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Because of school i have decided that i am going to close the RP. I unfortunately just don't have the time to run the RP as it should be run. I might remake at a later date when i''m not so overwhelmed with school and life in general. In the meantime if anyone else would like to use this plot/set up send me a PM and we can talk about.

Well, until next time...
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The Plot

It has been two years since Luke Skywalker brought down the Galactic Empire and in its place the New Republic has formed as the main governing body. However all is not well, the New Republic is shambles trying to get a foothold in the galaxy once again but they are spread too thin. Slave traders, pirates, crime lords, and all other kind of general bad people are running rampant because the New Republic only has enough resources to focus on the biggest of threats. In a moment of desperation they turn to famous bounty hunter Betho Zolis for help. The republic tells Betho to form a team from among any people of his choosing (e.g. Jedi, convicts, Mando's, smugglers, bounty hunters, troopers, etc) to help combat some of the galactic wide crime that is occurring. He accepts their deal on the terms that the republic would not interfere in any of his team work, no matter how crazy it got.

However a much bigger threat looms over the galaxy then criminals, a threat that the Jedi have known since days of the old republic. The Sith who hid during the reign of Darth Vader and Palpatine have now reemerged from the shadows. They seem to be following a new sith lord known as Darth Kreiger. Jedi masters aren't convinced that Darth Kreiger is the true master though; they sense an even darker force who commands even Kreiger. No one has been able to prove this yet though. Whatever the case it is clear that the Sith are getting ready to make their next big move.
General Info

I should mention that this RP will only be following Betho’s team and members of the New sith Empire, meaning there is no neutrality. If you are a good guy you are on Betho’s team if you’re a bad guy you are a part of the New Sith Empire. It’s ok if you join either side for a neutral reason, like being a bounty hunter looking for whoever is paying the highest. This same rule applies to rogue/ grey Jedi.
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The part that everyone hates but we gotta have them

1. -Literacy-
This is a semi-lit to lit RP, meaning that I would like at least two paragraphs per a post (a paragraph being between 5-7 sentences). Use quotes when your character is talking and always RP in 3rd person. Also everything should be spelled correctly, spell check is amazing. However, I don’t want these rules to make you think I’m hard a**. In all reality I’m a pretty laid back guy. I totally understand writers block and things of that nature. Also the two paragraph rule is void when you are in dialogue with other characters, meaning you don’t have to write a whole bunch of useless crap just to meet the two paragraph requirement while talking to another character.

2. -Power playing-
There will be absolutely no god modding/ power playing in this RP. Just because you character has the force does not mean that you can’t be beat by a non-force user. There is also no killing off a character without the permission of the owner of that character as well as my own. If you do want your character killed for some reason (i.e you’re leaving the RP) make sure I am made aware.

3. –Profiles/characters-
PM all profiles to me titled “Han shot first”. Once I have accepted your profile post it on the profile thread and then you are good to go. You are allowed a max of three characters, PM me if you want more. All characters must be OC, meaning there will be no one related to any of the cannon characters. So no, you can’t be Han solo or Luke’s son.

4. Romance is encouraged but keep it pg-13. I don’t want to see anything past kissing and cuddling.

5. I plan for this to be a long term RP so stick with it. I understand life gets in the way so just tell me if something happens and you won’t be able to post for a while.

6. Keep all OOC to the OOC thread.

7. Most importantly have fun. Like I said before I know these rules might make me seem like a hard a**, but I’m not.
Profile Skeletons
(Yes i know the skeletons are very plain lol. You can fancy it up any way you like, just keep the information there)

Non- Force users.
Gaia Username:
Nickname/Title: (optional)
Species: (Mandalorian is not a species they are a culture)
Affiliation: (The New Republic or the New Sith Order)
Occupation: (Bounty hunter, Smuggler, mechanic, etc)
Weapon(s) :
Accessories: (Jet pack, etc)
Bio: (at least three paragraphs)
Other: (Optional)
Appearance: (picture or description)

-Force Users-
Gaia Username:
Nickname/ Title:

Rank: (Padwan, Jedi Knight, Jedi master) or (Apprentice, Sith warrior, Sith master) or (rogue/ Grey jedi)
Affiliation: (The New Jedi Order or the New Sith Order or )
Lightsaber: (image of lightsaber or description)
Force powers: (Any type of unique force powers your character might have should be listed here. Things like force push are standard to all force users. check here for a full list of such powers)
Bio: (at least three paragraphs)
Other: (Optional)
Appearance: (Picture or description)
Important NPC's/ people im to lazy to make profiles for.
( This list will be ever growing as the RP progresses)

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Name: Luke Skywalker
Importance: After destroying the Empire Luke goes on to create the New Jedi Order. Here force sensitive people are trained in the ways of the Jedi.

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Name: Kandra Josto
Importance: A spy for the New Republic, Kandra is responsible for giving Betho and his team their missions.

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Name: Unknown
Importance: A mysterious figure who seems to appear to Darth Kreiger in Holograms.

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Name: Darth Ravish
Importance: A former Padwan of the Jedi order now turned Sith by Darth Kreiger.
The cast

The New Republic/ Betho's team

~ Betho Zolis,The Galaxy Cowboy,Bounty Hunter, played by High Yella Boy
~Jinoth Kesper, One shot Kesper, Mando Free-lancer, played by Mandolor
~Aralynne Dasner, Ara,Jedi padwan, played by Jaded-Jedi-of-Fire
~Anne Raske ,The Tamer,Bounty hunter, played by Zer0 Human.
~Jayce Fahren,Ren,Smuggler, played by Jaded-Jedi-of-Fire
~Viakk Otarill ,Ghost ,Jedi Shadow, played by Captain Luke Brown
~Valkore Fraust,Sarge,Mercenary, played by Valkore Fraust.

The New Sith Order
~ Chris'toss Levian, Darth Kreiger, Dark Lord of the Sith, played by High Yella Boy
~Azalyn Botos, Aza, Sith Warrior. played by Crispy Marbles.
~Shaz Gorim , Commander Gorim , Sith Naval Commander , played by Bored Amares
The Ships

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The Titan MCB MK IV was issued to Betho by the New Republic to be the primary transportation for him and his crew. During the days of the rebellion it was a heavily armored warship which was mainly used in rescue missions. Since then the interior has been converted to a more luxury class style, having separate rooms for each crew mate.

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During the final days of the Empire Darth Kreiger was able to single handily take control of a entire imperial ship yard. Here he acquired a numerous amount of Imperial-class Star Destroyers ( as seen above), along with a good amount of TIE Fighters. These ships are now used as the New Sith Order's only naval fleet.
The Story so Far

~Betho has put out the call across the galaxy for anyone who is interested in joining the team to meet him at a docking bay #29 on Coruscant

On order of the republic Betho and his newly found team has been sent to Babali to investigate a refugee camp. The republic lost contact with the camp over three weeks ago and are starting to fear raiders might have attacked the camp.

Jayce Fahren has been sent by the repbulic to make sure no one has tried to take over any of the long abandoned droid factories.

~ On Korriban The New Sith Order has set up headquarters in a ancient abandoned Sith ruin. Here Sith and Non-Sith alike work tirelessly under Darth Kreiger's command to prepare for the next phase of his master plan.

Darth Kreiger and Azalyn have gone to Babali because a Sith by the name of Darth Maleficent, who owns a research facility on the planet, hasn't been heard from. Apprently Darth Maleficent was working on a very important project for Darth Kreiger.

Commander Gorim has to been sent to Genoisis by Darth Ravish to capture a old confederate droid factory.

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