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                          Created by »» Rai D 0 K 3 N
                          Inspired by »»DC- Teen Titans/Young Justice/ Batman: Arkham City
                          xxxxxxxxxx»»Marvel- Avengers/X-men
                          Mods »»SalemWolf, Shazzles, Ryo Sho Sen, Rion Galford, M i s s M u r d e r-Sama
                          Side Comments »»A revamp of my first DCxMarvel from one year ago. Not much to say other than I was too lazy to make a proper graphic for the rp. But hey, graphics aren't everything. It's an alternate universe, meaning not everything has to be canon.

                          Profiles for the characters will be found here.

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                                      Episode I: The beginning

                                      Five months ago, a rampaging being known as Doomsday decimated the original Alpha City. The combined efforts of a pre-formed team of young heroes composed tried their best to defend the city but were no match for his strength. The League intervened and Superman put an end to Doomsday's destruction. Soon the combined efforts of Iron Man and Batman recreated the city into New Alpha City.

                                      It had been one month since the formation of Young Avengers. The team received special grants from the founder of Alpha City Academy in order to stay in close range with one another. However, the team has been described by the League as inexperienced and recommend more training rather than allow the Young Avengers participate in missions. Though they were given the opportunity to prove themselves and are willing to do just that. Yet there's one thing afflicting the Young Avengers at this moment and that is the ability to trust one another. Some are old acquaintances while others are fresh new faces.

                                      At this moment we find our heroes attending school. What they are unaware of is the formation of the Brotherhood of Evil, planning a devious plan on taking the students hostage within the school itself. What will be the outcome? The story begins.

                                      Time -- 12:45 p.m.
                                      Day -- Tuesday//15th
                                      Month -- September
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                                        One week ago.

                                        "You let her get away,"

                                        The stern voice announced as the male in the cowl glanced over his shoulder at the teenage hero. "Whoa whoa whoa, you weren't there. Her flexibility and reach outclassed my own, it was nearly impossible for me to catch her. And she did this weird trick where she--" Kissed you." He paused, a faint chuckle croaked in the throat of the young hero as he massaged the back of his head nervously. "What makes you think that happened-" Pausing once again, his attention shifted to the large computer monitor as his pupils widened beneath the mask disguising his face. "As you were saying Robin?" Busted. The caped crusader obviously knew from the very beginning on why Robin allowed the mischievous feline-esque woman escaped with countless gems from the Alpha City National Bank. "It was one assignment and you allowed her to escape." And there he goes, giving the whole responsibility lecture and all that nonsense. Robin understood but at the moment, Batman was being a completely hypocrite.

                                        "What can you say, I learn from the best. You've had your fair share of run-ins with Catwoman, amirite?" The boy wonder announced, leaning against the massive keyboard of the Bat-Computer. His attention shifted to the white-haired woman displayed on the screen, the numerous cameras Batman managed to tap into captured an image of her before she escaped. "So can I leave now? I have to...y'know, assemble the team and all that." Pushing himself from the edge, his cape flowed behind him as he started to hastily make his way towards the exit. "Robin, you have a big responsibility ahead of yourself with the avengers program." Rolling his eyes in response, Robin nodded as he nodded in Batman's direction. "C'mon, have I ever let you down--...Don't answer that." Robin announced, exiting the Batcave and leaving his mentor to his own work.

                                        Present Day; Noon-ish.

                                        A heavy yawn parted from Drake's lips, his right hand elevating to his black coiffure as his fingers ruffled through his locks frustratingly. If it wasn't one thing it was another. Lately the team of Avengers haven't been on the same page, their egos affecting the teamwork. How could they partake missions if they can't run simple simulations working as a team? As leader of the team it was his responsibility to make sure things ran smoothly. Guess being the mentor of the Bats wasn't enough in their books. "Hey dorkface!" And here we go. It must've been that time of day again as the jock known as Thomas Flash was once again harassing Drake for his lunch. Or lunch money to be exact.

                                        "Seriously Tom, what grade are we in? No. Lemme re-phrase that, what grade are you in? Obviously you're not playing your part." Speaking in an amused tone as Drake felt himself being lifted into the air by the male who stood at six-foot five. The curse of being five-foot nine. His chestnut coloured pupils examined the fierce emerald irises. In an instant the male was thrown against the locker. Sure, Drake could easily handle this common bully in a matter of moments but that would lead to suspicion.

                                        However, Drake continued to play the defenseless student who maintained an A plus grade average. Once the jocks were finished with bullying Drake, they would continue on their merry way with the male nowhere to be found. And where was Drake you ask? "Once again...in the locker. Way to go boy wonder..." The male whispered in a hushed as he found himself in the cramped space of some girl's locker.

                                        "Who still uses lockers?!"
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                                                        A week ago

                                                        Oh, last night, what a wonderful night she had. It was all so easy without Batman patrolling like a hound through the city, all those precious jewels without protector. Well, she could give credit to those...heroes, or sidekick heroes he had for trying to...well, confront crime because they sure as hell weren't too successful. The white haired feline slowly took the treasures right from under their noses much to their frustration and the back up plan? Send a hormone driven teenager after her to get tricked again. Truth be told, Robin is one of her favorites, he easily falls under her alluring nature and succumbs to her dominance skills. This night thou, she had a little surprise for him, she gave him a kiss to be remembered or more to play with his mind. You see, Catgirl here knows Robin's secret, why would her alter ego even date someone like him anyway? He is just mentally weak which she finds rather amusing, having him torn between her alter ego and the feline thief.

                                                        Later that night, the young woman just returned home, securing the jewels and going about through the empty apartment. It was different when Selina was here, it was lively, someone was waiting for her at home, with home cooked meals, with a warm embrace, but lately, after her death, she would only come to the cold embrace of loneliness. Maybe she should buy herself a pet to make it all go away, but then again, no one would be able to take care of it since she is mostly away from home. Sighing, the slender figure of the girl just slowly stepped towards the bathroom for a hot bath to make the stress go away and soothe her mind. The white locks slowly caught their original red color turning the whole mane into reddish strands almost like magic. The once ice blue pupils turned crimson, like the sunset giving the woman a more fierce appearance. She was lucky to have this gift given to her, to be able to turn into two different people. Smudging the make-up off her eyes and lips, Anje looked in the mirror, the same dull eyes staring back at her as she got rid of the mask and the lipstick and eyeliner. The leather costume came off after and then, her body relaxed and surrendered to the relaxing feeling of the hot water.

                                                        Previous Day - Noon

                                                        Anjelique Kyle. The alter ego, the perfect girl that teenage boys dreamed about. Perfect grades, perfect scores, head cheerleader, looks that give birth to envy and an attitude so sweet it would make honey jealous. The perfect cover in a high school full of hormone filled idiots that only know how to chase skirt or pants. Selina taught her well how to fit in and jump high the social ladder fast, it was really easy letting people hear what they wanted to hear. Wearing that bright and heart melting smile, the now, student Anje laughed with the other girls her age about various topics she didn't really want to get involved into.

                                                        "Oh, I heard Brandon has a crush on you Anje! You might wanna push that nerd aside and give that hot jock a chance" one of them chimed in giggling and snorting like a pig which earned a raised eyebrow from the redhead.

                                                        "I don't really like the all muscle and no brain types" she muttered completely uninterested in where the other three girls wanted to get. "But, he has this nice car...I also heard his parents are loaded" another brunette chirped with a horrendous grin "So? That doesn't mean he'll be loaded" she stated shrugging her shoulders while trying not to fall on the high heels she wore today, calculating every step so she wouldn't make a fool out of herself. Why did girls find high high heels so...interesting? It was based on hierarchy that was for sure, the higher the status the higher the shoes.

                                                        "Well...Uhh...I suppose not" the blonde one muttered staring dumbly at the other two. Anje rolled her eyes as they stopped at her locker. "Yeah...well, that's why women these days get a divorce after a month...because they lack the brains" she spoke wisely as she opened the locker. Much to her surprise, someone fell out of there which startled the three, but confused the other. "Eww...stalker" the blonde whined as Anje looked at Drake standing up after falling out of her locker "Yeah...I'll see you girls...later" she muttered waving goodbye at them absentmindedly.

                                                        "Are you ok Drake?" she asked in a worried tone as she placed a hand on his shoulder "I'm a bit worried...who did this to you?" she asked, tilting her head to the side, mimicking a very innocent and curious look. Oh, if it weren't for her actress skills, she would be doomed. "Let's go to lunch together, shall we?" she asked giving him a million dollars smile before her lips touched his cheek playfully.
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                                        Drake could slowly feel himself becoming claustrophobic within the confined space. "Gee, how did you spend your lunch today Drake?" Starting to speak to himself in a form of human as the male wiggled within the locker that possessed a lovely fragrance. "Oh you know, the same old same old, stuck in some person's locker." He paused momentarily as he shook his head in disappointment. 'Pretty sure this is how the Joker started his career...' He cringed at the fact as the harlequin of crime flashed through his mind with that dreadful laughter ringing through his ears. The sounds of female voices in the distance caused the male to calm himself, wondering if they could possibly hear him trapped in the locker. Yeah, real smooth. But it's not like he typical impressed any girl, since he was already within a relationship with a particular red-head. In an instant the male collapsed from the locker as the door opened, groaning softly as his knees struck the floor. His hands prevented him from face-planting the floor as he shook his head, trying to rid himself of the claustrophobic sensation.

                                        Hearing one of the girls called him a stalker caused his brows to furrow. Of course, that's what Drake does during his lunch hour. He enjoys hiding in the lockers of girls and wait for them to open it so he could grope them when they lest expect it. A familiar voice caused the male to attract his attention as he lifted his head from gazing at the waxed floor below. "I'm alright, nothing to worry about," The male murmured in a hushed tone, brushing off the dirt on his uniform as he elevated himself to his feet. "Oh that, pscht. I planned that, wanted to surprise you and all," Lying completely to Anje as he chuckled faintly, not wanting the woman to worry about his being in order to deal with those jocks. Again, Drake could easily fight against them without breaking a sweat.

                                        Yet Batman informed him never to use his abilities for his own purposes outside of the mask. "Lunch, ah well you see I have to --," Drake was wondering how the other Avengers were handling their day. Probably better than Drake's day of course but nonetheless it would allow the team to bond and become closer in order to go on real assignments. Before he could finish his sentence, the red-head woman placed a soft kiss on his lips causing him to lose his train of thought. "But I think I could put that on hold and have lunch with my kitten~" His voice chimed with joy as he would walk down the corridors with the woman.

                                        Boy, she was admired by a majority of the male students in the school. Head cheerleader, one of the top five in the school, and yet she's with a guy like Drake. A regular student who didn't participate in any of the after school activities or sports. The only thing he was well-known for being the lead in the computer engineering club. It allowed him the excuse to browse the League's database to find missions that the Avengers could partake. Sure, the League would catch them for sneaking around but hey, the last couple of days were a dull and the boy wonder needed some excitement. Other than that alluring feline thief.

                                        Oh boy...how could he explain that to Anje? That he happened to be Batman's sidekick and an alluring feline thief stole a kiss from him?! He told her everything, except about being Robin. Surely the trust between the two would be broken and all that. Drake couldn't deal with that at t the moment. Who knows, maybe he'll confront Anje and inform him of his secret identity. "So, how's your day turning out so far?" The raven-haired male asked in a curious tone, tilting his head to the side in a curious fashion.
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Bad company, I can't deny...

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                                Shortly after planting Drake inside a female student's locker, Thomas Flash and his buddies would continue making their way down the hall. Confident after their rather easy victory over the A-student, the crew seemed to move down the hall like some sort of living wall, causing people to move aside as they went. At least... until they came upon one student who had their back turned to them, a pair of headphones in his ears. Without any warning, Thomas pulled the headphones away with a tug, before speaking in his testosterone-filled voice.

                                "Hey, move outta the way, sho-- Roy!"

                                Turning his head, the student looked up at Thomas with a glare the young man knew all too well. After all, it was only a year ago that Thomas got the rude awakening of a lifetime when Roy's powers as a mutant awakened. "'Sup, Tom? You weren't thinking about trying to start any trouble, were you?"

                                "N-Nah man, ju-just me and the guys g-goofin' off..."

                                "Yeah, that's what I thought..."

                                After the events of a year ago, Roy Hanks had pretty much become known as the freak of the former Alpha City Academy. With the number of witnesses, there really wasn't any denying the fact that Roy was a mutant, a superhuman, a freak to the student body. Why he bothered enrolling once the new Academy was built, he really had no idea... maybe because it was the only way to get that "counselor" to get off his case. Of course, that so-called counselor turned out to be just another person from the Justice League, monitoring him ever since that battle with Doomsday, but that and what came from that was neither here nor there now. Point was, Roy still had to deal with idiots like Thomas for a few more months... but then he'd graduate and be out of this dump.

                                Eventually, Roy gave a light sigh to cut into the tense silence of the hallway. "Look. You and I both know getting into it isn't worth our time, so why don't you and 'the guys' get going before I find myself in a less pleasant mood, hm? Oh, and Drake's liable to be your boss someday, so I'd be a little more mindful of who you shove into lockers if I were you."

                                "S-sure. Sorry bout that. C'mon, let's get outta here."

                                With that, the jocks moved past Roy and continued down the hall, now in single-file. Looking around, Roy noticed the same looks he had been used to. The ones who didn't know of him admired the way he just talked down half of the football team, while the ones that did looked at him like he had the plague. It didn't matter, though... none of their opinions mattered to him.

                                Though speaking of Drake, Roy did look over to see that he had at least been pulled out of the locker by Anje, the now-head cheerleader of the school. If there was ever a more unlikely pairing within the school than those two, chances were Roy would've been part of it given his reputation. Sure, she probably had the poor guy wrapped around her finger already, and she was probably just waiting for the next big exam to pass before finding the next sap, but no matter how she looked in that uniform and high heels... She's no Roxanne...

                                Deciding not to hang around any longer, Roy turned back in the direction he was heading, putting his hands in the pockets of his uniform jacket. Seriously, why did they have to wear these things? That was probably the only thing he missed about the Academy before it was rebuilt; the freedom to wear what he wanted. Whatever, only a few more months to go...

... Bad company, 'til the day I die.

▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃
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                                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWith xxxx»»»NO««« xxxxsacrificexxxx
                                                нσω cαи ωє STILL sυccєє, tαкιnɢ ωнαт ωє DON'T иєє?
                                                xxdesтєʟʟιиɢ LIES αs αʟιвιs, sєʟʟιиɢ αʟʟ тнє HATE тнαт ωє вяєє
                                                xxxxxxxxxW e ' r e h o p e l e s s l y B L I S S F U L a n d b l i n d


                                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxƨhe was soaking in the sunlight.

                                                          Ember's cheek was plastered onto the glass window as she closed her eyes. With the students passing by her, and not caring to look at the clock, she silently sat and daydreamed about the rest of her day. It was times like these that Ember would occasionally try to remember something about her past... But she could never unlock the memories stored away deep in her mind. Were they forever lost? Would she ever find out who she really was? Questions like these had no answers, so to avoid it Ember focused on recycling the energy of the sun to pass the time. Then suddenly to her right she felt a presence.

                                                          Sitting up straight, then jerking her body to a sudden halt, she widened her eyes to see a brown haired boy grinning her direction. She stared with lips parted slightly, not sure why he was near, but then she spoke after several seconds of silence: "Can I help you?" Well... That couldn't have sounded more rude. He looked down and chuckled, sliding his hands into his pockets, "Oh well I was gonna say... You're sitting in my spot." She blinked a few times before standing and brushing past him quickly, headed straight for the halls. He turned around, a little stunned by her running away, but found her behavior odd. Was she offended? No. She was embarrassed. It was this innocent side of Ember that made her distant towards others. Of course... Somebody notices me the minute I get into their space.

                                                          Ember quietly but quickly shuffled her way down the hallway until she saw the commotion of others down the hallway. Her eyes were locked onto a couple that were walking down the halls. She stood close to the wall, hoping to avoid getting in their way, then as they came close she took in the details. It was that boy, Drake, and his girlfriend Anje. She'd heard rumors of the two, but never believed anything she heard unless she had seen it. From the looks of things, they were together. But as they came closer Ember averted her eyes and walked past them at a faster pace. Staring at Drake wouldn't make things better for this wallflower... And last thing she needed was the head cheerleader after her a**.

                                                          Something about seeing them gave Ember an odd feeling, but she ignored it and continued walking down the halls. That was... Until she tripped over a few sheets of paper. Ember fell forward with a gasp and landed on her front, hands stretched out in front of her. She could feel the heat of embarrassment start to take over, and instead of helping gather the papers... Well... They were melting beneath her. As a reaction to her embarrassment Ember's body heat could rise to unstable temperatures... And sure enough as she tried standing back up, holding the paper she burned close to her chest, she looked over her shoulder and said, "I'm s-sorry..."


                                        User Image

                                        xxR e a l i z e w e s p e n d o u r l i v e sl i v i n g i n a w o r l d o f f e a r
                                        give hatexxxx to the girl who erases the hearts of others to live on «««xxxxxxxxxx
                                        HOW CAN I MAKE THIS LIFE LAST
                                        xxxxYOU xxxxCAN'T xxxxPROTECTxxxxME, xxxxORxxxx TRUSTxxxx ME
                                        xxxxxxxxxxx»»»THIS GREED THAT I JUST CAN'T RESISTL
                                        Nothing I say comes out right
                                        I can't live without a fight
                                        No-one ever knows my name
                                        When I pray for sun, it rains

                                        Holy s**t I thought it was over
                                        But it seems that its just growing toucher
                                        I thought my pain was in the past
                                        But my sadness is just meant to last
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                              Six Months Ago
                              "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" They chanted loudly after the final bell had rung, the middle school kids gathering around the playground as the large eighth grader swung at the little mousey kid with glasses. In the crowd a blond-haired boy watched with wide eyes of surprise while the bigger kid hit the smaller kid, sending the smaller kid onto his back crying. The blond-haired kid darted through the crowd and jumped in front of the hurt boy, arms out, "leave him alone, jerk! Pick on someone your own size." The boy stared up to the monstrous (should have been) tenth grader, but instead of the bully reacting like the boy, Hal, wanted, he picked up the boy by his shirt.

                              "You wanna get hurt, twerp? Don't mess with me." The bully tossed Hal backwards over the fetal positioned kid, Hal tumbling to a halt with bruising on his back and a bruised ego. Still, he stood up and rammed into the bully which pushed him backwards. The bully, angry, swung and clocked Hal in the chest which knocked him down. Wheezing, the teachers finally came from the building and broke up the fight.

                              "What were you thinking, Hal?"
                              "John is a d**k, I couldn't let him hurt Brucie just cause he can."
                              "It's fine to want to be a hero, but John could have really hurt you, kid. Do you need a ride home?"
                              "No, I'm fine, I always walk home. My parents are at work anyway."

                              Hal left the principal's office and wandered towards home, backpack dragging along the ground behind him, the kid watching the sidewalk moving underneath his feet. Or his feet moving over the sidewalk. Either way, he didn't realize someone was in front of him until he bumped into a kindly-looking old woman. He looked up to apologize at her, the woman looking him over quizzically, then smiling.

                              "Someone is hurt." She said to him, taking her time to kneel down to his height. Hal stared at the wrinkled old woman curiously, but said nothing as she took her finger and crossed it over the bruise. After the bully knocked down Hal, he got a few extra kicks in before the teachers could break up the fight. Hal looked worse for the wear. "Funny, here it seems the ones who play hero are the ones who can afford it. But you're just a 12-year-old boy." Hal blinked lightly, "y-yeah I am. How did you know?" "I'm wise beyond my years, young lad. Aren't you not supposed to talk to strangers?" The old woman teased the young boy, then stood back up and looked down to him, "you look like a kid who stands up for the weak, a heroic-type if I ever saw it. I've been watching you for a while, Hal Green, you're the kind of young lad that deserves the power he so craves."

                              Hal was curious, frightened, but mostly skeptical, "I...should be going home." He quickly pushed past the old woman, only to find himself bumping back into her. Freaked out, reasonably so, he darted off and around a corner, only to bump into her again and fall backwards. "OKAY. Stop doing that! W-Who are you?"

                              "The vessel for a power only one has the potential to have. The power of the gods. I know you'll do the world some good, I have faith in you. Remember this: Shazam." The old woman disappeared in a flash of lightning that covered the boy as well, leaving a cloud of dissipating smoke in its wake. Hal hurried back home and tossed his backpack onto his bed, going into the bathroom. "I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD THE MUSHROOM PIZZA, THEY WERE HIGH MUSHROOMS." Hal darted into his room and leaped onto the bed, pulling the covers over his head and hiding from the world. It took time, but he eventually crawled out of bed and went into the kitchen. Sighing, Hal peeked into the fridge and pulled out a lunchables, slapping it onto the table. "I wonder what...she meant by...Shazam?" Instantly a black portal opened above him, a flash of lightning engulfing his body and spreading the energy outwards. In less than a full second he was in the body of a costumed adult with black hair, instead of blond. The lightning sizzled, electricity crackling over his uniform and body. Hal, Captain Marvel, screamed.

                              Five Months Ago
                              "Doomsday huh? Well you might as well just call me Captain. Captain Action!" 'Strike a pose. Look around. No one is watching, everyone is too busy having had their butts kicked by this guy. Show yourself a hero, Cap! I can do this!'

                              After a few painful minutes later, Captain Marvel went skidding across the pavement and through a few buildings, skipping like a stone over the water and quickly sinking. This Doomsday guy was going to be a real piece of work, but Captain Marvel could handle him, he was practically Captain Badass. Except if his parents caught him using that as a name, he'd be grounded; Captain Action was definitely a cool name worthy of a twelve-year-old in a late-20s/early-30s adult body. That was weird. Captain rose from the water and flew at Doomsday with super speed, punching him into the air and flying after him, catching and throwing him along the ground.

                              "It's that hero, Shazam!" Bystanders mentioned, talking about Captain Marvel Action. Of course, since Shazam was kind of the codeword he needed to say, and it was a hell of an echo when he said it to transform, getting people to call him anything BUT Shazam was hard. Somehow Captain Marvel was sticking, but not Captain Action, which was a clear sign of injustice. Regardless, Shazam, Captain Marvel Captain Action was here to help the other heroes defeat Doomsday. If only it wasn't going to be so hard.

                              Three Months Ago
                              "These test scores are amazing. He's passing each homework assignment with flying colors, using math skills they haven't even gone over yet. His entire workbook is filled out front to back, the kid is a protege, a genius! Even his test scores are vastly improved. I don't know what happened, but I see a gradual curve three months ago and WHAM, suddenly he's Albert Einstein reincarnated. He stays in his class he's going to be nothing but bored. We test him, if he passes we ship him off to the high school."

                              "So this has nothing to do with the tack?"
                              "No, son. Wait what?"
                              "That test we had you take was amazing, you passed at a level beyond what you're doing now. We've discussed it with your parents, if you think you can handle it we'd like to transfer you to the high school at the beginning of September. Hal, you're practically high school senior level intellect. MENSA would have a field day with you."
                              "O-Oh! My smarts, right, I just...do what comes to me, you know? High school though? You think...wow high school girls..."
                              "I'll do it!"

                              One Week Ago
                              "Class, meet our new student for the year, Hal Green. 12-year-old genius from Wayne Middle School."
                              "C'mon kid, say hi to your classmates."
                              "H...he...hee....hellooooo..." Cue laughter.
                              "Alright, settle down. He's no different from anyone else in the class."
                              "Except he's as short as my brother's di -- ."
                              "KYLE! Get your butt to the principal's office, now! It's okay, Hal, you'll find high school is no more challenging for you than middle school. Everyone is just a little taller."

                              Present Day - Noonish
                              And alone he sat. Hal sat in the corner of the lunch room feeling wildly out of place considering his 12-year-old height of 5'1" and everyone else clocking in about 6 inches taller or more, and considering his middle school presence last year, he was the oddball for sure. He found the food more enjoyable, but wasn't enjoying the lack of company or people he knew. He certainly missed his friends. Then came a familiar voice: "well if it ain't the heroic twerp." Clatter. The bully, John, flung the food tray off the table (but not before Hal could save the slice of pizza he was eating) which flung the milk and plate to the floor.

                              "Oh crap." He scarfed down the pizza as quick as he could, John grabbing Hal by the shirt. "I graduated, punk. Thought that you could get away just by being smart? I'm gonna kick your a** unless you agree to let me cheat off you every day we have class together." Hal gulped audibly, looking around but finding no one actually paying attention to him. John let Hal go, letting him sit at the table with a grin. "Think about it, smart guy, I gotta go, I'll see you around real soon."

                              "SHAZAM!" The flash of lightning transformed Hal into the adult Captain Marvel, grabbing John and hurling him to the moon. But as usual, he snapped back to reality and 12-year-old Hal simply watched John walk away. Slamming his forehead into the table, Hal groaned audibly, thinking to himself: 'I help beat the crap out of Doomsday, and I get bullied at my new high school.' Then his thinking turned into a loud, but drowned out by cafeteria chatter, groan of: "Life suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks." As if it weren't bad enough, Sir Marvel was considered a rather important member of the Young Avengers, but did ANYONE know who Hal Green was? It wasn't his fault that he figured, in his infinite Shazam wisdom, that if they found out Marvel was a 12-year-old boy he would be ostracized faster than the Joker at a birthday party; so he had to keep it a secret. So Captain and Hal were two different people entirely, and Hal was at the table...alone.

                              "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh." Wham. Forehead against table.

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                                            Ugh, could the clock move any slower?!

                                            Slumped over in her seat was none other than Power Girl.

                                            Aka Boobs McGee, Boobzilla, Boobs of Steel, Power Boobs, Booberella, Count Cleavage, Generous Jugs, or Mondo Melons [the list grows everyday]. However today she was just plain old Roxanne, Your everyday average bubbly blonde haired blue eyed girl. Yeah, Silver hair wasn't exactly a natural earthling hair color so she had to keep her hair hidden snugly beneath her usual long blonde wig. Somewhere at the front of the room Mr. Sweeney droned on and on about titration curves, but Roxanne was just focused on the clock, counting down the seconds. And as soon as the bell rang the buxom blonde practically leapt out of her seat and raced for the door.

                                            Lunch period! Finally!

                                            For Roxanne The first half of her day seemed to just be dragging on forever! With how loud her stomach was grumbling she was surprised she didn't get in trouble for disrupting her Chemistry class last period. Well guess that's what she got for skipping breakfast. However this morning she had been so busy looking over allowable expenses for the various school clubs, details for the upcoming fall formal, and going over the agenda for the next school council meeting to even think about eating! Honestly when Roxanne stepped down as head cheerleader in order to run for Class president she never expected it to be this much work. Although in all honesty juggling school activities and the newly formed Young Avengers would be hard for any teen. However she just HAAAD to experience the earthly concept of high school politics for herself, Drake warned her, but she just didn't listen...as usual. The campaigning had actually been the easy part, Roxanne was already well liked by most of her peers so she easily won by a landslide.

                                            Anyways, as she made a quick dash to her locker to pick up her lunch Roxy saw Drake out of the corner of her eye. He looked as if he was in the process of crawling out of his current girlfriends locker. She couldn't help but furrow her brows as the need to punt whoever it was that bullied him into the sun. Of course that would be overkill, and Drake would surely yell at her. He was always telling her that he could take care of himself. And so Roxanne kept her nose out of his business when it came to school...even if she didn't like it. Prime example was his sudden relationship with Anjelique Kyle, sure it was good to see Drake happy and smiling again, but there was something about this pairing that just didn't sit right with Roxanne. Drake had never seemed like the type to fall for a girl like Anje.mHowever for the time being she was keeping her distance and TRYING to keep an open mind about it, Drake was a smart kid, so hopefully he knew what he was getting himself into with that girl. Besides she didn't need him giving her the whole healthy sibling boundaries speech again. Sure they weren't exactly related by blood, but Roxanne was sort of an unofficial member of the bat family....mainly because Batman had been the one of the heroes lucky enough to happen upon her when she first arrived on earth.

                                            Roxanne stood at her locker for only few moments more, just long enough to overhear Drake called Anje kitten, finally driving Roxanne quickly in the opposite direction. Superhuman hearing was often more of a curse then a gift. Ugh, seriously someone needed to gag her with a giant hunk of kryptonite pronto. With her lunch firmly in hand she headed off down the hall, spotting Roy just up ahead. He seemed to be scaring off Thomas Flash, one of the boy's who was notorious for bullying the smarter kids, just because he could. Roxanne smiled as she quickened her pace to catch up. "I just love seeing the look on Flash's face when he is about to wet his pants" Roxanne teased walking up just behind the spiky haired boy. " I can never seem to intimidate him or the other boy's the way I would like to" she laughed lightly. Of course some boys were intimidated by her, but for entirely different reasons, after all they didn't know that she could easily dropkick them out of earths atmosphere.

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                                                                        "You alright there Halloway?"

                                                                        Ember would look up to suddenly find little miss Rowen McRinnalch standing uncomfortably close to her. Rowen had seen the girl gathering up her papers from the floor while everyone else just seemed to walk on by like a buncha no good lazy twats. So she decided to play the good Samaritan and not completely ignore the poor girl. Although ember seemed quite scared and shocked by Rowen's sudden appearance. However Rowen remained completely unfazed, in fact she seemed to not even notice Ember's obvious discomfort.

                                                                        "Dude....do you smell something burning?!" Rowen questioned, either ignoring the burning papers in the girls hands, or just completely oblivious to them. Finally Rowen just shrugged, but didn't walk away much to the others girls likely horror. "So how do you think you did on that Algebra 2 test? I couldn't make heads or tails out of some of those questions, I mean seriously. I couldn't even spell pythagorean theorem if you asked me too let alone solve questions using it." she just continued to babble on, following along with Ember as she walked...or as she tried to flee. " I wouldn't be surprised if Mrs. Sawyer was out to get me, Okay I get it, exercising my right to remain silent every time she asks me a question probably isn't ideal to her whole teaching protocal, but you know she could easily save herself the frustration of fighting with me if she just asked someone else"

                                                                        By now it would be amazing if Ember hadn't made a run for it. I mean Ember had always been a really super quiet kid who seemed to try to blend into the background, Rowen on the other hand was the complete polar opposite. She was what people might call eccentric. Not only was she loud, snarky, and had a habit of talking back to teachers, but she was also a walking dress code violation. Technically students were not alowed to have their hair dyed unnatural colors, Rowen's was blindingly blue. Girls were suppose to wear the prper uniforms, you know, skirts stockings, tie, the whole nine yards. Rowen decided to exercise her right to blur the lines of the sexist dress code, opting to wears pants instead, a jacket that was at least 2 sizes too big, and to the confusion of many people, a pair of gloves. Believe it or not, but there was a method to Rowen's madness. Her so called 'fashion statement' served a purpose, and that purpose was to hide the bulky metal glove contraptions that had to remain permanently attached to her arms, the other alternative was to blow up the school. Rowen insisted that her crazyness was for the good of all Alpha Academy. Although it also kept her off the complete cyborg mutant freak radar, right now she was just your regular high school freak.

                                                                        Well Ember might be quiet, but that was alright, Rowen talked enough to fill up any awkward silences that might have threatened to occur. "Hey I have a great Idea! Why don't you eat lunch with me....I mean you usually sit alone, and I usually sit alone...So I thought we could like sit alone together if that makes any sense" the girl must be looked at her like she was crazy at this point. However the blue haired lunatic didn't seem to be taking no for an answer as she practically dragged poor quiet Ember Halloway along with her towards the cafeteria. People stared of course when she entered, as they usually did, but Rowen just ignored everyone as she steered her new friend around as she searched for an empty table. Most were already filled by now, but thankfully after dutiful searching Rowen came across a nearly empty one...save for one little boy with a trashed lunch tray and spilled milk.

                                                                        Man, the bullies were out with a vengeance today it seemed. "Life suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks." Rowen was just standing behind him as he whined, and then proceeded to bang his head on the tabble. ""Ugh, just fyi, head trauma isn't going to make your day any more pleasant" she chimed in, announcing her presence before finally settling down at the kids table. "Also...dude you're like ten? it's kind of early to be saying life sucks, I mean your life is like a tenth of the way over...you got a lot longer to go so you may as well get used to it" she snorted as she pulled out a ratty looking brown paper bag and dumped it's content unceremoniously onto the table. Sadly it consisted mostly of Chewy granola bars, a bag of skittles, and one overripe banana.

                                                                        "So you must be that really smart little kid that I heard people talking about, I'm Rowen, and this is Ember" she said motioned to the girl that she hoped was still actually sitting next to her. "Alright....so serious question..... what do you know about the pythagorean theorem?"

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                                                        After the boy was alright and Anje made sure he was because it would be a shame being hurt by some bully and not by her claws. Teenagers around her were talking of course, having enhanced hearing did give her an advantage as she knew everything going around her. Some gossiped how she's actually an idiot and the only reason she dates Drake is to help her at exams. Really? That's slightly foolish to think. It has been six months since the two started dating, and even before they dated, she still acquired high scores at her exams, so what made them think that? Shallow minds for sure. Her hand tightened its hold on his as she looked back at him with a smile while she mentally cringed. Kitten? If only he knew, he wouldn't call her a kitten anymore. Even if it was ironic and amusing to be called kitten, she highly disliked it, but hey, she wasn't going to show that to him. "You finally make some time for us" she teased, stopping by his side and ruffling his hair. "I'm gonna go grab myself some chocolate milk...well, I'll get you one too whether you like it or not" she chuckled, poking his nose lovingly and rushing carefully to get some. A girl passed by them earlier in the hallway, a girl that slightly annoyed her, staring like it was the end of the world. Shaking her head absentmindedly, Anje took two bottles of chocolate milk and walked back towards Drake, giving him one.

                                                        If that girl has anything to say to me, she should grow some and tell me. That was right, who was she to go talk with random people that play as decorations through the school. You could swear they are invisible! And really, is that even her fault? Now, Roxanne was a different story, she had...well, she had breasts instead of brains or balls or anything of the sort, enough boobs to be the porno star of every guy in the school which was a bit disturbing. Anje shivered at the thought as she looked for a vacant table. And there we go, mental images, so not cool. "Oh, there's one" she suddenly chirped like a three year old spotting a lollipop. Without waiting much for Drake, she dragged him there, sitting down and opening the bottle of chocolate milk. Her feet were sore from all the walking on these....torture shoes so she simply took them off, kicking them under the table for the time being. "It feels so much better" she mumbled having a relieved expression. Well, if I ever decide to get a cow pet, I could always go for Roxanne. She thought as a matter of fact, raising both eyebrows at the thought. "It's saddening how people see...others, these days" she murmured thinking about the 'freak' as the students called him, or as she'd like to call him, Roy. "I feel bad for Roy...he really doesn't need all this negative attention" she added with a sigh.

                                                        "Anyway...my day so far has been nice...'smart' conversations with the other girls" she stated quoting the smart word "And I had a test today, I have high hopes I will get an A" she chuckled "The usual boring life of any student" she summed it up taking a sip from the bottle. Wonder how she found out Robin's secret? Having enhanced smell and hearing, she recognized voices and after she kissed him more than one times she caught his smell and simply made the discovery. She was surprised and pleased at the same time, but what was a bit disturbing was the fact that when she started dating him, she had no idea about this, she only found out after a month. Maybe she wanted to really woo this nerd? Well, feelings are far too complicated for this feline, so she just gave up trying to understand them. Fact was, imbeciles saw their relationship as something trivial, or something odd, but this relationship had more depth than they could even imagine. Another sip from the bottle and she leaned over the table, planting the sweetest of kisses on his lips before pinching his cheeks. "You can go to your friends now...it's ok...I know they don't like me so I would really be selfish to not let you go to them" she spoke with a small smile on her face.
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                                                  TAKE ME WHERE I'VE NEVER BEEN
                                                  TAKE ME WHERE I'VE NEVER BEEN
                                                  I WANNA GO THERE;; THIS TIME I'M NOT SCARED

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                                                  High school; a pungent, murderous cesspool of foul, unbearable beings known as teenagers whose lives seemed to revolve the most redundant things in life; like makeup, gossip and horribly overrated mainstream pop music. Every living, breathing, inching, passing second she was reminded of the horrendous fact that she was surrounded by brainless bimbos and muscle-bound jocks. She couldn’t stand it, their incessant chatter only enhanced by her exceptionally sharp sense of hearing. She could easily, albeit unwillingly, pick out their annoying conversations; someone muttering about a text breakup in one corner, a pair of guys puzzling over whatever was written on the board, and a gaggle of girls in the back squealing over the new music video of some stupid British boy band that they were watching under the table. For a school full of people who were supposedly smart, there sure were a whole lot of dumbasses around. She could practically feel her intelligence dropping by the second.

                                                  "Somebody…anybody…" she groaned, dragging her nails across the surface of her desk as she smacked her forehead firmly against it, her face as hollow as a corpse. "Get…me…outta here…"

                                                  The lunch bell of saving grace did little to revive her as the class filtered out with a fanfare of relieved sighs and childish whooping. Anita A. Neeraj on the other hand, felt as if her soul had just been sucked out of her. Clearly the world of high school was not the place for her. How long had it been since she’d actually had to study? About two years, since she’d started skipping classes to go hero and start kicking some villainous a**. What kinda hero needed to go to school, she’d thought? Well apparently the Junior Avenger squad did, because here she was, in this stupid as hell uniform in a hellhole of a class learning diddly-squat about anything…

                                                  Okay so maybe she was exaggerating the extent of her misery. But really, which teenager actually enjoyed school?

                                                  ”Come on, it’s not so bad. It’s just school. I mean, you have superpowers. How scary can tests get to someone who defeats evil on a daily basis?”

                                                  Easy for you to say when you’re my genius older sister. She growled mentally, finally making an effort to return to the world of the living. Sometimes she wished she’d inherited Anisha’s brains instead of her…no wait who was she kidding? She loved her powers. No way in hell would she give them up for anything. On that cheerful note, Anita grabbed her stuff and dragged herself out of the now empty classroom with reinvigorated enthusiasm. At least it was already noon now, which means it was only a couple of hours till school was out. [********’ praise Kali.

                                                  Honestly speaking, it wasn’t that she hated school, it was more like she preferred being out there, kicking cans and beating people to a pulp like she used to in the good old days. Picking fights and roaming the streets with no commitments, ah now that was the life. Call her a fight junkie if you wanted to, but this was the girl who mercilessly pounded the school bully into the dirt for pushing past her in the lunch line on her first day. Even though her short academic existence might be dangling by a thread, having been put under probation and all, if that Flash kid ever so much as looked at her wrong again, she was going to grind is face into the pavement. And she was going to enjoy it.

                                                  What I wouldn’t give for someone to just give me a reason… she thought, perking up for a moment, breaking out into a wide grin as she wandered into the cafeteria. Copious warnings from both the school admin and her so-called new team had done nothing to change her attitude. But old habits die hard after all. Clutching her hope packed lunch which she’d retrieved from her locker, Anita’s gaze swept across the lunch room, searching for an open seat. Look left, seems like they’re all taken. Look right, well whaddya know! All full. Looks like she’d be eating up on the rooftop again today, which wasn’t too bad considering the view. But climbing those stairs sure was irritat-

                                                  Wait a minute, was that an open spot?

                                                  Her lightning fast reflexes kicking in instinctively Anita shot forward, rubber soles of her sneakers screeching against the floor as she turned, swerving through tables and practically vaulting over onto the empty chair that just so happened to already be partially occupied by another group. Luckily they were fellow classmen, so her entrance wouldn’t really be too awkward. Uh, hopefully?

                                                  "Hey, Don’t mind me." she said quickly, addressing in general the table occupied by Ember, Rowen and that cute little kid what’s-his-name. "I’m just abiding by the uh…laws of the lunchroom."

                                                  Yeah, survival of the fittest. Fittest table snatcher that was.

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                                Walking down the hall, Roy soon stopped as he heard a fairly familiar voice from behind him. Turning his head, a smile came over his face as he saw Roxanne, for probably what was the first time since she returned to school and announced her student council campaign. Sure, she won by a lot, and he was happy for her for that, but that did mean she often found herself far too busy to do much of any socializing between the student council junk and her role as Power Girl.

                                Yes, Roy knew all too well the secret of the former head cheerleader of Alpha Academy; though the pieces were pretty easy to put together when she was the only student who hadn't returned after the rebuilding of the school. Of course, there was a reason he knew why Roxanne had been missing; he had been in the fight with none other than Doomsday himself. Just before the Justice League had arrived, he had taken it upon himself to stand up to the monster of a being, solely because there was nobody else able to at the time. Even now, he couldn't help but wonder if Roxanne would be standing here talking to him had he not taken that beating and stalled Doomsday. However, it seemed that was something that for the time being remained his little secret, for as far as he knew she hadn't seen him in the fight due to her condition at the time, but none the less he had already previously considered Roxanne one of the few friends he had at the school, even if he had gone and made a pretty lousy first impression the first time they met. That, like other things, was really not very important.

                                "It's easy, just knock 'em into next week if they give you a hard time. That'll make 'em fall right in line." He said in a joking manner, having no qualms with talking about the event that set his reputation in the school. "Kinda surprised to see you around, though... Looks like you've been in total workaholic mode ever since you came back from..." He said, trailing off for a moment. Now that he thought about it, he didn't even know what the excuse was for her absence, because it wasn't like she could just tell the faculty she was busy recovering from a fight with some interstellar monster. "... Where were you, anyway?"

                                He soon shrugged his shoulders after a few moments. "Meh, you're back now. Unless it was some awesome trip you probably don't wanna talk about it, right?" He said with a laugh, though soon a low growl came from around them. "... Eh... hehe... well I dunno about you but I'm starving. You heading to get lunch, too?" He asked her curiously, before beginning to walk once again in the direction of the cafeteria. If Roxanne wasn't too swamped with work, he figured she might tag along. If she was? Well... it's not like he hadn't eaten in lunch by himself before, no big deal.

... Bad company, 'til the day I die.

▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃
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                                                          An oxymoron, really. How can you be adventurous and lazy? Simple. Walk. Climb a mountain? Nope. Gonna walk, too. Then again, there are like five ways to describe lazy. Normal lazy, and Blaine Indigo lazy. As of right now, he was just sleeping in class.... while no one was there. Class had been over, but he was still sleep. Blaine Indigo, a normal guy with a normal life. Did he go to Alpha City Academy? No... not yet, anyway. Lets leave that for later, and his reasons. As of now, he was just going to a ordinary high school, with average grades, average everything really. He felt someone poke him at the back of his head, and Blaine immediately woke up adjusting his orange tinted shades, "WHO!? WHAT!? WHEN!? WHERE!? HOW!? THE ANSWERS FOUR TO THE SQUARE ROOT OF FISH BECAUSE EVERYONE REALLY KNOWS TWO PLUS TWO EQUALS FISH!" He found himself in a empty classroom, his teacher looking down at him and shaking his head.

                                                          "Blaine.... class ended about twenty minutes ago... "

                                                          "Oh... really? My bad... least I got my work in..... right?"

                                                          "Right. You did. Not gonna lie. But you could do a whole lot better-"

                                                          "Oh not this again..." He lowered his head and whispered to himself. His teacher went on and on and how much Blaine could do for himself if he just applied himself or whatever the hell it was that he could do. Grabbing his bag and putting it on his back he got up from his seat, "You know, I'd really love to have this talk, for about the one-hundredth and fifty eighth time, but I think my mother would be worried sick if I didn't get home in time-"

                                                          "It's noon. and dead into lunchtime."

                                                          " She REAAAALLY hates it when I skip a meal. Later!" And just like that Blaine ran out of the classroom and down the hallway. When he felt that he was far away enough out of his teacher's sight he stopped his running and went ahead with his walking. All he really did was do work, sleep, eat, sleep, do whatever else humans normally do on a daily basis, and sleep. He had his hands in his pockets, a lazy look in his eyes because he just woke up, and his back hunched over.He didn't feel like doing anything today - well, you get the idea that he never really wants to do anything - but yeah, nothing new.

                                                          "Oooooh great... just my luck." Much to his luck to have a group of bullies walk down the hallway, joking around until they all noticed him. "S-shiiiit." Ah.. yeah.. he just about knew every bully in the school. Familiar with the end of their knuckles. C'mon, Blaine's a sleeper, not a fighter. On the bright side, it's like he has a diamond jaw from all of those blows to the chin. Finally, they noticed him, and finally, Blaine sloooowly turned around and walked in the other direction.


                                                          " REMEMBER KIDS! A SMART MAN KNOWS WHEN TO RUN LIKE A LITTLE b***h!!!!"

                                                          Blaine just ran and ran until he found the closest exit, running off of school grounds and onto the other side of the street. Looking across the street he hoped that they wouldn't be brave enough to leave those boundaries. Unfortunately, he was wrong...

                                                          "He's over there! Get'em!"

                                                          " s**t...." So back to running - this time down the street. And boy was Blaine fast. He passed a multitude of people as he sped down the street, turning a corner, the group of delinquents hot on his tail. Dammit! Did they have to be in shape!? Blaine thought they were lazy and always ate junk food, like him..... wait, " s**t!" He gave them the slip, coming to a sudden stop and letting them all run pass him until they did the same. Blaine then proceeded to run across the street as fast as he could and made a sudden turn to his left - little did he know it was into an alleyway. When did he realized this? When he hit a fence.

                                                          " Son of a b***h..... how the hell did I NOT realize this was a alleyway!?" Good question, " Never mind this. Change of scenery. It's Mexico. I'm at the boader. CLIMB! CLIMB! CLIMB!" And climb he did. He started to climb as fast as he could before the delinquents decided to do the same. Eventually he made it across, proceeding to run through U.S. soil the remainder of the alleyway. However, at the other end were....the other half of that delinquent group..." Ah... smart... went around. Fortunately for me, I can go back to Mexico-" He felt a hand on his shoulder, looking over it and seeing the delinquent who was hot on his tail moments ago, "... Please tell me you're not Mexican."

                                                          " Don't get me wrong, homes."

                                                          ".... If there is a god.... he is in a chat room... laughing at my misfortune on youtube."

                                                          Long story short, they kicked his a**. He was knocked into a wall by a few trashcans, falling to his a** with a black eye and a swollen cheek. Ouch, he thought, his shades hidden in his jacket. He didn't want to lose his stuff to these jerks, so he did what he could to hide what'll be damaged on his face. Especially his shades. He was picked up by the shirt, at the mercy of a fist raised ready to sock him in the nose, " I think it's a bit to late to talk this out......"


                                                          Dropped onto the ground with one final blow, Blaine was basically bleeding out of nose and mouth. They left him there to bleed. He felt his heart race - something was wrong. What the hell was going on with him? He was getting angry for the first time. He got up and smashed his fist against the ground, smashing it with extreme strength. In the next few seconds a loud, beastly roar filled the air.

                                                          It was only minutes later that the police were on the scene where a mass of destruction occurred. The bullies from earlier were knocked out and hospitalized, the streets were practically destroyed, and a fire hydrant destroyed causing a geyser of water to shoot into the air. Three cars were squished together and jammed into a display window, and a truck was torn in half. The poor delinquents muttered something about "a green monster."

                                                          In the mean time, Blaine woke up in the alley way, getting up and rubbing the back of his head. While his necklace was still in tact, and his pants, his shirt and jacket were practically gone. He looked around, seeing his shades still there. Picking them up and placing them onto his face he sighed, but then felt a splitting headache, " Jeez.... did they hit me that hard?" He got up, realizing he had no shoes, his book back still there against the wall. He picked up his bag and started walking toward the nearest store to buy some clothes, because now all he wanted to do was go home.User Image
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                                      It was always a good night when you had the chance to hit the town. You know, hang out with friends. Or perhaps doing the heroics was your game instead, right? Well, it was for Marc, but that was a given all days of the week, and he loved it. Donning the suit and getting to the city, he would leap from rooftop to rooftop with the true finesse of a ninja, his black suit invisible against the night sky. The red markings which adorned his suit as well as the horns, however, may have caused a man to have a fright of he saw the boy in an alleyway. He was quick and nimble, his athletic body betrayed that much. Under the mask, however, one could not tell that the hero was actually blind.

                                      Unless he told you, you wouldn't think him blind regardless. His movements were silky smooth and without hesitation, he leaped over air conditioning units, climbed water towers, took a leap of faith off of them and used the grappling hook of his weapon to swing himself to safety. His blindness was far from a hindrance...in fact, losing his eyes had been the best thing to happen to him. He gained so much more. His senses were the sharpest, his body was fit for heroics, and his mind wasn't lacking either. Not to mention he could technically see through the echos of sound off of the objects surrounding him...a radar sense, if you will. Yes, his handicap was hardly enough to keep him moping and lame. Hell, it was hardly a handicap at all.

                                      Making a swan dive into a nearby alleyway, the darkness consumed him as he stalked through. He could hear gang activity a mile away, but this particular hideout just so happened to be across the street. Some super secret meeting hidden in a public housing project? C'mon fellas, you could do better than that. His movements across the street were swift as he leaped onto the wall, seemingly suspended there by nothing in particular before he ran up the wall and snuck into a window. The darkness of the rundown building served to cover him as he moved through the building. Men with guns walking around? Cliche...but he didn't give damn. Sneaking up, the flickering lights made it seem that much more sinister as the Daredevil drew one end of his staff from his back and slammed it into the back of the thug's neck. Before he dropped, he was dragged into a room just as two others rounded the corner.

                                      Before they even made it past the door, red gloved hands reached out and dragged them into the darkness of the room, two loud thuds emitting from the room accompanied with groans of pain before Daredevil stepped out, not bothering to check his corners as he moved down the hall, looking for the stairs. With a quick leap, he twisted his body to be perpendicular to the floor with his feet forward, kicking one of the goons down the stairs with a dropkick to his back. He took a tumble and fell down unconscious, Daredevil moving past him as he heard them chitter chattering.

                                      "Did you hear that?"

                                      "Yeah, sounded like someone just got dropped...let's check it out."

                                      As they got to the staircase, there was nothing there except the unconscious body. Blind eyes looked straight down at them, the Daredevil sticking to the ceiling. He dropped upon them, his elbows cracking into the top of both of their heads as the body count piled up. "People's Elbow, bitches." The first words of the night and they just had to be that.

                                      Movement through the building was swift and silent, Daredevil hadn't been sighted yet even as he knocked out whole groups of the goon squad, even those in the same room. When all of the thugs on the various levels were knocked out and he finally got to the first level, he scoped out the terrain for only a moment before bursting into action. The first man was kicked in the stomach and doubled over from the force, the black-clad ninja leaping at another man before delivering a swift elbow to his nose, and he dropped soon after. With a backflip, the hero drove his knees into the third man's shoulders and forced him to drop to the ground, hitting the back of his head and body on solid flooring as he did so. And with a final sprint, he came in under low gunfire and scooped up the last man as he ascended into the air, dunking the man's whole body into a nearby trash can with enough power to make Blake Griffin proud.

                                      "Welcome to the Jam." Daredevil pulled one of the staffs from his back and threw it to a door which had opened up just fast enough for the red stick to slam into the man's forehead. He was trying to run out and shoot, but ended up on the floor instead. Walking up to him, he stomped on his hand to make sure that gun didn't raise back up and stepped on his chest, applying pressure. "What's good?" He asked nonchalantly.

                                      "Wh-what do you want?!" The man was obviously in a frightened state, but it wasn't every day you came face to face with the devil.

                                      "You roughed up and took something from some kid today. I'd like it back. And if there's even one thing missing from it, I'm dragging you up and down the steps of this building by your legs, hitting your head on each and every step." Ah yes...just earlier today when walking through the city, Marc had caught sight of one of the school boys getting chewed out by the neighboring gang, which seemed to have some tie-ins to a larger gang, but they were all and all not worth all the trouble. Marc just wanted to get the wallet back, so he decided to call in a favor from his alter ego. And now here he was, watching this man writhe around on the ground and dig into his back pocket to pull out said wallet. Snatching it up, Daredevil stepped off of him and smirked under his mask. "And if I catch you doing it again, I'm gonna tie you up and put you in a pinata and tell the Hulk there's some candy that's been making fun of him inside of it." And with that, the Daredevil moonwalked out of the room, one foot sliding behind the other before he turned the corner.

                                      "I bet he won't come back here and do some s**t...I run this b***h..." The man wiped his nose and got up, talking to himself about how he can beat up any hero as he waved his gun around. When he walked to the door, he was met with a swift fist to the face which laid him out. Standing over him, Daredevil performed a crotch chop as he walked back out.

                                      "Better make sure I'm gone before you talk that s**t. I'm blind, not deaf."


                                      And then the next day of school came at the ever so grand Alpha City Academy. Daredevil had broken in the night before to put the wallet inside the kid's locker, but whether he came to school or not today was another story. He was roughed up pretty bad, to say the least. Marc walked down the hallways with his cane as his guide, tapping the ground every so often. He knew exactly where he was going, but often times other people decided to get in his way anyway, hence why he kept the cane moving around. It served to let people know there was a goddamn blind kid coming through, and it kept them out of his damn way. His crimson eyes were dull and stared rather blankly at the ground in front of him, but he still saw just fine.

                                      At this particular hallway was that kid's locker, Marc passing through just as he arrived it seemed. He seemed down in the dumps, had his few cuts and bruises, but his eyes seemingly lit up when he saw his wallet sitting at the top shelf. He looked around as if wondering who put it there, but Marc said nothing to him. As long as he knew he did a good deed, he didn't have to. One hero beating down a whole group for a simple wallet? Well, it was a boring night, he had nothing better to do.

                                      "Man, it's lunchtime, huh? Guess I'll go get some grub. Badasses have to eat too." Adjusting his jacket, he used the cane to get himself to the cafeteria, looking around for a place to sit. So many people, so little time.

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