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Gotham Gazette Headlines

Grave Diggers Hit Gotham 0.36363636363636 36.4% [ 4 ]
Necormancy? 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 2 ]
The End is Near 0.45454545454545 45.5% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 11 ]
This poll closed on August 28, 2012.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Kara Kent/Zor-El *Supergirl*

Kara seemed frozen as she remained suspended in the air her eyes wide more out of shock than anything as one of the mentors that dedicated their time in hopes of bettering the future generation of heroes disintegrated into a mixture of dust and ash within her fingertips. The unshed tears brimmed in her eyes as she swallowed nothing but air several times as she tried to process the evenings events. None of it was easy to explain it wasn’t as if every day entailed the possibility of nearly losing your world to a legion of undead zombies. The normally bright eyed happy go lucky blonde sank back down to the earth her expression unreadable as the tears maintained their threat of falling. She could hear Tyler’s words her heart sinking further as she contemplated how to comfort her friend when she heard the familiar sound. The hope ring long since slipped from her finger returning back to the Corp as she began walking in the direction of that all too familiar sound without a word to anyone. Her steps getting faster and faster as she moved before the blue and yellow blur was streaking past people and buildings towards the source.

“Karen?” Her voice offered as she stood a block away as she looked on at her Cousin and her Big Sister. It was then that the once threat of tears rolled down her face as she rushed them both arms wide open. “I.. I thought..” She managed between sobs.
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There was a brief pause before Karen's ears really registered the voice she had heard speak her name. Slowly lifting her head up from Clark's shoulder, she glanced over and her tear soaked eyes widened as she let go of her cousin and said "...sis?" Her lips were still trembling as the family reunion continued, once Kara embraced them, the three Kryptonian's had a group hug and Kara managed to whisper "I.. missed you guys so much."
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The Joker made a sincere smile as Harley showed up and kissed him. Giving her a hug as he said "Well Harley girl... looks like we helped save the day." He glanced off at all the heroes a moment in thought before shuddering and then turned to walk off with his hand wrapped around her waist "Whaddya say we go blow up an ice cream truck and treat ourselves for our heroic acts?" He snickered as he could feel his old, mischievous self return to the surface, giving Harley a little side hug as they walked off into the ruins of Gotham to continue their mad love. heart

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