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                                        C A M P A N A xxUser Image
                                        xxxxx l i t e r a t e d a r k p o k e m o n r o l e p l a y

                                                      Centuries ago, pokemon and humans lived in peace. The Bells of Elysium would ring across the land of Campana, symbolizing their harmonious relationship. Life was at its greatest peaks in the country, but the sins ran rampant among the humans, growing steadily as greed and envy spread like poison in their minds. A group of powerful men, gathered in the darkest of nights, forming the organization that would one day be known as Eidolon Corps. Under their direction, they created pokeballs to capture and harness the power of pokemon, placing them under human rule. Eidolon didn't believe that pokemon were equal to humans, they were just animals.

                                                      That was the day the Bells of Elysium went silent.

                                                      Decades later, it was a common sight to see, pokemon being captured from the wild to become pets, servants to humans. Some battled their pokemon, some treated them like pets or a workforce to assist in human work. The Pokemon League was founded by pokemon activists, looking to find a way to bring back the harmonious relationship between pokemon and humans. They set rules for battles, promoted good relationships between trainers and their pokemon and for a little while, it almost seemed like things would return to the ways they once were.

                                                      But still, the Bells of Elysium remained silent.

                                                      A decade passed, the Eidolon Corps surfaced with a vengeance against the Pokemon League, taking control of the world and turned it into chaos and turmoil. The huge battle that raged between the Eidolon Corps and the Pokemon League is the most defining moment in Campana history. Gyms were collapsed, cities and towns burned down. The League lost, outmatched and overpowered by Eidolon. In the wake of that war, only two great cities were left standing, Verum and Ritornelle.

                                                      Desperate to find a ray of hope, the survivors of the League formed the secret rebellion known only as Verity, where rumor has it, they base themselves in the city of Verum. Their network is large, thriving in the underground, working behind the shadows to escape Eidolon's notice. They provide aid to terrorized citizens, helping where they can like vigilantes. But their efforts are in vain if they cannot find a way to bring true peace to all of Campana.

                                                      Battles ravage the lands, death and fear lurking in every corner. Citizens fear for their lives, because of the large tournaments Eidolon likes to hold every month. Human and pokemon lives are placed on the lines in these gladiator like tournaments just for the entertainment of Eidolon members. All hope seems to be a loss for the one peaceful lands, the harmony between humans and pokemon broken and shattered.

                                                      Legends speak of saviors though. Verity has unearthed prophecies from the Carillon Temple. They speak of the silent bells within the Elysium Ruins. Bells that once rang through Campana and brought hope and peace to hearts and minds. Their heavenly tolls might bring peace to the lands of Campana once more. If they can find a way to ring them again. The prophecies have mentioned many times, the power of the Aria. A being supposedly capable of restoring the bells. But no one knows who this Aria is, or where it can be found. With their vast network, Verity has spread the word though, hoping to gather as much information as they can to find this Aria.

                                                      In Verum City, 5 brave heroes have volunteer to make the journey to the town of Verdant, where rumor has it, the Aria may have been hiding right under the noses of Eidolon Corps. It is a perilous journey, not only is the town very close by Eidolon Headquarters, but they must travel across the land to get there and return back to Elysium Ruins with the Aria safely. They will meet new allies and new enemies along the way. Will they be able to save their beloved world, or will all hope fall with their defeat?

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                                    D A I L Y C A L E N D A R xxUser Image


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                                        T H E L A W S

                                              What this means to me, is that you are capable of writing in an understandable fashion. I'm not a grammar nazi, I don't think anyone really knows perfect grammar aside from a college professor in grammar. But someone who reads your post should know what the hell you're talking about. You're spelling needs to be on top of things, a few little things here and there isn't a big deal, but it shouldn't be recurring. If you're browser is not as cool as mine, because it knows when I spell something wrong and gives it a little underline, I HIGHLY suggest you copy and paste your reply into Word or something that will let you know if there are spelling errors.

                                              MOVE THE DAMN PLOT. I don't care if you post 3 paragraphs or 7 paragraphs, I want the plot to MOVE! Granted, I'm usually particular about having to read an insanely descriptive 5 paragraphs of how a shoe looks, I'd rather you write like 3 paragraphs of action and movement and well, STUFF, over 5 paragraphs of filler space. Do stuff. I know it's a little hard since you don't want to step on toes and all, but if you want, you could chat the person up, tell them your plan a little so they know what to expect or give you permission to move them a little just to keep the roleplay going. Don't give me 3 paragraphs of recap! I don't know, treat every post like it's your intro or something!

                                              I implore upon those of you that are interested to BE ACTIVE. This does not mean you have to post every single day, but you do need to post at least a couple times a week. Go for a week without posting? Okay, I can live with that, everyone has a life and I understand that. I have a life too. Go for 2 weeks without posting, without even a word to me about what's going on... well sorry. You just lost your spot and we are going to move on without you.

                                              Gaia is PG - 13 I believe. Something like that. If it's not friendly for children, please don't go into detail. Violence is encouraged, after all this is a kind of dark roleplay but let us not get into the gore and blood details. Romance is also encouraged, but please don't get into the intimate details, time skip is good! Also, don't fall in love at first sight. It's rather cliché. Grow a brain and get creative! Get it yet? This roleplay is friendly and open to everyone. That saying, I am welcoming of yaoi and yuri which means boy x boy as well as girl x girl. If you are hating, don't join.

                                              Again, I'd like to reiterate that this is PG - 13. Follow the Gaia ToS. Girls may play boys and boys may play girls, I really don't care. I'm comfortable playing both genders after all. All are welcome here as long as you can follow the rules. I will only ask you 2 times to play nice. On the third, I will report you and kick you out. Pokemon from every generation will be accepted, that means from Kanto pokemon to Unova pokemon. I don't even care how many shiny pokemon you have. Seeing how it's sort of a natural thing that Pokemon from different places could have altered coloration.

                                              First and foremost, Creativity is my greatest love. I don't like carbon copy cookie cutter characters. I like someone new and exciting, totally different than I've ever thought of before! Pictures must be anime, but I will refuse and request that you change your picture if they are too popular and recognizable. Maximum of two characters per person. We'd like a variety of people in this roleplay!

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                                  T H E W O R L D xxUser Image


                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x x x xEIDOLON CORPS xxxxxxxxxx VERDANT TOWN

                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x x x x xMISTRAL POND xxxxxxxxxx ELAN FOREST

                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x xCARILLON TEMPLE xxxxxxxxxx MOIRE LAKE

                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x x x x xARGIL FOREST xxxxxxxxxx DELPHIAN TUNNEL

                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x x xCHIMERA SWAMP xxxxxxxxxx RITORNELLE CITY

                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x x xTHE WASTELANDS xxxxxxxxxx BRIAR PASS

                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x x x xCRAVEN PLAINS xxxxxxxxxx MOUNT SERE

                                              User ImagexxUser Image
                                              x x x x x x x x x x x x x xELYSIAN RUINS xxxxxxxxxx CITY OF VERUM
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                                        V E R I T Y ' S H E R O E S

                                                  User ImageUser ImageUser Image
                                                  xxxxxxxTHE ARIA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE LEADER xxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE WARRIOR

                                                  User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                                                  xxxxxxxTHE HEALER xxxxxxxxxxxxx THE TRAITOR xxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE THIEF
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                                        E I D O L O N M E M B E R S

                                              User ImageUser ImageUser Image
                                              xxxxxxxxTHE LEADER xxxxxxxxx THE COMMANDER xxxxxxxxxxxxx THE SPY

                                              User ImageUser ImageUser Image
                                              xxxxxxTHE SCIENTIST xxxxxxxxxx THE SOLDIER xxxxxxxxxxxxx THE BREEDER
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                                    Q && A xxUser Image

                                            Do pokemon die in the roleplay?
                                            - yes. they do die, deal with it.

                                            How many pokemon are we allowed to have?
                                            - characters are allowed a maximum of 6 pokemon at a time.

                                            What generations do I get to use?
                                            - all generation of pokemon are welcomed here.

                                            What level can I make my pokemon?
                                            - nothing. we don't have levels in this roleplay.

                                            How can I make my pokemon evolve?
                                            - you just decide when you want to evolve your pokemon. please be realistic and only do so when your pokemon has had enough "experience". that means your entire team cannot suddenly evolve one after another.

                                            How will type advantage work in battles?
                                            - you are all intelligent human beings. battles are pretty free, and as many have seen in the anime or manga or whatever, pokemon ad disadvantages can still triumph. DO NOT GODMOD. but if you'd like a more epic and drawn out battle, go ahead. you guys will have to decide who wins the battle yourselves. if you can't figure it out, I will have to step in and make choices for you.

                                            Is there pokemon breeding in this roleplay?
                                            - yes, but realize that it's probably not a very common practice given the times and most if not all breeding is probably going to get shut down or taken over by Eidolon if they catch wind of it.

                                            Can I be a coordinator?
                                            - no. those don't exist. you are either a resistance fighter or a regular citizen or a member of Eidolon. battles are not happy stuff, they're real battles and very dangerous, both pokemon and humans can be attacked and hurt and die. dark stuff man, dark stuff.

                                            Can my character be 12 years old?
                                            - HELL NO. the youngest age I will allow is 17. these are times of apocalypse and Verity is not going to entrust the fate of the world to prepubescent little kids.

                                            Can I be a gym leader?
                                            - yes and no... the thing is, gym leaders have most likely perished in the war. if they haven't, they're probably hunted down by Eidolon Corps because they would be known resistance members. there aren't anymore gyms anyway, but it is possible to be a former gym leader.

                                            Who is the leader of Verity?
                                            - not you. both the leader of Verity (NOT the leader. they're different things. The Leader is the leader of the band of heroes, i meant.) and the leader of the Eidolon Corps will be NPC and played by me. or they may be played by my mods. they don't make too much of an appearance other than to send messages or put plans in motion anyway.

                                            Can I be an Eidolon member?
                                            - yea. i will actually have 5 heroes and 5 baddies. and that will likely be the cap of my roleplay, i like smaller roleplays.

                                            I'd like to be the Aria.
                                            - that isn't even a question and the answer is still NO. The Aria is NPC until I feel like revealing it. YES, IT. no one knows if it's human or pokemon or what, mwaha! the mystery!

                                            I'd like to play 2 characters.
                                            - sorry, unless we are having trouble filling spots, you may not apply for more than one character at a time. this allows us a variety or people to join us and bring in drama and fun. if we have trouble filling spots near the end, I am happy to allow people to create another character.

                                            Oh no! All the spots are filled, can I still join?
                                            - probably not. it depends. like, I said before, I like smaller roleplays so I'm not going to just allow extra openings to run rampant upon the roleplay. but if there are a lot of people who keep asking, I might open up an extra spot or two.
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                                        B A N N E R S xxUser Image

                                              User Image

                                              thanks to Reku!
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                                        R E S E R V E D xxUser Image
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                                        R E S E R V E D xxUser Image
                        User Image
                                        R E S E R V E D xxUser Image
                        User Image
                                        R E S E R V E D xxUser Image
                        User Image
                                        R E S E R V E D xxUser Image
                        User Image
                                        R E S E R V E D xxUser Image
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                                        R E S E R V E D xxUser Image

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