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Although he didn't show it, Sampi was quite surprised when the latias teleported him into the cave. It's not everyday you get to see a legendary pokemon unless you own one. he then answered the the man's question. "Yes, I am quite alright." He then looked at the others, checked his surroundings, and head to the far back of the cave and sat down. He often prefered being by himself. He then blankly stared at the group. he wasn't looking at any one person, he was looking at the group in general. He wanted to learn more about them without directly asking. and he would do so by studying their actions.
Tristan also noted that there was 2 legendaries in this cave. He however was not stupid enough to release his. He was going to save his for when it was a dire emergency. For now, he was just content to hold its Net Ball in his hand and look at it. He had engraved a K into its paint finish in order to make it stand out from the rest. He leaned back against the wall of the cave and put his head against it. Reminiscing back to when he caught it after Archie had his try.

He looked down at his Poketch and pressed a button. From the side a small panel flipped out. It was about the size of a shrunken pokeball. He wasn't sure if he wanted to switch out his pokemon or not, he was here with all water types and undoubtedly one or more trainers had an electric type.

He placed a shrunken pokeball into it and pressed the button. A Bright flash of light and the pokeball was gone, another flash and a new pokeball, a Luxury ball, was in its place.

That will really screw with them later he says as he puts his Luxury ball with the Kabutops inside of it into the jacket with the rest of his team.
Kai noticed that Owen released another pokemon but this one to his surprise was a Latias. He had never seen one in person before so it was a bit of treat for him. "Your Latias looks well trained, Owen" he said. His gaze shifted to the new male that entered the cave but he relaxed a bit after the new comer sat off by himself. There was a certain wild quality to Kai. The scar that ran across his face only made him seem even more untamed. Like a wild beast, he didn't trust very easily. Autumn and Tristan as far as he was concerned could not be trusted. He was capable of getting along with them until they parted ways but until convinced otherwise, he would have to sleep with one eye open.
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Owen smiled as Kai complemented his legendary, the Latias nuzzling his cheek. He petted her cheek. "I met her on my travels in Hoenn. Saved her from some poachers and she's been with me ever since." he said with a smile, "I've always tried to take good care of her." He sat beside Kai. Latias offering her warmth to her trainer. Owen smiled at the new boy. "Glad you're okay. But sleep looks good to me." he said honestly, closing his eyes for a bit. Things had been incredibly tiring anyway. And though he didn't exactly trust the Aqua or the Rocket, it wasn't like they were going anywhere.

Autumn noticed the looks they were giving her. She could feel them even with her eyes closed. She didn't care though. She didn't need their trust anyway. She just needed them to go to sleep so that she could call and check on something important.
"Well, she certainly looks well taken care of. It was good thing you were there to save her" he replied. "Suicune came to my rescue in Ecruteak City...but that's a story for another time." With that said, Kai closed his eyes to at least get a couple hours of sleep. Though his eyes were closed, his ears picked up on every little sound. He could even zone in on a pin drop if he so desired.
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Owen nodded, "I always think it's funny how they choose us..." he said before drifting off, not quite as alert as Kai but still coherent. He wasn't going to pass up the chance to rest, plus, he had Latias to get him out of a bind. He wasn't too worried, and soon he was off.

As the group fell asleep, Autumn opened an eye, making sure she was the only oe up before standing quietly and walking farther into the cave. She took out her cell phone and dialed. "Hello? It's me. Yes I'm fine I was checking on you. Is everything okay?" she asked in a hushed voice, "Uh huh. Okay good. Glad to hear. I don't know what's going on. I'm sure I'll figure it out. How's the ranch? Yes sir. Okay good. Just stay there then. And thank Morty for me it must be hard protecting it. Yes sir I'll try. Okay. Love you too. Bye." With a sigh of much relief she took her spot next to Blaire again, "They're okay, girl," she said, petting the horse as it smiled at her happily. She closed her eyes again, this time not as tense. Now she could focus on getting to the bottom of all of this...
"Well, looks like I have some information to give to the pokemon league. Although I am an Aqua, I am a resident of Johto nonetheless and I will not stand to see a gym leader a member of Team Rocket" I say quietly from next to the Ponyta, quietly enough so only you can hear.
"Or maybe to Team Rocket that their agent is conspiracing with the enemy?" I ask with a raised eyebrow. Dewott had come out of its pokeball and was copying my moves.

*Sigh* "Dewott return" A red beam of light emerges from the ball and pulls Dewott back in. "I swear if he weren't my pokemon, he'd be annoying"
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"You have it both wrong." Autumn said, her voice caked with annoyance. "I'm not a gym leader. Nor am I conspiring with anyone. The moment this storm passes I am leaving. Report all you want to whoever you want. You have no proof. And it's not as if Team Rocket will listen to some Aqua. I don't care what your rank is." she turned so that her back was facing him, Blaire following. "Now mind your own business."
"I was referring to Morty" I say sinking back into the shadows. "I heard the entire conversation. When i said I was a resident of Johto first and foremost, I meant it, and whether i am part of an evil organization or not, i will not stand for a gym leader of my home region to be working with Team Rocket" I say angrily from the shadows.

My pokeballs wobbled a bit as my pokemon can sense my anger and want to get out to help me. I calm them down by whispering to them and glare at the rocket agent. Then I turn my Poketch to call mode and activate the transmitter. "My grunts will be here to save me from the storm, whether they do the same for you or the others is up to them, they may just try and steal that beautiful blue maned horse you have there,"

Back at Aqua headquarters, Archie picks up the transmitter from my Poketch and sends my hand picked grunts out to my location
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Autumn whirled around, shooting him a deadly glare. "Don't you dare go making assumptions about my hometown. You don't know me and don't pretend you do." she hissed, her voice dripping in acid. "You may be a resident of Johto but you obviously don't know the residents very well or you would know Morty better than that. You need to stick to your oceans you pathetic drip because you obviously don't have the mind for intell. Don't make assumptions before you know the whole story." Blaire's main shined brighter, the cave getting hotter a** the Pokemon stood beside her trainer. Autumn hated when people assumed things that weren't true. Whether it was about her or the ones she cared for. Besides that, the Aqua obviously wasn't paying the amount of attention he needed to the conversation. Either way, she would not be belittled by him. "And if your grunts so much as lay a hand on any Pokemon here, I can promise you that they won't be getting it back. I don't need grunts to fight my battles for me."
"PATHETIC DRIP, I am getting sick of that crap. Don't worry my grunts dont need a pathetic little spark like your Ponyta there, and they won't get a chance to lay their hands on it because it is going down right now." he says taking one of his pokeballs out and throwing it at her.

"Vaporeon GO!!!!" A bright flash of white light appears in the form of a hybrid cat mermaid pokemon.

"Vaporeon, use all your power, give that pathetic Bottle Rockets pokemon your strongest Hydro Pump attack"

"Pori" it says before taking a deep breath and releasing a powerful blast of water right at the Shiny Ponyta
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Autumn frowned at him. Now he had insulted her, her hometown, and her Pokemon. Too much. As he released his Vaporeon and it unleashed a powerful Hydro Pump, Autumn said simply, "Fire Blast." her shiny Ponyta unleashed a powerful blast of fire that collided with the hydro pump and reduced it to steam. She took a breath to calm herself. "You let your temper get away from you. As much as I would love to mop the floor with you and your fish, this is not the time or place." she said, knowing in the enclosed cave things could get too hot.
He returns his Vaporeon to its pokeball and starts to walk away towards the mouth of the cave. As he passes her he looks sideways at her with his hands in his vest pocket.

"Looks like the Bottle Rocket b***h is afraid of such a strong battler like me" He says snickering and continues walking away from her. "Oh well, I guess I'll have let my grunts have their fun and take that precious mule away from you"

As he finishes this some Aqua grunts start scratching at the mouth of the cave with their Mightyena.
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"You two are really loud." Owen half whined as he rubbed his eyes and cuddled closer to his Latias, much like a kid with his teddy bear.

Autumn watched the Mightyena scratch at the ice and recalled her Ponyta to her Pokeball. Mule. Bottle Rocket. She was tired of this. The coward had the gaul to belittle her as he called for his grunts to fight his battles for him? You truly are pathetic." She said calmly. She would not use her cool. She couldn't afford to now. She reached for another Pokeball to release her next Pokemon, but before she could a Staraptor zoomed past her to hit the Aqua and knock him to the ground

Owen was standing, Latias at his side, looking much more confident now. "I can deal with my sleep getting stolen, but I will not tolerate an insult to a lady." he said, "You cannot win against the both of us. I suggest you call off your grunts before I lose my temper."
"Any respectable Lady would have joined Team Aqua instead" he says getting to his feet. He resends out his Vaporeon and then calls out another. He throws his Ultra Ball and after a bright flash of light, his Corphish is standing there. "COR COR CORPHISH" it shouts snapping its claws.

The grunts break through the ice and their Mightyena stand by my two pokemon.

"We got your call sir, we are here to bring you back to base"

I hold my hand out to stop them. "Mightyena get back" I say and they growl but back up. "I can handle these two myself, You don't think I can't handle a Bottle Rocket and a little girl with her pony"

My grunts chuckle and nod seeing some of the badges I still carried gleam on the inside of my vest.

"Corphish attack the little bird with Crabhammer and follow it up with Vice Grip with your other claw.

"Vaporeon, help him out with Helping Hand followed by Protect.

Vaporeon gave the attacks a boost that Corphish sent followed by a shimmering shield that wrapped around Coprhish's position and Vaporeons position.

Corphish jumps and aims a glowing closed claw at Staraptor and aims an open claw at it as well.

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