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Since we have all had so much fun in lilkitten5859's Ocarina of Time Role-Play, I was persuaded by a couple of close friends to re-start an old Majora's Mask storyline that we'd expounded upon a couple of years ago. While I was a great fan of both N64 games and played them obsessively, I'll admit that it was Majora's Mask that captured my heart with its rich color and flavorful plot. Therefore, we've decided to resume the story, and we've brought it here to Barton Town to invite those interested to come and play!

The land of Termina, close neighbor to the kingdom of Hyrule, thought that life would return to normal after the little warrior Link defeated the Skull Kid and brought his mischievous reign of mayhem to an end. And for a short while, it did . . . seven years, in fact. Unfortunately, that was the precise amount of time that it took a certain power-hungry Gerudo king by the name of Gannondorf to overthrow Hyrule next door, and really, you can only terrorize one kingdom for so long before it gets boring.

And so, the Dark King enlisted the help of - you guessed it! - the same disgruntled Skull Kid, brainwashed to remove all those pesky thoughts of friendship with Link, and poured a little more darkness into that cursed Majora's Mask with the help of the Triforce of Power before setting him loose on the land of Termina once again. The thought here?

"Hey, that Kid sure caused a lot of trouble when he was little . . . let's see how much chaos he can cause, now that he's an angsty teenager!"

And so we enter into a world where the darkness of Gannondorf's reign is just beginning to seep into the second unhappy land to fall victim to his evil, filled with characters that we know and love . . . and bear shocking twin-like similarities to a number of the characters we already met in Ocarina of Time. But, that's beside the point! On to the Rules!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

For all intents and purposes of our storyline, it is assumed that Hyrule and Termina lie adjacent to one another as shown, with the desert sands of the Haunted Wasteland and the mountain ranges of Ikana serving as the common border.
Clockwork Chronicles Ten Commandments

1.) Thou shalt not god-mode! Those that are found god-moding will be stripped to their Gaian undergarments and lashed to a stake in a pit of Deku Scrubs, where they will be pummeled with Deku Nuts for a thousand years!

2.) Thou shalt not cross-over any outside game, anime, or what-have-you! We accept precisely one cross-over scenario and that is the afore-mentioned Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask blending. Remember, this has been accounted for a time change of seven years, and the cast from both games will now be grown up. But the first lightsaber, gundam, Shikon jewel, handgun or other that I see, and it's the Deku Scrubs for you!

3.) Thou shalt not bump! Really, seriously, it's entirely unnecessary. Even if we don't look like we're online the odds are that one of us is lurking about anyway. There is simply no need for bumping in a role-play; the thread will move on its own.

4.) Thou shalt obey the List of Masks. Simply stated, there are 24 masks in the game which made it oh-so-fun for everyone to run amuck with them. However, there is only one of each mask which makes it a necessity to keep track of who has got which mask! Only one mask can be held at any one time by a character, and you MUST submit your profile with the Mask Request clearly stated! The exceptions to this rule are the Goron, Zora, and Deku masks; I am not going to put a limit of numbers on those because I think it's fun to run about with the ability to shape-shift at will. The other exception is the Romani Mask, because I do want regulars at Latte!

5.) Thou shalt not have the Fierce Deity's Mask WITHOUT proving thyself worthy first!! I'm more than willing to let you have the mask if you really want it and can demonstrate your ability to role-play RESPONSIBLY . . . because let's face it. What fun is there to be had if you've got one n00b running about killing off all your monsters before you get the chance to actually battle?

6.) Thou shalt not curse in excess. A little is just fine with me; when done well, it adds flavor and expression. However, when done too much it's just irritating, boring, and a grounds for your expulsion from the thread.

7.) Thou shalt not cyber! We will have at least one underage role-player present, so respect his virgin eyes and keep it clean! If you feel the need for romance, that's perfectly allowable, but if it starts to blossom into full-blown passion you'd better haul arse off to your Private Messages.

8.) Thou shalt not disrespect Frost!! Under any circumstances, and for any reason! I mean it! He's very sensitive, and his feelings are fragile!! So don't!

9.) YOU MUST ASK if you wish to play Gannondorf/Gannon, Link, Zelda, or the Skull Kid/Majora's Mask. Because these are pivotal positions it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that you are responsible, reliable, and at least semi-literate. Why? Because no one here is going to respect a Gannon that shrieks "u r goin 2 die no hahahah!!!1!1!one!!" Do I make my point?

10.) YOU MUST submit the Mask Request in order to take possession of a Mask and you must post your RolePlay Profile in order to start role-playing. Failure to do so will result in your being ignored by the other players. And nobody likes to be ignored.

Fill out the following form as it pertains to your character, and then post it in the thread so that we can meet you!

[Name:] (Character name, if different from your Gaian screen-name.)
[Race:] (Hylian, Gerudo, Zora, Deku, Goron, Equine, Feline, Poe, Stalfos, Moblin, etc.)
[Appearance:] (What your character looks like. You can link an image if you like.)
[Background:] (Optional) (A short introduction to/explanation of your character.)
[Hobbies:] (Optional) (What you character likes to do in his/her spare time.)
[Alignment:] (Good, Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic, or Evil.)
[Affiliation:] (Which side, if any, your character is on, or who your character is loyal to.)
[Relations:] (Who your character is related to, if anyone.)
[Mask:] (The mask that your character wears. Remember that masks are subject to availability and that you must submit the Mask Request form before you claim one!)


1.) The Masks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must submit a Mask Request in order to reserve the mask of your choice for your character's use. It?s easy: just PM me with "Mask Request" in the subject line and the mask you want to have in the message.

2.) If you have a mask, you MUST post at least once a week, or else you will lose your mask. There are only 24 of them, and more than one person may want the same mask, so if you aren't going to stick around to play then someone who will be here will get the chance instead. I will make exceptions if you are going to be gone longer than a week because you will be out of town, at summer camp, going on vacation, etc . . . but you have to let me know ahead of time!!

3.) Anyone who goes for one month without posting will lose their mask. Period. If we haven't seen you in a month it's pretty obvious you aren't coming back.

4.) Anyone who role-plays ownership of a mask that does not belong to them will be regarded as if they have a replica of that mask. Anyone trying to use the effects of a mask that isn't theirs will be ignored.

All-Night Mask Pending/Reserved
Blast Mask
Bremen Mask
Bunny Hood Held by Lunatea (Arikame)
Captain's Hat
Circus Leader's Mask
Couple's Mask
Deku Mask* Available to All
Don Gero's Mask
Fierce Deity's Mask* RESTRICTED Held by Holy (HolyAngelX)
Garo's Mask Held by Nakago (Vydofnir)
Giant's Mask
Gibdo Mask
Goron Mask* Available to All
Great Fairy's Mask
Kafei's Mask
Kamaro's Mask
Keaton Mask
Mask of Scents
Mask of Truth held by Kaliko (Aesthier)
Postman's Hat
Romani's Mask* Available to All
Stone Mask
Zora Mask* Available to All

Wed Aug 17, 2005 4:52 pm - Concerning the Roleplaying of Storyline NPCs - The Clockwork Quorum has decided that certain recurring NPCs shall be 'quotation colour-coded' to prevent confusion whilst playing. The following NPCs have been assigned a colour-coding:
Anju will speak in brown.
Kafei will speak in blue.
Cremia will speak in red.
Romani will speak in orange.
Barten will speak in sienna.
Mutoh apparently speaks in olive.
And although the members of the Quorum are not to be treated as NPCs, from time to time you will see a one of us role-playing an absent member who has provided us with prior permission to do so:
Nakago speaks in dark red; Tiel will now speak in crimson.
Kaliko speaks in blue-violet; Daen will now speak in purple.
Viscen speaks in indigo; the Guards will now speak in dark blue.
Kyraou will speak in teal . . . when he actually gets his fins in here to role-play with us.

Wed Aug 24, 2005 8:40 pm - Concerning the Naming of Un-Named NPCs - Because Clockwork seeks to incorporate all aspects of life in Termina in an attempt to further broaden our role-play experience herein, certain Clock Town citizens who held no names in the game have been assigned names for the intents and purposes of our story. Among these are the following:
Anju's Mother has been named Reeta.
The Mayor's Secretary has been named Daisy.
The Treasure Chest shop-keeper has been named Lily.
The crack-addict Banker has been named Rose.
The Clock Town Guards are as follows:
-- First Lieutenant - Jae (this is the guard which can be seen flanking Viscen in the Mayor's office throughout the game)
-- North Gate - Kenta
-- South Gate - Ryujiro
-- East Gate - Pryam
-- West Gate - Vedin
-- Foreign Relations Emissary - Shiro (formerly the invisible soldier in east Termina Field)

Have fun.
That is all.

I will try to keep a short update running on the progress of the role-play, such as people's locations and plot continuity, etcetera . . . if it starts moving too quickly or the story keeps running around the clock then this might prove too difficult to keep up, though!

Sun Aug 14, 2005 11:56 am - Holy became our first member to join the RolePlay! In technicality, he is a friend from the Ocarina of Time story, and so we had all been somewhat hoping that our friends would crossover, but we welcome him to Termina no less. He had requested the Fierce Deity's Mask, and the council voted unanimously to grant it to him based upon a thorough review of his superior role-playing skills. See below for his profile. Welcome, Holy!

Wed Aug 17, 2005 12:14 am - Welcome, Lunatea! Aesthier made the executive decision to grant Lunatea the Bunny Hood, and her character will also hold a Zora's mask. See below for her profile. Welcome to Clockwork!

Wed Aug 17, 2005 2:02 pm - Welcome, Menion! Your Mask Request will be processed as soon as Aesthier returns. See below for his profile. Welcome to Clockwork!

Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:00 pm - Due to a power outage that prevented most of us from connecting, the Clockwork Quorum was forced to further postpone the Milk Bar Latte event to take place today. This event may or may not be extended through Friday; extension will be contingent upon member participation. Everyone is invited to attend!

Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:57 am - Clockwork bid a sad goodbye to our good friend HolyAngelX; Holy will be going into Basic Training for the next few months. He will be very much missed, but we wish him the very best of luck in his endeavours and we will look forward to seeing him again.

Wed Aug 24, 2005 10:32 pm - After much postponement, the Latte event is finally taking place. Dependant upon member participation (*blush*), the event may or may not run through the week-end. Once again, we remind you that all are welcome, and everyone is invited to attend!
[Name] Kaliko.

[Race] Half Sheikah, Half Garo.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Kaliko wears the bodysuit of the Sheikah loyalists, whom she serves, and over her face she wears a Mask of Truth so that she might receive information from the Sheikah Stones, or 'Watchers,' throughout the land. Wrapped around her wrists are strips of cloth woven from the stalwart silk of the Skulltula spider, which she uses as climbing ropes, whips, and the like. She carries a strong bow and a quiver of magically-enhanced arrows with her as well in order to deal with targets at a distance, and she is never without at least one blue and one red potion bound to her belt.

[Background] The daughter of a Garo Overlord and a Sheikah warrior, Kaliko lived and trained with her aunt Impa until the famous Sheikah was called to duty to become the Guardian of the Princess Zelda. She spent a good deal of time traveling back and forth from the province of Termina to visit with her Father and brother in the Garo camps of Ikana, and as such she became well versed in traveling quickly and stealthily. Following the supposed deaths of her parents in Gannon's attack upon the Castle, and the subsequent disappearance of her aunt with the Princess Zelda, Kaliko lived with her brother in Kakariko Village until he left to return to Ikana to take up the mantle of Garo Overlord that their Father had left him.

The Mask of Truth that Kaliko wears and the bow that she carries were both given to her by Impa at the conclusion of her training. Because they once belonged to such a powerful Sheikah, Kaliko sometimes can feel her aunt's presence through them, and will periodically lean her masked head against her bow as if listening for Impa's counsel.

Kaliko was a Sheikah activist against Gannondorf as he rose to power, and eventually she earned a bounty placed upon her head by the Dark King, who wanted revenge for a Sacred Light Arrow she put in his throat some time ago. A band of Gerudo loyalists captured the Sheikah girl intending to collect the bounty, but the bounty huntresses were ambushed by a gang of Pirates from the Great Bay who stole their captive and intended to ransom Kaliko instead. The resourceful Sheikah tried to escape, however, and after causing her captors so much grief and trouble the Pirates lost patience and dumped her overboard, where she was rescued by her old Zora friend, Kyraou.

As Gannondorf's sinister darkness began to seep into Termina as well, Kaliko was forced to broaden her sphere of resistance; she now spends all of her time traveling back and forth between Hyrule and Termina, battling the forces of evil wherever she finds them. Following the destruction of her birth-home in Kakariko Village, Kaliko built a new home in Termina and resides with her brother Nakago in south-east Clock Town.

[Hobbies] Kaliko is trained to play the Ocarina and the Lyre, but she cannot whistle despite every lesson her aunt gave her. When she is not practicing her aim against targets on the shooting-range, she can be found sitting on lonely roof-tops under the moon at night, playing a soothing song to the weary land at large. When Masked, her only regular companions are her horse Wynde, and her fairy Daen, but when unmasked Kaliko is fond of frequenting with her fellows, the 'Regulars' at the Milk Bar Latte: the couple Kafei and Anju, her brother Nakago, the rancher Cremia, the Zora tribesman Kyraou, and Viscen, the Captain of the Clock Town Guard.

[Alignment] Good.

[Affiliation] Sheikah loyalist.

[Relation] Kaliko is Impa's niece, and Nakago's sister.

[Mask] The Mask of Truth.
[Name:]User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Race:] Hylian, Sheikah descended.

[Appearance:] In the Majora's Mask game, Viscen can be seen standing in Mayor Dotour's office, engaged in heated debate with Mutoh of the carpenters. He wears heavy silver lancer's armour with gold accents that denote his rank as Captain of the Guard, and royal purple clothing with sanguine blood-stripes that mark him as one of Hyrule's military elite. When he is not wearing his gilded helmet Viscen boasts silver hair and blue-green eyes; he is muscular from having lived the life of a soldier for so long, and while his face is handsome it is also very stern and solemn.

[Background:] Viscen was born and raised in Hyrule, and he entered into the military at an obscenely young age. He excelled as a cadet, and was promoted quickly, but because he often proved himself smarter than his instructors, his superior officers saw him as a threat and unwanted competition. After he corrected the error of his commanding officer during a drill, he was threatened with insubordination, but because the Army of Hyrule could not afford to lose another good man, he was sent to the province of Termina to take command of a new garrison in Clock Town, where they felt that he would be less of an immediate threat. Unfortunately for them and for the land at large, shortly after Viscen was transferred abroad, Gannondorf the duplicitous King of the Gerudo overran Hyrule's defenses; without the brilliant young strategist and his exceptional military guile, the very generals who had chided Viscen were the first to fall beneath the hooves of the usurpers.

Viscen, however, never regretted the transfer to Temina, which felt more lively and genuine than the stuffy castle court had ever seemed to him. He was quick to acclimate to the people of the land, and became very concerned with his duty to serve and to protect them, which helps to explain his insistence upon evacuating the city when Termina was threatened with the fall of the moon, some years ago. Although Viscen is very serious by nature, he has taken friends among the citizens of Clock Town, and even though he very seldom smiles, his grave exterior hides a very kind and noble heart. When he is off-duty, he can usually be found frequenting with his fellows, the 'Regulars' at the Milk Bar Latte: the couple Kafei and Anju, the siblings Nakago and Kaliko, the rancher Cremia, and on occasion the Zora tribesman Kyraou. While he doesn't actually drink all that often, they constantly press him on the grounds that milk does a body good </inside joke>, and Nakago the trickster has made an ongoing sport out of trying to make Viscen laugh.

[Hobbies:] Viscen enjoys games of logic that exercise the mind, such as chess and 'Hounds and Wolfos' (a Hylian variation of the ancient Egyptian game of 'Hounds and Jackals'). Viscen is also apparently a master debater, according to Vydofnir.

[Alignment:] As a lawman himself, Viscen is extremely lawful.

[Affiliation:] Hylian Military, Termina Corps.

[Relations:] Viscen is the cousin of Shiro, the invisible soldier, who happens to be the same soldier that refused you entry to Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time. It is said that Shiro was the only soldier to escape the destruction of Hyrule Castle, and wore the Stone Mask in order to hide his face out of shame.

[Mask:] None.
Name: Kyraou Glaem.

Race: Zora.

Mission: With Zora's Fountain frozen over, the Sleepless Falls of Hyrule no longer drain water into Lake Hylia, the rivers of the Mountain Zora are unable to flow into Hyrule, and they have begun to swell and flood their valleys. Kyraou Glaem was sent by his father, the chieftain of the Greyridge tribe, to the land of Hyrule to find out what had befallen the Zora there, to help them in any way possible, or to avenge them if nothing else can be done.

Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Kyraou Glaem, (pronounced "kye-row gleam" wink like most Zora, is very tall and slender. However, he is a Zora from the Mountain, and as such his physiology differs just slightly from his cousins of Lake Hylia and the Ocean. Most noticeable among these differences are his head-tail, which resembles an eel's tail rather than a fish's and terminates in a forehead-fin that looks very much like a Mohawk or mane, a smaller nose and shorter face than the typical long Zora snout, and long shoulder fins that he can use to change course rapidly in water, and double as a cape or a cloak on land. His scales are somewhat stronger than an ordinary Zora and his fins are incredibly strong, since he is used to the crushing currents of rocky waterfalls and roaring rivers. When he is angry or upset Glaem tends to spread his fins wide like wings, a throwback to a puffing-fish's tactic of appearing larger than it really is.

He wears razor-edged shark-tooth armor and multicolored war paint; he carries the Zora Spear of Tides and wears the Helm of Mists. Glaem is a healer as well as a warrior and an athlete, and so his belt is almost always full of potions, medicines, herbs, and other assorted oddities that the Zora shaman of his tribe taught him to use as cures. He is usually very calm and collected, with a personality that reflects the gentleness of his element; his laugh is as soothing as running water and he never misses an opportunity to smile.

Background: (see "Mission" wink

Hobbies: Even though he is almost unmatchable in the water, Glaem is a runner and he loves to race. The war paint on his head, stomach, and legs are tribal motifs that are believed to give him supernatural speed and agility. He also loves to read, even though any book or scroll he reads usually ends up soaked.

Alignment: Neutral.

Affiliation: Glaem follows his heart in order to determine right from wrong, and he will remain largely undecided until he figures out that Ganondorf was the one that put Zora's Fountain on ice.

Relations: Kyraou Glaem is Princess Ruto's second cousin, once removed. His father and King Zora had arranged to have him marry the Princess to bring a union to the Zora of the Mountains and the Lake until Ruto decided to promise herself to a Kokiri boy from the Lost Woods instead. Lucky Glaem.

Mask: None.
[Name:] Lunatea Artemicion Anterres (known as Luna or Artemi for short)

[Race:] Gerudo/Garo (explained in background)

[Appearance:] Luna stands at 5'7. But with floor-length white and blue hair. An oddity by Gerudo standards... Like all gerudo she possesses an attractive, fit figure gained through hard training over many years, and it shows. At least, whenever she's not wearing her ornately decorated Garo cloak... [picture to be drawn]

[Background:] After finishing her training she traveled to various dungeons in both Hyrule and Termina, in order to refine her musical, magical and summoning skills. So that she could join Ganondorf's forces... After which Illuna participated in a cursive ritual involving the blood of a wolfos. After the curse was complete Lunatea had proven to the dark one himself that she was more than capable of becoming one of his henchmen but... It didn't take long before she secretly deserted, after witnessing the horrors that those who work for him commit. It was not long after that she had stumbled upon the Garo master whilst training one fine night in Stone Tower. And so for seven long years, Lunatea was taken under the master's wing and taught the ways of the mysterious Garo.

Among Lunatea's Inventory are the items and masks she has collected over the years thanks to her travels. Her first is her guitar. A musical instrument first, but nonetheless a weapon. Then there are her trademark weapons, the girl's two giant gold sabers, a part of the standard Gerudo inventory and a gift from Nabooru. Then there is her sythe. A long, four-bladed weapon meant for longer-ranged fightning. Handcrafted, the blades are made of ivory from dragon's teeth. Her other tools include needles, smoke bombs, wire and kunai -hard-earned gifts from the Garo of Ilkana. Last of all are her masks... Her bunny hood, Zora's mask, and the remains of two evil masks that once imprisoned the giants...

[Hobbies:] Lunatea possesses a guitar that she plays whenever she's not doing anything else. This also doubles as a weapon... The girl is also partial to fishing, swimming, communing with local animals and just enjoying the nature and scenery around her. Making her seem like a laid-back, simple girl. But she isn't quite...

[Alignment:] Neutral

[Affiliation:] Not quite loyal, but willing to help those who are affiliates of the Garo. Lunatea is also good friends with Kafei, Guru-Guru, Romani and Cremia.

[Relations:] Nabooru

[Mask:] The Bunny Hood, also Zora's Mask.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.[Name:] Samantha Farkins (Nickname: Sami)

[Race:] Hylian

[Appearance:] See image.

[Background:] The young female was born into a family who willingly supported Gannondorf. She grew up in the desert with the Gerudos, and was taught about men and how worthless they were. She pretended to believe this, though on the inside she felt it was wrong. Her independent nature slowly seperated her from the rest of the Gerudo children, and she was left friendless. She grew up like this until one fateful day when her first mission from her commander would send her out of Hyrule.

On her sixteenth birthday, she was given an assignment by her commander. He hoped by giving her this mission that she would die, or just never return; she was to create a name for Gannondorf in Termina. She was given no help, and was immediately sent out of the castle without a "Goodbye" from her parents.

Samantha set off for Termina as soon as she left the castle. Perhaps if she finished this mission, she could gain respect from her parents as well as the young Gerudo females. As soon as she entered Termina, she thought up a personality... Samantha Farkins was now a kind, caring, innocent young girl.

[Alignment:] Evil

[Affiliation:] Gannondorf

[Relations:] None

[Mask:] All of the transforming masks. Yunno... the Goron's mask... little annoying shrub mask... and the sexy fishy man mask...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Name:] Atoshi

[Race:] Hylian

[Appearance:] See image.

[Background:] A young girl born and raised in Hyrule. She had a rather rough family life in Hyrule when she lived at home. She would sit in her room, hugging her knees as she listened to her parents argue with her older sister. One night she became so fed up with all the bickering that she decided she would assassinate her own family. Her first victim was her father; she couldn't forgive him for what he had done to her, and her sister. Her father was on his way home from working, as she was waiting in the nearby shrubbery for him. As he passed her, she swiftly jumped on his back, covered his mouth with her hand, and slit his throat with her dagger with her free hand. She dragged him off unknowingly out of Hyrule, and burned his corpse. She watched with shear delight as her father's dead body burned. A smirk played on her lips as she began to plot what she had instore for her mother. Once the flames died out, she burried the dead body, and headed back home. When she walked into her house, she found her mother bickering at her sister again. She only sighed, and stalked over to her bedroom door, and fell asleep on her bedroom floor.

The next morning when her sister was asleep, Atoshi lured her mother into one of the closed shops. Once she shut the door, she slayed her mother right then and there. Atoshi laughed menacingly, but stopped as she heard sobs coming from outside the window. She opened the door, and saw her sister crying. Atoshi's sister had began to shout and scream at her, asking why she had done such a thing. It had only hit Atoshi then that she had done something wrong.

Atoshi ran away from home.She was wanted for murder. Her carelessness causing her this. Her blindness causing her all the heartache. She had run all the way to Termina. There she hoped she could start a new life. A fresh start. For her, living in Clock Town would be her new begining.

[Hobbies:] Atoshi mostly likes to keep to herself, and try to go unnoticed. It'd be better that way, she figured. She can usually be seen either outside the Inn drawing, or out in Termina Fields, not to far off from the town's enterance sleeping off all her worries.

[Alignment:] Slightly Chaotic, but mostly Good.

[Affiliation:] Atoshi tries to keep her nose out of everyone elses buisness, but she usually can't help but become involved with everyone's affairs.

[Relations:] N/A

[Mask:] N/A

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Name:] Lora

[Race:] Hylian

[Appearance:] See image.

[Background:] Lora grew up in Hyrule with her younger sister, Atoshi, and her two parents. Her parents were always on her case. Even more so when she turned eighteen. Though it has been two years since then, and she is now twenty, Lora still can't forgive her parents for being so hard, and hurtful. Her parents were cruel, it was true, but that couldn't take away her love for them.

One night Lora came home past curfew. She knew she'd get chewed out by her mother as soon as she walked in the door. She turned the door handle, and piered into the dark house. Nobody seemed to be there. She walked in, and threw her stuff down. Suddenly all the lights flicked on, as she found her mom sitting at the kitchen table. She looked rather cross. Lora began to explain to her why she was late, but her mother wouldn't listen to her so called 'excuses'. Lora's younger sister walked in, and saw the two fighting. Usually Atoshi would just began to sulk, and complain about how they always argued, but Atoshi this time around just walked into her bedroom, and went to sleep.

It was the next morning, and Lora's, and Atoshi's father hadn't come home. Lora began to worry. Her mother, and sister had left to go somewhere. Lora grew suspicious, and started to inspect Atoshi's bedroom. She spent only a few minutes in there until she had come across a dagger stained with blood. Lora gasped, as she dropped the dagger and made haste to go and speak with Atoshi before she did anything drastic. She was finally catching up to them, and watched them go inside a closed shop. She looked in the window, and watched as her own eighteen year old sister murdered her mother. Lora began to sob, forgetting about her sister being within hearing range. Atoshi walked out of the building, and looked down at Lora. Lora screamed at her, telling her what she had done was wrong. She looked up at Atoshi's face, and saw how broken she looked as she ran off.

Lora went back home, and stayed there for a few days. She eventually put aside her sorrow, geared up, and left Hyrule to find her sister.
Atoshi had always spoken about how she wanted to go to Termina, and knew that that would be the place she'd find her. First stop; Clock Town.

[Hobbies:] Lora used to spend a lot of time singing. That was her dream. To sing for large crowds, or to sing for the royal family one day. Now she's too tied up with work, and trying to find her sister to worry about her singing dreams. It was a good thing that her job traveled with her.

[Alignment:] Good.

[Affiliation:] Lora will forever stay loyal to the Royal Family, unlike her interchanging sister who could careless about anyone.

[Relations:] The elder sister of Atoshi.

[Mask:] N/A

User Image
[Name:] Rhys / Roux

[Race:] Created to resemble a Hylian, though the curse has turned him into something else in Hylian form.

[Appearance:] See image.
-Age: 18
-Gender: Male
-Hair Color: Midnight Ebony with dark blue highlights
-Eye Color: Lapis Lazuli, but when looked at in a mirror or under water, his irises are white with golden pupils, in all forms.
-Skin Color: Light Peach during the day, and Ancient Ivory at night.
-Outfit/Features: His hair is messy, touselled short length, and he usually wears a white/grey twisted cloth headband beneath his bangs. He has a tattoo on his arm, which he keeps concealed under his torso length chainmail. The kind he wears is light-weight, forged in a specific way so that the separate links do not make a sound, nor wiegh him down when he moves. Zora scales are sewn in with dodongo heart fibers to make the cold-breath grey tunic, though they are sewn in the inner layer of the tunic, giving it the heat resistance and the breathing apparatus ability. Along the tunic are thin lines, which are black, drawn in small designs that have unknown meanings. His pants are basic black cotton slacks with white leather straps tying them around his calves. He has black leather boots with soft soles for silent infiltrations. His gloves are silver and white with black trim and open fingers. He also possesses abnormally long canine teeth, and when in he's in the dark, his skin faintly resonates with a pale white light.
-Weapons: He carries a small choice of arsenal (flash bombs and small throwing knives), but his main weapon is a long sword combined with kicking grieves tied to the hilt with leather straps. The sword can double as a bladed whip when the pommel is twisted.

[Hobbies:] Roux likes viewing the transition from daylight to twilight, sitting from a high place. He also enjoys swimming; he believes the cold water calms his nerves and dulls his senses. However, he swims alone because of his eyes. Fish flee from him because they recognize the color. If a hobby was an occupation, theivery would be listed.

[Background:] Rhys used to be one of Ganondorf’s loyal soldiers, created from the sublime strength of the Triforce of Power. He was born without a mortal mother or father, and so was expected to have extreme loyalty to his one creator. Named Rhys because he followed every order with upmost enthusiasm, being described as a sadistic warrior who left a battlefield bathed in blood everytime he engaged in any form of battle. However, one day without warning, Rhys rebelled, slaying his brothers and stealling an item of importance from Ganondorf's guarded holds. Fleeing from Hyrule, he rode through the blistering sands of the Haunted Wastes, aiming to escape to Termina, the land of masks, where he could hide the cursed object from Ganon's hands.

Legends speak that Ganondorf himself haunted him down, catching him at the Great Schism between Termina and Hyrule. In an act of defiance, Rhys broke the ancient mask he stole into dust, releasing them into the chasm in front of his creator's very eyes. Ganondorf, enraged, prepared to take Rhys' life, but to admit that his creation failed, meant that Ganon had himself, ultimately failed. Never willing to admit his own fault, he cursed Rhys, turning him into a "beast in man's flesh, caught between life and death", as a punishment. Rhys, feeling more pain than any mortal should ever endure in a lifetime, was thrown into the Great Schism, and that was the last anyone had ever seen of the rebel Knight of Blood.

About a month later, a body was found floating in the river that ran through Ikana Canyon. The Garo stayed away from it, and whispered that it was cursed and dangerous. Fish became extinct in the river for a time, and it was unknown as to why. The body was thought to have drifted down the river eventually...

Sakon, new founder of a gang of thieves residing off shore of the river, soon after was visited by a shadowy man who was unidentified. He was red from cold and what looked like old blood all down his front that had permantly stained his tunic. After demonstrating that he had incredible skills, Sakon named him "Roux", and he was welcomed with open arms. However, they have begun to be suspicious of him, as every quiet raid he's gone on has resulted in reports that dead bodies were found littering the area.

[Alignment:] Chaotic (Created to be an evil subordinate, though he struggles to gain the qualities of a true Hylian, liberated of any tie with Ganon).

[Affiliation:] None.

[Relations:] If any, Ganondorf, but other than that, there is no family or friends.

[Mask:] Romani Mask and Zora Mask.

MenionUser Image
[Name:] Menion

[Race:] Hylian

[Appearance:] Like avvie only dark blue clothes and a sword strappped on his back

[Alignment:] Good

[Affiliation:] Link's side

[Mask:] Stone Mask, also Zora's Mask

[Name:] Kitania, but she hates to be called by her first name, so everyone calls her Kitn.

[Race:] Neko

[Appearance:] Medium length black hair, wavy. It surrounds her furry orange tabby ears, which match her tail and paws. Her eyes are hazel, and her skin caramel.

[Background:] Kitn lost her family when she was young to Ganondorf. It pains her to speak of her past, since she oddly had something to do with their deaths, since she worked for Ganon for a while, then a close friend helped her escape. After 7 years, Ganon was back at trying to get her to return to her "job." She hates him with all of her heart, and has had many terrible encounters with him over the span of her life.

[Hobbies:] Kitn likes to ride her horse in her spare time, or swim...ironic to the fact she's a Neko.

[Alignment:] Neutral. Although she hates Ganon, she doesn't always make the right choices.

[Affiliation:] Kitn has been loyal to Ganon in the past, but now she is more neutral to whom she serves.

[Relations:] n/a

[Mask:] none right now!
[Name:] Nakago

[Race:] 1/2 Garo, 1/2 Sheikah

[Appearance:] Nakago wears the drab robes of the Garo Ninja, and typically dresses in a long flowing cloak that shields him from the harsh mountain sun, and the driving desert sandstorms. He carries a scimitar-like razor sword, and a traditional Ikana shield which bears the crest of the Garo overlord. Although Nakago wears the feared Garo's Mask, the eyes of his mask have been burnt red out of desire for revenge.

[Background:] Nakago is a descendant of the Garo ninja, and an overlord among the remaining few. Indoctrinated by the spirits of the Garo Masters that yet haunt the cursed Ikana Canyon, his mask provides for a different eye color than the others, and allows him the sight to see the spirits that serve the Garo standard, and to speak to the undead throughout the land.

He is the son of a Garo Master and a Sheikah warrior, and was raised in his mother's land of Hyrule. He journeyed to Termina often to continue his training among the Garo, and to receive instruction in their laws and ways in order to become a candidate for the position of overlord. Although he lived with his sister Kaliko in Kakariko Village, after the destruction of Hyrule Castle at the hands of Gannondorf, and the apparent loss of their mother in the deaths at the castle, Nakago returned to Termina in order to ask assistance from his father, the reigning Garo Overlord.

Unfortunately, bad news awaited Nakago when he arrived at Ikana Castle; his father had already been informed by the ninja that Gannondorf had planned a coup, and he had been fighting alongside his wife, Nakago's mother, at Hyrule Castle when it fell. The Garo voted unanimously to have Nakago succeed his father as Overlord, and he vowed to avenge his parents' deaths by helping to defeat the scourge Gannondorf.

But fate wasn't through with poor Nakago! When he returned to Hyrule in order to make good on his vow, he found that his sister, a Sheikah in the resistance, had been captured by the Gerudo Theives who wanted to collect a bounty that Gannondorf had put on the girl's head. However, when he tracked down the Gerudo that had taken his sister, he found that they had been ambushed by a group of Pirates from the west, who had taken the girl out to their ocean stronghold to try to haggle with Gannondorf for a higher price . . . from a safe distance.

And so after more bad news than he'd ever needed and a trip all the way across Termina and Hyrule and back across Termina again, Nakago came to the Pirate's Fortress to free his sister . . . only to find that the Sheikah had already busted free, tried to make a jailbreak, and was thrown overboard by the Pirates as punishment for her bad behavior! However, Kaliko had been rescued by a friendly Zora by the name of Kyraou Glaem, and she had since taken up residence in Clock Town. More than a little irritated that he'd tracked her all that way for nothing, Nakago headed out to Clock Town to drown his annoyance in a few good bottles of Chateu Romani before meeting up with his not-so-long-lost sister again.

[Hobbies:] Nakago and his sister Kaliko run a booming side-business by supplying the Curiosity Shop owner with all manner of bottled oddities and other strange stuff. Nakago has a very large crush on Cremia of the Romani Ranch, and when unmasked, he spends a great amount of time volunteering as a common stable boy.

[Alignment:] Good . . . but not lawful wink

[Affiliation:] Garo Ninja

[Relations:] Nakago is Kaliko's brother, and Impa's nephew

[Mask:] Garo's Mask
[Name:] Holy

[Race:] Sheikah born from the three Goddesses Nayru, Din, Farore

[Appearance:] Im light tan compelected with long black hair, I wear a white tight shirt with baggy black pants and a cloth that connects to my belt and hangs down like a gown blue and white in color. My pupile of my right eye is the shape of the completed Triforce and I have a Blue gem in the center of my forehead. I wear black gloves and gauntlets on my hands and armored boots. My weapon is that of a Sword and a Scythe mixture known as the "Dark Void".
User Image

[Background:] I was born from the Goddesses and placed in the Kokiri Forest when I was very young. The Kokiri along with their Fairies took very good care of me and trained me in Basic combat. Upon reaching the age of ten I journeyed out beyond the Forest and learned about the world of Hyrule, I also gained Knowledge of other worlds such as Termina but have not journeyed past the borders of Hyrule. After reaching fifteen my mothers bestowed upon me more fierce powers and more of my past along with dubbing my race Sheikah, I was now known as a Sheikah from that point on born from the Goddesses but from where I was living the other Sheikah were not aware of my existance untill I met Kaliko (Aesthier). Now I live in my Hut in the Kokiri Forest waiting for the time to banish Gannon and when to travel in time when needed with Link and Zelda. I am the age of nineteen but in the future I fight in combat at the age of twentysix.

[Hobbies:] Loves to play my Flute and help those in need as much as I can.

[Alignment:] Chaoticly Good

[Affiliation:] I am Loyal to the King and Queen of Hyrule and will protect the power of the Triforce from Darkness like that of Gannondorf or anyone in his alignment.

[Relations:] Goddesses Nayru, Din, Farore I am thier son.

[Mask:] Fierce Deity's Mask
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