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Created By:slash437 with a little help from Sakurafighter1514

Inspiration: Thoughts on how it could have ended differently. And a hint of Boredom.

Story: Avatar The Last Airbender.

The New Nation are Lightning benders

Literacy: Semi-Lit I guess?

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⇘ϩȾѲЯϓ ⇙

We all remember The Avatar and the unfortunate legacy his untimely death is the cause of. It was supposed to be a happy ending. He was suppose to rid the world of Ozai, and return to me without harm. Perhaps we would have even shared a kiss that would mark a new era of peace for the world. But no, a new nation took advantage and struck him down, destroying my dreams. Along with much of the Earth Nation. With the Avatar posing no challenge, the Lightning Nations conquering of the world came swift and quick. The world reborn in fire, newly dubbed 'The Phoenix Nation'. Years have passed since then though. The nations ancestors still rule with an unrelenting fist, showing mercy to few and sympathy to none.

But don't allow your resolve to falter, let hope strengthen your intentions! Before Aang's demise he was able to project his spirit, the spirit of the Avatar, out into the world. In hopes of finding a successor. but it took a full 100 years for the spirit to develop per say, and it chose a single person, an earth bender named jack.

--- --- --- Waterbending Master, Katara.

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⇘Ҏґσʄɨɭέ ȘқȩɭȩϮӧηș⇙

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Character Name: (your character's full name)
Title: (what does the world know you by, can also be nickname)
Family: (perhaps you're related to someone of significance.
Height: ( in feet please)
Weight: (in pounds please)

Alignment: (Are you loyal to the Phoenix or the Avatar Spirit? Do you fight for yourself or rather you don't want to fight at all. Maybe you're neutral and don't know where you loyalties reside.)
Occupation: ( shopkeeper, blacksmith, rebel against the new nation, white lotus member, etc.)

Biography: (give a little something)

Element: (If you're a bender)


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Character Name: (Jack bei fong)
Title: (Avatar )
Family: Jack is the decedent of Toph bei fong. the only family jack has now is his little sister and his pet eel hound.
Age: 21
Gender: boy
Height: 6'
Weight: 157 lb
pic: User Image
Personality: loving but a bit crazy.

Alignment: Im the Avatar
Likes: the moon, rain, his sister, and sleeping
Dislikes: snakes
Occupation: Avatar

Biography: Jack and his little family live in a junk yard in the desert. it is a field of old and abandoned Fire nation tanks and war birds. there parents were killed when the Lightning benders first attacked. thanks to jacks eel hound him and his sister got away.

Element: All again avatar
Weapons: none

Crush: any cute girl


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Character Name: Azure.
Title razz rincess
Family: Her father's the Phoenix King
Age: 16
Gender: female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs

Personality: She's not like any fire bender you've ever seen, she's kind-spirited, if not a bit timid. Azure would rather talk herself out of an Agni Kai rather than fight one, however once you get her fighting she will beat you down until you are begging for death, and even then she wont grant it for you, instead she'll take your soul to develop the bending that she has invented to help the avatar and overthrow the Phoenix King

Alignment: Azure only acts like she's ;loyal to her father, but she's really only loyal to the avatar
Likes: Her dragon plushie, the idea of a free world, sweets, nice people, not using her bending
Dislikes: bending (both Fire and soul) her father's tyrannical reign, mean people who force her to use her bending
Occupation: Princess to the Phoenix Nation

Biography: Azure was raised to think that they were doing good in taking over, but as she got older she saw what the real Phoenix Nation was, a kingdom of Tyranny and death. When she was 13 she decided to join the Avatar secretly. Meaning, she sneaks out for days at a time, her father thinks it's just regular old youthful rebellion. Staying out late, doing some weird drugs, kissing boys ect, but it was much more that that.

Element: Fire officially, but she's trying to invent a new bending, a deadly bending called soul bending. Everyone has a soul in them, a small fire that keeps them going. When they lose the will to live, the soul becomes detached in anticipation of death, but instead of death Azure can bend the soul right out of them, and put them into a specialized bottle. It looks like a badly mixed paint, all types of different colors all floating around. But if you take one out it looks just like a small flame, and, in theory, she can use that soul to benifit her someday.
Weapons: Her Doll makes a good club..kinda. If she perfects her new bending it will be used as a medium to channel the souls to be used as a biological weapon, in otherwords, a living dragon to do her bidding.

Crush: noone yet


Character Name: Amora Serene
Title: Amora
Family: unknown
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: Five foot three inches
Weight: one hundred and three pounds
Pic: Amora (full pic)User Image
Personality: Quiet and kind, she tends to be a little mischievous, but never intentionally does anything against the law in broad daylight.

Alignment: Avatar Spirit
Likes: quiet places, dancing, and the occasional festival
Dislikes: the Pheonix Nation(though not it's people, just it's rulers), and soldiers.
Occupation: White Lotus member

Biography: Amora was born in an air temple, to parents she never got to know. Raised by a group of flying bison, several Pheonix soldiers found her half-clothed and eating some sort of plant. After they started taking her away, she saw them cage the bison to be moved while putting up Pheonix Nation flags. Enraged, she swore to get revenge for imprisoning her 'family' without warning, and for doing nothing but being there. While she was young, the bison had taught her air-bending, a skill that otherwise would be dead. She is an incredibly gifted bender, and through the scrolls and pictures left by the Air benders that lived there before her, she is a master. At seventeen, she became the youngest White Lotus master, and since has been in the loop of what goes on in most everywhere.

Element: Air
Weapons: A staff that can break into nun-chucks

Crush: none atm
Username: Jynxy The Cat


Character Name: Avalon Miroshi
Title: Winter Rose
Family: Descendant of Katara
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Pic User Image
Personality: Ava is a bit of a complicated girl. She is stubborn and when she chooses something she sticks to it. She is incredibly loyal. She can be hyper and fun loving, seeming to be everywhere at once when she has a lot of energy. However, she could also be serious and contemplative, knowing when she has to calm down. She can have a quick temper but can be very sweet.

Alignment: Loyal to the Avatar but will do whatever she thinks is right
Likes: Ice bending, animals, fighting practice, rain
Dislikes: War
Occupation: Just another tribe member

Biography: Ava was raised by her father in the southern water tribe. She has an older brother who she is close to. She grew up like any other parson in the water tribe until she discovered her bending. She started practicing, wanting to perfect her skills. She knew she had to help stop him so she went to help the Avatar.

Element: Water
Weapons: Poison needles that cause temporary paralysis

Crush: Jack
Username: Xx-Punky-Shadow-Kitten-xX


Character Name: Ayrah Mikhail Drigin
Title: uhm...
Family: None that he remembers
Age: 17
Gender: male
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130
PicUser Image
Personality: He's really quiet andf doesn't talk much. Mostly because he's a mute.

Alignment: none at the moment.
Likes: Guys >///>
Dislikes: Girls >.<
Occupation: wanderer

Biography: Ayrah was born and raised in the northern water tribe, and that's all he remembers.

Element: Water
Weapons: a staff with a hammer on one end and a scythe on the other.

Crush: none
Username: Canada-kunyo


Character Name: Kaya Bei Fong
Title: Sister of the Avatar/dancing blossom
Family: Kaya is the decedent of Toph Bei Fong. All she has left is older brother who is the Avatar.
Age: 16
Gender: female
Height: 5'10
Weight: 110 'lb
Pic User Image
Personality: She is strict only towards her older brother because he is the Avatar. But to the others she is kind and gentil and sometimes a little stuburn and smart.

Alignment: the Avatar Spirit
Likes: roses, moon, training her bending
Dislikes: perverts, jerks, and when her brother is goofing off
Occupation: sister of the avatar
Biography: Her story is the same as the avatar except, Kaya spent most of her time trying to become like Toph and become the greatest earth bender ever.
Element: Earth bending
Weapons: A huge axe


Crush: no one yet
Username: sakurafighter1514

Character Name: Tenken [no last name]
Title: Peasent
Family: None [lost in the war along time ago]
Age: 14
Gender: male
Height: 5'5
Weight: 136 Lbs
Pic: User Image
Personality: Mischievous, Bold [loves to take risks], rebellious and Cocky

Alignment: Has none he considers everyone against him until you can gain his trust
Likes: Moon and the night sky
Dislikes: Bullies, fire nation guards
Occupation: Wanderer

Biography: Family was lost in a great war along time ago forcing him to live on the streets at the fire nation capital there he learned to fight with his bare hand and learn to improvise with weapons till he was caught for stealing and turned into a slave for the fire nation guard forcing him to hate them to death but while there he studied the guards fighting style with fire bending and found a way to improve what he sees into his own personal style, after he escape from the fire nation he went on a journey to find his purpose in life..

Element: FIre
Weapons: special white glove which enhance his fire bending

Crush: none
Username: Bdwolf84


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Character Name: Ami
Title: Princess,
Family: Descendant of Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation
Age: 20
Gender: female
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Personality: She's very sweet but isn't afraid to demand power and take charge when needed. She cares deeply for those important and close to her and will do anything to help them.

Alignment: The Phoenix
Likes: Animals, strawberries, simplicity
Dislikes: Being alone
Occupation: Princess of the Fire Nation

Biography: Ami's father was Azula's grandson and the Fire Lord. He was very happy with his position, but was never able to find love. He was forced into an arranged marriage with a woman he didn't even know, much less loved, and was devastated when their attempts to bare a child failed time and time again. But in a village raid that he oversaw personally, Ami's father met with a Kyoshi Warrior that he fell in love with. She soon fell for him too and the two met in secret. Two years passed and Ami was born, but she was very ill.

Afraid of what may happen if his wife found out, Ami's father denied his lover her request for him to take Ami into his possession and raise her as his own so that she can get the medical attention she needed. Ami's mother was afraid that her baby would die and soon grew ill as well due to grief. Ami's father turned the other cheek but secretly sent the royal family's doctors to help aid Ami and her mother. Sadly, his wife found out and sent assassins to kill Ami's mother and leave Ami to die. The assassins succeeded in their mission and Ami's father found his lover dead the next day.

He took Ami into his care, revealing to all of his affair, but did not tell anyone of his lover being a Kyoshi Warrior. Instead of being ridiculed, his people praised him and felt bad for Ami. They showered them with gifts but they wanted the Fire Lord's wife to be banished. And so she was. Ami was never told this story and never got the chance to see her mother's face. She was also skinny and a bit frail due to her sickness so her father rarely let her out as a child.

She grew up with very few friends, her black cat Myu and her tigerdillo Zu. But she did manage to fall in love with a boy she's formally never met before. Her father wanted her to go with one of the commanding generals on a raid. There were rumors going around of rebels hiding out in one of the fire nation's junk yards. In one of the raids a family was attacked. Ami didn't want to watch but stayed long enough to see a boy run off on an eelhound with a girl. It was love at first sight and Ami hasn't been able to forget about him.

Element: Fire and Lightning
Weapons: Katanna (It was her mother's, but it was altered so it looks like it came from the fire nation)

Crush: Jack
Username: Lostinur_smile


Character Name: Nickolas (Lighting Shot) Hajdin
Title: Lighting Shot for his style of fighting.
Family: No one important.
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 161 Pounds

Pic: User Image

Personality: Nick is a very calm and wise man who likes to plan out and think most of the time of the day. He takes responsbilitys of himself and no others unless he really feels the need to.

Alignment: Avatar Spirit.
Occupation: Nick was once a fire nation imperial who led many fire benders to victory in his time. As he met the girl of his dreams and he finnaly got to see his beautiful young girl. Nick is nothing more but a radical now who fights on his own.

Biography: Nick is a man who believes hard work, dedication and love will lead to success. Nick continued that thought as he lived in the fire nation. He lived to fire bend and fire bending came easy to him. Soon enough he joined the army and raised up the rankings rapidly to the point where he became a master of fire bending. With these talents met; he got involved in lighting bending which he was also able to successfully obtain. He became known as "Lighting Shot" for his original ability which allowed Nick to store small electrical balls at the tip of his fingers and release them at his own free will. Channeling his Yin and Yang at a very fast paste threw out his fingers to keep the electric from shooting out rampantly like flames. When Nick met the love of his life and she gave birth to there daughter, Nick wanted to be a full time father and leave the fire nation army. They did not agree to it and Nick attempted to run away with his wife and baby girl. Suddenly Nick was ambushed and beaten up along with his wife the baby did not survive the ambush. Soon later; Nick woke up in a cell and a guard explained that Nick's wife later died that day. It only took Nick a few weeks to make an escape route and finnaly leaving the fire nation which would formally become known as the Fire Phoenix Nation. To this day, Nick is a hero in many smaller villages in the villages. He is formally known to many people who know him as a Lighting Bending Master.

Element: Fire and Lighting
Weapons: Three Katanas

Crush: To soon...
Username: Nick Nakotne

Jack was sitting on the top of an old fire nation tank. his shirt was open so he could feel the heat on his chest. the sun was high in the sky, but jack didn't care. he loved the the heat. Jack let out a sigh thinking about why he was there. he was keeping his sister safe but he knew he would have to go out and learn the elements. he was the avatar after all and need to end this war. Till he thought of a plan he would stay in his desert scrapyard.

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Tenken Walks out of the bar dusting himself off "i tell you people are rude in this town" he was not far from the scrapyard "but i guess none of them had the info i seek" he looks back at everyone in there laying on the floor. all of them were probably bigger then he was but he took them down with ease without using his fire bending "so which town has the information i seek" he sits down in a corner and thinks
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I dreamed I was missing
You were so scared
But no one would listen
'Cause no one else cared

After my dreaming
I woke with this fear
What am I leaving
When I'm done here?


Ava sat atop her small hut that she shared with her family. The sun was still high in the sky and shone across the white sand. Her long silver Her was tied back in a loose ponytail which fell down her back. She knew she would have to find the avatar soon. Apparently he was the son of a long time family friend. Ava had been travelling awhile, trying to find and earth Bender who possessed the mark of the avatar. As she travelled across the sand, near a scrapyard, she took a drink of water. Why was it so hot?! She wasn't used to the heat but she supposed she could handle it.



When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed
And don't resent me
And when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest
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Tenken stands up as he hears "hes over here" he looks around and sighs and jumps onto the roof and ducks down "maybe stirring trouble was a bad idea" he sits down with his back to the wall and thinks again "but what to do" he looks over to see were the people looking for him is at then heads the opposite direction "i need a disguise if i want to stay here in town" he finds a small store and goes in and buys a old brown hooded cloak, he pays for it and leaves the store putting the cloak on "much better" he smirks as he watches the people looking for him pass him by wondering if his action stirred up the whole village
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I may be small
Azure sat in her room at the Phoenix King's palace, she had been grounded for staying out too late. Which was lame. She grumbled, it was too far down to jump, and even if she did there were guards everywhere. How was she going to get away and go help the avatar now?! She threw something across the room and let out an angry groan. It really did suck to be the Phoenix King's youngest daughter. Not one of her other siblings (meaning her two older brothers) had rebelled like this, true they stayed out for an hour or so after dark, But Azure had stayed out the entire night, without word to her father. Don't get her wrong, The Phoenix King was a good father, but a horrible tyrant when it came to the Phoenix Kingdom. Azure started to pace in her room, she took a moment to glance at the bottle of liquidy substance on her bed, her father just thought it was a bottle of some odd paints that didn't mix, as if they were made out of oil and water, but Azure knew exactly what they were, after all she gathered them herself. The "paints", as her father had mentioned once, were actualy the souls of men who tried to jump her, or dare to try and do anything to her. A special Bending sahe had made all her own, and has yet to master it.

But I am strong
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[wtf did this forum really get reported thats cheap and here i was trying to get something going]
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~Kaya Bei Fong~
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Kaya grabbed a basket and a hooded cape and left the room and went up to the surface. She saw her brother sitting on the tank, is hard to believe her brother is the Avatar but she deals with it. Kaya went up to her brother and looked up "Jack I'm heading to the nearest village to get supplies, maybe while I'm up there I can find you a master."Said Kaya as she looked up at her brother.
Jack smiled hearing her. he didn't look down at her "Ok. be careful and watch you you ask. we don't need any phoenix supporters." jack sat up and tossed her a pouch with their money in it. "see if you can find me some whiskey or rum." he said laying back down. He hopped that she found him a master .

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((ignore the people saying they are reporting and just keep posting))
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Tenken stops a small stand and buys himself some food though it was little it was something at least "man eating like this for the last month is a pain but oh well" he takes a bite and sits down on the side of the street looking up wondering "hope the beautiful moon comes up soon.." takes a bite of his food "it seems all i have to look forward too now a day"

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