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Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
Well, sentence me to another life

---------------------- ▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇

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                                            ------The last two nights had been absolute hell for Chiyo, never mind the last three days. The daytime she could handle as she had taken up the role as the new leader for the Vizard as well as acting as the ambassador between the Vizard and Shinigami. The former Espada she still wasn't too sure about, but she had allowed herself to accept them as allies, even if just for a brief period of time. Now what could have possibly caused Chiyo to become so accepting, calm, and level-headed to not only be working with Shinigami, but the former Espada as well? Ever since Shinji's betrayal, Chiyo's personality had taken a complete one-eighty. She was hollow, sad, and never really spoke a word unless it was needed. If she wasn't locked away in her room she was either training herself into absolute exhaustion in the training facility under the warehouse or attending meetings in the Urahara Shop to try and figure out a plan to stop Serafina with the Shinigami. Even her eyes, which had been a brilliant sky blue only days ago, had turned into a dull shade of blue, almost appearing gray.

                                            ------The night however, proved to be more difficult for Chiyo to handle. During the day she would occupy herself with the aforementioned things, but she wasn't able to do the majority of those things at night, leaving her to her own devices. The last two nights found Chiyo locked away in her room, literally, just laying on her bed and staring at a wall. She felt pathetic, but no matter how hard she tried shaking those feelings off during the day, they always returned at night. As hard headed and brash as Chiyo tended to be, she was a very intellectual individual and made a hobby out of analyzing things while by her lonesome. The last three days she found she regretted taking up such rituals. Every time she closed her eyes she would see that last image she had of Shinji, his mouth open and trying to speak, but his words lost with the light of her kido before he was thrown back into the garganta. Because of that, the Vizard had a difficult time sleeping and would instead turn to crying herself to sleep, as the excessive crying made her eyes tired and swollen, making sleeping a bit easier. The downside was that she would wake up still having slightly puffy eyes, but she didn't care anymore.

                                            ------Having once been a woman who was all about her image, it would come as a bit of a shocker for anyone who knew her even a little to know that she didn't care that the others knew she was crying as long as they didn't see her crying. The only time she ever cared was when someone would continuously ask her why she cried, as it struck a very sore nerve. Even more surprising was the fact she hadn't snapped at anyone or shown any anger at all since she had yelled at Mashiro on Friday, something she had since apologized for – another surprising fact. Still, could anyone complain though? She had taken up the role as the new leader for the Vizard and was actually trying to get along with the Shinigami and Arrancar, thus making her the ambassador for the Vizard as well, and she was doing a decent job to say in the least. Some could say the reason she was trying so hard was so she could distract herself with work, and other would say she was doing it all out of a “glimmer of hope that Shinji is still a good guy”, and by bringing down Serafina, Shinji's innocence would be proven. Neither of those choices would be correct, however. Chiyo didn't care at this point anymore if Shinji was really innocent or not; what she cared about was proving herself, as apathetic as she was acting lately. Shinji had left her in charge, and she would do the best job she could taking care of the others as that duty was the only thing Shinji had left her behind for her before leaving. Whether he had been kidding or not, Chiyo didn't care, she took her new job seriously and would until the day she died.

                                            ------Letting out a quiet sigh, Chiyo rolled over so she was laying on her back. She was in her room again, her door locked as it had been for the last three days. Her dull gray eyes stared at her purple ceiling blankly, her face completely void of any emotion apart from a small glimmer of despair in her eyes. There was no meeting today that she was aware of, leaving her nothing to do but to train or lay in bed, and after the brutal work out she did yesterday, her body felt like it was made of stone today which ruled out the option of her training any time soon. However, just as she made the decision to lay in bed all day, a very familiar form materialized on the bed beside her, piercing yellow eyes boring into Chiyo's dull ones. “Chiyo.” the soft-spoken spirit said rather sharply. The Vizard let out a groan and rolled over on her side so she was facing away from the purple-haired demon. “Not now, Akumukiri.” Chiyo grumbled, her voice slightly hoarse from her recent lack of speech. “If not now, then when? When will you stand back on your own two feet and get yourself together?” When? When? Well... she didn't know...

                                            ------Chiyo wasn't used to people telling her to stand up and get herself together; she was the type of person who always had herself together and always stood up for herself, but now... Now she was lost, and though she had others for guidance, she was still too stubborn and proud to ask for their help. She knew Jace would be there for her in the drop of a hat, but she didn't want his type of comforting. He would just tell her that everything was going to be alright and that she needed to take her time. Well taking her time was something Chiyo didn't need or want – she needed someone to rough her back into shape, to be blunt and harsh on her until she was back to her old ways. Chiyo didn't need someone to baby her, she needed the opposite. That was just one of the many reasons she loved Shinji so much; no matter the circumstance he was blunt and honest, never did he baby any one. She knew Jace had good intentions, but his type of comforting wasn't effective on her, as sad as it was to say. So again: when would she pull herself back together and stand on her own two feet? “I don't know.” Chiyo answered simply. Most people would have had an epiphany and had a heroic recovery. Chiyo? She felt no different.

                                            ------Apparently the zanpakuto spirit was not happy as she suddenly reappeared mere inches from Chiyo's face, her startling eyes starting critically into Chiyo's own, a frown on her purple lips. “I know you better than any one in this world, Chiyo, and I know this is not you.” Akumukiri said bluntly. “The you I know would have taken the blow and stood back up, still ready to fight. But look at you! You're beaten down and without a hope in the world. You're defeated Chiyo; defeated and pathetic.” The Vizard stared blankly into the yellow eyes of her zanpakuto, the only signal she had even heard her words being the slight shine that glossed her eyes; a sign she was holding back tears. “I am fighting.” Chiyo responded in a matter-of-fact tone. “I'm leading the Vizard and acting as ambassador. I'm working my a** off to keep myself together so I can make the lives of my friends a bit easier, so don't tell me I'm not trying. Don't you dare even hint at saying I'm not trying.” The zanpakuto seemed a bit pleased with the response as she pulled back, a small, gentle smile on her lips. “There you are.” Akumukiri said softly. “Even if it wasn't all of you, seeing a glimpse of the real you again is a relief. At any rate, my job here is done, so I'll be off now.” And with that, the spirit vanished, leaving Chiyo all by her lonesome once again.

                                            ------Chiyo let out a small growl, rolling onto her back once more to stare at her ceiling. “b***h.” Chiyo grumbled. Akumukiri always knew just the right buttons to push with her, but that was only natural, right? Akumukiri, in a sense, was her after all. What wasn't natural was what someone would have heard if they had listened in to the conversation, as Chiyo's voice would have been the only one audible. Realizing that she had had a verbal conversation with her zanpakuto, Chiyo internally rolled her eyes as another soft sigh escaped her lips, waiting for the day to be over with so she could be one step closer to being over this pain.

▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇----

Got a problem with me? Good, let me consult my magic mask and find a way to kick your a**.

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And the anger consumes me
I start to r-i-s-e
Would be so much better if I'd only try
And you're so quick to judge me
You don't even know me
My stomach turns just to know you

You keep me d-o-w-n 'cause you need it
So dead inside I can feel it
You're so much better; you've made me understand
You kick me down 'cause you need it
So dead i-n-s-i-d-e I can feel it
You're slipping through me like water in my « hands »


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                                        Halibel seemed to vanish from the table as she talked a bit more, the feelings of her fraccion's death still rather apparent on her mind. She left with a single word and just retired to her room. For the next few days Tia did not talk too much to anyone. She left Grimmjow,Neliel, and Kuroi to their own business, only exchanging a few words with them. It was like how she normally was she just had to grow past her own self depression.

                                        It only took two days as she was taking frequent showers, as the water actually calmed the shark some. Though Tia began to talk some more at the end of the second day, discussing things with various members. Halibel ran into Yumi more and more as well it seemed they got along decently well. She gave the shinigami half of her trust as that was more then she swore she would give any of them. As for Grimmjow's fraccion, she stopped calling her girl and other things. She addressed the girl by her name and nothing belittling. Tia did not wish to get caught in a love triangle that was going on as she was barely interested in such things as far as people could tell. She would not state any old crush she had, even in torture Halibel would keep her mouth shut.

                                        Halibel spent some of her time training while the others she just read a few books, her eyes scanning each and every page. Tia was a more refined woman as she was not one to take parts in games of chase or anything like that. She preferred her peace and quiet and wouldn't want it any other way. Though she did not shun any sort of conversation , only if it was a rather stupid subject would she lose her interest.

                                        Though now Tia seemed to be walking through the halls if this unique house her clothes a bit different then usual. She had a form fitting black corset showing off the top of her cleavage, the number 3 still visible. It also had belts along center of it and that showed her rather toned midriff . Red and black grunge style skinny jeans hugged her hips perfectly and showed signs of her teal undergarments at the sides of her body right about her pants line. Tia had black combat boots on that came up to right below her knee and a set of red fingerless gloves on her hands. In all essence she looked like a dike still but her sex appeal was still there. Her bone was gone due to the fact she was in a gigai now. Her and a few others of the arrancar were put into them by Yoruichi so they can function and get what they need legally.

                                        Halibel's vibrant green eyes seemed to look to the coffee pot as she poor her a cup, this stop was bitterly enjoyable. It also allowed Halibel to handle the personality of child Neliel, this showed Tia that she was not going to raise a child at all. She leaned on the counter and looked out the window, sipping on her warm drink, "Now what Yoruichi?" Halibel was curious on to what the woman was planning. As of now the most exciting thing that Halibel did was go and get groceries. Due to making that one meal she seemed to be forced onto cooking duties to appease her friend Neliel. Though she got the others to do it every now and then, she was no slave after all.

                                        Tia pushed herself off the counter with her hips and walked into the living room, sitting on the couch before her as she seemed to pull out the picture of her fraccion, looking at it with slightly heavy eyes, "Forgive me..." The tanned ex-Espada asked as her finger ran along their faces, she saw them as family, if not more when they were around...she was their protector. Though she slipped the photo back into her pocket and called out in her sultry, deep toned voice, "The food you requested Grimmjow is in the kitchen..." it was the sweets for Neliel along with a few more things. Halibel was debating on what to do today, she was quite restless as her lips rests on the cup , sipping her coffee.

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                                    Isshin shifted back as his he shielded his eyes from his son's power. Ichigo definitely was his son if this power was only a bit of what the boy truly had residing in him. Isshin when he was younger was called a prodigy but that was in an age long past. Now Isshin was nothing more than a grizzled veteran of many battles. They had been so busy getting Ichigo back to full power that not once had Isshin told the boy about his past, but the lack of delays and Rukia's cooperation had definitely speeded up the time required for Ichigo to retain what he had lost in his battle with Aizen.

                                    "Good job boy," Isshin called to his son before he rolled his shoulder and massaged out the soreness he felt lingering there. "I guess this ends our little father son bonding time." Isshin sniffled. "Just as we were finally getting to understand each other, ah parting is such sweet sorrow!"

                                    A small pop echoed from Isshin's left shoulder, before the older man turned and collected the various things scattered through the sealed room to replace them back in the box he had arrived with. The pain in his shoulder had been after taking a nice blow from Ichigo some time the day before. Even though Isshin had only been sparring with his son the snide comment about his relationship with Rukia had earned him a nice thwack from his son. It might of been serious if Isshin hadn't countered the move with a deaf show of skill but Rukia was fixing up his shoulder for at least 20 minutes. Ichigo was left to train by himself well Isshin recovered.

                                    After gathering up everything, Isshin cast a scant glance towards the sleeping shinigami in the corner. Rukia had passed out a few hours prior, having expend a large amount of her reitsu on both healing and sparring with Ichigo. She had even taught him a few basic kidou, but Ichigo was still light years away from not blowing himself up with more powerful kidou. A faint smile appeared on Isshin's lips as he recalled Ichigo blowing himself up as he tried to perform a level 33 kidou. Rukia had told Ichigo she'd teach him more later if he was interested learning and Isshin had commented that he would like to watch his son blow himself up again; which earned him yet another retaliatory strike from his much loved son. Isshin wonder if Ichigo truly realized how good of friends he had.

                                    "I'll leave waking up Rukia-chan to you. I gotta go see the girls, I'm sure they need their daddy right about now! After all this bonding, I need to go bond with the girls after all it's only fair."
                                    Isshin grinned as he stepped up to the door and unsealed it. "Don't get into too much trouble boy, and you should also rest. You're probably more exhausted then you realize." Isshin tone held a wisdom to it that it didn't normally have; seeming to hint that this was a piece of advice Ichigo should actually listen to instead of blowing off.

                                    Isshin waved to his son as he pushed open the door, instantly the kidou that had been lighting the room instantly flicked out. The room was cloaked in only the dim light that poured from the now open door. Isshin only paused at the door a second longer, to see if his son needed anything more of him. If not Isshin was going to head home and take a much needed nap, waiting for the Twins to get home before he'd bug them with his antics.

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There is no time to lose
You're the one I c-h-o-o-s-e
I only wanna be with you
You're the one for me
Can't you see that I
I won't waste your time
I sense something d-i-v-i-n-e in you

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                        What Shinji did the next few days was just doing the tasks set before him. He was a ally for Aizen since day one so there was nothing that seemed to be upsetting him. His appeareance never changed, he still flirted with Serafina when he got the chanced, even Kyoki too. Hell he flirted with any female that he ran into, though he did not flirt with Tatsuki. She was not his taste perhaps? He would never tell such a thing.

                        Shinji seemed to go to the human world, surpressing his reitsu a few times as he was scouting out for Serafina. He had to watch over the pains he was meant to act as leader for. Though he did take somethings from the human world on his last visit. He turned his back on his old home and left it for good, leaving his beloved records behind, which in truth showed that he was serious with serving Serafina. Who knew, him liking music could have been a trick too, his face never gave any sort of hints.

                        Though Shinji seemed to be sitting on a starway as he seemed to be holding a necklace in front of his face. He was watching the rather beautiful delight it gave as the light bounced off the gem in it. His face seemed bored and slightly distant as he wanted something to do. He was told to talk to most of his newly made allies but he tried to flirt with most of the woman and had no luck. He soon rose from his spot and sighed, dusting off his white hakamas and rubbed the back of his neck. He slipped the necklace into his top and patted it, making sure it was secure.

                        Shinji looked back to Los Noche and frowned," This is such a drag... Serafina isn't around.. " He was enjoying the game of cat and cat they were having. She was someone that he could flirt with endlessly and not get hit or anything. Plus he wanted to see if he could actually take the heard of Serafina, if so...he would have won the game that the to had started. He would not say if he had a thing for the zero espada but she was very beautiful so how could someone resist her.

                        He seemed to walk through the doorway of the place, his hand resting in his pockets as he seemed to head to his room. He did not want to be bothered right now, his job was to free Aizen like it was planned. Though these people were his allies so he had to learn to like them, though a few were crazy , like Deva so it was harder to have a decent conversation, after all he had no clue what the purple rainbow elephants were up to.

                        Shinji finally made it to his room and laid back on his bed, he seemed to look to his side and saw a woman in a rather revealing outfit, and had a fox tail and ears and a child like grin on her face, " Oh Shinji, why such the longer face? Are you thinking about anyone certain person hmmm? You seem to have the hots for so many women, I wonder if any are true love, but how can you love hahaha!. Shinji's hand was over his eyes as it moved slightly revealing one to look to his zanpakuto spirit. "Yo..Sakanade.. what are you rambling about? My mind is on my vice, love ain't for me. You don't know me too well do ya? " He asked his sword which was now sitting on the bed next to him and shrugged, the female letting out a sigh ." Well, you aren't any fun today... sheesh.. why not go home...? "It asked giving a puffy cheek pout to Shinji as he said in a monotone,"This is my home... Saka..." He rolled over as she said before she vanished ,"The heartless Shinji, you are never gunna find love at this rate... ah well its fun to watch ya get hurt... " It said as it seemed to vanish and Shinji just sighed ," Tsk, whatever.... " Was all the blond said as he let his eyes close, he was simply going to wait for something to do.

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"Here, I have a suggestion. How 'bout I carve a smile onto your face?"
Celestine Dantès

Blood flowing like a River.
Crying voices of the Innocent.
Roaring flames of Chaos.
Burning the world to an utter Crisp.
A sleepless abomination, born of this World.
A Nightmare.
You stared into the Abyss...
In return, it stares Back.
Bathed in utter shadow, I've been hiding right under your nose.
My eyes reveal Chaos and Anarchy, my voice holds Poison and Laughter...

The Quinta Espada sat atop of tall sand dune for the better part of an hour as she seemed to stare into the dust clouds that surrounded the dune, her crimson eyes flickered with an interest that could have been traced back to her desire to destroy. It was clearly obvious that she had done something quite brutal within the three days of her training Tatsuki, though the girl was back at Los Noches while her 'master' was to scout out some new hunting grounds. Her eyes continued to watch the dust clouds with a gaze that was so intense, one would have felt the interest rolling off of her like a thick fog that completely obscured ones ability to see. The silence enveloped the Espada as she continued to watch the dust settle onto the ground, covering the ruined bodies of multiple hollows that had dared to cross her path when her mood had become foul. The impassive look engraved upon the Quinta's face seemed to be unchanging and filled with a deep hatred as she stared at the hollows. It was a hatred that went beyond all logical reasons as her eyes narrowed slightly to spot a single hollow scurrying away, it's body ruined from the wall of knives she had sent into the group. She hated them entirely, her burning crimson eyes turned away from the group and towards where she was to go.

The gentle wind parted the white blades of hair and the moonlight seemed to make her skin glow in the darkness that was Hueco Mundo, slowly standing up from her seated position she began to walk towards the fortress of Los Noches as she knew quite well that she would have to meet with the woman. She stopped as she reached the very foot of the hill and her gaze looked in the direction of where Los Noches rest, she was far to distant to be located or to even see the massive building from where she had traveled. She quietly reached into her pants pocket and felt the hard metal surface of a coin resting at the bottom, her gloved fingers slowly wrapped around the object and quietly pulled it out of her pocket and she held it between her fingers. "There is no reason as to why I do what I do." She said calmly as her eyes studied the very surface of the silver coin as it seemed to glimmer in the moonlight, the howls of hollows fighting in the distance vied for her attention. Her hand closed around the coin and she flipped the object into the air, the ringing of the coin sounded out as it flew up, a simple bright glimmer in the dark sky. "I only do what is apart of my nature." She said aloud as she caught the coin and smacked it onto her right hand in one blinding motion, she stared at the coin for a moment before she spoke once more. "Heads." She revealed the coin and she had called out the wrong side. Her eyes narrowed for a moment as she let loose a subtle sigh vanished from sight as she used sonido.

The Quinta Espada arrived at the doors of Los Noches only moments after leaving the wastes of Hueco Mundo and coming to the immense door, her crimson eyes staring up at the bone white walls of the building and she could already sense several presences she knew as familiar. If only from the previous visits over the past three days as she had made a point for Tatsuki to go inside for her. As she had not wished to involve herself with the happenings within the fortress as she had no desire to see Serafina or the others, and now that was inevitable as she was to return to update the woman on the girl's progress and the fact that she felt as though Serafina was to call a meeting. Her hand reached into her left pocket and pulled out a silver pocket watch, her eyes studied the time for a moment before she snapped the pocket watch closed and slid it back into her pants. Closing her eyes she opened the door and silently walked into the fortress without saying another word, quietly closing the door behind her. She began to walk down the hallway without paying any attention to the looks she had gotten from the other unimportant hollows that occupied the fortress. Her dress shoes sounded out clearly as she proceeded down the hallway and she would have no doubt that Tatsuki would have been overjoyed to see her. However she was not amused at all.

Her eyes shifted into a shade of light blue as her mood changed to a more appropriate one that was more fit to dealing with people. People she did not like or care for. She began to straighten her jacket as she turned around a corner and proceeded to walk towards the dining room, there truly was no reason for her to look like a barbarian now was there? It just wasn't very nice to show up at someone's home and look like someone who rolled in dirt for several hours, that was just being respectful towards someone's leader and the Quinta had to maintain a somewhat respectful image. An image. Nothing more than a lie to get what she wanted from whoever she spoke to and she had even darker intentions, which was why she had started getting in the habit of using her 'ability' again. Whichever way you looked at this woman, there was nothing but a horrible feel that she gave off, like someone who had lost all their humanity and enjoyed watching every single being around her suffer. A pit of agony that she threw them into, and yet there was a single worry within the back of her mind that she often paid no heed towards. That small voice in the back of her head telling her that everything she was doing was wrong, and it was this small voice of reason that taught Tatsuki exactly how cruel the world was in reality. There was nothing more in this world she wanted other than to set everything she saw ablaze, and she had given Serafina the 'right' to command her. However, as far as loyalty went... it was expected that the Quinta Espada would do what she had always done in the past. She had told it to Serafina.

The nature of this Arrancar was comparable to the chaotic nature of wind. It could always be assumed that the Quinta's next action would catch Serafina and those around her off guard, considering that the woman often played her cards very close to the chest and only revealed once it was the proper time. Often ruining lives and leaving them to pick up the shattered pieces of their souls and it often led to them becoming hardened, more capable of dealing with the future head on and in an unflinching manner. That was what she essentially had done to Tatsuki over the few days that she had forced brutal training on the girl, forcing her to learn quickly or die as every move she made against Tatsuki was meant to kill. Everything was to make the girl stronger and even now the Quinta had grown to favor the girl slightly, if only for her spirit and the fact that she seemed to be improving with each passing day. If she wasn't improving, she would have simply killed the girl without even hesitating and would have brought that particular shred of news to Orihime. If only to watch the girl break even more. The Quinta Espada paused for a moment in the hallway as the thought of Orihime passed through her mind, a wicked smile dawned upon the Quinta's face. She had intentions of visiting the girl once again in the coming future and explain everything that had happened and why, after all, she couldn't leave their relationship soiled with misunderstanding and bad blood.

Celestine reached into her coat and gently pulled out one of her throwing knives and began to twirl the blade between her fingers, the blade spun quickly between the gaps of her fingers as she finally came to a halt to a sizable door. Her left hand reached out and gently touched the surface of the door, pushing it open quietly she would walk into the meeting room without making more noise than necessary. She gently closed the door and quietly walked into the room, her eyes quickly searched for a trace of anyone within the room and couldn't find any. She frowned for a moment as she suppressed the desire for a warm cup of coffee or tea to prevent her from getting bored. She wanted to avoid boredom as often as possible as that would result in rather unfavorable or gruesome events, such as the slaughter she had committed earlier. Some impulses were simply undeniable to the Quinta Espada as her own urges were powerful to the point beyond reason, her own insanity, or rather what she called nature was quite strong. "Not a single soul..." She muttered under her breath, turning her gaze over to the door that Serafina often walked through to meet with her Espada. As it would seem, the woman was probably off plotting some new scheme that she would carry out with a false sense of glee... or a heavy burden of boredom. The Quinta clapped her hands together and turned on her heel to the door that would lead into the kitchen. Perhaps the option of coffee was heavily suggested and she wouldn't doubt that most others would be... grateful that she hadn't killed anyone inside the fortress.

She made her way to the door with an expression that only suggested that she was looking forward to that cup of tea or coffee, and when she opened the door that expression seemed to fade away and she was forced to address something that would cause her concern. "What if they don't have it?" She knew that it would be quite difficult not to kill someone in the process of finding or satisfying her lust for the drink. "Oh dear... I hope we have some. I do not wish to upset Serafina on my first day back..." She trailed off with a note of concern as she quickly made her way into the kitchen on her quest for a drink, she opened the door and came to a complete halt as she came face to face with a hollow she had never seen in her life. The two individuals began to stare into each others eyes. The Quinta was apt to stare at the disfigured hollow with a gaze that suggested an unknown sense of sympathy and caution that she had never known in her entire life. Why? The thing smelled like coffee. Thats why. The very drink she desired at this very moment and it appeared as though the creature was an assassin looking to ruin the Quinta's day. "Coffee." She said in a demanding voice as she would stand her ground against the creature, not entirely knowing if the Hollow understood of what she asked. She watched the creature turn around and give her a cup of coffee only moments later, she offered the creature a smile and pat the thing on the head. She then turned on her heel and began to walk back to the meeting room... with her cup of coffee and a look of unnatural happiness on her face.

Taking a sip of the black coffee she felt a feeling that would have been akin to something along the lines of absolute bliss, the taste was fairly strong, but it was a good grind as well. Needless to say, the Quinta was impressed with the... strange hollow that had made her the cup of coffee and would make point to return to the creature eventually. Her mood was improving the more she drank from the cup, luckily it was a fairly large cup. Otherwise she would be walking back to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee, she took a seat in the meeting room, leaning back into the seat as she took another sip of coffee and spotted a hollow scurrying through the room. "You. I have one task for you to do." The Quinta quickly adopted her cold personality once more as this hollow had not provided her with a delicious cup of coffee, she set the cup onto the table and stood up, approaching the hollow as she reached into her coat. "Deliver this note to Serafina. There are some things that I would have her know." She paused for a moment as she leaned towards the Hollow and gently began to caress the hollow, instilling a sense of utter dread to be this close to the Quinta Espada as the scent of blood radiated from her. "Now go and do what I ask of you." She commanded and took a step away from the hollow that ran off to do the appointed tasks.

The Quinta quietly sat down in her chair and closed her eyes... relaxing to the aroma that the coffee was giving off.

...Lighting the fires of Chaos, I am reborn Anew...
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I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

User Image


                                        The past few days were a test of her survival, it would have also been a test of her humanity but that was killed on day one. Tatsuki lost track of how many humans she had killed, it was not a number she wanted to be proud of for the most part. The brunette enjoyed the sensation it gave with each kill, she wanted to do more but sadly no more today. She was ordered to go back to Los Noches today by her Espada and she would not fight it, for she knew Celestine would beat her for such actions.

                                        So the now bloodied Tatsuki seemed to be in her quarters taking a shower attempting to ride her body of the mess. Her eyes seemed to close as the hot water dripped down her body. The pain was all a lesson to her, it was almost like her training days as a human. That seemed years ago to the Arisawa and she could barely grasp the concept. Her clawed hand seemed to run through her hair as she was still thinking, it had been three days...where is Ichigo and Orihime? The time that had been spent here had shown Tatsuki that her old friends saw her as a burden, perhaps they had a party in Tatsuki's leave.

                                        After her cleaning shower and getting dress Tatsuki started to wander the halls of Los Noches. Her eyes scanning the area as she saw Nnoitra around a few times, noting what Orihime told her about him and that alone made her steer clear. She could hear hushed conversations over what the lower arrancar thought of Tatsuki. 'She is filth, she has no right to serve Serafina let along Kyoki, Human...' The last one set Tatsuki off like a fire cracker as she sanido'ed and grasped the had of the hollow."What was that ?!" Tatsuki growled out as the man seemed to be kicking and screaming. " You are a human! You don't deserve your rank!" The hollow continued which was the worse course of action.

                                        Tatsuki slammed the man into the ground and started to hit his mask repeatedly,"I AM A HOLLOW!!" She yelled as pieces of bone fragment seemed to fly off of his face. Blood splattered slightly on the claws of Tatsuki as she held her hand to his face, her red cero forming,"Now die....."Tatsuki's hand crushed the cero as she stood up and began to walk away,"Your not worth my hands to destroy you... Kyoki-sama told me not to kill any of Serafina-sama's arrancar.... so you got lucky..." Tatsuki vanished with a sanido, away from the scene and let the arrancar around him clean up the mess.

                                        When Tatsuki appeared again her eyes shot wide, Kyoki was back. Her boots clicked as she started to run to where she felt her master's reitsu. She had no clue how she got to this point, yearning to be with the one that beats her constantly but she does. She turned a lot of corners and seemed to finally come to the Espada room. She swung the door open and her eager eyes scanned around for her Espada. A excited inhale of breath could be heard as she called out for her,"Celestine-sama!" Tatsuki ran to the woman taking her position at the side of her, lacing her hands behind her back, linking them together at her fingers.

                                        Tatsuki was happy that she saw the one person that cared for her, and was hear now. She heard rumors about the 'daughter' of Kyoki named Filly or nicknamed that. She hadn't run into the girl yet due to the both of them just now arriving back at Los Noches. Tatsuki was slightly curious on what sort of girl she was but waited to find out.

                                        Her eyes seemed to widen slightly as she smelt the coffee, it was nostalgic... her mind seemed to attempt to slip to her her human days, where herself, Chizuru, Orhime, and periodically Ichigo would go out and have the coffee. Though Tatsuki seemed to hit and stop Chizuru from molesting Orihime, it was still a fond memory. Tatsuki quickly pushed that memory aside as she looked to her master with concern," Are you okay? Kyoki-sama? Is there something I could do for you? " Tatsuki asked as some of the time the two spent together was rather loving, so she wanted to help her even more. Arisawa seemed to fall to her knees and let her claws rest on the chair as she looked up to the Quinta," Did you find more to hunt?" Tatsuki asked with a but of a eager tone in her voice. She loved to kill other hollows now and it was Kyoki's doing. Though Tatsuki just awaited her master's wishes, wondering if there was some sort of meeting today.


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                                                                  Kukaku seemed to go to the human world once since the break, she needed to talk to Yoruichi about things. Though she did catch sight of Ichigo and his training as she just chuckled ,"Keep it up idiot..." She said simply as she seemed to continue with Yoruichi for their own little meeting. They discussed many things together, as in Shinji's betrayal, the reinstatement of the Shiba clan, the arrancar, and a few other things. Though Kukaku's attempt to get the woman to party like the old days with her was nothing but a failure, they had too much to do.

                                                                  Kukaku took her leave of the area as she did what she went out to do. Once back in her office she let her pipe sit in her lips and hand there lazily. Sucking on the pipe she took in a bit of the smoke it produced, letting it sit in her lungs for a few seconds. After a long sigh, her eye closed as she had a lot on her mind right now.

                                                                  Kira had told her of the vanishing guest that she had, which made her left to think the man was some sort of criminal. Kira didn't get the angry side of the Shiba, he got a bit of concern. She inquired if he was hurt, after getting a no she sent him on his way. So that raisin used her kindness and split? Yoruichi and Kisuke were the only two allowed to do such a thing. If she found Koga again she would beat the s**t out of him."Yoruichi, I hope you know what you are doing, this is gonna be one hell of a party if ya don't" Kukaku shrugged as her letting her pipe empty out.

                                                                  She sat up from her chair wrapping her one arm around her stomach, under her breast and started to walk out the doorway. She had to find Byakuya and tell her about her guest, he looked sorta like a Kuchiki so that's all she had to base it off of, was a hunch.The woman walked out of her barracks as she squinted slightly from the sun,"It's too ******** bright out..." She grumbled as she continued her way.

                                                                  She called forth a hell butterfly and let it land on her finger, it was going to Byakuya,"Oi Byakuya, I had a guest that is bugging the hell out of me that I might know who he is related to. Find me and come here, we need to talk a few things over." Was the message she sent to Byakuya as the butterfly took flight. She watched the butterfly flutter to its destination as she smirked, well her goal was done.

                                                                  The woman seemed to walk with pride as she was now a noble again, it was for her dead little brother after all. She decided to walk aimlessly , letting her reitsu linger so Byakuya or anyone for that matter could find the captain. These past couple of days were rather quiet, which worried her after what Yoruichi told her about...she wondered when this Serafina woman was going to do her attack.

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The Goddess of Flash
The Ex-Head of the Shihoin Family

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Form: human

                                                                  To say that Yoruichi rested in these past few days was a lie. She was bouncing around like a cat high on catnip. She had to meet with Kukaku and then she had to search for any sort of data she could find. Her mind fell back to the blond named Alize, she wished she could have caught the girl and squeezed out information. She was still miffed that the woman got the last taunt before they left. Yoruichi had to talk with Soifon some after all, she was worried about her old bodyguard. It was the first time they saw each other with Soifon knowing... so to say the least, Yoruichi was happy Soifon still had both arms and could clap.

                                                                  Yoruichi was now pacing in the shop as she let Kisuke handle the candy giving needs. Yoruichi had a pale blue turtleneck on with her signature tight pants and her bare feet pattered on the wooden ground. Her yellow eyes seemed to have a serious glint to them, she was thinking now about Ichigo. She was wondering if the boy had gotten any of his powers back. He was the trump card against Aizen so he was really needed against Serafina. He did not even know that Tatsuki was kidnapped by a arrancar...which was grim news that Yoruichi felt like she would deliver... or Orihime would.

                                                                  Suddenly Yoruichi vanished for where she was, being the goddess of flash it was easy to get around. She appeared on the other side of the door near Isshin, Rukia, and Ichigo with her arms crossed , leaning on a wall and her reitsu was concealed. In truth this was all a plan on her part of surprising Isshin, she still had a bit of revenge to get on the scruffy man.

                                                                  Then the door opened to her alarm as she grinned, she seemed to appear in front of Isshin and tackled him to the ground, pinning him by the shoulders,"Ha! I win this round Isshin... and where are you going? " Yoruichi tilted her head as she looked to the man now forced to be her chair below her. " Where ya going, would ya like some company Isshin?" She purred as she was flirting with him, oh how she did miss this stuff. Her eyes looked up to see Rukia passed out and Ichigo...with his reitsu?! This caused a smile to stretch onto her lips as she seemed to ask," Did you get Ichigo back into the game? Oh Isshin, I knew you could do it!! Now give me a kiss! " She said with joy as she playfully got closer to the man, with her lips ready to give him a kiss.

                                                                  In truth Yoruichi knew that Isshin was still very loyal to his deceased wife and she respected that. Though thsi was just playing around with two old friends. She got dangerously close to Isshin as she vanished from off of him and then appeared between him and Ichigo,"Oi, Ichigo....I got some bad news... your classmate, Tatsuki Arisawa was kidnapped and we have every right to think Shinji had a hand in it..." She said plainly in her serious tone, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news but she had to,"Turns out he was working with Aizen the whole time" Was the finally bit of information she was going to give out, she wanted Ichigo to take it in for now. Her golden yellow eyes shot back at Isshin, curious on what that man thought of the situation.

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            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBOW TO ME, AT MY FEET YOU'LL BOW TO ME
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBOW TO ME, AT MY FEET YOU'LL BOW TO ME
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBOW TO ME, AT MY FEET YOU'LL BOW TO ME
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx↳ ↳ ↳ Do as I please.

                                    xxx↪↪↪ xxxConcentrated copper eyes stared down at a detailed map, a look of deep focus and comprehension on the queen's face as she studied the piece of paper carefully. There was much work to be done, especially considering the fact the Soul Society was now aware of her and her intentions; it meant that her plans had to be that much more detailed and reinforced. Serafina was not going to send her Espada out into a battlefield with a half-assed plan, as that would be not only foolish, but excessively dangerous to her soldiers. Unlike the man before her, Serafina cared for her soldiers, some more than others. Regardless of how much or how little that care was, it was still present and she wouldn't want to risk any of their lives if she had to, but war was always a risk, and it was something that hung heavy on the queen's mind. But to her it was all for the greater good. The sooner Aizen was freed from the grasp of the Soul Society, the sooner they could stop the war and she and her Espada could live in prosperity. Sure they might have to fight against the Shinigami again if Aizen wished it, but they would be under the command of Aizen, the most powerful man in the world! They would surely be safe under his lead.

                                    xxx↪↪↪ xxxAt the rate Serafina and her Espada were going, it seemed freeing Aizen would come sooner than initially expected. They had uncovered priceless information concerning the Soul Society with the help of Shinji, and they had managed to capture and imprison the Kido Corps Commander, and even had the dear friend of Inoue Orihime on their side. This gave them leverage on not only the Soul Society, but on Kurosaki Ichigo and his friends in Karakura as well. Perhaps knowing that Serafina held two people dear to both the Soul Society and Karakura in her hands, their forces would be a bit more reluctant to put up a big fight, but having read the notes on Yamamoto that Aizen left behind, she had a feeling Soul Society would still be ordered to launch a full assault. However, she had a feeling that it would not be the same case with the Kurosaki kid and his friends. When Aizen had kidnapped Orihime, Ichigo and his friends had infiltrated Hueco Mundo to get her back. If they did something similar this time around for Tatsuki... well, the scales would be dramatically tipped in Serafina's favor, something she looked forward to. If they didn't come to rescue Tatsuki from a fate even they couldn't have even guessed, then Serafina would think of another way to get what she wanted. Kyōki's kidnapping of Tatsuki had accidentally set forward a series of things that proved to be in Serafina's favor, something that pleased Serafina greatly.

                                    xxx↪↪↪ xxxThe queen let out a quiet hum as she studied the map, finally letting out a long exhale as she tore her gaze away from the paper. The being floating around her room finally had her attention after ten straight minutes of studying and thinking. The last three days had been more eventful and colorful than usual for Serafina. Ever since the capture of the Kido Corps Commander, Serafina had kept Deva on an exceptionally short leash considering the outburst he had when the Shinigami said he wanted her. The comment hadn't surprised Serafina, but it had seemed to set Deva off into a terrible rage. To prevent Deva from having the opportunity to kill the Shinigami as there was still information Serafina wanted out of him, the queen took to keeping Deva with her as much as possible. So all day every day she had the blonde Sexta with her, having him do random errands for her when she needed it, or even having him fetching books from across the room for her so he would have something to do. She could tell he grew bored with being stuck in a room all day, but he didn't seem too upset by it. Serafina herself had to admit that she had relatively enjoyed the last few days. Deva was good company, always keeping her amused. There was also the fact that the Sexta was much more intelligent than others gave him credit for.

                                    xxx↪↪↪ xxxSerafina was a master at reading people. She understood ninety-nine percent of people within the first moment of meeting them, and Deva was no exception. At first he had been a little difficult to read, but within a day Serafina understood him down to a tee. He was a blood-thirsty man who craved battle, blood shed, and violence of any sort. He was absolutely crazed, but beyond that there was an intellectual being. He may not have been smart in the mathematical sense, but when it came to battle tactics, planning, and finding weaknesses, Deva was an expert. It was also part of the reason Serafina had kept the blonde with her the last few days. She was a woman with confidence, but she always wanted a second opinion on her plans so as to avoid seeming overly cocky and to prevent making an error, which she rarely ever did. Still, it was always good to get a second opinion and to receive input to better her plans. The last thing Serafina wanted was to fail not only Aizen, but her Espada as well.

                                    xxx↪↪↪ xxxRed-brown eyes closed for a moment before they reopened again, a small smirk curling on Serafina's painted lips. “Deva, darling, I'd like your opinion on something if you wouldn't mind.” she called up to the Sexta. “How do you feel about launching another attack on the simpletons in Karakura? Reports from Shinji show that the Soul Society has sent a few of the Shinigami there to act as additional guard, as futile as it is.” Futile indeed. All Yamamoto was doing was making her job easier. He was splitting his forces up to reinforce a town that was already doomed, leaving Soul Society weaker than usual. However, she would not take up the opportunity to attack Soul Society just yet; she needed Yamamoto to think that her focus was not on his realm for just a while longer. “We need to keep the Soul Society focused on Karakura until we make our final move, and by attacking Karakura again we can also weaken their forces there as well. It would be killing two birds with one stone.” Serafina elaborated. Her smirk growing, Serafina looked back at Deva, her eyes shining with mischief and curiosity. “What say you, my dearest Sexta? Do you agree?” she inquired. Regardless on if Deva agreed or not, Karakura would be brought down to its knees, it was only a matter of time.

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-=Ξ ∫şћї∂ă Цřγυ Ξ=-

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                                  Ishida had been on edge for the last three days, he knew the power of the arrancar that had invaded Karakura the days prior and it had left him with unsettling feelings. As skilled as he was as a Quincy these new Arrancar were even fiercer then the last bunch. His Quincy powers just weren't up to this new challenge as much as Ishida tried to convince himself otherwise. Still he had a duty to protect Karakura town and he would fight no matter if he'd win or lose, for his Pride as a Quincy refused to let him back down from protecting the things that were precious to him.

                                  Speaking of things that were precious...

                                  Ishida knew he was no substitute for Kurosaki but that didn't mean the Quincy didn't try his best to just be there for Orihime. To say Orihime had taken it hard when Tatsuki had been taken could be the understatement of the year. Orihime was always one to put on a brave face despite the circumstances; if her behavior when she was in Hueco Mundo was any indication, but Ishida could see the look of pain and worry she hid behind that goofy smile of hers. Her act waking something in Ishida that made him play along with this hoax even if he had his own pressures to deal with and promise her that everything would be alright in the end. Orihime just had that type of spell over everyone, making them see light when there was only darkness and as foolish of a promise as he had made her, some were in his heart he actually believed everything would work out for the best as it has in the past.

                                  Staring up at the ceiling, Ishida silently struggled with the promise. The logic part of his brain berating him for making such foolish pledge but still somewhere deep within him he felt that the promise was solid. Glancing up at the digital lock that sat above his bed, he was reminded that 4 hours ago he had come home to get some rest only to be laying here staring at the ceiling. With a sigh, he logically realized that rest wouldn't be coming to him at the moment and that he should just give up. Getting up, he moved to grab his glasses off the night stand next to him. Just as he was about to slip his corrective vision onto his face, the door to his room opened. Glancing up at the silver haired figure that haunted his threshold, Uryu half cocked a brow at his visitor.

                                  "Can I help you Ryuken?" Ishida kept his voice level as he spoke to his father, slipping his glasses on.

                                  The other Quincy only watched his son behind a cold look before he reached into his pocket and tossed something in Ishida's direction. Out of reflex, Ishida caught the object in mid air. Instantly Ishida's palm felt the coolness of whatever his father had thrown at him, enticing his curiosity enough to glance at the object he was thrown. A golden Quincy cross lay in his hand, strung by silver and gold chain. Out of all the Quincy crosses he had seen in his life this was the first gold one he had ever heard of, let alone seen.

                                  "A gift from your grandfather... I was going to give it to you the first time you ran off to fight with that Kurosaki boy, but you foolishly ran off before I could give it to you. This one should suit you better than the one you stole from me." Ryuken's spoke with an icy chill, but it was something Ishida was use to by now and by contrast, it words seemed warmer than they normally did. With that said Ryuken turned to leave only pausing with his back turned to his son. "Don't lose to that Kurosaki friend of yours, Isshin would never let me hear the end of it."

                                  And with that Ryuken disappeared back down the hall, leaving the door to Ishida bedroom open. Ishida watch his father's retreating back until it disappeared from sight before he glance down once again at the golden Quincy cross. Gripping the cool metal in his hand, he could feel the power it offered him. Now at least he had better means to keep his promise to Orihime. Getting to his feet, he grabbed his jacket and headed out. He'd go meet up with Orihime, then maybe head to Urahara to check up on Kurosaki. Out the door he was the next moment and after a short trip Ishida found himself at the door to Orihime's place. Reaching up he knocked, hoping his friend was in.

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                                  Three days since they had caught the snuggle lump, three days. Not once had Deva been allowed to go and hurt it. It wasn't fair, he just wanted to make it scream for him to end it's existence. He wasn't gonna actually kill it, probably.. He just wanted to hurt it! Instead Mistress Strawberry had kept him with her and not let him do anything as fun as that.. though it wasn't so bad here..

                                  It wasn't as fun as getting revenge on the snuggle lump probably, but he enjoyed his time with his mistress. It was odd, since usually people he was enjoying spending time with were screaming in utter agony. Mistress-sama just had a way of making him curb his violent tendencies around her some. Not like he would ever stop though, that was no fun!

                                  No, for three days he had spent almost every moment with her, if not with her then close enough for her to keep track of him. At first it irked him because he wanted to torture the stupid snuggle lump, but when she started asking his opinion on tactics, Deva found it fun. It was one of the rare times he wasn't calling for the blood of innocents. To be fair these times only happened around her, but they were rare still.

                                  Even with the questions, Deva wasn't a person to sit still, especially on the horrible thing known as the floor. That vile disgusting beast of lemonaide and sunshine. Scowling at it, Deva continued to keep at his task of balancing books on his head to pass the time. Honestly it shouldn't be possible to balance fifty books on one's head with some of them literally on their spine holding other's up, but Deva never thought of trivial things such as impossibilities. Those were obviously lies the floor made up to make it's self feel better.

                                  Suddenly a voice called out from across the room and Deva slowly turned towards her, blinking. Mistress-sama always proposed fun questions when he was in this room with her, so he was curious what she would ask next. Blinking more as she spoke to him using her own nickname for him, he didn't really understand darling but he liked it cause she was the only one to give him a nickname.

                                  No her question was about attacking the town of the waffle fungus. Deva grinned widely at the idea, an attack to eat more children of the mailbox lord! Still she was asking his opinion and she was the only one to, so he paused to think about it more than 'Yes eat the squiggly mailboxes'. The fortress world of hufflelumpus, home of the snuggle lumps, was sending enemies to help the mailbox people. So it was spreading it's self thin. Plus they're main goal was to free the celing lord, Mistress strawberries's master. He was stuck in hufflelumpus. Sooo, if they attacked the mailbox people and took out a few of the snuggle lumps there or at least made them hurt alot, then it would weaken hufflelumpus more and thus make it much easier to rescue celing lord.

                                  Using one hand he balance the books on that as he rotated so he was horizontal now, Deva nodded. "Attacking the world of mailboxes would be good, but needs a good show of power if we're trying to confuse the snuggle lumps. If we attack it will need to be a much bigger show than last time, maybe with a submission of taking out any snuggle lump engagers if possible. Sooo.. limit to three fourth power? Maybe Four sixths. Cause showing them all the cards would be bad, but we need to pack a bigger boom to keep them scared." Deva said, the insane little tilt to his voice still there, but at a much lesser extent then usual. If anything he sounded thoughtful. "So a big attack on the mailbox plain is a good thing, but we need to give them something to be scared about so they move more there and leave their back open to attack in which we can swoop in and take what belongs to us from the nonbelievers."

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Humans, Shinigami, or even other Hollow;
They bleed the same blood and they'll all die by my hand!
I will paint this world with all the shades of blood they possess!
If you try to stop me then you're first on the list!
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                                            Nel couldn't say her last three days had been bad. In fact, they had been absolutely amazing! She spent the days playing games with Grimmjow, stuffing her face with the candy he provided her, and watching television. At first the TV scared her lifeless, but eventually she came around and rather enjoyed watching the cartoons. She was sure Halibel liked that Nel was entranced by the television also, as when the child watched TV there was no running around or screaming, only the sounds of her giddy laughter from time to time. That wasn't to say that Nel thought Halibel didn't like her, but she noticed the woman was rather quiet and reserved, so when Nel was in the same room as the blonde she tried keeping her screaming to a minimum, but when she was playing a game of Eternal Tag with Grimmjow, sometimes it was difficult to control her squeals of surprise when the former Sexta would suddenly catch up to her. She had to admit that Grimmjow was more fun to play tag with than Pesche and Dondochakka, mostly because she knew her two “brothers” were harmless. Grimmjow, on the other hand, was a bit more dangerous. Not to mention he was faster and could catch her when he wanted to. All in all, he just made the game all the more interesting for her and she loved it.

                                            A giggle escaped the lips of the child as she sat before the television conveniently placed in her bedroom in Yumi's home. The Shinigami had kept her word about allowing them to stay with her, and for that Nel was thankful. She didn't like not having a home, as she knew what the feeling was like. So having a place to always return to was a nice feeling, not that she ever went out. While the others had a gigai to use when going out, Nel did not. Something about it being a waste as she would need another one when she “changed back” they said. Over the last few days she had heard a lot of talk about her, most of the time it concerned her changing back, but she never understood it. She also remembered the conversation she had with Grimmjow when he had told her that she had lost her memories in an accident of some sort and that this wasn't the real her. It bothered her that she didn't understand, but she didn't inquire on it any more. The last thing Nel wanted to do was annoy the others or to confuse herself and more, so she let it all go. Still, there were times when Nel felt like she was supposed to be more than she was at the moment, like something was missing but she didn't know what. She would always write it off as not having her “brothers” with her though, as it could very well be the case.

                                            The boy on the screen of the television threw a red and white ball, and Nel who had been sitting on her bed jumped up and mimicked his actions, pretending to throw a ball at the television. But when the ball on the television hit the ground a spark of light materialized, revealing a blue turtle-like creature to appear. Nel's hazel eyes grew wide, fascinated by what had just happened. What were those things?! How did the boy get a turtle to leave that ball? “Squirtle!” the turtle cried out. Nel let out a surprised squeal and quickly found herself wrapped in her white throw blanket, her eyes bright and her grin stretching from ear to ear. “Nel has to have one of those!” she exclaimed. Tearing her eyes away from the television, Nel began scavenging around her room, looking for any sign of a red and white ball like the one the boy had. After a moment or two she realized that there wasn't one in her room, so she looked back to the television only to see the turtle shoot an array of bubbles from his mouth. This caused the child to let out an excited squeal again before she bolted out of her room, blanket on her head and she held the cloth beneath her chin, almost making her look like a nun while holding onto the goat Halibel had given her in her other hand.

                                            “GRIMMY-KUN!” Nel cried out as she entered the hallway, her door wide open. Not seeing him, the child bolted down the hallway in search of the man. The last three days he was her go-to man. He had kept his promise and had been there for her for anything she needed. The night before she had watched a scary movie on the TV about a man who killed his wife and kids due to being possessed, which in turn scared Nel. She thought everyone in the house, meaning Yumi, Kuroi, and Halibel were all possessed, and she had demanded that Grimmjow stay in the room with her all night. However, he didn't seem too keen on that idea, so she agreed that he would only have to stay in the room until she fell asleep, which he did. She was thankful for all he did for her, so in return she tried to make his life easier. He helped make that job easier by keeping her happy with oodles of candy. It was one thing that would always keep the child happy, no matter the circumstance.

                                            As Nel raced through the halls of Yumi's home she heard Halibel's call for Grimmjow, and immediately her goals changed. Halibel got the food for Grimmjow? So... was it her candy? The grin on Nel's lips returned as she raced for the kitchen. She arrived only seconds later and grabbed the bag of candy. Just as she exited the kitchen however, she turned and caught a glimpse of Halibel sitting down with a cup of coffee. Tilting her head to the side, Nel entered the room with Halibel and approached the woman, stopping only an arms length away from the former Tercera, the blanket still on her head and draping over her body and Lord Baahington still clutched in her free hand with the bag. “Halibel-chan, you've been da one getting' Nel all the candies? Grimmy-kun hasn't?” Nel asked bluntly. She wasn't offended, but rather a mischievous grin replaced her innocent one. “So... Grimmy-kun is just lazy! He said he got Nel all da candies but he's just a liar, huh? Well den, thank you for getting' Nel da candies, Halibel-chan!” Nel cooed, jumping up so she was sitting on the couch beside the tanned woman, bringing the bag up to her lap before leaning it Halibel's way. “Didja want some? Nel will share! Dey taste so good~” the child offered, completely forgetting about finding Grimmjow to show him the awesome turtle on the TV. She could show him later, Halibel, the provider of her candy, was more important at the moment.

--- えいえい ---

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Someone holds me safe and warm
Horses prance through a silver storm
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory

Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember
Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember
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C O Y O T E -lilynette gingerback- S T A R R K

Former Primera

"The two of us are one. When we evolved from Hollow into Arrancar, we divided the Hollow power that the other Arrancar divided between their bodies and their swords into two bodies. When we once again become one, our power is released."

Three days had passed since the enemy had shown it's self to them. They were indeed not something to be taken lightly. The woman, the one claiming to be the Quinta Espada was at least a strong as Nnoitra, but with that powerful cero of her's and that inhuman drive to kill she was a huge source of concern. In fact the former primera had only seen that one in action, one could only guess the strength of those above her. For the first time in ages Starrk felt concern. Not only would he have no choice but to fight in this war, but he could die all over again. A tightness in his chest formed as a deep fear began to build, then that tightness turned into a choking feeling, then a... poking feeling?

On an unconscious Starrk's chest sat Lilynette with her small fists pounding his head. Slowly he stirred just enough to knock her off of him, which only resulted in her sprining back up and leaping at him in a pile-driver to his exposed back. The resulting impact caused him to roll comically into the wall, "Tch, always with the kicking..." He groaned and sat up while rubbing his back, "Well if you would just sleep less then maybe you wouldn't be getting kicked!" Lilynette roared in protest then began to pound on him again. After much groaning and kicking the exasperated Coyote sat up and yawned, "Fine fine, You win..."

Slowly he scanned the room he was in. It was the first time he took the time to actually look at it all. The room was very neat and well kept, well until Starrk took it over that is. Now nearly every pillow in the room and some from the rest of the house were piled up on the floor to make a large bed for him. The room was normally kept dark with all the curtains closed. With Lilynettes intrusion came a vast amount of light. This was one of the extra rooms in Orihime Inoue's home. Judging on what happened last time when Aizen began to kidnap humans Starrk felt it was only a matter of time before she became a target for attack. As a result he and Lilynette were now staying with her. Once again he yawned and stretched out, this time to actually stand up.

Gradually he wandered out of the room and glanced down the hallway. His hands sat in his pockets as he walked out and into the bathroom. He turned on the sink and began to splash water on his face as an attempt to be a bit more alert. Lilynette was already wandering the house looking around for more sweets about the house. While there were a decent amount to be found before most of them were gone after the small arrancar set her sights on them. Cabinets opened and closed with a groan after each closing. "Sounds like she isin't having any luck." Starrk wandered out of the bathroom and into the main area of the house, which was normally where he ran into Orihime when she wasn't off on some errand, or something else. Humans had such busy lives, most of it seemed trivial but was apparently important. On occasion the pair would actually follow her and watch over her, but recently that became a bit of a hassle. So for now Starrk merely lounged on the couch until something happened.

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K U C H I K I -- B Y A K U Y A

Captain of Squad 6

"Shall I tell you the difference between you and I? It's level. It's like the story of the monkey trying to capture the moon. No matter how he struggles, it's just the moon's reflection on the water he sees. So he only sinks into the water. Time after time, he sinks."

The light swishing of a brush against parchment was the only sound coming from the Captain's chambers of the squad 6 barracks. With his Haori draped over the back of his chair Kuchiki Byakuya held his lengthy black sleeve up and away from the wet ink on the page. His calligraphy was one of the few things that kept his attention as of late. In the past three days his time had been spent tending to his strangely decreasing number of Koi, possibly the result of Yachiru, and the sparse matters of his clan. Ever since he was assigned to oversee Shiba Kukaku's placement as a captain and a member of a noble house nothing had been of any deep importance. All the matters usually had to do with Rukia's regular disappearances and the clan treasury. He could only handle those matters the way he always did. Take the blame on himself for his Adopted sister, and tell them to no be to concerned with the already refilling treasury. The last stroke crossed his parchment. The delacate lines formed into the character for the character for "Honor", something he seemed to be the only one concerned with.

Amid his quiet contentment a black hell butterfly drifted into his opened window and landed on his shoulder. He quietly listened to the request from none other than Kukaku Shiba, who requested his presence, "Very well." He slid his chair back and stood up. The still wet ink meant the parchment would have to sit until he could move it without disturbing the ink. With one hand he picked up his white Haori and placed it over his shoulders. With a light flick of his arms the fabric fell into place. With his arms hanging at his side he walked out from his chambers to the area outside. A cool breeze tossed the multiple limbs of his cherry tree about. Giving the plant a glance he turned and began to walk away towards the gate. As he passed the exit a member of his squad gave a bow, "While I am off Renji will need to be contacted. Tell him that when he is available he will need to see me." He began off again and the low ranking shinigami bowed once again, "Hai, Kuchiki-taisho."

The lengthy corridors of the Seireite were nothing new to him, but for some reason on this day Byakuya felt compelled to take his time on the walk to his meeting. Low ranking shinigami passed him, some even daring to give him a wave or smile, but both were cut short by his cold expression. While normally he never spoke to the lower ranks out of principle, in this instance it was because he was in thought. His dull grey eyes drifted up to Sōkyoku Hill the place where he almost let Rukia die. A pang of guilt hit him inwardly, not letting his outward appearance show anything other than cold disapproval. When Hisana died her main request was that he protected her sister, and he almost let his over-zealous pursuit of the law to cloud his mind. His head lowered as he continued on his way. Such thoughts were only getting in the way at this point.

The third squads barracks came into view. It was nothing to be overly impressed with, but it had a purpose. It seemed that the captains of squad three never sat right with him, ever since the traitor Gin held the rank of Captain. There were times when he considered executing that one himself. Byakuya walked calmly past the guards, who upon seeing him became stiff and nervous. He gave no one even a second glance, nor a first. He had only one objective here, and that was their captain.

With a light knock on the door he slid the door open, only to find the chamber empty. A look of irritation formed on his brow, "It only seems proper to meet with a fellow captain indoors." He said spitefully. Turning sharply from the chamber he let his senses follow Kukaku. Luckily for her she was still close. This time he would use speed instead of enjoying the walk. With a small pull back he disappeared and landed softly behind the wandering Shiba, "I believe it only proper to establish a place of meeting in order to avoid confusion." He crossed his arms and locked his dim eyes on hers, "Why did you request this meeting?"

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The Captain of Squad 3
The Head of the Shiba Family

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                                                                  Kukaku continued to wander Soul Society as she was waiting for the Kuchiki to come for her. She knew the man was going to be upset that this was such a informal meeting, but it was how it had to be. Her smirk grew as she felt a certain reitsu getting closer, the older Shiba could only smile more. She knew the man would come, after all Shiba was not one to blow false smoke.

                                                                  Suddenly she felt his reitsu behind him, he must have gotten a lot faster. Though hearing him straight to business and complaining she just sighed,"Well excuse me, I have a bigger ******** issue then captains s**t... and it concerns your family probably...shesh... you know what... ******** it!" She growled as she didn't like to be talked down, even by Byakuya.

                                                                  She was about to walk away as she looked back at him, catching his eyes..damn they still were pretty. She let out a loud sigh and walked closer to him,"Fine! Just stop looking at me like that, dammit.." She said as she was reaching in her skimpy red top, right where her right breast resided. She pulled out a handful of pictures and got a serious look to her,"Alright, just a hunch but yeah.. I know these eyes when I seem em.." She said simply as she handed the photos over to Byakya.

                                                                  What where on these photos? It was pictures of the wrinkly Kouga Kuchiki and the broken sword he had. There was no way in hell Kukaku was not going to just let some mystery man stay in her place and no get some info."He came to my barracks and we patched him up. I had no clue who he was and in all truth, the Serafina business is a bit higher this a wrinkly prune... but yeah, he just vanished from my office, so its sorta fishy.. either way, his eyes remind me of your Kuchiki's, its something that catches my eyes... what can I say, they are strong . " Kukaku just shrugged as she complimented Byakuya before her. Yes she like them and anyone that pointed that out, she would beat the crap out of.

                                                                  Kukaku now decided to ask,"Should we worry about this Byakuya-kun? Or is this just my senses playing games on me... this man smelt like moldy fireworks, and that smell means bad business.." She sounded completely serious as she awaited this make shift meeting to end,"Oh yeah, I did this so it will be between us... I don't want this ******** ruining your name..." She said with a nod, it was the whole reason to the walking around meeting.

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