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Where?: West City
Who?: Vegeta - Bardock - Yamcha - Tom - Trunks (suppressed)
What?: Angry
Mine?: Space Pod
Power?: 1,375 out of 1,375
Normal Power: 1,375

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                                          Trunks' thoughts about her was correct. Marle was no one b***h. She marched to no one's tune but her own. The only person in her life from now on who she would obey, would be her mate. When she got one. And even then, she wouldn't obey him all the time. The gorgeous lavender haired man that had caught her attention agreed with her about the innocents getting to safety. ”Yea...right. Uhm...Ladies and Gents, I think it is best that this public occasion be closed as of now, please take your things and head to the nearest emergency elevator or stairs in an orderly fashion.” Some human began to complain about his telling them what to do, prompting Trunks to speak again. ”Get going unless you want to see what happens when those missiles hit this building!”

                                          The people stared into the sky, looking stunned at what they saw. ”NOW!” Trunks commanded, making Marle stare at him in awe. Hmm. Who was this guy? Gorgeous, commanding. Hearing that 'do not mess with me' tone made her insides quiver a little. "Impressive." She said coyly, her tail tip flicking back and forth lazily as she looked at him. "Such a commanding tone. I like it." She smiled at him. "But when I said about evacuation....I meant you as well, hon." She didn't know he was a half saiyan like her. He had no tail, and he had no 'saiyan looks' about him. He seemed to listen to her, and she watched as he headed off with the crowd. There was something about him....

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