserker will attack every turn, without any prompt.

T i m e x M a g e

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Time Magic is about buffing the team and de-buffing the enemy. The Time Magic spell Haste is of great help, while Teleport can save a lot of walking time.

R e d x M a g e

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Red Mages typically cast both Black and White Magic and can also wield swords and equip armor that normal Black and White Mages cannot. They are, in essence, among the more versatile characters of the series. However, their versatility comes at a high price: their stats are usually low, and they cannot cast higher level spells or use stronger equipment. They can learn many spells, but not the strongest, and equip some heavy armor, but not all of it. Thus, the Red Mage is a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none.

B l u e x M a g e

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Blue Mages, as their name implies, focus on Blue Magic, a special subset of Magic that allows them to use attacks otherwise exclusive to enemies. Blue Mages usually learn Blue Magic by having enemies (or occasionally, another Blue Mage ally) use it on them, but some games have other methods to learn their magic. Blue Mages benefit greatly from the ability to Control monsters, reducing the chance involved in waiting for a monster to use their skill on the Blue Mage. Beyond this, Blue Mages vary in equipment and physical prowess. They are not as weak as other Mage classes in terms of attack or defense, and are usually capable fighters. Of course, their true strength is their magic.

M y s t i c x K n i g h t

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The Mystic Knight's Spellblade allows the Mystic Knight to charge their sword with a spell. Status effect charged blades will incur that status 100% of the time as long as the attack connects, and attack-charged blades will do high damage, ignoring Defense to monsters weak to that element (or in Bio, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga and Holy Sword's case, even instantly kill any non-heavy enemy it hits), or just plain high damage in the case of Flare Sword. Even better, the effect lasts until the end of battle. Magic Shell casts Shell automatically on the Mystic Knight when they are in critical condition.

M o n k

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Monks are characterized primarily by their affinity for fighting bare-handed. The few weapons they do use consist of claws and knuckles that strap onto their hands. Despite their preference to fight without weapons, Monks can deal just as much damage in battle as any other physical class like Warriors or Dragoons, thanks to their massive physical strength. Monks wear light clothing consisting of robes and hats, and cannot equip heavy armor. To make up for this lack of protection, Monks have a high amount of HP compared to other classes.

D r a g o o n

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Dragoons are powerful physical attackers that wield various types of spears and lances. They wear special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, including helmets shaped like a dragon's head, spikes, and wing and scale designs. Dragoons are sometimes more directly tied to dragons, such as owning them as pets or otherwise befriending them. The trademark ability of Dragoons is Jump, which allows them to leap into the air, avoiding attacks while airborne, and descending later to impale enemies and deal heavy damage. Some Dragoons can upgrade Jump to Double Jump, which does increased damage. Another recurring Dragoon ability is Lancet, sometimes called Dragon Sword, which allows them to attack an opponent and drain their HP and MP to heal themselves.

G e o m a n c e r

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Geomancers use bells as weapons, and equip light tunics as armor. They can walk across dungeons without fear of traps like pitfalls, or damaging floors like lava. Their signature skill is Terrain, which lets the Geomancer execute special attacks based on the terrain the party is fighting on.

B a r d

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The Bard's signature weapon is the Harp, but they are often able to equip other types of instruments, especially in more recent games. Their ability is Sing, which allows them to sing and play songs that have various effects. The songs usually boost the Bard's party in battle, but some songs target enemies instead. Another ability attributed to the Bard is Hide, which allows the Bard to hide in battle.

D a n c e r

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Dancers most often equip daggers, such as the Dancing Dagger, which is usually associated with the Dancer class. Their ability, Dance, performs one of several actions chosen at random, and their stats are some of the lowest of all classes. Some Dancers are capable of White Magic.

G u n n e r

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Gunners specialize in hitting opponents from afar, usually disabling them. Another popular Gunner ability is shooting magic out of their guns, causing elemental damage. Also, Gunners have very high Accuracy, rarely missing their targets. The downside is that Gunners do not deal as much damage as other Jobs, since guns do not usually rely much on the Gunner's actual Attack stats.

L a d y L u c k (F e m a l e s O n l y)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

It uses dice and Slots to attack the opponent as well as attempting to increase the amount of gil, experience, or items earned from battles. As the name suggests, the Lady Luck dressphere excels in high Luck, therefore aiding the player to achieve many Critical Hits. Lady Luck relies heavily on player skill and luck, especially when using the Reels which are the primary source of the dressphere's offense and defense. If the Reels are to fail at aligning to a correct combination, the player suffers from a Dud, which takes off 75% of the current HP regardless of the defense, though can be avoided if the player is invincible or has NulPhysical.

[ A D V A N C E D X C L A S S E S ]

S o n g s t r e s s (F e m a l e s O n l y)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(Part of the Dancer/Bard job branch) The Songstress combines the traditional Final Fantasy jobs of Bard and Dancer, the job's abilities devoted to buffing the party and debilitating foes.

B e a s t m a s t e r

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(Part of the Blue Mage job branch) Beastmasters are characterized by wearing clothing similar to one who works with animals. Beastmasters have been known to use weapons from daggers to axes to whips. Their stats are usually physical in nature and their abilities include the ability to catch monsters and release them on their opponents, and can also Control the actions of opponents and lure them away.

D e v o u t

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(Part of the White Mage job branch) The devout is a person of high morals. Devouts can cast all White Magic spells. They also possess higher MP for high-level White Magic. Devout is considered to be a powered-up version of the White Mage job. (Uses the white mage levelling system)

N i n j a

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(Part of the Thief job branch)Ninjas are characterized by wearing cowls that cover their mouths and head, and lightweight armor. Their weapons include special daggers, katanas, and boomerangs. Physically they are strong and have high Speed, but their HP and Defense are low. Their special ability is called Throw, which lets them throw weapons including Shuriken and magical Scrolls to do high damage, but in most cases, the item thrown is lost. In some installments, Ninjas are able to wield specialized Ninjutsu magic. They usually also have methods of nullifying physical attacks by creating illusions, and are able to equip two weapons at once.
Ninjas are normally related to the Thief class, and usually are an improvement or branch of that class.
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[ A v a i l a b l e xxxA e o n s ]

There are a number of Aeons readily available for your character. However, there are also Aeons which require a bit of effort and levelling up in order to achieve, they will be listed below. If you want to claim an Aeon, please PM me. I will take into account your current level before I hand anything out. Click the icons for bigger pictures.
You can switch Aeons at any time, as long as there are any others available. PM me if you want to switch.

evel required: 0

User Image

xxxxxQuetzalcoatl - Strong electric attack AVAILABLE

User Image

xxxxxCarbuncle - Casts Reflect on your party AVAILABLE

User Image

xxxxxPandemona - Strong wind attack AVAILABLE

User Image

xxxxxTonberry - Strong non-elemental damage OWNER: Aimi Fantom

User Image

xxxxxValefor - Strong Energy Ray & Energy Blast AVAILABLE

evel required: 1

User Image

xxxxxIfrit - Very strong fire attack AVAILABLE

User Image

xxxxxIxion - Very strong Aerospark attack AVAILABLE

User Image

xxxxxSiren - Very strong non elemental attack & casts Silence on enemies AVAILABLE

evel required: 2

User Image

xxxxxShiva - Extremely strong Ice attack OWNER: Garnet Stronghart

User Image

xxxxxThe Magus Sisters - Extremely strong delta attack AVAILABLE

evel required: 3

User Image

xxxxxCerberus - Casts double & Triple on the party AVAILABLE

User Image

xxxxxLeviathan - Intensely strong water attack AVAILABLE

evel required: 4

User Image

xxxxxBahamut - Devastating non elemental Mega Flare attack AVAILABLE

User Image

xxxxxDiabolos - Devastating Dark Messenger attack OWNER: Caius Ballad/Tiranoua Vyrim

evel required: 5

User Image

xxxxxAnima - Instant kill Pain attack & Oblivion colossal damage attack AVAILABLE
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User Image

[ L E V E L L I N G XX S Y S T E M ]

The levelling system could be quite complicated for an RP like this, but I decided to simplify it and trust the nature of fellow RPers.

The levels for summoners allow them to acquire stronger Aeons (if they wish) and for other classes, they become significantly stronger.
The highest level you can achieve is 5, the lowest is 0, where everybody starts off.
You do not have to level up if you do not wish to, however, I fail to believe anyone wouldn't.
Battle posts are simple. They are posts which your character is initiated into battle. They can be as long as you want, but don't be silly and do a Dragonball Z where it takes 10 episodes to charge an attack just to level up.
You have to CLEARLY state that you have gained a level, either in your post, post layout, or by sending me a PM so I can make note of it.
The rest is open to you. How you portray yourself at a higher level is entirely in your hands, but no god-modding, keep it believable!

In order to advance one level, the user must adhere to specified conditions.

Requirements for:

Level 0 ⇨ Level 1

10 posts & at least 1 battle post

Level 1 ⇨ Level 2

30 posts & at least 10 battle posts

Level 2 ⇨ Level 3

50 posts & at least 20 battle posts

Level 3 ⇨ Level 4

70 posts & at least 30 battle posts

Level 4 ⇨ Level 5

100 posts & at least 50 battle posts

It may sound a lot, but it's not once you get into the swing of things!

It would also help to clarify things by showing in your posts whether it is either a NBP (Non-battle post) or a BP (battle post)

A d v a n c e d x L e v e l s

These levels are for the second storyline onwards only! It is not yet available!

Click HERE to go to the new improved levelling system created for the new storylines after the current one.

Level 0 ⇨ Level 1
10 posts & at least 5 battle posts

Level 1 ⇨ Level 2
20 posts & at least 10 battle posts

Level 2 ⇨ Level 3
30 posts & at least 15 battle posts

Level 3 ⇨ Level 4
40 posts & at least 20 battle posts

Level 4 ⇨ Level 5
50 posts & at least 25 battle posts

Spells each level for White/Black Mages has been moved here.
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[ S k e l e t o n ]
User Image

❥ Please PM me this form if you want a character, place "Welcome to Zanarkand" in the subject

❥Stick to Anime/Manga pictures please.

❥Using already existing Final Fantasy characters is allowed, and you may give those characters different personalities/names/classes etc if you wish.

[b]Character Name: [/b]
[size=18][b]♀/♂[/b][/size] [size=9](delete appropriate)[/size]
[b]I want room number:[/b] (enter available room number here)
[b]About me:[/b]
[b]Other unique details:[/b] [size=9](optional)[/size]
[b]This is how I look:[/b] [size=9](insert picture)[/size]
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