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Katsuro remarked with a confused frown ,''what do you mean by the birds and the bees talk.....since when did insects go along with aviary creatures....that eat them....and any parts of the body involving what you describe are a variable I'm still researching....test subjects are easy to find......and boy is a generic term for xy built specimens....,''!! Then Katsuro finished the tea off ,''what is the meaning in this nonsense anyways.....,''!.

Tatsuraku coughed up a bit, saying ,''hmmmm how boring....you treat it like a simple sport that means little since mating is simply a thing it isn't what is important in the act of doing it .......what no I'll ask you straight up do you even like all these good men that are courting you...and have one in particular who is very loyal from your young age to present when I couldn't be there do you care to take one at your choice or....are they all just variables to you to be used and not considered as something more.... are you simply not sure what your doing....or can you see through your science and open your eyes to what I'm implying.....or do you genuinely have nothing but cold shoulders for them yet you carry Cat-2 as if they can be warm..............,''!! They had to be hard here and make their long statement since Mel was playing good cop .

Katsuro headed for the door, responding with their head back ,''an immortal cannot have a lover nor live in a warm place for too long because I'll far out live any place or person....it would be a curse to have children and see them live and die constantly I do not wish to make happy memories only to have them turn cold......I do not wish to make the rain any colder for somebody or myself anymore than it already is.....,''!! They opened the door, speaking ,''Tenohira let us go.....I desire the use of the showers here....I've hurt a lot of people because I'm bad luck I do no wish to cause anymore and I do not want to lead anyone on since the truth is painful for them and it isn't something I should tell people that I well you know.....momma......papa....leave it be....there is no room for delusions to fill my head with that it would work out..,''!! They headed out into the streets, having Tenohira sigh an Onee. They soon stumbled after though.

Tatsuraku sighed, crossing their arms. Saikata was let out of the shadows. He grunted a bit, but he closed his eyes with a smile, heading to the window and balcony, having given up ,''thanks for trying to help.....but it wouldn't work out right....sorry.....for all this trouble it is cold enough I'm just gonna worsen it for her.....a stray isn't a good ending with a homebody person like me or you.....but in my soul I really think it would work out some how but in the end you can have many delusions......,''!! Then he was opening the doors, finding Tatsuraku sigh Saikata does this mean your giving up on working at it ,''yeah.....the truth is as Katsuro just said....protecting ourselves from the nonsense that comes with such a life we would have as lovers is for the best......but I don't want accept that...,''!! He squeezed the railings, finding the truth hard to swallow ,''the truth doesn't change how I feel though...this sucks.......I should go after them but what can I say to change that kind of rainy outlook.,'!!


Zaphira flicked the nose of the old lady ,''your in the wrong time should I send you back.....it might be a little disconcerting to be here out of time like this....I could help....,''!! They soon took a step forward, heading for the Ernest stead. Zakimura sonido down, stepping up alongside Aikagi, remarking young boy do not let them get a lead on you. Aikagi shook his head, grabbing Zaphira's hand ,''ohhh your going to lead us there.......Aikagi...to the Ernest hold up..,''! A bit surprised and red faced by his sudden candor. They were soon joined by Aizu next, remarking Daimo-san I'll accompany you to ,''chi.....you will your all going to suffocate me with such a big crowd.....alright though just put some clothing on...,''!!.

Aizu was in a swim trunks and a unzipped open sweater with sandals. He hobbled along, slapping clothing on. Zakimura remarked ,''igloo for brains aren't you......and where did you pull that clothing from just now.....,''!! Zakimura huffed and gritted his teeth a bit, asking ,''and why didn't you fill up the ice bins at Ruken's manors....you have ice powers but when we need them your not around...yet when your not wanted and in a birthday suit here you are.....baka the daimo isn't your shift today....but oh well mine neither I was helping Master Aikagi....here...,''!! Aizu rubbed his neck with a slight chuckle sorry I tend to do that don't I and with what. Then Zaki sighed ,''your not one to ask as you were crushing over Mikito-hi before Rosemary came along...your no better than a sailor....like 21....your advice would be a train wreck stick to fights and snow men ..,''!! Aizu chuckled a bit more your in a mood today aren't you.

Royal Shower Floor.....

Distortion had a bucket of supplies. And they relaxed, waiting to shower since they promised to hold on for a buddy. They sighed ,''taking forever aren't you......slow shinigami I want to spend all day in here...the winter is gross....,''!!
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Annabel eyes somewhat glased over, "Considering how long people around her live, I'm still a kid." she grunted she sighed "Wait time to go where?" she asked

Rosemary rubbed her head knowing that her out burst was dew to her being pregnant but that just made her feel worse. So now she was mad at herself and that made her throw the 10 pound disk she had like a friz-be into the wall of the storage shed so that it was stuck in the wall. Which intern made her show her darker pirate side.

Lilac saw this and went pail. "Okay I do need to talk." she thought to herself So once she got closer to her mom she daired going over. "Uh.... Mom..... I... I'm sorry for making you mad.... but uh..... I...it mite not be a good idea for you to be out here on the training feald..... you made a weight disk stick to a wall. Maybe we should go home and make you some tea.... or some rum." she said hesitently though trying to get out of training.

Rosemary sighed "Maybe that would be a good idea...." she said
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Medical ward...
Kyoku sighed. She hadn't been meaning to upset her. She spoke gently and calmly. "and that is why we are making a big deal out if it honey. No one wants to see their kid end up in the hospital. But no one, even me, wants to see their kid in a mourg. You'r mom is only human. You are half human. She really does worry about you more tjan you know. Now comin, to the showers. I imagin you would like to have one and some fresh clithrs, right? Thats were we are headed. Besides, i rather you be clean. The test we set up is to see how well your heart is pumping. Besides, afterwards, we can get some food, ok? If you like we can have your mom join us during testing."

On the wsy to ernest pad..
Shimi laughed. "don't be silly, young miss. I was merely asleep till recently. Sending me back would just mess things up is all. And a talking dog? Hmm hmm,your kinda cute. How about i adopt you as well? Hahaha."

Ernest monnor..nananananana melodi..nana tatsuraku..
Melodi sighed and walked out to the balkony. Seeing sai she stood next ti him and lit up a smoke. "what're you waiting for? Go get her and show her that her immortality and love wont bring bad memories. Kid..my wife is immortal. Sure, she may outlive me, but those memories wont be painful. No..those memories will be long lasting followef by the family that we have. Our wonderful children and hopefully grandchildren as well. Including my adopted kids. So..in the end..she may havd the wrong mindset but that could quickly change. She's never had a relationship, much less mated. So i imagine while she won't outright say it, she's thinking quite a bit in all of this. So..go. go and get her before you loose her for good."

Shower fun time!?
Popping up from the shadows rei chuckled. Already undressed.she had left work early to meet her in the royal shower room. "what about being late? Sigh..if only a smidjet late, i still came. Eh blame the computers. Jr was taking his sweet time fixing them and i had to register. Oh well. Heh..so..who scrubs who first? Oh hey, did you here that the daimo is handing out disnyland passes? Heheh, i'd say lets rent one of the castle rooms."
Saikata sighed, but he smiled ,''I'll try but Katsuro is not the best listener....and I'll find a good spot to confront and speak to her.......I have to try it is the only thing a loyal fella should do...........I can't go into a shower though you pervert.....,''!! They scowled at Melody ,''and avatars mate with tendrils like in some bad japanese hentai game right...,''? And he was a bit worried ,''reality is stranger than fiction.....jeeze and look at that group coming on up on the place what an eye sore,''!!

Zaphira scoffed a bit, remarking ,''you popped out a few kids aren't you just parent of the year like mine are.......I'm not interested in making more rabbits not that I'm able since nobody is compatible with me.......I'm a four stranded dna I wish I could make more avatars but sadly that was a life time ago when I was the demon of light....though hollows are a trouble.....and..,''!! Then Miido chuckled yes hollows indeed. And Zap was curious ,''what are you happy about.....did you want to be shocked again you look rather depressed....should I try a few more...''!! Miido clamored ho ho no no I'm good please not that.

Zakimura responded ,''I have no comment on being a pet to you.....and Daimo your certainly on shock row today.......maybe shock this old bat back to the stone age where hollows can eat her...,'!! He grumbled. Zaphira remarked if you promise to be the tour guide ,''hahaha of course..,''!!
Royal shower floor.....

Distortion barked ,''quiet in their I've seen plenty of you naked.....so has the entire cast....,''!! They squirted a bottle of shampoo blinding and covering Rei's head as they stepped into the watery and endless raining room of water. It was always this warm and well relaxing ,''I was waiting for Asakura and Saka-san but seems they are running late....,''!!! Then Distortion was surprised ,''ohhhh......Tenohira and....Immortal-kun...,''!! A jump from Rei to hug the both of them, however, Distortion got punched to the top of the head by Tenohira.

Tenohira still in clothing remakred ,''stop being so weird.....baka avatar....,''!! They sighed ,''were getting wet but not in our clothing right...,''!! Katsuro used switch and Tenohira and Katsuro were stripped down to skin. Tenohira looked at their a-cups and then over to Katsuro's curvey d cups though both of them were the same in height. This made Tenohira say ,''your certainly got that i common with Rei.....but least we the same in a few things Onee....not all pale or porcelain like Jeagar is....,''!! They looked to Rei, finding Katsuro was more or less like an every day girl who has little muscle from every day living. It wasn't like Rei or Tatsuraku to Jeagar, thinking of Tatsuraku, her mom who had biceps did from being fighters and other things most of the time.

Katsuro simply got to showering, ignoring away. They spoofed at Tenohira ,''I do not understand your posiiton....but you could have stepped out of the way without hitting Distortion....,''!! Tenohira grumbled but. They got to showering as well. As Katsuro held their head down, they saw Distortion looking up from between their feet ,''your quite energetic even during winter season....that is one of you qualities then I'll have to note that down.....,''!! Distortion remarked I was just resting here. Then Katsuro sighed, but they smiled actually ,''smart choice to do it where it is loud with water droplets but quiet. from the outside...,''!! And Katsuro soon plopped on down all laid down in the shower, staring up at the water struck face and eyes as well, sitting next to Distortion ,''this is distorted isn't it......I'm aware of the same perception I feel tired enough to sleep during a shower....I'm envious silly avatar....what next are you going to make water angels with the floor water..,''!! Distortion cooed yeah maybe. And then Tenohira squeezed a washing spunge, taking a seat in the shower ,''Tenohira you should rub your chest against Rei's they might grow or steal some character as you so desire......looks are nothing though it isn't like your sprouting tendrils like these two hentai tentacle monster rejects.....I wouldn't use in a lab....yet,''!! Tenohira smiled, having fun hearing all this but feeling better from it. Then Katsuro chilled out, looking as if they were at ease in the shower aka like a mist chamber.

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