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                    I n s p i r a t i o n: Friends and Fruit basket

                    M o d e r a t o r s S h y B u n n y F u F u & Alexa the White Rose

                    G r a p h i c s & C o d i n g Graphics done by Alexa the White Rose. Coding done by S h y B u n n y F u F u & Alexa the White Rose
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                                Everyone knows the story of the Zodiac’s and the God, what happened to them in the beginning and in the middle. But the story I’m about to explain is about what happened after the curse was broken and how long it was broken for. When Tohru Honda broke the curse, everyone was free from the haunting curse that constantly burdened their very being; even the cat who was cursed the worst was finally freed. But no one knew how long it would last. When the curse broke, the family began to live lives of peace and happiness, something they never really got to feel when the fear of being exposed about their curse stopped them. After those years were gone and everyone of the old curse, as well their children who had lovely grand children, has passed away. Sadly after a couple of years after the death of the grand children, the new Soumas took over the estate that turned out to be the richest estate in Japan, or one of the richest for the most part. For while the new Souma's lives were perfect and fitting until one day a small family who didn’t live in the estate mansion but lived on the grounds had paid a visit due to something they realized was a rather important issue that not only concerned them, but the rest of the family as well. The couple came to the head of the family, the woman cradling a bundled blanket in her arms where inside everyone could see a small kitten sleeping inside of it. At first it confused the family, until they witnessed before their very eyes how the sleeping kitten and transformed into a baby boy. Shocked beyond belief by the sudden realization of what was the family's worst fear coming true - the curse returning once more to haunt the family.

                                The other members of the family who had been called to the meeting as well began to panic over the news and had turned to the head of the family for help and guidance over what they should do, however the head needed time to think about what to do about the child and the situation at hand. However, a month after being born into the world, the cursed baby boy had passed away. There was no answers to the question of how the baby died, but the baby's death was the opposite of what most family members behaved when a relative passes away. They were relieved and happy that the baby had died; even the parents of the baby seemed content that their cursed child was gone as well and they could live at ease. As cruel and heartless as it was, the family only thought of themselves and believed that since the baby was dead, the curse would die with it. That was not the case though and the family members began to see that the curse did not die with the baby but only returned when a newborn child of each family member suddenly began transforming into animals themselves. They believed the cat's spirit was taking revenge on the family and that the curse returned to curse their newborn children after the baby had died. The parents grew furious about this and once again turned to the head of the family for guidance, knowing that the head was now known as the God of the family since the curse had returned. The God however was new to running a family with cursed members, which was when the elders of the family had stepped in to aid the God in ruling the few cursed children that were born at that time. In time, the elders no longer had to help the God and watched as the God ordered for the children and their families to live in the estate if they had not been living there currently. The family did as they were told, some families living there with their children while others could not withstand the idea of having a cursed child and let the child be raised alone within the estate. It wasn't long however until a new cat was born into the Souma family, but unlike the previous baby cursed with the animal, the baby was a girl. The couple, who gave birth to the first cat, had unfortunately been the same couple to give birth to the second cursed cat. God made sure to not let word of the cat's rebirth getting out and had made an exception to let the family live outside of the estate, to let the cat be raised in secret away from the rest of the family. If word got out about the cat being reborn, there was no telling how the rest of the family would react and later come to the God and order it be banned or locked away far from their children. The cat after all was a monster in their eyes. God however was not so much concerned about the cat being discovered, but more worried about the curse being exposed by outsiders who would be cruel enough to do what the family's ancestors feared most - being found out and locked away as test experiments, no doubt resulting in possibly one, if not multiple, deaths of the family members from all the abuse of being experimented on.

                                While many outsiders remain oblivious to the Souma's curse, one outsider has been suspicious of the family for some time and has dedicated their time to finding out just what the family has to hide. This outsider is the leader of a small group of other outsiders who merely support this "spy" in helping reveal the secret of the Soumas. Not all outsiders though are members of this group, and only a few outsiders know of the Souma family's secret and willing to keep it a secret and protect it from being revealed to the world. Now let’s just say one of those outsiders is a spy for the nasty people?

                                One can only wonder what will happen, but it is up to you to finish the rest of the story. The question I ask you now is; who are you going to be?

                                Are you one of the Soumas? An outsider? Or better yet, are you one of the people who want the Soumas to suffer once their cursed secret is revealed upon the public? It up to you to finish the story and to break the curse.
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                                      We all hate rules and hate reading them, but they’re here for a reason. Rather you like it or not, they are what keep us all in balance and peace, unless something happens. Now please understand something about this roleplay. If you join, you must stick with it unless you lost the feeling or are having real life issues. Yes I know everyone has a life, I get that it gets crazy, but still this roleplay means a lot to people from the old roleplay. So please understand if you join, you must post. Now these list of rules I’m about to explain are Important. So read carefully.

                                      ► Rules & Guidelines of Gaia
                                      First short rule and please understand you must follow Gaia’s rules. They are important. Because those who don’t usually follow them end up ban from gaia. Trust me not a pretty sight. Now everyone should know this so I don’t need to explain. If not go read it then.

                                      ► Acceptance into the Roleplay
                                      How to get accepted not a hard thing to do really trust me. Now all you got to do is send in the reserve and a sample. Yes samples are needed, just so I can see what you got or have. Plus to see if I should welcome you here. No I’m not mean on this it just important. Also if you join, you must know that you most post and not just send in your profile and never post ever. I won’t handle that very well and will give you a warning for it. If you choose to leave and not tell me, I will send you two warning and kick you at the end of the week. Like I said, this roleplay is meant to be long term. It not going to be one of those ‘Oh let’s post once and ditch.’ Roleplay. It is a dictated roleplay for those who love Fruits Basket. Other than that, which is all you need to know.

                                      ► No Mary sue or Gray Sue
                                      Yes I’m saying this, because I get a lot of mary and gray sues. Tell you the truth; I kind of hate them, just a bit. Try being creative with you stories and your Profile. I love seeing profiles with spark. Yes Spark. It gets me all happy and all like proud of people. No I’m not weird just saying and telling. If I see something close to those things I will ignore your profile. After declining it. That all I have to say for this.

                                      ► Profile's & Reserve's
                                      I must warn you, if you so much as mess up these profile codes or reserves, I will decline and go onto the next person. I won’t have people messing them up after working so hard on them. I took the time and the day to do that. Now please don’t screw it up. Okay people now, please when sending the reserves title them ‘Broken Bonds’. When you send that in with your sample, you will have a week to fill out your profile or last. I say it could take you three days to finish the profile or less. When your profiles are done, title them ‘Tie the Ribbon’ Or just quote my name in O.O.C and I will look it over before pm you or quoting you. Like I said before, please do not mess up the coding on them.

                                      ► Character Limit & Issues
                                      Let see, people may only play two characters since, we need to let those who are joining have a chance and getting a spot. I understand if you want that spot but please, allow others to have a chance. Now the Issues. If you have issues with someone, please send us a notice on it and then we will stick you in a room and have you two work it out. I will not have someone cussing or saying things that will lead to people quitting. I understand if you have a problem with someone but still, think of others before you do that. Now this helps, Talk to the person first before doing something and Plot away with them, if you include someone Roleplay character, talk to them about it before you decide to do anything.

                                      ► OOC & Questions
                                      Please no OOC in the Roleplay, this is what the OOC is for. It for you to basically chat and plot with others. Now questions will be placed in the OOC to be answer. Yes All will be answered, that is if there not hard.

                                      ► Moderators

                                      Those who I chose to be Moderators are Law; they keep the balance in the roleplay. They help come up with events and tell me when something bad is happening. Now please understand that if a moderators tells me you did something wrong, I will give you a warning. You only get three warnings. When you hit all three, you are kicked out. No if’s or but’s.

                                      ► Lazy Advance Lit
                                      This is a lazy Advance lit, meaning you don’t need to type up a story book. Three good size paragraphs will settle. If you have writer block please at least dish out two paragraphs. Other than that, I don’t want to see one paragraph. You can type as much as you want if you don’t want to post three paragraphs.

                                      If I have anymore Rules, I will place them up and put up a notice in the OOC.
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                                  Reserve's Form
                                  [size=11]Character Name: First and Last name
                                  Character Age: Spell it out
                                  Character Gender: Male or Female
                                  Character Role : Outsider or Souma (If souma please the name of the role here)
                                  Samples: Just gimme some samples.[/size]

                                  Profile Form
                                  ^ Fill this out and send it to me or just quote me in the OOC. Thank you

                                  OOC & Character Chat
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The God & The Cat

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The Rat & The Dog

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The Tiger & The Ram

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The Rabbit & The Dragon

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The Horse & The Ox

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The Boar & The Monkey

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The Rooster & The Snake

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The Outsider & The Outsider

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The Outsider & The Outsider

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The Outsider & The Spy

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                                          Time: 11:00 am

                                          Day: Monday, 16th

                                          Month: April

                                          Weather: Cool but Rainy. A chance the rain will soon disappear at 3:00pm

                                          Events: Hot Spring trip. Will last Monday - Wednesday.

                                          School: None until I say so!! Or until Alexa say so.
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xxx→ L O V ExM E xxxx → L O V ExM E
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Monster . . .

xxxxxxx T h a t ' s x a l l x I x a s k x f o r
xxxxxx » »XH O WXS H O U L DXIXF E E LX?

              "Hey Tatsuki! You're shift is over, go on home." The manager said.

              Eyes as blue and clear as the sea turned to face the older man who had called out her name, informing her that she could clock out for today and head on home. She didn't say so much as a word to him before she turned to return to cleaning up the counter, grabbing the eight dollars that was left on it as that was her tip money from her last customer. She stuffed it into her apron before she grabbed the bin she placed the dirty dishes and glasses in before taking it into the back to have them be washed up by whoever was on dish cleaning duty today. She made sure to stay away from the men who worked within the kitchen, especially when they were constantly moving about filling out the orders that came in. Once she was done with her business there, she headed into the back where the breakroom was, as well as where she left her jacket. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the small wad of cash she had stuffed in there, all of that merely her tip money for taking such good care of the numerous customers she served last night. Yeah, she had been suckered in to working the night shift, mainly just doing some minor bartending and serving food to the customers who sat at the bar to eat. Tatsuki had been running around like crazy taking care of the customers while trying to avoid making them unhappy as they had to wait for their food; although working night paid better since the men usually get drunk and throw their money at any girl they think looks pretty - not that she thinks she is but if they were stupid enough to throw money at her she would take it. Once she was finished counting her tip money she placed it into the pocket of her pants, letting a sigh escape her as she stood there. She was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to return home and eat, since she had skipped out on dinner and merely snacked on crackers and peanuts when nobody was looking. As she threw her jacket on she looked to see the door open and the manager come walking in. He held out a white envelope to her, saying that it was her paycheck and that she did a great job working yesterday before leaving to return to work.

              Tatsuki merely stood there before looking at the envelope, which she stuffed in the pocket inside her jacket. She'd go and deposit the check tomorrow or something, right now going to the bank was the last thing she wanted to do - not like banks were open anyways this early in the morning. What was today anyways? Friday? No, Saturday? With her mind always on work and such, Tatsuki's days were always confused for the most part. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone, pressing the button on the side so the front screen would light up and tell her the time. Nine-thirty in the morning? Seriously? By the time she would get home she had no doubt that a certain cousin of hers would be there bright and early to greet her like he usually does every day despite the numerous times she had told him to leave her alone. What was with him anyways? He was just as stubborn as her when it came to listening to someone, but why though? Most of the other family members who tried talking to her either got fed up with her attitude and walked away, or she walked away from them and just decided not to chase her. However, there was on persistant family member who often did chase her, the Ox; god how he just annoyed the crap out of her! The Ox, the one male who just always had a habit of bothering her. Masashi, the Ox, always came by to get her to talk to him, and the only family member she didn't scream at and ran away from most of the time. What was with him anyways? Is he hoping to change her and break her from her angry, unhappy self into some bubbly and smiling bimbo? What was the big deal anyways if she smiled or not? It's been years since she smiled; actually she never smiled even as a kid. She was no idiot child oblivious to the fact her parents and her own brother ignored her like she didn't exist, a ghost you could have probably called her back then. She remembered walking about the house, carrying her blanket as she tried to get her own family to talk to her. Her father completely ignored her, leaving the room whenever she walked in. Her mother made up excuses to not spend time with her and often told Tatsuki to go sit in her room. Then there was her big brother Ichiro, the only kid who was near her age she could attempt to play with. Even Ichiro though refused to acknowledge her, yet he was the only one who really looked at her other than Masashi who was one of her brother's friends. His eyes, the same blue eyes as her, would look at her with hundreds of emotions such as confusion, guilt, but mainly she always felt like he was disgusted of her. For having his own sister turn into a kitten when she had gotten so depressed from being all alone in her room.

              Words from the past continue to echo in her mind, years of painful memories always hunting her like they happened just yesterday. Her chest always ached from the memories, especially the ones with her brother. Like any little sibling, she attached herself to her brother who wanted nothing to do with her.

              "Ichiro! Ichiro let me play with you!"

              "Ichiro, now will you play with me?"

              "Big brother? Why...why don't you like me?"

              She was foolish to believe that if she was persistant enough, that maybe she'd finally get her brother to pay attention to her. Sadly, it never worked. Her mother or father always got in the way, telling Tatsuki to leave Ichiro alone and to go in her room. Tatsuki's childhood was never a good one that she could say she would always want to remember. If anything, she'd do anything just to forget the pain that came with those memories. As a child, her father never even acknowledged her as his own child while her mother merely kept quiet most of the time. Still, Tatsuki realized she was closer to her mother than her father and her older brother Ichiro. Ichiro was three years older than her, and really the only kid around her age she could play with since her mother never really took her to the park. Her mother always had her stay inside, and she never understood the things that she told Tatsuki when she explained Tatsuki couldn't hug her own brother or father. She never understood anything, but she remembered wanting to find the answers since curiosity got the better of her at the time. She remembered her brother went out one day to play with some of the other kids, and she had managed to sneak out of the house and followed him. All she wanted as a kid was to make friends her own age, including befriending her own brother for that matter. Her brother was so mad at her when he caught her following him, yelling at her to go back home. Tatsuki was a stubborn kid though, so she had refused even when he grabbed her wrist and tried to drag her back home. Tatsuki realized it was at that moment when her life decided to take a turn for the worse, and that she was probably better off listening to her brother than doing what she ended up doing. She had yelled at her brother and pulled her hand free from his grasp, only to realize that her brother had her beads in his hand. She had accidentally let the beads slid off of her wrist; after that she barely remembered anything since she had somewhat blacked out.

              How long had it been since that day? That day when she could see her own monsterous reflection in her brother's wide and terrified eyes. He had every reason to run and be disgusted of her, but deep down she had hoped that maybe, just maybe, that sibling bond might have helped her brother at least learn to accept her finally instead of continuing to push her away. Hoping that that was obviously too much, and although her fur isn't tainted black, she felt like she was the unluckiest living being in the world. She only wanted to get out and feel what it was like to play with other kids instead of just watching them from her window, and it's sad to sat that it was the first time her brother ever full looked, spoke, and touched her since the day she came home in that pink blanket from the hospital. Despite having no recollection of the moment during her transformation, she could still remember the feeling of her entire body feeling like she was being burned from the inside out, her head throbbing with the aching pain that clouded her vision from being that strong, and her bones cracking as they shifted and mutated into the monster that was the cat's true form. Her fair skin, petite body, and blue eyes were replaced with a grotesque appearance, lanky body, and eyes as red as freshly drawn blood. She barely remembered the transformation, or even transforming back, but when she did she found herself locked in her room yet again with the beads around her wrist. She could hear her parents talking down the hall despite her bedroom door being shut. She never meant any of it, to go and scare her brother or to even transform in front of him. She remembered crying her eyes out until she eventually fell asleep from mere exhaustion from it all. She could remember though the moment she saw her brother, after weeks of him being confined in his room, that one image that would forever be burned into her memory. She remembered how wide her brother's eyes were, how filled they were with horror upon seeing her even as a human. It was the first time Tatsuki had ever transformed into the cat's other form, and the last time she would ever get to be with her brother again. Her brother was terrified of her, and returning home was probably the biggest mistake she made that day. She never meant to let things happen like that, she never meant for it to happen at all. The amount of guilt she felt for letting it happen, for traumatizing her own brother so much that he couldn't even look at her anymore. It killed her from the inside, breaking her already broken heart into tiny pieces that were then crushed with a sledgehammer until those broken pieces were nothing but dust.

              The events that followed after that day only got worse and worse for her, and it was ten times worse because she was still so young. Her mother ended up committing suicide by overdosing herself with medication and by the time she got to the hospital they had informed Tatsuki's father that she was already gone. Tatsuki missed her terribly, since it was her mother after all, however when she found the suicide letter her mother wrote she was heartbroken. The letter written by her mother stated that she couldn't keep living with a child who could turn into such a hideous creature. She remembered holding that letter with shaking hands, eyes stinging with tears and the last hope she had of thinking someone in her family cared about her vanishing. She never thought that words could hurt her the way these words did in a single letter. Her funeral was one of the worst experiences she ever had to go through as a kid, the fact that as she stood there mourning her mother, people were staring her down as if she was a walking disease or better yet, a monster. Nobody dared to even touch her just to console her since she did just lose the woman who brought her into the world. No, Tatsuki was not allowed to have any kind of hope or sympathy from people, not when they believed she was the Grim Reaper who would instantly kill you the moment you placed a hand on her. The funeral took a hard toll on Ichiro, who fell into such a depression that he stopped talking to everyone. However it was probably the worst for Tatsuki's father who couldn't even look at Tatsuki because she looked so much like her mother and yet was the cause of her mother's death. Even after the funeral and she returned home, things remained the same. She would go into her room, and refuse to sleep at night. Why? Because she was afraid of her father, afraid the man would come into her room and try suffocating her in her sleep. Sure she could have tried locking the doors, she didn't think things could get any worse for her, that was until her tenth birthday came around.

              For the years Tatsuki lived with her father, she could tell something was wrong with him but never tried speaking to him since she knew he would do nothing but give her the silent treatment like he had been giving her since the day she was born. Still, she never expected the man to do what he did to her. Tatsuki' father had completely lost it and he attacked Tatsuki one night when she came home from school, trying to choke her to death. His hands wrapped around her neck and squeezed hard like a boa constrictor squeezing the life from its prey. Her father was strong too, so between him and trying to keep him from coming into any physical contact with herself, it was a bit hard for the first few minutes of the attack. Tatsuki however was no stranger to fighting, especially with the numerous fights she was getting into at school during the time with other boys. Yeah, that's right, the boys at school often tried having their way with Tatsuki because they thought she was easy since she had no friends and was often alone. They would keep trying and trying, until eventually they either got scared of her after she beat them, or their pride as a guy was broken and they merely wanted to beat her to regain what they lost. Either way, it was her reason why she hated both school and guys in general. Her father was no different from the boys in school, which made her grateful for taking those classes after her mother had passed. Tired of being the pathetically weak girl people thought they could kick around, she decided to take defense classes for herself. She took karate classes and was trained by her father's friend who owned a dojo, and it was even better because it was a female friend of his, so Tatsuki didn't have to focus about coming into physical contact and changing. She taught Tatsuki how to defend herself and Tatsuki learned how to fight back. So when her father tried choking her to death, she fought back which he never expected. He was blinded with rage and anger and his weapons were anything he could throw at Tatsuki; plates, picture frames, just anything he could pick up with ease. The scars on her arms were reminders of the many glass objects he threw at her, which still burn with the pain she felt upon receiving them that day whenever she returns to those old memories. Despite him trying to kill her, Tatsuki never wanted to fight her father or kill him herself, so she mostly tried blocking him and avoid hitting him. She would not go and prove everyone right about thinking of her as a killer, she would show them wrong. She had tried just about everything in her power to hold back from attacking her father back as her last resort, but whenever she tried to escape he would block her at any cost. It was only until Ichiro returned home that he managed to intervene the fight, holding her father back long enough for Tatsuki to run out of the house. She remembered how badly her body ached from all the cuts and bruises that she had, her body extremely weak. It was a miracle that she didn't transform at that time, but eventually it did give and that entire night she slept out on the streets in her feline form until the next morning. Luckily, nobody saw her when she finally transformed back, so after getting dressed in her slightly torn school uniform that was covered in blood stains and dirt, she made her way home. Of course she was hesitant about entering, but when she finally went inside she heard her father talking and she looked to see he was on the phone. At that time, she had no idea who he had called and it was only until a few hours later that Tatsuki learned he called the orphanage to come and take her away. Tatsuki could still feel the anger she had against her father even after all the years that had passed, and it was his fault why Tatsuki stopped trusting people - that is completely anyways. After Masashi left her as a kid for no explained reason, she shut herself from some people but was a naive young child who foolishly trusted people still despite it all.

              The orphanage was lonely for the ten year old Tatsuki, yet she was lucky that she didn't stay there long. To her surprise, the God of the Sohma family had requested for her to live at the estate. She didn't trust anybody in her family after she was forced against her will to live there, and because of her rebellious behavior it got her locked in a room for months without even being able to step foot from it. Bar were on the windows, the door locked, and the room felt as if it was submerged in an avalanche since it was that cold. Every week someone would come to see if she was ready to give in to behaving the way the God wanted her to be, and every week she tried fighting her way out. She knew what they wanted, for her spirit to break so she would become the weakling she once was that people could step on. She would not go back to that life, and finally she found a way out of her prison. She had waited for one of the male servants to come and bring her food like always, that was until she tried running and like she thought, the servant ended up embracing her and making her transform into a cat. Of course, she allowed herself to be caught and placed back in her room, and once the servant was gone she slipped through the bars of her window and ran with the clothes she had thrown out the window prior to the servant coming. She ran as fast as she could until she transformed back, and for about a week she struggled to survive. She was rather surprised though to one day run into her sensei, who ended up bringing her home to catch up since she had not seen Tatsuki in a while.

              Of course, Tatsuki refused to talk but was surprised to learn that her sensei knew that Tatsuki had been sent to the orphanage. Sayoko Fujishima was her name. Tatsuki remembered how Sayoko told her about how she came to find out, how she had gone to Tatsuki's home after not seeing her for a week to learn that from her father that she was gone. Sayoko had actually gone to the orphanage to find her, but after learning Tatsuki had been adopted and they wouldn't give out the information as to who had adopted her, Sayoko had no leads to go on as to finding a way to find her. Tatsuki's sensei then saw how ill looking Tatsuki was instantly took Tatsuki into her home right away when Tatsuki had mentioned how she ran away. For them to try and find a tabby cat in the city was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so she wasn't worried about the God's servants finding her anytime soon. Tatsuki then started living with her new gaurdian, her step-mother so to say, but the change didn't really change Tatsuki for the better. When Tatsuki returned to school, she got into more and more fights where the teachers began calling Sayoko to inform her of the incidents Tatsuki got herself involved in. The teachers sort of excused Tatsuki though because they pretty much pityed her when Sayoko went and explained everything from Tatsuki's father beating her to being put in an orphanage.

              That didn't help Tatsuki though and it only made her angrier at people, so much that she would ditch her classes and hide in places where she knew people would not bother her. However, Tatsuki was not stupid and oblivious especially when she noticed the amount of stress she was putting on Sayoko. Again that feeling of guilt hit Tatsuki, and the memory of her mother had hit her as well which was all she needed to convince herself that she needed to change. Deep down, Tatsuki was afraid that Sayoko would do the same thing her mother did, something Tatsuki never really wanted to see a repeat of that incident. Her school memories were mainly her tolerating her teachers and classmates up until she was eighteen, when one day she was returning home from her night job and came home to see the police were outside of her home. She had thought that her life was finally getting better for her over the eight years she lived with Sayoko, but once again she was brushed by bad luck. She had thought it was a break in, but never did she expect what was really the reason why the cops were there. Tatsuki had learned that Sayoko had been murdered by a student of hers who held a deep grudge against Tatsuki's step-mother. The cops tried to catch the killer who unfortunately managed to escape, but Tatsuki was angry over the fact that she had lost the one person she finally decided to let in after shutting anyone who tried getting close to her out. What hurt more was the fact Sayoko was killed the week of Tatsuki's eighteenth birthday. Blinded with anger, Tatsuki refused to go home until she found Sayoko's killer. Eventually, after two weeks of searching, she found the guy.

              She could remember the look on his face when he saw her, since he knew damn well that she was Sayoko's student and foster daughter. Tatsuki wanted nothing more than to rip off her beads and become the monster that urged to rip the guy limb by limb. Still, even Tatsuki knew Sayoko wouldn't come back to life if she killed her murderer. Tatsuki laughed when the guy pulled out a gun, the same weapon he used to kill her sensei with. This guy apparently had no idea just how agile a cat was, so dodging bullets was not all that hard for her as she ran at him. It was only when she got close enough to the guy did he finally manage to hit her, right in her left shoulder before she tackled him to the ground. She had both her hands wrapped around the guy's neck, watching as he tried to gasp for air.

              "She did nothing wrong! You should die for killing her! I should shoot you in the head like you did her and see how the ******** you like it!"

              So much anger was built up inside of her as she continued to choke the guy, until finally she stopped and punched the guy in the face, leaving him dazed and confused for a few moments while Tatsuki got up and grabbed the gun. Her fingers were numb from holding the pistol in her hands, her blue eyes covered in a dark veil of hatred as she pointed the gun at the man's face. God how her finger twitched at the urge to just pull the trigger and kill him, and finally the sound of two gunshots went off. Her ears could still hear the painful screams of the guy as he lay there on the ground, blood pouring from the fresh bullet wounds in his legs.

              "You deserve to rot in your guilt for the rest of your life, instead of take the easy way out and have me kill you."

              Tatsuki left once she heard the sirens in the distance; she figured the sounds of gunshots would attract the cops. With the guy arrested finally, Tatsuki could finally go home. Despite being eighteen and being able to live on her own, her home was now tainted with the memories of her foster mother. Sure she could try and get a new place, but she was only eighteen at the time and had no funds to go and get a new place. That's when Tatsuki learned that Sayoko had left everything, the house and her money, to Tatsuki since she never had any children of her own. The house was the only thing Tatsuki had to remember her sensei by, so she decided to live there and hide from the God. Of course, that only lasted for about a year, since the God did eventually find her again but knew she was going to most likely escape again should he try and lock her up at the estates. Of course, with the God finding out where she lived, it wasn't long before other members of her family found out that she was still alive after disappearing for nine years. Most of them thought she died after running away, thinking she wouldn't be able to handle living out in the world when she had no parents to care for her. She didn't need parents, she didn't need anyone for that matter, but that didn't stop her family members to come by and bother her. Did they think they would be able to cheer her up and make her forget twenty years of pain?

              She let out a heavy sigh and looked at the time. She was pretty hungry from not eating, but she wasn't looking forward to cooking this morning. Sure she could grab something now, but she wanted to leave this place now rather than wait for breakfast. Tatsuki was sure she had things that were pretty easy to cook at home, something she could just heat up in the microwave and eat - that is if she wasn't ready to pass out by the time she would get through the front door. She sighed before she pulled her red hair from the short ponytail she had it in, letting it fall loosely before she walked out of the back room and then out of the restaurant. The cold morning air brushed up against her cheeks as she stood there for a moment, groaning at the fact it was raining, before she began walking home. She didn't mind cold weather or snow, it was great weather to give her a reason to curl up in bed and sleep for hours, but rain was a different story. Still, having to walk through it when she was exhausted and ready to just pass out, she wished she brought her motobike now. She had bought the thing with the money her sensei left her, to make it easier to travel than constantly running on foot. Still, to leave it out in the cold rain would most likely ruin in, plus she didn't want to sit on a wet seat the whole ride home.

              Luckily for Tatsuki, there was a shortcut home, one she liked to take whenever she walked to and from work and not ride her bike. The shortcut basically led through the park, which often had beautiful scenery be it in spring, summer, fall, or winter. As she walked however, the wind picked up a bit which caused Tatsuki to stop in her tracks. She wiped some of the rain off of her face and groaned loudly now, honestly hating the rain even more. Her face was pale though and her body grew sluggish, making the poor girl look like she was ready to pass out any second. What time was it anyways? Carefully she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone, flipping the little phone open to see the screen and the time which read 10:15AM in big numbers and letters. What the hell? It was already that long since she left her job? She knew it was because of the rain making her all sluggish and slow that it was taking her forever to get home. Seeing the time however, now she was wasting no time getting home. She stumbled a bit as she walked, panting a bit from the cold air burning her lungs a bit as she breathed. As she came to the street her house was located on, she nearly fell as she quickly dodged a wave that nearly splashed all over her as a car came speeding down the road and drove into the large puddle. "********] Tatsuki muttered, glaring at the car as it turned at the corner before she continued walking.

              Finally she had made it home, digging for her house key upon arriving at the front door of her house finally. Quickly she headed inside, shutting the door behind herself before she hung up her jacket and removed her shoes at the front door. Thankfully her house was warm, which meant her bed must be just as warm. The cat didn't hesitate to race upstairs and into her room, quickly stripping off her work clothes and throwing them into the laundry basket before replacing them with her night wear clothes, which was a simple pair of black baggy sweatpants and a light gray tank top. Once she was dressed she hopped into bed, pulling the blanket up to where it covered half her face. She could only hope and pray that her cousins would leave her the ******** alone today and let her sleep, otherwise she'd be seriously pissed off if she was disturbed right now. However, the poor cat was unable to sleep at all now that her stomach was beginning to growl at her and give her hunger pains. Now would have been a perfect time to have a genie and wish for the food to be in her room so she didn't have to get up. She sighed deeply and threw the covers off, knowing that there was no way she would be able to sleep with her stomach growling the way it was. Slowly she headed back downstairs and into the kitchen, her face still pale even though she was no longer out in the cold. She rubbed her eyes and covered her mouth as she yawned as she dung through the fridge. She didn't have the urge to cook, so instead she grabbed the gallon of milk she had and a bowl from the cabinet before finding the box of cereal. Cereal didn't require cooking, and it had milk in it which was Tatsuki's favorite. Being the cat and all, she had a lot of feline qualities from a cat's appetite to their agility - just don't expect her to land on her feet if she jumped off a building rooftop.

              With the bowl of cereal in hand she made her way back upstairs, very very slowly. She wondered now if it was even worth getting food due to the exhaustion she was enduring at the moment. She shut her bedroom door as she entered her room, sitting on her bed before she began eating. She was in no hurry to eat and once she finished she looked at the time, which read 11:00AM on the clock. Seriously? Where was the time going today? The only thing she wanted to do today was hide in her bed and sleep the day away.

The { e x i s t e n c e } of the CAT is our s a l v a t i o n . . . She's a M O N S T E R even { u g l i e r } than we are, I N F E R I O R to e v e r y t h i n g

L o c a t i o n Work to Home ¤ M o o d Exhausted and weak ¤ T h i n k i n g ❝I hate the rain...make it go away....❞

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                        CANDICE MAY ADAMS

                              Candice lay in bed with her eyes wide open staring at her ceiling. Her hair sprawled on her pillow and her arms and legs spread out. She looked like a star. She was being ridiculously lazy this morning. She was glad that she had today and tomorrow off. She loved working at the pet shop but, she needed a break. It's been her first couple days off in a while. She needs the money so she barely ever asks for a day, and covers for other people as much as she can. She looked over at her window, the sun rays coming in slightly through her bright pink curtains. It didn't seem like it would be all that great of a day, but she had the hotsprings to go to today. She looked up at the ceiling once more. "Time to get up Candice." She said to herself. "I have things to do today." She sighed. Her motivational techniques weren't working considering she was still laying in bed. She decided to look around her room, to find something that would make her want to get up. She had a small desk next to her one window. It was black, but no one could really tell considering it was covered in papers. A small tin can tipped over spilling papers out was her garbage. She focused on it for a moment. Duh, I have to clean. She sighed and sat up in bed, her flowy tank top barely clinging to her body was the color of the sky. Her shorts were covered with the many friends of Hello Kitty. She looked at the floor. Tile. She hated it, it was always so cold in the morning. She pulled out some slippers from under her small twin sized bed. Slipping them on she stood and stretched, her arms above her head and her back arched back. A yawn escaping her mouth. She walked over to her desk and went through the papers, deciding which were important and which weren't. Her desk looked a little better. Then she got lazy again.

                              "C'mon Candice, wake up already!" She argued with herself. She stretched touching her toes. As a former cheerleader she was very flexible and wanted to keep it that way. So she was always stretching. She put one leg on her bed and bent to the side stretching like a ballerina. She then did the other side. She was finally waking up. Her stomach growled, and a grin grew on her face. She looked down at her tummy. "Time for fooooood!" She said happily. She loved to eat, and today she would go out to eat breakfast. She hadn't done that in a while. She ran to her bathroom and turned on the shower. She turned on her radio and smiled as her music played. Her favorite songs lately have been from One Direction. She was quite embarrassed about it, so the only person that knows was Chihiro. She danced her way to her room and grabbed some underwear and a bra and made her way back to the bathroom. She sang along with the song 'Everything About You'. She danced off her pajamas and hoped into the shower. Her shower lasted longer than she expected simply because she was singing more than bathing. She almost went through half of the CD when she realized it was probably time to get out. She wrapped a towel around her self. She brushed her teeth and then put on her underwear and bra. She then danced to her room and sang along to the music as she did everything she needed. She cleaned off her desk and made her bed, put shoes back in her closet and put clothes that were on the floor in her hamper.

                              When she was done she stood with her hands on her hips. Looking at the clothes in her closet. She had so many bright things in there. She bit her bottom lip and then frowned. "So many decisions!" She had such a big habit of talking to herself. She often got caught and thought of as weird. She walked over to her closet and decided on a long sleeve white shirt. She then slipped on some black leggings, blue denim shorts. She knew it was raininng today so for safety precautions, she put on light pink rain boots and grabbed an umbrella. She then grabbed her wallet and the keys to her car. She almost left with out her cell phone, but slipped it into her pocket after pulling it off the charger. She had her pink hair in a bun on her head and left out the door. She waved at the people she passed in the halls of her apartment building. They waved back and some even said good morning to her.

                              As she exited the building she walked over to her car, which was parked in the lot specifically for people who lived in the building. She unlocked her old black car and got in, shutting the door. She turned the key in the ignition and decided it was time to head to the coffee shop in town. She had heard about it from people in her building and decided that was where she would head. She backed out of the parking lot, turning on the radio, she drove into the street. It was rainy out today, she liked the rain. She reached and intersection, it was her turn to go but had to stop short as a van decided it would go before her. She glared and stuck her tongue out at the car, as the man swore at her. She continued on her way to the coffee place. She parked and got out grabbing her wallet and her keys. She remembered that she had made plans with Akiko to go together to the hot springs and decided she should get home and fix up her place before going. Yes, she had her own car, but she really wanted to go with Akiko. Plus Akiko can't talk so who was better to go with her other than her.

                              She got back in her car and began driving back home. It was easier this time, no cars beeping and yelling at her. It was a nice day. She turned into her parking lot and ran up the stairs once again. She was getting really tired of all of this. However now that her stomach was full she would have enough energy to pack properly. She looked around for her duffel bag. Once she found it she grinned and ran over to pick it up, only to end up tripping. She giggled at herself, glad that no one had seen her fall. She unzipped it and began to look around for somethings to wear. She brought a million shorts and tank tops, an extra pair of sneakers and flip flops and then another bag for shirts and hoodies. She was a girl in fact and even though they were staying for only two nights. She was going to bring half of her closet. When she was done she flopped onto her bed and sighed. She took out her phone and decided it was time to tell her bestie that she was ready.

                              To: Akiko
                              I am so ready for this trip >:{D>
                              How about you?
                              Well I am all set to go.
                              When are you coming to get me? : 3

                              She closed her phone and closed her eyes. "This is going to be awesome." She said with a sigh before she sat up and went to her bathroom. She had almost for got her tooth brush and deodorant and brush. Once she squeezed those in her bag she grabbed them. Getting anxious, because Candice gets over excited. She decided to head down the stairs and wait there. To tackle her friend when she gets here. Or her bodyguard. Who ever is in front. She grinned, her eyes were wide with excitement and her smile just screamed how happy she was. Then again, Candice was always happy and excited, but today, it was easier to see. She was looking forward to this more than anything.


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Place:Home to Hayate to waiting in the car Thinking:I hope this trip goes well, without him asking who is a zodiac and can he see them. With:No one

                                        Staring up at the wooden ceiling for what seem like five minutes of nothing but staring at that ceiling; young Yueoki wasn’t in a very good mood this morning due to him finding out he has to wear a kimono to the Hot springs. Just to please his mother and the people at the hot springs. Turning to his side to look at the door when heard a knock on the door; letting out a sigh as he closed his eyes. “Come in!” he shouted as he heard the door click before hearing footsteps come inside his room. “It time to get ready Sir.” Woman voice announces to him before finally opening his eyes. He stared at the maid with golden brown hair and green eyes, she wore what all the maids wore a black and white dress. Something his mother picked out before she stopped living here. Sitting up in his bed and finally standing up, to show off his shirtless body and a pair of black boxers. He noticed the maid plush before clapping her hands, making other maids appear and begin to dress him up in the kimono. The next thing he knew, his mess hair was fixed up and a flower placed in his hair.

                                        Yueoki cursed under his breath as they left him alone to stare at himself in the mirror for a moment; before picking up his phone. He needed to contact Hayate and tell him to get ready. He hated being late to a family trip. He was never late unless something bad happen and he had to be there instead of the place he needed to be. Taking a deep breath while scanning his phone for Hayate as well as a family member Bekkah; he had to warn her that she had to be on her behavior or else. He stop when he found Hayate number and began a text for him.

                                        To: Hayate Baker
                                        From: Yueoki Souma
                                        Subject: Ready!!!
                                        Msg: I hope you’re ready? I’m on my way now.

                                        He pressed send before scroll down his phone and clicking on Bekkah number. Smiling just a bit as he text her about what she needed to do.

                                        To: Bekkah Souma
                                        From: Yueoki Souma
                                        Subject: Behave!
                                        Msg: Listen, you will behave around my friend since I have plans for him. But don’t be late getting to the hot Springs.

                                        After hitting the send button and closing his phone, he slipped it into his kimono and walked out of his room. The hall way was cleared of people other than at the end of the hallway where the door was, maids where standing straight. They were waiting to bow as he left but Yueoki only walked passed them to get outside. He hated to wait for them to bow for him. As the car door was held open for him as he slip in with sigh as he felt his bottom hit the cold seat. “Hurry up, I want to get to Hayate and on the road already.” He said to the driver as the door was shut. When he was far away from his house; he rip out the flower in her hair and made his hair a bit messy again before throwing the flower on the car floor. Turning the air on as well as the T.V. to see was on. He noticed that the new was on, which meant his mother was using his car again. “What could be so interesting on T.V.?” He asked himself as he switched it to a drama show out of boredom.

                                        It didn’t take long to make it to Hayate house and him not getting out of the car meant he would have the driver honk. “Honk three times and he should come out.” Akiko shouted as he scooted over to the other side for Hayate to sit. He looked out the open window that he just open even if it was raining outside, he didn’t seem to care. ‘I hope this trip goes well, without him asking who is a zodiac and can he see them.’ He thought before leaning back and watching the T.V.

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▶ ▷Bekkah Souma◀ ◁

                                                    Bekkah awoke to a maid opening up the large maroon colored curtains that shaded the window. She turned away from the light, she could hear the rain patting on her window. She groaned. "Are you serious!" Her maid jumped and looked at the dark hair girl. She went over to the girls side "Do you need anything ma'am?" Bekkah just looked at her and sighed. She threw her legs over one side of her bed and yawned stretching her arms and back. "Run my bath please." She said, more polite than she had ever done before. She was in a good mood for the most part. Ready to head over to the springs with her family. Her best friend Yueoki would be there and with him she felt safe. She stood from her bed, she was only wearing a sports bra and some basket ball shorts. She began to head over to her vanity to see how she was looking this morning. She was looking terrible. Her hair was knotted and she looked tired. Her room was large and contained many things. She had a large wardrobe that held some of her dresses. She had a walk in closet that held all the rest over he clothes. It was very large, it contained even a couch within it. She walked over to her dresser and grabbed a pair of panties and a bra.

                                                    "Your bath is ready mistress." She always had them call her that. It made her feel as though she were royalty. She smiled and nodded at the middle aged woman that had ran her bath. She walked across her room to he bathroom and the woman left, hoping nothing else would be needed. She closed the door behind her and began to undress. She then got in the tub. She relaxed for a moment, enjoying the luxury that her father could provide her. She closed her eyes, then heard the ringing of her phone. It was a text message. She finished her bath and began to dry herself off. She slipped on her underwear and then wrapped her head in a towel. She sughed, easily getting annoyed. "Can I not be in a rush please!?" She said as she walked over to her phone. She picked it up to see who had messaged her and smiled. It was Yueoki. She read it and frowned. He was bringing a guest. A person outside the family...

                                                    Her stomach dropped and she began to feel sick. He knows of her fear and once again she felt betrayed. She loved him though and would let it pass. She hoped he wouldn't mind her staying at his side the whole time, as she did with her father when she was not comfortable. She put the phone down. She would reply later, there was no rush to answer him now. "Just breathe Bekkah." She said to herself. She took a deep breath then released it. She couldn't really handle being around outsiders out of fear of being rejected, but if Yueoki is letting him come, he must be trust worthy. She nodded and began to fry her hair thoroughly before throwing the towel on her bed. She yelled for a maid to come in. "Yes mistress?" Bekkah smiled a rather sly smile. "Are all the things I need packed?" She asked, it was more like a demand. The maid nodded, most were scared of speaking. They never knew if what they would say would anger her. "Ok good. You can leave now" the maid was about to leave but then Bekah stopped her. "Wait, double check and then put them in the limo." The maid bowed and left.

                                                    Bekkah stood in her underwear as she looked at her closet. She really did not want to put much effort into her outfit today so she just grabbed some lazy clothes. Then she went over to her vanity and began to comb her hair. She smiled when she got it to look perfect and then went back over to her phone. She re-read the text and was hurt.

                                                    To: Yueoki
                                                    I promise to be on my best behavior.
                                                    Are you sure I can trust him?
                                                    You know how nervous I get.

                                                    Yes, Yueoki was the only person that Bekkah could trust with her fears. He was her first friend and so he meant everything to her. There was a knock at her door. "Yes?" She said hoping it was her father. Instead however it was the maid. "Your limo is ready." Bekkah nodded, a little disappointed that her dad was too busy to see her go. "Alright." She said as she stood. The maid came to her side, rubbing her back to console the disappointed girl as they walked. he may have been bossy, but they knew how she was deep down and tried to bring it out always. The maid opened and umbrella as they walked out of her large home. She looked back at it as if she were never to see it again. She sighed and got into the limo, the door shut and they were now on their way.

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Place:Candice home Thinking:nothing With:Kuji

                                        Music could be heard from small golden and white music box, which was sitting on a white dresser. Next to the dresser was a queen size bed cover in stuff animals, such as bears, dogs, rabbits and chibi people with the stuff animals were white pillows covered in cherry blossom prints. In the middles was an eighteen year old girl curled up in a ball hugging her white husky dog; who kept licking her in her face over and over. She giggled a bit as he kept looking her cheek before getting up when he heard a whistle from a person he knew. The young teen sat up to see her body guard, smiling at her dog as he petted him on the head. “Akiko, time to get up now,” Kuji said with a smile as he leaded the dog out of the room. “Hurry and get dressed so you can have breakfast.” He said before leaving the room while shutting the door behind him. Akiko smiled brightly as she threw the blankets off to the side and slipped off her bed and into her light blue house slippers.

                                        Akiko walked over to her double door closet and open it to show a lot of close before walking inside while running her finger on the clothes she was looking at. Soon she picked out a peach color dress with a pink ribbon place under the chest area. After that she slipped off her pajama’s and slipped the dress on before grabbing a pair of peach flats and rain boots. Walking out of her closet as she slips a pair of tights on as she placed her shoes on her bed. Looking over at the suitcases she had already ready, it contains her laptop, cell phone charger, clothes, medicine and her manga art job folder. When she was finally dressed with her rain boots on her feet, she walked over to her desk to see an unfinished love scene she started on before picking it up and shoving it into her side bag. In her bag she had her cell phone, pair of peach flat shoes and her paper work. No one knew but Candice about her secret job, being the famous manga book artist called Kimo Nao. Sadly the next book she was doing had to have a bit of Romance, something she not really good with, do to being lonely most of her life.

                                        Rolling her eyes as she slide the bag over her shoulder and skipped over to her door; opening it only to find her Maid Katie. Signing with her hands to tell Katie something about her suitcases ‘Tell the driver to put my suitcase in the car’. She smiled at her as she skipped passed her down the long hallways before taking a turn down the stairs and into the entrance hall. Living in a huge house wasn’t easy, since Akiko was alone in the house while her father was away. Right now being invited to the hot springs with Candice was a good idea. She shooked her head as she eyed the pop-tart on the dining room table. Walking over and picking it up and taking a small bite from it as she felt her phone vibrate as well as hearing the piano tune for it; reaching into her bag and tapping her screen to see who it was. It was Candice, her silly message made her laugh as she hit the message button to reply back.

                                        To: Candice
                                        From: Aki
                                        Msg: I’m excited to.
                                        We will be there soon t o pick you up, I’m heading out the door now.

                                        Pressing the send button and shoving her phone back into her bag before biting her pop-tart as she walked out of the dining room. When she noticed Kuji outside the door holding an Umbrella for her, she smiled brightly before skipping over to the door and stepping under the umbrella. Kuji slowly leads her towards the car and allowed her to get the Limo before slipping in himself while shutting the door behind him. He whistles for Celestal to lay down, the poor dog lay in the floor board while Kuji told the driver to go. One thing Akiko knew was Celestal hate car rides that took too long, but Akiko wanted to bring him so he won’t be alone at home. Taking a deep breath as it only took thirty minutes to get to Candice play and soon as they arrive, Kuji stepped out first and let Akiko stay in the care with the door open. He was checking for her safety and stuff but to Akiko, friends were more important. “Candice where are you! We are going to be late.” He shouted.
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                        CANDICE MAY ADAMS

                              Waiting was something that Candice could never do. She was thinking of all the amazing things her and Akiko and she figured Kuji would do at the springs. She honestly couldn't wait. She remembered that when she told her mom about it the other night, well she was scared. She kept reminding Candice of things to bring. She made sure to tell Candice over fifteen times, not to drown. Candice couldn't help but laugh when her mother had told her that. Candice may have been clumsy, and couldn't do a lot of things, such as: riding a bike, and swimming. She was better at other things though. As she sat there waiting for the text she took out her ipod. She loved to sing, however her neighbors often found her weird for doing it in public. She began to play her songs. How she loved one direction. She couldn't understand it either, she figured it was because back when she was smaller she loved N'sync. They were her favorite boy band and well, one direction reminded her of them. She played her music, swaying side to side on the steps that lead to the front door. When suddenly her phone vibrated, making her jump and hit her hand against the way. "Ow." She whispered to herself. She smiled at her friends message.

                              To: Akiko
                              Awesome can't wait
                              I'll be waiting.

                              She sent the text and sat there, even more eager then before simply because the time to go was coming closer. She would be with her best friend in only a few minutes. they hung out constantly, but when she wasn't around Candice felt a little empty. Like something was missing, and she figured it was Akiko who made her feel complete. She stood up and began to pace around the small hall at the bottom of the steps. It was stairs leading to a hall and the hall led to the front door. She looked at the plain white walls and thought for a while that they were so boring. Then after a couple minutes of that she was attacked by a spider. Ok, she wasn't attacked but it came out of know where. Candice was walking down the hall when huge, well it was small, spider was there staring at her from the wall. Candice screamed and fell backwards onto the floor, feeling that her life was threatened. She began to back away and felt her heart race. She looked at the front door and then the spider.

                              "No it's too far." She said to herself. She closed her eyes for only a moment and when she opened them, the spider was gone. Her heart began to race and sweat began to form on her palms. Her face was covered in fear. She stood and started walking around frantically. "Where did it go?" She said to her self. "Oh gawd where did it go?" Here eyes were wide and she took this chance to make it toward the front door. Then she remembered her bags were back on the steps. She sighed and went back there only to find the spider on her duffel bag. "Oh your stealthy." She said squinting her eyes at the small hairy bug. She took over her boot and threw it at the spider. She also screamed in the process. How was no one hearing her and coming to her rescue? She looked at her bags and picked them both up. She heard Kuji call her. She grinned and began to jog over to the door.

                              She was only a few feet away when suddenly. It all happened in slow motion. "Oh hey Ku--" She began to see the floor coming closer to her face with every second. She had tripped over her bag and was coming to the floor. The strap of her bag some how around her foot, her eyes clenched shut. When it was all over she opened her eyes.There on the floor, was the spider she tried to kill earlier. She sat up quick and scooted away from the beast. "Kill it!" She screamed using her bag as a sheild. "Kuji! Why are you just standing there?" She screamed. "Kill it!" She said again. Her blue eyes were wide with fear once again, and stray hairs began to fall from the bun on her heard, her heart was pounding as her life was once again threatened by the tiny creature.


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xxxxxxxxxx████x█████████████xxx██████████████████x██ KEEP GIVING ME HOPE FOR A BETTER DAY
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkeep giving me love to find
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA WAY
                                          "OH, HOW CAN I GO ON?"
                                          "OH, HOW CAN I GO ON?"
                                          "OH, HOW CAN I GO ON?"
                                          "OH, HOW CAN I GO ON?"
                                          "OH, HOW CAN I GO ON?"
                                          "OH, HOW CAN I GO ON?"

                                  XXNothing's going right
                                  xxxxxxxxxthe shadows took the light
                          I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO SAY, "EVERYTHING'S OKAY"

                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHeaven knows I need a little hope for a BETTER DAY
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI gave my hope to you
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWELL, NOW I NEED IT BACK
                                  oh, how do I go on? xxx████████x███x
                                  xxxxxxxsometimes I need a little sunshine
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsometimes I need you
                                  xxxxxxxxxxxHOW DO I GO ON?

                                  xxxI see now everything's okay

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          This was such a good sleep. Such a wonderful, good, deep sleep. So good, in fact, he never wanted to wake up again. It was dreamless, yes, but that didn't make it any less wonderful and any less restful. He had gone to bed a bit late the night before, having stayed up to finish a project that was due the day after they were scheduled to get back so he had decided to finish it beforehand. Suddenly, a loud shriek tore through his wonderful sleep.

          With a low groan, the half smacked his hand around his bedside table until he found the source of the screech; his alarm clock. He turned it off, then rolled over onto his side, stuffed his face back into his pillow and went right back to that wonderful sleep. He didn't want to get up. No way. Thoughts of hot springs, and fun vacation time didn't even occur to him as he slept on, completely oblivious. Not even the idea of an upset Yueoki or girls could wake him up. However, about an hour later, he was once again jarred from his sleep by a low buzz. He opened his eyes groggily, moving the pillow and staring up at the ceiling blankly before groaning, stretching out his arms above his head before reaching over to the bedside table once again and flipping open his phone. He rubbed his eyes for a minutes, trying to make sense of the words.

          Then he froze as it all came back to him. The hot springs trip!!!! He sprung up, fumbling with the covers, feeling his face pale when he saw that it was almost nine in the morning; two hours AFTER he was supposed to wake up!! And Yeuoki was ON HIS WAY, and Hayate hadn't even packed!!!! He stumbled out of bed, rushing to the shower, getting his toothbrush and toothpaste on the way, planning on killing two birds with one stone. After both brushing his teeth and getting himself clean, he quickly dried off, hair still dripping, putting on some jeans, a white t-shirt, and a blue hoodie, he dug his suitcase out of the closet, throwing whatever clothes he thought he needed into it, making sure to include his toothbrush, toothpaste, and hairbrush. He didn't even know WHAT he was putting into the suitcase other than those three things because all he knew he was supposed to be packed YESTERDAY and he had to go!!!

          Hayate dashed through the house with his suitcase in tow, hopping on each foot as he tried to put on his sneakers while rushing to the door and finally stumbles outside, seeing Yueoki's car already there... and for who knows how long. He swallowed, staring at it sheepishly before rubbing the back of his neck, approaching the vehicle, then bends down and waves to Yeuoki apologetically, mouthing, "H-Hey..."

          o o c ; ;
          Sorry for the shortness. @ ^ @;;;;
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      location : at home; in Kaname's room
      with : a giant purple people eater. No, I'm waiting for Kaname to wake up.
      thoughts : I think I loaded the water guns.

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              Shunjyo smiled. For the first time in a long time, Shunjyo opened his eyes from a deep sleep, greeting the ceiling with an energetic grin. The last time was over a year ago, when he had his friends stay overnight and he drew moustaches and penises on their sleeping faces. When they woke up, they chased Shun around the house and through the woods early in the wintry day for at least an hour, still dressed in their boxers. Today, however, was even better. Shun, Kaname and the others were going on a trip to the Sohma family hot springs. Hot springs meaning water. Water meaning water fight, to Shun. Still smiling, he turned his head to the pink alarm clock on the bedside table to his left. It was an electric alarm clock, and it was originally a sleek black in color, but to match his pink bedsheets, his pink pillowcase, his pink rug, and many of his other pink possessions, it was airbrushed with pink. He simply couldn't get a pink alarm clock, because this one was special. It read 10:59 am in bright red. The lack of sunlight through his window didn't exactly help in guessing the time, and the patter of the rain was already taking its effect on Shun. He wasn't even a minute awake and he was already starting to feel lazy. Grumbling, he pulled his covers over his head and tucked himself into a cocoon before rolling to the right over his bed. Just as he fell with a heavy thump, the numbers on the alarm indicated it was eleven and an obnoxiously loud siren, as if their house was going to be hit by a nuclear bomb, rang, consuming the room in its fury. Shun waited for a good whole minute, head faced down, still tucked in his cocoon, until the alarm assumed he'd hit snooze, as if it was possible to sleep through its psychotic calls, and stopped crying. That's what made his alarm clock priceless.

              After the siren had stopped, Shun slowly wriggled out of his cocoon and onto his pink rug. "If you haven't woken up, Kaname, which is highly unlikely after hearing my charming alarm clock," Shun yelled, although it was muffled under the blanket. "I'll come in there and wake you myself." Whatever expression he had just a few minutes ago was now gone and in its place was an apathetic frown. He yawned as he got on his feet and started stretching. Humming, he stretched his legs, arms, and neck, mentally counting. After half a minute, he walked to into his bathroom and brushed his teeth and tongue with his pink toothbrush. Checking if his pink towel was hung by the shower, he removed his boxers and t-shirt before stepping into the shower. Shun gasped as the first arrows of cold water sprayed him. He always hated it, hated waiting for it to warm up, and it was especially bad in the winter where he had to let it run for a good two minutes before it was "safe." There were few things he disliked about being a Sohma, but the issue that bothered him the most was living in seclusion. School was far away, jobs were limited and even though the house he and Kaname shared was large and nice, their neighbors (excluding their relatives) lived very far away, if you could even call them neighbors. Shun wanted to live in the city, but no, one wrong bump from the opposite gender and the family secret would be revealed. With a sigh, Shun finally relaxed under the hot shower, and moved his attention to more contemporary topics. Did I load the guns? He thought as he tried to remember the previous day. He didn't even pack them in his bag yet, or anything for that matter. His empty pink duffel bag was still lying on the chair by his desk like it was yesterday, because he was too tired from work to even move as soon as he'd hit the bed. Shun wasn't obsessed with the color pink. Despite his eccentric hair color, green wasn't his favorite. No, it was pink, and for as long as he could remember, he always found the color beautiful and friendly. Not the bright, hot, neon shade of pink that always hurt Shun's eyes if he looked at it for too long, but the soft kind of pink. That's why if you ever looked inside Shun's room or his locker, you'd stereotypically doubt it even belonged to a guy.

              After five minutes in the shower, Shunjyo stepped out, grabbed his towel, which he messily wrapped around his waist and rushed to Kaname's room, chest bare and hair still clumped together and dripping as he left his bedroom and crossed the hallway to his housemate's room. Without a warning, he burst into her room. "If you don't wake up right now, I'll..." He tried to think of something to hold against her, but could only come up with, "I'll start singing!" He grinned. He wasn't really strict about the time, heck, he found it amazing that he woke up before his own beloved alarm, but he did want to make sure she was going to keep her word and come with him to the trip. Although she wasn't on good terms with their other relatives, she was still the girl Shun became best friends with, or that's as much as he could remember. He loved her and valued her as if she was his own organ, but he always convinced himself that she would be the only family he had, a sibling. "Come on, I'm starving. Let's eat then leave for the springs!" Shun sneezed as he stood under her doorway half-naked in his towel.

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