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Our story thus far....

Due to technical difficulties we are unable to modify the Active Character lists. Please click on the link below for current available characters.

Active & Available Characters:
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User Image

User Image
Hey folks, Richard Grayson (aka Nightwing) here speaking on behalf of the Batcrew and Justice League of America (JLA) from the DCU:Earth 73 RPG. We've had both good and bad times in Gotham and the surrounding area and while we thought we had things in control, some events that took place in the last year have re-shaped our destinies for good. We once believed we were the residents of Earth 1 in the known multi-verse but as it turns out, we're beyond the originally believed 52 possible earths.

Here on Earth 73, while things you know may seem like the comic book Earth 1 that many know and love, you'll soon realize that we're not in simple Smallville any more. Here you'll find many familiar faces taking on new roles such as the reformed Poison Ivy or Barbara Gordon retiring the Batgirl cowl by choice rather than well.. you know what Joker did in the comics. We've also seen the remodeling of Arkham Asylum with the combined efforts of Luthor Corp and Wayne Enterprises ensuring that the criminally insane stay put once and for all... at least we hope that's what'll happen.

Bottom line, our story may have started here but the next chapter of our lives begins now and whether you fight crime with the JSA or are the ones starting the crimes, we want you to be a part of it!

Hey Babs, mind filling everyone in on the rules of this RPG?
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Umm.. Sure just give me a second...
Damn computer being slow...


User Image*Wacks computer with the back of her hand*
Accessing File - Rules
So here's my part the Rules of the game...
User Image

First, We need to makes sure to READ ALL THE RULES! I know no one likes them, but they are here for a reason...

2. Follow the T.O.S. You should know what this is.
3. In this thread, I am the Co-captain of this team so consider my word is the God. Our rules will be followed or you will be out of here. You do NOT have to like us, but you will respect the rules we have laid down here.
4. At the top of your profile, put in a 4laugh icon emoticon.
5. Respect everyone in here! Whether be hero or villain ye be, I'm very serious. I don't want to see stupid, petty arguments in OOC posts like 'Batman pwns Joker' or 'Joker plays Batman', they're just plain stupid. And I don't want to see people bickering in the thread in general. If you WANT or DESIRE respect, you give it. Plain and simple as far as I'm concerned.
6. PM your request to join! DO NOT post them in the thread. That might be cool with other people, but NOT HERE. It disrupts the flow of the RP and they can be a pain in the a** to find. If you DO post them in the thread, you'll be asked to remove it and denied admittance to the thread. I really do hope you paid attention. Also, include a sample of your roleplaying skills.
7. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT send a join request in if you aren't going to come in here and post. Don't waste our time, or your own, We really don't appreciate it. We BOTH will read through all the requests that are sent to us before we even consider accepting them. And if wasting OUR time doesn't really concern you, you're wasting your OWN time as well by sending in a request and then not using it.
8. Be as literate as you possibly can, please. We understand writers block, we really do; Think about our dialogue from the series. One liners will be tolerated, but please try to post at least three sentences when possible.
-This means using capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
Not what we're looking for :: He walked down the street turning around and looking back the other way, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was following him "hello?"
The way we want it :: He walked down the street, turning around and looking back the other way. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was following him. "Hello?"
No: "i was wondering what time it is.. do you happen to know? if not, i can ask someone else."
Yes: "I was wondering what time it is.. Do you happen to know? If not, I can ask someone else."
Any questions, come to Barbara Gordon, EricColdfire, KitanaColdfire, Or Slag.
9. Chat speak and 133t should NOT be used when you are in character! OOC is fine, but if we see it while you are IC; we WILL black list you.
10. Thoughts should be in italics and dialogs should be in "quotes"! If you've picked up a book, that's how its done.
-If you want to have your dialog text in a different color, that's fine. But just because it is in a different color, does not mean you get to skip putting quotation marks around it. Any time you are speaking out loud, you use quotation marks.
-Your thoughts just have to be in italics. That is all that we require. If you want to put your thoughts in quotes as well, that's fine.
"Hey, do you happen to know what time it is?" Hrmm.. I wonder what time it is.
11. Please write in the third person. "He reached for the glass and drew it towards his parted lips; swallowing the clear liquid that it held." It really isn't that hard to do.
third person, past tense, people! For those of you that do not remember from good ol' English class, here are some examples.
No-No (present tense) : She walks up to her mother and says, "Hi."
Yes: She walked up to her Mother and said, "Hi."

12. We don't even wanna see you using **,--, ^^, or ~~; for actions while you are IC. This is as bad as chat speak and 133t, we WILL black list you.

Title your join request pm "Accessing File: (Name)"

13. Make your OOC distinguishable from your IC. Use some form of brackets please. [text], [[text]], (text), ((text)), ][text][, {text}, {{text}}, {[text]}, or any other variation.
14. Fighting is allowed and highly encouraged!; but there are stipulations, we work in very professional place so please.. Try to be civilized.
-NO godmodding, auto-hitting, or anything to its likeness.
-Clean up what you mess up.
-You may NOT kill off someone's character if they DO NOT agree to it. You will be banned from the thread if you attempt to break this rule.
-Don't make it pointless. If you're going to fight and mess things up, at least have it be for something not childish. "He stole my spot, HE MUST DIE!! *bang*" Yadda yadda yada... Yeah, so not even close to earning a spot in the headlines.
15. Romance is allowed and wanted, but remember that Gaia is a PG-13 zone. That means take anything that goes above that off the site. I'm not going to have you putting our thread in danger because you feel the need to go explicit in the middle of it.
-Kissing, is acceptable.
-Prolonged holding and or cuddling, is acceptable.
-Full on yiffing in this thread IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you want to say something like: He kissed her passionately, sliding his hand along her back. He knew he was getting excited, and he could tell by the way that she was acting, she was too. He pulled his shirt off, pressing his bare chest against hers. -The scene fades to black.- That's fine. As long as you don't actually DO THE DEED, in the middle of the thread.

16. Swearing is allowed, but apply common sense. It doesn't need to be every other word, it really doesn't. It doesn't show your intelligence, and it doesn't make you seem cool.
17. If someone has gone off into a side story within the thread, please don't just poke your nose into it unless they've made it clear that it's alright with them. When in doubt, PM them and ask if it's alright that you add to their story. Keep in mind, they do have the right to say no.
18. Highlight the above gap in the rules under #12 and do as it says.
19. This is a long term RP and it always will be as such. Post in here more than once a week. We might go off into another thread one day when this one has gotten full, but until then, post here more than once a week.
-If outside matters are going to keep you away from the thread, please attempt to let one of us know. We're not heartless [[Even though we may seem that way at times]], we wont remove you from the thread if you had to go to a funeral, study for school, or have other important matters to attend too.
-If you're going to be leaving, please make an exit post so that others aren't waiting around for you.
-If you haven't posted in a week, one of us or both of us will send you a PM reminding you that you are in the thread.
-If you get removed from the thread for absence, you can re-apply to the thread after a week.

20. Each character has it own powers, tricks and gadgets, but you aren't going to be an almighty being. Character have weaknesses, don't ignore them otherwise, there will be problems. Stick to the character your going to play. Batman isn't perfect or immortal, nor am I. Remember it.
21. To insure that you've read this far, I want you to put the words 'I understand and I will comply with said rules' AT THE BOTTOM of your join request pm.
22. No bumping, spamming, advertising, or random posts in the thread please. Keep advertisements in your signature. If you wish to have others see your thread; PM us a banner and we will link you.
23. We have the right to add more rules, deal with it!
24. If you mislabel your PM, we WILL ignore it.
25. Don't quote anything on the front page! It's just annoying as hell because it stretches the page and screws up the thread.
26. Don't stretch the page! It drives us insane.
Rule Revision on Character Counts:

Earth 73 Universe (DCU & YJ RPGs) is to be advised of the following change of Policy.

Prospective New residents/Applicants will begin with a 2 Character limit, one out of the two must be a canno Character to maintain RPG integrity. Those not active in the RPG (or OOC during an RPG lull) during the sixty day probationary period.

Additional Cannon/Original chartacters can be requested to a maximum of 3 Cannons once the probationary period is over and dedication to the RPG without incident.

Current residents/Cast we will have a 3 Cannon Character Maximum Cap to prevent RPG stand stills. A 4th Cannon could be allowed if member has proven to be a long term proactive member.

Total Cap 5, which is a mixture of Cannons and Orignal Characters.

27.There is only ONE reason to quote people. If their post is on another page, and your post is relevant to their post. You don't need to quote someone's last post to tell them they have a cool avi, you don't need to quote someone's post to ask them how they are.
@ Half_Demon_Kagome: How are you? or DarkReaper40k: How are you?
Works just fine!

28. Respect us GOD's and who we designate as MODs They are like Demi-Gods and Goddesses as far as you're concerned. You piss them off, or disrespect them and you'll piss us off.

Humm.. That's all there is to it..
Now, Are you still interested in the next onslaught of missions?
See you in the streets.
Babs out!

*Computer shuts off*

Sibling Sites:

Young Justice: Earth 73
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Whose in the RPG right now?

Heh, you really don't skimp on the details do you bookworm? So Gaians, would you like to know what it takes to join our story? Well look no further, because below is a list of all the active heroes and villains that are available for role playing! When someone takes up a role, I'll place their Gaian name next to the character name so you'll know whose taken. Babs and myself are obviously not available as we're running this show! Go figure!

Oh and to make things easier on you, I've even taken the liberty of adding a character biography template for when you chose a canon character or decide to create an original to call your own. When you fill it out you can either pm it to me or Babs for evaluation with a sample of how you would roleplay the character and we'll let you know if you've been accepted into the RPG or not from there!

Gaia Name:
Character Name:
Brief History:

DC Universe Heroes:

User Image

Batman / Bruce Wayne: Darkreaper40k
Batgirl / Cassandra Cain: DarkReaper40k

Batgirl / Oracle / Barbara Gordon: Barbara Gordon_Batgirl
Comissioner James Gordon: Barbara Gordon_Batgirl
Lois Lane: Barbara Gordon_Batgirl
Supergirl / Kara Kent / Kara Zor-El: Barbara Gordon_Batgirl

Nightwing / Richard Grayson: NuSith

Robin / Tim Drake: Yoshimitsu Kujo
Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes: Yoshimitsu Kujo

The Question / Vic Sage: Eric Coldfire
Huntress / Helena Bertinelli: Eric Coldfire
Vigilante / Greg Saunders: Eric Coldfire

Batwoman / Katherine Kate: Aqua Keywise
Superboy / Conner Kent / Kon-El: Aqua Keywise
StarFire: Aqua Keywise
Raven: Aqua Keywise

Ace the Bat-hound (Puppy): Kitana Coldfire
Wonder Woman / Diana Prince: Kitana Coldfire

Catwoman / Selina Kyle: Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool

Superman / Clark Kent / Kal-El: CKSuperman

Powergirl / Karen Kent/ Karen-El: Karen Starr_Powergirl

The Flash / Wally West: Samurai-Sempai

Kid Green Lantern / Tyler Allen: Tempest25

Green Lantern / Kyle Rayner: Jmorty14

DC Universe Villains:

User Image

The Joker: DarkReaper40k

Harley Quinn / Dr. Harleen Quinzel: BlinkingPetrichor

Talia Al'Ghul: Barbara Gordon_Batgirl

Two-Face / Harvey Dent: Eric Coldfire
Scarface & The Ventriloquist / Arnold Wesker: Eric Coldfire
Killer Croc / Waylon Jones: Eric Coldfire

Poison Ivy / Dr. Pamela Isley: Hauraunah
Vixen: Hauraunah

Bane: Psychoholic Slag
Batzarro: Psychoholic Slag
Solomon Grundy: Psychoholic Slag

Scarecrow / Dr. Jonathan Crane: NarakuOni

Giganta / Dr. Doris Zuel: Aqua Keywise

Doctor Fries / Mr.Freeze: Stray_Dog

Red Hood / Jason Todd: Yoshimitsu Kujo


Officer Theodore 'Ted' Allan Spatuck: DarkReaper40k

Nightmare / Eric Rodriguez: Eric Coldfire
Robert Rodriguez / Ragnarok: Eric Coldfire
Katana Suki: Eric Coldfire
Edward Wilson/Eddy the Edge: Eric Coldfire
The Spartan / Leonardo Daniels: Eric Coldfire
SWAT / Virginia Parker: Eric Coldfire

KopyKat / Karis Cartier: TheMrCalen

Jim Dean Roark: Psychoholic Slag

Nemesis / Tom Dooley: Stray_Dog
Clockwork / Jacob Linet:Stray_Dog

Officer Miles Tould: MilitantClockwork

Dr. Martyn Azton: DrAshFjorde
Dru Zod: DrAshFjorde
Krazy Eyght: DrAshFjorde
Cortqa: DrAshFjorde

Mira Randall / Valkerie: Kitana Coldfire
Swan Princess / [Error]: Kitana Coldfire
Cygnus Cavalier / [Error]: Kitana Coldfire

The Dearly Departed
This section of the character roster is meant to salute those who have fallen in battle, on the side of or against justice, no one deserves death and we shall honor them here.

Stargirl / Courtney Whitmore:
Roxas Keywise
((Murdered by Bane, trying to save Gotham))

Green Arrow / Oliver Queen: Psychoholic Slag
((Murdered by Solomon Grundy in an epic battle.))
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In the several weeks which have past since the series of tragedies that fell upon heroes and villains alike Valentines Day, much of every day life has worked to return to what ever normal can be in the DC universe.The hostage situations that took place that day seem nothing more than a vague memory of the past events that constantly take place.

Gotham City, Monday March 8th ((Beginning of Spring Break))

The Monday hustle and bustle has begun as most of the Gothamites begin their day. It was a fresh crisp spring day the sun was now out the streets were no longer covered in ice. The warmth of the sun now began to shine on Gotham as children enjoyed the time off. Cars wait at the stop lights cursing the occasional jay walker for causing them a small delay in their meticulous schedules. The people of Gotham especially feel a little safer knowing the infamous Joker has been apprehended and taken to the newly redesigned Arkham Asylum which Lex Luthor promises to be state of the art in every possible way and full proof in keeping its inmates inside its walls. What they do not realize though is that the clown prince of crime have every intention of being caught that night and planned well in advance for his re-admittance to Arkham. Now thanks to Lex Luthor's less than honorable side, Joker resides within Arkham, sitting comfortably in a reclining chair with cable television, watching the comedy channel. Every day asking the guards the same silly question "If yah break a girls heart on Valentines, when does the whole city feel it?" The guards of course would just tell him to shut up and watch tv, figuring he was trying to rehearse a gag from one of the shows he had been watching.
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James "Jim" Gordon

I dreamed I was missing, you were so scared
But no one would listen, 'cause no one else cared
After my dreaming, I woke with this fear
What am I leaving when I'm done here?

In the new renovated Gotham City Police Department, renovations funded by Wayne Corp., James had pulled his coat tightly around himself as he gripped his fresh mug of coffee. He ascended the steps one of the Male officers opened the door for Jim nodding a hello. He was still half asleep as James walked past him towards the main conference room of the building. The floors were clean of debris that had been common the past few weeks as he smiled at the Secretary before entering the room.
"Good morning everyone! How was your weekend?" He asked getting several responses from the fellow officers that were fully awake. He began to write on the white board in green marker as he went over the events of last night which were pretty timid by Gotham standards.

Leave out all the rest, don't be afraid
I've taken my beating, I've shared what I made
I'm strong on the surface, not all the way through
I've never been perfect, but neither have you

Barbara "Babs" Gordon

You never gave us a chance to be
And I don't need you to be by my side
To tell me that everything's alright
I just wanted you to tell me the truth
You know I'd do that for you
So why are you running away?

Barbara had used her hand to swat off the alarm that was causing her undue annoyance as she shook Grayson's sleeping form beside her. She glanced at the clock rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she pried herself from the bed to preform her regular morning rituals. She had been wearing her long sleeved shirt as she stumbled into the kitchen as she poured Ace his kibble as she opened the glass door in the kitchen so he can do his business before chowing down. The red head then flicked on the coffee pot the aroma filling the air to help her wake up even though she made her way to the closet pulling out her clothes for the day. Babs began to humm as she headed straight for the bathroom to get ready.

About half an hour later she was back into the kitchen cooking breakfast for the two of them before her work trip to Gotham. The smell of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast filled the air of the home. Barbara began to set the table while she caried a mug of coffee to wake herself up. Her heels clicked on the ground as she made herway from one side of the table to the other setting things down.

Cause I did enough to show you that I
Was willing to give and sacrifice
And I was the one who was lifting you up
When you thought your life had had enough
And when I get close, you turn away
There's nothing that I can do or say
So now I need you to tell me the truth
You know I'd do that for you
So why are you running away?

Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night toss and turn and dream of what I need

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life

Lois Lane

Meanwhile in Metropolis

Lois had managed to wake up earlier then usual as she dressed up for work. She work her hair down as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Lois made her way down the stairs as she made it her mission to head to the coffee shop. 'I need to get him coffee today..' She though to herself as she reached the coffee shop. The line outside was outrageous as she tapped her foot impatiently as the line slowly moved. She reached the end quickly placing an order for two coffees and a box of doughnuts to take to the office. She quickly took the carrier and box towards the Daily Planet. A feeling of relief that her mini mission for the day was complete as she pushed her way through to get to the elevator. The doors opened as she managed to squeeze in pressing the button to the top floor. The doors opened once again as a smirk spread to her lips. "Hey, Jimmy help me with this." She said handing the box to him as she walked off with the coffees. She sat one on Clark's desk and kept the other one for herself as she plopped down in her seat.

"So what's with the coffee for Clark?" Asked an inquisitive Jimmy Olsen setting the box on Lois's desk as he opened it plucking a doughnut for himself.

Lois's eyes narrowed as she took a sip from her coffee as she reached for a doughnut for herself. "What are you saying Jimmy? I can't buy Kent a coffee just because?" She asked.

Jimmy smiled as he walked away. "Oh just wondering is all.. See ya later Lois."

Somewhere after midnight
In my wildest fantasy
Somewhere just beyond my reach
There's someone reaching back for me
Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat
It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life

Hello my friend, we meet again
It's been a while, where should we begin?
Feels like forever

Kendra Saunders-Hawkgirl

Since the events of Valentine's day Kendra had managed to keep herself busy with monitoring activity from the satellite. She had been scrolling through several news reports trying to keep busy. She rose up from her seat and made her way towards her room. She had her comm link on just in case someone urgently needed her as she watched the doors slide open as she flopped on to her bed.

Cause when you are with me, I'm free
I'm careless, I believe
Above all others, we'll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice
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Richard wasn't so graceful at waking up in the morning as Babs was, after all she may have hung up the cape but he still wore the tights and in Bludhaven.. there is rarely a quiet night. Regardless, he knew he should probably get up, Lucius would be waiting for him at Wayne Enterprises RnD devision. Walking into the shower he turned it on only to shout his surprise as cold water hit him faster than he realized he hadn't balanced it out with hot water. Once that was over and he had himself fixed up and dressed he headed out to the kitchen and smiled sleepishly "Thanks for taking care of breakfest Babs... you're the best." he said as he leaned over her shoulder and kissed her cheek before helping to serve out the food.

Harley was up and around Ivy's Gotham apartment, making coffee and waffles for break fest while in her own light blue with teddy bear pattern pyjamas. Letting out a yawn as she made sure not to burn the food, she stretched and muttered to herself "Yep... another day... a brand new day.. full of possibilities and excitement... without him." She wiped away a tear, her painful break up with Joker having left a shadow on the cupid of crime's heart that while she hated to admit it... wasn't going away very easily. It had been weeks since she had put on the Harlequin costume and caused trouble. She kept in doors mostly and while she tried to keep a smile on her face and a bounce in her step for her friends... well they could plainly see she wasn't her usual happy go lucky self.
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Babs smiled at Grayson as she sat herself down waiting for Ace to come begging for bacon. "It's no biggi really. Think about I've always cooked for two... Whether it was you or daddy." She said offhandedly with a smile as she began to eat her meal. It was early but she wanted to at least drop by GCPD to visit her dad she had packed him a lunch. Daddy's little girl loved making sure he was at least eating right with out her in Gotham to monitor his intake. She had 'accidentally' dropped a strip of bacon as she thought for a moment before sipping her coffee. "So do you think me retiring the cape was a good thing?" She asked before poking her food.
Nightmare's nose, or rather the slits in his face where his nose would be, twitched as he caught the smell of breakfast, his ears also caught Harley remembering Valintine's Day "I'm going to hit you with a wet noddle every time you bring him up just to get yourself down, if you're truely done with him, move on." His eyes opened as he sat up on the couch which had become Nightmare's unofficial bed, though he'd never admit it, he'd never allow his host or someone in heartache to sleep on a couch, his wings unwrapped themselves from his body, fully healed since Valentine's Day, popping his neck he headed into the kitchen to see what Harley was cooking.

Arnold Wesker was rather pleased with himself with the progress he was making in therapy, only a few weeks had went by since the Gotham Museum heist and he was ready for the final evaluations that were schedualed for next month, he was finally ready to let go.
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Harley slapped on a smile and snatched a plate form the cubboard, filling it up with waffles to offer Nightmare "I dunno what yer talking about big guy but tell me how these taste today. I know I'm not a great cook but I'm following the recipes in this book.... so hopefully I'm doing everything right." Handing him the plate she made sure to point out that syrup and utencils were already on the table while she grabbed a mug for him "Coffee or O-Jay...?" she asked... seeming to zone out a little as she finished that last word before shaking her head, smiling innocently "Sorry, must still be waking up... which do yah want?"

As Richard ate his own break fest, and sipped his black coffee, hoping to snap himself awake he rolled his eyes at her question for the 50th time. "Considering the 'mysterious' hooded lady I saw with the star staff... I'll say again book worm, you may have hung up your cape but you didn't retire the spirit." Giving her a wink as he munched on some toast, he waited a moment before asking "While I know your Dad is a major factor in the cape going away... would you take it back given the chance or are you thinking of starting over like I did?"
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"That wasn't me." She said bluntly as she gave him a look. "Batgirl is a part of me.. But I don't want to just be that.. I made that costume to help my dad. It worked for a while. That costume was one of the factors that caused you to leave." She said sipping her coffee. An annoyed look on her face. "I want to start over as something bright. Something... different." She said quickly reaching into her coat pocket pulling out a crumpled sheet of paper. "I want to be an Oracle."
Nightmare shook his head smiling "such irony when a psychatrist needs therapy." he took the plate from her and munched on a waffle "better, not burned and not cold in the middle, and I'll take milk." he used his tail to open the fridge and take out the jub while he set the plate on the table and grabbed a glass from the cuboard "you sleep ok,?" he asked causually, trying to keep Harley from making anymore Joker refferences.
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Harley snapped a glare at him but didn't say anything to the therapy matter. She knew she was in a rough situation and according to her files at Arkham she was still at least another 8 solid months away from a chance of being declared sane... again. In some ways it was temping to go back their and finish so she could start a clean life like Pamela did but at the same time... could she go back to that life and more importantly.. did she wanted to be in the same building as him? Silent a moment she slowly replied "I-I'm glad... I've had a lot of time to practice... 'bout time it paid off." Thinking over what Nightmare asked she thought about her sleep, like every other night she lay there, tears welling down her cheeks as she sniffled and stared out the window wondering what now? "I guess.. how about you?"

Richard smirked as she once again denied that being her, he knew other wise but wouldn't press the matter knowing it'd only lead to trouble. "I'll admit things were complicated... but you can't deny, you make that costume look great." Giving her a flirty wink he sipped his coffee again before glancing at the piece of paper she had "An Oracle?" he asked "Like in mythology?" He seemed a little confused by it "I know you've always been one to sit back and read the books but when it comes to the hero biz.. you were never one to sit back and watch.. you sure about this?" He asked a little concerned for her sanity as he tossed in a few ideas for thought "What if we reinvent Batgirl... rename her.. ShadowWing... or FlameBird... or something... keep the costume similar but different enough that its new... you know?"
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Barbara Gordon have given Richard Grayson insight to what she wanted and he cast it aside thinking the reinvention of Batgirl would be best. "You don't get it.. I don't mean the naked one who is loaded up on hallucinogens by lechers to predict the future." She said gripping her mug with annoyance. "And here I was going to show you the design... I already started," she added in a huff now not wanting to show him her sketches. "I was thinking more like Athena type mythology.. I have the database I showed you still online in my house in Gotham. There are satellites gathering Intel for me as we speak." She added still annoyed as she handed him the paper. "Geebus.. I really did wish you'd let me finish before you start giving me names.." With that said she stuck out her tongue at him and finished off her coffee.

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