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World Map:
Chaos Emeralds:
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3 month's ago, sonic had embarked on a epic adventure with his past self, as well as tails and his past self. Together they confronted the evil dr.eggman and dr.robotnik in order to restore time and space to it's original state. This resulted in dr.eggman and dr.robotnik getting caught between time and space. After these event's, it appeared as if eggman was gone for good. 3 months after those events, sonic is still doing what he does best. Running around the world, fighting, protecting, and saving the day. Things had calmed down since the events of the time eater, and the world is at peace. However something could be on the rise, and robots are suddenly appearing again. Has dr.eggman returned? And if he has, what will he do this time? The world is not prepared for the coming chaos. In this world, the world of mobius, where humans and mobians live together in harmony, there will always be chaos.

The main plot point of this rp, is that we dont have one. You make up the story, the villains, and much more. Every now and then there will be a main villain but besides that, you are the creators of this rp.

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Rp is currently under construction.

We currently need cannon's and oc's. Anything to keep the rp moving at a steady pace.

We are entering into our first major arc with a villain being set up. Join in now if you want in on the action.

The titan arc is hitting it's climax! Get ready the final battle of the first part of the rp is about to happen. For all who havent joined yet, your still welcome to jump in and we can work you in.
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1. Please don't godmod, powerplay, or autohit. This will result in a warning. Five strikes and you are out. Unless I feel it was a mistake, or you have a good reason or consent from the other person to use their character, none of this!

2: This is a Semi-Lit to Lit rp, which means no one liner's. No exceptions on that, even writers block will give you more then a one liner.

3. Follow all Gaian rules.

4. I'm going to be stricter with this roleplay. If you aren't posting daily, I will PM you, see what's up, because I get it, this isn't life, thing's happen. If you fail to reply within a couple of days then you will be removed from the rp.

5. Send your profiles to me titled "It's go time!" For canon character's. For oc's title the pm "For mobius!"

6. If you start ignoring someone, or bring your drama to this roleplay, you get a warning. I am not interested in having this roleplay suffer because you are in a bad mood. However, PM me and explain to me why you won't be posting, then I will be more cooperative and give you some time. If you need, I or any other person (If given your permission) will act as your character until you are able to get back.

7. Please put a ninja in your post so I know that you read the rules.

8. I swear if you start making your character who is grumpy, pick roses and skip around, or have a happy person suddenly go sad and gloom and doom, you are going to be in some BIG trouble! No.. but I will warn you to keep your character in character. If you fail to do this, I will give you a warning.

9. Please don't be afraid to tell me if you're stuck, or need something. Also tell me if someone is bothering you and I will deal with it accordingly. I don't bite wink I'm just strict when It come's to roleplaying.

10. Post daily. My biggest pet peeve in roleplaying is unactive people. It stalls the roleplay and could let it die. I have said this in a previous rule, but I will say it again. Post daily, if there is a problem PM me and I'll deal with it.

11. Romance is allowed but keep it PG-13. There are kid's on this site too. If it goes any further then hugging, kissing, and just alittle rubbing. Then fade to black, take it to the pm's, or off gaia. Now alittle crude humor is always funny to have but be careful what you do if you do use alittle humor.

12. Have fun! Think outside the box and be innovative.

13. I reserve the right to deny any profile sent to me by you, and to ban you because of a broken rule or a reason that if asked, I will tell you. Please follow the rules. That isn't a lot to ask is it?

14. If you want to have an emerald, pm on me and let me know. You will have to come up with your reason why you get it and then i want to to take a few posts to retrieve it. And you must wait atleast two days before you can request to get another.

15. I'll add more if I need too! .

16: Like my other sonic roleplays,this rp is ment to be long term. Which means dont join and then dont post or quit posting without a reason.

17: Not everyone is as fast or faster then sonic, be reasonable. Come up with unique abilitys for your own character.

18: Archvolocofx and Roisa09 are the modderaters, remember to obey the rules and they wont pwn you.

19: Use pictures for your posting format, and dont make the pictures too big.

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[b]Side:[/b] ((Good, Evil, Nuetral, etc)
[b]Bio:[/b] (Atleast 4 sentences please)
[b]Powers/Abilities:[/b] ( I will be strict on these, no op stuff that doesnt have a severe weakness, and not everyone can use the chaos emeralds. However the sol emeralds are usable.)
[b]Race:[/b] (Hedgehog, Echidna, etc)
[b]Weapons: [/b]
[b]Sample post:[/b] (I would like about four sentences. *Need assistance for a starting post, ask, we will give you something to work with*) [/size]
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▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀
Canon Characters:

Team Sonic
Sonic the hedgehog: Midnight_Moon_Angel1220
Miles "Tails" Prower: Ace of Acronyms
Knuckles the echinda: XxAce-of-AceRosexX

Team Dark
Shadow The Hedgehog: Chelseamay95
Rouge The Bat:
E-123 Omega:

Team Chaotix:
Espio The Chamillion:
Vector The Crocodile:
Charmy The Bee:

Team Rose:
Amy Rose:
Cream and Cheese:
Big The Cat:

Team Future:
Silver the hedgehog:
Blaze the cat:

Team Babaylon:
Jet the hawk:
Storm the albotross:
Wave the swallow:

Team Genius:
Metal Sonic:
Dr. Eggman Nega:
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik:

▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀
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World Map:

User Image
User Image

User Image

Path to the sky island: This is the way to angel island. This place is rigged with traps and other dangerous objects. Knuckles after all has to protect the master emerald.

Death Egg: This place is not accessable at this time.

City of water: The city of soleana A.K.A the city of water. This is a peaceful place without much troubles. As the name suggests,it has water everywhere and very little land. Not a good place for people who cant swim.

Ice cap castle: This place is a sacred shrine dedicated to the god anubis. Not much other info is known however there are strange things happening to the place.

Casino night: A small amount of land in the form of a casino. Here you have the ussual springs,spikes and other crazy traps. But lately this place has been covered with eggmans minions so beware.

Ice cap: This land is made of nothing but pure ice. Be careful or you could end up hitting a weak spot and fall into the water. This area is surrounded by hills and mountains that are made of ice.

City of darkness: The homeplace to eggmans operations. This is where his main base is located at and is filled to the brim with swat bots and other things,such as flyer bots and the buzz bombers. Enter this place,and its almost certain that you will be robotatized.

Haunted forest: As the name suggests,this place is infested with creepy things. Legend has it,that this place is infested with ghosts and the legendary king boom bomb. No one has every escaped this forest and lived to tell about it.

Mobius hill: The home of sonic and tails, this place holds many diffrent towns, such as station square.

Chemical refinery: Just like on sonic the hedgehog 2,this place holds a chemical plant that is polluting the surrounding areas. This is also one of the main parts to eggmans machine building. It has a strong barrier around it so no one can break through.

Metrotroplis: This place is the heart of all the areas. It was first introduced in sonic the hedgehog 2 and is filled with traps and other things that can crush,grind,and pulverize you. Beware because bot will give chase.

Desert's bones: A dry and baren wasteland. This place was once green and filled with life until eggman began to plow down the trees and other stuff to build his latest factory. The polloution and other things caused this place to dry up. This is also home to the sand snakes.

Energen Cyrstal: A sacred place. Not much else known about it.

Ancient ruins: This is a huge forest and is home to a pyramid in the middle of the forest. This is where sonic first learned about chaos and what would happen if he got all seven emeralds. This also used to be the home of echindas until chaos wiped most of them out. It also holds the fallen ship of eggman.

Wave Ocean: A beach just out the city of water. Its been mostly peaceful,that is until eggman attacked and sent his bots all over the place. Now it is mostly a death trap.

Dusty dessert: This is a unstabe place,with the ruins falling apart,or the ground sinking into the earth. This is not a place for people who cant act quickly.

White Acropolis: One of eggmans bases set up in the kingdom of soleanna. This place is in a snowy region and is filled with high tech military stuff. If you enter this place,you are almost certain to be caught. Most of the dangers come from the amount of bots that are there,watch out for the search lights. If they catch you,they will sound the alarm.

Crisis City: A city from silver and blazes future. It was a peaceful city until iblis attacked and destroyed everything. ((This place is not accesible at this time))

Flame core: A molten series of volcanos and other things causing lava to spew up everywhere. ((This place is not accesible at this time.))

Radical train: The center of all transportation. This place holds hundreds of trains,and is always busy.

Jungle: A jungle outside of the city of water. Its dangerous terrain makes even the most skilled people to worry. It has everything from loop de loops,to diving strait down into water. Eggmans bots have invaded this place as well.

Kingdom Valley: As the name suggests,its a valley outside of soleanna. It is said that the king and queen lived here once and is also the holder of many treasures. Eggman has sent some of his best bots to this location.

Eggmans base: The center of all his operations. Eggmans base is hid deep with kingdom valley and is underwater. This place is filled with his best robots,so intruders beware.

Soleanna forest: The outskirts of soleanna and the only way into kingdom valley. Here you must perform 3 tests to see if your worthy to enter kingdom valley.

New city: A main big part of soleanna. This place is the holder of all their best products. This city is filled with tall buildings and people.

Spagnoia: A large city full of life and busy people. This is where professor pickle is located.

Mazuri: A large and open jungle,combined with a wasteland and a dessert. A bunch of natives live here as well as a temple of gaia.

Empire city: A extreamly big city,full of people and all sorts of things. If you need work then go no further then here.

Adabat: A small town built on a island in the ocean. This place has more water than soleanna so be careful if you cant swim. A temple of gaia is also located here deep on another island in a jungle.

Shamar: A town in the middle of a dessert. This is where professor pickle also travels to for his other research facility. A temple of gaia is located deep in the dessert,past a sandstorm.

Apotos: This is where sonic's adventures began and the first temple of gaia is located. Another place full of life and ...you guessed it...water.

Holoska: A extreamly little town in the middle of nowhere. This place is so cold,you cold freeze to death in under a minute without proper equipment. A temple of gaia is located here.

Chun-nan: A jappanese looking place,it is very intresting to look at and has some great sights. Watch out though,as usual eggmans robots are on the prowl around the great wall. A temple of gaia is located somewhere around here.

Marble Zone: The first lava area of any sonic game. It is located near the dessert bones.

Sky Sanctuary: A large temple up in the sky above angel island. This place is where during the events of sonic and knuckles, the master emerald was located.

Emerald Hill Zone: Located at mobius hill's, this zone used to be green hill zone until sonic stopped dr.robotnik a long time ago during the events of sonic 1.

Chemical Plant Zone: Located in the chemical refinery, this is a water and chemical based zone that sonic and tails traversed in sonic 2.

Mystic Cave Zone: A cave located near the city of darkness. During the events of sonic 2, sonic and tails found out that this area was more annoying in perticular then most. It is full of traps, bugs, dark creatures, and even bottomless pits.

Oil Plant Zone: Located near the chemical refinery and chemical plant zone. This area is a plant that produces oil from the planet. It is also one of the more unstable zones.

Hill top zone: Located near marble hill zone, this area is also filled with lava and shifting floors. Be careful, lava doesnt like to be touched.

Angel Island: Home of knuckles and the master emerald, it's location is in the far north, high above the sea's. Sonic, tails, and knuckles had many disputes on this island. It also holds most of sonic 3's zones as well.

Hydrocity Zone: Located at angel island, this is a water filled zone where your going to find out that most of your time will be spent in the water. Grab a bubble, stay away from choppers, avoid falling debre and you might survive.

Ice cap zone: Located at ice cap and near ice cap castle. This area is a snowy dreamland, until a avalanche happens, then it's a deathtrap. Sonic and tails made their way through this zone in sonic 3.

Mushroom Hill Zone: Located on angel island, this is a mushroom forest from sonic 3 and knuckles. This area isnt too hard to traverse, but it has alot of dangers within, such as vines that trap you while mechanical bugs tear you apart.

Carnival Night Zone: Known to most sonic game players as "The hell stage" This area is located near the casino night zone. It has the spawns of satan, the evil barrels that you have to move up and down to make them move up and down. Go here at your own risk.

Flying Battery Zone: Located near the city of darkness, this fleet of ships was built by eggman long ago to stop sonic and tails.

Emerald Coast: Located at the edge of mobius hills and near station square. This was the first zone of sonic adventure. Killer whales can be seen in the distance.

Windy Valley: Located near the ancient ruins, this area sends you high into the sky onto a bunch of islands. Warning: Tornado's will spawn here.

Station Square: The area known most from sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2. This city is filled with people and of course, G.U.N. It is located at mobius hills.

Pumpkin Hill: A haunted zone filled with pumpkins and ghosts. It is located near the haunted forest.

Space Colony Ark: The massive floating lab that orbits the planet. The space colony ark was where shadow the hedgehog was created, and many things were studied on. It was also the main plot area for sonic adventure 2.

Seaside Hill: Located near the ocean palace on another continent. This place was the starting area for all teams in sonic heroes.

Ocean Palace: A continuation of seaside hill. This place is a massive palace that has been mostly swallowed by sand and sea. You can also find turtles carrying massive land parts on their backs here.

Bullet Station: One of eggman's bases in sonic heroes. This is where the heroes first begin to discover that they wernt really battling eggman, but it was metal sonic.

Frog Forest: Located on green island, this place has all sorts of diffrent frogs. Once startled, the frogs will begin to croak loudly and summon rain to make the plants grow faster.

Hang Castle: Located in the haunted forest, this area was accessed in sonic heroes. It, as it's name suggests, is a haunted castle.

((Look at the map for any other area I missed or didnt put down. You may go to any of these locations or areas on the map pics as well.))

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Chaos Emeralds:

㊰Red Chaos Emerald:

㊯Blue Chaos Emerald:

㊮Green Chaos Emerald:

㊭Cyan Chaos Emerald:

㊬Indigo Chaos Emerald:

㊫Yellow Chaos Emerald:

㊪White Chaos Emerald:

Master Emerald:

User Image---: Knuckles the echinda

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Profile Thread / Occ Thread / Current OC teams:


Team Blitz:
1: Cyclone the Hedgehog
2: Krystal the Hedgehog

Team Kick a**:
1: Ember the Cat
2: Violet the hedgehog
3: Akili Hoshio

Team Ragnarock:
1: Vex the Hedgehog
2: Sigma the Hedgehog
3: Phoenix

Team Team Silver Wind:
1: Tsubasa
2: Kameena
3: Bruiser

Link to profile thread:
Profile Thread

Link to Occ Thread:
Occ Thread

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We are open!
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Cyclon e
► Ⓣⓗⓔ

Current location: Flying Battery Zone
Mood: Happy
With: No one
Current Thoughts: This takes me back....
Master Chaos Energy: 100%

⇒As long as I exist,ill protect this planet.◄
⇒ Me and my allies are one,we act on one accord.◄
⇒ Evil will be stopped and mobius will return to peace."◄

Cyclone's Voice

Cyclone's theme

Cyclone's Speed / Chaos Warp

Flying battery zone, a place where sonic and his friend tails went to when dr.robotnik was schemeing with the master emerald. Close by, ontop of the middle ship in the fleet of ships, a white hedgehog was standing in the open and watching what all was going on. A smirk rose across his face as compartments opened up and begin to launch rockets at him. Watching as the rockets begin to lock onto him, the white hedgehog made a dash forward, reaching around 300 to 400 mph in a straight path. As a rocket approached, he begin to speed up. But another rocket was coming from the side as well. In a instant, there was a explosion on the ship.

Smoke and debree flew up everywhere from the explosion. But in that instant, the white hedgehog shot out of the smoke and into the air. "Woah that was close!" He yelled out, but when he turned back around he saw another missle heading right for him. "Oh crud!" He yelled out. He was wide open in the air and the missle was about to hit him. Quickly slamming his hand into the side of the missle, he propelled himself to the side and escaped just as the missle exploded. Falling off the ship, a white flash came up from the other side of the ship almost instantly and skidded to a stop on the top deck once again.

"Nice try, but im way too fast for you." The hedgehog said and made a dash forward once again, this time picking up his speed to much higher heights. Reaching a dead end, he glanced back and saw that a missle had followed him. "Tck..." He grumbled and jumped to the side real quickly, causing the missle to smash into the ship and explode. This left a opening in the ship which the white hedgehog quickly ran into and inside the ship. "Infiltration of the flying battery zone complete." He said with a smirk.

User Image User Image User ImageUser Image
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User Image

Dr. Ivo


Current location: City of Darkness
Mood: Frustrated
With: No one
Current Thoughts: Not another hedgehog!

⇒Soon the world will bow to me!◄
⇒Then eggmanland will finally come to be!◄
⇒And this time, that blasted blue hedgehog cant stop me! Bahahahaha! ◄

Dr.Eggmans theme

Alarms were sounding off everywhere inside the flying battery zone. The flying fortress also sent back signals to the city of darkness where more alarms sounded. Deep inside the city was a base, and inside the center of this base was none other then dr.eggman. Staring at the screen, he could clearly see the white hedgehog. "Who is this? That isnt sonic!" Dr.eggman yelled out loudly. "I suppose it doesnt matter, ill still eliminate him all the same." Eggman said aloud. "Now go, RC-24!" Eggman said and pressed a button. Meanwhile on the flying battery zone flying fortess, a doorway opened up a distance away and a large robot that resembled the egg emperor, walked into the open.

"Destroy that hedgehog!" Eggman said aloud and the robot's sensors heard it's master's command. The robot's cape suddenly turned to wings and two rocket propellers shot out as well. The two rocket propellers blasted into gear and the massive robot took off. Of course it decided to get to the white hedgehog a faster way, so it burst through the walls. Dr.eggman facepalmed and sighed. "Another system failure...no matter, all repaired easily." He said and smirked. Watching on the screen, the massive robot burst through the last wall and grabbed the white hedgehog. It then shot upward and burst back to the top of the ship where the rockets were being launched.Slamming the white hedgehog onto the top of the ship, it stepped away and watched to see what would happen.

Dr.eggman smirked and gave the white hedgehog a thumbs down. "Game over! Bahahahaha!" He laughed loudly, but quickly stopped when the white hedgehog stood up. "What?! Grrr that hedgehog is more resiliant then I thought." Dr.eggman said. "RC-24, destroy him!" He yelled out.

User Image User Image User Image User Image
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Cyclon e
► Ⓣⓗⓔ

Current location: Flying Battery Zone
Mood: A bit worried
With: No one
Current Thoughts: Timber!!!
Master Chaos Energy: 100%

⇒As long as I exist,ill protect this planet.◄
⇒ Me and my allies are one,we act on one accord.◄
⇒ Evil will be stopped and mobius will return to peace."◄

Cyclone's Voice

Cyclone's theme

Cyclone's Speed / Chaos Warp

Cyclone stood there before the massive bulk of robot known as RC-24. His serious facial expression turned to a small smile of cockiness. "I see eggman know's im here. Looks like a hasty retreat would be best." Cyclone thought to himself, his eye's trailing to the edge of the ship. "We are quite a distance from the ground, so jumping would be out of the question." He said, but his eye's glared back at the robot. "Is what I would normally say, however I can survive this fall." He said and took a step back. However the RC-24 quickly threw it's arm up and it begin to morph and change. "Hm?" Cyclone muttered out and gave a curious expression.

Soon the robots arm had turned into a portable turrent and steam begin to rise from it. Cyclone's eye's widened as the turrent begin to move and the first bullet was fired. Moving to the side, the bullet barely skimmed cyclone's cheek, leaving a clean cut on his face. "Woah! That was close." He said, glancing back at the area where the bullet hit the wing of the ship. "Darn, if im even slightly too slow, I am dead." He thought and quickly jumped into the air. "No choice, time to step it up." He said and begin to unbuckle something on his feet. The RC-24 didnt wait however and begin to rapidly fire at cyclone.

As the bullets approached, a loud noise of something hitting metal sounded. Cyclone had removed his weights and threw them in the way of the bullet's. This deflected some of them and sent them off course, however his weights were now destroyed. Hitting the top of the ship, cyclone landed with one knee to the ground. "And now for the others." He said and begin to remove his hand weights. The RC-24 quickly aimed at cyclone and fired again, but cyclone had removed his weights by this time. As the bullet approached, he suddenly vanished from natural sight. However the robot stumbled backwards as the white hedgehog slammed into it's chest with his feet. "Heh too slow!" He yelled out and jumped backwards.

Skidding along the ground, he rubbed under his nose and wagged his finger. "With my weights off, I have full access to my speed. You dont stand a chance." Cyclone said in a cofident tone. This however changed when the robots other arm turned into a turren as well. "Uh oh..." Cyclone said aloud as both the turrents begin to fire. "Dahhh!" He yelled out and begin to dance around comicly to dodge the bullets. "Oh man, didnt think he could do that!" He yelled and another bullet clipped his face. Jumping backwards and landing on the wing, cyclone waved his fist. "Hey! Not cool, this is my only spare face!" He yelled out, but the robot fired again, causing cyclone to fall off the wing.

"Woahhhh!" He yelled out as he begin to rapidly fall torwards the ground. "Man that robot was tough. Infact too tough, none of eggmans robots have ever been that fast or quick to react. Guess the old egg geezer is learning." He thought. Looking at the ground however, he had a sweat drop roll down his head. "Oh man, I couldnt even prepare for this....well this is going to hurt." He said with wide eye's.

User Image User Image User ImageUser Image

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