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The Umbral being paced back and forth, staring at Anemone with it's glowing optics before peering over the side at Alice and Hunter as the Buttons the motrodeer bounded downt eh street, making it's escape.

The void like being stepped back and began pacing again as it returned it's gaze to Anemone, eyeing her for another minute before breaking into a sprint and leaping off the small wall surrounding the rooftop, leaping at her with outstretched limbs, a gaping maw splitting along the surface beneath it's lines, weeping green liquid shifting from it's first florescent color to sharp needle like yellow teeth, each as vividly lumid as the eyes above as it howled at the fairy girl

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Anemone sighed. It was a simple enough matter to dart out of the creature's path, as it didn't seem to be able to fly and thus couldn't change direction midair to follow. Despite knowing there likely wasn't much use in it, she tutted and remarked lightly, "There's really no need for that. If you want us to leave we will." She shrugged and flitted down to the others, bobbing side to side slightly in the air as she spoke. "We should probably leave. He doesn't seem all that friendly." She half turned to keep a wary eye on the other Dreamer, knowing full well he'd probably be after them at any moment.

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